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Read this: #26 - What is Top Gear’s future? - The Media Podcast with Olly Mann

Summary: Podcast

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#26 - What is Top Gear’s future? - The…

Welcome to the media podcast I'm falling on today.

So it's the end of the Affair as Jeremy Clarkson leaves the BBC where will it go as the UK general election campaign gets underway Paxman this is the broadcasters have been terrible negotiators.

Is he right plus.

There's a new editor of The Guardian Indies air their grievances and Facebook wants to host newsgroups content at what cost is is the media podcast sponsored by audioboom with me today at the hospital club is the radio consultant and creative director at a folder Media it is Matt Deegan hello Matt at the time of recording.

You are waiting to find out whether the digital beard that you are part of has actually won the licence but you don't yet know when your phone is on airplane mode giving her my email we carry should know this is the second national commercial Multiplex for to this radio.

It is either they listen to digital beard which is a variety.

Stations from New entrants all the old bunch of normal Media types sativa barringer TV who said never charitable offer but if the big comes through when you win whilst we're recording all the beers are on you ok.

Good to hear also joining us for his Media podcast debut it is the broadcaster and DJ Edward adoo.

Lol after you doing you get on very well.

Thank you.

You work for the mall.

You've had a mole 5 live more for now the media podcast Condoleezza great to be here.

You know I've been I've been just knocking on that Dawson I need to be a won't be part of This podcast so it's a great moment.

I know the feeling I started here basically is work experience work my way up.

Give us a flavour of your weekend.

What have you been up to? I did narration for BBC Three show that's on next week.

I am so I did update for that and I met the actor Colin McFarlane that in the studio's and it's a really cool guys.

I think that was the highlight of my weekend.

Dj'd in Bristol last weekend trips on a Megabus as you do came economy.

What have you been out all lovely kid listen your mother give you the phone for loadout everyone has been talking about the three middle-aged white men on BBC2 what is going to happen to Top Gear well.

We have found out Jeremy Clarkson contract will not be renewed the BBC have confirmed that that is the case after what internal investigator Ken macquarrie described as a 30 second physical Assault on a Top Gear producer of the lack of hot food served at the hotel that really did happen the report says it's the case the director-general Tony Hall has decided that was the final straw and you just said you work in the BBC account from time to time don't we all did they have any other choice but to fight him they didn't and give you a quick story Lenny Henry in light of his BAFTA speech.

I got in contact Danny Curran One Sunday morning and I didn't expect her to get a reply from Danny and I did within 40 minutes and he connect me with loads of exacts which is lead to lots of opportunities Danny Cohen gets it.

It's about representing the audience.

I'm unfortunately think Clarkson has one.

Those kind of old school beast who thinks that is very kind of 1984 BBC I have the power and it's going to be on my terms and I think he's with this aspect is hit the line and Danny coming and the lord who rightly said especially Danny Cohen the surf comments Cindy I think was the Guardian of the Telegraph races.

You know no one is bigger than the football team and have every right to say that and I think the right decision has has been made mate.

You know when you talk about Clarkson being out of line with you know the way to BBC many presents itself where in danger aren't we have conflating what he said in the past on air which is sometimes you know of colour and actually sometimes racist and what he's done this time and actually pump someone I mean there two different things on someone and acting in that manner in a sense if you work for the BBC I believe that you are a public servant.

I think you was giving too much power in terms of ratings in terms of the Enterprise with the with the actual brand it got to his head if you got problems going on at home go for a divorce if anything is happening.

You don't take it out with with your producer and if that happened to anyone else in in.

In the workplace, if someone work at Tesco's or a bus driver to driver whenever they be dismissed straight away and the unions wouldn't you know won't be a bob crows and an announcement saying we're going on strike because the unions would know that they don't have the will have a leg to stand on.

So they would have to go I think to me what was fascinating reading the short summary of the investigation was that the the producer he got his lip split by Jeremy Clarkson and drove himself to A&E to be seen a number one you think everyone else heard that what kind of Paul Woods Willow Jeremy Clarkson house that the person who is a salted.

It's not driven by someone else who works on that show the drive himself to do it and also himself to report producer.

See me he did not report it and just got on with it because my assumption would be reading that you know if you work on a big production like that that the talent are important and yeah, you're part of your job though.

I'm fairly.

Where to take it how Santa but that's the case and a diminished how does a presenter you know what like me? I guess you've been in situations obviously on a much smaller scale than Top Gear as you say Matt is a massively popular show that you've been in situations where you've been on the shoot all day and Giles Coren was articulating this excellently on the media show last week everyone else on the sat is eating and drinking your waiting all day thinking.

I'm going to have my Hotmail at the end of the day.

You are treated nicely by everyone run is a bringing you tea and coffee and all the rest of it does the media creates these Monsters I think they do and I think win the age now where I think those Monsters a diode and I think classed as one of those are not somewhere else, but I think times of the BBC it's about respect about moles at the end of the day doesn't matter if you're big broadcaster or your personality whatever at the end of the day.

It's about respect if your given that amount of power and if if if you disrespect people in in in in that kind of aspect then it's worrying to think what else could happen if some of that people have been arrested over the past year.

Terrible things that they've done legal things that they've done a lot of that comes from people who never told no you're always get away with it or it's hitting because there's a perception that is more important than that they carry on doing their thing and did that point they end up being positive reinforcement if you'd sleep over a colleague or text me have some 1002 even worse but even though you know your boss is no they're not telling you off for it.

That's what you don't keep repeating it and we wish to seem it the stuff in the papers particularly on sexual allegations, but this is a version of that is that you've got away with it.

If you've got away with it forever.

You don't even consider it a problem really looking at this totally unacceptable and therefore if Netflix has is reported or possibly ITV swoop in and sign up not just Clarkson but possibly also Hammond and may and steel what is essentially the format away from the BBC evening.

I'll still have the rights of the title.

Are those immoral companies you know if someone's done a bad thing and then they punish is it immoral to sleep in the same way he is more money.

I'm sure we'll have an apology from Clarkston to the producer a public one and very appearing on a sofa somewhere actually be sensible Hillside BBC was right to sack me.

I've acted on his go for go for the forgiveness and then re-emerged as a punching million-pound Netflix series 5 Netflix I will be looking at that as a property going yeah would like that one.

Thanks that that is translate to our new business model and frowning we can get over the small hump though, but then United your whole career be over because of one mistake with any of the moment hasn't gone to the police unit has been charged for it's just something that he handed himself over and said I made a mistake will all look forward to watching lesbians this week.

Also marks the beginning of the off discussed TV debates.

They are happening by the time you hear this they may have already started this channel 4 and Sky News are showing the first.

TV debate on Thursday map pack so is in the chair and other Jeremy you said in the buildup that the broadcast is overplayed their hand soap buggered up the whole negotiation really with the TV debate is right imagine to the TV producers thought they would get first naked and probably felt they have the public on their side and could railroaded terrible strategy actually to get it to happen.

I think they didn't expect was the adviser David Cameron's had about how terrible all the options it it brings up will be terrible for him and even though Cameron looks awful.

Not doing these debates.

It is still better than standing next to Ed Miliband and lead became more credibility interview.

Do you think the public will engage with the debates on their own terms or do you think a lot of the public are going to be watching it thinking of the chicken is not standing on two men abandoning the debate with morning to say but I think they probably want to see for Debate and they want to see Cameron don't want to see me the Bandit want to see everyone present having a public platform is the perfect way.

Need to get out then so kind of tell people what you want to put in place and so that's essential except will Paxman was saying was the other broadcasters are behaving as this is an absolutely integral part of British politics and Ed Miliband is going to legislate for it doesn't actually read only had TV debate since 2010.

It was legitimate for the Prime Minister said I want to do it back to the 60s first American TV debates, they had them and they went away for a few years the election Cycles in and then they came back at in America they have a debates committee that actually does the organising and that's probably a much better way of doing it with that and electoral reform Society ESK operator who who creates that I don't already it's complex with TV companies trying to work together to outsmart the other broadcasters.

They playing against each other themselves suddenly YouTube in The Telegraph pop-up go now with the new face of debating every part me if I was a politician be thinking all I'm going to do is being TV studios next.

The same people to marry putting an independent group together to to Jewsons reading public policy talking about politics to turn down the opportunity to explain your your manifestos to the public in a not a stage managed environments kind of tablet not the Chosen not to do that.

They'd rather sit on the sofa have Paxman 1011 doing it and yet in a way the real kind of decision saying stuff might not happen on telly at all, but might be on social media anyway tired after wandering down streets all day knocking on doors doing it on dream about shouting at them and then suddenly to eating the wrong things.

I don't get to be anybody UKIP left by the end of the campaign effective social media has it's way see more tweets or something along the lines of saying get your flags down and do go I'm sorry.

I didn't mean that right.


Just before we head to the brake Wednesday also saw the revealer broadcast magazine's annual indie.

Survey results where independent companies are there dirty.

And speak openly about broadcasters and the state of the industry Jake kanter friend of the pod from broadcast is here to Phyllis it so here 3 things you need to know about her broadcast indie.

Survey one of the key friends with seen this year is actually growth in the UK production sector slowing slightly UK production companies posted revenues of about 2.3 billion pounds last year which was about 9% growth on the 2013 which is not as faster rate of growth as has been in previous years how we think that for a couple reasons.

We think that opportunities for commissions the UK are slowing down some more and stare a few places to go and get throws away broadcast to be more selective about what they commission the other thing is that some of the big production companies at the top end of the market may have slightly taken out of the ball a little bit last year.

So you have all3media which was bought by Discovery and Liberty Global that was a big.

Heel taps there was less focus on creativity you also had the coming together of Endemol shine and core Media which was a huge seismic deal which we haven't really seen what kind of impact that will have but inevitably those businesses would have had one eye on that consolidation and pats not on creativity cannibal who had the first real production sector verdict on the BBC's plans to commercialize its in-house production division production companies independent producers making pig shows answer this question at about 56% of them said they were supportive 15% said they were in different and the rest will not massively happy about the idea of this finally we've done a bit of research examining how the Indie survey shapes up this year compared to a 5 years ago and one of the key things will seem is.

Growth of Us ownership, so if you look at the market in 2011 American companies accounted for about 5% of revenue in the UK production sector they now account for 44% which is the largest of any country including the UK calling on you can pick up your copy of broadcast and read all about the survey in this week's issue.

That was Jake countable have more stories after this this episode of the media podcast is brought to you by squarespace the all-in-one hosting and website creator that gives you all you need to Showcase your content squarespace uses your own browser window to build your website no download required and provides templates to suit all Styles and tones.

They also have e-commerce Solutions which I believe means that you can sell things through your site and 24-hour support from offices.

In the US and UK for a free 2 week trial with no credit card required go to now and if you like what you get and want 10% off a subscription just use the offer code mediapad at the Checkout no, I don't know about you but my Sunday afternoons as a child we're going to visit my Jewish grandmother in Hendon her making me a load of bread rolls with salmon and cream cheese beating far too many of them then getting into a Land Rover driven by my dad in which we listen to The Radio 1 chart show presented by Mark Goodier and sometimes.

I was literally physically sick because the combination of something beads and Bridge rolls, well Radio 1 of just pissed all over my childhood Matt why is this happening when moving the top 40 away from Sunday so the record companies internationally have decided that the release dates for you need it will be Friday's globally which suddenly having a chat on a son.

That means that you're not having a wee call.

You've got a week and a half and it took a very confusing so already and one I going to move there chart from Sundays for 2/7 hour to be part of Greg James show on a Friday WHat score was coming today as if you finish secrets about this one is the chart relevant 1.3 million people listen to on Radio One each week and 2.3 million people listen to The Big Top 40 which is that the commercial competitor Sid only 4 million people have decided that on a Sunday afternoon Bridge rolls or not.

They would like to listen to in a changing world.

It's difficult to justify the chart above by Adam Bowie actually BBC's private like he was saying why don't we actually replicate what media Studios do and kind of have an opening weekend for a song so if it comes out on a Friday let's keep the chat on a Sunday blessed of reflect its most buzzy time.

That's quite a modern the idea rather than waiting but to do we need them if there is always a chat on iTunes.

That is saying what the most popular song is right now well, so the answer is not we probably won't need them the people like the charts show the question is will they like it on a Friday do you think I'd because it is part of the router.

I know it's mostly kids listening and they haven't built up necessarily that familiarity listening every Sunday and their habits can be changed but the fact that it continuously been on here for so many decades on a Sunday moving it to a Friday do you want to hear a chat then? I think being Coopers done a good otherwise thing especially Australia one day trying to target more of a younger demographic so I think in terms of trying to get that CBBC audience and to maintain or retain the current Radio 1 audience Friday at 4 is perfect drivetime people no way home.

It's after the school run, but in terms of the competition with the commercials.

This is where Radio 1 may have a problem is that what they're going to actually put in place in order to target azmat rightly said about the to 2.3 million.

What can they do I believe I think I've read something that said they going to do something along the lines of a CBBC stab content definition is the possibility of achieving more in the fast-paced world of digital advertising Oracle data cloud has built its Legacy on finding the signal through the noise on unlocking potential we bring together data and technology to help you better understand your audience where to best engage them and how to measure a tool to realise true potential Oracle data cloud where better outcomes begin visit Oracle data cloud., to learn more.

I want to play a game with you that may explain the rules all your files are now encrypted every hour at random out select a file and delete it permanently so not even I will be able to retrieve it if you try to restart your computer.

I will delete 1000 the files as punishment so

Let's start our little game.

You've just had a real threat from a real cyber attack 1 in 3 small businesses have been hacked hiscox art experts in small business insurance will cover loss of income the cost of dealing with an attack and we'll get you back up and running fast hiscox ever onwards between 4 and 7 but I mean it is the chart relevant it is I mean look at streaming Kendrick Lamar you know number one album.

It's got a lot of hype a lot of people will I can not sure about Kendrick Lamar director kind of the real hip-hop heads got into it the one the bubblegum hip hop Heads Will I know this is very political, but it's still got streamed and you got the number one album so trends are changing its more accessible, and I think it's a good thing.

What are the trains that has change though is that there is a broad palette of people buying singles.

I guess because you know streaming is built into it as you saying things were considered niche in the past like hip-hop or whatever it is now considered.

Enough enough people listen to it or download it in a way with that in mind that is it a good idea to be simulcasting a CBBC show doesn't that sort of save a chance of for kids to a certain extent in different forms are back in your favourite artist your fandoms is usually popular with gelatin axe and those sorts of things other people who want their act to do better than someone else is probably the younger and a measurement of music success.

I think is nice to have but does it need to be a radio show shooting someone who was in more in the target demo and they were so we can listen to the Top 40 year 2240 year old songs but yeah stick around quite a long time John Lennon forever.

Is is a bit more relevant as well which the new radio One Friday was going to concentrate on their first time really want it was only Tuesday so it just moving to Sunday with nothing in the 80s at so it's not something that's been around.

And forever there's one thing I would say is it's the one show everyone knows what time it's on probably on the radio so that's commercial BBC that you know at 4.

It's the chart on the A47 there is the number one and it says it's a bit of a shame to abandon the last calibre appointment to listen and what about Top of the Pops because as a brand people have been saying for years and I know it was painted by Saville and all the rest of an extent that again.

It was part of everyone's not growing up and other people miss Top of the Pops is this a missed opportunity bringing a new show about music rather than Top of the Pops back BBC One definitely being nostalgic.

I think it's CBBC has more relevant.

Not only to watch it, but people from the 10 years above your kind of understanding what it is top the pops was great when you only way to watch music on television was between 7 and 2:30 on a Thursday or Friday not do any more new music.

TV channels if you want music it is on all the time, so we don't need to see we don't need to see that in that one place, but it was different there wasn't Top of the Pops the live performance you know the sense of seeing what the stars look like and what Matt saying a course you can watch music videos but it's different somehow watching them dress up for their Top of the Pops thing and you see the way people react to the MTV awards at the BRITs people do you still like that the X Factor is there a place for a mainstream pop shows still because what we got is Jools Holland and The Culture Show and Jonathan Ross little places where people play music Andrew Markham you say can I have a pop show Sunday Brunch Sunday broke their little clip.

Yeah, we've got so many music channels out there and I think in terms of having that one platform that Showcases loads of music it be great for its at 2 to come back and think you're right.

I think all kind of panache Top of the Pops and seeing people doing crazy stuff.

You know growing up when I was about six or seven watching Farley jackmaster funk when you did look Lovren turn around I member centre my mum mum is that is that guy is he real I mean he had the

Easiest Jerry curl I thought his hair was about to explode but it's moments like that which was sticking out back of my mind that that was what I saw on Top of the Pops so it'd be great for a show like Top of the Pops to be on weekly weather B&B Verona on a commercial platform and we can take the mick out the artist and say what they got crazy Jericho we've got it is called The X Factor Sunday so that has two or three artists.

Yeah, you're right for me and Sunday and you still at you get that yet performances.

It's not just whatever X Factor Sunday I mean to the big promotion the big build on that.

It's incredible.

I mean I don't know anyone who doesn't watch it even the cynics the X Factor cynics then ok, I'm going to watch it for 10 minutes and you'll see the Twitter feeds that I don't watch this programme in actual fact you're what does the air moving on from what I think is the only ever reference to Farley jackmaster funk.

We've ever had on the Menu podcast although Maggi brand may have mentioned it once in there an incident.

Let's talk about the sun for of their journalist cleared on Friday

Paying public officials which is very good news for the tabloid chief reporter John k royal editor Duncan larcombe executive editor Fergus Shanahan and the deputy editor Jeff Webster all found not guilty at lots of discussion in the press this week about whether operation Elveden which is the Met police is dedicated investigation into the press paying officials as as she just been a complete waste of time and Resources it would seem that from from looking at the results of not the case is there's a bit about from the CPS should they be taking all these cases to court if they don't seem to be able to win any of them but also has Roy greenslade pointed out in his guardian piece about this ignorance of something being a crime isn't an excuse obviously but genuinely it's not like with phone hacking where everyone knew they were probably doing something.

They shouldn't in the case of this.

You know people don't even realise it was a crime to offer a public official some money.

I mean is that something that actually need to be trained into jewellery, so bad in a select committee.

Rebekah Brooks inadvertently said that she paid police officers before she was nudged and he's never considered that that was a problem before things down to training again.

It's that whole Rubicon fern house, procedural if you're going to get a story need to do it the right way and you need to be told how to do it but again.

I don't think there was anyone guiding those journalist or telling them listen.

This is what you should do in.

This is what you shouldn't do overheating.

She doing that if you think about Dennis being shouted out by their backbencher where the story is all that kind of stuff and that they know that in those organisations that the other jealous to hack phones or pay people often you know that your boss's seem to turn a blind eye to that here to get your boss off the back.

Do you start doing some of these things work if you're reading the Presley stage chances, are you are actually reading it on social media or at least clicking through from social media to their website and and then we know that Facebook and looking to host news content for partner media companies that he and the team up with the news.

X and National Geographic initially few other illustrious titles as well why links to websites then I should buy that much value to a publisher if they don't stick around it look any other articles ok.

There is some add views there at the same time but the source of the income you get from that casual reader not that valuable the times that the sun you have paywalls the material anywhere that even bothered getting that sort of data, so if the traffic isn't worth that much keeping on Facebook site makes it super fast people to get into it there in your brand environment potentially your Rev Share some of the money maybe Facebook can sell it a better CPM the new maybe that is that the right decision but I kind of is a website owner do I want to become like this is like AOL circa 1995 where you don't have to visit the X or whatever keyword times in the in the face in Facebook data read all the

It's a dangerous plenty of dangerous, Campbell though.

I think if you can if you can cleverly monetizing your if you run a video content and you getting again high CPM was on Facebook video for you to keep people in that environment if you can make more money or get a better relationship with with users to sing us.

There's a bit of paper about all the tracking the websites do with uses the UFC would lose out all the benefits of Fear cookies allow kind of stuff then most big websites are so bad at coping with all the massive amount of data.

They collect about their uses in the real world and make bulgur all different stick to their to the business is frightened of the time and expense though, you know I know that they may be profit coming as a result but if you're a small organisation may disappoint last episode we talk about Snapchat ok already taken content Facebook but this is yet another way where you're going to have to tailor your content in it it can lead I guess to a lack of Focus their Facebook and change algorithm.

She can work really really hard to create stories.

Shapiro new speeds or a better access to whatever the new metric is and then their minds changes and they would someone games the system normally so then and also the metric and all that hard work you put into getting your stuff into the system.

Can I change it a lot of it actually comes back to know the true value of media company creating the right content then getting people to it and can a clickbait articles is great short-term, but it's no it's not good for building any kind of business right to the US now James Corden making his debut this week is the new host of the Late Late Show on CBS it was received pretty well, although he had some help them from some pretty top Notch guess there Tom Hanks and Mila Kunis on the first show how do you think he did have you seen any of the show before you did well and you never think in terms of his appearance.

We've all got this thing about people looking skinny and James has not he's this kind of this rounded types of beer belly type geezer and he gets away with it and I think.

Is open the door and I think you seem to not just of the Brits back to the Americans that listen.

It's not about appearance.

You don't have to be this kind of Bronze golden tan six pack tight person, but if you got the charisma and personality you can cut it and I think he is going to do well? What his fingers need a thing of course if you're doing was he the sarcastic one is a nice one either whatever actually watching the first couple of shows he comes over drain real and hungry and I think a little bit is not put on but I think they are emphasizing that is a little bit put on we know he can be obnoxious as well chasing to make that his distinctive quality.

Yes, and it does colour cut through the looking at some of the social responses which were Americans have no idea who he is.

Surprisingly were received for a new thing which are always just gonna slides off good or bad.

There's some some kids sketches on the first one the one I saw the last night was the second episode.

20 things living pizzas to real Americans and doing like silly things in there in the Houses I'm in a bit that I watch it for where they sort of borrowed other people's format types of see you've got a bit of Graham Norton Amy got a bit of death get your toothbrush.

There's a TFI Friday Friday and they're trying to bring those things to every stage format in America what you've got to talk shows a night across almost doing the same.

I think they're trying to something different ok.

He's a bit uncomfortable on the audience abuse but I'm sure he will not sure that I think he comes across with that kind of Jonathan Ross flavour are certainly think you know it's this is going to be good times for him, and I think you know what you're saying that about him being real and being humble if you can relate to the Americans in that manner, then certainly it's it's a winner is definitely is going to be cold all the way for him.

It is are there how many

British presenters go over to the States I know Piers Morgan didn't last too long, but you know you've did the likes of yeah.

I mean it's we don't have nearly as many Americans are not allowed to do anymore like you in of the part of the American Canadian and probably the last major one that it kind of the really cut through their much for welcoming then, we'll I'm always shut how few people watch all this program, so I was looking to consolidate overnight since he was doing his than 1.3 million which from 00:30 to 1:30 in the morning probably not too bad, but like some BBC3 series of probably doing better than that in the UK would probably left budget then he's gone about overnight.

I think you'll find that is peak time just I'm finally for the media quiz this week.

It is entitled elevator pitch.

Silence I will sell you a new story in the style of a Hollywood movie synopsis and from that you will have to work out what happened this week, which closely resembles the pitch buzzing with your name the winner gets a second kitchen and if it is your first appearance on the show you're not here to innovate.

I can just write his my elevator pitch number one.

It's like The Thick of It In Space like The Thick of It In Space what's the new story this week the resembles that elevator pitch bed now though.

Is it another new QI presenter? You can see that makes beep yes, and he wants him if you want who is in space Doctor Who is a xenophobe.

He said that he

Would like to sign your name he's get the macaroni cheese going to rain episode of Doctor Who he said he'd like to write an episode of Doctor Who that was piss-poor from both of your behalf of pointage PowerPoint each other that right elevator pitch number to father of three Peter and his family are threatened with eviction you're coming in early but alright let me finish the Year finish the question 3 Peter his family are threatened with eviction and end up living with Keith Lemon and H from steps ITV2 have signed up Family Guy got to be going out early to get me on Comedy quiz based president has it after sensationally revealing thereafter Family Guy by decorating a door in the ITV centre that someone took a photo of on Twitter which you wonder whether that was almost deliberate because it was so stupid 8th Day apparently decorate doors when they are pitching for things exactly coming.

Gruesome snooping maybe the door and a half points to Matt half a point to add his elevator pitch number 3 the rags to riches story of a woman in a man's world a state school kid with dreams of global domination the underdog in a race.

She eventually wins after finding herself in Australia is this Salma Hayek know who's recently been to Australia who's a woman in a man's world a job if neither of you know then Matt when's the quiz and this is I think the worst edition of the media podcast with we've ever had ok.

Unbelievable is there it's all gone wrong now congratulations you won the quiz this this episode the prize for poor quality and she absolutely terrible the answer to put your boat out of your misery is that Katharine viner has become the Guardians new editor-in-chief of the guardian Australia match made in the Press about the fact that she did go to state school and she is a woman which shouldn't really be a big deal, but it is complete screen from being more like that this morning quiz into being Only Connect be the prime minister of seeing apple most of Truth? This morning or interested in going in and you directly I might I might pick that to them only connect stylecraze all you do my face gets on the right well.

Thank you very much anyway despite your efforts towards the end of thank you, and thank you mate.

I remember you can hear new episodes as soon as they're ready by subscribing to us at the media podcast

We are also on Twitter at the media podcast or you can like our page on Facebook do they show is dedicated to Alan Hill who describes himself as that British bloke in deepest New Jersey Gary Bembridge travel author writer video maker and podcaster at tips for travellers I've been only man the producer Matt Hill until next time.

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