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Read this: #25B - Radio Days Europe 2015 - The Media Podcast with Paul Robinson

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#25B - Radio Days Europe 2015 - The Medi…

Hello and welcome to a special edition of the media podcast coming to you from radiodays Europe in Milan Italy I'm Paul Robinson the annual Festival for the radio industry is now in its sixth year and post delegates from across 32 European nations and about another 30 or 2 countries worldwide with inspiring talks and presenters producers and executives.

This is the place to be if you want to hear from the cutting edge of the industry here to bring you some of the key takeaways, they will hear from the BBC's head of radio Helen Bowden on her plans for the UK + I talk to Australian presenter.

Mel Greig about life after the prank call to Royal hospital.

They went terribly wrong and we get a master class from Vectra news presenter Elvis Duran and its producer Dennis Clark that's also come on this continental edition of Media podcast sponsored by audioboom and we're in the area, but not quite.

Big is the place we had the party last night.

We should the Leonardo da Vinci Museum Beijing so we start with Helen Bowden director of BBC Radio 4 was here to Showcase all the new ways the broadcasters redefining radio across the networks taking a cue from the old Radio 1 strapline.

No not the Nation's favourite, but listen watch share guard Radio 1 as an audio brand.

They regard it as an audio visual Brand and we've just launched those successfully iPlayer Radio 1 channel which is largely funny films around songs from interviews some straight musical sessions build brand music by now, but it's interesting that you can see older audience city beginning to develop a modest taste for more visuals to Radio 2 sounds of the 80s.

They don't want it on YouTube they want it on red button.

That's getting up to a quarter of a million viewers against the football on a Saturday night.

We think that's a very good move in the right direction.

Radio stream radio 4:10 to be actually most suspicious visualisation I get emails and letters being very challenging about it, but we know that if you're clever with visualisation.

It doesn't have to be televisual it can be for example.

We did a great series on history of ideas on Radio 4 and there was a fantastically brilliant short clever cartoons about the ideas of the world not funny.

Haha cartoons.

Just wishing that was in addition to the programs and audiences loved it.

They watched it on their iPads their mobiles or and their computers so it's working out how you develop each of these radio brands, so that they involve looking as in visualisation to a Greater or lesser extent and across social media all audiences like social media not every person in every audience wants it, but there's a taste throughout all audiences for sharing because human beings are intensely social and they like to share.

What about the content they because what entertainment the digital world is the focus has gone back onto content it really big headline shows that she grabbed people having the guts of Netflix they've been driven by house of car super buddies done for them.

What supervision ready for me.

I think you showed content can be king actually divorce from Radio brand in that case but the BBC's always really been a content creator.

We've never lost our focus on that and we continue to work hard to develop new bigger ideas like War and Peace traumatized on New Year's Day like the Pop-Up country station that Radio 2 did Radio 1 one big weekend like the idea that the new controller Radio 3 has there will be lots of big pieces that the other thing you have to remember is that Radio is also in the best sense and a pixel medium.

It's a medium.

We trust to be there day in day out.

We trust the relation.

We haven't radio and so the day today has to be really high quality unit audiences.

We didn't Instinct lease of audience work at the BBC call the deprivation study where we asked sceptical audiences who thought they didn't consume much baby safe to give it up for about 10 days or 2 weeks and what emerged from that was how much people missed radio because people don't mention it first they mention tell you're online and the big program that actually that day today high quality relationship.

You have with radio is incredibly important and people's lives as always been more personal you associate with the presenter in another program.

Look at the affection and sometimes the bile which Radio 4 computer for this Saturday and you know it forward Control and that should have been to see I thinks it's very well in a digital world to see it because actually there's an intense even if you've got other things trending in the millions as kind of intimacy about social media which is quite similar.

I think the way we we are when we live.

The radio so you hear a joke on Chris Evans you'll after yourself if you load the dishwasher around you another 15 million a laughing in over a week.

It's got that both you share things with big orders, but it feels very very intimate and very personal.

What about the challenge of the radio receiver gone are the days when the radio set sitting on the kitchen windowsill with the way in which you access Radio now.

There's so many devices a platter devices.

How does radio get a fair share of access to those devices be realistic generation.

You know anyone under 18 does the radio as I understand it and they don't actually understand what it is a concept that you plug in her.

They do listen listen on their phones their tablets.

They're telly and their basic computer says they do their homework.

So I think the week we can't afford to be sentimental about all of that we have to accept that radio.

Is it worth changing intern?

To the delivery mechanism, but the Essential elements of it the person-to-person the human the entertainment value the closeness the intimacy this speed the Lioness all those the main very very Potent of people and the storytelling I was thinking of you listen to a song on the radio and that's the story you listen to a piece of classical music you listen to a little story on Radio 4 as well as a news story radio is a medium of storytelling and human beings have a deep need the stories Helen Bowden Drive BBC Radio talking to me there on Monday next up is Mel Greig Mel was a popular presenter on Today FM part of a music radio duo with my Christian it was a big hit with listeners, but that all changed when they prank called the hospital in London where the Duchess of Cornwall staying leading to the tragic suicide of one of the staff I've been since she resigned from the station and she's not been on here since my christening contrast has been back to work and he been spared the online abuse Craig is insured, but the whole incident could have been avoided.

The station decided not to broadcast a pre recorded interview in the first place and when I spoke to me earlier.

I Began by asking her to take us through the events of that day was a normal day at work for us you think about hot topics to talk about and at that moment it was the role pregnancy that was a big deal.

So we someone suggested.

Let's do a prank call to the hospital.

We did a prank call as we have done many a time before you record the prank call you let it go through the process and it's up to the process to determine if it plays and it was approved it played obviously had some reservations about playing a prank call especially without permission being given it to it.

Just didn't seem right and obviously something very tragic occurred from that process is wasn't 2 DJs going AWOL if we had a choice of Justin Bieber

Might get a sign you got through and you using Crazy Voice is really bad accent, but you've got through as you're really surprised better get absolutely and that was never the intention of the prank call and that's what a lot of people at the time didn't understand second did we go let's call the hospital to try and get private information as I wasn't like that.

It was about having a joke on us we wanted to be the judge of that call we wanted I silly accent to be hang up on we wanted a 30-second called to play which was all about us because you got through and then of course massive publicity and I guess at that point it was you for a you're very happy absolutely and that's what I am now ashamed of because you think back and you and you honestly feel so disgusted in yourself that we did celebrate we celebrated because we didn't think that was going to be any consequences the hospital came out and said no the nurses will not be disappointed Prince Charles was making jokes about it.

So we knew the royal family were ok with it as well.

But there was obviously other people involved and they weren't ok, because you could never possibly know what was going to hell broke.

Loose that phone call was beyond gut-wrenching I felt that I'd found as a human being I was so disgusted in myself and devastated for the cell down a family that so much pain so so much pain there's about 6 hours.

I don't remember of that night when I when I got that phone call and it was concerning for my partner.

He said he stood on the balcony because he wasn't sure what I was going to do my mental state was one of.

I don't like the best way to describe it because I don't remember it, but it was very concerning for almost blanking your life.

Just remember I cannot remember what happened next you went into a state repression.

I think there was a progression for the next 3 months of being in lockdown, where you go through different stages so the blame and the Guilt before the depression and and I didn't know what was happening to my body was so numb I would pinch myself and I couldn't feel anything and one thing that can send me the most is and have a couple of wine to try and calm myself and when you know that alcohol doesn't have any effect on you that there is something seriously wrong with you and that's where I sought help and about 6 months into it.

I really needed help so you're not working you off the air you at home.

You're basically fine to the house 3 months and complete lockdown not even sunlight coming in and all I would do with raid the terrible comments that.

Well, written about me and I believed it.

So that really fed the depression and confirm to me that yes, you are to blame.

Yes, you do deserve to die and at the time.

That is what I believed when you're on stage at reading this you have you talked about some of those tweets and as message.

They were really horrible that you seem to now be able to read them and and and and get over that takes a lot of strength and a lot of time to mentally prepare yourself to read those tweets, but we need to understand that trolls trolls for a raise and they're not normal people.

I mean do you know anyone that spins? I was abusing people online of crazy cat lady.

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He's the one that since the main.

As well he's getting big bigger and he should probably be dating cat lady you find a way to do with yourself and for me a picture those desperate people that do it because their lives are not satisfactory that they get happiness genuine happiness from abusing someone which is disgusting that was Mel Greig will be back after this short message this episode of the media podcast is brought to you by squarespace Square spaces all-in-one hosting and design service allows you to create one off sites for your new series campaign or online store in minutes and by way of demonstration the media podcast has a website created using squarespace.

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It was keen to get into was Elvis Duran the host of Elvis Duran and the morning show on z100 in New York the show is syndicated over 70 markets in the USA including Philadelphia Miami Austin I said our Duran

And it's producer Dennis Clark find out what makes there so such an enduring success, but first here's Elvis on stage talking to delegates of radiodays Europe we understand that your listeners want to hear your story they believe that they really do want to hear what you have to say because they could relate with that you had to tell your story recently.

I had I had bariatric surgery and I lost 65 pounds.

I needed to because I hadn't seen my penis in here.

So we made it a part of the show you know how difficult it is to lose this way to go to the surgery in but we have fun with it is putting on my underwear this morning and there is a sorry it was a bus ticket in the underwear it in inspection stickers.

So where are they manufactured the underwear someone actually picked his underwear up looked at it and let's Elvis and I was thinking.

I wish I knew this person because I made a bin in my underwear.

I just put every everyone has a story and it's so great to stop down and let them tell their story and that's what the morning shows about this wrong one.

It says about people telling their stories Elvis Duran z100.

So many years have surrounded by people that know what you're doing make me look like I know what I'm doing to yourself.

Who is the 100th Square Garden

Presa Canario I want to go and watch three girls qualified with Phil Collins in the morning.

Have you ever eaten with an internet radio station? Are you hearing right now? I'm going to 100 power you got tickets to see Phil Collins at Madison Square Garden qualify to have lunch with Phil Collins in the morning.

Oh my god.

Oh my god.

Oh, no, you didn't frighten evidence of heart disease.

Did you just come off stage and the hall was full and buzzing and the subject was no one could not be relevant how to make a present irrelevant in 2015 they require radio stations in the UK now which are talking less DJs are restricted to for links an hour.

Maybe you know 10 seconds of link another lad with any personality in their it seems to me that or distressed.

You said something you understand or do you think they've got it wrong if they have ratings it must be working but I think I will we will find a lot of like music machine stations that don't have that art highly rated then that means nobody cares.

Nobody is really coming to that Brando that station for for even the music they play so you might as well start packaging as I can't do humanity around the function of a radio station whether it's a music Inferno musical rent information base station but

The United States goes to that face too and we due to a little bit and Wear beginning to really understand from the audience in again.

I will say that the audience is demanding more from our personalities anything if that's the phase I guess it may be some my UK Park Ashes you're going through I guess it's easier way personalities.

Take more management time and take more love more nurturing and and just voices on sticks are much used to manage and probably cheaper to well.

That's a sad state of Personality because I don't believe in that.

I don't think you do it there so I would say that time will tell lossie dentist.

Maybe I can ask you top 3 tips in for someone who wants to get into radio and be a personality and build their show and build their market.

What are the top 3 things you do guys are number one who is your target.

It really is important number 2 is what do they care about and what do they want in then number 3 is building your personality and injecting you as a conduit between what are interested in.

What they come to the radio for whether it's musica situation or anything like that in package that up with what makes you different in really connect to your audience use social media to market yourself under the holiday your content as much as possible in really begin to build a village in a lot of work now and I keep telling them do a podcast do something find somebody they give you a break again your you don't you try it again and get on your feet don't be miserable in radio sex cause it doesn't it's a beautiful beautiful business and wonderful medium for all of us.

Are you not going anywhere Maisie still doing top 40 music into reality so I don't do this forever in this genre music in presentation, but I plan on doing this until my dying day having my pleasure.

Thank you.

Thank you so much.


That's almost it from the conference people are stuffing their delicate bags into the luggage anyway.

They can the exhibition stands of being dismantled and barbells of being finally checked I spend that much but before you leave let's hear from festival organiser rough Brandwood on the highlights in the last few days the people are coming in many of them are people thinking about what shall happen with ring around the next corner, but then what is most popular is always program showing the best the radio today and I have a philosophy that before lunch on the first day.

Everybody should you not feel that im getting something good and I bought this year it will sell Mr RAM from C102 different things very different so I think you people got onto a good start and best of programmes today are in.

Everybody Maisie good points for side is it expensive to come to a conference this one she's good value.

You need to get say to your boss.

I've got some takeaways to go back to radio station with implementing.

Let me think about or do something slightly differently that's one of the things to say to the speakers not slide should be the takeaway slide and actually I think read this Europe is the free marketing ideas television.

They are selling their formats and ideas, but in radio.

We are still in the in the heaven of free exchange and I think that's some of the beauty of it.

I believe already days have been spreading a lot of new philosophy around radio around Europe and its.

See you that's all speakers and themes, international conferences in different places.

We've grown and grown it's now an amazing probably the best Radio 2 on the planet.

How do you improve?

Are the bars high isn't it mean you've got to come back next year and it would expect even more worse to have to have a call city and they're all this attraction in itself the second is to listen to people and they are however starting October early in October with the conference committee meeting where we had people from 20 countries coming together brain talking through what could be the good ideas to good speakers and then they have a program committee working out these ideas and getting the appointments and everything and I think the contacts with many different countries not on the UK be us but all around new group that that is what makes this scene really conference and paddon give it the attraction of this case if you're listening now and not here then the dates of next year of that's the critical thinker have.

13th to 15th of March next year and place it will be will be announced at 4 today at the conference.

Thank you very much.

Well that city has been announced and I can tell you that next year the compass will be in Paris just a Eurostar rideaway my huge.


The radio days Europe hosting that's producer Matt Hill and to you for listening next weekly return to London back in the safe hands of good old Ollie man for another review of this week's media news in the way that only we can do it.

My name is Paul Robinson from Milan goodbye.

Potential by definition is the possibility of achieving more in the fast-paced world of digital advertising Oracle data cloud has built its Legacy on finding the signal through the noise on unlocking potential we bring together data and technology to help you better understand your audience where to best engage them and how to measure a tool to realise true potential Oracle data cloud where better outcomes begin visit Oracle data cloud to learn more.

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