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Read this: #22 - The Future of News, Radio Academy woes, Page 3 - The Media Podcast with Olly Mann

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#22 - The Future of News, Radio Academy …

Welcome to the media podcast I'm only man on today's show the future of news as the BBC ones of bleak times ahead for the world service without more funding whilst Emily Bell thinks that journalists and editors should be working more closely with their social media teams the Radio Academy faces a tricky few months as it attempts to resurrect itself plus Patrick and Avalon try to call the BBC block the sun's page 3 debacle and another unnecessary quiz format is put to the test in our pointless Media quiz this is the media podcast sponsored by audiobook with me today at the hospital club is the director of The Guardian Edinburgh International television festival Lisa Campbell Lisa preparations presumably well underway for the next festival give us a tease.

What can you tell us?

What we got Ben Miller hosting which is very exciting and exclusive everyone Edinburgh television map of who is there a recently described by the Telegraph as the gay millionaire businessman coming after Boris his job, so we're not an easy running for mayor of London but he's got a really interesting background self-made millionaire after a very difficult childhood with little education lost all his money then rebuilt his career after dealing with alcoholism has been chairman of the Institute of contemporary arts, but as to resign after criticizing contemporary art bit of bad move and the bit Marcus Bentley does until a big brother is Millie go in the house campaigner for gay rights and this is the best thing this is worth waiting for his patron of the Skegness parrot sanctuary, what's customer telephone Lisa nothing about inspirational people outside of the industry that you wouldn't you know where all very navel-gazing intelli, so let's hear from people outside the field and and just do you know getting come away.

Feeling entertained inspired whatever ok and also joining us is one of my favourite navel gazers.

It's nothing radio consultant creative director of folder Media helmets.


Have you been playing with the BBC's new taster website bbc? Taster / taster night ideas little different ideas and things that different parts of radio and TV and online are applying with actually.

It's good to have a place where if you work for the BBC you could put something I was talking to other guys who created BBC Radio Explorer what is kinda hidden away a bit and it's a beta thing never heard of it where you can type in any topic and it will pull together all of the on-demand radio bits about that topic.

So you pick chrysanthemums to do I pick that time so it it will pick something from a guy's question time or something from the Radio breakfast show or whatever that has that topic and that is as you say a bit lost to actually having putting it Samways useful.

Let's start with the world's.

It's not a baby see if she The Corporation launching another Salvo and it's licence fee settlement campaign this week asking for more investment for the world service the future of news report warns that if the UK wants the BBC to remain valued and respected and ambassador of Britain's values and an agent of soft power in the world than the BBC is going to have to commit to growing the world service and the government will have to recognise this Lisa we've got Russia Today we've got Al Jazeera we've got press TV sponsored by Iran at these days.

There's a lot of competition from that group photo into the mix and all amazingly well funded though at a time when I think everybody would agree.

We need independent impossible reliable foreign coverage more than ever it seems absolutely crazy to be to be cutting back on what is unarguably a unique aspect that that Britain has.

And the BBC have to pay when you know the way that the licence to be a was negotiated last time and kind of daylight Robbery really save taking from the licence fee payer to you know to put into the world service no consultation about that that that just happened it.

Just happened very quickly and I think that there's serious questions asked about that and them and hopefully will be addressed in the next to the charter when you receive a never going to be able to reverse that now because the BBC said yes yes, yes, ok, what have you want me to Cameron at the time and it sort of seem logical business BBC branded service it comes out the licence fee but as you say actually there isn't that much logic to it.

Cos the aims of it for the foreign and Commonwealth Office to tell the world about Britain and they're not be able to argue now for it to come out again.

I wouldn't think it's just a case of more money and they're not going to get that.

This is just part of licence EU negotiation part 87 to have a 2065 series because what the BBC coming up with is a section of reasons why you can't cut the licence fee and the reason they can't get licence for you.

The and will come back on the world service which would be a terrible thing wouldn't it because they know that all the tourists and not going to agree to a cut of a kofta world services is another way for them to say well can't take away money or else.

I will chop off the service that goes to insert country here and they have also allowed advertising and sponsorship with in the world service for the first time that was part of their the arrangement was next be arguably they should be working harder than that phantom bringing in more money on the commercial side yesterday since the world service I think in Berlin can you get at Swalwell BBC what would happen if Russia Today wanted to advertise on the BBC News website the future together as well, but I think it's so the BBC excellent.

It's this is all about timing BBC a text and programs.

They take some services what they are best out is insuring their own survival.

And having a number of people lots of people working on that and ofcourse there be some benefits the rest of organisation into reevaluating.

What is news but also doesn't help when you're trying to ring you at 3 billion pounds a year beast remember sketching the day today.

Where someone just kept repeatedly saying is this news is this year's what they doing now except corporate service taffinator.

There was a test in one of the countries where it was getting hard to broadcast to slow decide to launch and use of it on Facebook I have done the same thing with WhatsApp as well know what is a platform for news isn't just going to radio TV mast Sarah for an area does not get something that's unique and different and independence.

Are you don't need to speed up a multi-million-pound radio TV station actually Facebook news feed come to put that job as well.

This is all about the competition from the online players now.

Isn't it with fire stand BuzzFeed and all of that included the BBC is Stockley aware of that especially given that.

This is about to be relaunched and reinvented and unjust much more focused on bringing news to a younger audience than and really helping BBC compete in that area and younger audience kleine means.

They don't watch telly news anymore, but then this reports talked about how important bulletins are and they will be moving forward.

Do you think there's just the beginning of a discussion here about maybe one day something like BBC News Channel just won't be relevant anymore BBC News channel is a big spine doesn't it says spine to the rest of other materials that pop up but that's 1 the 1 6 and 10 news or having to be able to cover stuff.

That's breaking where do people consume news TV is watch predominately by older people more more near the volume at they consume it works for older audiences all of the BBC's public service value needs to be in all the places.

Where all of the different audiences are including young people out of TV but it's how you how do you use iPlayer to tell people.

About the public service content of a not just skipping it to to go to a family guy now.

It's no longer broadcast on BBC Three numbers for the news bulletins, so that they actually healthy you know that it's not as though their traditional 10 or anything is it is really falling away so when you know it's it's about I think understanding where the market is headed and providing for both those audiences your future of news and social in particular friend of the show Emily bell delivered the Hugh cudlipp lecture this week to use the platform to discuss the relationship between journalists and social media.

How journalists need to understand that programmers and now the ones making editorial decisions.

She said the social media team is no longer a group of people bullying you to tweet your story but now key to the operation of how and what you report.

I guess my question.

That is whether that actually pushes the news agenda in a slightly more populist way takes away from what you should be reporting and what?

Think might go viral it was always chosen the news headlines for mother always chosen will be should cover and what we shouldn't cover it.

Isn't that man smoking in his office was shouting at the backbench anymore or it might be people looking at some Twitter statistics and go ahead.

This is we should be on this.

Why haven't we written something SEO Bates that can't they? Can you get people through the door.

Please have to decide what they are in for a week.

We know that BuzzFeed create some really material itself, but it also cleverly creates lots of things that we understand that we know that the sun will put her sensational slant on a story that we might learn that voice or even the Telegraph actually he is posting sort of clickbait topics to get people to a consumer.

I think as needed Media literate consumers.

Not to realised what everyone's doing the only said you think this delineation between what's the internet and what's in the papers and what social than what's editorialize? Do you think that's just gonna slightly disappear as he is going on yes, I do.

So yeah, I think I think it will all just become one one big pot and then to Anna whatever Emily bell stairs.

I agree with their wives were they bow down before her every time she is amazing huh huh, I think it's really interesting there's always a danger though that wants there's a story on Twitter and everybody goes mad for it and then they all the all leaked onto it and often it can be completely wrong and I'm founded and but people need to dispose a bit before they get carried away in the Friends theme within the traditional Media being caught up in that and making massive errors several times, so the first thing I do is click on the discover tab on Twitter and I see the stories that are trending mugs of people that I follow.

I think it's really important although you might use that as the bedrock for what you doing to look and see what else is going on as well because you've got your followers, who might be a certain type of person you're interested in a single talking to each other about something if you look at the BBC top stories you know it's always like goat trapped in shares or whatever it doesn't just mean that people.

Obsessed with goat shed base stories that it's something that they like and actually what you might find is that might do well.

Cos of some programming now then might be a story about God I might be spare the five six seven eight nine ten articles.

He does austerity mean people are interest in the topic.

I think it's easy to let programmatically choices apparently that take what's popular when you can look at these things more broadly that is quite worrying report.

I think someone looked into recently about partiality especially with the public service broadcasters and the fact that popular topics get so much coverage at the expense of may be more important issues, so the example given with the Madeleine McCann story which No7 years or so after she went missing has had acres and Acres coverage on Broadcast media as well as the print press compared to the environment which is had .000 percent so I think it's things like that way.

You know populars and driving the news agenda.

Is there is a bad thing.

And if I may just woken tease, we will have the latest on the goat in the shed later in the show and you won't believe what happened next but first.

Let's talk about the Radio Academy the charity that runs events and workshops for the radio industry, but it's had a turbulent couple of years at first losing their main sponsor Sony which meant they lost money on the usually profitable awards ceremony, then it announced that this year's may ceremony was to be cancelled and after chairman Ben Cooper called in emergency general meeting in December was going to things weren't much clearer but we did learn that all but one member of staff have been let go now another meeting has been called for February at Matt this is kind of great interest people in the radio industry, probably not at all of interest to anyone else, but it kind of should be sent it cos it's quite a big deal.

What was the Sony Awards now? It says you're not happening at the moment.

It's lovely to have an awards ceremony that both the BBC commercial radio can enter the is the gold standard for the radio industry.

Doesn't matter if that sponsored by Sony or we're leaving the radio cademy producer and historic Lee actually only up to a few years ago.

Do the red Academy start making it a different to an individual company used to make it called safer Associates it's nice to have an event what's number one at number two dozen i7 Association where which brings together people from BBC commercial student radio community sector and it's always been a demand for that informally formerly know if you go to Manchester to see if I can see someone from already station the pub someone else with different radio station will be there and people are friends and it's nice to have that social part of it.

So it's nice.

What's gone wrong.

What's happened? Is this being a change? That was found it so historically read Academy with Sunday by the members pay 25 quid or whatever it was and you obtain member each year in the money was collected from you then few years ago.

There is a view to try and engage more people they took the radio groups and several why don't you?

3D Academy they were there already putting some money when you put a bit more money in then all of your stuff then become three members as a way to get to that's been relatively relatively successful problem is now that was appointment of a 567 big radio groups each checking in 20 grand or 30 grand also, where is now what was gwr chrysalis capital of GMT is all 1 companies or greater global radiator and probably quite rightly they going should we be spending four times the money to to do that and then suddenly the thing that the rain Academy was built on has to chieftain change and it wasn't helped in the last 5 months is Sony Awards announced the red Academy Awards losing the sponsor men that I lost a little bit of money.

I mean nothing I think to worry about at all but took a bit of a lost then the radio festival also took a bigger loss and that's cos the radio industry changing the kind of people that go to that big event but we can I see this at the TV festival as well, it needs to evolve VivaStreet escort.

Are too big losses are pretty much wiped it out you deadhead the trustee saying we're not sure they want to put the money in anymore and that's left at the point where it's like.

What's the next thing so I believe it's going to be a general meeting called soon.

Which will be sorted once and for all decision about what's next answered.

Have it away for a relaxed.

I feel that there is always going to be in association in might not be this incarnation and I hope this hope they come and get everything together, but if it doesn't know someone will put the hand up and get right here that will start of mailing list and will build out from there and I will create something to hopefully reggae group someone to support someone with organising Award Ceremony in might be the industry might be someone else and if it's got the gold standard people spotting.

So what do you think the radio industry can learn from as my suggested? What you in Edinburgh TV festival am I supposed remaining engaged with the industry and I guess we haven't had the same sort of consolidation in TV but I mean that is that is happening.

But it's a bigger industry to begin with but this in the same way the TV festival is a festival by the TV industry for the TV industry, so you know the program is help to be shaped by the sum of the support the resource the people actually work on it or producers working in and doing it on a voluntary basis.

So there's an incredible amount of Goodwill towards it and I think hopefully there is in the radio industry as well and once people see something is under threat they'll pull out all the stops to do something about it.

I do wonder how much of it comes down to ticket price as well because the thing about the TV industry is a AV industry has big it be the people who are the top executives are running 45 times what the topic says it is raining in radio and certainly the dog's body is working on a general program running for letting radio and yet.

You know the big radio events.

What was the Sony awards and the radio festival which charging the kinder figures 3 figure numbers that you charge people who work in telly to go to a conference when trying to be ready can't afford it any big radio anything awards ceremony costs.

Liquid to go I mean that's all or similar to 175 there wasn't it was a lot of that's a lot for someone who works in Barry money to a nominated you to pay to go.

I think we had to pay to go and whatever 20K mansion and I have 5 people 97 people donated for a war to get to go there companies pay for them if you're not motor for a podcast with the Year category on turns into a thing if if if there's more individuals.

Yes, of course it is but I think that would be the same for anything.

I think the festival the problem only festival is even 10 years ago there were 5 times as many boss citizen, so you could an expensive vents to put on a 3 days somewhere all of these elements getting people that it's it's expensive to do but there were more people who could go I think now there are less people who have got that that much money to go to that to that sort of them me and her colleague Runner a smaller ready event next radio and we try to keep the money down.

It's 400 quid 125 quid to go.

Hard to keep it that cheap and yet x 3 days you instantly at 35375.

It's expensive but I still love about the Awards with you had all the radio stars there, but you would have someone from local radio beating Chris Evans to in a presenter of the year or some new Talent podcast Talent whatever you being it showcased in front of the industry like that and I think it's just such an important thing to give new Talent that sort of support and profile absolutely the one thing that might happen.

You've got the Gillard Awards the BBC for local radiator key for a Malteser come.

It's become a really great ceremony for commercial radiator you can argue.

Do you need a ceremony that brings everyone together? Is it a luxury at the moment and I said no it's not sure it is something that should happen, but there are some other I could award ceremonies to go to as well.

OK that's enough conference.

Talk will be talking about voluptuous bare boobs after this episode of the media.

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The numerology of beware this week we had Media stories about BBC Three the three televised leader debates and page 3 Lisa map, where would you like to start on my wheel of trees get me fired up? This is a really weird such as the fortnite podcast since I last saw what appeared to be the last ever topless page 3 model appeared in the sun and then probably came back again, but I'm in the intermittent.

Everyone reported that that was the end of page three and the campaigner start celebrating hundreds of column inches were written as a marked increase in subscribers to page gone to your personal feelings leave it didn't this was the plan right from the start that seems like a car crash to me, but you think they actually intended the sun to do this take it away, put it back get some coverage refusing to answer the request confer.

Ring whether it had or had not dropped page Three Stooges yes, it was no plan for right from the start.

Just purposefully anti PC and there's a reason for political correctness and that is not just crazy left this notion.

It's because pastry can't be Justified and yeah, especially when a very different world from the world when pastry launched 45 years ago when you can get cheap titillation on your handset that anytime you like so anyway be on that I think just the way it brought it back in spectacularly schoolboy like fashion.

We've had a memory Lapierre tweeting images of Nicole 22 from Bournemouth to Harriet Harman things like that so just nasty childish defiance but moronic Lee defiance accepted that a senior source and all of that people seem to suggest this income directly from Rupert Murdoch himself and said in New York now is the time to end page 3.

Do you think all of that stuff that was just untrue or do you think Rupert Murdoch

Let me change his mind.

I think it was all a gargoyle attended what I find amazing is well.

It was all about Yvonne assumed it was ending I think there was a positive feelings towards the sun that like I just like finally they've done it, but like they did they now with with everyone we're moving on and that's and that's kind of a good thing.

Can I get a little bit of a kick for having done it but almost well done and then it was one of calm down and then can we just seem like idiots.

I mean.

I just now make some seems so old fashioned like you could kind of justify it carrying on that you can't describe account but I could see them justifying like it's always been there.

No its historic.

It's it's regular.

It's runnable class, but then pretend turn it off and then bring it back.

Just highlights to self fashioned it all well except for this conversation.

We having I mean you know if the purpose of Page 3 in 1971 whatever it was was to be anti establishment and as you rightly pointed out it become something that was old fashioned and kind of retro the

I took it away the establishment said hooray and then they brought it back does look like an up yours to all of the Guardian readers which is sort of the point of it to any of the Sun readers who like page 3 care.

Do they listen to NE42 they watched Newsnight do they listen to the media podcast you know it doesn't make a difference.

It's like her newspapers.

Are the worst for writing about themselves and this is almost the ultimate inside a store is getting in the media was a victory for women.

Yes, it was caused it.

Was it felt like a victory at the time, but they put bikini-clad celebs in they're the kind of negative portrayal of women in the media goes on and on and and ending page 3, but you know wasn't going to win that so it was the sort of someone Ltd victory anyway and then Crawley snatched away.

Desmond to Farwell you have my moment next on the wheel of 3 is what would you like me to get to choose this time you can have BBC Three or you can have the three televisor leader debates BBC the BBC Trust began a public consultation on the future of BBC3 to production companies that provide shows for the channel that say Avalon who make Russell Howard's Good News and hat-trick who produced the Revolution will be televised at have actually proposed a takeover of a proposed buying the channel honouring all of its current service licences and increasing its budget from 81 million pounds to 100 million pounds at Lisa rather like page three people have said this was just a publicity stunt was it they claim it's not a PR stunt it's a very valid points that it's important to have a platform for new Talent you know they put two people like Matt Lucas David Walliams Rhys Jones Alexa comedy is clearly important, but I would also point out in.

Sense of factual they've had incredible success.

They're bringing very difficult subject to a younger audience making it really accessible from mental health drugs war you know establish new name Stacey Dooley Reggie Yates so you know anything as though there's a really Valley point there and also the point about moving BBC Three online the real issue around visibility with with online you need a big stars.

They haven't got the money for that.

How do you stand out in in that sort of crowded marketplace near the idea that Netflix got Kevin Spacey onboard precisely for that reason have a big star that pulls in the crowd and then the other issue is the opening the doors to commercialization if you sell off one bit of the BBC then it all goes up but practical levels.

There are a whole load of issues.

Let me know.

They can't have the BBC Three brand the EPG slot so how it will be workable financially getting in the numbers all the rights issues of the amenities does a myriad of can.

Text or that they know it's never going to happen though.

This is like sky new say we want to buy BBC Parliament or global say we wanna buy Radio 2 unit of course you could run it commercially but obviously it means the beginning of the end of the BBC in that case is kind of naive to her to put the bid across though.

It does raise the important issue.

I think there is Nepal issue.

Should BBC3 in effect actually become deaf to this is what I really doing it all new BBC 3 programming.

It's going to be on BBC1 and BBC2 and then some iPlayer exclusives all the basis and is very got 30 million quid not to spend on programming.

It's still going to be on Broadcast television a little less of it and it's going to be in trendy.

Useful bits on one end to the other guys if they if they want to run a channel lights to the saying they pay £190 for it and 800 million to the budgie each year you know what 100 million quid to market a new channel that I buy a lot of marketing.

Do you want to set up a BBC Three I like because you can't have at least said you can't have ept and you got anything else you really want to set a BBC3 like just do it.

The people come to you anyway, if you got to spend 100 million on content of year and 100 million to kick off the marketing.

Don't you go straight to number one on the telly now we're going to have to do this week Mark 200 days until the UK General Election and we stretch from the broadcasters to empty chair David Cameron if you didn't take part at pressure was building to find a solution it look like we finally have the solution plaid Cymru the greens the SNP and you kip now included alongside the Tories Labour and the Lib Dems which Sky Channel 4 still hoping to host a head-to-head with David Cameron Ed Miliband hosted by Jeremy Paxman obviously be the only one really worth watching now.

This is all this issue includes the Northern Irish parties as well mate.

Is this ever going to reach a conclusion? Do you think it? Will it work and will we get to be debated if we date? Will they be watchable? I've seen Bogen I know this word 17 people riding a question and then it's the end and then they and use anchor snugs the news.

Lolita that's how it works how many titles that it's fine, it's it's basically it's like Jesus to go to the election and we already want to kill ourselves.

There will be some debates of some sort of the Conservatives want the greens in because the greens potentially our labours, UKIP that's the plan and the more people the more people on their the last chance Ed Miliband house of dragging his likability up either fewer questions he gets harder that becomes so that the Tories are going to push for as many people as possible and labour pre-match.

You're going to accept it.

We're not going to have the dup and Sinn Fein if they get part of it as well.

I want respect their I want the BNP I want Britain first.

I want the Christian Democrats I want to hear the weirdo what the monster raving loonies.

I need to be a hilarious.

They would be almost like sort of The Apprentice but the politics the invigilator.

Moderation to go and now the political leaders where you live, so it's three is the magic number There's a rule of three in TV radio podcast whatever and we're already got7 on stage possibly 8 or 30 if you get your way, so I can imagine TV producers tearing their hair out at the thought of it.

How do they make it workable? How is it not going to be terribly unwieldy? What should have depth context inside you going to get is just going to be a string of standby and we all know who's the king of SunBites there's so welcome to number 10 UKIP new kind of stop my blood run cold was hearing Grant shapps on Radio 4 the other day saying that the thing that was left behind out with discussions with the broadcast.

It's as if you know it's uptown was still to be discussed never mind who's on this day.

And just think that's what made it quite boring last time was at they clearly said no cutaways no applause you know if there's more of that going on it really becomes very sterile.

Doesn't it pisses me quite fast coalition multi-party government almost all that kind of stuff and the Pottage to make me guess about what's going to happen in this campaign.

I think they've they're making the wrong guess.

They're trying to get the debate over cameras showing at the debates out really early on as soon as the campaign really gets going appetit be driven by social everything they say it's going to be chopped up and the piss ripped out of them by the public and they're going to be begging to have longer form discussions with the public about who they are because if they thought they we could have sound Bites the public get very good a sound bytes are on social and shared and push them and there is not about the car twitterati soda media end, but you're putting that stuff on Facebook and it going to Britain first people have a great you know Facebook reach because I never really clever social media strategy of cell.

Frating Britain and putting in a horrible views at the same time.

I think that the big pot Eastbourne want to talk to the public as really interesting point of the Facebook debate that actually is happening.

I think this week or next week Facebook and Sky doing a producer Q&A with at the moment Ed Miliband Nick Clegg and Natalie Bennett Lisa is that the shape of things to come more social stuff like that? Yeah definitely I think that point is completely write this post is really exciting me.

I can't wait to see the Year the Facebook questions that come in for the politicians.

I think that's going to be very amusing clearly.

They're gonna have to let those grumpy cat no internet so serious place as we proved right moving from trees tattoos now Radio 2 because they've announced another pop-up sister station on DAB as pop-up this is very very temporary feel like that Eurovision station this time.

It's all country music that what can you tell us about this love Nashville the TV

I'm country something above Resurgence it does well on Radio 2 though only in smaller smaller doses ready centre in Monaco reviews for the BBC said that that's the kind of specialist music the BBC should do more of an hey presto six months later.

There's a pop-up station support you think is c2c which is the big country music.

Despite all Appearances I am a country music fans to see to see which is the big country music events at the O2 last year and yeah, it's noticeable but it's getting bigger and bigger every year Bob Harris comes on stage introduces each of the acts.

So it could make sense for country fans, but you can look at Radio 2 and say they cut overnight programming.

Do they need to Ward use this I know talking to the guy she did the Eurovision pop-up channel the actual cost of that was minuscule evening BBC terms was minuscule because there's so much infrastructure support existing radio and TV programmes that actually becomes really efficient use of the other Talent that are out there.

You're not going to put all of c2c on the main Radio 2 that will annoy too many people see you.

RGB spectrum and you've got the Talent and they vary running some old country documentary some newer stuff, so that they were eating at materials to radio and eustachian pops up that people really interested in country to be able to hear something different.

I think there's a really surprising resurgent to actually cause I was listening to six music by the day and Mike Skinner was doing a guest presenting slot and he was talking about how much country music had influenced him doing the street stuff and then story mode stuff.

It was there is no real surprise, but you know that was on six music and Mike Skinner lovely.

I think you know open it up to have left on this and Country Show documentary there anywhere right.

There is now finally just time for the media quiz.

Religious thing needs to be a sting something really I quite like the sound of dust blowing through the room.

There is a cinema this week.

It is entitled to penalty shootout.

It's football themed.


I think we're all sports fans.

There are a few sports store is this weekend Media so what better way does the Script to wrap them up then with a football related quiz at each player will take turns to shoot by asking a question to the other who must deflect it with the answer it take too long to answer and the goal will be allowed don't ask me yet.

Have the offside rule works because I cannot tell me the winner gets Clare Balding Matt you are to go first take a shot at Lisa with this question which broadcaster this week announced it wants to screen highlights of the cricket world cup that was ITV2 it was actually or

Hi, yes, we do have a half point for that produces.

I'm not sure I would your turn to take a shot at Matt which presenter are BT Sport looking to host the Champions League coverage next year Gary Lineker is happening really I mean he does do stuff for NBC that stuff around Jazeera is not Unthinkable the BBC may say alright.

It's a weird stories that come from to help Gary Lineker's re signing for the BBC there's interest from the people with all the money is it BT Sports saying we're gonna need something cos we're going to win some more rights or is it just an over enthusiastic Julia person who Let it Slip if I'm going I've missed the net I don't know the answer to that ok now.

It's sudden death at his your question shop for Lisa to defend with the current answer.

Puma football point it was getting paper.

Ok, which start up camera company has partnered with America's national Hockey League this is GoPro and they're going to do so yes, so Great Britain cameras.

Look so we get the point of view of the Year the hockey players that much more immersive and exciting and shows the intensity of hockey and hopefully will be able to see what is going on because I can never see the full thing to every colour is ok at least I can put this one is ITV's main football anchor but who is replacing him makes the game work Lisa has 121.

How do you feel?

BBC 5 live but apparently is going to take over medium Chelson ITV no word as to what I should be going to do with Adrian Chiles though less building 5 Live now.

Yeah, he has well as a lot of money.

Spent on here, wasn't it? Anyway at least a camel congratulations well done.

Do you feel happy? I feel very excited.

Thank you.

That is exactly what are all the big football team say when they win the cup that it might work for today.

My thanks to Lisa Campbell and Matt Deegan will be back next week with a little bonus Edition and then normal service will be restored a fortnight later confused.

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Catered to Andrew Jennings a vision mixer on a variety of programs.

See your name in the credits auntie, Robert draw, who is proud to be supporting the media podcast? Thank you Robert we are proud to have you been Ollie man the producer Matt Hill until next time.

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