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Read this: #21 - Charlie Hebdo coverage, TV Debates, UTV sales - The Media Podcast with Olly Mann

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#21 - Charlie Hebdo coverage, TV Debates…

Bonjour je suis Charlie and welcome to the media podcast on today's show 5 million copies printed and counting Charlie episodes grief stricken start producing issue their colleagues would be proud of we talk about the media coverage of this complicated story plus tv, leadership debate.

Will they happen Tony Hall rally staff at the BBC UTV wants to sell its local station and is radio networks refresh their imaging we talk to composer Dan Mumford about rebranding Radio 1 Newsbeat this is the media podcast sponsored by audioboom and with me today at the hospital club EZTV additive for heat magazine Boyd Hilton hello boys good evening going fresh from speaking to David Attenborough this week after her.


I didn't ask you anything with him yesterday commemorative event about his.

New flying creatures program, that's not the official title for Sky on Sky One and it was a screening of one of those episodes and I intruder moftah was the front of esteemed baftas people, but yeah, he's he's incredible figure one point in this program.

Gets wasted hundreds of feet up in the air in a cave full of bats a million bats and Cockroaches who a feasting on a giant mountain at done and he is High stuff in the other hundreds of feet and it's sitting there is 88 years old and he still does that kind of stuff is an absolutely incredible Legend is that really what happened to show where are you picking around for? I'm a Celebrity that's really 1 minutes are joining us as well.

This week is Steve Ackerman MD of content company something else hello Steve good evening on me.

I see that another of your apps is gone to the top of the charts.

You're very quick as a supplement to promote.

So this is the app for the very popular children's BBC series Dumping Ground and funded by CBBC and yes, it's gone to.

Play the number one in the kid section of the App Store how did you know that that can I come on Belfast Mandela Hall yeah? Yeah, yeah yeah alright now.

Let's stop this week.

We share a story which hasn't been off the front pages since the first reports came through last week as if it needs recapping two gunmen storm in the French magazines officers killing seven of its staff goes without saying obviously our sympathies to everyone affected by those events but obviously want to focus on the reporting of the events the initial death then the hunt for the gunman.

The fatal siege and now a week later as we go to press so has Charlie hebdo once again a special edition of the magazine featuring another cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad a lot of editorial decisions by the press by broadcast and social media Going On Behind the Scenes let's look at how they did at first of social media Steve how important was Twitter do you think of reporting these events and how accurate did you find it to be well? I think we're

You have a story like this these days invariably Twitter has a huge part to play I can't really comment about the accuracy because I think things are moving so fast.

It was very difficult to keep track of where in a witch facts were emanating from which places but I suppose the part which is played in in the story is obviously the whole viral je suis campaign which clearly that somewhere where Twitter was very fast will pick up on it and spread it around the world Nat that's played its own part within the wider story the purpose of the USP of things like to it actually is much as anything.

There are interviews and front pages and cartoons that have continued to go viral days after they were initially published and people remarking and responding to their me some of that the most successful images from the last week in terms of explaining the story boy to the ones that get retweeted and retweeted long after they've been the most current thing I think.

Social media is now affecting stores like this so much this almost like it's difficult to think what life was like before events like this were covered in such a way that the story gets accused by social media and against led by social yummies just wish we actually was I believe tweeted first by someone who worked for publication in France just don't just a regular guy.

I just haven't it's come up with it and it went massive within 0 minutes of him coming out with that phrase that was definitely one around the world but just needs and that's become something now if you were going well.

I'm not Charlie's I'll be well annoyed by that somebody well, so most people think it's a fantastic way of showing support for the victims and the freedom of speech that was actually was within hours of the whole horrible thing happening people talking about this publication which of course none of us heard of that they sit exams blocked by someone that pretty viral talking about.

I was racist homophobic sexist of course I got it completely wrong.

They completely misunderstood the whole all of these cartoons and because it's quite complicated version of satire that this publication specialises in you know they actually that they're actually kind of fairy left wing anti racist publication that would print images of Muslims that work that were taken the racist images of women was quite they were doing stuff like that people just miss out on that one, then they had to be someone else had to block about today.

No, no you got it wrong that this kind of thing happens a lot with this kind of story and I'm not sure that's what it's all helping.

Yes, what I mean even on the day after it happens immediately on Twitter you have this discussion at the front pages of the next days newspapers in the UK No 1 the other that point we printed image of the Prophet Muhammad in a cartoon formed in Germany they did to get likes everyone was instant expert everyone saying are well this paper from Berlin is like their version of the Daily Mirror no one had any idea really becomes international but the role.

I think you see social media playing and I know it's a bit of a cliche but it's definitely true in this environment it becomes that that sort of global dinner party.

It's the comments people were making originally around the table.

Just one or two friends that suddenly they can express to anybody ever think that's that's the role Twitter played in it was a commentary of the round long it and obviously the outrage the public outrage.

Not just about the violence and and the mentality this involved in committing acts like that, but obviously the whole freedom of speech Debate and the and the elements of values and ethics of European culture and European Society and I think that's what you say on social media was that commentary outpouring outrage comment discussion and you're right.

I think in the UK we don't all have the understanding of graphic art on the plate and the party place in place of France and Belgium where it seems as a height formula.

We see Comics as a bit of a a kids thing in places like France it.

It's it's a higher Foreman and Ernest Boyd said you know you know something that goes I got.

Sleeping I think the party place for us within our present leaders big 140 character.

Obviously you can post a link to your blog and their level of the 11th blogs about what happened, but people do like Louise Mensch as a good example now.

I know I don't love or hate her out.

You know I think she wrote perfectly good romantic novels in her previous life, but she does tend to go off on one about stuff so right now.

She class example of social media response she's going around with a day off today now attacking publications that haven't printed for whatever reason the skin of the cover of the of the new edition on didn't print the cartoons that betrayed Muhammad Rashid obsessing about it in the similar way just about anyone who did Who decides Margaret Thatcher when she died now.

What was she doing back then? She was kind of attacking any people who did express their honest view about la gazzetta.

Find the but she was definitely picking on them and kind of exposing them and naming and shaming them now.

She's name and shame people who don't want to do something for me.

That's just keep ocracy and I've just a tiny example of people not really thinking stuff through and not really having any room for new up because I think it's probably by the reasons why publication my not want to print those images but Muhammad is not least the security of their star, on its own interest in court from editor of the Jewish Chronicle basically saying you know he had every impulse to want to print it but every reason not to because he knew that he'd be top of the list of targets if she did but I mean do you think Steve the actually our editors in this country did make the right decision in terms of what they put on the front page and what do you think of the BBC guidelines which we've been told are under review I have a feeling we're not going to come to a conclusion anytime soon as to how you can or can't portrayed the Prophet Muhammad in the future on telly is because it is an international story different country's media are going to treat things in very different ways and obviously.

I had been a discussion around at the you know going way back to the Danish paper that printed that controversial cartoon in the fact that the British press had intended to to do that really the same the same sort of discussion.

I think you know we we have a as a cultural thing can actually does the probably is more respectful of different cultures and answer you get into debate about whether that means that I gets blocked or I thought was a great piece from one of the cartoonists in the observer of the guardians the Guardian actually he drew some of the pictures that you might find published in France and he and his text underneath was this offensive or not.

He when he was Hebrew Jewish looking cutting in 1930s Germany how you felt about this now now.

That's not to criticise.

What's going on in France it's nearly to say that as the our country is a different Outlook and therefore.

I think the press after Admiral customer after play the pub in London

Reminded us today on Twitter a year over a year ago Benjamin Netanyahu is depicted in a cartoon in the Sunday Times of kind of I mean.

Oh you have to have to seek out the cartoon for basically building a wall of victims of the Palestinian killed by Israel basically.

I need to put it in a caricature of now.

They made an official complaint the Israeli embassy Israel complaints about it, but not if you make official complaint about something what you're saying.

He's you want to stop doing that thing right helps.

He was at the front of that march in Paris just constantly basically everyone wants their freedom sweets, what they believe in and I DAB CD won't be doing speech what they don't believe that's that's my induction ok staying with the news from moment.

Let's talk about the election debates more pressure building on the prime minister to take part in the TV leadership debates which he wanted so much last time round igni said that they got a fixture at the calendar now suddenly.

He's he's not so sure how it all kicked off last week when Ofcom gave a preliminary ruling that UKIP can be considered a major party.

The Green Party can't have it despite the fact the greens have won a seat in a general election unlike UKIP at the p.m.

Then said he wouldn't take part without the greens broadcasters and other parties are chomping at the bit threatening to empty seat Cameron if he refuses to take part literally showing empty chair that happened with the broadcasters have an election debate without David Cameron I hope so, I may be right fun if they did it would expose his I think blatant cowardice uploaded as well, but having said that I don't understand that offer credit.

I try to figure it out their complex mathematics, but she's saying the greens have got to see only that the guy about the supporting about the same as a Lib Dems at the moment.

They took into account what they pulling the seats they've got this any other well, then don't get them two lines that you don't take issue with the fact that UKIP are allowed to be there cos you keep after all have won the last two by-elections and you're being alike.

I think I've been out for us.

They weren't I mean Steve is the issue actually that they let the Lib Dems in last time.

I'm actually you know would this have been better if we have had a presidential style head-to-head from the two men who are likely to be Prime Minister and then you wouldn't have this issue when people say about plaid Cymru what about the SNP excellent insight for Peace from Andrew rawnsley, who's in the chief? Mythical cross one of the Observer where to crack him.

He said the chance of this happening on between ordering zilch and he said that the whole reason this isn't having this time is because of last time and that's absolutely gonna happen.

What about Snowden but also therefore I know this? Over election rules broadcasting was whether you could then hold a debate without the the process is until until you see the rules that apply for giving everyone equal coverage, but the reason that he won't do this is because straight after the last election on election night according to a

Wilmslow Lord Ashcroft who as you may know it's very wealthy Tory benefactor and Sons all the polling was convinced that one of the reasons the Conservatives perform very badly was because they had the election Debate and that that had allowed play going to take some of the vote and that was a noted that then formed in the conservative party was basically said it was a big mistakes of done this and we're not doing it again.

Is it good televise? I mean you know you write about TV is it is it I've got you mean this last time round.

It was the first time and then when we got to the sky debate at the BBC debate had enough actually I was also the first.

I don't agree.

I can't take off of them even when they're quite boring.

That's fascinating to me.

I'm such a joy me there's something about them being boring that's actually intriguing and it's saying its own way and remember this was just the one where collect completely came into his own looking into the camera and wondering around and being all I am a normal colour guy fellow thing which I think that's solutely ended up with him being involved with government you know disastrously my opinion.

This is my policy.

I think that was remit mean I can remember now watching you and what it was like it at that was a kind of game changing his overthrows moment on that foot on the PC on that first debate.

I don't remember much are dissected make sure right but the presidential debate in America I mean I can't wait for the minute.

I'm really excited now.

Let me know who's taking part time any great event for me.

You know from the X Factor 2018 intrinsically fascinating Barack Obama being really boring Disney something incredibly.

Wasn't it half asleep famously in the first presidential debate last time and that was extraordinary to see and I think we should be as much a part of modern democracy as social media and everything else think that it's only a few months ago with the Scottish referendum and the engagement there was within that are most important amongst young people and I know that the vote was lowered to 16 for that, but most important with young people it seems incredible that in 2014 was still struggling to get this.

the thing game and as I said also cos I know the offer came in from the Guardian the Telegraph and maybe Yahoo are you try, who was the third partner put but to do a style of this online as well the fact that in 2015 were struggling still to get this going seems to me Bazaar in an era when sometimes voter turnout is not as high as we would wish and you know what we just been debating in terms of France this again goes right to the to the heart of the values of what a modern European democracy should be about ok right just before we had to the break January is the time of the year where radio stations often update their branding and as you can hear radio one is just on that Newsbeat imaging the media podcast spoke to its composer Dan Mumford about how he made it and life as a sound designer you think I am Dan Mumford I'm

Composer and sound designer what I just said on Friday one is the new new speed theme package so I basically composed the music for it.

This is the first time I've ever comparison you see the way they do it Radio 1 out of Pitch document online and anyone can have a stab at it so at that point you're just stabbing in the dark.

Just having a going down while staring out there.

I just assume that I wasn't going to get it.

It's unbelievably competitive now that everyone's got a laptop with GarageBand on it or whatever they are.

Just try and get in there.

There's loads of music libraries for YouTube only are online only and they've got thousands upon thousands of comparisons.

He think they're gonna make thousands of pounds, but it's just not going to happen.

I mean the money that way it just nothing it's pennies, but I think if you can colour stick to your guns n' go 4 bit.

Crosses and bigger contracts then you'll be fine.

I'll be ready or something somewhere in between the plate and logo and some sound design sometimes when you listen to something like eyes, I can be cheesy but they work for the network and I don't think too cheesy but they still wanted that kind of identifying sound so sort of strike a balance between sound design and music when you're making me sort of things a lot of them on musicians, so they don't speak in that said you just got to interpret what they want is definitely good for them to say they don't like it and they want things change because you know it always comes out of her that way that was Dan Mumford you can follow his work at Daniel Mumford body like a good radio jingle.

I mean it doesn't want me there when I change it.

I am a verse to change I have to say that I went Radio 5 live listen to Radio 5 live for 4 years since such as Radio 5 obsessively constantly you now after a lot as well, but if I'm not in a listen to it and when they changed fairly was it last year.

I think they change their music and kind of promoter of the station at the end of that which concerns Diane Abbott innosense percentage into paroxysms of anxiety cause it's really hard to promote this thing in the middle of it.

I've got to go that I was curious about it up.

Just about that used to it now.

You are creatures of habit.

I got a bit angry about the new magic wand Steven I quite like them, but I've just I've got used to sing it sing along our radio listen to Ashes of heat.

Sorry, I was your favourite bed of all time Steve oh my goodness.

Are you trying to make my favourite?

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Let's cover some other stories telephone BBC director-general Tony Hall speaking to staff on Wednesday about the impact of the General Election and charter annual on The Corporation he outline.

How everyone could become Ambassadors for the bead I spending every penny of the licence fee as if it were your own by speaking up for the BBC against those who would bring it down and in the most persuasive possible way by continuing to do the best and most creative work of your lives which sounds very good, but Steve the BBC of being a bit bland recently and actually clearly trying to play it safe for me on this is a huge.

Pastor who are churning out many many hours all the time of phenomenal content you might say that about a particular channel.

I don't I don't know whether you know maybe that sentiment comes from from from BBC ones current schedule or when you look at the Royal when you look at some of the stuff, they do because Radio 3 on radio for somebody online things that they're doing some things 1Xtra does you know tackling off and some very difficult subjects that they're trying to deliver to young people.

I'm not sure I always give us however.

I think some of the comments the DJ is trying to address.

I think of quite right and I needs about it.

It's wonderful it's refreshing to hear adz.

Saying these things because there's no doubt about it.

It hasn't always been an attitude that every penny trick beeping as if it's if it's your own and in some quarters.

There's probably still more that can be done so that's crucial without doubt over the

Last five years maybe the BBC has too often been on the back for and hasn't very good at getting on the front foot and another context for this.

Is is the blister line to being drawn in terms of charter annual and it was an election, when will we know the BBC will come in for a new charter renewal in an election year is an explosive package and standing up for the BBC being more robust.

I mean by do you think that is fair for the directions to say this because there is clearly in the Murdoch press in other places.

There is an agenda is an agenda to trying on see-through to get really good at the head of the BBC Weather is editorial in sharjah, BBC should absolutely be defending everything very robust and for me if there's been a lot for a long time the BBC it's been cowed by mainly tabloid attacks on it by absolute vested interest blame the best interest of course other Murdock papers who routinely flag of BBC any opportunity doing stuff.

They do all the time by the way and then the Daily Mail as a kind of weird and at what they're Jennifer just Theatre

Obsessed about how middle class and left a new TV series you wouldn't see a story on Newsnight about how many cabs male staff get we're going out there an and obsessively try to find ways of attacking the BBC on the most flimsy of basis, is is preposterous because buying large.

I think 95% of the time Sunday Times of its content it is brilliant and if we keep giving the BBC less money effectively cutting back then the dishes like the one that making the moment to go to BBC Two everything is a disgraceful stupid decision will be made well arguably one of the ways.

They waste money is buying formats like the voice and put them on Saturday night earlier.

So let's talk about the return of the boys.

Are you excited by to this mango and I know I am I mean I write in he quite a lot about these kind of shows obviously it's my job, but I've never been a fan of the voices format.

Weather like at people on Twitter saying to me all your ways like you love the X Factor to a new love Britain's Got Talent and you hate the BBC on right now.

I just don't really like I just don't think of voice format works.

I think the spinning chairs is the only interesting thing about it and when that goes in a few weeks time.

It's just a normal talent show and it's quite boring talent show and I don't care what they know the singers look like that and it doesn't produce stars and it's got a quite a boring lineup of coaches and it just fine just doesn't work as a former police shows always Barrett about me and I know they may not but when I've seen the voice that seems to me the big thing that's missing down this year on in 11 ounces to pick but used to steal does pretty well solidly week after weeks early enough for it to make a huge amount of money for a TV and a little Psycho on all the rest, but you get to know those people week.

The week not to have good or bad the singers are in the voice.

They don't really do that very well.

You just don't listen to be literally no one I know those who won it even people who like the voice don't remember Bailey who won it at what we must talk as well briefly about Stars in Their Eyes ITV brought it back on Saturday night with Harry Hill at the helm.

I love him because I think it's a celebration of ridiculous sa Knight television a lot of people tweet on Twitter felt differently boys, so I hadn't seen it because I said he didn't interesting ITV didn't put it just looks like most pretty much most shows are on TV on Estelle I've obviously so I just pre recorded ratio to credit to get to see them on their on their various systems in our usually on Annoying internet website which which pixelate in front of your eyes, but they didn't let us see stars in the right away every reason.

They must have been a bit worried about it.

It is Maverick I mean it is one of the weirdest most uncompromising pieces of comedy let's face it on iTV ever.

Alec completely makes fun of the former absolutely to Harry Hill vehicle now and I think so the response of thought I was outside lighting and Ireland.

I hated it sorted it.

I thought was fantastic loved it, but love Harry Hill and I just always amazing that he's got away with doing this very very edgy compromising comical famous like a satire on the format, but I think that's brilliant no stars in their eyes before my snot I said on Twitter is not clear that.

He's you know if you see it's very dodgy shiny floor to do with it as I'm concerned him before it went out but you know before Christmas and he said oh, I'm going to have fun with the format and I'm going to really you know I know I know I just gonna have fun with it and that whilst we do it.

You know it doesn't need to do poster primetime shiny fly TV show for any other reason than he wants to have fun and good on him and look good on ITV4 let me do it now.

I didn't do very well in up against the voice of escalate million writing off with in Harry Hill stars.

Go back three and a half I think but I'd much rather watch the customer Iceland the voice after sun TV expert.

What's your expectations you? Would you see it as being? Oh well, I think in this day and age unfortunately.

I think I missed I feel it's too edgy and two different ITV audience to be a big cat probably stay stable about 3 and r 4 million may be won The Voice goes down in MOT is it will after the spinning chairs go out as always plummets in the ratings ends up getting about like five and a half 6 million in the last stages.

Maybe stars and I will come to say it's only on for 6 weeks.

So I don't know if it's got time to build an audience and I wonder if ITV will be brave enough to stick with it.

Cos it is it's it's I think it might be too much for the mainstream audience ok well, talking of being bold this week Channel 4 release their long-awaited diversity guidelines for programme makers which covers on air Talent but also offer production staff which is a bit.

I find a little bit weird at Steve how do you reactivate it is what kind of Lenny Henry was on about wasn't it?

Making sure there are figures represented for BA ma and now also within channel 4 for sexuality as well.

This is the right way forward person after your long long overdue.

Don't forget this phone is on the Sky doing something similar about a year ago sky brought this in and if you make a show for Sky now one of the first things I want to knows exactly this and same onscreen and offscreen.

I want to know the production staff quota, is there and the reason why I think this is important as because I think across all of the creative Industries not the broadcasting but advertising and creative Industries there is definitely a problem which is the we are charged with creating content aimed at the community, but we don't reflect it within our own make-up and that's not because I think of actually lack of trying but it's clearly the things that are being attempted at the moment.

Just don't work and a lot of that probably goes back to interns.

Gibbs and relationships and teaching kids what you know how to behave in work in the workplace an aspiration knee aspiration is a really really big thing in terms of kids maybe from from some minority Communities not putting themselves for because they just don't think they can get in and part that is they don't see their peers or people they can relate to in roles both in front and behind the camera.

So that's why I that's my complete the support and I think it's very important because I think I have to agree with what Lenny Henry says that we got past the point now.

Where should have nice and initiatives are good enough with you doing that for 30 years and it's made very very little impact and I think now is the time to take it up again and actually start to really in a forced people to adopt greatest and I think the BBC to be doing the same even with sexuality though, because if your issue is that you know the best a disproportionate amount of white men working in the media that isn't the case for straight men is it let's be honest that mean they're a lot of gay people work in a metre reading need to quote you on that.

Why do you need to declare your sexuality to get a job?

Asexuality is more difficult on I must admit.

I'm not sure necessarily agree with with that because also you got some people who I don't you should be required him to the equator sexually for that.

You know that's a very private decision as to whether you feel is relevant to your not in the Works understand the sentiment behind it but when it comes to skin colour.

I think that's really really important and if you make telly programmes by the way do have a look at broadcast magazine this week.

They got a handy guide to what you need to know divided into program genre is a depending on what kind of show you work in everything you need to know that what you need to do is there let's talk about are you TV as well and reports in the media Guardian this week are looking to sell off their local radio stations Steve Paul Robinson predicted this might happen in our last programme.

What do you think it? Is that they want to sell it sadly? I I can completely understand why they want to do this and I say sadly because my career started at signal radio which is one of the local stations that they have their own but I think it's very difficult in the modern Media landscape to see what the places for hyperlocal stations.

Hyperlocal brands and that's what they got at the moment.

They got 30 or 14 local stations are a few of them share a brand but they don't really resonate be on the areas that they're in and radio has moved on and then maybe something like that.

I'm not sure I agree with in terms of Global Radio 2 pro 4 1 of things.

I think they've been absolutely right on is taking brands that can work across across the country by from a listener perspective and also obviously from from a sales perspective, so that's really I think was probably driving this and also you got to look at obviously at the success of talkSPORT which countries have the money into radio revenues this to me seems there a sensible move to make I think I think they might end up selling talksport2.

That's kind of the Jewel In The Crown isn't it? They might because that's an ongoing success and a good am I don't really like it.

I don't it's not my timer for five life because I could even when you're not only when I'm not on here but only.

The five live on that there's a healthy competition there.

I think I'm sure that someone would bite me about radio bathroom amazing run Leona radio station is like magic and here he would you going national now? You know that's the thing as Steve said the trend is to get more and more national Robin the opposite to go more local soul of these I think Bowers plan dinner is to make as much of their stuff completely national cross the worst possible be weird.

I don't see why they sell talkSPORT on your prediction Steve whoever buys these patients if they do crabs sale would probably turn them into brands that already exist another outlet for them because I noticed that the medium with predicting that some of the smaller local companies might come in to buy these stations and you know some of those companies are turning a profit and doing fine and will probably continue to do so for the near future, but I think when you're a major Media organisation like UTV I think you have a different strategy and I'm not sure there's really a place with very small local brands that you can't really develop online or elsewhere within their.

OK finally there is just time for the media quiz this week.

Yes correct this week entitled algorithms in this unnecessarily convoluted game.

I want you to be the Netflix of on-demand services suggesting the new story based on what I tell you.

I like OK play the next plane like Golden Balls ok the winner spends the night in di Hardy's Dorset chalet the loser spend the night with Ken Morley is question number one I'm an on-demand video service that likes Game of Thrones but not supermarkets.

What would you recommend for me as I'm used to be a little boy.

Yes, so Tesco is selling blinkbox to someone took took the right career for £5000000 not very much for him any of these competing the public are very.

Refused by the rule everyone I speak to you whenever I try to say so you can watch it on Blinkbox for NOW TV or wherever the hell.

It's a bit confusing there needs to be some kind of cancellation of them, but presumably that'll be a rebrand in a big box name will die and become part of talktalk's offering in the same way is BT you actually going to speak to you again and on-demand video service that likes bullets over Broadway Danny Hall but also going on in Ethiopia I give it a boy with a this is great as I your name.

My name is Steve everyday.

My name is my name is definitely Woody Allen making a TV series 12 18-month 30-minute episodes.

My mum got any ideas.

I don't know what I'm doing and I get aggressive I mean it's not a big name for network television name for the kind of people that subscribe to upmarket over-the-top services like Kevin Spacey was do I think it would I'm not saying to get them many viewers.

I'm just saying big storyline this isn't cook algorithms.

Have the kind of person who we want to attract the kind person search for Woody Allen films on our channel that was that was obviously what lay behind Kevin Spacey in House of Cards improving it works and it's supposed to say it's the right approach data.

You gonna use it ok now, because I've engineer the quiz this way.

This is the tie break their attention buzzing with your name.

I can't weekly your boy doing ok right.

I am an on-demand video service that likes Doctor Who Lisa and original house.

Romantic original House of Cards but I want them cheaper.

What do you recommend Boyd at is Netflix American Netflix yes because they are indisputably with the BBC about the American viewers me out of CBBC shows like the ones you mentioned and they're on the verge of saying we're not gonna we're gonna stop showing them getting rid of them for Baby by thing in the end.

They will come some deal.

It'll be fine to negotiations negotiation public though.

I mean why is everyone able to see what's going on behind the scenes between BBC and Emily negotiation in the States and I always thought it was just a British hype when when there was talk about how Doctor Who is broken American that and I thought that's probably be over excited about a show that really doesn't really have any impact in America and behold on walking through Universal Studios on my daughter's birthday at you know this is one of the major theme parks in Florida and there's a Doctor Who shop selling or a shop selling Dr huma.

Does the Doctor Who T-shirts and three separate people that trip Americans told me how much they love watching Doctor Who did someone about British drama and it won't accept that you know British drama now is more popular 15 years ago was all about Bristow now.

It's about you know Israeli drama.

Because of one or two series of been adapted and this angel is still mass of a Doctor Who and Sherlock as well another massive there on the cover of magazines there.

York Times magazine about the cover of their huge think it's fascinating that sound of agreement we end of this week and Boyd Hilton you are the winner of the quiz podcast as soon as it's ready by subscribing via our website but Media podcast also on Twitter at the media podcast or you can like our page on Facebook this week's episode dedicated to Dan Richards a sales better in the fortress Wapping now, Canary Wharf turning.

Print pounds into digital pennies since 1999 at Auntie Thomas Hale aspiring academic PhD student and weird Media junkie at thanks very much, so I've been Ollie man the producer Matt Hill until next time.

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