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Read this: #15 - RAJARS, Vice Media plans, Whisper scoop - The Media Podcast with Olly Mann

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#15 - RAJARS, Vice Media plans, Whisper …

Welcome to the media podcast by Molly map on today's show the quarterly radio ratings it in will crunch the numbers from the latest Rangers and tell you all you need to know about the state of UK radio voice hits 1 million subscribers on YouTube but as a company with profits expected at half a billion this year, are they really getting paid in likes will also discuss the Fallout from mipcom the background to the Guardians whisper speed and the table plan for guido Fawkes his 10th anniversary bash.

This is the media podcast sponsored by audiobook.

Johnny meet at the hospital club this week, are the meteorite in Maggie Brown and broadcast magazines news editor Jake kanter welcome to you both.

Lol glamorous.

We can get a drink one glass down listening.

So see if you can have been progressing through last week covering the radio festival you guys.

Cast went to cam going to tough choices.

I guess there are few commissions that caught my eye on it, Maybe you can talk us through them at first of all dating naked which is in the dark.

Do you remember that I do not working for a cameras? They don't naked and decide if they want to carry on their relationship.

It's currently airing on VH1 in America apparently.

There was some interest from UK broadcasters, but I'm going to watch this space to see if there is any reason not to get too crude but you did mention there be a fairly obvious.

I'm as to whether the man in that particular graduate wants carry on with that relationship, but anyway Battle Cats what's that Battle Cats I can exclusively reveal follows a group of eccentric cat owners as they put their pets against each other and extreme feline challenge is now quite well, that means I don't really know but given given.

How well can still on.

Cheap one can only imagine anyone about again table casters be lining up for this one.

You didn't flight to can but you have been in Newcastle today.

What was that like? What you doing to Charing the Arts TV forum a lot of really good people turned up to talk to delegates in the Northeast everybody's feeling a little bit sort of worried now especially the BBC there's also this rise of regionalism the fact that the northeast and that the Eastern side of the country actually has been neglected as Salford has taken all of the Sword of the goodies and Birmingham's coming up a bit too as in BBC 10 said there was that Alan Yentob I had to chair he did he did he been in New York and he been in New York at the weekend because he just setting up Jeff koons and various other things he had dinner with Mark Thompson Bolivar vino Alan is a great networking but yes he did come up and I conducted a 40-minute discussion with him about.

At the BBC's new arts initiative putting hearts up there with news and sport this part of that the Brand and then he he showed some clips from his recent imagines all the rest of it and tried to explain this dual role as creative director of the whole of the BBC if not just arts and also presenter of the imagine Strand and we then had a very very good discussion because for the first time I haven't heard before Phil Edgar Jones the new Directions Sky Arts was there he runs one and tuna and we had Richard Kline who runs perspective on ITV somebody from Channel 4.

I am really very interested to see if the BBC's arts initiative turns out to be a substance that was one of the things that was been discussed because at least we really don't know they've they've got a lot of sort of initiatives going on but it's not clear to me whether audiences and the reach more people coming into the Arts is actually happening to others because that's all.

Handing in wee-wee in media bubbles talk about this, but he's a public haven't got any increasing awareness of BBC arts BBC music.

Yeah, if you are a member of the J public if they knew about the BBC arts branded say no I mean is still in its infancy, but this isn't this is a bigger Shiva 24.

I mean he's that attached himself to this project very publicly I think they will be expectation for success.

I think if the BBC want to gain an understanding of what good arts program looks like it only needs to look at Channel 4 and Grayson Perry which launched this week and his new series who are you which was just fantastic and he has amazing way of connecting with an audience and I wouldn't be too surprised if the BBC Weather having a little look at Grayson and whether he might be able to do a bit of work for them Channel 4 had made him into a broadcasting stop one of the things that was discussed really though is whether it's that she can work in Prime Time slots at 21 not interestingly on Saturday night at they did actually.

Remembrance a very very good documentary by Simon Schama now that only got 900000 years.

I think that's quite good, but I'm not name dropping that but I actually also have been interviewing David Attenborough this week.

Can I find out that David Attenborough I have watched the same Rembrandt programme unforgotten definitely are houses in London before entry on the Sunday but he had made a very critical attack on both BBC2 Rembrandt was on BBC2 and also on the state of BBC arts and an documentaries remember.

This is the man who basically founded BBC2 and also commission civilization and so this program because made by the so-called team yeah, they asked him either culture imagine but it actually went out under the name rembrandts which makes me suspect to that.

They know that they got a problem with his anonymous sanding brands that you don't you're not really interested in the culture.

Show you interested in.

What is on that show so.

Be with you that they probably are having a lot of me thinks to make it a schism punch really to the ask ok move on from TV to radio with the tempting prospect of a shared Maggie Brown David Attenborough platform on beamly in the back of our minds are some stories from the world of the wireless first up my how quickly time flies it is the radars again the UK are both very excited about this all about the rise of the spinoff great response play heat radio, so he is up to nearly million listeners, and then steadily grown over last 80 months.

It's actually a really good listen Absolute 80s 1.4 million views 2:04 this radio station breakfast increase because it is since Absolute Radio done their special magical.

Project banana technology which means Chris O'Connell which is a fun entertaining breakfast show on the main station, are you cancelling on the spinoff? So 60s 70s 80s 90s noughties and classic rock but it gives you the right music 320 stations courage more switching, where is if you got the same sort of thing all the time you can keep those listeners longer had a really reaping the benefits of that.

I'm not great for Global Radio Heart London a think there is something about demographics and yeah, this is looking at July August and September big holiday time families listening radio station, so think probably a blip for them in the rest of the country were taking over lots of real radios recently actually do quite well and starting to really kind of put on audience and sort of an Iraqi naysayers saying how dare they take more local radio way from us evil globa?

Radio hey guess what turns people quite like heart play BBC 6 music as a good book nearly 2 million I really A1 Sportback a bit still over 10 million.

That's like a psychological report a number for them, but I was going to they're going to have to think about what they doing if they really want to try and drag days younger whilst also staying over 10 million a folder Media Maggie you are expressing some scepticism about the whole process that having a bit welcome this week.

They have the proms in the summer the last quarter heater has surprising so more people interested in classical music because there's some nice loud music going on from some top composers etc.


Radio 4 with has gone up a bit.

That's very nice Radio 6 Music is is continuing to play it's wonderful niece block story.

Additional am very pleased to that Radio 4 with holding its own despite in my opinion absolutely dreadful storylines in The Archers but I just grown really because actually literally nothing much changes.

I think there's one trend.

We might be able to Poole from here.

I think some very interesting comments from Ben Cooper the boss of radio on this week's radio ones audience was down to 0.5% to 10.6 million and he said that it's only part of the story now radiator for Radio 1.

They're considering launching an iPad channel.

They have a real presents on YouTube it be interesting to see whether the trust which is currently examining the proposal for Radio 1 online and that the iPlayer Channel whether it believes.

There is room for both Radio 1 and BBC Three iPlayer propositions, but can we all agree and we did discuss this last time the Raiders came around, but can we all agree the system is completely floored people writing in pen and paper Diaries what they've been listening to retrospectively that's enough.

I was going to say that but I thought that I would be a lone voice because it seems that the radio industry has no appetite for chain and while strolling through the night is London's number one overnight radio.

Thank you.

I just mention it in today because obviously it's the big story everyone's talking about losing all sorts of badgers in goodness knows what I'm wristwatches are none of it appears to have worked in the in a funny way the Bob system is at least trying to modernise using a certain amount of catch up from laptops and and and on them on the go medion tablet spectral.

It's a problem for everybody really.

What would I feel about rager? Is that it probably over the long-term dust capture trends, but I I I don't really trust it from one quarter to the neck does a captive brand awareness doesn't it was different as to what people actually listening to what they stick with radio some changes at the BBC

Caroline Raphael leaving Radio 4 after 30 years at the beeb as exactly was responsible for comedy shows at the station and its sister channel as well for extra Jake why do you think she's going well sadly? I think it's a symptom of the cutbacks in the in the BBC News division and radio as well consequently.

I think her job was reduced to a part-time role.

I'm not too close to this story, so I don't know whether that was there a direct cause and effect but that the report suggests that they did have some bearing on her decision to leave and I are you reading her credits extraordinary wealth of experience in comedy commission some fantastic shows launch the careers.

What help launch the careers of people like Miranda hey David Walliams Matt Lucas the BBC needs to make sure that has an eye on these things and continues to commission great comedy for radiator and Maggie Radio 4 listen to think they're

Are still you know as fresh as they need to be particularly at 6:30 when it comes to comedy.

I don't think I look from her point of view 30 years pension you get a good payoff and I bet you having a bit of producers lining up to tap you so I wouldn't have thought it's the end of the world for her.

She's actually you know maybe you should come up with some brilliant idea for an independent make a circle fortune.

What what should a new comedy commissioner actually be trying to do they do you think that because it seems to me you listen to Radio 4 the style of comedy that people are playing at particularly at 6:30 and it is it's a sort of version of what we had in the 80s.

Isn't it? Where as you know just look at what people listen to on the internet and it's different, I am a massive Radio 4 would go to the Barricades to ready for myself, but I have stop listening to the comedy and I don't know what the answer is really this week from Alan Davies a new controller of radio 3, what did he have to say?

She's interested in this because he was speaking to you.

So I haven't been I'm sorry to say this again in Gateshead he actually gave up like the fact that one of the issues that arose in his interview because he's stepping down as we all know chief executive of the Arts Council England and he's going to be the new controller Radio 3 one of the things.

He said was that there is there is a problem that the subsidy to London £40 ahead.

Is is much higher than elsewhere in the country and and the correction was underway with that it would take time for that.

You could not simply Blanc arts venues or try to sort of artificially create centres of excellence it took time but he mentioned that Gateshead is an example of over 14 years creating something really wonderful cousin as a whole it is a bit like the Southbank in London but he also said was that when he goes to Radio 3 the answer is not to dumb down but to wise up.

I don't know quite what that means.

But it doesn't mean I think that it's not going to be a copy of classic FM website that he's getting hard because I'm not exactly sure he's going to be running the Proms because it's rather intrinsic to the health of radio through that they do have a really strong from season and going back to our thing about BBC arts.

It's quite clear that there was an area, which they rather cocked up this the summer which was putting the new classical compositions online on this new BBC arts site and not on television.

I need to find that there was very poor take up because as it turns out the people like classical music do not naturally go online for the music the same next year there reinstating classical music that's being composed now and giving an earring out on television rather than hiding it away start the fans were.

Sex on a night like when he talks about rising up rather than coming down.

Do you think anyone's under threat from there? I mean if I was Petroc Trelawny hosting that kind of quite jolly classic FM rivalling breakfast show where they play 3 minute bursts of you know overtures.

Would you feel little bit worried you think I just say I'm probably not a problem tune into Radio 3 in and to be honest the Proms I just don't consider my thing either put the BBC could be doing more to engage with people like me and we see you are a philistine Jake but that's the issue.

Isn't it Maggie you know trying to renew listers means to an extent.

What some of the call radio through this is would think of his dumbing down.

It has been going on and on on because the classic Radio 3 listen has always been perceived office white male and pretty old and very very very sore prickly about the intake.

Sea of classical music and on that hangs there a lot of problems.

I I think Dave he was also saying actually that it was going to be more of a cultural network which is what it has to some extent evolved into one of the interesting things that radiator is Rodger I was involved in recently was this project with BBC3 where they got Fazer from N-Dubz involved and they trained up some people had to perform at one of the one of the Proms and it was her that was a Tupac BBC3 documentary and that helps that was issued by definition is the possibility of achieving more in the fast-paced world of digital advertising Oracle data cloud has built its Legacy on finding the signal through the noise on unlocking potential we bring together data and technology to help you better understand your audience where to best engage them and how to measure a tool to realise true potential Oracle data cloud where better outcome.

Begin visit Oracle data cloud., to learn more Bastille sets apart so we run out of shampoo listen for the clarity behind the headlines subscribe to the Financial Times visit passing I really engage with in terms of the Proms on the BBC and I thought it was it was a great except for way enter into that area I can hear a lot of those white my older listeners that I just talked about spitting out there coffee at the very idea of Fazer from N-Dubz radio news, but will have some more media news in brief next this episode of the media podcast is brought.

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Well welcome back kids we all know this is the podcast where you young thrusting types get your main news, but there is a young upstart called weiss and their YouTube channel hit 1 million subscribers this week.

They've been talking up there and visions for the future what you would with that cuddle number wouldn't Jake broadcaster at the screening of their latest documentary this week.

What have I got planned for the future? What are they talking about? Well? They're talking out a lot about giving more young independent filmmakers and opportunity this starting to engage with the production sector in the UK I mean.

They do a lot of stuff in house, but they are actively seeking ideas that they can put on their online channels.

Generally TV is quite fascinated by voice.

I think it's often mentioned in the same breath as Netflix and YouTube I think one of the interesting things.

They're doing at the moment.

It's actually starting to schedule their documentaries.

So they're actually put up on YouTube at 8.

Certain time on a certain day of the week and that could provide some really interesting lessons for BBC3 if it does indeed move online next year.

I think that's absolutely right.

I mean and postpay to be lie doesn't the young people on interested in politics on interested in use it just has to be packaged in a slightly different way was the person behind really all of the great recent current affairs shows that channel for the really really good appointment.

I I don't know how he was kind of squeezed out in the new J Hunt regime so I think it I think it's again one of these very good examples of new channels opening up a new ways of documentaries as not being that kind of so controlled by the commissioning editors that exist now but we're having a new patron if you like and a new way of reaching audiences.

It's great.

I like to present themselves.

Don't know understandably so as a kind of rock and roll and he had.

Sedatives been used but actually the co founder Shane Smith saying voice is going to make half a billion in profit this year possibly a billion next year maybe that's not coming from YouTube CPM is it that there is a big deal? I mean I don't all I know is that actually want her interested in the other sister as well as filmmakers are actually putting their efforts because the real world is as we know it but we're not very very interesting in Iraq this is almost like the 60s.

Everything is breaking up with got we've got Wars you.

Got terrible person as having a lot of these things almost like science fiction and the happening now.

Will you mention BBC3 Jake and the BBC Trust chair Rona fairhead appeared to say that moving BBC Three online only was a good idea at the house of commons Select Committee for cultural.

What what do you think of her performance? That was actually the one slip up in what was otherwise a very?

Polished performance I mean I have heard in last couple of days a few grumbles from within the trust that she went so far.

I think it does raise a few questions about what happens when they make the decision if they if they decide to back the BBC then the trust could be accused of this being a fait accompli right from the start and if they say no, then they could be accused of Performing are you chatting leave sentiment was David liddiment to who's carried out a lot of the reviews is about to leave the trust me.

I think he's been very sceptical about the plans to place BBC Three the other thing is that it's quite rightly the committee asked why has it taken so long between Tony halls announcement which actually delete had at the always had to be put at the end of March and now and you still haven't seen the formal proposals what's going on in the meantime BBC3 exists in this kind of limbo where you almost run down the commissioner.

And yet everybody sort of uncertain about what is going to happen next so it's a very very strange situation to be in and it shows as if if if Luna was thinking out loud it shows that possibly there isn't this degree of objectivity and separation on a big strategic decision like that that ought to exist between the BBC executive and the BBC Trust are quite separately I have been over the past few weeks writing an article about the BBC and Scotland and what is going to happen under any kind of new form of devolution and I have been trying to find out what those sites.

Think only to find that a nobody would talk to me about so we were in the pre-election Facebook secondly the statement that was finally provided by the trust was actually the statement that the BBC executive also agreed with so there is one over an issue like that.

What should be now done about BBC Scotland and it's service.

Switch again strikes me as very unsatisfactory to be honest with you, but there is a distinct difference of Interest between the executive and the trust and yet on big decisions YouTube review wonder really whether that separation is in place this clearly something wrong with the governance and that was I think was Sajid Javid didn't actually say anything very knew that he was clearly indicating that the BBC well.

I'm wearing an election.

Yeah, I know but the BBC should not take anything for granted now overdue.

The trustees of got a deathwish, they think that they're going to carry on and their jobs.

I think something along those lines very interesting the classic BBC defence which Bradshaw as a former culture secretary at 4 label was talking about was the value of the week's TNA 40p a day or whatever and Sajid Javid was having none of.

He was not here.

He would not countenance this idea that just because per day across x amount he said it's still £145.50 a year and for some families.

That's a lot and he just would not buy that classic BBC defence let alone over the whole thing of decriminalization so ABB season of area that is in a very sticky place rather than the decision ever BBC3 one thing I wanted to just just say I thought Ben Bradshaw just sticking with Ben actually briefly he made a really good point.

I thought and try to get some comment from the trust on it, but basically said it should be incumbent on the political parties to put their position on the BBC in their manifestos in them in their political manifestos, when it comes the election next year.

I think that's a brilliant point and I would like to see transparency from the political parties as to what their plans are for the BBC and that would probably let's going to work out better for the BBC when there's more than one to campaign on the basis, though.

How to reduce it are you have to be a man politician to decide that you're going to publicly cripple the BBC because the BBC is a hugely still is a hugely popular institution ok? Will a quick bit of news on that channel with all pay double BBC subscription to watch if we only we could Channel 5 they reached a deal with Ofcom regarding the terms of sale to viacom Jake what's change.


There's been an increase in the original content in prime time from 40% to 45% at having said that half the content in prime time on Channel 5 is original currently so it's already hitting that target.

There's there's a greater commitment in use so they're going to do with it, then then use hours going to go up from 260/280 year and this is really good news.

I mean this is a bike on a huge us media company coming in and saying we are backing UK content and that can only be good news.

He wants to take over I'll give you two sets of Incredible president of you know you can trust us Americans give us anything give us a crown jewels.

Will you be watching? Yes, I might do I mean I will turn down the Radio 3 on channel 5 news for example over the years and I know when I've been been judging awards has done a lot of stories that actually out of interest say to women and mothers at home because the news has been at 5 lots of quite good stuff.

So I think it's an opportunity waiting to be exploited for a social media app whisper was tracking users that thought they were messaging anonymously this was using their IP address to provide location data story raised a few eyebrows for another reason though the Guardian found all of this out when they're.

He went to meet whisper about a collaboration and then passed what they found out to the editorial side of the business joke.

This is an interesting ways to get a scoop.

Isn't it? Had to say the out the Guardian article which I've read in full isn't massively clear about whether there was then any sort of commercial relationship.

I think there was a commercial relationship that really muddy the waters and makes this look a bit suspect.

I think if it was purely an editorial partnership.

Whereby they were sharing information or yo journalistic know then perhaps it is it's a bit more acceptable in a bit more palatable.

I'm not entirely sure where I sit on this and I have to say the garden pieces and particularly transparent about the way it picked up this information to get Surrey down to like XI bar in the story to find out how it's cost if I may give you think actually though you have a responsibility as a journalist Steve even if you're going along for a commercial discussion if you discover something that you think is of interest of public interest to report it.

Of course, I'm just amaze everybody say naive to think that you think you're anonymous, but you're being tracked.

I always assume you are so I mean I don't know how to put it in there probably sound like an old and cynical but what do you expect very public Commitments though not to track me what you think is gonna make it harder they Maggie for the Guardian to find business partners.

You know this is out there gets shared.

It's on the internet forever the Guardian is right to be that has to protect its brand the word rightly matters just time for the media quiz this week.

It is entitled common ground at all this some people you just have to tell me what media story connects them as ever use your name to buzz in Cadbury's Creme Egg for the winner number one.

The Guardians dance ABBA Sky News Kay Burley Tory strategies Lynton Crosby old nose horrible horrible dinner from hell and you look at the guestlist, but they were there is extraordinary there, isn't it? Just how establishment they are as figures and there they are at their forces dinner who prefer to go out to dinner then maybe get home tonight as I don't know what is the use of property nice person.

I mean you know I wouldn't say I wouldn't go to a dinner but I'm pleased to hear you've got your ethical code imagine you are coming to the media podcast drinks later ok number to Quantum Leap Scott Bakula and quantum leaps Dean Stockwell

What connects those people I absolutely no connection is the NCIS New Orleans is the new programme? They're filming Stockwell will be reunited with that relate in a Thanksgiving special take on invoice I would explain what you mean by Brenda Lee greatest was exposed and Watergate the Watergate scandal shop the hold of the Reef the world really he died age 93 and yeah everybody but Obama has already given him mum and honour but everybody Express gave gave tributes.

Proper journalist who oversaw proper stories and in an age of fast news and clickbait I think would do well to remember his Legacy was he did two sources on the story.

That's the key thing so although there was the deep throat and this is it is very interesting in in the film with that All the President's Men he always drove the two quite young reporters remember to investigate.

It wasn't good enough to just have one if for example you knew that Howard Hunt very early on had been paying all there was an involvement is so get the extra information.

It was follow the money if you remember because the money has basically come from the white house, so that was why he was such and he was a really tough tough experienced editor the taking a huge gamble but it was these two sources.

I'll tell you both got that Rise jq.

Did buzzing but then mate got the answer First we've got a tie break but I think in conclusion.

I think I prefer.

Jake's tribute to the man, I'm sorry if it was more succinct and have you got any other questions? I think you're winning the curry many people go on 4ut how about Jon Snow Philip Davies and Krishnan guru-murthy was having a tour of The Newsroom and Jon Snow started to have a go at him because he's criticises to defend his his co-presenter this mean what connects people that what connector Michael Coleman and Mark Parker talk about cars that both crowdfunding the show so big thanks to them the episode is dedicated to you Michael, not working in Canadian telly is usually lost somewhere in the Rockies and also Mark Parker thank you for your money to you are a

Alma announcer at Euston Station thanks, even to Maggie Brown and TJ can to thank you very much chaps.

We will be back in two weeks time remember to get the episodes straight away by subscribing at the media podcast., I've been all around the producer is Matt Hill until next time bye bye.

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