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Read this: #14 - Radio Festival 2014 SPECIAL - The Media Podcast with John Plunkett

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#14 - Radio Festival 2014 SPECIAL - The …

Hello, I'm your guest house John plunkett where live at the radio Festival 2014 from Salford Media City UK well, actually is The Lowry the theatre opposite Salford Media City UK all the news gossip and scandal scandal for the annual event in the company of radio programme makers and podcast as a like plus as broadcast has unveiled their plans for the party leader debates we asked do they really need Nigel Farage this is the media podcast sponsored by Audio Bullys today in the belly of The Lowry centre of the broadcaster and podcast.

Helen zaltzman.

Hi John the managing director of content companies something else Mr Steve Ackerman hi John and making a pumpkin debut media policy broadcaster Emma Barnett and start I hear them out of the new 5 Live radio show the finalists.

Calm down.

Are we gonna have what the hell is it Sunday evening slackware pips because we're working with a group of amazing sort of data scientist from for university to come up with a very clever algorithm to measure the top 40 news stories that have been shared interacted with and clicks on basically over the last week seven the chart will update the whole time up until the program and what's interesting is it's the first so the UK news radio chart like that because it's got echoes of the top 40 of the music element of which is obviously very popular, but it's what type what I'm really excited about is that offer and when I say my LBC show on a Sunday guests in and we decide what was important that date the listeners should care about what I love about.

This is this is actually what the listeners already said they care about them already voted with their feet so it's kind of news for the people by the people it sounds like you're selling it but I promise it's not want to be.

What are the sex and funny cats don't worry is that the big stories are in there? Because we've got a remember the UK filter gets put on so when the UK filter wasn't on.

There was so much about Justin Bieber in various americanisms that we just don't really care about what I love is a UK filter goes on your see all the political stories mixed in there with some and batshit crazy stuff alright, Welwyn Steve Emma are you know where to start but one of the highlights of the Year the festival so far.

I haven't happened year at time of Talking Tom I'm really looking forward to seeing Kirsty Young talking about herself because that doesn't happen very often does it cost router Steve part from taking partners podcast but I'm also my heart but I am looking forward to Sir John Hegarty from bbh because his creative genius and I think default wasn't very good things to say on the management front and the other one is Vice I really want to hear what they have to say you are contraction obliged to have a heart.

I promise you a good as well as seeing John Humphrys yesterday in conversation with Nicky Campbell because I haven't seen physically seen Humphries was so long it seems and I hear every morning on Today programme Anarchy on the breakfast programme and hearing the how they approached political interviews in the run-up to the general election was really good plus lots of regrets about the questions that they wish they'd ask people and I could do impressions of Gordon Brown it's a bit like the trip.

I know your lecture which is where we start the podcast its fourth year and the 10th anniversary the broadcasters death the guests was widely trailed it was of course a great man the lead singer of The Stooges miss tiggy but I got all these records.

I've got one of those records.

It's a Trainspotting soundtrack so were alright.

I'm not that cool.


He was here to discuss the relationship between capitalism and music let's hear a clip but now.

Everybody is a bootlegger and not so cute as before and there are people out there.

Just stealing stuff and say don't try to force me to pay and very active thieving will become a habit and that's bad for everything so we are exchanging the corporate report for the public one a Dude by powers.

minor computer boots

They just want to get rich and Powerful now the biggest bands charging insane ticket prices are giving away music before it can flap in an effort to stay huge and there is something in this huge thing that kind of sucks that's Mr rock and I'm sorry Mr jazz and soul music known as Mr pop speaking in Salford on Monday evening or first of all he was someone who just had incredible stage presence and so it supposed to be in a lecture and he started by standing on a lectern but what age did was just wondering over place right in the face of the audience of one point which is just a riffic actually that in itself.

Just really brings alive the thing but you know what that's what I really took a couple of things with some fantastic thought about creativity and obviously you.

I think about the need to give it freedom to decide of Rome and to experiment and to learn your craft and he did talk a lot about the fireworks in a record shop Leigh listen to all sorts of stuff and he learnt his craft by just listening to lots of different things and when you reply that I suppose you know in a radio environment or or creating environment.

It is the same the same lesson coming through and Emma had a few people in this science.

He had to get record executives for ripping them off.

He had to get the public for downloading stuff for free and had a go at you too.

Which is always be the support of the day for that for their tired with apple and I'm forcing their album on people with their you wanted it or not strange thing what you too Dad wasn't are you know it's the idea that imagine back in the day when we all used CDs and tapes that are record executive from Apple marched into your living room and put something in there and just left so good for honey.

May got UTI mean.

You can have a go in for a range of reasons, but I think that's the popular on at the moment and I think I'm only bus in the world who who can't find that U2 album on his own desire to do or have I spent a while looking for?

They've seen my Genesis collection sleep as I say he had to go a lot of people in particularly.

You know Pirates and downloading stuff for free but at the same time you said but had not been like the kids too much.

You know that they they can't afford to watch his crappy movies you know so didn't didn't want to say you know what I mean.

What does it need to hang together? I mean pkp provoke some interesting thought and I see the point he made about sort of downloading movies and stuff was he said look it is the equivalent of of of the mediaeval being shipped off to Australia for stealing a pie which one are you coming? I see you know what in how many they said you got hard-working people working hard all day and I can't afford anything and they ripping a bit musical for free just to chill out in the evening is that such a bad thing obviously this deviation around around this question is no one seems to have answers on how do artists then make money or up-and-coming artists and even he didn't necessarily have the answer apart from saying by giving my stuff out for 3RB

How to diversify and get income from other places like my adverts or or like you know my music being used on film scores but I thought he provoke some really interesting questions and I really like that thought that he said there and he also Emma Watchers BBC ones Countryfile who knew it what is top on down watching Countryfile it's a great mentor limit in common with Iggy Pop and if you missed it.

I know that you can find it on the BBC's all-encompassing world country iPlayer and it's also going to be on BBC for this Sunday with pictures included next up from The Godfather of punk to the Godfather of the word.

Not sure when he preps your till meathead veysey.

He was here on Tuesday morning is the Minister for culture communications and creative Industries as if you didn't know to give the government stake on the radio industry Emma before we get to the that the serious Duffy picked up a new Show on five.

I can honestly voucher your had nothing to do with that but I'm very very happy that ever is excited and got everyone else excitedly told you was Dumbledore audience already said you show on BBC I double George's and then I said I owe you a pint and he said fine because he likes him him and Farage that would be a great comeback.

No, it's not the biggest for the first sight but then we can include aim at some point during move on so Steve yeah.

Yeah, whatever he had to say what what the headlines.

What's the headline? Well? I'm not sure I did hear what he had to say.

I'm in his fantastic buddy.

He was here you what you want that the minister herein and that is excellent but I tell you what you had to say that I just didn't I just didn't really hear many head lice when I heard ok licences are going to roll over and love licence is gonna roll over in the event of digital not happening.

We're gonna have switched off when he started to talk about DAB switchover.

Cos I

Can't believe we're still talking about this in 2014.

He was not to mention again.

I couldn't must have the same excitement he's got for the fatties convenia digital dashboards summit which is to look at how those how in car listening will will work so it felt to me like he was up here and yet unfortunately those around him had already given him anything meaty in which he could we know which you can an ounce of all challenges you can provide the audience with what does it mean that they did was with digital I think they said world everyone's going to listen on digital pretty soon.

So you guys that's classic FM absolute talkSPORT had licence extensions is not worth going through the hassle of an auction process any more money.

Is that what it's right right? I killed Mackenzie got the hump and sitting in a minute.

I want to be for this so talkSPORT whatever and it no you can't it's all going to be digitalpoint soon now.

Just happened to do.

Roll the movie again the what happened how long for who knows until this to happen that until you know again and again in the future then it will it be a state of constant roll over and how angry is Kelvin Mackenzie going to want it could have made the same speech 5 years ago and it would have seemed a little bit didn't seem to me.

I was missing things were you know where is the real conversation about multi-platform and and how I know how you can help the radio industry to join up there.

What are you doing generally for the creative Industries and particularly the push for diversity.

That is so sat sadly lacking because you know we're not that a critical mass for yet another conversation around the platform is so not interesting to the listeners all the created that it's kind of very difficult for anyone to feel that engaged by.

This particular topic despite its importance of despite Kelvin Mackenzie being angry at that moment it was my birthday to 2 weeks ago Joseph speaker listening to the radio through the internet on with beautiful crystal Chris and it's far superior to a DAB radio on my lovely Sonos speaker will you know some of my point really being that the audience would dictate where you go with these things you don't need to set days because actually this so many other devices and ways of listening now occurring that we passed that moment when it's either FM or DAB it's a superfluous debate now audio.

What no.

That's not the villagers not dead.

I'm in his got its place of course.

It's important.

It's got its place, but not one of the other.

Do anything by the internet which are the podcast infuriates me quite a lot or a lot of people in the radio industry wrong if you will the four major British broadcasters sky BBC iTV and Channel 4 propose a series of televised debates in the run-up to the general election in 2015 but there in hot water already has one of the debates would include Nigel Farage of UKIP but not one of the other small part is the grains we will have the green thing getting a seat at my local council Albans though despite my vote a secret ballot.

Don't tell them not only that it ignores the joint proposal laid out by the Telegraph the Guardian and YouTube that is a Corsa a more of an internet-based debate so two things there Emma will you take at one of them first of all the greenest you say yes, it's being opened up for Nigel Farage it kind of it.

I understand why the greens want to take essentially everybody to court about this.

I mean it's quite interesting if you going to open it up beyond the what are the three major political party.

Aibotix only got one MP possibly to Mark reckless gets in you know it is opening the Floodgates and I think I can understand why Natalie's in that position of the Green Party wants to do that as what you do know Farage your or authorise the greens but then isn't it? Isn't it son of a bottomless pit of politicians want a terrible is that is, where does it do it later get a dog fleas like on imagine like people being gladiators mod naked nurses.

Are you serious or later? Ok? I know what is going to say was I don't think I should be saying that yesterday just because he's apparently the most high-profile politician in the land.

I just don't see him as one of the three contenders in that way because of the amount of MPs he has in Westminster ok.

They're playing on Monday was no greens but also no room in.

Pay for this idea that for by Telegraph Garden YouTube for a for an internet-based play which angel you'd imagine whole separate digital angle to the first incredible at time potential by definition is the possibility of achieving more in the fast-paced world of digital advertising Oracle data cloud has built its Legacy on finding the signal through the noise on unlocking potential we bring together data and technology to help you better understand your audience where to best engage them and how to measure a tool to realise true potential Oracle data cloud web better outcomes begin visit Oracle data cloud., to learn more from mobile car washes in gin distillers to marketing experts in good company is a new podcast from BT about small and medium businesses who dared to do more with digital in this episode.

We found out how businesses can respond to customers in out always on world and use technology to put their service on a par with a big Play

Sesame chat with a slice of tech posted by Me cake Russell listen to Day by searching in good company from BT in your podcast app, when is so much conversation about the population being disengaged from politics and when we know that the numbers of youth audiences are in a highly skewed towards online it just seems incredible that has politicians.

You wouldn't have the foresight to understand.

I don't I don't really understand the downside of Wight why you wouldn't want to do that.

They're all going on Mumsnet and debates on men that that was nearly 5 years ago and I was different audience why why is this not just automatic now so different if it was internet first you know you'd have kind of streams of information moving around it.

It would be marketed in a different way will be targeted in a different way and and it is just different to the linear TV experience which is why you know I hope we could do something like that last week in my Telegraph us on and I'll see John

From the body and you know I think they would be fools not to look at that proposal more carefully and also who's going to be presenting all these things on television as far as I can see it's just going to be a load of blokes talking to a load of blokes like maybe get some women involved if you get on the internet.

Have you got a nice one that you haven't a bird is going to introduce the the proposed channel for Sky News debate for that was to be anchored by Jeremy Paxman introduced xkr things great and she's obviously a familiar face on TV but when are we going to move beyond women being the sort of eye-candy and the the warm-up act rather than the actual interview this incredible isn't it? It's going to be the catchphrase of This podcast but it is 2014 and we're still struggling to get one woman on a on a debate of leaders when this is it this is ridiculous.

What your the internet you should invade this at the labour backbencher Tom Watson was here at the festival and I caught up with him on Monday evening to get his view of us.

It was very

Gold at the broadcasters obviously given up on the government in defining their own dictate terms and essentially saying you can turn up if you want.

I think there's a couple of things missing from their offer first is there just appeared to be a slot for the green switch your eyes are broadly broadly the same density of representation and so you could I think there's a Fantasy XIII-2 then secondly they seem to forget that the internet exists and there is a beard in to make sure that you we can live streaming allow personal wonderful world of the internet a player roles in media organisations and YouTuber come together to think that probably need to dress up as well, but this is a step forward and hopefully the leaders will realise that they know they can't hide from this they've got you know they made him so successful in 2010 and I've got to do in 2015 is that I guess the garden Telegraph and others isn't that the internet on ITV iPlayer

But I just think it's an innovative offer and the one thing about doing it online if you are there a new forms of Engagement involving online Communities I think this just to have Richard debate to be had when you've got an online debate that on top of straight linear or nonlinear TV so the others a younger audience is more networked audience and it's all the people who follow Question Time on Twitter and then bother turning on the BBC need a look in the selection as well remind you doing Cameron and Clegg not these proposals into the long grass.

I don't know what was her little bit of toe to Toe going on at the moment.

I mean you know if it was me I put the seats down and tell them not to come and get it.

I don't know whether the broadcasters will have a bottle to do that ultimately should do I mean that you should allow prime minister in the United Kingdom to run away from holding himself to a cat.

I mean it's just eat you know the telly televisions been with this phone ever.

And hopefully half a century Palestine politics Scotland was that you I didn't BBC dinner being lazy eyes by the lack of what do you mean by that premium content providers to Dublin by the way at the front of the broadband pipe, so that lots of innovators and content providers solucao, can't get to market.

What's the best way to the BBC should use licence payers money should they try and buy that premium access from the ISPs and swelling in you know for the first time being purchases or should they become an ISP and ISP of last Resort protect you let net neutrality and to guarantee that it can reach its charter applications which is universal access to Critical to its contacts and my view.

It is if we if we allow realise some of these big copyright holders to sort of get hold of ISP ISPs in a way that means of their their their first in the Cure the time that might be.

BBC solution quite radical deserves an earring and further debate, I think you know the way to do that would be in the chance of negotiation in the run-up to 2016 and you said that the BBC might consider swapping Radio 3 with 6 Music adding points are the 6 million largest get a bigger audiences by not being on FML analogue at all what I should seriously consider that I mean no 6 Music is a huge success story for the BBC you know they try to close it down and it's already doubled since since that day and if there's no got more listeners digital radio 3 years.

Got digitally and over the FM network coding radio threes got about 300000 listeners.


You know on those terms 6 Music should be knocking at the door for that FM that offends lots and they don't even bigger audience that there are a lot of discerning music can this is out there? They were very powerful brand in a very strong offer and the only way they going to expand his getting an FM and fxr.

I think it's way to BBC considering do I just make him miss you know but it does Strike mean if the Radio 3 audience continues to diminish 6 Music continue to grow its audience then you know the BBC should really consider the yellow after rushing ofmdfm slots it must be you must they must put it on the agenda of them when I was with public service argument in favour of BBC Radio 3 in the vet that no one else does that include eraser BBC3 but I'm saying it is because it is becoming a leash station and Lee stations can be provided digitally and over the net so you haven't got in-car DAB yet as one surmising a job.

I haven't yet.

I haven't got a car hello.

This is producing Matt butting in to say that this episode.

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That'd be squarespace if you need a place to Showcase your photography or show real or archive that'd be squarespace.

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We were talking about women before the break and well.

It says if it's an issue in the election debates is also an issue still on Radio 2 where the controller and master of all radio Bob shennan.

Said that is bound to come a day when yes, there will be a woman presenter on Radio 2 daytime, but didn't say when or who or whose going to make a room.

What would you guys make that you know this is it to the great disgrace although? They are very very popular then the daytime all-male lineup and Radio 2 so should be given a break.

I feel like I stand over to Steve to do his catchphrase this 2014 by the acting like this.

Is there still a bit of a novelty because you hear people covering for some of those main nai Jane Garvey is brilliant in Jeremy Vine slot.

I know people of Jeremy by Mrs fantastic.

I don't think the listeners would go away most of this is a female to Radio 2 daytime.

Why is it so extraordinary? Is it is it better though that they just dump in some women co-host that don't get to do anything that probably wouldn't be better.

I'm gonna say something slightly controversial hit the alarm.

I agree.

Obviously I'm not falling out all day every day.

Is is is what women think about things and and where they are what they doing, but I did think it was very hard.

You know this is kind of quota.

Idea when it was announced that you know we're going to just make sure there are lots more women on our went when Lord Hall said that because at the end of the day also viewed these these blokes a lot of them have wives have families have people to support you not lots of chess pieces.

You just move in and out here.

We we all know radios a really amazing gig if you get a show you don't move off it for a long time and if you're popular I don't know if we should be well.

It seems crazy and it's a hangover and I want to see more women I also just want to say I don't think men should lose their jobs.

Just because we need more women men who are good broadcasters and that's also what's its take care, but it does seem that when they put people into new slots.

They are still men Chris Evans and Simon moving relatively recent hires because obviously people do stay at Radio 2 through many decades as possible as what I'm said that's that's the very first point.

That's a good point but all I'm actually saying is the people have been there for a long time.

I'm not comfortable being in a chorus of people even though you know an ardent feminist a strident feminist just saying you should lose your job when they were good wil Costa

12V only station that has very few women on the line up and I think with quotas they should not make those public they should just be very attentive to it in the hiring process, but not tell people that's what they're doing the diversity element of this you know it's not just about gender.

It's also about background and it's what people come from you know I do think we sometimes they say it again with a little bit obsessed with gender and don't talk about the diversity elements of this both of those areas are wrapped up in the same thing on their which is really about for the creative industry as a whole you need to reflect the society that you're living in and the issue.

We have not just Radio 2 but 1404 radio TV advertising is that these mediums do not tend to reflect at the moment the society which the UK is and that's both the male female split and also the diversity issue.

Face and background and class and all of that affect everybody women trying to get into radio.

Would you even try or would you just think what is the point of me trying to plan that covers that's what I'm trying to say to you though.

Let's look at the stream of women are in the closed position potentially for those jobs.

Are they think they are which is Which is controversial in itself as soon as she's got a bit grumpy about this is the lack of opportunity and is particularly in a daytime schedule where they're all made in an in-house what you make that college is now his going to be speaking about this at the at the festival on behalf of read the radio independents group, so I don't want to preempt too much.

What is going to say but I but I will pick up on 1 watt 1 inch things that which is just like TV at the BBC is introduced to a walk for radio the window with greater competition.

They caught it which is basically slots that can be computed for between India and in-house and about 80%

Of those slots have been won by Indies pretty similar story on TV as well the vast majority been won by TV Indies and the reason that's relevant is because really what's an interest as the licence fee payer.

Can you save money and can you drop the best creative ideas wherever they come from and therefore Hindus are coming up with the best creative ideas and because they are obviously a private companies you can assume.

They probably run more efficiently by default so therefore.

Can you make savings if you can take both those boxes then? I think the question has to be why won't you want to do that in terms of the licence fee payer and they're interest ok? And we shouldn't leave that till about podcasting Helen Vanessa about this of the festival nipple piercing.

It's apparently.

Old happened yeah, I think are they still everything's play for I personally think this is a very good time to be podcast because suddenly there's a lot more interesting if people saying I'll pop Castings back never went away as far as I can see it's been growing steadily the whole time.

I've been doing it's nearly 8 years the audience been growing when it's been growing.

It's not like it went down at some point and then has made a comeback.

It's just suddenly now.

There's a lot more money in it which makes people more interested in it, but a lot of the interest is coming from abroad rather than in Britain I really wish that not the audio industry in Britain would give a shit about it.

That would be really nice.

So it is ok, Stewart too many commercial radio stations, are they make the most of podcast or is it is really the growth of impulse motor independent you know away from the mainstream my Amazon has just announced that they are going to be funding significant commissioning and so when you think that's going to be in the online space and therefore the overlap that can have with with traditional podcast app my open the doors to.

Whole new world of the podcast is actually getting decent funding for their for their programming.

We've been asked to make a podcast for them since 2010 funny inbetweeners movie Applebee Steve Emma Helen thank you very much.

Thank you.

Thank you.

That's it for today.

No quiz this week.

Why you got plenty of other stuff come on no complaints this week's episode is dedicated to Kate Lockley and Irish expat living in Melbourne who is trying to keep up to date with a British media and to Phil Maguire chief executive of the multi-award-winning prison radio association and pri Productions don't forget you get the podcast as soon as it's ready by subscribing via the website the media podcast my name is John plunkett and the producer is Matt Hill until only man's back with you next time goodbye.

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