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Read this: #13 - Viacom invests in C5 / MIPCOM preview - The Media Podcast with Olly Mann

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#13 - Viacom invests in C5 / MIPCOM prev…

Welcome to the media podcast I'm early man on today's show via, investing in the UK with their recent purchase of Channel 5 but will more money and closer ties with the US help build confidence at the broadcaster.

Sky News may face a difficult Ofcom enquiry into the death of Brenda Leyland we asked what are the rights and wrongs of doorstep across the Telegraph restructures to compete online online video viewing leads to an upswing in AD revenues and we preview the upcoming radio festival and milk, this is the media podcast sponsored by audioboom well after months of searching our quest, is it an end I am sitting on a velvet bonkette at the hospital club where we are going to be recording for the foreseeable future we are joined today by the media commentator extraordinary Liz Howell director of broadcasting at City University London and Paul Robinson managing director of creative Partners and

Longtime contributor to This podcast welcome both nice to be here on the way which is the main thing where you both able to identify all 27 artists on the BBC version of God Only Knows absolutely huge Beach Boys fan.

I've got other albums on vinyl and CD and download them and so I thought was a great choice of song actually really clever initiative as a shame they didn't bring all of the BBC networks together.

Just some of them, but I didn't notice it was radio and the networks that I didn't get it actually I can see what you're saying about it being a great addition if it's not very different for when they did a perfect day remember when they do a perfect I was quite enjoy the rest of that thing as you know everyone in the video.

It's not you know.

It's not new but I think I think this is this is Tony Hall trying to put a label on BBC music and the reality is that the BBC does have a tremendous range of music across it out but not pre-recorded need to go see everything from Glastonbury to the BBC Proms but I'm not sure whether listeners viewers so that she understands what BBC News totally agree and I get a little bit sick of this order monotonous branding across everything it's it's sometimes.

It's good to have lots of different things going on in her and different brands and different areas of the forest and it's a bit like I'm in the controversy over BBC news now.

Which is everything is got to be the same look the same and actually news is different from different perspectives.

I think it's good to be celebrating diversity is true that you know you the BBC probably is the premiere broadcast of a range of music can I get part of this is not about the the listener with you? It's actually about the mice lacking renegotiation.

I don't blame Tony Hawk

Call France Ligue wanted to say we want to really put a label on this and point out all the good things.

We do well.

I do I thought it was the most horrible self-indulgent Mike I thought brilliant they going to make money for charity buying it for Children in Need why didn't they branded with Children in Need at the end, then the public would understand why it was happening and you'll be implicitly crediting BBC with something amazing do the public care about BBC music a commercial branding orgasm use I don't think it was the perfect day.

I think we have to Emma I think we have we shouldn't the podcast there, but unfortunately we've got some other media stories to discuss.

Let's talk about the new owner of Channel 5 viacom they promise to increase the budget of Channel 5 no specifics as yet on the amount of casual actually see on screen, but one visible change coming soon.

Is that the US channel spike cannonvale skewing channel isn't.

He's going to have it to UK cousin spike UK featuring imported content but also repeats from Channel 5 what we know about spike in the US well spike in the US does very well.

It is so nice.

She said she is where they put all of their sort of Shar Pei commissions remember if I come across have a whole range of Brands they got Nickelodeon a good Comedy Central LIVE got MTV under Richard Desmond Channel 5 was turned from being a loss-making channel into a profitable channel and I think most of us didn't really noticed too much of a difference there more concerned about whether Celebrity Big Brother is on or not if you want to remove Channel 5 from where it is to be a more major player in may be ultimately compete with ITV you've got to invest in more content at 300 million.

You are stuck at a channel with a single figure percentage share which is not going to shift.

So this is going to be if they swell around what the age is now 10% 20% That's not going to make a seismic difference if they want to really compete with the big boys.

They would have put another 200 3.

100 million in and that's the big question will they do that a little bit vague on whether this may or may not include another series of Big Brother I mean that's ridiculous.

Isn't it? Of course there is the biggest shadow, what is really missed you to me about what's going on at the moment is the way that the Channel 4 share is going down in the Channel 5 show is going up practically neck and neck at the moment round about the 4% which isn't it be held on this story.

I'll cocktails are here.

So I please go ahead so we got I've got the Virgin Mary the Adnams is the producer Matt a bit birds that for Paul Robinson and what have you would have you got this impressive? Holy man knows exactly which drinks are going to which person has not very impressive as host Channel 4 though this because I think the problem with Channel 4 without to get off the story is that all of the other brands E4 MORE4 they have a much stronger identity than Channel 4 now.

So those brands are doing well.

If you look at the collective Channel 4 ratings little pretty strong, but the core channel channel 4 is going down.

Think because actually don't really what channel 4 stands for now and you would think with its remit the Channel 4 would do very well in fact Channel 4 News just very well with the rest of Channel 4 is really poor for ethnic minority participants and one of the reason is the disorder programming they run is Henderson property chosen things that you're in your old furniture or your house whatever I love them, but that's not what channel was about and it has I can't very definitely lost its way lost its identity.

X 5 is actually doing quite well, and it's very Focus it's very clear what you getting food doesn't Hughes range, but it does work as well and I'll tell you something when you actually measure current affairs contacting.

It's quite difficult to find a definition of current affairs, but if you use as a classic Wikipedia definition of current affairs as analysis of the news this as much current affairs on Channel 5 as there is on Channel 4.

And when you say about Channel 5 playing to their strengths knowing what they do I mean that is something that viacom do very well.

Isn't it with all of their different brands.

You know what Comedy Central is you know what Nickelodeon is you know whatever TV is you think they're going to help Channel 5 even Accelerate that's why, very good as you said identifying a target audience and then super serving its inadequacies right in terms of the audience is also write commercially because they can then use that target either carriage fees in the case of pay TV channels or advertising in the case of 320.

I think they will have a much sharper Focus the question to me which direction they're going to go.

What are they going to do if I come of course haven't got a huge amount of content that can actually important put on that they can have to buy from other third parties my Disney Warner and so on that's going to give something to what extent they're quiet as of the Hollywood Studios it could be very interesting but just a word of warning.

It's traditional I think in the UK that channels which have only us imports.

Do not do as well as channels with a very big slab of UK material as well.

So perhaps fire come with put some of their money into local.

I'm going production.

I don't know if I was there.

I'd look at BBC Three and how Family Guy is consistently the most popular thing on there and I put South Park on Channel 5.

That's what I do take it on Comedy central's the BBC's putting BBC Three online That timing isn't it? I noticed as well.

Bye, opening a Nickelodeon store in Leicester Square did you see that yes, they are there first yeah? Yeah.

Yeah, we need a capital cafe used to be so you can finally order and Iain Dale hot dog but they won't do I think SpongeBob SquarePants me and I'll make find companions ok, said they've received over 60 complaints about Sky News is report on Brenda Leyland who was found dead last weekend's last week the channel has sent a reporter Martin Brunt to a house as part of a story about internet trolling she was accused in the televised report of sending anonymous abuse to the parents of missing daughter Madeleine McCann at least I have released a statement saying they were saddened by the news.

What do you make of what's happened in their role within all this abuse that they get because when they appear on television and radio.

They get more reviews usually that than men of their men to can be the victim of these people had the confusion news about the nature of Trolling and what actually is trying I myself off.

I'd really file emails from people have to appearing on the Today programme that I don't know where that should surprise me, but it did not even a single Brenda Lynn and was Patrol as such he didn't go in for the absolutely file appears that the difficulty here is the nature of the internet and of defamation if you say in a public sphere something about someone which is not true and which you can't prove then you're defaming the news is Twitter the public sphere or is it defamation it is dreadfully sad about what happened to Brenda Leyland one would imagine that they may well have been other issues going on.

Who knows I think twice the Sky not to comment but isn't that the point you know who does know you know if you don't know should you be doorstepping someone I don't know if you saw the brilliant documentary on Channel 4 last week the paedophile Hunter which was about an online vigilante Who films men who were there to hook up with underage girls and boys and pull the issues highlighted in that was police spoke to people saying look at you.

What he does is very valuable.

We can use his evidence but you shouldn't put it on the internet because the chances are if you've been humiliated publicly you're an increased suicide risk.

That's why it's best leaving it to the police from that point of view are these Facebook groups captain formidable people? It's it's really difficult one of those calls on Facebook to have Martin Brunt sacked unit which is a little bit much in my opinion on the right to say Sky News has an active role here in disproportionately promoting this case and I'm not just going straight to the police with it.

Yes of course but I think it's own guidelines quite interesting and they say that any grounds for.

Investigation involving a snake and amount of intrusion individual privacy must be very strong indeed that the question is was there a very strong case for the mentally investigating her and I think that's that's the issue clearly in sending thousands and thousands of tweets.

She must have been aware there be some consequence of the action the question is whether it was justifiable for Sky News to doorstep and whether their doorstep then had any connection tool with her sad passing and we just don't know that I mean it seems to me that this is a story in the public interest and therefore its legitimate to investigated reporting try and find out what happened.

I think if there's a proven cause and effect window setting in the death.

That's a completely different massive.

I think we don't know that yet anyway to say it will be in touch because the complaints Ofcom have to investigate the complaint but that's not the same as an Ofcom investigation into this issue has had your item is only 60 complaint with that's enough to trigger the investigation.

They are assessing it which is not an

And when it is yet to be seen whether they will indeed investigate it seemed to me.

It's not really in their area.

I think I think it's definitely a very grey I suspect they may and not doing investigation looking at Sky zone code of conduct it does actually look like that the rules were followed in terms of how the door setting was done.

She was notified before it was broadcast in my blood out number plates on all the rest of it is just you know all those regulations really up to scratch for what we need these dietary difficult with the David Kelly suicide in in which you know there was as it were of BBC and gentle involvement.

It is very very awful and upsetting and dreadful and the sad thing is that a lot of people are in the news are fragile and it is very difficult but on the other side of the coin to what extent can you actually stop news reporters doing what they consider to be their job and in this particular instance investigating the dossier that the public broad showing the tweeting about Madeleine McCann seems to me to have been a legitimate form of reporting and

Other forms of reporting which I think of far worse than what Martin Brunt did even though sadly at have this tragic out what I find a strong about the story and you used it as you know without any sort of a qualification to have the word trolling has now been accepted as someone actually behaving in this way.

It is a complete new use of the word.

It's now gone into popular parlance every understands a trial is now someone who abuses social media and you don't even have to directly be at replying with people anymore which you used to have to be to be a trustee light selfie somehow has now become a photo that someone else can take of you on their phone even though it supposed to be holding the phone.

I will talk it online and digital things actually let's move onto about the telegraphs radical restructuring editor-in-chief their Jason seeking has been telling staff this week about his plans for restructuring the paper around its digital first strategy taking inspiration from The veldt in Germany editors will be able to drop articles from the online edition straight into a template for the printed version a sore speaking to the Guardian claimed.

It would treat online as a

Coffee to fill the paper are buffets is this a buffet you'll be queuing up to eat all you can from the paper.

I like having both interestingly.

I was talking to someone who works at city with me who teaches online and integrates on a proponent of digital and he is also an entrepreneur has just started with a magazine a paper-based magazine to really convergences here and it works both ways.

I think it's great and also I noticed with our students who come to train to be theoretically print journalist are demanding more and more video and more and more audio and everyone wants to do everything great.

Leave me to it well except sit with the Telegraph and that you know I say this is only rights of the Telegraph as well, but you know there are certain generous there who I think it's fair to say on the most digital first out of the entire world of journalism poll.

Do you think this is going to be a bit of a shock for them? And I'm sure it will be but I think it's the right way to go.

I mean clearly you've got to service the digital engine because that's continue.

Require new stories in an hour after I like the paper itself sees a 24-hour operation.

I think couple of questions.

Sorry for me one is on what basis.

Will they the buffet be selected you know what sort of meals going to be selected to be quite an Instinct criteria.

Set of criteria thing because ultimately the papers always going to be behind it still isn't it so the papers.

Got to have something in it that is special unless the buyers of the paper a different those who use online and I suspect there's a crossover the papers.

Got to have a unique identity for me.

What makes the paper special is the commentary of the analysis and the writers who I like to read who got something to say it's not about the news.

I will go to Twitter I'll go online for news first nice to those things in the paper as well, but it's all the other special things that only really a paper can do that.

I look for the makes me still buy newsprint the crossword not the crossword know I love the crossword.

That's only continue to struggle.

Is there is she to quite large different audiences for the Telegraph when is last night of the Telegraph sells how many copies did I mean? Ok? So it's good.

It's 80 million people online the difference yeah, but it could be different stories with appeal.

You know if you if you take the stories online that have the most comments and so are these the ones we should feel the paper with that's not necessarily going to appeal to your stereotypical retired colonel in Tunbridge Wells is it presumably they will still keep a news team doing the news and keeping the news going and then the backstory if you would like to come largely from the digital edit.

How's it going to organise it but I do like the idea of the Convergence and I do think there's room for both.

I really do and what it says actually is the long-term future the Telegraph group is digital.

I mean there will be a day when the paper will cease to exist as a physical product.

That's all the signals on a day when the paper is a lot less important.

I think it will cease well.

I can reveal exclusively here but here at the media podcast we are closing down our print edition this week, but will be back with more digital stories after this.

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Some of the stories from the media landscape now and Sophie Turner Laing is set to head up the new Super and emerge from shine and Endemol known colloquially as kendamil that means that Liz Murdoch here and shine has left the company she began back in 2001 getting reported 130 million pounds from the deal so we could be proud of at least what do we know about Sophie she's a really brilliant woman she's also fascinating because she's from the University of life which is excellent and she's not one of your son of Oxbridge main call James running the BBC so she's really refreshing.

I think she'll be brilliant in this role, be very interested to see what they commission.

Sorry what they make an who commissions them and where they go from here, but it's it's great.

I'm pixel 2 really well.

I'm also famous Sophie Turner Laing I mean haven't seen her for about 3.

4 months but the sky is an amazing job was placed in charge of all of Skies content except for sport and has been behind the of the tremendous growth and success and original commissioning of the Sky channels recently, so when she left sky wonder what she's going to do.

I thought this could be a big job somewhere.

This is a big job.

She's a great person for it.

I think you'll be able to see what job is actually it's because it's not as if end of a was a small company before it merged with time and sent.

It's always been nurtured and looked after within that environment so end of my being quite different.

It's going to be interesting to see how they work together and of course this draped over the executive and changed all of that so where does it go? I don't know what this space.

I think I listen to see how Sophie Turner Laing work for Tim hincks because that is too big personalities that will be interesting to say I don't know what's going to happen, but I think that.

This time next year will be very different from where it is now and what about Sir Liz Murdoch probably want to be long before we see her about working in television Shirley 130 minute to spend so maybe she takes you munching Matthew Friday divorcing.

I think that's also a change of lifestyle.

So who knows where shall turn up, but it being a Murdoch Hill turn up some work research published by the internet advertising Bureau this week's suggested that 73% of us have watch the TV programme online in the last 6 months which averages 2 1/2 hours a week.

That's meant more money being spent on video advertising which is up 59% year-on-year Paul is this the digital Revolution continuing do you think there's more to this report then just that well, we seem to things happening one is a tremendous move from linear to nonlinear viewing about 85% of viewing still to Linear 15% is now out of Video on Demand services another nonlinear services Netflix others driving that and then you're seeing so much more viewing at.

On mobile devices is that total viewing amongst those who do use tablets and mobile phones is higher than it was 2 years ago.

So actually creating new viewing opportunities.

You can see that because people watching on the Underground on the bus or senior standing at the bus stop waiting and what's interesting of courses at extra time has created more advertising opportunities hence this amazing growth in advertising for online video.

This is a trend that's going to continue people have now got these devices there able to now watch video and all sorts of occasions when they won't be for people will now also even if they're sitting around a room where there's one big screen and maybe the family watching together.

They may watch something else on their own personal screen, so the money is following the viewing this is a trend that's going to continue but it's costing less her out.

Isn't it? And it's not going to change his currently at cost less to advertise online if that does change.

Will it impact the model was really interesting because yes the money maybe following the audience but probably its fragments into the same amount of money is being spent overall but in different.

Area so obviously buying an ad to go with a program that's being seen online.

It's not going to cost you as much as buying an ad that goes out on Broadcast television that reaches millions if you've got an ad in the middle of Downton Abbey or an ad in the middle of units and very popular program is going to cost you a lot of money and that's still being spent because it reaches millions of points and the only thing I was saying the television and business you know it's the black banana market if you've got a warehouse full of bananas have to shift them the only way to do it is to get to millions of people at once and that's where the big money is in advertising.

I think it's very interesting that there's more more advertising opportunity and clearly the markets grey in the end.

How much more is actually being spent by advertisers by people who want to buy advertising time singers of the advertising market is growing to look at the group and forecast the the growth in advertising spenders exceeding the growth inflation, but the growth on online is exceeding the overall growth in advertising sofa advertising share is moving across to online advertising whenever a new digital medium starts.

It's always discounted same happened to

Radio is radios move to digital people pay less taxes DAB dish Lawrence's new page of access and love audiences this because the book is not there as the Bob Grose the cost per thousand goes up and that will change in time to overtime this will correct and those prices will come up but there is also going up to this is taking greater chef publishing radio and outdoor growing less fast and digital recording the banana factory at if you do have a warehouse full of bananas here at the media podcast you can advertise for just a couple of bunches know he's a TV channel that virtually no one is watching regardless of device London live at they've won their appeal to reduce their licence Commitments after watering down their request from the one that Ofcom originally rejected Liz what's changed now not going to be sharing his many repeat.

Obligation to show local programming for so many hours has been reduced, but it doesn't actually reduce the amount of material is produced it reduces the amount of time they show it as I understand it with another raft of local TV licence is due to be completed next week and for smaller towns of for example Carlisle in the north of England I'm involved in a bit for that particular your local television station and it's really quite controversial mean released ever make any money.

What's the point of them? Why we doing it and I think in a place like Carlisle or Norwich or somewhere where people have got a passion for their town and want to make their town known about heard about and the local people to get a voice.

It's probably interesting and maybe viable.

I think was London it's a really difficult proposition because London is so big and people don't have the same sense of identity and from the start.

I think the evening Standard inside at The Nuffield battle with the London licence, or is it beyond help? No, I don't get is I'm actually not quite a sceptical eye local TV as some people.

I think what surprised me that London live is that they didn't use?

The engine of the evening Standard to drive, the content they were doing complete different things and not really extracting the synergism having the London Evening Standard that surprised me and so we watch you got on there was actually a little bit mediocre and just didn't quite cut through I agree with Liz I think the further you get from London the more likely local TV is going to work London is a problem because London stories a national story so how do you differentiate yourself? I still believe this can be made to work but you look when local radio started when local commercial ready starts in 1973.

It was horrendous mestre couple of years.

I didn't give me a bit more time and see where they can make it.

I'm not done the Jurys out.

Yet one interesting point about London is that if you look at individual London boroughs.

They have on average about 250000 people in each borough have they have television pub borough because for example the Carlisle licence is only going to reach 250000 absolute maximum.

That's all border television reached her back in the day.

So what would it have been better to do it borough by borough and make it really look like rather than having this this.

Did London everywhere it's hard to get an audience and you are you competing against existing broadcasters? I don't know is it really local that's another issue.

I think I don't go to talk about reaper a month ago.

We mentioned the press Gazette campaign to save our sources from the hands of the police who are using reaper.

That's the regulation of investigatory powers act fact fans to find out who journalists were calling and 1 others been some progress with an enquiry being launched by the interception of Communications commissioner, what does it actually mean because the police is put are going to access that the information that the journalists are also getting the police are doing and it's confidential is that really going to damage the journalist position.

I don't know the problem with this sort of thing is that when something like this Court Leeds to terrorists being intercepted and some terrible disaster being filed and everybody is on the side of it, but when it's everything is just bumping along as normal every once again stood it is.

So so difficult, I think buying Lodge most youngest feel that the police should not do this and they backed the campaign but I do think there's a bit of grain is around the edges.

I think we have been careful to make sure that we could take a couple of things first why you gotta protect Free Press that's really important freedom of sources in the Germans ability to have sausages absolute crystal with also protect the respecting the police and I think if the police are maybe going slightly beyond their remit an an an ask you for sauces when they don't necessarily need them that also to be round in between each have trust in the police.

So I think it's about a balanced.

I welcome the enquiry.

I think it's good to find out what's going on a thing transparency.

It is important altimate League these parish only be used when they are absolutely necessary not because the police fancy taking a look some phone numbers in this particular print journalist and the police that it's almost like in anything goes in this fist fight between them and traps common sense is gone out the window and pacification afterwards find something interesting.

It was absolutely to conferences starting next week the radio festival in Salford and mipcom in campoamor Salford it's a really tough choice where you going it is a really tough choice and I'm afraid I've gone for the Sunday option which is yeah come we'll be busy as always about 45000 people get together to buy and sell TV programmes digital space and it's I've been to see some of the people speaking out the Murdoch's there James Murdoch is there I'm in James's always worth going to see also representing 21st century fox head Sanderson Amy may not know who's the chief content officer for Netflix Netflix have already amassed a very substantial subscriber numbers in the UK in the US in France they really sort of crawling ride across Europe and then into ratio Netflix is.

Now becoming a preferred source of content particularly among young people their young household to 8 using not have paid TV to have Netflix instead, so be great to hear what he's got to say Simon Cowell is going to be there.

I may not attend that one the other thing is there's a global channel distribution day.

What they've done is a put together all of the different platforms in the UK that would be sky inversion Biddulph see they've got all the platform to Japan from Asia with content owners and asking them.

What do you want from us? What content do you need to drive your business while your consumers looking for? It's a really interesting idea and it's been supported by the association of international broadcast of the aib and I'll be going to some of that see what they're doing a site for more that I think I've got a 42 m to a meeting people to buy and sell content so lots of beers lots of Munchies and lots of late night.

So that's why you're too busy to see Simon Cowell I have suddenly Simon can't remember me now will be punctual for his keynote speech.

Cos he's almost always late for everything isn't it? I don't think so, how could he possibly be able to make it big and I like people waiting the schedules as well as the counterintuitive get thing going on here.

I went to make every year and it can't I take for about 8 years and it was always about the meeting Rotherham the term.

It was not looking at this.

I'm just noting the speakers and there are 9 speakers and 8 of them are men.

Ok which in the television business thing is rather disappointing that sitcom looking at the Radio Academy which is usually rather male-dominated it actually has got lots more women in this year and it does have the John Humphries in Nicky Campbell doing a master class in but it does have lots of people like for your Glover and Jane Garvey and so on there and I think that's really quick I think there's a turnaround in radio which may be something to do with the sound on in campaign.

I don't know but I'm sure it is but to what extent I don't know more.

More women are coming to the fore in radio and I think that's really great so I think probably on balance the radio festival has an extremely good programme but then it comes got the sun know you'll have to write a look.

I'm only there so it's a good credit for this because one of things you want to do at the radio that was actually to really try and reinvented and you're right about choice of women speakers with really works harder that and it'll be ok now for my 30th executive Radiohead me inside the structure of this this festival was was my stretch with a cup of things really wanted to one was introduced as how to room and introducing £99 ticket won the problems of the radio festival is the price and the price is the price because that's what it costs for the conference on it's not it was making any money but by the time you have speakers me other room and in it.

That's what it cost for this how to room on the Tuesday is designed to attract younger people coming into the industry or recently in in straight to give him some real practical tools to take away from the day.

So it's £99 for the day wasn't a great price and you can do about podcasting.

Typical cost you can learn about managing Talent you know some of the basic craft skills, so that's really good.

I'd also mentioned Iggy Pop who's doing the John Peel lecture this is the 10th anniversary of John peels passing and John Peel was upset very significant figure in music radio and he was the first person to actually play The Stooges Iggy Pop on radio soggy pot will be very interesting and then last Jedi mentioned the 30 under 30 rid of self-promotion the right are the Screwfix 30 young people in radio doing amazing things they'll be unveiled at what's encouraging about.

This is there are so many really good young people doing great things while across the board not so rare behind-the-scenes and I think they are really important part of this festival now be there in very very high profile and of course that your tender age' it must be very tempting just to keep re submitting yourself, so well done 44131 this I can't believe in global entertainment our lunch admit, I said of the speakers only one is a woman.

Out of my I would say that Sophie Turner Laing should be doing the keynote speech next year.

I'm with you watch that space right finally just time for the media quiz has that this week? It is entitled Twitter me this seriously it's lucky that you've got me on board producing out because I would be suing I'm going to read out why someone in the me and you tell me who and what it's about this week's number one they threw it out for the political capital out.

No yes Liz Jeremy Clarkson Argentina it wasn't after being assaulted in Argentina for using a car registration that seems to reference the Falklands war story which is not going anywhere at the time of recording ok second story he is the tweet Twitter friends.

It is happening again.

Oh yes, this is David Lynch and it's the return of Twin Peaks 25th anniversary of 20.

Lot of people very excited about me completely Left called that never seen it.

Are you one of the ones he's excited now.

I'm not excited.

I did was shit.

I didn't get it.

I found it very slow very boring it was cancelled after second season to the very low ratings there any day 9 episodes the best part of the music for me just the hashtag Dam good coffee seem to get Twin Peaks military exercise obviously a particular niche and right what this is the tiebreaker isn't it 38 congratulations to Nancy a brilliant Baker and a great friend tweet tweet British Bake Off 12 million and one of them is my daughter is completely addicted.

I don't get it.

I love it.

If you know what I went to Waitrose overdose try and buy a cake and they said they do you want to make the isi the cake iced with the decorations.

You can't go to Waitrose in Viking you gonna buy all the bits.

I start I want to buy complete cake.

No going to do it yourself.

You're not going to come back.

Raising bit of outcome there, thank you, but that doesn't mean you've won.

I'm afraid this is the winner this week because I am going to say that tweet was from Richard ferber favourite to win The Great British Bake Off but a poor performance gave Nancy the chance to win the title and as he say yes the finals watch buy more bricks on BBC One than the World Cup final 12.3 million people are there in Furness the World Cup was also on ITV so it's a bit of a strange comparison, isn't it? Thank you to both of you Paul Robinson Liz Howell this week's episode is dedicated to Dave Smith a long time listener who works in marketing in the music sector and to John acro a friend from across the pond don't forget you can get the podcast as soon as it's ready by subscribing via our website the media podcast my name is Ollie man.

The producer is Matt Hill until next time bye bye.

To show how your LinkedIn connections can help you find a job.

They posted a job listing on LinkedIn for voice-over artists to make this add my girlfriend sent me this job.

So my cheeky little voice can be heard throughout the world when my colleague message me about this job posted.

I was like boom.

I'm going to that a friend from school they shut the job and now here.

I am talking into a microphone go see for yourself on LinkedIn what jobs are available through your connections find your next job on LinkedIn whatever you're in it for when we was together.

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