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Read this: #12 - Trinity Mirror payouts, Emma Watson hoax - The Media Podcast with Olly Mann

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#12 - Trinity Mirror payouts, Emma Watso…

Welcome to the media podcast I'm only man on today's show trinity mirror settles disputes with 10 phone hacking claimants, but why is it taking so long for them to tackle the problem? What is the domain for Piers Morgan another week another internet hoaxes threats to post private pics of Emma Watson proved unfounded so how can journalists get wise faster elsewhere in the media Uncharted territory will be explored by Jeremy Paxman on Channel 4 The Sun with online video of course or infamous quiz.

This is the media podcast sponsored by audiobook Willow Road Show continues this week.

We're at something else is studios in Hoxton the epicenter of the hipster world James Robinson how have you dressed for the occasion dress like sort of middle-age man who's just come into some money and rolled around in the Isles of Paul Smiths casual section.

Black Mesa that's hipster in its own way and Lisa Campbell you can take off my sunglasses now or indoors actually growing a beard be observing our powerscourt PR Guru at Lisa Campbell director of course of the Edinburgh International television festival welcome to you both more formally.

Hope you feel at home here it something else with this says that the ominous cut out of Mr Foxy Bingo hanging over my shoulder.

I feel very comfortable Lisa Edinburgh TV festival, I was there for the first time this year.

How did it go for you because it was your first time interns may as well.

I survived just about it was amazing.

I mean intense exhausting I have no idea about the scale of the operation at should behind the scenes and only turn up anything for chairs on the stage and they don't suppose it's quite nice, but that's that but those two huge armies of people behind the scenes and I get everything in televisions out of here all the technician to people not production director at was wearing a pedometer and actually walk 20 miles.

And the conference centre in the first day and then of course I came to realise shortly after recording or episode of the media podcast up there that really it's all about the drinking at The George afterwards at what was the most exciting piece of gossip that you managed to clean from being there.

What happened in Edinburgh stays and then to bring you know the rules that because some of the serious stories of the week and several years after the first phone hacking claims Were Made 3 years since the News of the World printed.

It's last edition finally trinity mirror owner of the people and the Sunday Mirror in the Daily Mirror of course has confirmed that it has not paid compensation to 10 people over phone hacking at those claimants include the ex England manager Sven Goran Eriksson actor, Christopher Eccleston and the BBC Alan Yentob is Ali's previous chief executives sly Bailey the company had stonewalled request completely to properly investigate phone hacking Bailey told the Leveson Enquiry I don't think it's a way to conduct a healthy organisation.

To go around conducting investigations when there's no evidence that are journalists have been involved in phone hacking when they're Roy greenslade writing in the Guardian said this was an extraordinary ostrich like response to what were some pretty serious allegations James wire trinity mirror doing this now and not 3 years ago or even 8 years ago was supposed to be made the point also that the stock answer when asked about any of these allegations was all our journalists operate under the PCC code, which obviously doesn't address the question is talking.

That's what they do now then honestly what they did then? I meant and the only reason that's life Bailey didn't find any evidence of 1 days because you look for any not the reason I doing it now is because of civil claims been bought two but not dissimilar former news international situation silver coins being bought and evidence has been uncovered as part of that process of the legal process to Frankley they don't have much choice but to hold their hands up and put some money on site many millions are side.

Certificated because of them, but there may be many many many many more cases to come if it's dozens of cases that probably have enough.

I think therefore minutes what they set aside if it is it's hundreds of cases as it was or is Widnes international you know I do the back of envelope salmon if each of those people got 50 grand just a little it was a high end of the range.

That's 25 million pounds 25 minute as a lot of money to and what you could describe the struggling newspaper business if they were doing it to get away with it.

You could argue in the court of public opinion at least if not in the legal course they have got away with it because I think you know it is a talking point for ordinary you like men and women donut the dog in dark at this feels like last decades story now doesn't it Lisa the retiring of this story quite some time and have you ever just popped up again? I'm not sure how many people will be hugely interested in it, but it's I think it's your eyes.

You say there's going to be more of it's the story that refuses to die as much as the newspaper proprietors would like it, too.

Canal questions for Piers Morgan as well, because he wrote in his autobiography.

Didn't leave it.

He knew about phone hacking many backtracked and said oh, no, I didn't I didn't mean that he did his newspaper column as well as his books.

He has talked about the existence of phone hacking your hand in detailed knowledge of phone hacking in a very jolly where in Italy was probably peers of no long with the organisation has been in the organisation for a very long time so he may be that he I know that people would like him to be questioned by the cops about what a new but I'm not sure I'll be just partly because there's there's no political pressure there's no there's no pressure from really from the Guardian another another newspaper titles has no ongoing investigation in that sense, but there's really putting pressure on the cops II to acting the way they did with news international and and it's true that I mean really did the sun that the whole phone hanging store in the public's I became fairly an interesting.

Just I didn't really after Milly dowler in the Milly dowler.

Confirm to do the public what they already thought they knew which is the German for a bit dodgy then after that therefore what we do that.

Just let me new MPs with dodgy and then the MPs expenses expenses scandal, so that said that we were right and after that.

This is just a long tail really but that doesn't mean that that what it won't cost trinity mirror potential a lot of money and that and then uses that I can afford to pay a lot of money and trinity mirror can't say it if they could still be very bad for them.

I think although I did know that they are the share price didn't really hasn't really yeah.

Yeah, so that may tell you this it is not to worry about any of this OK well.

Let's see what happens with that from suspected phone hackers near to fake phone hackers this week.

He may have read about the underground web community 4chan threatening to post private pictures of the actor Emma Watson in retaliation for a speech he gave to the un about feminism are the commentary acts in everything we went into full Gear and I was reading an article about this only this morning from the Independent songs without them.

Is an opinion pieces in the Guardian the Telegraph the Huffington Post and then it was discovered to be a hoax there were no pictures of Emma Watson it was deemed to be a viral marketing campaign by ranted marketing who are lobbying for the closure of 4chan news organisations then feeling very humble indeed reported the hooks in Furness to them and now they've discovered that the marketing company didn't exist I hope you're still with me on this the whole thing was the work of Internet pranksters who works under the name social Vivo or at least that's what Business Insider a believing.

I'm not just going to take their word for it anymore.

This is a myriad, where is it Lisa everyone fell for it is that understandable because actually even people quite deeply ingrained in the internet community aren't able to follow.

The trail is exactly who's behind all of this kind of stuff for someone says they're going to publish your photo.

Is that a reason enough to publish a story saying they will it's really interesting in the these days seems to be on speed and the first published story and then news organisations have fallen into that trap of just reacting and

Not really taking things that properly and I think that's where the BBC has been criticized for reacting to slowly in the past but as you just getting more and more of this.

I think it really emphasizes the role of the BBC amygdala noise and clatter of gossip but someone reliable and trustworthy will check out a story before they actually say you know this is this is happening so I think it's it really will just outlined in the future trusted brands are what it's all going to be about James Watkins journalist do about this though, because it's one thing to say what you can you check the sources in a bit is not like calling the police to find it.

So it's been arrested or calling him and Mog to find out someone's died is not that is it this is someone says they're going to publish your photo.

Is that a story itself one.

Oh well, it is kind of like that because you phone Emma Watson's agent in the and you asked if there any such photos in existence and if so whether she was believe she been hacked and if they say no absolutely not then you start to Harbour some serious doubts about the story so that seems like they're not very obvious thing to do and I would say this.

Doesn't have got an enormous amount of time and a hands-free elaborate prank in history and a slightly more hahaha we created a fake promotions company and it's not exactly yeah.

He has not like her greatest hoax ever maybe just doesn't but at least I'm a very good point having it is traditional news organisations do place a premium on speed increasing me.

It's up to the Editors really rather than the genus and some Senses to actually make sure the checks have been carried out in basic questions about because this is to be safety numbers 15 people ringing about it was only occurs if they're not The Economist writes a story based on the new story which didn't check the original source and it just spreads like Wildfire so I think basic gymnastic checks, how much coverage there was on this and the naked pictures as opposed to her actual un speech and I suspect unfortunately had to have a lot more.

Frenzy around her naked body than there is about very important and really great speech that she made a very good point.

I mean whatever the intentions of the pranksters whether they were either trying to say we've got pictures of Emma Watson and that's in retaliation for a speech on feminism or whether they were trying to make a more complicated point about that's the kind of thing 4chan would do.

Hahaha, but we're not going to do that because they loses their misogynist which is a rather complicated point to make a minimum break whatever they were trying to do.

It's drawn all the focus away exactly from watch and it's hard to know what the motivation is because I have explained weather coming from so it's all rather confusing ok will produce Emma assures me we'll have some more stories after this but I am going to go away and double check my sources this episode of the media podcast is brought to you by squarespace squarespace is the all-in-one platform that makes it fast and easy to create your own professional website portfolio and online store Plus

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Ok, don't fit some news in brief now and it's been announced that Paxo is going to Anchor Channel 4 coverage of the 2015 general.

And the last time and channel 4 to occur and irreverent take on the polls.

They had that thing with Charlie Brooker and Lauren Laverne and David Mitchell and which was the Forerunner to the life satire show 10:00 live at this time Jeremy Paxman that is a big change isn't it James and and Jeremy Paxman have been hinting you wanted to dip its toe into the water at Channel 4 but live long-form coverage of the General Election that's quite a dip.

Isn't it? That's the whole leg in the water.

It is but that's something.

I think it was wanted to do wasn't it? I thought I think I'm right in saying he didn't get on I don't get the stronger did election campaign on the night or really dead because of Dimbleby that always did it after I think that's right and it's only word when he will be doing it very different way.

I would never think it was it used to be that might be right.

There is no getting his chance if he's going to do the Reverend taken at a meeting this can be quite difficult because he is it is not really a stating the obvious the comedian is a straight jealous to write ask difficult questions.

I'm not sure you was eating out Edinburgh show that he did not received mixed reviews but I'm in a one level it it's quite exciting cos Paxman is this box office and another level is that felt it is a bit disappointing really yeah, it is going to be another 4 minutes or white middle-aged man commentating on three white middle-aged men in politics to feel like I'm not sure how brave step it is but I mean that very few people will be sad that James has back on telly so I think you can just give us a real choice.

Doesn't it? Because really you know everyone competes in this Arena but really people turn to the BBC as we were saying earlier force of authority voice and ID get all the guests on election night.

Don't they only need to do things as a good posted by J hus It's of course you're going to see what it's like, but I do feel slightly disappointed that channel 4 should be really surprising us and should be just unearthing some great new diverse Talent I mean you don't when is the last time we've had a sort of Sacha Baron Cohen that you never Channel 4 launch stills.

Great names on 11:00 show and it would just be brilliant if they'd found this great bright spark that you think is just going to identify with the younger audience and that you know that they've grown and they're working on that I got three more announcements to come independence referendum.

Coverage is anything to go by this kind of thing doesn't need a bit of a shot in the arm.

Doesn't it? As it did you what we watching a b c o yeah? It was boring wasn't it? Was just nothing to her and Jeremy Vine show BBC2 I think it was slightly bizarre.

I had 1.83 days off but rendition of fun.

It's not was inside Polaris but it isn't Polaris or is it on stuck in the 1960s images of our nuclear deterrent you're going out of the Scottish seasonal I don't trident that it did look a bit like the day today.

Even took fried chicken and jumping and pointing and denied BBC sounds in 24th century.

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using in the gesticulating and it was I think he realised that he was so boring that he had to put in 5 times as much energy to try and recover of coverage and I think you know by the way, I'm a I'm a part of and span of huw Edwards as a news anchor.

I think he's great at soberly delivering headline, but as a live presenter of a new show I find the whole thing so with the head Andrew Neil after who is Ascot in Westminster I don't have you Edward is a Welshman sitting up in Scotland whose not used to interviewing politicians and we going to get here Edwards Auntie Lisa after David dimbleby's next election coverage.

That's the way for the next 40 years.

He was really down at the point at which you know we've got the resulting and I know it's the BBC and you can't go.

Yes, it was so flat to let your except.

It was difficult to deliver that.

How do you do that moment but my god it was like a balloon deflating massively asthma struggling as well.

Lack of new second report anything until after the polls close, and then they didn't do an exit poll if that either of them.

I don't suppose that would have given us something else that I felt quite sorry for them actually.

They really did have to talk not very much for two-and-a-half hours for Saturday night with Kirsty Wark she had a discussion they were in Scotland at least handle as you don't know where was historians putting real context and there was a really really interesting debate with very opposing views the other stuff was going on in Glasgow with the time.

You know what were they rioting was really going on and I think that was that was the best coverage.

I store in terms of Us of follow-up analysis staff best i3 with CNN just because I had to explain everything to be polite any nothing at all about Britain and they really made it very exciting what is prime minister a camera in the under do that that was actually much more fun to work as well, which had been tweeting on the night which said damn.

I don't think was seeing anyone it might be fox or another US channel which said that did the vote was an exit polls 58% Yes and yes.

55% know something retarded loved it obviously more than 100% That's what we want for the next election coverage BBC FA Cup old to get everyone excited on Twitter ok so surprised Jeremy Paxman on Channel 4 to another the sun is commissioning video series now.

They've commission online video series from the makers of ITV2 release the hounds at the show called Man versus fly will show minor celebrities attempting to SWAT flies.

This is monkey Tennis actually had to be throwing in a fake TV format for the sun there isn't it James it's fun.

It's short for mercifully there only 3 minutes long is episodes of a celebrity swatting a fly it kind of fits their brands irreverent the news about the sun is now and it's also cited competition, isn't it? Yeah, I expect

Scotty get quite a good odds on the fly with me at least the sun is building on its football right here.

Isn't it? It's actually got an audience of over 100000 paying subscribers first football now entertainment.

I mean actually is there a serious threat hear you're not to ITV and BBC Two people like that like I don't know you know some of the Sky channels in terms of building that sort of football eBay really kind of his a bit of love audio sound business decisions this just seems like dad's having a bit of luck, but I don't you mean it's it's the sort of viral stuff that you can imagine sharing stuff in the office and having laughing then it's over but it doesn't seem to be any more than that but the way in other weights describing a live got her next Sony Pictures television.

It is behind this.

It's you know.

It's got some weight behind it and that thing that people actually do in the Sporting world.

Even talking about you know this thing that potential global for Martin historian.

It's to remove all things interesting cos they never managed to know that I had a big problems with vine and Vimeo you pronounce it with her fans.

Just taking pictures of the goals and sit and putting them on social media, then they said that but they managed to monetised it obviously covers subscription that mean I don't know if it's as easy with the company like this short format weather put your ideal just be shared, so don't see how you can be as monetised as easily as branded there isn't it is an adverb for the advert for the sun.

Yeah, it's like from the days of Kelvin Mackenzie this isn't it? I mean if I'd ever live TV to Sony

The home for page 3 yes Radio now and just a couple of weeks before the 2014 radio festival the BBC says it is on course to hit its target of 50% of local radio breakfast shows hosted or co-hosted by women by 2015 at speaking to the radio Times BBC controller of English regions, David Holdsworth revealed that the number of female presenters has increased from 8 in August 2013 January outrageous number to the current roster of seventeen out with an 18th about to start that puts the total of 44% now at least that is progress.

Isn't it? But we're talking about co-hosted shows him mostly co-hosted with men but long wait to go away mean.

It took ages to get a female voice on the Today programme on Radio 4.

You know did the programme that the news agenda for the nation.

They didn't have a female voice at one point you could listen for an hour and a half and then they wouldn't hear a female voice over a contributor or a presenter and you really are.

Golden the expect with income payment when I was at broadcasting that's that's what really thought that it was just this real for station from listening to a very important radio show went and just not hearing a female voice then and I think local radio is so important that the growing new Talent particularly and that's where you know you hopefully get voices of the Future 4 for National radio as well, so it's good progress.

It's it's not enough cleaner any good for them that you can for having the target and going somewhere to meeting it already and it's typing 5 out of 18 on hosting which is the same as shocking alone number and it you know it.

Is it is it even worse in the in the public sector is metadata Fields more and fair-weather all funding the BBC in the Impaler licence fee to not have shows that are presented by in the country people that doesn't reflect that the population demographics of the country and that leads us onto an area, which we talked about a lot on this shows will try and keep it brief of relevant here director-general Tony Hall resisting quotas on black in Asia

Presenters in but this is proof that one of the BBC quote.

It is actually working so do you think you can continue to exist it would not have them in the future if you come to the himself by and back in quotes on women it seems bizarre mean.

I know that I mean.

I I personally think that they should be monitoring social background.

I'm in I think classes as much bigger issue or as big an issue of race or gender because again you know we know that especially BBC News we only know anecdotes that because of BBC don't keep records, but very very elitist and fail email privately educated A lot probably educated men Lacey won't BBC News and under Crossing treasure.

Is it cost the country? I mean it's not just that the babysitter publicly funded organisation and they should reflect that the makeup of this country and I think I think that it had a monetary.

I love you have quotas of working class people might be slightly ridiculous and potential insulting but you need to know who's working your organisation if you want to change anything you need to measure humidity makes you focus when you measure these things.

An imbalance as there was here chilling with the with the 8-in in all those 41 stations, then you know you do need to have target.

You don't at least targets even if you don't quote I might be just too much and and some women don't like that.

You know that the idea that will your there just because of equator as well, but you know I think I think they're the diversity issue, and I think that encompasses everything and email it is social backgrounds as well.

How do you think it's what you need to think about the listeners to I mean with local radio.

You've got a very old demographic compared to almost every other radio station and they like what they know.

I'm listen to the same male host of 10 years it seems odd to change that show just because of an incentive.

No, no, they got to do it at all.

Just to have your solicitor to say I like this guy.

I think I've ever change and nothing will ever change that basis would still be listening to Dave Lee Travis on Radio 1Xtra bad example.

You know it and there's always a house Up Rattle often how the process when things get changed and m and n.

T know you can do something by and would people do leave people do retired people didn't you know it doesn't have to be the Night of the Long Knives and men being wheeled out of the local BBC station so many people don't like changed to it and it was supposedly the audience didn't like older women on screen and then you know that's that's been proved wrong, but they do have yeah.

There's so much more special drama roles now and you know and read is a classic example.

You know you can't let the audience sort of dictate these things all the time and finally was we talking about radio.

We found out who's going to deliver the John Peel lecture at this year's radio festival it Iggy Pop James is this an inspired choice as this show a lust for Life on behalf of the radio festival Camilla.

Just a passenger.

Isn't it? Great I mean.

Better bit about what are your pot he's going to talk about obviously music as not surprised that the idea of the commercialization of Music and he's going to do it sounds of the 60s, but still I don't follow the punk saying and you no work with those both were with all the grades mean.

I would love Mark E Smith to do it but that but have you got any do it if he was still drinking whiskey have a blue plastic bag wallet, but no no degree of I look forward to hearing AG AG pub at least I haven't done the TV festival imagine is a similar pressure to get a few kind of big tent pole names that you know I'm going to carry new story is really about the festival Iggy Pop will do that for the radio vendors of map on if you good looking yeah absolutely I don't think it's going inspired working and I think having someone who's yeah, what's great about him as he's unpredictable easier and that's why you turn up you have no idea really help how far I'll go what he know he doesn't care of exactly.

What what he likes you not in the same way Grayson Perry did the did the Reith Lecture but you know which was brilliant and I just think having those real for creative Mavericks in in their field doing this is a brilliant idea.

Ok best news of all now it is time for the media quiz.

Yes, that's right this week.

We've called it's 3 failed wishes because we never like to have the same format are in consecutive weeks earlier today.

I travel to the bottom of a wishing well, and I still the wishes of 3 people connected to the media.

I'll read out who they are and you have to tell me what they wish for never seems very serious because obviously failed wishes, but also a creme egg at stake here.


Here we go question them for one London live and independent owner Evgeny lebedev.

What was his failed wished local content correct he wanted London live to have less local programming in primetime guess, what Ofcom thought we're not gonna ground that wish yeah, you can't blame them.

Can you and you can't blame him for asking for it? It's doing really badly and you have to feel very sorry for them and but he's just cheating isn't it?

Licence Leicestershire you know what we're not going to be when I do London stuff anymore, that's alright failed Wishaw number to the conservative ministers the limit down there in The Wishing Well cover from the Treasury and the dcms.

What was their failed Wishaw privatising Channel 4 very good is 1.8 now indeed.

Yes, they wanted to privatise Channel 4 according to the Telegraph advert the Lib Dems in the coalition government thankfully vetoed their wish and the right third question tiebreak.

This is it keshet broadcasting they were down there in The Wishing Well what was their failed? Wish that rising star cast on ITV now this genuinely was a surprising story although again.

I can't blame ITV4 doing this ITV of cancelled rising star before it's even been on Lisa was is just a case of The Emperor's New Clothes in the first place.

Do you think are slightly? I think are you know there's there's been a big short for us on his Israeli formats.

It was no Israel is the new UK

It's Complicated formatting when you look at the US version and the view is get a bit of a stay in the judges.

Do when it's heavier what's going on in and the wolf thing isn't in the evening visible in the judges can see I mean it's it's a bit of a mess honestly, but I mean we had a session at Edinburgh called sizzles that sold the show everyone in the room obviously disagreed with me as a brilliant.

She I was just watching his godmother talent show and you were right what that's what the audience of thinking is the opposite commissioners.

Just get Blinded by the votes.

Are you know we've got to take Reis and someone's and I pay off and I thought you knew this risk is a talent show where you can't see your maybe can see some of the time the competitors.

Where is the last time that show that was on Theresa May you know you're in particular the chair with their backs to the competitors and stomach is huge.

Risk to me was just basically expect to meet hole-in-the-wall wasn't it? Really really?

It's good news for the British producers because I think there's been as good as you know it's it's international and it said Elsewhere and therefore it has to be good in will buy it and I think you know the UK is in demand all around the world.

So you don't look a bit closer to home for your eyes.

It is and I think maybe they will know very well good news for British producers, but ITV waited millions of pounds developing and it's ready for that.

You heard it here first that is it for today, but it does mean Lisa you are the winner of the creme egg congratulations will be back in two weeks and don't forget you can get the podcast as soon as it's ready by subscribing via our website the media podcast this week's episode is dedicated sincerely to move McRoberts a blue head frequent traveling high-functioning workaholic employed to think big thoughts for BBC archive development.

Thank you know I am to music TV impresario Simon Sadler thanks very much both I've been Olly Mann the producer is not Hill until next time.

5 out of 5 is a fantastic Smart TV decent value for money and the picture quality is incredible.

Not that I've actually watched it and they're even used it.

That's right.

This is a fake review and I can paint quite the picture for the right price of course wasting your time and your money.

I think review could cost you more than you think a witch membership.

Helps you avoid these lies search which for in partial product reviews which keep questioning.

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