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Read this: #11 - Save Our Sources, Next Radio Conference - The Media Podcast

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#11 - Save Our Sources, Next Radio Confe…

Hello and welcome to the media podcast my name is Mick Wallace on today show the police uncover the sun journalist sauce by going to his phone company and asking for his records which were Julie handed over how on earth can do in this protect their sources in the digital age and also we're gonna find out a little bit more about the new chair of the BBC Trust talk highlights from the next radio conference and play with Channel 4 relaunched online Player plus.

We have our world-famous cuisine which one am I guess could win a Cadbury's Creme Egg thank you.

This is the media podcast sponsored by Audio Bullys only man is away eating cheese somewhere in the Tuscan countryside in his absence we've decided to decamp from a Soho studio and Hyde were at the hospital club in Covent Garden and I'm joined by the broadcaster and pocus 2 Helen zaltzman and the creative director of folder media and all-round radio Guru digging welcome to you both Helen the big question, will you be buying an Apple watch?

No, not Wilder wear a watch and watch didn't do you have your opportunity to spend up to £300 on a watch I have the opportunity to spend up to £15 a day watching I still haven't taken that time using a phone out of your pocket.

That's the whole thing.

What's that that dispenses with the need to remove your phone from your pocket all the time when we don't have pockets anyway, so you know where all the inconvenience going to be like that the thing is it? Will you be buying an Apple watch do UK I thought it was a disproportionate focus on health and the what should a Seat Leon healthy.

I thought I will not need any of those apps over pockets for my phone contract anyway.

Worry about telling the time clock with me.

What is sensible to decorate my pocket and will you will be buying the iPods because it comes free with you tease new album?

Hannah gets downloaded to everyone who's got a copy of iTunes some were saying what's this YouTube virus has been spreading around someone said though 500 million iTunes customers and any 200002 chosen to accept you to a bit of playing on my Apple product before the car started and the U2 album is already even accepting it.

Can we count how many people deleted immediately and fact that into WhatsApp records.

Love you lots from Alex hern in the garden centres the company Focus the world's attention on stage of cappuccinos Flint centre.

It was carrying out of murder in the Wings they killed the iPod Classic apple and no longer needed some serious Tories and this one is particularly close to my heart with name for a while now that we are all under some degree of state surveillance with governments in the US and UK snooping on emails and phone calls under the guise of national Security but journalists are afforded the level of protection under the law for the protection of sources or at least.

You would have thought they were that seems to be at an end with the revelation that the Met were able to uncover a source of the sun's political editor Tom Newton Dunn by the simple expedient of going to his mobile phone service provider and asking them to hand over his record.

They did this to discover the names of three whistleblowers connected with the plebgate affair in 2013 all of whom have now been sacked by the Met Matt has someone who was speaking to someone in the yesterday.

He would lose their job if they're both knew they were talking to me.

I feel a little bit worried by this development.

Is it really just actually a bit of a cock up today do a sneaky request and it got approved.

I have they gone through the proper channels.

It would have been vetoed along the way but people lost their jobs as a result of this cock up and you obviously as a journalist want to mitigate against that happening Alan rusbridger editor of The Guardian says Joanna should learn end-to-end cryptology.

Can't log into anything with the name when you're on tour happens on what you are doing when you're talking to people remaniement.

I think it's all doable, but it needs knowledge both ends and someone that wants to spread the word about something in their organisation is probably hasn't got pppoe cryptid email to be able to do that kind of stuff.

I don't know if something is which are will there is some if you use anything owned by another company be that Gmail or Twitter or iPhone and the metadata of your phone records began by your company.

You're always going to have an intermediary that that could be approached as some companies that do better than others about giving up data Twitter oddly a pretty tough with requests for every from government so they will give in over there seems to give him less than others so maybe a DM may be creating a

A separate accounts try to call you back at sending it out a direct messages on the level of security not bad, but otherwise it's probably notes and meeting in person.

You can talk about him.

Do you think I mean as the executive director Society of editors Bob satchwell said we are rapidly waltzing into a police state where they met can help themselves to run Spain record.

I think one of the ways that the hacker got some of the new celebrity photos but need to couple of weeks ago with they were using police software that Clones our entire phone system, they had a whole.

Copy of some of the people's phones which was the concerning you treat so the police can take the copies and later use them in evidence for they could just hang on to them for a while, but on the other hand you think the police so often completely chaotic who's going to sift through all this stated to find the finer points of my correspondence.

It isn't because I'm speaking to you yesterday called me on my

Mobile phone and then there is now a track record of that person calling me that person could lose their job if the Met decided that he might be committing a crime with you wasn't I made it quite clear.

What do I have to do something pigeons? Maybe you know well, what advice? Would you give to journalist who want to increase their conversation something? I didn't know probably something about telling sources.

Be there something on your website or on your news organisations website how you recommend people get in touch with you because actually sometimes you can be quite difficult to get hold of journalist in my only option might be to ring reception at the Guardian are some to put them through because it's actually nowhere else to do that but putting a link to a web page to say hey here are some options and it's probably a good start before you can get into more complex methods of encryption.

That is actually quite wise advice.

Thank you.


Matt Deakin and the press Gazette overseas rights for the interest of journalists and campaigns on their behalf as set up a petition called save our sources and if you have 8 or any interest in this.

I would we what they have to say and sign it because it's going to go to the information commissioner and hopefully you will jump up and down about this because it is a whirring Development so let's move on to talk about the I don't quite understand exactly what this woman status if she's called Rona fairhead and she is about to become the new chair of the BBC Trust she is the new chairs BBC just she's the favoured candidate.

How is the how did this happen Helens open brilliant the kids going to sort it out the ends and she was using front of building fun of MPs at the only person being killed in front of them peace as the putative candidate as the leading cause this kind of thing so he's

Directly though the selectivity didn't have the chance to do this.

It will sort of done by a selection committee, but they sort of Elbow their way into the process and I didn't watch it.


I watch parts of it.

I mean talk about a self-serving bunch of MPs pushing their own agenda on to someone who just got a job and is obviously done as much research as she can I buy GTI performance can we can we talk about her statist she had she is going to be the new show the BBC Trust with our on those described in in the select committee report was the favoured candidate so the government decided she's going to cheer the BBC trust and what these select committee ratified.

I think this could he didn't have the chance to be ratified, but they doorstep Chris Patten resigned in may I think that's too damn because of his heart problems and Diane Coyle who was on the board of the BBC Trust has been into.

Chair until miss fairhead appeared, but I don't call me when she's due to side.

I've just done a quick Wikipedia which of course we this is absolutely true.

It says here that a forehead will officially take up the BBC Trust roll on the 9th of September so she was already the charity Trust what did you make a family love watching Sherlock and we'll look for strictly the other day watching BBC programmes is the qualification you need to lead such an organisation.

She's also got some very interesting baggage with her as well.

There is apparently she's in Broughty sometime court case which she won't go too deeply into pushes form.

When she was there a director of Pearson responsible for a tax and treasury matters that the other company there and set up all sorts of interesting companies based in Luxembourg which general of people tastes great preposition public probity like chairs BBC Trust Christmas market, but yes it does.

Attracted you to the tax haven, Luxembourg the charming Christmas markets business is not somebody who is the deep into TV media Empire as a businessman, that do you think you need someone who runs businesses around the BBC Trust Instincts body asleep because she is there to represent licence fee payers keep an eye on what the BBC executive to its oversight one.

It's also positioned.

So very visible oversight positioned know what there is a little little bit of the Box Tops they're based on a Barclays had nothing to do with some up to that point.

I have bought experiences is useful.

She's work in a media company she understands that side of the world in front of the select committee.

You don't achieve the level of success.

She has achieved by being not very good.

So I'm sure she's going to be excellent she was.

She was unfazed by formulating MPs with axes to grind something for a future for a couple of days ago.

We got money to say but I think you clearly not do that job for the money because it is a what do you do if she or he was a member of the establishment shoes on government committees, but if someone offers you the chance to be the chairman of the BBC Trust it's like that again to turn it down even for chair.

I'm not sure she put the chance of being in in that in that place to go to sick will they will put my name forward to have some more after this.

Hello producing Matt here.

Just putting the finishing touches to the new members website for the media podcast full of extra audio content from all the festivals we've been to and the ones are coming out if you Pledge on Kickstarter and selected that reward your received an email in the next few days showing you how to login and how did we build this dynamic and dare I say beautiful website by using the tools and hosting provided by the good people of squarespace.

They make it fast and easy to create your own professional website portfolio and online store and if you want a shiny new website of your own you can get a free trial and 10% off by entering the code mediapad at the Checkout as you'll see we've drag-and-drop exclusive audio from the Edinburgh TV festival and the next radio conference into the browser windows and a template that suits the lovely photos at our disposal.

And that's it we designed the whole thing in about 60 minutes so Kickstarter pledges.

Check your inbox for the link and if you haven't pledged but you're still interested in getting access.

I have details on how you can do that in the next few weeks begin building your website with squarespace today and get 10% off when you use the offer code mediapad win mystery series of Media festivals at the moment.

We had to cross the media podcast coming from the TV Festival last month the Radio Academy festival is in just a few weeks time and this week.

We had the next radio conference which claims to find a great creative ideas for radio and isn't it's lucky that we have one of the speakers and the organiser of the next radar conference around the table here at the hospital club to discuss it Matt how did it go from your perspective grow as the organiser rather than speaker.

Thank you very well done it myself.

I got call James cridland.

I think probably the pub most good idea start their don't know I think we've been to something can thought it was dreadful was like we could do this.

We could do this and after lots to do that for a couple of years.

We've had she decided that the way to do an event was to book a venue because then you have to do the event that anyway flash word for years it was on Monday it went very well.

It's a bit relentless for the audience all the sessions Rider 9 minutes 18 minutes.

We got to 24 speakers speakers from NPR and CBC from the BBC from the global from our independent producers Hull cross section of the pictures kind of people talking about ideas things they've done.

I think they like lots of examples for the audience things 205 imagination that the aradia practitioners can take back to their there any stations all the companies.

I want to speak is we had was from the government digital service timely small Houston the deputy director there anything what government websites and radio while you they've done something in.

Wiley talks about why and it doesn't Friday of neutrons in your head way think about how they would work at your own organisation who's the best speaker all there's anything wrong.

She hasn't also says clearly clearly accents people was a slightly different position on it because of what their own interests is I really like Tom speech actually because he was non radio.

He's x BBC November 10th so had a new the sector and I'm only thing different what I'm so funny.

He did it heated.


Great job by far the biggest know is that came out potential by definition is the possibility of achieving more in the fast-paced world of digital advertising Oracle data cloud has built its Legacy on finding the signal through the noise on unlocking potential we bring together data and technology to help you better understand your

Audience where to best engage them and how to measure a tool to realise true potential Oracle data cloud where better outcomes begin visit Oracle data cloud., to learn more what started as a trip to Cineworld turned out to be the journey of a lifetime this year you can watch Avengers endgame.

Rocket man Men in Black international Aladdin and the Lion King over and over again for one might people discover a world of unlimited possibilities are unlimited cinema at £17.90.

Feel more at Cineworld terms apply to the conference on social media was provided by Helen zaltzman, and it wasn't just for the fine dress you're wearing it was because it was because of the slide you put above your head during the speech which said context I was right at the end of the day and I was the task of summarising the talks that happened over when I built beside you haven't seen the talks as I had to get that done beforehand.

I thought was General it radio conferences people are either saying radios bigger and better than ever or radio is fucked so my daughter's about whether its flourishing of fact and that slide and the emitter the attending first got circulated vary widely and made a very big splash what what does what what will your conclusions then from your little session?

Listeners that won't die in the next few decades that this current generation of people who work in radio going to be fine for the duration of their careers, but to be honest there is a global audience out there.

They could be taking advantage of and there's a lot of Talent coming through in different ways including podcast in its dying from but it's not just you know starting local radio and then we're up and not all of them are taking advantage of these two pretty excellent resources, and I find that very frustrating sometimes when I put my weight behind DAB think DAB like Blu-rays all coming in as in physical form at a time when things are evolving from a single dedicated device for doing a thing and it was good at next Friday this year, but that seems to be one of the things you know spreading out on two different platforms and their use in your content in as many different ways to get to people as as you can I block injection some student Radio Awards recently for her fun time consuming but inspiring and I think that's

Got naturally, what is taken at the radio industry sometimes it is like radio stations are centres of energy information and enthusiasm and it doesn't really matter some of them and it doesn't matter how you disseminate that it's basically a bowl of creativity which should exist on every platform that draws people into that centre in somewhere and I think the students are coming through it was gratifying to see that they got that anyway and they were they were they were developing apps.

They were working on social media didn't have to be about all the other visualising the loss and they just saw themselves as the centre of the scene experience nothing radio to be the centre of someone's life experience and what rate has the workouts make it as easy as possible to consume that which I think we're going to talk about a little later on in this forecast is relatively cheap and yet.

There's a lot of not very interesting content around that cost a lot to make and I think they could do pull their socks up a bit and and enjoy it while it will they still have those resources and while you're on your soapbox, what would you?

Sorry, would you change about the next radio conference didn't work? It wasn't comfortable at the Royal Institution Christmas lectures were if you will putting up videos of all of the sessions for free on the next radio website.

They are gradually going up I think for up as we record this now.

Hopefully a few more days and hopefully people will be up an extra 2.00 or just search for nextradio conference so you can find all those videos.

Thank you better now to report them at told us just for the PokerStars a bit after organising the the next radio company lost the use of his legs the following day as I'm covered in Roblox now.

I mentioned delivery radio on virus tip from platforms at Mike Hill from the UK Radioplayer app has unveiled a new bitter kit at your conference which could revolutionize the way.

A team audio in the future, we just be the background so pretty much all UK radio stations use the same console for pop up listening to the radio on the internet which has helped increase the amount of consumption has been that way and it also launched a really great radio Discovery apps that do very well in the in the in the download charts of a million downloads of those apps and it a lot of that's about simplicity before we go out together on Radioplayer everyone's did it a different way and your computer might say you haven't downloaded this plug-in or whatever where is now.

They can't work so much more sweetly which is sort of meant that the radio player team have become a bit of R&D for UK radio is supported by the BBC and commercial radiator a good bunch.

They doing a good job making good things so Michael has been working on an area, which just like those pop-up players were a little bit all over the place at another place where it's a little bit strange that in car now an FM radio of old in the card seems fairly.

Builders let you know scroll up and down the child and you find the radio stations.

Where is now you've got FM again this DAB this is thing on the internet all the cars.

Do it slightly differently sometimes you have to have to take the band or the platform you're listening on then dive into its try and find the content it's all a bit about face really.

Can you provide for these new cars a really nice environment and what they've done is they've built a device that takes feeds from FM dab dab plaster and the internet to construct content so works the box which goes in your car and that might be made with the car when you buy a new one on.

I might be as an after fit then it Bluetooth to your phone Android or iPhone because you're really simple listening experience so if you choose Radio 1 it might grab that off DAB but has you as reception changes and say DAB stops then it'll automatic pullover 2fm and if FM disappears it will try it on 3.

What happens magically the background as a listener you shouldn't care what platform your favourite radio stations are on and it will just work yet as they built this prototype definitely does work and they're currently talking to OEM original equipment manufacturers to get other people to roll it out or they may well.

Just buy a million of them and sell them direct but what what I like about it.

Is it at the industry which has never had to think about radios before it's been someone else's job, but you know what radio manufacturers have done a crap job on you xx on the user experience and then we know that our listeners will be going to put that knowledge into the technology to get into cars.

So that in that environment where to have 20% of I listening at the moment.

We maintain that lead you give a good experience to consumers came out right the same time as the first Apple carplay things were launched in a way this seems like so it would been upset invaluable a few years ago.

What does carplay do?

Built-in to Sutton cars going to have to work with the vehicles manufacturers, but it does it does location it does messages does voice to voice activated control of your audio, but this would be good for retrofitting a lot of cars in Norton how to buy a new car, which would be quite an inefficient way to get a Samsung into your car at me where I can get in my car and say play me Helen and Ollie's answer Me This podcast or blaming the Media problems in your voice controls on your phone and this is Gonna Put the problem like all of it must be very tukar tukar and there's a video of Some user experience at the moment of modern cars in car entertainment systems and it's pretty bloody awful now part of the reason that car play which is apples version of ios for cars in effect and two uses your phone with an has a very apple looking dashboard.

That's cool, but the only lets you use what Apple want you to use the Waldo.

So the question to Apple reset the industry with said to Apple what does broadcaster radiator fitted so that they say that's up to the car manufacturers you talk to the car manufacturers who who is on some models of putting in carplay.

They go automoto applewood deal with that and it's ok.

You're a consumer.

Is this is not just radio protector some but your consumers will go walk.

Why can't I get Radio 4? I've got one I've got a stream it but I haven't got a 3G data plan and whatever my of your thing is so if I'm due to being able to switch on the radio and instantly hear the station.

I want to hear takes me way from listening.

This is a bit of a preemptive strike against them but by putting in a solution for car manufacturers.

There's no reason why carplay and got ready player doing can't work hand-in-hand, but it means that the great bits about broadcast free-to-air grey services on FM and dab it in a really easy to use form and it's it's a great project the tip of tongue.

Since the news in brief in ipsos classically educated, so it's all gone I believe because we just something is ipso facto something it's because it's what it is.

I think I've explained clearly bandied around it so in this case those the new body to regulate the Prestwich officially began.

Its work this week in the same offices at as it's discredited predecessor of the press Complaints Commission a bit and also hasn't managed to hoover up all the newspapers that would you would imagine would want to sign up to at the end of Ender guardian evening Standard of all not signed up.

Do you think it's dead in the water before it's even started Helen zaltzman.

Slightly mystified by what it's doing in the water and how it's a plant do the swim to somewhere else? How's it going to prove people's lives nothing or when people who like walking around homework don't even want them to mark their own homework not all of them anyway.

Seems a little bit hard are they going to do what they want and with that with it all for which is the new name for 4oD lost people changing names with predecessor organisations being given the kiss off.

Tell me about all for Helen zaltzman.

Are you excited by the idea that for it is mutating to this new platform for Millwall V reading website giving it in unity and also streaming.

What is on at the moment because they didn't do before which was a bit annoying and they're going to have their other web content because it's not a joined up Xperia gonna take a load of stuff which was on YouTube and put it onto this all for basic website program personal things not joking.

X-Men Goddammit I think maybe also says content around the show light off and on there, so he's there pushing that you go out you go to the website / presenter's name, but maybe the streaming is what I'm interested in I guess as I as I use an actual television sets and mate.

You've got some interesting this because you are a director of fun kids and I believe that channel 4 claim to have signed up half of all the 16 to 34 year olds in the country to their website and they're going to be very keen to retain the money that I think you have to register to use for ID from memory so I'm not surprised if Isis up everybody this is all broadcasters are looking at what Netflix is doing and are worried because they've done a good job of getting people to consume television in a different way same things happening with iPlayer iPlayer at the moment is a catch-up place, but they want to make it a destination where you start your TV experience.

React to catching up with a plan for the day they would they want all of them want to try and get more of that time and not I've not seen it to two other operators.

Can I think consumers will probably just want to catch up with that episode of location location location they haven't seen and we are honoured to have you in the shift.

It will type location location location to Google and press play on whatever box appears.

If not just a website then they finally then guardian membership the Guardian newspaper in a bid to increase Revenue and maintain.

Its free website then launch the members scheme and Men what it means that if you pay £60 a month you get to go on a tour of the Guardian occasion D&C editorial meetings only 720 quid a year you have got to be a pretty rabbit garden devotee because why were they just put up a wall that would work fine for them.

They should put up a parcel people they would make lots of money.

They could have done it 10 years ago.

They could be the only newspaper to make it work 10 years ago and yet.

They still resist do as I tell you guardian.

I'm only looking out for you.

Just turn Kings Place into the park cinema Jurassic Park engineering that could be sweeping past The Newsroom animatronic Alan rusbridger telling you the history of it 20 quid of go family for 30 quid and nice nice to finish on a rant and someone is kissing good idea.

He thought about this before we go to a media quiz which will end this week's podcast this week is called casting call when I'm going to name a celebrity and you tell me the program in which they've been cast ok.

Take us to go first name George Clooney why and what has he been cast in I think this appeared in the last week or as he is off to Downton Abbey for a Christmas film you read the news ok? Well done Matt Deegan you are a little bit closer to a Cadbury's Creme Egg

Next name James Corden what's he been cost-effective they will probably resent slightly for not being American author.

Just being another white guy in that's not even though the Craig Ferguson I know I should have guessed from the name source of replacing like-for-like great doesn't quite work out.

So it is a no-brainer for him.

So it's all in the greats Cadbury's Creme Egg Media Quiz no no it's best of three finally your question for the casting call.

What's Nigel Farage has been casting always off to LBC so you can get the creme egg zaltzman.


James' area where we see is excellent at capturing politicians 2BR

Is radio station soda Farage I'm just gonna be called frogs and ask Boris he's now got phone for Raj SMS to Matt Deegan thank you Mark and Helen zaltzman.

Thank you.

Helen will be back in two weeks.

You can get the podcast as soon as it's ready by subscribing via our website the media podcast this week's episode of dedicated to Alistair belly jumping producer currently working on this morning for ITV thank you Alistair and to podcast fan.

Kevin's cuts who declares a mystifying allegiance to the glow cloud or hail the mighty glow cloud my name is Nick what is the producer was Matt Hill until next time?

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