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Read this: #8 RAJARs, Sky Europe NYT app confusion

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#8 RAJARs, Sky Europe NYT app confusion…

Hello and welcome to the media podcast I'm only man on today's show brands win Big in the latest radio listening figures BSkyB aims to become Sky football that mean for customers in Germany Italy and the UK former athlete Lord Coe withdraws from the race to become BBC Trust chair that is political interference a hurdle to finding a successful candidate + more pans like that a quiz hooray and find out why they may just maybe money to be made in podcasting after all this is the media podcast sponsored by audiobook.

We do this week and media podcast regular Paul Robinson and Mossley former talkSPORT MD and now co-founder of contented digital media Mars what is that? It's a great title isn't it contented see what we did there the digital clearly very important and the moments of three things that we do one is.

Any shiny glossy TV Commercials and that's one part of the business the other is contract editorial what on Earth is that are you basically? It's a building video to sit inside publishes articles for a existing sort of media Brands so we do Daily Star OK magazine at type of staff where you can read it but also you'll get the infographic in the middle of it and what that does he is a increases the length of time for the user but it also allows people to swap sell pre roll and advertising around the video when you have got the video you can't get access to that cash and we just announced the launch of turnstile brand new platform, so it's video writing on the on the subject of football gaming gadgetry and music courses gonna play a huge part in that only thing is not really million miles away from me.

I guess you had that talkSPORT in terms of the audience might be interested in that you think they still giving the radar result I think I do incredibly.

Well, it's very focused audience but actually football fans.

Don't live in a bubble.

They've got mortgages.

They drive cars there interested music certainly interesting film certainly interested in gaming.

I try not to have any football fans listening to me at any given point in makes me so they are welcome back to the show.

What have you been up to you scarcely been in the UK since we left you.

I'm just a bit concerned about linger time and turn Star Motors creating a whole new Frankie familiar but we will talk to him like that.

I'm sure I've been travelling Germany China which was really interesting but place called they send out where the Olympic sailing took place and it still got the Rings up and then wait for that was in India in site called orissa and I got caught in the monsoon to 5 days and boy.

Did he reign your stomach must not know what continent is in any given time my stomach is brilliant my stomach for stonecutter that always drink bottled water aside from that I can eat anything.

I'm very lucky very very wise words OK well.

Let's take your wise words and

In the area that you both know very well, which of course is is radio we won't producer Matt sitting here as well all four of us kind of radiohead's really so before we talk about the rage as in detail cos he said they've come out this week.

That is the big news.

We could talk about it 4 hours of people listening.

You know that Ray Charles is how radio manages its audience, but don't really understand what they are and why they're important guide us through that first ok Siri I just two things one in measures audiences, so you can actually use them to help you program radio stations that tells you who's listening to what when they're listening.

How long are listening.

That's a tool to enable you to plan your scheduling and decide whether this present is doing really well as he moved out of bed of straw for this person's coming off all this shows not working so that's the first thing the second thing is it helps with advertising sales is the currency by which you buy a radio? It's a joint system, so it's not perfect.

Its shared by commercial radio and BBC it's still relies on a diary and record your listening is then also turned out in the end is a small sample that represents the Hulk

And then you get the numbers every 3 months MOT would just chipping your messing very analogue.

I mean before we shouldn't really successful settee results for a lot of radio station tomorrow or old stomping grounds and old-fashioned, but the trouble is no one's found a better way of measuring actual listening because all of the electronic measurement and Kelvin Mackenzie my friend and your former boss portion of the work with covered he had all sorts of ideas for electronic measurement, but it wasn't measuring the same thing and was measuring if the radio is on a supposed to if it's being listened to and so whilst it's in perfect system.

It's the best we can do at the moment.

I think so we got a few thousand people writing down on a pen and paper diary what they've been listening to in the future probably we're all agree people to be paid more attention to digital listening as well and whose listen to the website, but since this is the system that we have Paul what are the big headlines that start with the BBC as most was indicating their Radio 3 a big store.

Free Radio 2 in Radio 1 have a story to tell as well to pretty much settling down in telephone numbers Radio 2 who's been growing and growing and growing for the last 70 years and its audience is now 15.5 million 15.4 4 million year ago so pretty much the same as last year, but the story is it Chris Evans goes ever closer to that magical 10 million is now at 9.91 million listeners the largest audience to any radio show ever recorded in the 15 years of this radio methodology and its extraordinary number well ahead of Terry Wogan now and continues to grow and you know you look at the blogs and he seems to polarize the audience tell those who love him and and say you know he's fun he's got great guess he's got a good mix of music great outside broadcast unit and he's got ability to sort of make the trivial interesting and he can somehow make it sound like the morning is really urgent and happening when actually there's not a lot happening.

He's got that ability another say it's just all drivel and it's banana rubbish and shouldn't be on the BBC

9.91 million is a huge number and he have to be congratulated for that Nick Grimshaw has been losing all dim sofa and radio one, but it looks like he's pretty much flattened out now.

I mean 5.97 million marginally but already won overall is about 10.8 million so down to 20000 on the year, but it looks like radio one that has been losing audience as a result of the changes made by Ben Cooper is now settling down there are costs more changes to come the ones that were announced as part of the most recent schedule change main in specially shows problem with a big effect on audience.

It looks like radio one is at least not losing audience for the moment 10.8 million which is respectable number Radio 3 is Muswell saying and you mentioned all this is the big story Radio 3 down 5.6% which meant that Radio 6 music which is only on DAB is now got more listeners.

Hadn't Radio 3 Radio 6 music at 1.9 million radio 301.8 million avenues is going to happen because 6 Music has been gaining audience and radio threes been using audience for a while it.

Was calling to question a bit of model saying what is Radio 3 for now Radio 3 is not meant to be classic FM in it was meant to be a pillar of public service.

It's meant to be about live music about the Proms about too difficult music at commissioning works commissioning drama, but at 2 million audience below.

You know it start of a bit expensive and I think a new controllers coming in of course existing patroller is retired Roger Wright and disappearing after many years at some really great guy someone trying to Bedford all the time but he are the new guy coming a new person coming in does need a thing with Alan Bown to reinvent what Radio 3 is for it's not meant to be classic FM it's not meant to have classic FM's audience size and you wouldn't just judge Radio 3 by have big the audiences your thing about to the this make up the word inches is very ab audience describe an old audience and very london-centric animals do people then start asking you know.

Even if there's a strong case to be made against this to people start asking does Radio 3 deserve to have that massive national platform across the whole country when there's many commercial BBC stations like 6 Music that would like to have that frequency.

I mean yes, maybe one of the questions is how it's broadcast you know how we actually broadcast it.

Does it need that massive very expensive transmission network the BBC has closedown BBC Three to make it a sort of the digital only two and I think that increasingly less Impact full of technology and and and ways of transmission improve and it's a huge challenge for the BBC it's a mindset and it's a mindset we have a little bit radio specifically in chasing audiences and having the largest audience possible and that being mean centred 4 controllers that being me incentive no matter how many people protest about that it's working.

Oh, it's what you do the BBC I think has to reevaluate internally what public service means and then has Paul quite rightly points out effectively communicate their.

To the licence payer Radio 3 is something that could not happen under a commercial remit or it certainly would be incredibly difficult to make that happen.

It's always struggle to communicate beyond is beyond the radio station.

It's a it's a stupid question? Need to refocus when I think you know if if you are going to have a high art to high culture focused station of Focus brand then your it is part of what the BBC is about there is a place for it, but you know it will be will be, thinking more focused entity will have to rethink and I think communicate more that was always the frustration for me because Rodger just a little word on him.

He's an amazing a hugely passionate about not only the radio station about his genre and I hope all those here man that used it 4 hours listening to that guided we're now.

It's sell it to you in a heart attack and has been a great servant at the BBC and is one of those characters who was no dedicated his life to two Public Service Broadcasting what time does move on and I think 1300 refocus and her and a new energy for Radio 3.

I think explains the licence fee at parents actively what it does beyond just what happens on that transmitter.

I think's gonna be hugely important to so I know this is being seen as we've been discussing as bad news the Radio 3 but actually even within the BBC it's all good news for 6 Music because they got a bigger audience than radio through it is good news for digital.

Isn't it and Matt Deegan also another regular here on the pod light on Thursday that the big story here is actually bat brands at Absolute 80s has 70% of the reach of the main absolute radio station heat radio based on the magazine now on the way to a million listeners at Moses this finally happening but digital can compete with analogue and brands are really important.

I think we still talking about this and for me having sort of working in a digital space now.

Albeit with film and video ology entry of the ology 4th Avenue word ill write it down in a glossary writing in it is that would promote digital vs.

Analogue vs.

This they're actually know if you talk to my 17-year-old son.

It doesn't distinguish to sort of react to What Matt saying that's not an issue for him and we both of you.

Just on your Alma Mater Paula like I do think of Radio 1 when I hear you talk because you don't talk about it a lot looking at Radio 1 now.

They're drive to get listeners younger.

It's stalling isn't it? I think the average age still 34.

How are they progressing really happened in the way? I think they were hoping it to Radio 1 still losing younger listeners.

I think Radio 1 is reasonably strong at the moment.

Is it the best radio one has ever been no, I don't think it is and was obviously you're most readily associated radio, Wisley talks.

What how how did I do this time? When did really well? I think the highest reach the the bag well done to Liam Fisher it was my deputy there and one of them to the whole team at that that station seems to go from strength to strength was gratified to see that they be ours have strengthened as well because that's pull will know that's one thing you off and worry about and because we say we don't trade in retrieve your commercial you don't trade and reach you trading hours.

That's your commodity not reach is a mistake that people make so your reach very often if it increases quite quickly, but I look 2 hours which means your sales capacity in the market Rings so it's all very often a balance that one has to play When You're a commercial program control it but he's done a great job.

I think they're very consistent.

You know exactly what you gonna get when you TuneIn I think the new hires have been the Johnny vaughan's col-erase for instance of were really really well, I'm delighted for the family because actually after all that could have been hated me even if you make a change in its a better change.

Audiences calorie activity, but I get 3.4 million and good hours so total hours up as you say Liam is really a good act really strong active and it's great to that station do so well enough sleep.

We didn't want to go to a talkSPORT we did work together right into talk radio station Jazz FM because Guzzi Jazz FM going up in London now.

It's on London DAB only such as an increase of 49000 which is good also to see that capital is back at number one in London magic number to and kiss at number 3 on reach and heart is down to number for the number one by Cher number one by reach by Cher is a different story, but it's a bit hard is number one by Cher is 1 st into yeah, but in terms of listeners heart looks like it may be losing the plot of it.

Eventually you gonna lose total hours on the absolute losing audiences never occur near London smooth.

Really struggling London maybe.

The global strategies working I mean good increasing rates 38% increase in rate 14% increase in hours in the last quarter early days, but encouraging and I have to mention premier Christian Radio that's the star of this range are omeprazole this a 54% increase in reached up to 240000 listeners say well done to them.

God is doing well anyway our worldwide as a different story for a different shows very well on the radiators ability to listen to premier Christian Radio you are talk about God so happy that Richard parks verilog discuss the big radio story is that I think you'll find on the number one overnight showing radio.

I think I think in London number one overnight showing big headline story, but somehow we missed move on tick tock from Radio to TV anymore acquisitions News Sky is announced this week.

They want to take over 21st century fox's pay-tv businesses in Germany and

Italy it would form a Pan European broadcaster called sky Europe at a cost estimated to be around 5 billion pounds that cash would then be used by fox to help their acquisition of Time Warner which is sort of always now being reported as a fact doesn't even though it's been rebuffed.

What would Liberty Global steak in ITV via combine Channel 5 is this the shape of things to come more mergers and acquisitions well.

I think Sky Movies actually in response to Liberty who have been buying a Basset tour around Europe are they bought Virgin Media in the UK they bought telenet which is the Virgin Media of Belgium they then bought a unitymedia and, baden-wurttemberg which of the big heavy Apprentice in Germany and then they bought another one just forgetting for second over 0 in Holland so they're building is pan Europe network and sky was operating it's 3 dth business is straight to home satellite businesses as individual entities in a way.

This is really an Equity swap within the Murdoch Empire because actually fox is owned by Murdoch a different part of murder.

So now what she's got is your accommodation with Sky in the UK leading these two other broadcasters, what will it mean and it's going to mean more and more that the expertise that since guy will be transported across to Germany and Italy pay TV in Germany is struggled because I in Germany every household got cable, so where we used to have 5 channels in Germany have all got 30.

So how do you make the case of paying for more TV it's a much harder case and so they have struggled but to skydive Hinton are doing well, but what they'll do is the the products of Skies burn so successfully such a SkyGo the vod services at the set top boxes with the large 2 terabyte storage all of that will move to Germany that stretchy will also move to Italy that will give them or buying power more economies of scale and you'll see a pound Euro Sky offer that's the same in all three countries a MOSFET sky subscribers many of him of the kind of people that you want looking at your turnstile platform when it starts at what difference is it at?

Free mate if you subscribe to send this country, did you like the football does it make any difference there a bigger company footballs an interesting wanna be great to get pulled view on this actually cause we talk about support specifically increasingly the only people able or capable to bid the sort of Numbers were talking about specifically about the premier league are people are able to offer a holistic approach to communication in your household, so it makes economic sense for Sky and BT to offer these deals if they're supplying broadband to you then get to Homer broadband if they're supplying telecommunications.

Well increasingly we all use on mobiles now.

That's where the players if your ITV BBC some the traditional players are on.

It is very difficult to get into that market has sport of course.

I'm clearly as you know most the Premier League the Bundesliga visa critical sports right as a paper or costume needs these underpin vast numbers of customers to a bigger sky has got more muscle.

Going into the EPL discussion, it's got more muscle going to bring it later probably answer the question the question that many I think commentators that are read and listen to her asking is this a reaction indeed to the forthcoming bidding war which with multiple take place with BT no doubt with the Premier League if you're spending that sort of money in that sort of War chest on acquisition.

You've got your mind on the States and you know the acquisition that hasn't happened, but he has happened according to reports.

Where's the money coming from to prop up a sustained beard against BT and is it conspiracy theories about a strategy that sees sky actually move back slightly from the Battle of physical battle in the UK for sports rights the way that the dominator domain involved with for so many years because it's going to take billions sky them are right.

They have to get the appeal.

They have to get them.

Joseph games if BT were to actually have more games and sky that would damage Sky at the moment.

I think that these he hasn't really taking customers from Sky people are buying BT Vision as well as buying Sky by the they found the BT Vision head all of the games.

I think they might well swap out of Sky to BT now be a big problem.

What's one of the other reasons for these acquisitions in a TV for a while over in Germany but actually there is with the right product and opportunity those great opportunity for growth if you take those all those market together in in those mature markets.

I mean how many boxes can you have in one house? No business like a bath with a new mobile playing from 3 all the usual stuff you could get from a phone contract with unlimited data + 6 months of exclusive benefits from our partners.

Spend less time accounting and more time Disney Planes with Brushwood builder website design to work perfectly on a mobile networks get a reception if that's not your nan out.

We work and nothing says I've got this like a business.

Thai translator mobile playing that actually help your business because three means different search / business for further details of this is actually what number then.

We are the time that work successfully forced to sell part of that steak by the regulator signetics now affect be sold that state to Liberty Mike freeze.

Who's the head of Liberty Global International has said to date variances Night eBay's contact business that goes what Crozier is done.

Very successfully closer the CSI series 10 very successfully is Bill that ITV production base sell those shows overseas and that's really what's made ITV in too much stronger broadcasted.

There, was he sees that content? I think is being very useful.

There's Liberty businesses outside the UK we don't know yet.

Whether can make a bid for the full company but 8 billion.

ITV would cost is half what you paid for Virgin Media and so it's not a huge bite friend on that bombshell as they never say on their Sky Sports 3 I believe we'll be back with more witty badinage and banter in an intellectual basis after this message from our sponsors this episode is brought to you by squarespace which if you listen to any other podcast in the world.

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Artwork for you to go on start a free trial with no credit card required and begin building a website today and don't forget when you decide to sign up for squarespace make sure to use the offer code mediapad to get 10% off but I got some other stories now and we start with the news that Lord Coe has withdrawn his application to become chairman of the BBC Trust Mazda blaming.

Not all I actually had the privilege of meeting Wilko at the House of Lords and we had a spot of dinner and a chat together which was nice and I haven't felt than actually if he did he ran for government some guys then other be great portion of the electrode that would follow women who knows that might be in the back of his mind in turning down this particular position because it is a poisoned chalice know what it is a political position certainly from a lot of.

Who were in The Running it's a no win position the other thing of courses that that connects charter renewal if you know it may not exist if you put it all together on one play.

It's not a great meal.

Is it says not suppliers of people have walked away Mum it's sort of a part-time job there isn't it? You get paid a decent amount you get a public profile in a way if you think it's going to be dissolved in a couple of years time.

I can imagine my be quite attractive for retiree understand what you're saying is head of hell of a part-time job but actually has Paul know these particular position.

They might be part-time, but they they become a way of identifying you you weren't forever.

You are cool the chairman of the BBC trust.

That is how you introduced it becomes your life becomes your persona and then you'll always be referred to as the former chair of and depending on how you did or how much luck ill look you didn't have your sort of tired with it and think for a lot of people who don't need the money who don't need the prestige.

It's just not worth it and Lord Patten haven't had a lot of luck Javea Port Glasgow

No, he's not had love like he know we don't know how much it's down here man.

How much is down to the banana skins that kept on the rising but I think Moses write.

This is not the job of being chairman of the BBC you know when I was the BBC we had mama 2 cutscene he was the chairman the BBC and he would you like was the director generals boss? This is the chairman of the regulator that regulates the babysitters not the same thing so there's more says it's not as prestigious everything that she goes wrong at the BBC gets thrown at you either you fail to intervene or something goes wrong.

Why didn't you stop it? So I'm not surprised.

I do say that I do think that Greg Dyke should keep his blooming nose out.

I mean Greg Dykes become a professional commentator on everything well.

I don't think anyone with him there any more know very few people were in tears when Mark Thompson stepped away from the BBC of course and what he's up to now is at the New York Times let's talk a bit about that.

They are struggling in the online world profits down 54% Thanks for dropping ad sales and Investment in its digital offerings.

But those offerings which has a breakup their opinion news and premium content into three separate apps it appears to be the problem.

That's what's leaving readers perplex Mark Thompson telling shareholders.

We underestimated the challenge of presenting the new wider range of choices to our users and left some consumers confused as a result so Paul subscriber numbers Are Scientists tour at the New York Times how important is it that they keep experimenting in this kind of digital way well experimenting is fine, but to experimenting with shareholders money and you have a duty to produce results and 54% decline is not good in anyway.

I have to say that Mark Thompsons statement their sounds very much like a BBC manager who's actually aggregated any responsibility interest you know we underestimated well.


It's actually your job to get it right and look everyone makes mistakes and of course we all make mistakes and you learnt from those very quickly I think Mark Thompson needs to learn very very quickly and sort this out.


To me, it's overly complicated consumers don't understand and therefore rather than trying to engage their same we won't engage at all and they just walking away.

You need a very clear simple offer and you've got something that's compelling had a price people will pay that sit and then market it and I don't think they done that.

I think they've done quite the opposite of York Times has a great newspaper, but it's not replicated online online.

It's a mess a mess as I'm coming to call you in This podcast digital day.

I'd like you got your I'd like your take on this because this unbundling is actually a train that's going across the biggest brands on the internet isn't Facebook a put Messenger on a separate app Google are completely buggered up driver and what they're doing their supposed.

Ox and spreadsheets and is a complete mess trying to use it but everyone's doing it.

So is it the wrong idea to try and separate all of your content into different apps to try and maximized.

I don't know advertising and end-user has stickability journeys a very different experiences.

So we will talk about turnstile so if you're talking about what?

Put on your homepage or if you were talking an analogue to the front page of your magazine or newspaper.

It isn't necessarily the story that will travel the most people don't press it this way they'll take a story that's been shared a little further down.

That's more shareable captures the imagination and goes viral and comes in and digitally what brands are trying to do is at the amount of access point that people can have to their brand as opposed to keeping it in one place, but there is a way of doing that and I agree with what Paula said and been very clear on what the brand proposition is the brand proposition the New York time should be very clear to super brand with a huge amount of heritage.

It should work.

It will work it has to go digital.

There is no choice in there.

I think the other failing up and it has to be marks.

He's in charge is culturally and we see that a lot with a lot of print people that you work with is that there is a lot of gravitas given to the print ended.

Business not only in the way that you write and not only the way that's presented in the way that it's sold and commercialized and that the digital is still viewed with a little bit of suspicion what you have to get absolutely right is an alignment of Cultures than actually it becomes one brand and it's doing it has a 360 approach to the way that it's making its content of so often you find very often that they were newspaper with this with that is still a little confused and that's what that's the Challenge for Mark culturally get it right within his own organisation and secondly as Paul says be very clear to the audience what you're selling order disc and staying in the States and staying with apps now apple have just bought another startup this one is called swell for 30 million dollars my heart.

What does it do? Why do they wanted you think like so many tech sales at the moment again? It's a huge amount amount of money swelling around the markets at the moment for tech startups.

And when it comes to content a lot of this check is and aggregation aggregating a genre or aggregating a type of content so if I can download swell it provides me in the met with a whole range of content that I find satisfying that I want and it's there a one place to the press of a button, so it knows what I like if it sounds radio aggregations in Absolutely so I could find you on it one of these days you mean this the thing you can find podcast of course on apple Zone podcast app, but that's a bit crap.

Isn't it compared to some of their competitors and that's been a criticism recently you think Paul this is what they think you could they shutting down as well.

They're bringing the technology in house.

Yeah, I think that this is about as Moses targeting.

So you get what you want and it's really a recommendation engine is an algorithm that learns what you actually consumed and gives you more stuff like that and this is not a particularly new idea, but it's new in the terms of being targeted at music.

Anger and particularly been told you that a car in the morning.

I think that's really rude thing because the attempt by swells in the US has been to own that journey to work time which in the US is longer than it is here but I think even so there's a challenge here for radiobacter radio again because a lot of radio listen stone in the car the reach in the car is 40% in the UK and I think the big battle for radio in the next 5 years in the thing that radio executive got to group up in commercial radio and the BBC is making sure that radio still has a place in the car this sort of app if it really takes off could completely screwed it up because of my asthma said you're going to get stuff in their you're going to get talk radio not the talk radio that we worked on but the talk radio.

It's absolutely what you want to hear and you want to know about for you in the car when you're driving to work.

That's incredibly powerful you just see how it impacts on the UK podcasting market as well because actually hear the journey is that people making to work on a Cesarean car the underground aren't they with lollipop cast list.

You can't stream content at all because I need to download it first people I think with things in there is your headphones on now than they were 10 years ago and they listen to audio MLB live, but it's audio surveys the opportunity.

We will make sure you get shared out here with that I mean that's why I do them drive to my listening on the move.

I use the underground but you can't another way you go in the country people got that.

You're not want to be entertained and generally what they they choose their own playlists when I want to come away from the music they want to be made to laugh or think or whenever I think talk radio app set the soft is the future of radio is the Future Radio MFM podcast Sunday we'll both be right.

It's radio.

It's audio and it's what we have to understand in it.

We want to call the industry radio.

How's that become one of the top part of the same family rather than it all being sort of?

Somehow it's all divorce playing Bitesize it because it's really making money on podcasts, but this could be an opportunity if you can actually find the audience For This podcast you could charge for that the audience does not pay for content.

They do not do that his wife on radio.

I think it is a flawed model but if I know that 14 god forbid Paul Robinson Solicitors, very sore well-educated ab type individual.

I know that's happening then as a brand.

I'm willing to pay for that and that's where you begin to really think make revenues.

I make money out of these things right now Wendy's commuters who have been listening to their podcast get home what they're not doing is switching on London live, London life of they'll send an application to Ofcom asking to change their service agreement.

They want to reduction in local programming during prime time from 3 hours to just 60 minutes at the told the Guardian they still want to broadcast 8 hours a day of local programs in this first year but their plan to increase that number in.

Following years has been scrapped.

It doesn't cause any Delight to say that we were right all along but really Paul you know everyone was saying to Jeremy Hunt local TV is going to work exactly I think you know we we said we said This podcast the economics of local TV are very very challenging but I think I'd say this.

I wouldn't say this necessarily prove that local TV is dead because I think London is somewhat different the figures are very disappointing 150000 reach in the first week and then it's everything now 110000 a week which is not very good in minutes in a smaller than premier Christian Radio in London so yeah that makes the point number of us is very small and very expensive Freeview channel slot as well.

He's got a very good slot channel channel channel is a great slot you come across.

It is your cruising across so we know it should have a lot of people just finding it sticking with it.


I think the problem is this how can you be local in London London is not a local community.

I mean understory the national stories.

Josie wake up mantis Industries finance this is where the entertainment capitalism, so I don't think London is actually a local market.

I would say the test is going to be can they make this work in Glasgow can they made this work in Milton Keynes I don't know what he says no Shima Cabs London is struggling is necessarily the death of local TV yet.

Not calling to talk to the team that we're launching.

That's what I completely but not many of each product so we talked about London sport what you could do here in there and actually hard-working enthusiastic team trying to build an audience on her.

That's like you know it's not working.

It's a really difficult time talking to became very clear.

We could do this.

We could do that not too expensive we can do that too expensive we could do this.

It's too expensive programming ticular television Lee costs money you're talking about.

Mr catered, London audience alright, you've got no end of choice as to what they can watch for how to endorse that's their spare time.

I agree entirely with what poles for saying I said that's why I radio London BBC channel and up until recently LBC your that seems to got over that hurdle.

I found it very difficult to build London centric audiences.

You know what is local London LBC it was his name that is now a national state channel conversations, which happened to come from London and government finally there is hooray.

Just enough time to squeeze in the highlight of everyone's fortnite.

It is of course the media podcast Media quiz that is a girl.

Yes, it's good this three questions based on the week's news convoluted rules which change every single episode and a creme egg prize simple stuff so this time we're playing name that news.

I have three headlines you have to tell me how many words you think it will take you to guess the story at so Paul what would you like to say you were going to name our first story in how many words ok? Give me a four-letter words most sporting man, can you do it for less? No ok Paul first here's the first story here's the first 4 words of the news headline relating to this story Doctor Who to Premier

Ok, yeah, I do I do I do know what this is this is about the first episode of the new Doctor Who series premiering at the TV festival in Edinburgh correct.

That was now you've heard that you reckon you can do this in three or 2 words right.

I'm gonna get through ok.

Let's name that news Evan Davis too well.

It's a list of the think I am well low slung jeans and creates controversy.

Needlessly presenter.

That is set to become take over from Paxo at Newsnight good idea bad idea.

What do you think? I think that is a hugely talented presenter.

I'm going to get all politically correct.

I know it shouldn't but I think there is a plethora in fact the BBC is overloaded with fantastic women journalists and I was surprised really that the BBC didn't take an opportunity to give Summer like Victoria Derbyshire Princeton so I think it's done that.

Joanne and Anna fantastic job that particular old is very high-profile role for the BBC and it was an opportunity missed I think but nothing is ever there was something I think he's super broadcaster of course of the problem at today because it means now Jim Naughtie can't come back because they had one too many presenters on the day programme on Radio 4 right final story, what would you like to name it in can you do 3? I think you could do to I'm going to do I'm going to do to ok here it goes into words it name that news ITV Studios

What's the story ITV Studios profit because they've done really well in the most recent numbers or it could be the Kevin lygo store tallaght well.

You've got to choose one which do you think it is ok? I'm gonna go for Kevin lygo been writing under a pseudonym.

That's a lucky betting to his program has been commissioned by the BBC but he wrote Under a name.

I think it was Ruby Solomon correct.

Kevin lygo Rotunda the name Ruby Solomon and one the commission for a drama called Walter which he says is somewhere between New Tricks and mind are so daughter star is daughter's a ring on it and they presumably don't be a theme tune sung by Dennis Waterman absolutely so who's won the quiz then Paul I guess ridiculous congratulations right that is it for this episode my thanks to Mars d&t Paul Robinson will be back in two weeks time you can get the podcast as soon as it's ready by subscribing via our web.

Site the media podcast at this week's episode is dedicated to baca Gareth Harrison hukou runs doodle do motion in Manchester because that there is a media world outside London Gareth exist and to Alison Ross as well.

He would like me to describe her as a barely interested bystander.

That's the kind of committed listener the advertisers will certainly be drawn take anyway.

Thank you very much for your support guys.

I've been Olly Mann the Producers been that he'll the media podcast is a PPM production and not affiliated to the Guardian in anyway.

See you in a fortnight.

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