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Read this: The Media Podcast #6 - BBC levels the playing field, George Clooney apology

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The Media Podcast #6 - BBC levels the pl…

Hello everyone producer Matt here one final time to say thank you.

Thank you to everyone who pledged whatever they could to our Kickstarter campaign.

We've been working hard behind the scenes to find an extra wedge of cash from last minute sponsors, and that's pushchairs the final mile to the finish line will reveal who they are soon but for now the moment is yours, we're here for another year and it's down to you.

So thank you the media podcast is a PPM production and not affiliated with the Guardian in anyway, and now the show hello and welcome to the media podcast I'm Miranda Sawyer on today show should the BBC be allowed to make programs for other broadcasters who won't avatars on Channel 5 and which female journalist has been offered £300,000 to go on Celebrity Big Brother and no it's not me.

That's all to come on today's Media podcast.

Media podcast., so we inserted ar broadcaster and one-half of the award-winning answer Me This podcast Helen zaltzman.

You could waive or say hi to does really and Alex Hudson BBC journalist of all trades including producer of to the question time newsweek consultant and BBC Click drone before we start I just thought because then someone who we will reveal later has been offered all this money to appear on Celebrity Big Brother are there any reality shows that you would appear on quite like them.

I would if they weren't actually filmed like Strictly Come Dancing like to learn to dance but not in front of people get me to express.

I'm quite like that as well.

What point would you start saying is £300,000 ok? So we're putting herself out.

That is if anyone's listening movie where the available for this going out in the first week.

Yeah, ok, let's start this week at the BBC Tony Hall the DG is proposed.

Juicing and open market for programme making at The Corporation on July 10th.

He said that the current system which ensures that half of all BBC shows and made in-house should end and in return the BBC would be able to make programs for other broadcasters proper competition and entrepreneurialism requires a level playing field.

He said possibly not in this voice.

We should have a regulation in the TV supply market only where it's needed so we can let creativity and Innovation flourish.

This is not a small move because it requires a change of the BBC's royal charter so this openmarket won't be able to happen until after the royal charter is renewed in 2017 and at the same time of course the new licence fee will be established well early at the media podcast spoke to broadcast magazine deputy editor Jake kanter about the reaction inside and outside the BBC so I think this is pretty seismic, but sensible stuff on the BBC at the Indy sector has been campaigning for a production quotas to be opened up for some.

I'm now and it's which is going to be granted.

I think there's lots of unanswered questions what the shape of BBC in house mites.

Look like how it will be active any commercial world and I think this is the starting point of that conversation and the BBC is right to open up the Debate now before charter renewal next year as for the mood in BBC a house while again.

It's a bit early but Freeland at the boss of fiction is said to me that it will be like at freeing up the Ferrari from the farmyard, but others have raised concerns about what it might mean for certain departments within and house.

He might not be able to thrive and prosper it in a commercial environment.

I think there's certainly a view from some corners of the industry that there is a lot of waste at BBC in-house a lot of people sitting around twiddling their thumbs potentially being complacent about the business that they have already but I don't think the focus is on that just yet.

That may come when the BBC stops repair in house free commercial future and I think that would inevitably raise questions about the structure and working processes at the production division de coing again has been very clear that this is a starting point of a conversation.

He is throwing the focus of this debate very much on consolidation in the Ender sector has appointed to any specific deals, but then there's tacit acknowledgement in what he's been saying that deals including all3media sale to Discovery and Liberty Global and the potential acquisition of love Productions by Sky have all contributed to this thinking and and that's why the BBC is decided to go public with his plans today.

That was Jake kanter speaking on Thursday morning to the media podcast right Alex it doesn't sound particularly BBC does it the Tony Hawk white sounded rather like James Murdoch to me very modern and doesn't say what the BBC

I think I'm with you and it sounds but if you think about the programs that already by the work and question time she's already made by mental as all the things about Have I got news for you and all the other ones.

Is it that much different a joke was saying about all of these production staff to ask sat there waiting around to do something.

I don't think that is true as he makes out to be anything was BBC staff not doing a lot of work.

Do you think it will help smaller production companies in the companies that have been mentioned are actually all quite big and they already have kind of ends on the BBC soap in a hat-trick makes Have I got news for you and red makes Last Tango in Halifax all3media.

All these things are quite large can a super Indies do you think that if we if it's opened up a bit further than the little Indies can sneak in may be going from 50% in-house 225 effectively adding an enormous number of potential commissions to them so fingers crossed.


Maybe that will shake up the content a bit.

I'm assuming that for the BBC there are various bonuses free.

BBC can't really do anything without getting it take for it.

So if people saying I'll be busy shouldn't be making it rubbish goes like this taken me nearly made it and also does it save money in my save money right otherwise I won't be doing it all.


They think they want to make money.

Don't know that's why most of the other way as well, so if they have all these kind of quality programs perhaps they can you paint them out to other people think that there could be some enormous Stop Til changes in the next 5 years and then this will be relatively minor in comparison to those z12 film or go out and take these ridiculous cameras where you can get as good shots with an ocelot that because same structure as the small Indies with less overheads can come in and under and start undercutting in a post YouTube page the idea that was somehow still spending £1,000 every every few minutes for program.

Seems a little bit confusing something opens the door to these amazing people who coming through the incredible things for very little money and it was saying that's not these massive Indies or

Does mother and diesel just come and make some stuff to what works? What doesn't do you think the private sector will be happy about the BBC being able to tout their wares in the so-called open market given that they have quite a lot of structure behind them.

That is will the licence fee payer be happy with their licence fee money being used to create programs.

That is not sitting within the BBC and then will it make a profit? Will it run at a deficit? Will it take text me money at all? I haven't had much dealings yet with the Indies about the repercussions of this thing.

It is only been announced as morning and the extent to which how many different programs can be made BBC Productions on Channel 4 is that seemed really hot and you just can't imagine us Ruby that willing to hand it over to them despite the fact that BBC of got you know as she know a massive kind of experience in those kind of shows used it.

Just seems quite hard, isn't it?

Those people were babysitting be making the voice or hole-in-the-wall or Total Wipeout racing I was going to say it with BBC worldwide buying program.

Been selling programs and stuff that all sorts things that the average licence there has no idea about this error door doesn't even know how the machinations are going the reason is so shiny and so polished is because it's unsellable.

Did you think in the end and if we accept this is going to happen.

Do you think everybody would be happier if the BBC was just commissioning program.

So it was like Channel 4 it didn't make any it just said you know what you're all you people who used to make progress Rose why don't you go out setup Indies and then and then pitch don't know that people would be happy because I think they've got it with their minds but things made by the BBC have to be really good and permanent theming and prepare and without that everything everything is gone downhill even if some of the trademark BBC programmes were made equally as well by different company.

They might be a bit tattoo thigh.

That's ruined it is I think was a tricky question is how do you think the announcement will affect licence fee negotiation cos that to me seems to be what it is underneath really think David respondents said that they is looking forward to this picture to renewal and in 2017.

We don't know how much you go back to the factory still pay TV licence when I most of audience already online watch it online the dubious ways that you can avoid paying the licence fee by consuming content online.

I think we've already stuff for the quarter cup in real terms and in my view.

We're starting to see the contents tougher BBC three years eve online.

How does that affect cost saving and news is continuing battle with costs you know if you want us to keep reporting in these fog and areas for not as big an audience as you might expect for a is doing BuzzFeed like content which happily we don't do yet.

It's a choice.

I think they think we should still keep making eye contact me do anything at BBC should be producing it the stronger content reproducing the more.

In-depth content produced the more likely we are to be in a stronger position in 2017 by Barrett online the building for the podcast and so on and so I wouldn't be surprised if that takes place for you want to watch something when I'm away and can't feel slightly frustrating cuz I would pay for his kind of you're not allowed to or even actually I would do it after after the week long time that you're quite often allowed to watch anywhere iPlayer I think you know what if he got it up a couple of quid and I watch it BBC2 saying is a story worth telling.

Yes or no, or is a story going to make his money.

Yes or no, so basically coming out from within you sat on we have to be able to still say this stories worth telling regardless of the audience should want it as well because of the door to work together, but you can't just say will it make us money is Radio 4 programme storytelling, but they know will get any kind.

I refuse to think there's that already.

Jewel staite happening when and also one of the things that we always seem to discuss television about it.

Don't really discuss radio radio of course has contents coming in from Independent producers, but actually at a much lower rate than those you say 10% I'm going to say something which my producer Matt has advised me to say but the window of creative competition Wok and apparently.

Is there as it is known in the BBC's yes, it's only rock and this is this isn't the place within the BBC where one can picture for if you're outside the BBC I mean imagine some indie should be jumping for joy given at the moment only light 10% on the rise of the radio business alteration in the schedule for Cosmo stations is the same sort of program year after year and so there's not that much opportunity coming to make something else anyways there like the number of commissions going to be like.

Radio 4 PS1 stationery yes, it's the station 20 pictures of the year so thanks to Jake can take his own podcast with broadcast magazine called Talking TV available on iTunes for all your TV industry needs, let's flip to Channel 5 recently Channel 5 has had much to cheer about with Richard Desmond taking the smallest of R32 air public service broadcasters from a 46 million lb deficit to a 70 million pound profit in just four years.

He's agreed to sell channel 52 viacom the American global mass media company and that's going ahead as long as the European regulator agrees, but before that's even been decided viacom appeared to be 30 million pounds out of pocket as omnicom the American global advertising and marketing company has decided to pull all of its advertising from Channel 5 until the end of the

And advertised on ITV instead so that means products such as McDonald's Vodafone and apple won't be selling the cells between the snogging and shouting on Big Brother at least not until 2015 Helen no one from channelfireball omnicom is commenting so why do you think they would pull out of advertising on Channel 5 given that it gets it still gets kind of more than 10% of all TV viewing in the UK I'm assuming that both some kind of the behind-the-scenes machinations with ITV all I know is terrible rape Channel 4 ident floating documentaries about serial killers.

I don't have an n with the omnicom but I do think it sounds like Marvel Comics version of a big evil businessman.

Hello, Sophie listen, I can't take this story seriously though, you might think they're

Better mediums now for advertisers Communities given to people you would have given that kind of digital might give you a bit of Engagement with the consumer and you might think that actually tell he doesn't really matter so much and Big Brother still is touting his claim of being the biggest commercial show 46234 switch I find quite early, but yeah the statue there.

This is being watched.

It is being engaged with and those advertising things are being watched by because people are still watching this thing but I think if you're trying to engage any younger audience of course you move online of course you stop doing banner adverts of course you do all of these different things that would make a lot more sense, but then why would they still spend so much money with ITV and different broadcasters and not Channel 5.

It kind is potential by definition is the possibility of achieving more in the fast-paced world of digital advertising Oracle data cloud has built its Legacy on finding the signal through the noise on unlocking.

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Hope there is a kind of really.

I just would like a small fight will it will be quite funny.

Do you think if you if you were an Advertiser also it might be quite a kind of good thing given that now it will happen is cos I've lost all this advertising presumably the advertising space and there and the channel is now a lot cheaper in fact.

It's expected to be 15% lesson the same time last year.

So you know you could just get in there or maybe it's all coming rude then it could be that and I also get Pickering your point about omnicom we have omnicom we have viacom and then you can make jokes about the kind of weirdly unit all-encompassing orwellian nature of these global.

Business but the fact is a big and so the decisions are big you know opera which is on the comms advertising on controls about 14% of the UK TV ad market and there are other agencies which even bigger group has 35% so I mean generally do you think it's a good idea for these Media agencies to be so big given the date of me.

All it takes is one kind of flowers and the telly channel really could go down when you put it like that and it does seem like a bad idea run teeny tiny compossible company.

That's what we want on Channel 5 NT isn't it would be so great with your son and infection and then your local curry house and come on and advertise to advertise in between Big Brother thing that we won't really well.

Oberon on the end of The Twilight Zone episodes weather sitting down to dinner with your family even after this telephone should we want to get that why doesn't my favourite bit was done telephone Channel 5 advertising now.

I feel spent ok? Let's do some more news in brief going to do the headlines Clooney attacks male George Silverfox Clooney has broken a long silence by Jose love life basically own the Daily Mail after the paper publisher story claiming his fiance's mother disapproves of their forthcoming marriage hello, what's happened? What's a lovely George can you said well? I think her who's who done rather well with this so what the left lovely Daily Mail said was that his Dumpty Amal alamuddin mother have been complaining all around 11 on that she wants her daughter to marry a bruised and why can she have found a hot bachelor that was bruised and does cleaning wrote an open letter saying.

Michael says no there isn't even truth and I ignore the use of rubbish you write about people being pregnant or whatever but this is an issue over which women get killed so he has to take it seriously and shut up today taking down the story now and they're saying I will launch an investigation.

It was a freelance journalist, so they said they're hoping for a desperate for for his fiance which is pretty bad really possibly what they were going for now.

Would they do you think that there was any other responsive? They could make really the the Daily Mail to this could buy the guns but they would have been I think the legal case of the being very very expensive if they're gonna do that and the medial or take it down the second anyone makes any complaint quickly before someone sees that deliver the Logical way of doing it but I said surely there any take it down if it's somebody really important.

They don't really take it down if it's

Customer can afford to somebody can take over every other major outlet instead actually that was wrong so many people have got rid of all profiles saying I didn't interview with the mail and it came out without one in 200 words with the same as what I'd actually said but they don't we have they can't do anything about it.

Where is everyone likes George Clooney and he doesn't often speak out about his private life so for him to do that.

They probably thought better health for the most exciting George Clooney notice something without apology and an email is probably one of the most read stories that so it's all to Canada too many machinations guardian losses and I'm making caravan inverter coming out stainable another Press News the Guardian parent group gmg has released its annual earnings and they have revealed the digital revenues are at 24.

Sent well print revenues are flat with little change which is pretty impressive.

I think more than the digital revenues.

I think print revenues been flat is pretty good.

They sold a 50% stake in Trader median.

That's boosted their coffers and their chief executive Andrew Miller has said that this money will be reinvested in order to create a steady return to the gardener around 5% so sensible Investments according to the evening Standard Miller took home 2.2 million pounds this year for his work on the deal so many things spend some way me Alex all papers are watching their print revenues decline.

So this is actually quite a can of amazing result for the garden.

Do you think they're heading in the right direction it depends what they do not charging investing of the saying so often are now we got we has to remain for it had to remain free and I think as with most companies the digital revenues very quickly increasing as audiences increasing but the

Justin thing for the Guardian is why is Australia doing so well and the US edition has Catherine is being shipped over to help us a where that goes in an interesting cos now Janine Gibson has been coming UK guardian Online if we see a spike in US traffic does that mean that I'm just has that gift of somehow developing a profitable business, but the Guardian I can't be at making how much money it is too nice exercises for swapping to the Daily Mail do you think that many alternative Aussie is a paintball do you think that's more secure than ammunition no certain amount of money is coming in I think it worked out pretty well for the New York Times having their parcel people.

I think the Guardian within a great position to do that before any other papers by the times when the time's it kind of tanked.

Its online presence regarding if it did the same thing where it's 10 or 23 articles a month so many people who are loyal to that brand.

In and it has such a great worldwide presents.

Lot of they could really they could really do well on it, but even they should be too shy about it.

I've been I've been surprised that they've been so adamant before it's left wing of a night should be free.

Where can we have this one is left wing principles.

We giving out the papers for free if that's what they really think they're sending having been to a few kind of digital kind of jolly ups at the Guardian myself again and again as I work for the Observer the it is a kind of point of principle when you are at the Guardian they said they definitely say to you if we write a great story and it goes out now so Syria or something other then you can get you know because it's open media.

They can get people contributing there's no there's no paywall.

There's nothing to stop people contributing and it's very very important point of principle for the factors that it's all very well as saying you know what I'll pay you know £2 a month for the for the Guardian but if you want kind of access to people who are blogging and contributing from war zones are not going to send it all.

I've run out.

I can't see no I can't see the Guardian anymore.

I can't contribute to it anymore well.

That's why I think it's off.

Is the best idea where you get couple of dozen articles a month anyway and also with the New York Times of the other blogs tend to be free so if you had things like comment is free being not paywalled etc and block pieces maybe that's the way I won't charge likely we don't have to make these decisions.

Ok, so do my next headline Doctor Who leak ok, so this is a final one in the week that they launched a teaser for the new series of Doctor Who the BBC got himself into a bit of a difficult a bit of a tease shall we say what happened while a few script for the forthcoming series got leaked apparently because they've been sent abroad for translation because the first episodes are going to be simulcast across the world and and that they got out inside the radio times they didn't happen, but we're not going to tell you what's in them and their appeals have Doctor Who fans.

If you have if you have a season comes squash it down never know anybody who found.

I know this is amazing lovely at the but I do think is impossible to keep this kind of thing under wraps enough people want to find out about it some other find out about it's very rare that you can't even keep these things in and then II is on Twitter and million people now and then 5-minute people Evans blogging about it the videos up these I imagine we'll see those scripts before it is an awesome the Beast some pictures of this things come what I have to say I went to a kind of actors party quite a few months ago and somebody who you'd expect it to be at this active party was not there and so I cannot come.

Where are they and he went over in Cardiff and so we want Doctor Who is why else as an actor quite a Prius fairly prominent active.

Would you be in Cardiff it's just to know so because I became very obvious what they were doing if you said to me, so now.

I know I know before that they could do is just the Flood the Market with the fake script.


Maybe so but we could write them less right now.

I'll be such and maybe the other thing that's going to happen is that they're going to have to have shorter times between filming something and it actually coming out ok before we go this just time for the media quiz and in light of the news Victoria Derbyshire to move from 5 Live to a Daily Show on the BBC news channel.

We thought we look at some of the other job offers she could have taken.

Yes, it's yet another former had advised by our producer that you won't find on a TV near you so I reach you three fictional job descriptions for real jobs and you have to guess why the job is in the news and the winner gets a creme egg.

Ok number one wanted to devices communicator with experience in the present-day Street required for 5 on demand weeks with 24/7 domestic work salary £300000 is it in London making if not Victoria Derbyshire won't want to do it? What do you think that? This is referring to?

Birch Hill twitter thinking I think that would be quite a good against emazing but I just don't know she doing I mean she be more funding than this James I have to say do you love to chat.

She loves me but he left his kind of wind people up you be the perfect person really and it's £300,000.

Do you think they really offer to that amount of money though because that seems like I have to say it has that I followed Julie on Facebook we are friends out.

She did see her on Facebook how much did Liz Jones get offered with the Omega Factor been for inflation year on year did I don't know I don't know I think I might as she watched some more money Nigeria probably doubleday.

She's good at the most people.

It's considerably less.

Ok second job up for Victoria Derbyshire if only she could get it Media advisor in Europe this excess.

Candidate must have experience in governing a major institution.

That's had a history of Child Protection issues.

This job is based in Italy is going to be doing stuff for the Vatican you think stuff.

So you say advising on the media strategy not stuff that already got a very good Twitter profile.

So does he need Chris Patten 2 months ago from job because I don't need to work less and now it's doing this but I'd imagine be quite busy.

I know I thought it was quite interesting that he decided to do that because of a city in Oakwood BBC Trust into her that possibly because it was in a bit of a tough job and maybe he's hoping this will be better but the current Pope I'm done for the current pope.

He seems pretty good current pope.

He is no he is Death in creosote, LE4 poem he is great and you know he really doesn't seem to need to manage his kind of me.

Just rushed at all.

He seems to be pretty Savvy

He's great at it is kind of all the other people who had all this.

We will still in the Vatican who Patsy no not only need to be advised on me distress you but perhaps on how you know once you go about your life if you're a holy person who brings someone up now.

Just whatsapping other people Snapchat in sending messages Snapchat be wonderful equipment OK finally have a third and final draught tagger, UK and Ireland successful applicant will be responsible for watching and analysing films and TV programmes that will be streaming in the future the tiger will deconstruct the films and programmes and describe them using objective tags Netflix UK and Ireland is advertising there's a job just to watch Netflix there when I called the headlines.

I thought I do that anyway, so I might well be paid but later entry because you you have to do local analysis.

Paper on the first reading of it tagging parliamentary written questions with every subject they could possibly be about and that was erected so I'd imagine that even a big fan of Netflix with made maybe find her Enthusiasm dumping to quite a lot waning after the first day.

Get there so many documentaries about the Holocaust and nukes on there, but that's about Hitler Hitler and then Hitler and then Hitler Hitler little break for credit cards and also to Jake Hunter Utah next week if we're still around for more Media talk on the media podcast my name is also the producer was Matt Hill thanks for listening.

Potential by definition is the possibility of achieving more in the fast-paced world of digital advertising Oracle data cloud has built it's like a seat on finding the signal through the noise on unlocking potential we bring together data and technology to help you better understand your audience where to best engage them and how to measure a tool to realise true potential Oracle data cloud where better outcomes begin visit Oracle data cloud., tullamore.

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