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Read this: The Media Podcast #5 - Radio 5 Live reshuffle and kids' TV tax breaks

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The Media Podcast #5 - Radio 5 Live resh…

Hello producer Matt here with one final message about our crowdfunding campaign our target is £9,000 to bring you a year of programmes were currently at around 3 and a half thousand pounds to that gives us until Friday less than a week to raise.

Just over 5000 otherwise there will be no more editions of the media podcast and this is Kickstarter which means it all or nothing so if you love what we doing here and the time and effort we put into making each half-hour program.

This is your very last chance to show it go to the media podcast Ofcom hit pledge and give what you can and return there are a whole bunch of reward.

You can choose my favourite at the moment is birdwatching with John plunkett.

Its heyday of twitching.

It says here with the Guardians foremost Media correspondent and amateur birdwatcher.

There are enough of you out there that we could do this.

If we all gave a tenner, that's the media podcast hip leg and get this 29 grand the media podcast is a PPM production and not affiliated with the Guardian in anyway, and now the show hello.

I'm only man this week changes to the team sheet V live as high profile names make way for the return of some familiar voices Woman's Hour give up on Salford and doing it for the kids as independent producers call on the government to give children's TV a break all that and more on this week's pak Media podcast from the media podcast opcom well a warm welcome to our many listeners.

Not just in this country, but around the world at with me are two talented erudite masterful players of the media game to get we doing just a minute to get to my right is Steve Ackerman managing director of production company something else and sitting on my left.

It's James Robinson former Media editor at the Observer now consultant at powerscourt.

Welcome gents tell us something about your week without hesitation repetition deviation your 60 second start now.

I managed to record over Christmas quiz at the ft alphaville annual conference redondo sound interesting boring.

I've got -13 finished if you don't get a single question right trying to fail.

Are you actually started? That's the low light of my week.

Can you can you top? That's I'm guessing you can bective no I mean my week off Rosa well today enjoyed seeing early screening of the other thing to northern soul which so many people suddenly reveal that they are we made a great doc about it for BBC 4.

She's definitely worth catching is on a look when she wondered TX that is very soon some point over the summer so that was just a fantastic Swatch at lunchtime today which spirit of Northern Soul you should not watch it now and then rediscover in 40 years time we going to start this week's proper Media stories at five live the news and sport speech station Where some familiar names of being shuffled in the schedules at shelagh Fogarty Victoria Derbyshire and Richard Bacon all gone at the winners include Tony Livesey and Football Focus host Dan Walker aboot familiar voices on the network, but now getting permanent weekday shows Adrian Chiles is going to present a new morning programme called five live daily between 10 and 1 on Mondays and Tuesdays and then Peter Alan at The Veteran Peter Allen I think we call him will take that slot for the rest of the week.

That's a lot of changes.

Isn't it Steve what's going on here? Do you think I'm the scenes with a few things playing out here first?

You got some contracts expiring you've got of C5 like having moved to Salford and being true to its word to say that actually in a presenters have to be based there because clearly reason for the move with the culturally the BBC would then have something coming from somewhere else and we'll have we start to reflect the region a bit more you also I see have dqf delivering quality first and and these are in a minute in a Deva cut that every network has to make and of course extending programs from 2 to 3 hours or reducing amount of programs and presented.

You've got a network means you do save costs as well as the fact that if you've had presented therefore while who through a period of time probably had some pay rises over that time again.

You've got a cost saving their there as well, so I think I think those are two of the key drivers behind what was seeing will there be any drop though in the amount of news that 5 Live is able to cover as a result the reasons that is I think about my my Alma Mater Saturday edition at has also been axed as part of these changes although Chris Warburton skating weekend breakfast, so well done here.

But that show was all about covering things they didn't cover the rest of the week so online news I used to do but they had books they had travel.

They had gaming stuff that 5 Live didn't do elsewhere in the schedule and I wonder if they're actually sacrificing some of the specialist areas as well.

Well if you remember the BBC Trust really poor 5 live up a little bit for and said there needs to be a bit more news content than the rears talkSPORT had made a bit of a fuss about the fact that turn at 5:11 start to go down a bit on Entertainment route and not an obvious if you look at some point Richard Bacon show then even though it definitely when it needed to touch and some very serious and difficult issues.

I was Richard skill was also that he could turn the lighter side and actually made a player that had a real energems Esteban him, so I should be less news is going to be an increase in using I think I think what you see on the schedule is a more serious looking schedule now you can argue.

Is that good for 5 live or is that kind of the reason people tune into 5 Live you know do they like the fact that coming on Fire of London is a sort of a lighter side and some

That news is presented in a bit more informal way, that's maybe a debate for another time, but you will see I think 5 Live becoming much more new scented you everything James isn't it? When Richard Bacon's interviewing Tony Blair that is news and it writes when is interviewing Bruce Forsyth maybe that's not news, but it rates if you haven't got him doing that if you've got them talking about a melange of sort of stories locally and internationally as I can appeal the same sort of listeners and I think if you loose women about in a woman present the theme of them so that colour but for whatever reason cost-cutting or than other got a better offer from elsewhere.

You really got to ask yourself what we know where the stages Hedingham whether it's going to alienate.

You know what film I don't know what how many film releases it hurts, but the wood Witcher perfume Alison's it does have an argument to talkSPORT and looking for fuss about the

String onto their territory.

I think if you're someone like LBC you be more annoyed that you really sing the creation of Hereford radio station Thunderball licence fee money that already exists in the private sector I mean do you know it's sort of time for that they denied it, but it is that white van white van man market.

Isn't it? And I think that's that an interesting.

I'm not surprised surprised more female voices on out of that they're not replacing these people The Departed time with new with new winning the headlines out of the schedule office it is at a time as well when when the BBC's by public he said it wants to increase the amount of women on here.


Is it was very well publicized but alongside Dan Walker it actually adult female co-host there as well.

Who's I think I do come from local radio, Northern Ireland

I'm actually in the past.

Maybe one thing that has always specialised in his bringing on that people haven't really heard of them really develop.

Really developing them was very strong national broadcasters, which was definitely true Victoria Derbyshire and she cheated so hopefully we'll see that happen again, but I think you definitely right that is a big perception problem for five like that and I'm going to have that the target of God developing Talent but you know you could you know who's its well-established is understated and his sort of it's funny isn't it to demand that they be Satan too whenever they want someone who they feel can reach the pot filled in so they don't think Clinton actually anyway, but he's been painted a bit by Daybreak I think and actually people out of unfairly forget that he did the working lunch in five live and stuff before she was very well regarded for was it would be a bit on her for him to be.

Alexa medical now just because they don't work to see nothing Adrian Chiles and I just think I'm I just think that you don't have to ask questions about the balance of the gender balance and what do you think will be next for the presenters that have gone I mean those are all quite big names that make shelagh Fogarty I know it is covering LBC at the moment.

What Victoria Derbyshire is a massive loss and she's extremely talented and then I think I've read in a bread in the speculation does Father did she definitely not going to Newsnight and which would have been my battery.

That would be Office postcode to turn up but the advert about Richard Bacon was his now because he's going to become a TV stars.

No, that's the way he's going to go having established himself on radio, but you know I think that or any wonder what they told them she couldn't answer anything she said she's going to BBC News doesn't see a thing that should not be a newsreader if she clearly so.

I think I'll be surprised if something didn't care from ready for cos you just think that's a perfect place for us, but I think you're right.

There'll be single is fascinating LBC the past 18 months as I think really emerged as a as a fascinating story and quite powerhouse in and if I was LBC I wonder if they be looking wanted to the veins and thinking actually these could be really good for us a moat around the topic of radio at the BBC we learn this week as well.

That Woman's Hour is to leave Salford and return to London at currently three Editions a week of produced from Salford Quays boat from next April Showers going to come entirely from BH now.

That is part of the wider delivering quality first plan which is really about cutting 40 jobs from the radio division, but it does seem to contradict recent efforts doesn't it to move production away from the capital since this is a bit of a mess is it conflicting signals here you know let's let's regionalising and let's bring Woman's Hour back.

Was it doing any first place?

Classic story for me of where newspapers want to just Chloe the BBC for being the BBC because of court leave aside the fact that half the show was produced up in Salford the sensible thing is of course the show to be produced from one place and to be honest this plenty of stuff coming from Salford now.

If you've ever been up there you can see it.

Really is established as a as a broadcast Centre and most importantly recruitment is now happening from within the northwest rather and then obviously what what had happened when they started with lots people transferred from London so you know what if one show for 3 days of its week now comes from London I don't see that's a big deal to the Producers must be a nightmare logistically your expenses is BBC does it cross TV loads of shows made from to PL1 in Scotland won in that doesn't make any sense, but they do it politically I mean.

What's a greater extent? Did you know if you gonna do it one place to do it in the place where you've just spent hundreds of millions of pounds to establish mean the white thing is this is just thinking around the edges anywhere you want to make savings radio is not the pleasure of going to find loads of savings because anybody works in radio knows how cost effective it is in there and you know how how much you can create on pretty small resources.

You really want to save significant amounts of money.

You have to look at the TV by Steve you make a lot of radio content for the BBC what difference does the presenters location actually make tivat to the show and ammonia gas of the listen it depends on the program actually because really I think it depends on the on the outlet the presented can bring so so that what would discussing earlier for presenters actually living in a location that I think is the important thing because you think of the absorbing around them in their everyday life.

That's all this going to reflect on it if they are commuting up to a location day after day will Rea

That's smoke smoke and mirrors.

You know should the BBC be producing programs from outside London personally, I think of course it should because the BBC is is obviously publicly funded and there's no doubt about it.

If you have everyone based in one place you create a media bubble and there's only a certain spread of use that you can easily share and reflect was if you're broke.

I think I'm a different place.

You are going observe different influences and cultures and you're gonna hear different voices so so I think it does make a difference actually yeah, because this it the places that suffer when they buy heavy Manchester is the North London in a quote unquote is the post like Glasgow Birmingham Nottingham which did have small smaller but still significant centres.

You know it is a good thing, but it's just a little bit of a lot of money to pick up Manchester at the expense of other regional centres and then you get back to the argument as well about y5 life.

Cos that station away sounded like the whole come.

Anyway with presenters Malone country people calling inform over to get it ready for that sounds like it's of London isn't it yeah exactly but the actual number of people watching BBC shows in the northwest has risen slightly and according to BBC inside of since that new which is Richard from arkells knew that it had his house.

She having an effect on audience is apparently because the other TV probably produced down the road in it.

So it does make a difference well very proud of our location coming right from the heart of Soho you're listening to the media podcast with me early man.

Write a quick swing around some of the other mid Media stories of the week.

That's as reference for about to talk about Alan going to be up with the Partridge as a second run of mid Morning Matters has been ordered by Sky Atlantic I didn't see this one coming cos it's quite a small production this isn't it and you think once I got the Partridge movie off the ground.

They wouldn't still be keen on doing this kind of thing you excited Steve about more Partridge on telly with a film was was excellent and I didn't see this the series the first series that I did not traffic is really fascinating about the fact that if your member Fosters and refunded that which which is a fascinating was something they come previously I think with The Fast Show where they brought back some United to recreated new episodes or create a new episodes of The Fast Show Fosters now dropped out and it's carrying on but I suppose potential by definition is the possibility of achieving more in the fast-paced world of digital advertising.

Oracle data cloud has built it's like I say on finding the signal through the noise on unlocking potential we bring together data and technology to help you better understand your audience where to best engage them and how to measure a tool to realise true potential Oracle data cloud where better outcomes begin visit Oracle data cloud.

Come to learn more hello.

I'm a Pagan can I marry Robinson we together either host of Mothers of Invention a brand new podcast with one simple mission to show that although climate change is a man-made problem.

It has a feminist blue travel the world to meet the women who are changing their world and your world right now you can find us forever you listen to your podcast subscribe now at mother's of Invention online and join us on social media at mothers and dance.

Google for the characters but also those guys are great and it's writing what they have you got to think what is the box set to come after as and as the inner maybe they look at Movie 2 and they think well, you know what they need is just a little says it's going to maintain.

There's an interest in the character.

You know those guys are very very smart guy so I don't think this is happening just because they can get a quick commission away is calling city policy research the character in a way.

I'm get paid for it.

Don't know they can I almost writing the movie whilst they're making me I was thinking the absolutely absolutely I don't know if it's out to be honest sacrilegious.

Yeah, I know it isn't it before my successes, are you sure? It's just it's quite interesting that the hasn't been more examples of them, but you've started your Advertiser funded that have moved to a measuring TV they actually hasn't happened as much as you think what you know online pregnancy quiz on main TV your right do people even consider.

Sky Atlantic mainstream TV realistic am missing things about Skies deep pockets, isn't it? And I'm in sea view my shows with Sky for Sky Arts Ronnie Wood show, do you think their strategy works of pouring money into British Productions in the way, they actually better kind of things even the BBC on funding a lot of money has gone into trying to create exclusive and original content that will appeal to sorry for the advertising panels ABC ones.

Yeah, because obviously the two things I can always rely on with the football and movies and the movie dominance is over now pension places you can get movies from and football obviously with the deep pockets of BT EE's is very much on the Threat though.

You know don't rule sky out I'm in there a phenomenal organisation so what they've done is through Sky Atlantic and through Sky Arts Dave turned to trying to create content that is bespoken original will appeal to what's the last Bastion of people who haven't yet signed up for for for dishes.

Grateful Amazon echo and introducing that reliance on Sport football to cure autism is is is is obviously is obviously vital and I mean at the start of course the way that they done that when the weather and sky have tried to bite their with this is by buying stuff in the O2 special American imports is one good game friends with a case and point but that's brilliant that actually spending money on the domestic.

Yo UK contact grateful grateful Industries Qatar a country is good for their PR as well as me.

I mean it's the kind of audience that wouldn't be particularly pro buying one of Murdoch's cable channels and guiding readers and interpret them is quite ks04 Sky online point you were making and stuff transferring Stevie something by mid-morning matters it still looks a bit like an online thing I wonder if he what you mean is what we don't see as many of those low budget looking it's only cos it's Partridge people will watch that on telly I mean actually the shift now is for online content My House of Cards to look like glossy TV people don't want to watch lo-fi video.

Blog type content but also says slight red Herrings fishy when it comes to Brands because I don't think is many brands know these days the point about online obviously special with the broadband capability and amounts of money being spent.


Are there brands don't need to transfer stuff to TV they can create their own content.

They don't need to worry about TV stations in commissioners, who will be a bit of a gatekeeper in a block to what they want to do creative Lynn when you look at what many brands on a look at the current World Cup in the Big Night film or look at obviously, what Red Bull do you know there's many many examples you can site of Fantastic online content that's designed for online the nothing that's that's really the point TV is his kind of behind the curve a little bit in attracting brands and allows brands to have the freedom to to create programming.

I'm moving on to another type of TV now.

Let's see what's through the round window a yes children's TV has a new cheerleader Steve would you care to share with those who is calling on the government to give kids TV production a break?

I don't know if I'm going to bend it is low elemental.

Yeah, we're not even in the quiz section of the show Baroness floella Benjamin as she is leading cause for a tax credits to boost the home-grown kids TV industry have been appended produces trade body packed is claiming a tax break for live-action children's production could be worth 3 million pounds a year to the government packed says that tax breaks could encourage the likes of Disney and viacom who owns Nickelodeon to produce more kids TV here.

James is the children's production sector in a bad state here as it is it's just a minute to dedicated towels on BBC obviously I need to tax breaks for Stephen noble almost every type of TV presenter TV filming games.

He shouldn't be careful.

You can end up pram in a terribly long and difficult the speed with the Inland Revenue and 5 years down the line machine at which film won best games night.

I think it's interesting because there's a clue agenda from government to encourage the creative Industries and I see when you look at people like packed this tread machines.

I think about to do the second or third one out to China selling programs and it's just been a big commission for the creative Industries out to China as I think maybe this is politics Wheels in Motion in terms of this with this is a good time to be going to government and saying give us a helping hand because I think government has recognised what the creative Industries and never run to the economy, and then if you're not alone banking as much you got to find a few other things that are going to get a really contribute and be very unique to this country and I think that something creatively we are very strong in the world.

What's the country for going forward to the right to the right to to concentrate on that imagine particularly with kids TV as well, we are very good at coming up with the idea as we've got this rich heritage going all the way back to Paddington with the Willows Enid Blyton and everything else but actually you can make in kids TV you need the merchandise sorted out you need the international rights.

I guess this is just saying what if the money is going to come through America at least make it here where the idea came from even if it's not all money going into it.

Yeah, I'm done.

I'm so intrigued behind some in some of the thinking here.

I'm just James said there's there is quite a lot of strong kids content coming out of the UK but I suppose maybe they are looking at things like the film sector that hasn't has attracted a lot of investment and and maybe the thing is you know this could be the next area ok movie onto music now and it's the rest in peace blackberries music and video store.

I knew I know we knew you so well.

Do you think james' is growing evidence of the shift from download to streaming real people on buying music cos they're streaming it the other house.

Music physically can't find vinyl CDs once and then we owned it digitally in the form of an iTunes or whatever else and and that I mean you just you just BlackBerry whenever Britain and they weren't at your key strengths and immediate the media offer on Blackberry music and TV and the rest was history strength, but it is why do you need it? You just use some Spotify what does an under similar platform and and listen to the music by Kevin listen to the radio so I think I think that's what it's a bad really but they've got their own problems but for now.

I'll be launching a music service in about a month's time and which I imagine we'll have a focus on streaming rather than only two things are playing I mean first of all blackberries a brand is just dead dead dead and Barrett anxiety.

A word that's the first thing you had the second thing is are we all streaming as I didn't we are yet, but clearly the big players in the market identify that we will be and so you know there is obviously a big battle going on in that space in terms of new services launching all the all the time and Anna Varga me some places along the way and because if we discussed briefly last week.

There's this new changed now in the UK top 40 as well.

Where are streaming is going to count towards the music charts Steve when your programming a music show or at least one where you have the freedom to create your own playlist rather than obeying whatever the BBC have laid down.

Do you look at streaming data as well cos it's a major tool for Discovery now.

Isn't it? Is how people find your music will not destroyed things like YouTube on Discovery si4.

I think 5024 until the music.

I think I'm right.

I'm right in saying that.

If not the number one definitely right up there now.

You wouldn't to the YouTube streaming is not streaming service in any way at all, but it is somewhere people go to find out things.

Is not necessary about looking at you know who's listening to watch streams, but it is about think about data and what part that can play in editorial ok? It is 6:10 on the hottest evening of the year.

We are splitting in here.

There is a pool of sweat all around so you'll be pleased to know guests and audience alike that.

We are onto the final segment of the show but the star of The Show we Save The Best For Last it is the media podcast quiz which preferred completely incomprehensible reasons we change format of every single week this this week.

I'm going to give you 3 questions with all the right words.

Just not necessarily in the right order and producer Peter thinks this is an amusing nod to the reshuffle at five live so here goes.

Can you unjumble the jargon to give me an answer which story am I talking about the winner gets a creme egg the loser does the dishes here we go? The one character which is shapeshifting reanimated to be.

Very good answer the question was unscramble for you listen.

It's at home which shape shifting character is to be reanimated the answer is morphine might be pushing 30, but not showing his age is created Peter Lord launch a crowdfunding campaign.

I've heard of those ones were my favourite podcast of go on a night out which last year raised a staggering £110,000 enough for admin to produce 15 new episodes, which will be published on the web and maybe might make him just got lantic.

You never know number two at Steve this is really where you have to step up tonight.

Cos you're gonna lose turning new lads over is a leaf magwitch you did you did you think I mean so I'm just thinking it is loads of the question is which lads mag is turning over a new Leaf the answer is loaded Steve White Ladies on the front.

Baby not well until the next relaunch that is the case.

I mean isn't loaded about trying to defend it.

I'm just saying isn't that what it used to be quite good writing is the half and half what's weird is if you're reading a magazine as they were moving away from our image either all sort of laddishness girls with their boobs out liquid put Oasis on the front cover isn't it? I mean it does seem to recall classic loaded in as yet looks like there was a britpop present this d'alger issue that stuff magazine has done the same thing hasn't it and noticed that their sales went up which I'm so glad you had.

Nearly no one did buy Stuff magazine for the naked women that was about I've I've asked about this because I write about gadgets as well.

Why is there a naked woman on the front stuff when it's just full of HTC One's and iPhone 5s is and you'd think that the gadget buying public would rather saying Xperia on the front than 78 the answer is it's about where it gets listed in WHSmith what part of the middle aged men's interest if it has a woman on the front and that's the reason.

It's just a of data.

So I'm pleased that has gone up if that's true because yeah, it was always long as it's embarrassing to read on the cheapest my general taking is TV channel after Circus which see that is really hard taking is TV channel as the circus which see that you've completely which TV channel is taking us to see.

Circus the circus the circle keep this who has a famous Circus Circus of pensionable man with parrot fairy showing the show me one of the Monty Python show correct old is to broadcast the last Monty Python stage show live from the o2 on Sunday the 20th of July I think I'm doing my hair that evening mixed reviews of the stage show those some people are saying it is good.

I didn't just come as weather europython fan.

I just had never found that funny apart from the films films are good Steve if you got a plan and I think the reviews a kind of irrelevant.

It's one of those events that if you are fine you want to be at.

And that are you know that that they do make it last in our atmosphere sustains because it's a stadium and Arena why would you go and watch comedy in an arena, but everyone does it now? I know but it never understood why you know people like you around the block to watch Miranda Hart and Michael McIntyre in an arena roller and anyway yeah, well, that is the end of this week's Quiz each win with 1 1/2 points each.

Enjoy your midsummer creme egg.

It's over there in a horrible melty puzzle without where's my thanks to James Robinson Steve Ackerman and to you for listening if you haven't pleasure already.

This is your last chance to back our Kickstarter campaign by the time you listen to next week's pod the campaign will be over and that could be the last episode and if that I'm going on my holidays this week.

I won't be here next week to this is my only chance.

Survey on behalf of me.

I really enjoyed being hit please.

Please do pledge the campaign full details are at the media if you have placed already then ignore all that thanks very much, but take to Twitter and help spread the word we live at the media podcast The Last of r63 shows will be presented by Miranda Sawyer the media podcast is a PPM production.

I've been Olly Mann the producer was Peter price, but potential by definition is the possibility of achieving more in the fast-paced world of digital advertising Oracle data cloud has built its Legacy on finding the signal through the noise on unlocking potential we bring together day 10 technology to help you better understand your audience where to best engage them and how to measure a tool to realise true potential Oracle data cloud where better outcomes begin.

visit Oracle data cloud.

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