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Read this: The Media Podcast #4 - hacking trial verdicts, Rising Star US

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The Media Podcast #4 - hacking trial ver…

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Comm hip pledge and you can manage it all from there and now the show hello and welcome to the media podcast I'm only met on today's show the trial of the century draws to a close with former News of the World editor Andy Coulson found guilty of Conspiracy to hack phones whilst Rebekah Brooks is cleared of all charges at the verdict permeate.

Fleet Street Roy greenslade joins us to discuss the Fallout plus rising star has a.

In the US and Tony halls diversity plan leave Lenny Henry unimpressed that also come on today's Media podcast from the media podcast. what will be in Soho today or Matt Deegan creative director of radio consultancy folder media and also someone who just happens to co-organiser certain radio festival but not that one at home at 6 because I was also revealed them in groups.

Had a really great response it something mean James cridland organised as a side project that is becoming somewhat all-encompassing also announced an agreement.

Who is the director music NPR coming from the states that Cook from Google David Lloyd from Orion and the Habit from power.

I've already got people like James Rea from LBC your boss.

You're the boss here and I'm totally avoiding that particular her speech and it's a really good cross-industry thing if you want more info just search.

Text radio conference joining is also in the studio is Liz Howell director of broadcasting at City University London and former broadcasting executive and Lizzie do a lot of work around diversity as well soon be coming up programs that you've got with with talking at the Lenny Henry in English doing what he's been saying it on because I'm putting together an interestingly.

We're also talking about events.

This is today.

I'm putting together something for the garden Edinburgh television festival and that such a diversity watch where we going to have students gonna take on a programme of watching Prime Time television and actually trying to measure the number of the black and ethnic minority people that are on those programs.

It's a really tricky one.

It's gonna be quite exciting to do probably very controversial and years down the line is Roy greenslade for the first part of the Show Roy is professor of journalism also it City University London and he writes for the Guardian and evening Standard and is a former editor of The Mirror thanks for joining us Roy nice to speak to you well.

We've got a packed programme but it's I think fairly clear what the first story should be very much.


You're here Bry it can only be of course the hacking trial and the former News of the World editor Andy Coulson has been found guilty of a conspiracy to hack phones or is it actually that the big story is that Rebekah Brooks and her partner Charlie Brooks were both found innocent well, I suppose that depends which paper you read and I'll give Lee who owns it out so Roy plenty to unpick here, but let's start with Coulson what do you think was The Smoking Gun that convince the jury? He was guilty compelling evidence that from various members of staff that he did know that hacking took place and indeed on one occasion actually use that winning phrase do the phones now.

He did try to explain that away, but I'm afraid the jury didn't buy that and I'm not surprised to be honest one feels a little bit.

Sorry for him is going to be the person who are the most senior person who's going to take a lot of the flag for this he will I magine faces a jail sentence.

I think it's important to see this in the context of the 6 people who are facing jail sentences Neville thurlbeck and James weatherup and Andy Coulson himself Glenn mulcaire the private investigator Dan Evans and Greg miskiw.

I mean that's a lot of journalists indeed.

It's unprecedented here and anywhere that we can see that journalists are about to face jail anyway for the possibility of I think having hacked phones.

It's it's a unique situation and shouldn't be overlooked because there are many trials to come something like 19 trials after this but I think the concentration of some newspapers on his having been a waste of money is completely beside the point for a start I see the figures suggest it was 110 million that involve the defence funds which the taxpayer won't find any amounts probably in.

Public purse to about 33 to 35 million still expensive but you just as does cost a lot nowadays and Rebekah Brooks being found not guilty I mean that obviously is what the sun focused on in their coverage slightly disappointing it have to say the Times also I think focusing on that but what's next for her.

Do you think actually she can you know make a career back in the media after this experience what she said in her first public statement today my Innocence means that I am vindicated so she could make her come back.

She could rejoin Rupert Murdoch's organisation.

He has there been on side with her since the beginning of this drama.

It's known that he still favours her so there's no reason why she couldn't make a come back within the company.

She has skills which I think will Well illustrated in court when she was being questioned over a 13 day period I remember her appearances in front of the commons Select Committee

In which year did judge herself pretty well, I think look this is this is a woman who is 46 years old.

There's no staying on her character and so there's no reason why she couldn't join another firm or work for the same one.

I mean everyone is claiming victory in this scenario, but despite an upcoming interview with the police Rupert Murdoch himself seems to have Risen above this now even if his organisation is there ever going to be tainted by what's happened? I think there's always some there's always a large amount of plausible deniability is you as you go up the top of me.

You could say in some ways around Rebecca when you look at some of the reports.

She was too busy to be associated with the day-to-day operations of her newspaper that goes into doing things through Nick Davies talking about the amount of Lawyers the news international heart and actually the CPS Mr trick somewhat by being relatively underfunded with admin of the lawyer when faced with some of the most.

Successfully and cover lawyers in the country and when you take on any large organisation is the CPS best position to be able to do that.

I think one of those things today on the day of recording Thursday the headline of the sun and if you've seen it Roy says something like he is a real scandal with the word real in bold and it's the story 8 to do with wonga and the implication.

Where is that? What happened at will be at the News of the World not the sun isn't a real scandal.

I kinda think you know do the sun really treat their readers with that much content that they think their readers don't realise that what happened at the News of the World hacking the phones of the families of the victims of Murder Roy what do you make of the way that news UK's tabloids have dealt with all of this? What are within the context of the sun is pretty unsurprising the previous day was quite trying for this the front page good day for red tops and making a joke about themselves plus Rebecca's red hair.

And today's is is the same again? I think the truth is that they believe that in some way they can suggest to the public that this is not as big a deal as it really is and indeed the times.

I think of underplayed the story to next week.

It will all change when these 6 are sentenced.

There's no way of the sun masquerading in that case that will be a significant moment when 6 people connected to news international now now called News UK and attempt to clean it up that will be something which will reverberate and then across as I say there are more trials to come and Rupert Murdoch's going to be interviewed himself.

We understand and out of very very significant story in the Independent about the fact that it now is clear that the police have been trying to get us a corporate charge for.

Corporate malfeasance and that would Echo also in the United States for Rupert Murdoch's as a way for this to go yet and I have a bit of fun fun is not going to cover that are of course a rival organisation if you can call them that he certainly don't want it to be covered up his is hacked off who stepped up their campaign on Wednesday for independent press regulation in a statement.

They said far from being an isolated incident involving a few bad apples the trial has shown that the entire Orchard was rotten Lea's you've spoken before about run-ins with the Press at with this first wave of trials coming to a close now.

What would what? Would you like to see happen about this because in many ways and please for Rebekah Brooks because I think that she was demonized and I think there's a ginger element in that and I'm glad that that she has been proved innocent however.

I think that it is a rotten or should I think there's an awful lot going on that we even now don't know about my personal view is that disorder behaviour at 7?

Freelance reporter level probably.

Most of the papers and we've got to see that.

This is got to be carried through in that Justice has got to be done in these people have got to be to be punished.

I think picking on the Murdoch press actually is also wrong.

Obviously they were very implicated but other press must have been indicated because they use the same sort of freelancers and they use the same sort of people on their own collecting news for the bottom level of their and they're newsgathering operation.

So I mean it is a really complicated one on one level of course you've got this issue of press freedom and it's terribly motovun people talk about your the act of 16th and 17th and how important it is to have pressed freedom on the other hand if like me you have been targeted by the press and they have been hanging about you at round your home and trying to get you on anything in and really treated you like that.

Is it you must because you find and that's an extraordinarily unpleasant Xperia got through it in my ticular case it's a long time ago.

Does it really matter now but for people have had their lives ruined is very very important.

Yes one would hope the depressed can't control themselves, but I'm not entirely sure until I really don't know what they are.

I'm I'm so glad that this is all been brought to court.

I'm so glad that that people have been indicted and found guilty at the same time.

I don't think they're the only ones and I feel Innocence sorry for them because there's lots of people were at it and Ellie Gowers family coming out when they as well to make the point that you may Leveson still hasn't really been implemented not in the spirit.

It was meant to press freedom which is put it out by all sorts of a decent people clouds they should just at the present behaved appallingly and what are we going to do about it royal charter.

I don't think it is a go and look at the confusion that cause of the BBC but on the other hand something should happen, surely and I I personally from my own experience would not trust them to put their own house in order and Roy just quickly on the legal side.

We've seen David Cameron scolded by Mr Justice Saunders for speaking out before all the verdict had been reached and we got more hacking cases yet to reach the courts of course how difficult is it to speak openly about what needs to change?

With those kinds of restrictions in place, but actually the odd thing is that the Guardian lawyers have warned us to be extremely careful and perhaps they should have rung 10 Downing Street because the truth is that he did jump the gun he did this in the Nigella Lawson case as well and he does seem to feed the beast the 24-hour cycle beast and he made a terrible error hear the judges really criticized him for it and ask you questions an expert on this.

Did he break the sub judice rule technically do it because he the two people Mr Coulson and Mr Goodman the jury was still out deciding on one specific charge which they eventually as you know didn't reach a decision tonight.

So he did break the sub judice Rule and he was there for in contempt of court.

Why didn't the judge stop the case well, I think the judge thought that after 8 months that he would allow.

Free to make a decision they didn't make in the end, but it would have been interesting if they had gone one way or the other about whether or not they've been Prejudice from Cameron statement on the other hand it wasn't a sequestered jury, but it is possible that none of the jurors actually knew what the prime minister of St Just remotely possibility possible, but interesting because in the end, what seems to have happened to the actually Cameron's got away with it is the technicality and he's been successful.

He managed to get his point across really quickly and the jury and the trial goes on yes, but it has this morning very critical of him for having spoken out too soon and it does go to the whole subject of his judgement, so we can cater for us legal judgements in having hired a Handy Cross in the first place Hill judgement in having kept him on when he went to when he went into government and now Hill judgement in speaking out so soon.

Could you very clever judgement in the tissues made his statement got away with it at exactly the right moment in a few days time it wouldn't have anything like the impact point I mean like the truth.

Is this will make no difference to the election at this won't be a subject which will come up whether or not the prime minister.

Should I shouldn't have spoken and someone like you could Ed Miliband of Acting with equally bill judgement for coming out.

I make using David Cameron Deville judgement.

Exactly the same time which is like to be coming as a bit the statement.

I would not doing anything sensible on that bombshell dry before you leave you briefly talk about the three Al Jazeera journalists in Egypt as well.

Peter greste and Mohamed fahmy and bar her Mohammed sentenced to between 7 and 10 years each for supposedly aiding the Muslim Brotherhood who have Corsa outlaws now despite flimsy inaccurate evidence I mean like many journalists Roy you've been outraged by this.

I mean, let's let's face it there was no evidence of any kind.

They were simply doing their job.

They were located in a hotel or lots of other journalists were all they were doing was seeking to obtain interviews and to try and discover what the Muslim Brotherhood with thinking and doing which is what we do, but I think the problem is that they were acting on behalf of Al Jazeera the government in Egypt regards.

Al Jazeera as a friend of the Muslim Brotherhood and they have fallen foul of that because plenty of other journalists who don't work for Al Jazeera have been doing that so these three of really when I call hostages they've been taken hostage because of the belief that the Qatari owned at Al Jazeera is in some way motivated against the current Egyptian regime so I'm really sorry for my by the way let us not be taken in in equating this in anyway with what happened to the news the world genus the hacking 6 must not be equated with the LG

03 Matt when it comes to social media there's been a lot of campaigning around this there has never been impressed with the way that's been done the black tape over the Mounds and all that kind of thing in the background does does make an impact people around the world do trusted totomostro quite that and connect that together is a good thing.

I think sometimes social media issues as an excuse to not do action your particular people holding up cards about things that want to change when the prime minister Holt up the car.

Do you like no don't hold up the card do what we said I'd card you know then maybe it's it's sort of stuck in her a self-perpetuating social loop but it can do a singing of raising awareness and what it does do zips it back onto the media agenda the media ever connecting to social media if maybe the real public art as much and then get to Toby broadcasting is what it means from Al Jazeera and what we're seeing here is one of the many conflicts within the Muslim world which is played out on a broader stage and in a wavy.

Seem to think that ice is going through to it to Baghdad we got this this huge problem between Muslims falling out amongst themselves and the difference with the view of the Egyptian government and the Muslim Brotherhood and the guitarist who they feel supported.

This is absolutely key we need to know more about the wrists and the changes within that religion and within the Middle East only that way will we understand it? I absolutely agree with with why this is about Al Jazeera it's not about the three people Mad Max Media Isis who's playing a blind her with Twitter they've made at an Android app available to their supporters which you log in with your Twitter credentials and then it retweets Isis messages on your behalf wow, which which I think the most media companies that it's a good idea.

Maybe we can Twitter being very Prowse picture of all of their social networks based combine the two two to some degree of success without a story will be coming back to you again very soon in the meantime.

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Which keep questioning very much for joining us? What metal is are still with me? Let's look at some of the other stories of the week and Liz Lenny Henry is back in the news after he criticised the BBC director-general Tony halls plans to increase diversity at The Corporation what's going on here.

It's really interesting is little of the expression.

What was it the initiative fatigue is the same with anything that you tried to run any campaign you try to do you try to get things started and they sort of Wither on the vine and I can see exactly where Lenny Henry's coming from there's been so many things in the past about diversity as I said earlier at City University were actually undertaking a project to measure.

How many black and ethnic minority people you can see on television between 7 and 11 every night on the mainstream.

Channel is going to be really tough to do because we're going to have to measure.

How people look and that in itself very tricky but this is.

DNS taste test about racial background it's trying to see how you as a viewer represented on the screen, so what sort of racial groups you see on the screen and different programs.

I'm not going to say when we're going to do it just in case it changed anybody's idea.

What were the put on screen but we're going to take a couple of days over the summer and get some really robust data about this and maybe that Lenny Henry thinks that's a waste of time too, but I don't think it is because when you've got the figures and the fact he can really start to make a difference with the expert women campaign that's people for recording a post-feminist to kirsty's going to be a pole dancer.

That's your freedom now, but actually when you can't how low the number of expert women are on the news and current affairs programmes and put that to the broadcasters.

They really do have to respond everything about expert women is your categorising their job their experts that that's their role in the program.

The Promise counting black and ethnic minority faces on TV without contextualizing the my guess is because in the past because I used to work as a researcher ITV

And after an episode of this morning, I had to write down.

How many black and ethnic minority people on the show that sometimes it be quite impressive yeah, but if they're backing singers to Charlotte Church is not the same as presenting the show is it say that because I did a snapshot day.

Just to look and I picked December 9th last year and I thought this is amazing to me back in and it was the Day Nelson Mandela die peacefully got to be careful about the context and you've got the quote brave about what you do as well.

You've got to say I believe that this is an ethnic minority person.

That's how it looks to me as if you may be wrong there on that side and will stay and we'll see what roles they play and that some people criticize these kind of training schemes because they say they can kind of train the diversity out of you you end up with people who are all the same although researchers and run is just like everyone else and they're not bring you anything distinctive.

How do you professionalised people without sapping their creativity away sometimes does a self-fulfilling prophecy missions conference mean change your organising so we wanted.

Animal on stage that's alright, but we pick people is we go to all the radar conferences and we see great sessions we are excellent and they will do a great turn but most of those are male and so you do find yourself to the Fallen into this trap.

I think there is also a and that colour replicates itself and therefore the thing continues.

I think of people working in the media sector there is a whole bit about who gets to work in media and you're gonna have to work 6 to 12 months potentially for free you know what there's only a certain type of people who can actually afford to do that and they tend to be people who are well supported by our family and a family who support the idea if you going into media and if you come from a non non Media connected family that's quite odd to it to a lot of Focus think people who are listening.

I can probably recognise that is there a lot of barriers for non-white middle class or upper middle class people going into going into the media could ever wanted to afford to get some the women are not confident.

It's really tough to get in there and be the first woman.

The panel what a feeling you're representing the whole of your gender.

It's just too scary and so you deserve of confidence thing at the other end and some of the research.

I've done a showing that you've got to sort syndromes going on you've got the son of I don't want to be pushy thing which really is a problem with women who do little me.

I don't be pushy and then you've also got women who like to eat like princesses ilumi with me know you got to persuade me to do it and it's very complicated what's going on so we were asking Society to make a big change and the problem with media is actually very conventional when it comes down to it it goes with what it knows that somebody of our industry in your book someone else instead of the person that they live they might not be using because they are ingrained and sex is there might be using cos they're using the four and I know they could you give us a try someone else but you gotta take it might be terrible terrible interview Newsnight with Chloe Smith and actually.

I don't think that's a bit too.

We've got to accept that not everyone is born able to be fabulous Media person and those people that you think of so great are often like that because of the background, so you've always got as the viewer to be more generous and that's hard as well.

Well, you've moved this so seamlessly Liz I want to onyx subject which is women and AJ Hunt who hallowed be thy name is a course Channel 4 chief creative officer she spoke out about the number of women living in the TV sector according to broadcast she told an under 30s networking event this week one of the things.

I find devastating is the number of women your age leaving the industry and how many people think I can't make it work and encourage all women in the room particularly.

Please don't give up and lives as you said you're conducting research into gender bias in the UK media.

What do you think about this issue with women actually leaving the media once they get a foothold in it really is quite common in what happens if that you have short-term contracts and you have the station with people I can't possibly have a family and do this and interesting thing is that you can it's really great you can have a family and you can BCAA news reporter and you can do lots of the stuff Nick Robinson does could be home for tea.

Standing in front of number 10 Downing Street is not enough swap Valley we've got to get real about this, but there is this perception that you can't be a reporter and also have a family and it's quite quite wrong the other interesting thing.

It's quite a complex statistic.

Is that if you just took all the women that don't have children then you could have a much much higher ratio of women reported so the idea that it's the children that stopping that the numbers is ridiculous.

You can have a family NBA reporter as well happen.

If you just took Charles us women loads loads more of those enormous prejudice prejudice against women you know some of it on top down from the executives and I have that Prejudice but also I know women who worked in TV went off to have children and have either tried doing a job and thought this is to draining when I've got two kids to look after and or actually decide they don't want to go back.

I'm not arguing against that that's where the Giants of this will come in.

Why don't you make it easier for women? This is just moaning about it do something if you had Crush system or a system that worked or you had a different ethos.

Do it you eat it is a bit like what you were saying about David Cameron pretty got to say he should be actually acting on it that they can make it happen themselves by making it better and easier for women each other and I'm gonna have terrible off the media is actually you know compared to having 7 kids in a council house in the 1930s and Liverpool like my grandparents are going down the pit of being a docker working in the media is great.

You know it's really something that can be done it can be done by both genders.

Just get over it and get the women back in would make sense of Channel 4 make sense of the BBC make sense of Sky but not you employ people we've got lots of Indies now that contribute to all of those places in it harder for someone like you isn't it to provide a job share roll or a phrase for going to say actually? I think we can be more flexible because you're a small organisation and we have a part time.

It's only works rust who works part-time we work that around childcare and we've worked out.

What's important and where the gaps are in search of backfield that and what it means we get someone who's very skilled in that role.

And we would rather have her continue to work and be flexible than to go through the rigmarole of employing someone you another thing about people in their late 20s early 30s giving up on media because it's very badly paid and I think you could argue that if you're a woman who at some point want to have children.

Maybe you decide earlier on this isn't something I'm going to be able to make a decent salary whitlow, going to get up early.

Where is if you were guy you can baby survive a bit longer, but I've got lots of friends who are late 20s early 30s were going I'm doing alright here, but I'm looking at my mate's with proper jobs earning proper money and they began attending get to 13 ID rather be a lawyer and a lot more money and so there is a bleed out of Media anything it going I was women that could we couldn't to I think women are less or supported what I like about what you're saying and I absolutely agree with this when you've got a small country company.

You know the people you actually know Kirsty or Helen or ever.

Where is when you got a big company? They just a commodity and so you're going to stick out for the woman that you really know you really like is really really good job.

You're going to try to make it work for her.

I just also kids children's radio station that we run I get probably 10% of my day most I get centre from women 90% before amen.

I hope that sort of fascinating a lot of a young presenters sort of fresh out of university and student radiator.

It's not like they realise they can't get on in in in the world.

These are the first sort of ones they sent out and as I said to me that she didn't hear women on the radio is it cos actually it's not a job.

That's interesting.

I would sooner have more women on the station and he says that there's a lot of prejudice against women they radioed every level.

I don't know why this is but there's a lot of men in radio who come from that sort of male-dominated banter all guys together sort of Ethos and that keep swimming out stages of people who the radio.

I'm not saying that they don't listen to this is there isn't a place for me, but you would still assume NBA news.

Going to Radio K for more of this do I check out my colleague Helen zaltzman excellent monthly podcast sound women which discusses these issues in that every single month and moving from Radio 2 telly and wanted to touch on this rising star launching in the us on Sunday night and basically everyone said it was shit variety said it was at the Hollywood reporter said it was entertainment weekly called it a clever voting gimmick turned into a train wreck.

This is a problem for us because they're not one but two versions of this sharing some form coming to the UK soon at what did you make of the reaction to this and is the talent show actually over is that really what's happening here? You can just imagine that back at talent show headquarters.

They're going right so the options are we've got shares that may or may not turn around that.

We've got phone voting of some sort we've got Facebook we've got apps.

We've got nice judges nasty judges.

We've got open votes.

We've got close boats.

We're going to mix two or three of those and maybe we'll

Strike gold and I think maybe with with the materials have somewhat run drive and there is no combination to keep at that thing interest maybe there is no Talent left.

Everyone's been on one of these are just couldn't understand the voting system little sister's of wool and 70% of the votes got the wall and then there on the other side of the wall and then the judges didn't seem to know what the voting system wasn't nobody knew what they were supposed to do and I just thought will I need a PhD to understand what this is about the actually if you are ITV or Channel 4 and you're about to do a show based on this.

What would you learn from the experience in the US what? Can you tweet? It's funny and it's really like Hughie Green you probably remember all of this opportunity and in the end.

It's people going on very nervous either gonna make a fool of himself for being great new gonna like the one you're not going to like that.

It's really really simple and I think all the gadget.

She's really got anyway.

You have a problem is if you take the gadgetry away then.

It is the X Factor isn't it? Couldn't get what it was.

Funny wolf I got that writes underwater.

What is that the only thing they got to offer of War we got rid of that in Berlin bring on the wall of smokes hole-in-the-wall meets rising Sarah black mirrors at home maybe actually it's all the Charlie Brooker scheme and actually Hitman Konnie Huq get some sent the money printing spell debut in the US is technologically they didn't seem to be a glitch then networks coped with the fact that millions of people simultaneously been asked to download an app and vote at is that going to happen in the UK does it because the east coast and west Coast riders think that's a whole ridiculous thing.

I've ever done for us in the first place, so we won't have that issue, but we might have any she might be not with a mobile networks.

I think it's good signal in my house and how is this going to work paid off in the middle weather sits in between so you can you can cope with the input but can your computer crunch them or get it on the screen turn it around quickly.

Play Something Like A Million Pound Drop very technological quiz show me and I think that's a really simple idea and they use the technology to enhance it so Davina can has been a good life presenter can bring information.

She sees a all people at home doing this or this is all this is going on or Hate Chris Moyles is just tweeted or whatever the thing might be and it's not driven by the Tech it's given by Concepts yeah.

I think that's the same with all systems radio stations postcards phone calls text messages Twitter Skype it's the same idea is just only started at some point.

It's going to be so much feedback that people will forget to do content in the first place.

I just have people interacting about sometimes.

You know some of the date wrong when I'm on LBC we get more calls about that then anything else.

Keep it as simple as possible today.

Is it call this number people love that right time for the moment.

You've all been waiting for it.

Is this week's Media quiz and observant listeners will have fun.

This that are we change format slightly sweet hoping that one week.

We're gonna get picked up by channel for ourselves and this week's format is the clickbait challenge.

I'm gonna give both of you a headline in the style of new site.

Such as upworthy or mail online and you have to decipher what the story is from my sensationalist clickbait headline imagine a picture of a bikini-clad bum whilst I'm giving the headline and you get the idea as always buzzing when you think you know the answer and the best of 3 winner gets a cream egg.

Ok headline 14 years they counted all the best selling singles of the week, but what happen next will blow your mind but the answer me this week or I'll come and see you now streaming is going to be included in the top 40 so from Spotify and lobster and audio streaming data will be in there, which war.

Mean that im some artistic.

I should have maybe album artist historical may find themselves in the singles chart except the waiting is not the same as it is quite rightly as buying a song in the store physically or digitally what is the waiting 200? Is it or is it 1000 plays Andy in either case? I just think she should be more like about 25 players that counts as a buy it seems like I might be might be 100.

I can't do they give you to get Spotify can see there's a lot of Spotify here or YouTube consumption so I be worried e-cigarette you still can write his your clickbait headline number to ever wanted to read liberal news and skydive at the same time this new gadget has the answer guardian Merry Christmas.

It's not a clickbait headline, but I Twitter star responds as well.

Have you large elaborate for the listening to you? Don't understand?

Google Glasses which I don't really know how they're going to do it, but you get his glasses and then you say love comes up on the side of glasses or something.

It's alright.

I know people who work at Google have you got a clue? Have you got Glassworks yeah, and you're doing this never mind skydiving accident.

How does it work out if you if you're going to have an accident what better way than to be reading mediaguardian as it? Yeah, that's I think what the butt Google Glasses if you think of your updates on your phone at that now being in the top left hand corner of your view all types.

I think if if we all if you're wearing Google Glass in a couple of years time will store to be paying attention to each other whilst reading out emails favourite sweets terrifying ok will headline number 3 as 1 or male soap did this really does come down to it one of you is going to win the creme egg here goes 500 million reasons why the BBC should give up UK TV

Oh and there's a lack of knowledge in the room.

Or is it about licence fee payers and iPlayer it's not sure though, but you're not even close actually it is the story that us pay TV companies scripts has made a bit of 500 million pounds for full control of the UK TV channels, so gold Dave and watch according to Billy gold really is worth it which point we can have to split the creme egg this week 5 equivalent have a dead heat, but hopefully can come back one day and sort it out between you thank you very much Liz Howell Matt Deegan yes next week will be joined by Steve Ackerman from the content company something else and Lisa Campbell of the Edinburgh TV festival in this time.

I'm really promised if you have any questions for them get in touch via our Twitter at the media podcast my name is Ollie Mann the producer was Matt Hill to shows to go now, so keep pledging and thanks for listening.

Got plans for the long weekend.

You could get your friends round for drinks maybe even your first barbecue of it's not too chilly.

Why not don't forget the brancott estate Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, region.

They said was too chilly for growing at the pioneering winemakers of brancott estate didn't listen.

They were the first to plant in Melbourne New Zealand for decades and a bunch of Awards later.

It is Kristen freshers ever look out for on new colourful limited edition bottles in stores now.

Enjoy responsibly

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