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Read this: The End of Political TV? What Andrew Neil's departure means for BBC News

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The End of Political TV? What Andrew Nei…

Hello and welcome to the media podcast I'm a man on today.

Show are the BBC's political programme still cutting the mustard can Snapchat be Netflix and their own game the government backed plan to save local newspapers and the secret group of journalists stoking online harassment in the media quiz what truly it's the best radio programme time.

It's all come in today's Media podcast and joining me today is exact producer for ITN Productions Suzie Marsh welcome back to the show.

Thank you very much for a very promising debut you've disappeared.

So what are you up to now stepped slightly sideways into a whole different area of programme making live ads which is another whole different world as well as live adverts on a Saturday night or is good fun.

Example recently, what we've been doing is adverts that are basically very short game show winning lots of money in a very in 50 seconds live from various locations around the country with Stephen Mulhern you may not have seen it in between X Factor but that's what we do to go to a location be broadcast live return it around and 15/52 clear quartz watch it give us a go ahead.

We took so it's very hard to the pressure of a live tv.

Show on primetime TV and advertising clients as well and I'm also doing in front of the you know that the operator will deem it whether it's Cathedral cost or not and they decide with a minute to herbalism at City University Liz Howell hi Liz the last time you're on the shirt pretty sure you said I'm about to retire so why do my mate became a professor Emeritus which means that you have your contact with the university?

And have to do lots of things that necessarily being paid for them out, but I do do a research project.

I'm just think it goes on after 65 anyway.

I do a research project about women in use and that's carrying on and there's quite a lot at Hanging on that so I've got that to deliver by September this year.

Can you give us a sleep reviewer? So how is looking? It's always the same you don't know enough women use really actually it did we got expert women's where we started in 2011 campaigning.

That's really good news story.

I mean it's down to only twice as many men as women that used to be very thankful absolutely but in other areas.

It's not so great for those areas that you're looking particularly porters if you look at the reporters on the big beast chase a ITV news on BBC News you've got more than twice as many men as women Elizabeth no reason for that with experts.

There is a reason because the level of female expertise in society is probably less than the level of male and expertise in society faced oracle reason, but there's absolutely no reason why?

Television station should employ a man as a reporter and not a woman podcast it has been revealed that the mother of late night political programming this week is coming to an end as longtime host Andrew Neil pursues an earlier bedtime at least if you would director of BBC News and Andrew Neil one of your big stars basically comes to you and says he wants to quit that show would you then acts the show as well? Thank you.

Very much is involved with the show and he's the Persona of the show and so on and also you've got to see this in the wider context of what the ratings are actually likes of this week, and I don't suspect there particularly fabulous within that genre.

He's a big star but actually there may be secretly rather glad to see it.

Go that's that's my reading of the situation and Fran Unsworth has said I said we'll explore the possibilities with Andrew Neil any is still going to be presenting other political shows but maybe it's time for this one to go I reckon she looks at the audience appreciation index.

But if you did it would be pretty high for this week because for the people who like that so they loved that she had but that's not the point if there's two people that it to Pieces what what good is that? I think it's it's a difficult thing to be niche for certain area of it.

It is lovely and to be very well appreciated and to have a cult Following as it were out with the small amount people but is it the kind of you know we can see him in many other places there are lots of other opportunities as it's its its appeal list of quirky and actually is that what we want now anyway.

Do we want him dancing? I mean for me watching a new thing.

I find it very disquieting to watch that and and also what what the tension is it getting is it getting the right attention from the things that it does do and actually is that the attention that is wanted at the moment your something serious is happening in politics.

Isn't it? And maybe this other shows not lights on a shirt because that's fun and it was a long time ago.

I think it's probably had its day and everybody at the moment of works in politics this thinking how we going to reflect this new single.

You don't even know what it is.

It's evolving as we sit here.

I don't know how many more MPs have resigned since we walked in the door.

You know it's a very difficult time and political shows are in that melting pot as this week does reflect a time where you did have the woman as it was then from Labour and the man from the Tories and it was a two party world and as you say it's it's a completely different will be having our closest thing politically on telly but can reflect back and you got this new format for politics live which is sort of like 8 people sitting on a table saw battling for I don't think there is a formula that is ready yet.

I really don't think there is it's going to evolve with the politics that we now dealing with it's all very new to change the way they consume it the way they think about it the way they believe it or don't believe it because there are so many different opinions now and everybody shouting as loud as somebody else and we all have to listen to all of them be there right or wrong as well, so I'm

Constantly confused and and so many people on bothering to look at what the detail in the factors and that's the other thing.

I think people want really clear really concise information that the idea of a group of men are predominately men who are in with the In Crowd in politics and tell you how it is and that's really changing it is democratising it in a very different way review type show there still a gap for that.

I haven't announced a new kind of replacement for it a lot of people don't want see daily political coverage.

They want to step back and let him analysis needs to be something new I mean it's 16 years in the end, and it's you know whatever else it is still him with his opinions be there his own or others but they still feel like it's coming from the same place and we're in such a different place now and certainly to represent all of us feel that that is not pap something that can be done within that one so nice feeling evil my feeling very much.

Is it these big beasts to opine my name names you know?

It does Nick Robinson and there's Adam Boulton and there's Andrew Neil but they're all over time and the time is not now the other type presenter Julia hartley-brewer James O'Brien hosting that show why because it's built around the hotel if they're going to do it.

They're going to want to do it differently and the accusations that the BBC generally is running away from its commitment to political news.

They're losing 10 minutes of the News at Ten to Showcase BBC3 programmes Monday to Wednesday Sunday Politics has been axed and not replaced and even politics live that shall we just talk about is shorter than it's predecessor, which was Daily Politics that's not a good look it's very what's happening at the moment it because there is very little appointment to view be in it across Generations as well.

We will I can watch Sky News constantly.

They beat their battling against total running 24-hour news.

Anyway, we can drop in and out.

I'm not going to sit down at 10 anyway.

Generally nobody the you know there's a smaller audience for that and it has to be honest.

It's a Dying audience.

Isn't it? So the people who are coming out that they want to capture the people who are going to be interested in short sharp Snapchat bursts of information and news given to them in a way that they would to digest so I think it is about we approach the result of the slow news approach which is also mitigating or militating against these shows in the perhaps.

We don't want the clever ask presenter telling us what to think about politics.

Can we need something that's more developed.

I don't know what the answer is but I'm not surprised that changes afoot let's talk about future of local news now.

It could disappear unless the government provides Direct financial support that is according to the Independent report the future of the British Media atlas is the Cross review talking about the press about the printed Media in terms of broadcasting local news cannot disappear under the current broadcasting act.

It's absolutely.

6 minutes until this product of 630 local news program on ITV in BBC's probably here to stay for the foreseeable future the local prices different matters, that's not something I am an expert that that is certainly something and quite interestingly.

I've just been as we speak of come away from a panel discussion at the RSA about positive supposed to negative news and the balance of news one of the interesting point is that since there's been less local news in the papers.

That has been less positive news in the Easter because example I want to bother telling for many years lots of people here at the idea of border television.

It's a very small ITV company but actually getting stories on to that program requires more skill more consideration than much easier to follow national news agenda, but there was quite a lot of positive news because if they wasn't the audience with crucify you you know that you're my brownie troops really just wondered award.

Why doesn't it on your new and there's nothing wrong with that and it.

Deposit happy stuff but Dust and I'm positive not just happy but actually constructed and that is diminished with the Demise of local newspapers.

So it's not just Democracy in the sense of covering local councils and so on its fans in the reflection of stories in the community and the pressure is on that programs now did BBC 9TD was to replicate the national news everything is drama and alarm in this review Susie don't Frances cairncross wanted Direct funding for public interest news outlets from a new Institute investigator weather Facebook and Google are two dominant in the ad market and new code of conduct between publishers and large tech companies to make sure the publishers are treated fairly.

What was your reaction to that stuff? I think it makes sense to have more fun than going is to these things to help people and people to become involved in to protect the resources that we haven't encourages other resources.

How it is administered and how it is decided upon that is the issue because if it's another group of people who aren't part of the everyday on on the grassroots level deciding and I think that's where we just becomes another layer in the whole thing but I feel that that's where everybody starts grassroots and everything but because his everyday life that's reflected that affects everybody that they can see part of their life part of their world and save touch that bit of news.

Where is obviously national news agenda of feels very big and scary to those people just sitting home button border television I started our local cable news back when it was a requirement by the cable providers to provide x hours a week of local television news and that was kind of unheard of because we were we were just the same as a local local Guardian local rag, you know we just did exactly the same things they did so we were looking for the positive stories.

We were meeting all the local people and and we would we do.

Police stories etc as well, but to be on that level and to see those to learn and for people to find their places in their niches in their interests at that level and it's really important.

I think and it's difficult if it's someone from way up high deciding how it works is that something that government should be doing I feel quite worried about the IBA which was very involved in what you did and we knew RIBA representative very well and they will really quite prescriptive and then it went to the ITC which was much more national.

I'm in my view very naturally focused and quite difficult to deal with but still quite prescriptive then it became off on which is the light touch and now they're talking about this new Francisco cross is talking about this new regulator and I can't quite see her.

It's gonna work.

You can't make people do things especially commercial the commercial world didn't gonna make any money if people don't want to see the court reports and they don't want to see the local local council for example.

I'm afraid is not going to cut it in this very attractive visual world.

We live if nobody is gonna watch local council empty commercial space to Commercial entrance back.

It isn't this with the audio content fund if you looked at this evening at the airport of mummies come from from the government with Helen Bowden former director of the BBC at the helm and you can apply as independent auction make a radio show that would not normally be broadcast on Commercial Community Radio cuz it's not commercial so you know it would be at an art show or you know a show about dramas of somebody at the way to get the Grant you have to demonstrate Live Aid broadcast it and surely if they can I prove that they'll broadcast it's gone.

Something that's commercial absolutely and confusing it's very confusing me.

Why are you going to make it if you can not going to watch it obviously in the past to be very serious problems of being broadcast quite rightly.

I'm under regulation wouldn't have had a mass audience, but they would have had an audience and the difficulty with this is if you're making something of people going to watch because the government funding you to make it.

It's a waste of everybody's time with money.

I mean I'm a great populist in that sense.

I do believe there's no point in doing something in case people actually demonstrates.

They wanted only be a few people or it may be people for example.

It would attract certain type of advertising or sponsorship also on but just to do it because some arcane government organisation thinks it's good for you.

I don't think that will wash in the modern world when it first started it felt for most people to be watching Sky quite separate to what that kind of viewer would want and yet the content on it.

It is extremely nice.

You know but I do.

I love the autobiography of Jane Fonda so I can see that there will always be a little group of people who will be pleased because if the majority of the only ones who was but he's then what about the minorities and in giving them a little bit of what they want as well as not a bad thing because we can't please all the people all of the time.

I just giving more minorities sizable minority what about giving more money back to the BBC they're already trusted there already provably independent from government and they already used to have done this all over the country doing this kind of thing because they're quite big and it's not a good idea to inflate them any further exactly they got plenty and also you know those various things happening there that make me slightly worry about it.


They be the only one yes, they will I don't think they should be the only ones because it's 10.

It's one persons and institutions choice of what matters what they believe is is is really needed and actually did.

Perspective is what we need and what we all want when we all watch other channels and all do different things so I just think more than one person deciding surely is a butt handed to the BBC they have funded local journalism.

Yellow is there isn't it does seem to have worked in that the numbers of local generously funded have gone up from tiny.

Do not so tiny whether or not that very much is another issue.

I think it's very difficult I mean it over the years.

I've seen people try to force the hand of organisations trying to make them do things and in the end.

It doesn't work and Leicester City Homes will behind it are they really wanted to do it? It was packs of Vanity projects.

They have the money to do it good luck to them at work have been prepared to do that on numerous occasions first series I did last year was done in Dolby stereo and uhd know that boy missing some ways because nobody can watch their however.

It was a slight vanity project.

Is it showing off what they have and using all of those skills and all of the new technology to demonstrate where people will go in the end.

We were not market after ODEON Cinema Preston Crown Court just isn't sexy exactly the point of the ultimate vanity project me Rupert wanted to do that cos I was the managing editor at Sky News when it started and it was done because that's what he wanted to do and he wants said something I go with entertainment you make money but we can use you down at the white house and that was his reason for doing it at units of catapulted you into the sins of the seats of power as it was the station run because Chris Evans in his virgin Breakfast Show you might had a bit about that.

He's he's on Virgin apparently broke some hardcore Media nerd news this week when Chris Evans appeared to announce that talk radio is going to be changing its name to talk news now that may not actually be true.

I've been doing some digging around and took

Registered yet to me like a slip of the tongue or something you said off the cuff and then he's actually said in these quoted as saying I went to the boss which I presume is Rebekah Brooks and said I said she said you said this thing he said oh yeah and she said because it's you Chris that's what we call it.

I don't know but let's discuss the merits because everyone else has been anyway, talkSPORT does sport another of their properties talk radio does mostly talk about the news.

Maybe it would help clarify their friend, but who cares because they're not some Focus it's maybe some sense in it.

It's just a very strange way to announce it, but you know it's Chris Evans isn't it again been clear to the audience what you're trying to tell them about what you are.

I think that can only help but yes, it is very hard, but then that's what happens to do said it would necessarily attract a wider audience and no news.

Search very clearly positions as a rival 300 BC and Chris Evans also talked about possibly poaching Nick Ferrari you know what I mean.

I wish I knew what was going on his lunchtime drinks, but if you really wanted to make it so you do you put me on this really weird idea.

I have a woman Nigel radio moment.

I'm listening to it.

Only person that class was mentioned amen the people that he would be discussing about coming in our people that he probably knows it.

So if you had 2 million pounds of you running to radio.

What would you do to try and raise its profile? Would you say

Bcbc, would you say part of the reason that we're going it called the audiences.

We got Iain Lee and how would you say Bob Mills me do stuff that isn't you do with it? I think it's very difficult because I don't really understand that their target audience.

That's where I think it's in my view gone a bit hey why I don't know who it is that they want to listen to it.

I wouldn't listen to it and I know people who work with it.

So I've got to be very careful, but I don't know many people actually listen to it.

So it seems to me that they've got to go Robin topknot presenters that have they got to look about what audience the end? What does talk about a TV production house kudos their chief executive is leaving the indeed after 9 years and several high-profile commissions under his belt.

This is Beatrix Santa who was responsible for dramas liked Instagram Chester humans 8 years ago.

Not when we were all very young America and that's about the nearest ever forgot to add mixed fabulous stuff and it's great it would seem to me reading the story that this is one very talented does it works as a producer who had a good rest of hits and that's great, but is he absolutely season of the Lagerfeld of TV production? I don't think so, but maybe I don't know enough for me.

It's obviously he made his name to the masses with EastEnders and was hugely popular retirement when Eastenders had it's like real peak.

Yeah, that's certainly made inroads in that area but took no notice of James Harding you now want to try something new but I'm not quite sure what it is, but I'm leaving where I am and it's actually this is been drinking bit more than the dramas.

He makes, what is the drama here? Is there something behind the scenes we don't know about time in the job as well.

Isn't it? Really know think you know nowadays people aren't expected to stay anywhere as a distinguished list of the media.

I'm sure you have already deduce that we often record at Central London production House run VT but what you might not know is that the post production house Studios have been used for shows like cash in the Attic Fake Britain and car booty run BT has 15 offline and to online editing suite a baselight grading theatre where it's lovely and dark a dubbing sweet and a voice-over booth for all your post production needs more about editing your next show at Rumsey

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You know I'm actually in the 52nd advert.

Quite a large, could you make a Snapchat for half a million kind of pet which is really interesting about the short form and he's watching getting having spoken to young people before I came about this.

It's interesting to see how people will digest it's because quite often when I'm doing reviews on people that's because it's half term will be good weather the ITN Productions only reason they continue to use it and you can tell this is not my wisdom is that it is instant and instantly gone so if they want to show a video it's done instantly don't have to save the video send it on so it's it's user ability is what's good and also you can delete it which is again.

Why young people and other various Mary Wells use it as well, so they will use in terms of.

See something that might be of interest then they might click on it but actually when you're looking at social viewing habits here to get 3-second views of 10-second views is what people are pleased with to get someone to stick with you for 45 minutes seems like a lot, but they're not obviously they've had successful series and dramas, which you know you can imagine actually you know 4 minutes worth of the drama that feels quite doable and achievable in terms of allocation time, but they are so immediately bored once they've seen it for a few seconds, then there's just so many places to make content now.

It's amazing platform is going to babysit you know it's going to be on iPlayer but you can't guarantee that iPlayer is going to tell everyone about it might just disappeared Snapchat won't be promote.

You don't need to spend.

I think that's what's really interesting is day will actively promote and that's quite often.

What's happened in programs? I've done is that you've made a list program.

They giving you all this money.

You've spent hours and studio in the edit and

I don't promoting anything.

Where is the logic in a massive ENT sho with getting One promo and one hashtag you know where is they know how to Promo things they know how to do it in two and how to cut into small short form content to get people involved as also remember the current TV that was Samaria absolutely think it's just Googled it and it looks like the sort of stuff.

We used to buy for trouble you know the team channel waybackwhen and it's ODEON they're all so gorgeous and perfect did attracted to me, but I am not a snap using this is more of the same.

I just disappointing.

Maragatha, this is for Snapchat what can we make? It's got the word using all the technical aspects that come with Snapchat so it's about you know there's a lot more graphics enhancement.

It's a lot more things you can do to all of the pictures.

It's thinking of ways in which they can do that to best effect unity interactive.

It is Peanuts really isn't it mean that the money that they're offering in and when I looked at the production values on the things.

I've already got that terrified be really hard to replicate that your bedroom is there a the audience is global isn't very small portion that makes it so blind yeah.

Yeah and when it comes to the talent that you'd use for a production you're making for a platform lights that are you thinking do you know what I need to make sure that they are fully accessible all the time as part of the deal like if you're going to be in my show you have to accept the audience are going to be contacting you.

What does that not come into it does things I've done there's been a certain amount of acceptance of social.

Involvement but I think it is so ingrained in part of their lives people who will be used in it before use it but it's just it's not even a thing to discuss it.

They would automatically want to be involved as unfortunately.

They feel is desperate need to be constantly appreciated, but if you're trying to attract as many people to it's possible because you've got someone who's established in that well to me these two people in the country at the time.

You will never have all the time you allocate a certain amount of time you Dad a certain amount of posts to certain amount of x y and z and they would have to adhere to that yeah, because that's the nature of the Beast Disney that's the way it's going round local new shows you just do it you from the privacy of your own bedroom or bathroom people doing something totally different and the Secret Facebook group of French journalists calling themselves the lol League that if you've transliterator coordinated the harassment of feminists people of colour and LGBT campaigns on social media according to reports.

From BuzzFeed please, can you summarise this story for a complicated man who years ago? I think it started in 2009 as a Facebook group and it was basically a group of mates of the way.

I see it who got together to post snide or and pleasant things about anybody wasn't like there and then it took off on Twitter and and they would set off as of Twitter Storm by posting on Twitter that was also offensive or attacking someone on Twitter and then the rest of their people would would pilot in having been alerted to this and then it would go viral and everybody would have taxis people and it's really quite nasty unpleasant underhand the magazine of paper that out of this liberarsi on one of their journalistic.

You jealous is actually behind it and so he's not suspended and another guys been suspended from another magazine because he actually set up a fake interview with a woman interviewed for a fake job and recorded it and then put it online and it's just nasty I think and

New owners quite work's going to end and who's involved in you can imagine people getting sucked into that sort of male or her.

Let's have a bit of banter type of environment in these people at quite a high level of been sucked into that now been outed and I have been sucked in have they they clearly they walked into an airport in Italy in my thoughts at the beginning? This is banter between friends and it became a public facing.

Let's do mean this person publicly thing just filled.

I mean obviously it's really uncomfortable, but is that banter man who started is now said it was at least I got completely out of control was interesting about it is the men involved of the time were very old at the time there were about 25, but realised that thing it still vulnerability of A41 women against many it's the group singer heard of men having a go even harder to understand.

Somebody to sit there be as banter or not it went sick escalator that you are still making that decision to take part in that consistent and repetitive form of abuse to somebody and he still exist in the UK probably experience of working with French Media French jealous, is that it is a little bit more sexier than here but you know that probably just might one-off experience and it may not be true, but that's how I feel and so I wasn't entirely surprised to find that the universe is going on in France but I wouldn't be entirely surprised to find that it was going on in Britain either.

I came in as a young woman and many people men older.

Yeah, we're just be good just put you down for whatever you were saying even that in that you have to stand up for yourself so strongly or you know the amount of people just walk away because they give up.

Your old man, don't think just because I awoke to a very wrong because like the students.

I've seen over the years most of them are absolutely delightful people and get good jobs at all this week, so I've been dealing with postgraduates.

What for the last 15 years and sometimes you will get a little not of men who really want to keep anybody out that's going as a very competitive it and I need anybody that's going to take their job takeaway there opportunities and they will bond together and they will keep out anyone who isn't like them because they feel that they are at the end title people even if there isn't the sort of maturity to realise that you know misogynism isn't cool nonetheless.

Isn't there now at least technological literacy that you think men in their 20s working in production companies newspapers in this country.

It might think anything I put in a secret group.

Anywhere might one day be a great.


That's the thing about secret groups.

Are you think of all the

The secret groups have been over the years Freemasons and so on I mean they keep it secret and this lasted secret for a long time.

I remember I was going to say they said it would be too anecdotal but working at Grenada in the 1970s and we were all like people of the seventies and everybody was equal and it was all gonna be great and I went to the canteen and I'm quite small so I was behind the sort of barrier you and I heard my fellow Mail producer all talking about the women in The Newsroom in a really horrible way and I was so disillusioned these were great blokes that I work with that.

They won't say great actually ok from the ridiculous to the sublime and the nominees are in for the National press Awards the Guardian and the ft a short listed for scoop of the year for their coverage of the Windrush and the Presidents club scandal respectively, can we say what year is the president's club that feels like what is interesting about these Awards is that it's the people not the coverage which I find fascinating.

I was involved with the British journalism awards as a judge and their you're looking at the material for one of the things.

I find very confusing about all of this is how many of wards there are this is the national press Awards that we're talking about is the British journalism awards is the Royal television Society awards has the broadcasting Awards this it's endless.

I mean there's so many different of Wars and then not going to fly in and they're all should have them praising each other.

I think I don't know why have a tendency always do want to know when 8 people I thought so.

I think I was a highlight from the nomination CC that you think it deserves.

It was interesting is the Daily Mirror scooping popular life at TV star Jamie in spitting storm that's great news story.

Obviously not possibly funnily enough not interested now and the sun on Sundays and new love.

I was just obviously important news.

Autosleeper tabloid journalism it just looks funny when you read it and they sort of surroundings in the stories in the area, where is he know another popular lifescape when was Barbara Windsor Alzheimer's now that is an amazing story that can come out can help people can make a real difference and actually has impact on on many people you know the rest is just chilling and sometimes you want some chewing gum sometimes you want a bit of fun.

I'm actually the role of personality is having your saying in a way.

It's strange that it's about a body of work rather than individuals Google story generally but I suppose if these news organisations are now really conglomerates of individual personalities with their own social media following.

I mean you know the award for Marina Hyde on Matthew Parris getting political commentator.

Is is more important than what they were talking about his a person who consistently brings you a thing and their associated with our paper is a whole new program.

We could talk about that forever and I'm not sure that totally awesome.

Is cause of having celebrity Colin this right at this is something I am not terribly thrilled about in the newspaper on the other hand I read them.

I can't help it to know there is just time for a media quiz Neverwinter three stories from medial and that you know what is going on at the same time.

I will give you a headline from a recent Media story you just have to spot the missing word you buzzing with your name and you know the answer so she's you will say he's your say right.

Let's go missing word number one.

What is named best radio show of all time industry insiders most of whom work for BBC shows Desert Island Discs above the Archers and round the Horne for Radio Times poll.

This award because it said on one of us is the water in the radiator and it said about 46 people were on the panel.

That's a big table lots of coffees a lot of people are upset that they would know commercial radio programmes on commercial radio show would you put on the list of the best radio shows of all time very difficult about the Archers around the horn of desert maybe on Capital this is white male privilege that I think so it clearly is so I like the fact that it tells you in the theory tells you more about the person than you would naturally find out about your right.

I like the background.

I was so silly little things that it's a brilliant 4matic.

Intuit we forget how novel it was at the time you feel better on the phone by the way, so I will try and we're not trying to replicate.

Obviously we just letting somebody else who are there in 6 kills do instead.

So there will always be with change comes complaints standing on my credit record BBC launches eco-friendly, what does in with your name when you know the answer season clothing line Direct you did just say Liz save the same but anyway yeah you gonna point if you remember the name of the BBC's new clothing line.

He's been sick in my own name.

How sad is that fits all models walk the London Fashion Week runway wearing ethically made sweatshirts as part of the corporations new sustainable me campaign.

All sounds like something straight after B18 but the idea is to capitalise on the success of blue planet around the world as the most watched British TV programme of 2018 and their campaign for sustainability does that make sense if you're running a BBC brand have a clothes bank it really weird sorry.

I'm sure there's absolute justification for it.

I guess it depends on what who they want to notice it doesn't it's aimed at again because I suppose he will always there's always a sweatshirt for the program isn't that's true though is always that we always want t-shirt so I can use different from your own clothing line, but this is this is the extra step isn't like everything else everybody's taking another step to their dangling the we have BBC takeaway meals because it makes total sense in your tummy, what could have their own it BBC eats? There is an inherent contradiction as well as if the message of the program is stop making so much crap that goes to landfill even if you're making sustainable still make.

I think the Blu-ray disc after each episode of the plastic alright 200 L at the moment, so see you see you've got a chance to go for a drawer here? Three radio directors launch new what is a proposal active podcast where you talk to the audience at the same time as doing the podcast podcast so this is there radio veterans Phil Riley and friend of the show Matt Deegan who have launched a live events company to bring podcast is face-to-face with their audience and it's goodnight.

I suppose I didn't think it and people came along and we.

And it was really difficult to organise and it's a different sort of audience that wants to be there as wants to listen to it and it can be excluding if you're not there, you don't want to hear it.

If you are that you've heard it already complicated tremors prioritising the listening listening this back to Tony Hancock is a girl with a very famous comedian, and then did a lot of radio radio and TV and was very popular and then did a show at the London Palladium Beano and it was fantastically popular with the audience, but it was recorded and transmitted absolutely Bond because you're dealing with a different catchment in heard of the listener is very different from the person who's actually there in the theatre.

That's very different doing a show on the BBC were.

You know the Radio Theatre and you just go and watch the recording that you know that's what you're doing but doesn't.

To meet their favourite podcast is it so why not give people that opportunity difference these are events that are being broadcast that is very different from having a very successful podcast We Ever Meet the audience event while you are the winner today congratulations.

I'm sorry but no come back again and compete for another chance of the title and if you want to pay £200 to meet us in person.

I'd be happy to talk to about organising.

How do you think that's so funny if you like what we are up to here at the media podcast if you're the kind of person you might come and see a live show you want to help us.

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