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Read this: #112 - BBC and Discovery agree UKTV deal, Apple TV+, Radio Days Europe

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#112 - BBC and Discovery agree UKTV deal…

Hello and welcome to the media podcast I'm only man on today's show on TV takes control of Dave and his sisters reality TV stars ask for more support from producers and we preview the first light of shows you'll probably be able to watch with Apple TV plus also we hear from the BBC's Bob shennan on this year's new breakfast radio shows and analyse the Guardians plan to date stamp their old articles + NVIDIA quiz we find out how much telly our guests really watch Nautica today's Media podcast Media podcast regular director of creative media partners Paul Robinson hello hello always fresh back from summer exotic and exciting this time well.

Not that excited.

I've been in the US clocks with doing a big deal with comcast for this new hispanic channel with launching so I've been chatting with the New York

In Philadelphia on the M3 which is a very good train by the way, I wasn't expecting training photo into the show do you get one of those cards where you can look out american-style of the window the seats are huge and maybe because that reflects the people possibly but it's very very comfortable in economy.

That's the point with lots of leg room was I was appreciate very very quick answer so offended his clients and also Twitter regular on the show the creative director of folder Media Matt Deegan hello Matt comes in many Media pies are always gotta keep them warm and the private has come to my attention recently is Pogba cuz I'm participating in this time one of the fillings at is podcast live which is this new say squirrel venture where you're putting on lots of podcast live in a colour festival set up that's right.

It's a one-day conference on it is / was on Sunday depending on when you're listening to this it brings together.

So I've brought together 40.

In podcast all in the news and politics amazing lineup brexit cast ITV News Sky News Telegraph x 3 come up with and always podcast a recording a show live in front of an audience some people can go and buy tickets at podcast and what we it's a great bunch of people but also the guests they're bringing in amazing to from Justine Greening Lord Adonis Alastair Campbell's confirm today, so it's a it's a really great lineup and it's three simultaneous tracks of podcasts and it's the first one we doing and we're going to hope to do more events like this around the country but also more vertical so this wants politics, but they could be specific ones or wellness at so if you are interested you doing a podcast you interested in doing a live one with us to get in touch and Paul but the benefit for an audience are going to see a podcast being recorded.

Is not always immediately obvious is it we were you watching if your watching this you're watching three people with my two front their face.

What's exciting about that? It's a bit like the old Radio 1 roadshow on a beach is quite good.

Windows that was very dull in Oakley spaceship.

Honest people talking to microphones, but you know great guest announcer.

I think it's going to be like in semi and even when we've recorded This podcast in various places around London he will do cos we've look at you and you know it's a glance up between the gin and tonic so I guess no, I think there's actually I think that such an appetite from a really podcast loyal audio people that would pay to come and see their favourite podcast is that the bar is very low you literally just have to be in the same room as them you don't have to put on the show you know I think a lot of people anxious like they need to put on a big show you really just have to be there and talk cos that's why people like you are coming because their fans of those shows and then there is every week and they get to know the characters and they want to be close to them and maybe she's more.

The word thing get a photo and I will just have a chat and it's been cheating scene which forecast have been good at selling tickets and which ones if in less good at that.

What was the economic model there to the podcast is get different fees based on how many seats they sell or not as a revenue share button how many tickets they sell Wii U can buy ticket just for an individual show you can buy one for the day and we have ways to incentivise people podcasts to help of some of the day tickets to everything that's been a lot of people who bought day tickets if you love politics you probably listen to the two or three podcast connected to it and I think the other thing the other podcast of said is it's a way for them to market themselves to other people who like that sort of thing and without a to see how it goes and I hope there's going to be more of them.

Ok, we shall report back let's get on with the news then and pull the commercial arm of the BBC has just taken control of 10 stations that were in the UK TV stable, so this is Dave

Eden and a few others from Discovery gold, it's the biggest deal in the corporation's history, what are the details well? That's only holes describing anyway.

I'm not sure that's quite right, but it's essentially the BBC will now take over the other half of You Katy B they didn't know otherwise own there was formerly owned by Discovery now the issue of the BBC of course if they can't raise capital they can't borrow money.

So they can't really pay the full market value which is about 400 to 500 million so I have paid 173 million which is a big amount of money for the BBC they've taken on some debt as well about 70 million of debt but critically what they've done is.

I've said that Discovery can have access to a lot of their content particularly there the content that comes out of Bristol natural history content for discoveries new streaming service so by adding more bits together.

They have now got full control over UKTV except out there this week and looking at the BBC's views on that that sort of you said she send the BBC News

With Netflix and apple then to be looking to the Future younger.

Audiences is selling your programs to Discovery and buying some cable and satellite TV channels really looking to the Future that seems like old revenue models.

I think they're revenue models which which have still got a disc working then.

I'm in the UK TV channels, so often enormous math cash earnings additives income coming back into the bead and also some of those now creating their own content and I know there are lots of issues around your UK TV streaming service and BBC content on that I so it gives them a bit more control of their archive but I think selling selling contents of third-party streaming services is a challenge for broadcast.

It's because all around the world if I can go back to you that they're all in the streaming business animal got partners overseas as well and it's trying to make that that best combination.

Yeah, I think the important thing is they're selling.

Content outside the UK so that helps a bit but matters right the BBC's got a lot of things to think about because it's been in a confusing of some people about the last Kingdom you know that so then became a Netflix show me take things like The Bodyguard which was both on iPlayer and on Netflix the other been partner with Netflix but of course Netflix are you know both partner and enemy and they got to think about the stress that is Brick Box coming along weather going to be partnering with ITV they still want to drive iPlayer so the BBC's got a complicated content distribution future to figure out and I think they are not quite there at the moment about fitting di2 a pitching TV ideas to the BBC that maybe then don't get greenlit on the BBC so they take them to UKTV on apologies to those of you work for Dave and somebody is probably use that way round isn't it will be prefer it was on BBC2 they end up at David Gold and commissioners are effectively then also works for the BBC it doesn't feel like there's a plurality of options there.

Patients at BBC is unlikely to be is joined up to have a potential commissioning strategy across all of its channels and also I think what day is been very successful at commissioning is is really thinking about its own channel and Brand and voice yeah, but you can see this you there can't you? Could it? What is the date voice? It's a it's a sort of sit men changing the way the other men who might buy beer might be interested in which is fine, but if that's being owned by public service broadcaster.

Is that a little bit uncomfortable? I think the big issue here is in a lot planet Earth outside the UK is going to be on Discovery not on the BBC and I think people will describe value to Discovery 4.

What is a BBC production? That's the real risk for the BBC it's not about the commissioning in the UK on their channels.

That's a small deals the big issues about the BBC's overall strategy in a world where effectively it's Crown Jewels I'm not going to be on the BBC platform outside the UK that's a big risk.

BBC Studios / the Old worldwide things about this deal particularly if you're in charge of the BBC Earth Channel that is distributed in lots of different markets as well, what happens to your content there, but he is a big deal that suddenly the BBC goes from shutting down BBC3 for example to now having what 6 New Digital channels that it owns the digital channels are at home having two Green Lights viewing is still too but that is rapidly changing and the future is nonlinear and so the BBC must be thinking about that is good.

I think about that in terms of delivery to licence fee payers, but critically thinking about how it funds itself.

So what was his interesting? It's not really part of the ongoing stress you was must be to think about where the BBC's going to be in 5 or 10 years time at the rate at which behaviours changing by consumers, but that might even be too far in the future.

Ok? There are as ever many stories for help the BBC so I'm going to be born to another one.

Which is that they removed last week all of their podcasts from Google what is your Google assistant, wasn't it? And you know the smart stuff and to the I just said if you ask Google I won't say the words in case people listen to a smart speaker right now because that's irritating but if you ask it to bring you a BBC podcast woman's hour for example front row or something it would have opened it up and its own podcast app for the BBC said no that's restricting choice.

Just two things it's it's jesper smart speakers bull sofa for mobile.

So obviously we all know apple podcasts an app.

That's been stored on all iOS phones and because of that relationship is 80% 62 80% of all podcasts downloaded through through apple Google earlier like last year launch Google podcasts at similar thing.

They baked Google podcast into the Android operating system and then there in search or downloading an app you can access pretty much any podcast.

And it's entitled to do apples PlayBook a little bit in and just having a native and 80 podcast app which is sort of what BBC of trying to do with BBC sounds absolutely what's interesting is why have the BBC pullback content from Google they have stated that a lot of it's about when she searching Google how these things are all linked together now that may be true as a glance.

I'm not entirely convinced.

I think the 2nd of the Dirtbag what are you suspect? There are lots of ways to say my mind's and your boobs made an announcement.

I'm sure there's far more going on behind the scenes with Google but they're announcement of of how they like their results to be displayed.

I think they like we all can construct the Google search engine to show them that way so I'm not entirely convinced.

That's the case and they say it is not necessary to do with BBC sounds an exclusivity however either together with this or separately they are in.

Trusted in driving traffic to BBC sounds and making that a primary place know if it if you want to experiment and this is just in my head if you want to experiment with taking content of bigger platforms starting with Google podcasts less than 1% of the markets will be not a bad way and suddenly to dripping it from iTunes would cause you a tsunami of pain from listeners, so I think there's an element of that too.

I spoke to Google early last week and make up your own speaker OK Google tell me what's the current ratio and then we go, thank you and both Google and BBC have said that they continue to be in discussions, but there is a big thing about and it's a think it's changed over the past so there's six to 12 months compared to couple years ago weather the view tends to be get your content everywhere whatever platform ears.

Was you going to go to be in those places and Choir

Have you lost broadcasters and it is part of the Netflix effect of being really bitten by selling contact Netflix previous another competitor people have started to be a bit more concerned about the rodeo and the BBC on the only people have pooled their content from Google ready Francis done it to and simile some countries abroad customer support their content from TuneIn for pool in a mistake and I've said this on the shape of all who talks about another example which was the BBC pulling seriously for a while and I be putting on BBC sounds isn't that the BBC sounds has exclusive content on their app, but they're they're doing it with podcast That previously were available everywhere.

That's what pisses people off.

It doesn't matter if you create a new product was only on BBC sounds is not an obvious lesson to learn.

I think that consumers would obviously prefer to have content available wherever they want to get it and it is right.

I mean Google coming into the Business of podcast has been good because it takes you away from being completely locked in to Apple

I think this is as Matt says about driving BBC sounds.

I mean I I asked Ben Chapman and I'll some winter from the BBC and the Google people on two separate panels about this this week until the sun and the BBC guy said it doesn't they don't fit our distribution strategy.

What does that mean well actually? Would it really means is we want to drive people via BBC sounds also other executives of the BBC have told me they want to invest more you can't in the BBC sounds to rebuild that they were a little bit disappointed, but the 1.8 million download so far they want they want bigger numbers and that is also bad underpinning the Future the BBC so I think I'll to release debut is they want control and they want to drive their own platforms and there's yet another Newsline coming out the BBC this week which is about impartiality.

I mean I suppose you could argue that being the case for a decades of Africa came to add this week after BBC Breakfast Ben Thompson criticised one of the questions on Question Time about LGBT education in schools and the way but that was Fray

He was saying that question never should have been allowed on Question Time that was him criticising other BBC colleagues.

It could have been interpreted as him having a view on politics or that he was simply saying you know this is my sexuality and I can this offensive and there was a bit of a Twitter spat about this the BBC's really doubling down now on impartiality on social media.

Is there a BBC News got an email today entitled to your social media use which and then addressed more by name which then freaked out quite a lot of people if they thought they just been there contacted individually it is part of me is on the BB on evil BBC corporate side hear you know you'll see a lot of BBC employees slagging off elements of The Corporation the obviously you would not get in pretty much any other corporate environments.

Yeah, you are a team and you you work together and some things you can do privately in something you can do publicly and however the I can get into that is of course that isn't it great that the B&B

She is a better public body can have a different sort and people happily to challenge them in public.

I think there was probably right, but there's going to be a knock on if you choose to the head above the parapet and this is something that's been an obvious issue for a decade now isn't it BBC presenters having Twitter accounts? It is never really been properly addressed until now well.

I think I would differentiate between BBC staff presenters and news presenters and I think we have to expect that those who deliver the news to be impartial and if they're saying something different on Twitter I think that does risk impartiality and the BBC trust in the BBC is critical for us and critical for for them.

There is no doubt.

I think that discussing lbgt issues in school as a debate is legitimate topic for a debate in the BBC was right to have that debate a thing as almost beyond question but I think it does skew things if individual start jumping in on either side of the eye.

Tony Hall actually said that he felt that there was werther's data in fact that confirm public trust in the BBC's impartiality had taken a bit of a hit in the wake of all the debate about brexit.

So I think the BBC is right.

They need to defend that impartiality and I have to say I am on the side of BBC management here.

I do not think news presenters should be expressing personal opinions of this sorted does that mean no more Andrew Neil no more James O'Brien on the BBC because their personal views are very well.

They politically on point with them being close to freelancers and I could see what you would be annoyed if you're in BBC News Andrew Neil couldn't have a late tonight rant about someone on Twitter where is the the news the news employees have been told something different and his don't really distinguish absolutely bored.

So this is it this problem has happened to most muse organisation this your New York Times had pretty much exactly the same story when they told their journalist to be a bit more careful on Twitter Q&A love quote for you at times journalist Oscar

While I should be the case that the problems well is that obviously some BBC staff news journalist will just feel unempowered and said I just become Brand on social media and that's not good for BBC London I think it's anybody's on social media when I'm sure it includes everyone here today.

You've got a think of the impact of what you say on social media and web that will have an impact on people who deal with you made the comment earlier about me mentioning trains and and comcast well.

I think I and I'm sure that feels the same way as to think very carefully about what you put on social media in case it may be upsets one of your clients or one of your customers want to be listening, so I think you're the red lights going to be on the whole time and I think you know as as media people will always be thinking about how what we say is going to impact others I think with news that people though.

It's very very clear that we expect them to be impartial and impartiality is paramount.

So they should not say anything on any medium that calls on impartiality into account.

That's my view, but it can look healthy God to show that within an organisation.

There's a debate going on.

Different I mean look at the people I work with BBC for a long time and people are very good self destructing within the BBC and it's always been in curries.

Have a healthy open debate absolutely thing as great and we should continue with that but I do think when it puts the relationship between the BBC and the public at risk that's a different issue BBC threshold been passed the next five minutes because without the Guardian stories.

There are going to get even more prominent date stamps from now on in a drive to stop old stories from being misrepresented on social media app WhatsApp the decision to add the Guardian logo and a prominent date stamp to Old articles, when they shared this is a great idea.

So are you often see it's only that a social media for Rory about why isn't this covered on the mainstream Media box normally Lincoln to some mainstream media and ends up being an article from ages ago.

So the Guardian it always had you more than other newspapers a more prominent? This is from a few years ago note on the

Only after itself they're bumper up and made that are very much more visible at all right way when I see a guardian yellow but the other thing they've done is on the social media thumbnails what you see on Facebook and Twitter and that now has a date Year Like This from 2016 on there as well as their distress signal two people that are these are older articles because I didn't want things they found was there was a sharing of old stuff to make her political points but a lot of the people that shared it hadn't actually clicked on it and so the thumbnail becomes a hugely important part of of the anti caking using that story it feels like a responsible move, but then you might wonder Paul whether it might be more responsible to just take down old news after a certain period of time if you know it's getting that kind of currency groups using it for their own ends and trying to make a point especially for example some was taken to court then they later won an appeal but the story where they were taken to court is the one that still doing around six years later.

Today I've been the put the problem with that of course is then where do you draw the line and at what point do decide to take down or not take down the then got a whole editorial process you could have put in place with a series of criteria and it whatever you do you gonna be criticized your Iveco taking down or not taking down someone's Gonna think you made the wrong decision.

I think the flagging is better because it's actually enables people to make their own decision but retains everything that I think you know if it is properly Friday labelled.

It's a bit like the issue about editorial non editorial.

Do you know which it is you can make up your own mind so I think this is a Smart Move and I agree with Matt basically all serving breaking removing links starts to break the internet.

I think it is it is Snapchat and stuff that you can do click programmatically change thing is in Europe as we aren't you can have the right to be forgotten that is something and if you have an issue that happened to you.

You can get search engines and

Like to remove references to those things but then that sort of does assume everyone on the same program of let's keep the internet as a cultural artefact and the stuff we said 10 years ago with a rod liddle suddenly column, that was funny then that's all preserved because it was fine 10 years ago, but I just wonder if that is consistently what happens weather all over the shop people across to be deleting things that don't fit modern sensibilities, but I think having having places of record that thing.

Yes, I did actually there are a few places of record literally out there on the internet.

Let me put your trying to snapshot and that's what they said at that point.

Why should I change in the age of the internet you think then? This is something that should be extended to Facebook one of the things the Guardian explained in that blog where they were talking through these changes was there doing it because when the things get quoted on Facebook people don't has really clicked through like that said, so they don't even get to see the prominent date stamp should Facebook themselves be putting when you share it.

I would welcome urgent and personal view.

You know im getting a bit fed up with Facebook because people are using it through it what I consider to be inappropriate purposes.

I mean sick you take brexit again.

It is full of politicised staff and people misappropriating exactly is with just described and that as she is turning me off the platform.

So I think it's probably there and commercial interests.

I think that's never story that happened a few weeks ago, but this is the first option to talk about it on the show Myspace admitting to losing 12 years of uploaded music after a server migration project supposedly went wrong.

There are conspiracies online to suggest that maybe this might of been entirely on deliberate.

What did Myspace say happened to you as I said it's amazing that they can talk about the like they've got a cold bit about buying Myspace as you got a deal with like 15 years worth of stuff and they were moving stuff from one server to another.

And it will be fine and then when they checked it it it is broken and the Old Stafford garden.

Hoops look expensive musical data that most people won't listen to any more.

It's only disappear for people who have loads of them music at that time probably not all entirely disappointed this disappeared and was the song I said to me if you had it then you probably still got it now on her thumb driver a zip drive at home anyway, you possibly City background, but this idea that when you upload something to a cloud-based service which Myspace kind of was that it might be there forever in some form this really prepared to that.


Didn't it makes you think about your Dropbox is in your what you the photos you got still on Facebook they can't just there at this land by a company at some point they can disappear.


I mean I don't rely on the cloud to the extent.

I back everything up and everything I really want to keep is backed up somewhere else so I'm definitely going to rely on his third party provider to keep my stuff safe.

I will always have a backup iCloud is just another person's computer absolutely let me.

Cloud silver lining if it's got suffix on it the web address, did you know this only found out this this week? It's being archived by someone remember who the British Library or something ok or archiving every. site, so haven't help us to provide of issue in the future, but if you put your stuff on and there isn't an authorised presently to Italy today, but there isn't an authorised archive archive which which text light in the state the problem is that they if it's a party.

It's just scanning website yet and if stuff is included in a strange way.

They can't quite get it son.

It's spider's to to grab a big files video files there such thing as be unlikely to backup all the facts interesting which is the people who roughly kind of my age and above think of the internet archives as like a photo album want to look back and look at and below a haircut 10 years ago was younger people they like Snapchat because they can.

Archive of themselves Gregor absolutely often find on social networks that younger audiences change their usernames overtime as well which is fascinating for me and my personality is changing how would you describe changes and that evolves and changes are and I think that as you said the Snapchat side of that for things which last 24hrs fits into that world remember your first email address pull I don't like they're well the AOL account but I can't remember the address Matty at email email data local thing was that a cloud think it was like a pre Hotmail web service so I had to go to an internet cafe to read right side like a coffee then.

They're talking about a mental health support given by production companies to reality.

TV contestants after a series ends has been in the spotlight since the death of love Island contestant Mike thalassitis, what kind of concerns of former reality contestants been raising about this.

I think one of the issues is it's not about aftercare.

I think that will guess the headlines.

This is aftercare to the to the programs help these individuals months after they've been on this TV shows and it's it's it's difficult one isn't it? I mean of course the answer is yes, you would hope so but how individuals are affected by buy things be kind of people that go on their shows and even television channel that provided the most help all those people asking for it.

How do you how do you find out how do I get in touch with those people? It's I need to choose a difficult issue to tackle we might be now, but I miss it is fairly obvious isn't it that in the early days of reality TV Anywhere 04 was given to this is the thing that?

Involved but people just wanted the most naughty people to go on telly.

I mean that with respected anyone any individual that we talk about that they wanted the most sidemen house Metcalfe people to go on their exhibit eccentric tendencies and then didn't get what happened to the culture.

That was laid down 15 years ago.

I think there's a responsibility that isn't there a nephew involving any member of the public with respect to these are in your production you have a duty of care to them pre during and post the the production process.

I think the issue is Matt says.

He's how long after was to that continue it may be also there's a processor which might be a better vetting process and maybe there needs to be some consideration beforehand as to individuals robustness mobility because you know you know that going for some of these shows is quite brutal.

I mean I mean sometimes the feedback you get I'm not I'm not just going to love Island generally on reality shows can be quite tough you know if you got that in the workplace.

I think it's feel quite quite uncomfortable and yet this is on television front of minutes.

People so it's not surprising that for some people this is difficult.

I think that there has to be a limit to that care, but clearly it's a responsibility throughout of the the broadcaster the production company to look after those people as best they possibly can and when does the responsibility end is the interesting question isn't it? Because I would love I need a really interesting because when I'm talking about breaking people down and revealing lyrics interesting thinking of things like Big Brother which is the raison d'etre of those shows is let's see how people cope Under Pressure love Island isn't that supposed to be a fun sexually promiscuous, let's see lots of people walking around in their swimming costume show the damage appears to occur when people leave the show and on social media as a result of the show but not caused by the shows producers.

I think that I think that's the case with the national newspapers jump on responses to contestants every single element of your life is reused for clickbait.

You know a lot of reality shows you have.

A relatively short shelf-life and then you but you're probably not ready or you're not able to go and get a normal job and go back to the back to the real world and I died a friend.

He was on who was on Big Brother and it alright it it but could not get any work.

We won't want to go back to his real life and was the same element wasn't the Future part of part of his personality, but every interview was a dreadful thing until you interview someone who never watch the program wasn't really aware of everybody did and only got a job that way so should programme makers be supplying support to people so they can cope with that kind of scenario going to a job interview is that the kind of thing that should be helping people with there.

Is that beyond the remit of the show I think that was the case where does responsibility and it has to be curtailed to some extent a reasonable threshold for year.

I think he'll be reasonable 6 months might be reasonable actually.

I mean I know it's impossible to say you can you go to make a decision.

Why don't you can possibly really forecast? What's the best time? I am in at the end of day.

There's going to be also planning element this isn't this 6-12 months something like that, but not be on them if you can't you can't is impossible.

Does it have implications for commission is looking at that kind of prey mean.

I'm thinking of all the kids on Britain's Got Talent example.

You know you could reasonably Baker case there should be looking in them for 12 years after I wonder whether you should have them on the taller me when I see some of those kids on their I do think you know this looks to be a bit its place to buy the parents and I feel a bit awkward sometimes thinking yeah, you're great, but what happens if you don't win this could be devastating for you at this time.

I mean I'm sure you think about when you return the first time something didn't happen didn't work for you.

It's really difficult isn't it? You know I remember when I failed my driving test and that was a major catastrophe makes I'd never really found anything before I can't pass my bloody driving test so I think you'll be very careful with children.

How many times it take you to drive to you looking at 4 here? Oh my goodness milk and 5 and 6 because I actually had it.

Throne after year did you do 32? There is a speeding camera on the same speed camera same Hill Letchworth the top of the bottom 10% didn't like you did that you're really addressing the details here at you're right.

It may have been 36.

I've got to be honest.

I had to reset my test but that point I was with already driving automatic car to get automatic licence, then I wanted to reapply for my manual licence if it will be back with some more media news in brief.

That's what we're talking about after this.

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Bee facts for the factors look back to media podcast part 2 and Paul are still with me and only just you both flown back in just from Switzerland you been at the on your radio days conference specially for this Ally and a celebrity living in Lausanne this year great event attended lovely place to come into last night.

He recommended whenever I imagine a lot of executives from all over Europe talking to each other is it a bit more than that there is a decent chunk of that.

I think there's a broader range of people that probably go then just just accept them she things you've got public service broadcasters and commercial broadcasters his sword inhibit different worlds and then you've got a big chunk of podcasts and new entrants and support services as well another UK's radio festival.

Smaller scale than it used to be it sometimes feels like radiodays Europe almost got the UK expected more excited than R1 well.

I think it's not that executives.

I would say actually executives in the minorities a lot of practitioners then and produces an and presenters and an actual radio on a hands-on people there.

I think the glory of it is that it's right across your opinion that Europe's now quite widely defined because we are delegates from Canada and Australia and Israel all sorts of places sybilla Eurovision Europe covers much more than just what we think Europe is so we can still be part of it later.

You are absolutely definitely still part of the other thing is that it's it's a good mix of strategy of programming of marketing and sales in and and downright quirky mean that the specials on I know all things which you wouldn't see it any other event and it's been a 1600 delicate so it's a big event and I know what you're thinking Paul Robinson talking about radiodays Europe that's the pot of dreams for me well next week.

There's going to be a bonus episode of this show on the Mead

Podcast feed in which you hear Paul talking to various different boards at radiodays Europe But Wait there's more we can hear some clips now bored.

Have you got for us? So the first clip is a Bob shennan? Who is currently director of radio music and has been appointed as the new managing director of the BBC so effectively he's now turning all the deputy manager jobs in Bulford was doing his deputy director-general, but not lots of not the admin and finance bit so he's going to be doing all of the strategic overview all of the audience stuff thinking about the future of the BBC so he really is now the number two of the BBC which is I mean Gracie many ways if you are really a person to have Bob there.

It's a really good message and you said that with him and you asked him about a month various things with you next week.

What he thought of the new BBC Breakfast launches.


We keep he came onstage for a panel and so I was bringing the panel on so I sat in the darkened room at the back and it really was a very very dark room indeed with my little microphone and ask him about the Radio 1.

Breakfast Show Radio 1 when first at the end of last summer I think we're all thrilled with the way that the new breakfast and drive shows have taken off.

I think her Greg James and his team in particular.

Have done a wonderful job of creating really engaging must listen live linear radio they believe in it.

They believe in its potential to attract younger audiences and I think they're right to believe in that.

They're passionate about it and they are working harder probably than ever before to try and make it a real destination a real place that young audiences want to come to in the BBC a talk is Greg James for you.

Set them with the man himself as well.

I did I got a lovely picture of Us wearing the same T-shirt when will not the same t-shirt but a t-shirt with the same design effective yeah.

Yeah, it's a bit scary.

Just about going away to Gregory's is lovely and he did a really good session with his team and Greg is it he's been working on this for 20 years.

I mean it when he was at school you think I want to be on the Radio 1 Breakfast Show and is now 33 but he's really thought about it.

He's a real radio passionate advocate right guy lovely guy and it is not surprising is doing well, because it just sounds great on it.

I feel like this is the right time for me to get it.

I wouldn't it would not have been a success if I got it at 2627.

I feel like I'm much more selling my actual life.

I've gone through my 20s.

I know what it's like to be 20 and other pitfalls of all of that stuff and having ship relationships and coming out of those are renting house in finding new no friends and work out what you put what you know? It's who you are a little bit and I know that im in a much better place than I was even 3 or 4 years ago.

So it came it came to me at the right time and I'm really pleased that Radio 1 have dropped this hole saws.

To be out of your listeners to communicate with your listening sometimes that's true and but I'm better I'm better oettinger Radio 1 show that $33 was A23 is he better at reaching the 13-year olds though, it is I think is better, but I think he is because I need festival he's identify that he has an audience.

He has to talk to her which is not necessarily him.

He's lived through that day so we understand it and he's thinking about it and I'm even think about some of the best broadcasters on any radio station.

They don't necessarily reflect the audience that their there they're totally look in the USA mean in the US in that you've got to go to a 40 50 60 and they're targeting in her 2545 age group, so I don't think it follows that you have to be out of your audience, but you do have to understand your audience and talk to that audience and that's what Greg I think I understand very very well indeed.

It would be inconceivable Mail they wouldn't matter to have a Radio 1 Breakfast Show presenter whose say 40.

I'll be there still has to be a cut-off does mean.

Yes if there was no one else.

Of course of 40-year-old Cup city, do it be absolutely fine and other difficulties does an afternoon show on Radio 1 he is mid forties and he still sounds useful and that show that I clever would have it put together that show with you is always got her a kind of character with him that helps him to different bits and bobs and that show has it has youthfulness and you can see he does get more difficult as you get older I buy thinkers as great talks about her.

There is a sort of sweet spot where if you're focused on it and you really understanding that the listeners respect that and can feel that to you.

Can you can the chat the younger age is the other thing? I think we're ready one went wrong before with a much more use the Outlook if you've got to remember about households with the people under 15 because bit households were people on the 15 all have people who have 3250 in them as well and so actually if you want to listen if you want.

We want to be able to listen to the kids to be able to listen to that radio station mum and dad have to be able to tolerate it as well and if someone like Greg does it is very listenable by all ages that helps in a young girl salty ok? You can hear both of the full interviews but Paul has done with Bob and Greg next week when we probably both conversations as a bonus episode apple.

Let's talk about them.

They have finally launched their own streaming service much speculated about on this show of course they have a slew of big names which I guess everyone you but I don't know exactly who the big nose, we're going to be I'm genuinely big name Steven Spielberg Oprah Winfrey exactly Apple TV Plus is going to offer how you join it who's on it, what you get in the UK yeah? I don't think he was not all of it is it's instruments plus is now becoming the the bad if you like for all of these o t t s or services Disney plus of course will launch this autumn.

We have Netflix already.

We have Amazon Prime and there are other services.

I think the issue is going to be how apple fits into that ecosystem.

I've seen some research recently suggesting that most people are probably only going to want to have two or three such services.

I'm not I have Netflix my have NOW TV so I get the Sky premiere movies for example, but you know they can have to Lodge somebody else out now mean when you talk to Netflix executives about this they say do you know what we're not really too worried about Apple or Disney because we don't think anyone is going to drop Netflix to get Apple or to get to Disney so this is going to be what they do to get themselves into that bouquet of services with people are going to take an in the US he got hula was well, but is now fully owned by Disney so very very complicated but essentially it's another subscription Video on Demand service disappointing is that we've been talking on this year about how would it might be as I was bundled in with every phone like you were saying with the podcast app earlier.

So that if you got an Apple device and then I'm asking for for figures for one of those that actually this would be a bonus to having that rather than Android Vila clothing make you pay for it.

That's what that price is going to be is it going to be something on the £9.99 end of the Netflix and or is it cheaper one? Is it skinny as like a skinny bundle? Where is it was it something more I watched it.

I watch the Livestream on oprah's basically doing some documentaries in a book club.

Graham is the source of our own TV channel is Discovery the only open tonight to see out for a pop-up on Apple TV I thought maybe they going to announce acquiring own and as I actually that's quite interesting.

It's got quite broad section of programming on and you've got a big figure head, but it's kinda like the docks in the book club.

It's not not super excited what they are doing.

I mean they are setting a whole network of distribution acquisition executive snow in my other life.

I'm talking to Apple about other things and they are buying lots and lots of content at the moment what they're doing is their strategies to buy content that will actually ensure they are not disadvantage compared to other three.

Suffolk show is on Netflix and is not exclusive they want it if it's on Amazon they want it and then they going to add their own exclusive content that's the stuff.

They're going to Market Weighton the kids business Through Time putting a few in the UK if you have not paw Patrol and Peppa Pig then you're probably not going to get a parent to buy because they're sore to essential shows you have to have you talk to Amazon they said we've got to have those shows and Netflix and an apple same same thing the question is going to be one of their going to stand for what is going to be there House of Cards moment and I don't think any of these things are that even this thing is a reboot of amazing story seems like the sort of thing you would see on either network Television or Netflix not that distinct and there was some reporting a few months ago were happily getting very nervous about the naughty or end of things blood and gore sex and violence all that kind of stuff all the good stuff that people watch The Game of Thrones image and suddenly if if the if they're being concerned about these things trying to be.

What they said they were witches yeah the home of great creators becomes a difficult thing to do the good news is it is fantastic your producer if you're a producer of content if so, this is the best use it's another customer Netflix have been paying handsomely.

They're going to continue to pay handsomely because I've now got apple at their door.

So you know this is fantastic news for the production of community if I work for Apple if I was in charge of This Is Gonna call the Apple TV anything an Apple TV as a hardware product contained years ago to their popular also apparently work, but I disagree with you completely Holly cos if you look at Brands and brand value apple is up there in the top five in all major markets.

Have you say which of the brands you aspire to which the brands of values that you want to espouse apple is a very powerful bread, but why call it TV because that said he will still think of it.

Ok that thing that I can think of it.

Now you'll be thrilled to know there is just time for our beloved Media quiz came out so it's time to the best of British TV that were again.

I'm going to ask you three questions about the 2019 BAFTA nominations all you have to do is give me the correct answers you buzzing with your name when you know so that you'll say Matty peanut net and pole you will say don't know my first email address if you stick with this this will be amusing he is question number one how did BAFTA decide that killing Eve was eligible don't know if this is about windowing and I'm eventually cause I've been about the judge and this is about whether something has premiered in the UK or premier overseas, and if it doesn't have its first window its first screening in the UK it is out of the running for the baftas and we've had this discussion the judges in the past.

You know you think this is the winner this is actually the best show I want to be can't put it in because actually had its first window in the US

And this is Miss time is no this is a British production British editorial team British idea British made without the first windows in the US and the second window in the UK we think it qualifies and I have to say I'm pretty much and agreeing with that.

I think BAFTA talk to revisit is criteria.

I said this 10 years ago when I was a judge.

It must be about country of origin the Ethos of the program not about works appeared and killing Eve does have lots of British people involve either scenes, but not you run the podcast Wilko rubber podcast Awards you know the rules of the rules surely if you put the criteria.

You can't then sell but we want killing Eve to win everything we're going to eat them rules is fine.

If everyone knows they've been tweaked.

I think what they found with this one is it's such a successful program.

They have to have to represent it but also I think it's for the first time that there's been a big bit of like reverse windowing for a BBC show but probably the first time of many reverse twin doing is a good to Terminal of the people of just learnt.

Thank you for that Sandra

Return but it's good to your determinism Jodie for Best Actress Oscar.

I think that cancel each other out the question which show was Lucian sumati nominated in the leading actor category.

ordinary email address when you know the answer

It was on Channel 4 jack Thorne rooted.

No no takers know we're both, it was Kiri Channel 4 drama it starts a mate as Toby a Kindle a diverse grandfather of the abducted child Carey have it was the only nomination of that series had with was there anything that I'd reviews on telling me talk really should have been in the baftas actually looking at the list of nominations and killing.

Eve obviously should have been there is one of the difficulties to sort of know what is a local show any more sex education was great and that is very much a British show though you sorted not sure about it when you watch it and if you start to see more things in more places and also in times like is it in this year because I just late to it as it's much more difficult to keep track or rice and question 3 which ITV show on its first-ever nomination of the best news coverage category email address is this morning actually?

TV shows in this Is Good Morning Britain category for its special on knife crime and also its exclusive interview with Meghan markle's father Good Morning Britain is finally thriving isn't it after many years of clearly being second best second in the in the ratings.

What is the rating start yet, but may impact wise I mean Piers Morgan says goes viral everyday inspired choice to program the music up to get also.

I think he does attract and has the ability to probably get bigger interviews in the hoover did trump and I was there special ITV as well as being on the show is annoying but that makes it you Marmite characters have always done one on breakfast radio and maybe that's the thinking the same for tele I do wonder where we're going to find me about BBC Breakfast try and match it in terms of glamour though or maybe they just reckon that's not what they're older.

Maybe it's not with the BBC does I don't personally like BBC Breakfast I find it a bit drying a bit dull but it does seem to do ok.

Not really know you have just take it OK that is it from Osho for today.

My thanks to loser Matt Deegan that winner Paul Robinson will be back with a bonus episode featuring Bobby said next week.

I'll be back in a fortnight and meanwhile.

You can catch up with our previous episodes and get new ones as soon as they're released by subscribing of the median if you enjoy your podcast and you want to help them take out a voluntary subscription at the media podcast opcom / donate you can choose them out there to keep us going all year round and I might even one they read out your name and Ip Man the produce of Rebecca Drysdale sharing Media podcast is a PPM production until next time.

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