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Read this: NAB Show 2019 in Las Vegas

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NAB Show 2019 in Las Vegas…

Coming up this week.

We're talking tech at the nav show in Las Vegas with the people behind ipdtl and play out one but we'll hook up with James cridland.

Who's there as well to find out what's been exciting him at the event and David Lloyds radio moments this time a big birthday for Graham Dean 21 years since the launch of home truths and Radio 4 and Beacon becomes the final station of the first wave of ILR the radio Today programme with broadcast bionics innovative solutions for creative radio people who's made it back from Switzerland in one piece hello Again Roy hello Stuart what were those initials you have their ili? What does that mean that means independent local radio Jack and I'll are station to launch was a radio station called capital radio.

Will you ever heard that on the A19 for 95.8 VHF that sounds like.

Good name to rollout across the country as well funny.

You should say that because it's happened this week.

What are you listen to match of Capital Breakfast and started? I did actually I was listening from just before 6 to Lidl radio station setup in Blackburn called The Bee does appear to be called be anymore since become capital Lancashire and just before 6 when it launched are there there was a token whistling to say welcome to the new radio station by Roman and then it kicked off with the rest of the show would sound like it's been there for the last 6 months.

Yeah, I found some fresh and slick and everything like that doesn't it does actually and the most people who complain about the show I will arrange to us.

I guess so but the people that David had is obviously yeah.

They're obviously listening.


It's only good I can see it being there for a long time and I got a new TV advert which is a

Quirky, so we'll probably get noticed.

It might great elastic little while I guess but depends what they do this creative and move it on with the cereal packet stuff.

Just go home straight away and just now dominate everything for a short period of time rather than just hang around with a nearly 4 months.

So yeah, I'm sure that will be a big short blast of creativity coming out of a cereal packet late so also in Leicester Square this week Pandora has started on heart mid-morning that was nice last week are taking over from Toby Anstis and it's nice to see somebody who was there a promo person handing out car stickers ended up on the biggest network show in commercial radio good luck to Pandora and and if she does have as many years on the show is Toby did then there should be doing quite well for herself at more consolidation this week another station sold.

It's always exciting wizzo.

Spin but now in this case it was Bob FM which has been sold to communicate could global of Boat Bob FM would global of wanted baba family would it make sense for communicate to buy it so that it can just network with the station of the road.

Do you think they're in collaboration this when you think I don't know how to unmark you buy that one.

I'll buy this one and what's it all comes together in a few years will have it all sewn up between us there a meeting and surely.

No, I mean it obviously the the area that Bob covers has got a bit of coverage from from the existing Heart station and I guess the London stations get out to Stevenage bit as well today, but you have not been not be from the South I don't know the geography it necessary to but yeah, it has a fit with heart in Watford that communicourt.

I've already got and I suppose it's another case of buying a transmitter Robin

By the station and it's Building and it's people because they don't need to do anything with it.

Just put some existing output out on it indeed who who would have thought hardwood arriving Hertfordshire to be called heartbeat and it change its name because of heart I think didn't it changed and then it was Jack wasn't for a while and then Bob and had to stop in a minute so 20 of the bloke's name that it's going to be changed to Heart female friendly another new national station national inverted commas station at we talked about on the podcast last week.

I arrived this week.

It's country Hits radio.

Hello there are overloaded and this is country Hits radio welcome along here will we celebrate country for our country's many things country is a lifestyle country is a vibe country is cold beers on a Friday night and a pair of jeans that fit just right country is something you can.

Dad's laughing yes sometimes even cry along with its three chords and the truth and it says things that sometimes we can't put into words.

This is country music and it's all for you so strong stuff from country hits and so that we can programs that I dipped into a little bit here and there when I could get it to work.

They had a couple of a teething problems with the voice devices where it didn't like country.

It's radio is trying to play me country music on Amazon Prime or give give me something else completely but I think they're working on fixing that you've got to own your name in the smart speaker while having due absolutely so yeah, so well done to them for getting that on the aranda at lots of luck to country Hits radio and James and Gary and the team at who are programming that it was the podcast live event on Sunday look.

She was very well attended, so it again well done to Matt and Phil and the team behind that and they've announced the nominations for the podcast awards and there's a global domination.

I didn't think global entered other people's awards and now they're getting good at doing events on the mat in the team.


It's a good look too good not to the next one.

Well done on the first.

Yeah, we've got Chris Moyles asteroids with Chris Moyles now to he actually entering or did somebody do on his behalf is this listening award or is this something that one of his predecessors right we're going in for that now.

I think it's it's got of been put in it's not something something else has nominated.

I think that he must have entered it.

So maybe a change in strategy of global then they now enter a ward.

Maybe who knows why were there lots of nominations obviously for the BBC and tons and tons of independent podcast as well and they real mix of topics discussed on some of those podcast that are nominated so they're being handed out in May at the podcast.

What's in central London as part of radio audio week? That's absolutely right.


I know you like new jingles.

Would you like to hear some new jingles me? I don't know what you mean.

Have a good ones then.

I can't tell the good job these days.

They will then you from wisebuddah for hits of a good are you losing your anorak? I think they represent the Hips which is not a jingle package addiction represent the music that the radio stations playing and I think they'll sound really good as this is a demo in there with songs from the charge.

So yeah, they sound good and that we love wise but another one of my

Talking about favourite sponsors, are we going to be talking about a lot of tech companies on This podcast so it's probably why is here to get the adding early for cleanfeed.

Have you tried it yet or clean fees? Tell me about it's true.

It's a great way of connecting.

Maybe you making a podcast maybe you making a radio show maybe you've got to get to somewhere different to where they normally are for you share your podcast like I am right now like you are right now at cleanfeed is a great way to hook up via browser and they're really going at the podcast market at the moment.

So if you're a podcaster that you can use the new features including multitrack recording.

It looks really really good at check it out at cleanfeed dotnet as it's a great quality and you can connect in decent audio and record it all within your browser.

There's a free version.

There is a paid for version as well and it only takes you a few minutes to get signed up and trying it out.

So give it a go today at cleanfeed dot net I will thank you.

As much as well tribute to Bill Heidi before her Radio Oxford broadcast 30 years on the air at Radio Oxford sadly passed away this week and because of a battle with cancer and we got a radiohead's coming up including these student radio conference which is in Swansea next week next week already 16th to the 18th of April at the radio festival is taking place soon as well as we mention part of radio audio week, which also includes tuning in that's the 13th and 14th of May respectively and then a little bit later.

We've got the as a mentally podcast awards and radiodays Europe podcast it's all about the podcast that he's days.

Is it and it's good that the radio industry are certain people from radio on getting into the podcast seen that creating the other podcast live and Bridge podcast was all done by radio people predominantly stop.

It's good that we're getting into that space before these podcasters get into their own sector and do the wrong thing we can't be having a family because what what do we do now we're going on a plane to Vegas come on.

We're not spit lots of other people are director and many more innovative solutions for creative radio and find out more biggest now to the nabb show 2019 it's been going on this week and I'm delighted so where Hooked Up in quality with the in quality stand to talk to some guests first message to use Kevin Leach founding director of in quality, which runs ipdtl Nelson new products that we're going to learn about on the podcast hello, Kevin

Exciting stand as well.

It's no problem.

Just from radio station solutions at the at your first nav shirts first time you've been there hello stew yes, I am I think Phill is as well and now it is true.

When they say in America everything is bigger.

Where are very very in or at the minute.

I will serve the yard, so it's incredible.

It's absolutely brilliant.

I mean it took us about 225 minutes to get a taxi here and then about 15 minutes to get in past the year that the hordes of people trying to get through with the Year even through the entrance a minute is unbelievable it goes back to the days in my opinion of 3 minute 20 odd years.

We'd to go down to Birmingham to the SBS imagine that by like 30 times 30 times bigger than that.

That's kind of what we're seeing in this that were the North building is it? This is the what's it called a the North Hall yes, but you know if your

Trusted in radio technology than this is the best place to be in the world right now Kevin's connection is is working really really well, because the kind of talking to you 3.

I'm thousands of miles away back home in the UK I just point out I didn't go to Vegas wherever the else in the industry seems to gonna Vegas I'm sat back at home at midnight as we're recording this and you all sound like you're in the same room is better than some of the connections.

I get to Manchester or London so I don't know what what you doing particularly Kevin to make it work very well this time.


I always have to say nothing my colleague and technical director who is actually hear that his first ever at public events as a company cos he doesn't like meeting people that he's the guy who makes it all work.

I'm just moving forward so on your standards.

Well this year at nav.

You've gone all out because you streaming the whole thing like for like 3 days.

As well as trying to trying to do the selling the face-to-face selling but actually I would rather do this.

It's only sets us apart from the other stands.

You know a lot of a lot of the stands here are doing face-to-face selling and I wanted to put on a bit of a show to to attract people to the we got something to to put out there on the internet as well and people in the UK might have heard of ipdtl which is been one of your main products of the last few years, but you've got new things that you're launching at na be one of them is siptu audio another thing is hybrid.


How we say that tell us about siptu audio first of all because this is a thing for you quite an exciting development.

It is and it actually been in a bit easier for the last few years has the technology at but we've never really made it public so then so that it can be at user-friendly.

Sip is a protocol that has been around in telephony for making phone calls across the internet for many years now most you know if you think of like a Cisco phone in an office.

You might know it as VoIP that's probably running the sip protocol and that's the protocol that for the broadcast industry that we can use for connecting between devices.

You've heard of Lucy live you heard of contracts and Tie line all of these things can talk to each other but there's never been a simple platform it in the middle to allow that to happen that they can all talk to IP TTL as well and having a sip the dot audio accounts for those devices is what allows that interoperability so finally we working to of the stage where I could dial Stewart at sipp.

Audio not knowing what a silly see you've got what hardware or product you've got it it regardless of that it will connect from my device to your device so it's a kind of replacement for an ISBN number I suppose instead of.

He must you're having a nice day number at some point.

I'll just have an address that somebody can connect to buy weather means they they see fit exactly that and you know what on top of that it also can connect with isdn so you can dial An ISBN number from a sipp.

Audio connected device and you can receive an iced tea and caught in a sipp.

Audio connected device so finally all these different systems are being pulled together and and that's what's it done audio aims to achieve and one of the things obviously that you can do with your system is is outside broadcast and getting on air from somewhere remote let's bring that Dave and Phil back in because I will talk about your playout system in a minute, but one of the new things that you're working with on your player system is that kind of remote functionality, so I guess I'll be done using IP technology to get on there.

Is there an isdn line and being able to control and do things with you play out system remotely is kind of peace and everything together isn't it guys? Yeah? That's where everything's going now.

That's where the future is and I'm just

the guys hear it to ipdtl you know you far up your Google Chrome browser and you can talk as we doing across the world with developing something which is coming out in the next couple of weeks called the web VT which is going to allow our users to open up a web browser and then voice track there sure whether they be in Dallas on a station in the UK or whether they be in Yorkshire on a station in Winnipeg doesn't matter where they are they can actually voice track into the system and have full functionality as if they were sat in the studio doing it because up until now for a lot of their systems you had to download download software and then that doesn't work on a Mac if your Mac using that Kathy and that's a big thing we get a lot of users same love the software but does it work on a Mac and then we have to do you know tail between legs have no not just yet average coming so this actually gives us not only a Mac compatibility for remote presenters wear around the world but also I was trying to make it work on iPad and also Android

Are tablets as well, so you may not have a computer in your bag but you know if I had my iPad with me now.

I could put the microphone in and I could do a show on whatever station.

I was on fill in his other capacity is managing director at radio Newark can I know we've been working obviously together on this for you having people coming in is not always an option is it is not me one of the things that Community Radio Christopher Cross the UK I'm has to have when when licences are issued.

Is is an open door policy for volunteers and and guests to be part of the station and with playoutone the waiters at the minute.

It's great for on the one hand the volunteers don't have to come in to do live shows like in their pre-recorded voice track shows using the play it on remote voice tracking app, but we wanted to go on stage further and and basically tell these guys that you want massively technically competent.

They're fantastic presenters, but you know it does require a little bit of iit knowledge to get everything together for them.

What's more easier than just placing send you know your web browser and we'll go which one will anyone.

Welsh just navigate to this order to the site which is hours login and where you go and and this is why you know from their point of view.

It's it's simplicity for them because this makes have a little bit of a cliche.

It's all about the content rather than how we build a thing and for me to go to Argos and say don't worry all you need to do is crack open your web browser whenever platform you want and basically go to our website and Away you go out and then they are extremely excited about it one thing that we've been working hard on.

I'm just looking at you know a screenshot now without IP detail and actually wanted to make it simple so that you know when you're doing a show you're not focusing on the technology.

You're focusing on what you're saying into the microphone and the technologies doing it for you because you don't have to think about it like we're not even thinking about it now.

How we were just talking as if we're in the next room.

It's it's that way really that were thinking yeah.

Obviously there a lot to playout systems and we probably should mention they're the ones provided by bionics and after yes as sponsors of Radio today and I know you guys over time.

How to absolutely am but in terms of the products that you're offering their targeted not necessarily at those big groups like the globals on the barrels of this world that using price like RCS but more at the community broadcasters the students stations the digital stations because it's affordable as a product for those smaller players.

Yeah, absolutely we know where we're putting this product and we're not about to walk into Ashley tables office or you know Bowers office and so you need to be putting this in because that's not what we're about.

We're not about going after the same client.

What where abouts is offering great quality tools for a price that is also very competitive as well feel like you save the community sector the small broadcast ESO Summerset the Independent sector but we don't seem to have many of those attestation left anymore and also the you know the people that just have a passion for radio and want the tools to do it like the big boys do but they don't have the cash pots to do it you know hobby.

Radio is fantastic internet radio is absolutely fantastic because it opens up a platform to you to meet anybody that wants to get involved and I think that's wonderful.

I think we missed off the list of the excellent myriad from broadcast radio as well.

I must yes, they get a Solas motu notice from the others.

I've got something very very very nice arm which their developing so happy to talk about that as well.

That's a bit later.

Yeah, let's just go back to me about the kind of Markets that you guys are target in the UK can I know it the US is one of your biggest markets hence being there any being in Vegas to can a tap into a bit more of that American market but in the UK it's a mix of radio stations using it and voiceovers using using your way of connecting instead of doing the voiceover market have been really good to us here in in the US mainly due to the isdn switch off her and needing an alternative method and because we were able to bridge the two.

So that you can actually appear to have a nice day online and I can your own ISBN number here in the United States that works really well for us and the radio stations likewise, you know they've they've tried so many other options Piano Guys doing works if you guys be online at each end.

You often haven't there are various other Solutions that stations have tried and the thing with ipdtl and and browser based Solutions is the Simplicity you're probably carrying a computer anyway, you connect a microphone to that and you probably got a computer in your studio that you can connect you to a clean feed channel on your studio mixer and that's it.

You know you've got everything that you need and since you were used to see where there an advertised on This podcast so let's mention clean food as well.

You are at sat nav that it's a similar kind of thing to you guys, but a little bit simpler and perhaps more cost effective for some of the community stations who don't have anybody at all I guess.

Do you know what it's interesting that you say that oh, it's coming to dental Mark and Mark from cleanfeed came across on Saturday and introduce themselves to had never I've never met then.

We had a really good chat and is always interesting talking to I mean people always say you're your rivals people other people refer to them as rivals.

I don't refer to them as rivals and yet in in talking to such that similar companies you realise just what a similar setup.

It is you know they hear myself my business partner Thomas at work remotely from each other and met each other out of her a requirement to to come up with the products and Dave I didn't realise they were very similar.

They were hadn't been working together until they saw the the possibility of doing connectivity through an audio stuff through a web browser and they found that both of their skills were useful to each other and and yet.

It's great what they do we clean food.

I see that they really targeting themselves towards at the podcast market now with them with multi.

Recording and stuff so it's great we found our needs with isdn and now the sip stuffing and they found their niche with the podcast is so where's the future for your sipp platform then? How do you envisage it going over the next 510 years as being in a really good position to bring together all of the other Kodak manufacturers, so we can as a you know as a a community of manufacturers or or developers create a world where everything talks to each other so that you're not so we're doing an interview now the idea of not having to have that conversation on sale.

Can you do I use the end? Can you do a we going to Comics are we going to tie like I will that's not going too well.

Let's just a Sky by seahorses being at the glue in the middle that that makes all these things work together and an offers the best practice so that so that this stuff because most people listen to This podcast.

Farm that turkey the radio people right then it and most radio people in just one stuff that works and that's what we want to offer with with minimal conversations about codecs and formats and things which let's face it pretty tedious.


I think I spoke to what Dave said really before isn't it about just wanting to talking to them.

I can concentrate Jr show you guys with playoutone you have all these extra bits the people can bolt on as well as he can have a complete station solution for streaming a login all that kind of stuff that you would need to start a radio station is included in that all we have are standard line.

We sorted say that standard is aim for the individual.

Where was present for broadcast stations are so we standard.

Yes, you can bolt on the different parts are livestream which we launched just over 8 months ago.

He's been really successful for is in providing it's free.

So you can actually you know start your radio station and hook up a free encoder and

If you would like to go to the pro version, we would love you to go to that as well and it includes some you know other things which is going to make your station sound better, so it can accept DSP processing so I noticed that hands is here from stereo to think he was knocking around somewhere.

I so you can you can have that you get stats in there.

You can have multiple encoders etc etc.

So we find that having the two products really does help us target those people who may just want to buy something off the shelf and Own It or we've got the customers who want us to keep developing technologies and keep on moving forward and give them things like web BT and I was just going to say to Kevin I think you know making things simple like this with ipdtl offers up the opportunity for more voice overs to get involved and you know not having to have like an isdn line and stuff like that it really does open up the opportunity if you're at home and you want to start being a voice over you've got that technology and a simple way of doing it right and there's a fine line that I think isn't there between your nose.

Anybody can do that.

It's easy anybody can do this.

Just go and do it and and upholding professional standards as there's a real difficult balance there, but absolutely making life easier for the people who are willing to put the effort into her to ultimately act professionally as you know it's going to be a good thing is no longer whether you can afford to put isdn line in and that's what we try to do as well Paris when she doesn't mean you have to I going to spend thousands on the closest then you can you know use one of our products or one of the other products as well.

That's on the market that people who were showcasing hear that we've seen I will tell you about no expense spent Roy didn't send me to Vegas but you guys obviously got to go so how you been having a bit of a wonder round today at nav Phil and Dave what what have you seen that stood out for you what exciting products? Have you seen I'm going to pass the mic over to fill because he see some really really cool stuff, but I just wanted to say we walked past the RCS stand before and those guys are.

Really leading the way forward I think and it's fantastic see some of the stuff they do with cloud-based off and they really are innovating and a leading the way on the technology so I think we thank you for that and it's great to see the new stuff.

They're bringing out which really is fantastic stuff, but I never feels been excited with some of the Year the hardware Solutions having you looking at those.

Thank you for that.

I don't quite to say I have two that was it 26 years quite what to do when everybody else is doing switch which are moving on swiftly I can say that to going back to work talk to Dad about hardware transmitter antenna that kind of thing I've always mean in Indian Tanners design and whatnot and I know we've got lots of smaller community radio stations in the UK and there's some mixed polarized think we've been chatting about for awhile where the lindenblatt antenna has been the main kind of MainStay of commuter radio stations have recently have 11 licences and had to spend you know the money on the wind and blood.

Slant antenna system which is quite heavy antenna system, it's it's it's very good, but it's a no.

I think I've got please do correct me from wrong.

It's at least 18 kg in weight when you put it up and the wind loadings quite high does a circular polarized antenna here at the moment that we think of the States he isn't quite so quite a lot and again able to reset a don't think of the UK been allowed to use them showcasing here this year.

I won't be around from Spain and I've got a very very cost-effective circular polarized antenna system which is around 3 Kilograms in weight which means you stick that on a pole.

It's not going to blow off.

It's going to be very very nice.

She quite excited about it the price point was around €300.

I think which to be honest again if you're looking at Lyndon blood that's very good, but he's 12 to 1500.

It's a really nice design and to be honest.

I want to find out more about it for my day job my other day job is ready and you because we're not to mix polarised at the moment.

So it's again he's not not not to want something for free for Freesat leeteuk music something that's

You can afford state-of-the-art you can afford and works just plenty of that here.

Obviously Dave says there's lots of other things where you've got to the latest on the air equipment so the only annoying the only 11 the only volts is a processor is incredible for the price and what I love about shows like this is you can get as a yardstick a pair of headphones on and go for it.

Nobody's putting you as nobody singing.

I'm going to bed 5-minutes on that and I let somebody else have a crack they're all just basically said you take your time you have a look round have a play any questions get the questions over to us.

There's a wonderful sense of community here Stewart it's really really cool.

I think I fell asleep.

No you tell about processes transmitters that it's interesting stuff very got very sure didn't but will never go away.

I just love them and I've got annoyed I've got an optimal 8200 in my bedroom right witcha bought off e-bay for £400 about 5 months ago at NE3 ests, and it's still work.

She brought it up with straight on it.

Sounds beautiful so but that's why I couldn't ever get a girlfriend because I'm in bed with an open the app to think there's a lot of a piece of going I was a big IP showcase been going on at nav and I think the move to IP technologies Kevin's been talking about it.

It's really big theme of the show this year will have you got the stage now.

Where just I mean pretty much something we've gotta stop saying OK showcasing IP technology as if it's something you would have said only just there now isn't Nearly Everything I pay we still seem to be making a big deal of it like it's something new yeah.

I like Sam there was some chips over at the Iraqi stand there were doing some Dante stuff and that's really cool because that literally is plug and play and damn offers lots of variety of different connectors.

You know and bits and pieces to get you started.

So you can spend as much as you want really need to get yourself up and running but there's lots of stations.

I know now in the UK that don't have a single audio.

You haven't going between transmission to guess they're all using whether it be the Dante system or at the live wire system from tell us.

I think we've come a long way in the last couple of years to create a standard and it's fantastic to see it really starting now to become a standard excellent well.

Thank you for coming on the podcast.

Thank you for turnabout transmitters and processes feel because having will be some people got very excited hearing all the good luck with the Adidas or staying in so stay in the bit about you never get a girlfriend again.

I've taken for a drink now.

Thank you to Kevin as well for hosting is on your livestream, because they're the podcast recordings been going out on on YouTube live as well as we've been doing it if they happen to be awake in the middle of the night but there we are well.

Enjoy the rest of the nav show guys and thanks for coming on the radio Today programme.

This is the radio Today programme normal here on the radio Today programme we would hear a recorded piece from James cridland and delighted to say that he's going to talk to his ass like this week cos he's in Vegas as well.

Did I mention by the way I'm not in Vegas but everything else in radio it seems to be used in Vegas Monday when we're recording this you've been having a bit of a wander around.

What have you seen so far.

That's exciting James yes, I have it says really interesting so in Vegas of course is DNA be sure it's got over £10 and broadcasters.

Who are here quite a lot of white middle-aged men it has to be said but nevertheless it really interesting massive great big trade show and a conference as well and the trade show is in like many different holes and I think you get a good view a good understanding of what the trends are in the industry.

Just by walking around and seeing what there is so the last time.

I was here was about 3 4 years ago and will offer lot of drone.

Drone seem to be the big thing as a courses as it is this is a TV event as well a drone seems to be a big thing this year not so much and I think actually probably this year everything is just getting smaller.

I think that sort of basically how it goes at what I mean by that is home Studios and things so I'm seeing an awful.

Lot of smaller mixes of you know home professional stuff that you would stick in your cupboard at home or whatever so that you can actually do shows from home or shows from wherever you are rather than you know hugely expensive Studios and there are those here as well, but you know I'm really seeing more you know sort of small home stuff, so I just walked past a company making a little audio mixer for a podcast in our firm podcasters and that's a good example.

You know and it has two microphones and it has a you know stereo fader in that kind of about it and I think that that's a good example of where.

Maybe some of the future, is is is going to be is going to be changed because not all of us of course going to a massive great big Studios every single day anymore and I think there's a completely separate can a podcast all as well, isn't it? So they were the exhibitors were demonstrating their stuff specifically to the podcast market is that big? Yeah? I mean it's a podcast Pavilion which is what they call it which has about 7 or 8 podcast in companies there.

So it's it's not massive, but it's much larger than it's been in the past its covering.

You know more of you.

No more Morris Eight it in a much better place for example as well this year, which it's not work which is not been in the past.

So they're very happy.

You know I went down there earlier and saw you know the postman blueberry in a poaching libsyn and speaker and all of the names who you would expect so it's been interesting seeing that but also there's just literally over there.

There are about 4 cars in here and the reason why there are cars in here.

Is it all to do with the connected car and making the radio experience better in a car and that's been really interesting seeing I think this is also the first time that I've actually seen three people from radio player one from the UK one from radio player in Norway and one from radio player in Canada and it's the first time I've actually seen you know a multicultural set of folks representing radio player which is a really interesting and nice you know worldwide industry platform, so that's been really good to see we've mentioned can a podcast in what's the next big thing in broadcast technology from the stuff.

You've been wondering around and looking out.

What's the thing that we need to be looking out for over the next few years where I mean? I think I think really it's making sure that radio works better in the car.

It is the next thing that we should be focusing on and and concentrating on cos that's a very important thing.

Some research which is coming out tomorrow, but I've managed to see a little bit of it today that says a lot about how younger people even in cars are consuming less radio in Cars cos they're consuming more things they understand how the Bluetooth works.

They understand how to plug the phone into the car which is a hugely complicated thing until I actually seeing that has been really interesting and I think that sort of big gun to get people's thoughts around how can we make radio much better experience you know with logos with automatic service following so that if if you know if your dab signal goes let's just pretend that that might occasionally happen in the UK if your dab signal goes particularly around Genova Yorkshire Dales it would automatically skip onto the internet and then back again.

That's a really good internet connection is very old internet connection.

But yeah, so yeah, you know so that if that is I think you know really a really interesting thing that just you know having a look round here.

I mean you know people say that radio and broadcasting you know has been sort of falling away over the last couple of years is absolutely no evidence of that here.

It's just as large if not larger than than than I remember it.

So it's a you know it's a good it's a good atmosphere here and there last week on the podcast you were talking about the whole situation with Google and apple and public sector broadcasters.

Can it away from these external platforms are giving them the Guinness Elsa more control taking back control another phrase for use in the UK these days a bit of an update since the last week's podcast.

I think as well from reading what you had to say about that for people talking to yeah, so it's been interesting so so so the BBC particularly have taken deliberately blocked so Google from using their podcasts In the Google podcast app.

Shazam the Sunday Standard app if you use Android phones, what happened at the end of last week is that Google podcasts found all of the podcast again and started in texting them turns out? This is something that I cast had done I gather for their app.

So it was never really intended for Google to actually find any of these feeds so my all of my podcasts reappeared again in my podcast app.

I wrote about in pod news and mix into a day will miraculously disappeared ago, so there's so clearly a little bit of soda to against doing in throwing there, but I think it's a really interesting and an important story.

It's a story about where the future of audio content is going to be is it going to be open as podcast have always been in the past or is it going to be far more controlled in terms of you now pulling you into the BBC Sounds app or the

IPlayer app all the iview app if you're in in Australia or so on and so forth and I think it's really interesting to watch and to see what happens that well enjoy the rest of n a b.

It's good to actually chat to you rather just hearing your podcast to get you to do your your usual bit that you always do the end for the final item an hour podcast if I can remember what it is that I said.

Oh, yes, you can get you can get my weekly newsletter.

I change the Cradle and and Daily Podcast news that pod and until next time keep listening and now Stewart on the radio Today programme is David Lloyd you don't even have that written down.

I never heard he's 70 this week and one of the big names from early capital age.

Do you have to be?

Star Marilyn mccoo Billy Davis Jr when I got a track from the LP and just a moment but first of all let me tell you about something is Happening if you like reading books.

You might like something to fill up your time if you want school holidays and maybe the Westminster City libraries can solve your problem because they've got a bookworm scheme in which children of all ages are eligible to enroll taking over from Kenny isn't the easiest thing in the world because he's a very loved creature has other disk jockeys.

Disk jockey really that's how I describe him have many fans.

I was completely unknown and so it was kind of job really to take over from somebody like that Graham do you reflecting there in the 80s on his appointment at capitol worry hosted breakfast for many years he originally been on Radio City happy 70th birthday another Capital Breakfast Show host ended his run there this week 2 years ago Friday morning ladies and gentlemen.

It is our last show together on breakfast and it is my last day here on Capital still going to be about though.

Now Daddy this year I have decided that the time is right for me to leave the warm embrace of Capital Breakfast and this morning was my final show at its highest.

I must say that being the custodian of this radio behemoth for the past 5 years is something that I will always be extremely proud of and during my time here at capitol.

I've had the privilege of working with some of the best people I ever could have known as a risk of making this thing like an hour long by naming everybody you know who you are and I love you dearly.

I've also been very fortunate.

I'd like to point out with loft everyday.

I've been to work.

Thank you for that handle it and everybody else.

I'd like to thank the Trinity of bosses Ashley Richard and Steven for giving me the opportunity to do so as get the motor that Dave Berry hosting is last Breakfast Show the capital this week in 2017 a hugely popular weekend Radio 4 programme was home truths with John Peel it began this week in 1998.

Weekends then washing machine, so you have a job for the service history and evolution of home truths on Radio 4 with John Peel this week in 1998 his producer recalls.

He wasn't particularly keen on the concept and we did the pilots and he wasn't sure he wanted to do it really he wasn't it wasn't the did want to be on radio XL just wasn't sure that you didn't we know what this program was that and we put one thing in the pilot and was an interview with an angler and he is his prize big ambitions to catch this very old Cartoon legendary fish and also the fact that he believed the carpus of clever that he could hear the approach.

Listening to these to park their car half a mile away because they believe that the car would otherwise he other slamming of the door.

Never Falls was once John Peel heard this and then did this interview.

He thought ok if it's gonna be like this.

I'll do it films condition doesn't as far as we know have a name itself but perhaps it will after this the most obvious person to do lots and lots of interview 1 cm radius the perfect medium for him because he was basically quite shy and it meant to be talk to people down the line without looking in their faces appear in the way.

She basically believed.

It was a bit rude to pry into other people's life which isn't a very promising place to start you doing a little bit of Griffiths reflecting on home truths which Began on the BBC this week 21 years ago.

There are now hundreds of commercial radio stations, but originally they were just 19 in a network which was very suddenly curtailed as the governor of the side of what I have to do with commercial radio.

Today's first 19 Megane this week in 1976 to MHz VHF transmissions are in preparation for an independent local radio service West Midlands Radio three will be going on your teeth with music vocal views and reports collection of gas cooker Bargains Walsall Wolverhampton Dublin West Bromwich that there are 18 different dialects know how could I hate it when we have must upset somebody sometimes a voice presentation we've also gone for a fairly neutral English wine.

The risk of any rain should be over by 2 for all parts of the West Midlands so if you want to put your washing Outdoors the weather man says leave it until the afternoon the maximum temperature 10 degrees centigrade you been listening to morning report was Nick utechin and Roger De Freitas sound radio from Wolverhampton which launched this week 43 years ago.

Just love their logo with the pm programme on Radio 4 launching this week 49 years ago the sound of your tables been tagged in this first edition of VPN program the Home Secretary of the James Callaghan will be getting his own back and interviewing BBC are launching in Belfast 29 years ago Friday the 6th of April 1990.

I'm reading using this is the Breakfast Show are we going to have fun today FM starting carrying the programs of Metro 6 years ago on FM digital radio and online.

It's the new TFM with your new Breakfast Show Stephen Karen on Monday morning as we prepare for departure from.

In 2019 this week 36 years ago David Hatch took out that controllers post, what was it Helen Bowden said about the role you have to understand Radio 4 beyond your intellectual night.

So those are this week's radio moments.

Thank you.

David Zadar other regulars James and right.

Thanks to Dave Jones bill Johnson and Kevin Leach at the nav show in Las Vegas and of course do you for listening next time? We'll find out about the audio content fund and how you can apply for some public money to make a program for your station join us for that radio Today programme with broadcast bionics creating and distributing clever software for radio.

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