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Read this: RadioDays Europe and Country Hits Radio

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RadioDays Europe and Country Hits Radio…

Coming up on the radio Today programme this week.

We're at radiodays Europe in Switzerland were talking country Hits radio with Bauer Media is Gary Steen James cridland looks at the Move by public service broadcasters to take more control of the platforms where the content is and in David Lloyd radio moments bits goodbye to century and Zoe Ball on Radio 1 and will hit BBC managements plans for the 1970s the radio Today programme with broadcast bionics innovative solutions for creative radio people but first before all that was taking Lakeside to Lausanne in Switzerland where radiodays Europe 2019 s been taking place this week radio today's editor Roy Martin got the short straw he's there for as I'm taking one for the team staying in the UK after things back here has it been right but sure it's true indeed bonjour yes welcome to Switzerland it's been we've just finished so as we record this all the sessions of finished and we're all looking forward to a beer and you've been working hard as well as enjoying the nice sites.

Have you happy?

Working I don't know about hard to read more for the coverage on the website of course if you look back of the tweets on the #i de19 then you'll find everything you need to know about what's been happening over last 14 hours here and radiotoday you can relive the whole thing that we're going to talk to you in a moment royal about the sum of the other big things have been happening in radio while you've been away and before you went, but I think you've got two guess there with you.

Haven't you by the airport so Paul Robinson's with is Paul you been hosting the main stage at radiodays Europe again.

It's good gig that isn't it? Is I've been doing this now 70 years the first one was in Berlin and been to various European cities Amsterdam Paris Vienna and someone it's a great.

It's a great event and I love coming here.

You know it's like coming back to a family actually so what the highlights been for you are so you got your picture with Greg James Stewart Copeland from the police were Greg was fantastic and him.

Billy he loves radio.

He said had been planning for this job for 20 years and it when he was at school.

He wanted to be on the Radio 1 Breakfast Show all the Capital Breakfast Show in and Chris Tarrant and people are that we will Idols and so you know he's got the shower and he's got the shower at the age of 33 and you know he sounded great on the of course but he's also got a great team behind him.

You know Nicola and Alexandra seem really committed that came across nothing.

That's why it's so successful, Stewart Copeland work.

You know I remember you know playing the police because that's when I was a DJ on Radio Tees in Merseyside bought those records gotten free later on in life and to meet him with the wonderful and he was so self-deprecating.

You know you get a great sense of humour and there was a lovely picture of him when he's in curved air wherein the release of kinky Boots which you just took the mickey out of himself was fantastic, but aside from that lots of highlighter Matt Deegan podcasting sessions which have been really good mi pod.

Has been mentioned almost every single one of the sessions in one way or another and he did a session about reality TV particularly doing love Island and how they've done the podcast for love Island than and got that real to the authenticity of that Brand and I managed to achieve the figure was 3 million downloads of his podcast with his stunning that was really good we did some stuff for the first time in the round where you got the audience interacting with the speakers.

So you're not on the stage being a circular stage in the middle and that worked really well.

There's intercession on Google the whole issue about the BBC taking its apps off Google to drive BBC sounds and and the disagreement they're having a both Google and the BBC said that they were talking to each other we had Bob shennan on the panel talking about radio record Bob with the right to take on a new role as managing director at the BBC with a wider breathe and he was talking to.

The about finding Talent in about how podcasting of noble the BBC to find new Talent in Radiohead never seen a research session with standing room only but that was achieved at this particular conference on research is a bit dry, but hey you were they made it really fun and in there was a big big turnout for it and you mentioned so the big hitters.

I see Bob shennan.

Was there I think he was kind of going back against what parking in from Barrett said about regulating Public Radio more and penalising what they do could be better for commercial radio and they got an interesting debate going on that subject are women still a banker the director-general Swedish Radio had a very curt comment from the stage and another panel and bass earrape acid exactly what Paul Keenan said I think that Paul keenans comments were possibly taken out of context or possibly slightly misjudged Bob shennan said it couldn't possibly be the case that commercial radio is better if the BBC is penal.

I do agree with that I think in the UK and in most markets the strength comes from both BBC and commercial radio FC commercial radio in the UK is is strong but you know people working this is currently quite dark time.

I mean 400 + people.

I think radiator day is reported as potentially going to lose their jobs with the reduction of the local breakfast shows on The Voice global brands, so if you work in commercial radio and you're one of those people do not give me thinking that what Paul Keane and said was maybe quite quite right has there ever been a better time to be in commercial radio the answer this question is a resounding no commercial radio is thriving in times of change it hasn't just whether the digital transition, but it's florist the momentum is such that we're seeing some unprecedented Talent moves from Public Radio 2 commercial the commercial sector is achieving all-time high.

Stop listening and share a commercial radio.

It's proven itself to be more agile and opportunistic in launching new services do some good things and it's great to see there been investing is grapes in launching new national radio station play scala and the country station, but I think Paul maybe didn't quite get the tone of it right and and I think it brie wasn't poles for Dyson spectra was probably more The Bower pr.

Who should get smack on the bottom for that and you have great cities over the last 10 years with radio days and next stop Lisburn are here.

Yeah, so I bought my Portuguese steak already.

They do very nice red wine.

I mean lisbon's a great city.

You know beautiful cobbled streets and the guys mrtp in all the other two very enthusiastic about if you need is a noise by the way, they just looking at the moment innocent guys with the ladders.

I'm not quite sure what they're doing, but they look there to the standing looking busy which is what work do I suppose isn't it listens going to be great March next year there's all.

To the podcast player course in London on 13th of June and there's radio days a show in Kuala Lumpur which is an extension which is because there been so many people coming here from outside outside Europe we had one guy who asked the question during the Google session from Canada who said I come to radiodays Europe because that's it so much nicer conferencing.

It's not so Sally they're not trying to sell to me the whole time in the composite in North America nothing I tried I think he knew it.

We do that much better.

You know we we we got a nice mix of public service and commercial and I've worked for both and I work for the BBC I work for commercial radio a starting motor ready always love commercial radio cos they get me my break then? I was lucky enough to go and work for the BBC as well.

So you know I think the strength is that there's a mixed here and and also you know people really like to talk to each other from different countries and what they realise is ever got the same issues as you know in every country.

This is problem, but youth audience example who are tending to listen last long and spending more time listening to nonlinear services heard this event.

Genuinely talk and Sharon and in a problem Sword of souls by sharing and I've not being personally to radio days in a row has been the last few years, but I'm I'm I'm going to try I'm going to try to get their makeshift filter.

Does it always strikes me as a really good place compared with other radio conferences.

It's it's very as you say collaborative and that just a can of sense of excitement about radio.

I think so, I mean that you can judge and also by the size of the exhibition here which is currently being dismantled ercsi and white powder currently being so pissed off the office date.

I mean there's a lot of people coming me 1600 people is a big turnout the radio to anyone who says that in a radiator not alive and thriving you should see the number of people here in our theme this year was soundmatters nothing what United already here is we all love and believe in the media me no sound does matinee sounds important and radio has a special place and I think everyone celebrates that you know it mean to have a debate and you can discuss and disagree of course you can that's healthy.

Penultimate really cares about it while safe trip back Paul thanks for such a great place to take care.


Everybody so right as it did for you good time.

Good time great holidays.

Yes, it's fine.

It's been good.

It's always think fantastic going to to the sun going to going to see someone's of Geneva BBC Switzerland before you arrive.

You go to the conference centre at your in the zone and then it's done and then you want to go home and I said so it doesn't matter where these things are healthy know but it's been good though the sessions of in Fantastic not about the location.

Obviously it's been there session after session which others for sessions taking place at any one time all day for 2 days, so sometimes you miss some sessions sea going to choose which one you want to be in and they're all the videos of all the sessions are online apparently for a small excellent and then it doesn't their trade show that just dismantling it now as we're talking to you, but have you seen anything exciting from some of the stands the ICS down where we are is literally being torn down around us.

What is Sam you walking in ASDA's for me about a dozen stores you think a little bit smaller than last year and then you won't downstairs and there's like another 20 odd stand so huge trade show and I'm sure that from what I've seen lots of good networking and good business being done at the mall.

The company's coming today.

Very worthwhile coming well, while you been away.

That's been quite a bit going on a lot of people been leaving and lot of people have been announcing their new shows so I would we touch late last week of a podcast by Richard park, end of an era for him as he leaves his full-time role at global and becomes a consultant that give me a big change for Global with party gone.

I'm not sure he's gone to be honest with you still be working 2 days a week from home.

I presume or reverie decides to in brackets retire so good luck to park anybody will it'll certainly still be global with Richard Park ill still be telling people what to do.

Guess the difference is not telling me what to do but advising them strongly what to do to be a difference.

Is there another long-serving daily trip to Leicester Square ending at asper Toby Anstis he's been on heart for the last fifteen sixteen seventeen years is not exactly clear but he's going to finish his mid morning show on Pandora gets that so that's so as an interested change yeah.

Good luck to Pandora with that.

She left global then she went to kiss for a little while and then back back home as they staying here at global so good luck to Pandora good luck to Toby as well with his unannounced future gig somebody said today.

It's going to be Scooby heart 80s it just shift him over to the digital channel to carry on doing what he was doing but I don't know I'm guessing we will find out soon enough it certainly not to let the main gossiping.

I'm on my smooth breakfast when you like that so it'll be interesting to see exactly.

What is so excited about yeah, Alison John leaving Radio x there going to turn up on Friday afternoons on 5 live.

Read the full story about that irradiated Tommy Jardine left West sound breakfast.

He's been on that 10 years Stuart Lee now leaving Radio Northampton he's been there 10 years on on daily shows as well 50 years on the air across Birmingham and Coventry and all sorts of places and he got a bit of a send off with BBC Northampton Bernie Keith in the Studio with him on Friday afternoon.

I want to see how people about your stellar career.

You're amazing.

Because if people that have a chance if the lucky enough to get into broadcasting.

It's quite rare to do the things that you have done you have reported for radio you have commentated for radio you have played music for radio you have interviewed for radio you have done TV you have setup radio stations.

You have rung radio stations.

You've made money for radio stations you been on National regional local radio stations.

You done commercial you've done BBC you've done FM you've done medium.

Wave I have a hunch.

You also been on the shortwave police messages any time, but that's only a feeling you've also hired for radio and that's alright come in because you gave me my first ever job on radio and in so doing you made all my dreams come true, but not all of them.

They're still one and one day.

You'll never know dear and so because of that and I said they said he wanted a slightly more flippantly that im saying it now bio you everything everything that I have achieved more importantly everything that I have underachieved is down as solely to you, so I owe you a lifetime of gratitude you have an eternity of my love and you have the certain knowledge that one person here thinks you're just about as good as It Gets

Thank you, so I know you like the finer things in life, so I brought you a bottle a luxury bottle.

It's preparation is there are the best Stuart linnell legendary yes good luck to Stewart he's been doing it 50 years so I did he's probably 70 on so it's about time you took a little break and to find out something to do next year and good luck to everybody at to be up as well or r.i.p.

2BR and the Bee and central radio Sofia licences were back in the day capital is coming to Lancashire Howard sounds good same capital Lancashire is Lancashire a little station in Blackburn who who knew that was going to be here at Myton capital station one day nobody nobody could have predicted that the breakfast teams and drive teams at capital of either finished door Refinishing this week as well ahead.

Networking starting next week so good luck to be involved and don't forget if you are negatively affected by the changes that we could help at Radio today. slash available give us your details and we will share them to help you have been matched with a new employer.

That's the theory anyway good luck.

It's alright Jack oxfords left this dumpy building this week's going to a new home and Dutton Adebayo that was an interesting one for the BBC said he was finishing his Sunday night show on BBC London and then they had a meeting with him and decided to give it back to him.

He did a mini Danny Baker think was your words wasn't it? Yeah, we was talking about it on the air on on this show last Sunday so it was the last one, but they're it's not coming with asthma back from the dead so to speak so yeah, we're not lying to carry on forever now.

It will be a scared to touch him that should be this week as well to the legend Bob Stewart from Luxembourg and Caroline as well as jazz and capital Gold and red rose and many others as well.

Lot of fat nice tribute to Bob online this week and upcoming events radio festival is next month the tuning in conference is the next day.

This is all the 13th 14th of metal pot of radio audio week which we will be there after a little rest from this and the nav show is taking place in Vegas we know if you people vs.

All be hooking up and talking with people using technology at its best on the podcast next week another event as well got the student radio conference something coming up is that the 16th to the 18th of April that senior Swansea just before answer yet as aforementioned at radiodays Europe has a podcast day in London at that's the 13th of June busy busy busy.

I'm going to go home now excellent.

Have a second rate of the road that you're driving back again driveway and I drove here thinking just round the corner and then 19 hours later we arrived so yeah, it's so what time is it now? It's 4 on Tuesday afternoon.

I'm hoping to facts.

Time Wednesday night excellent well.

Hopefully make it back in time for next week podcast if you do WhatsApp to speak to you soon email isation just same interface phone box from broadcast bionics welcome to the social studio at bionics. your program a new mom.

Springs another new radio station to digital radio in the UK it's another one from Bower just a month after March Porto Skala and follows last year's Hits radio and January launch of Greatest Hits Radio 2.

What's the new one who was affected by the live here excited for country Hits Radio

I just think about what country makes me feel more for me.

It makes me feel like I'm back home.

I grew up in Tennessee but it also makes me feel like things that I can express that I won't be able to unless I just sit down and listen to a song you know sometimes you got all the stuff inside it might be happy.

You might be sad, but you don't quite know how to Express it.

You don't have to just put on some country music country hits.

I'll see you there as I reckon I'll have to like warm up my voice now.

I do took an awful lot but first thing in the morning.

I can be a little bit croaky.

So I'll be driving in and singing at the top of my lungs having country Hits radio on of course and sing along to all my favourite hits as well.

So that's probably have to talk but I was enough to say that all of the things that create the country music music lifestyle the insecurities in the Triumph do we have in our real life? There is conversations with the artist and basically just getting everything happens in the news.

Everything that's happening in your day every day here are country music limits radio so welcome to country Hits radio on the scene this week are welcome to the podcast the Hits Radio group content director Gary Steen hi Gary how are you? I see oh yeah very well very well, busy week then so you launch Friday you got test on at the moment.


Yeah, I mean it's it is money today.

We're doing this and the test transmission started on DAB this morning.

I was really exciting and really looking forward to the Friday and and the launch of firm of country hits, so why country music festival was he decides to do it.

I think everybody knows this been at the broken a rise in in the genre in in in the UK over the last few years and we've seen it through things like CTC and every single year when 22c happens the tick.

Quick errands a fanbase for c2c if you've been a long is is really broad and and there's a lot of new young fans coming through I think since about 2012 actually they cannot the country music scene has has changed in terms of music so we've we've seen that happening in terms of attempts of the events happening and then and then music sales have obviously been on the on the increase in terms of country against a backdrop of Collingham music sales weightlifting country music grow over the last 304 years so and to give you an idea that was a bit 600000 sales of first class country music in in the UK in 2013 and that's no 2.4 million and the last bit of research.

We saw which was 2017 solo year-on-year their vagina is dry and I suppose the breakthrough from UK country artists help with that bit as well hasn't it? But I think about having.

National UK country music station is hopefully that will be a great platform for those UK artists who are really trying to get said trying to break through other ways.

We've always be seen things that are several success stories, but I don't think there's enough at the moment things couple of country hits TV stations as well on my EPG now.

We are flick of your top end of the music down there quite new in the UK as well.

Yeah, I think I think we just seen seen this this this growth and I think that's really down to if you listen to the music now.

I will ask her 304 years with artists like you know kacey musgraves and Thomas rhett and maren Morris at Chris Stapleton it's really moved in to acquire a commercial space and I think I don't be great thing is that it was a lot of people who wish we were trying to look at the size of this marketplace was it's really difficult to gauge it because he not you go ok.

There's 8.7 million country music fans in the UK but with.

National radio station and people haven't really been exposed to the music so you don't eat we actually feel the genre based on music at the moment could be a lot bigger and we're seeing everybody from Radio 1 to kiss to Hits radio all the stations are playing country in some shape or form.

So we've had maren Morris crossing over with the Middle with with Z we've had so you're not Justin Timberlake and Chris Stapleton and you know what sing a lot more of those collaborations in the killer the big one.

I suppose was Bebe rexha and Florida Georgia line with meant to be which can have stayed at number one in the country music charts for like 7 months in in the US and then can I crossed over pretty much to every major market Around the World in terms of their chr radio yeah and going back a few years.

I suppose you've got people like Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift really started put country music on the map they did and I think the great thing about those artists as they introduced country music to a different group of people on much.

I might younger fanbase.

Wenzel's to be in TV shows like Nashville which she played a part in then of course the dolly played Glastonbury as well, and you know maren Morris on stage at the grammys with Miley Cyrus paying tribute to dolly's I think that has really helped to introduce country music to my uncle and bass cos I suppose there was this perception that country music was kind of Step Sands and an old-fashioned things to be fair when I when I was growing up that was kind of my introduction to country music as seen on my dad was a huge country fan, but it would it tended to be a artist like Glen Campbell and Jim Reeves and definitely I mean when you think about the music and the genre is going to be so much change.

I think it's one of the most interesting things about I went to see Keith Urban who is playing at c2c a couple of weeks ago and you stand there and watch united like Keith Urban who is a country artist yet.

There are guitar solos in there and the only thing that the storm was feels like a rock you again.

I think that's what makes the genre so interesting I think the music.

Has so much diversity and I think obviously we know that the lyrics of something which she know what are big part of the of of the music as well and the stories within the songs are such a big thing to yeah.

I've personally have seen the Shires live a couple of times as well and big fan of theirs and it just feels like a pocket bit don't think like a different genre.

It's just part of music scene It Is My go-to.

Playlist is there is that usually a contemporary country playlist and you know there's so many songs in there now.

Where you listen to and they would fit into a pop music station, so I think the Deathly the time feels right for for this the genre becoming mainstream in the UK and in terms of a country music radio in the UK I suppose Bob Harris has been doing it for 20 years and radio 2 now Chris country.

We saw a few years ago.

How important a role of they played in leading you to decide what you've done now.

It says if they haven't tried the blaze that wouldn't perhaps be the market for it well big bottom.

He has been right it right at the front of country music and after I turned it over many years to his show on angling Chris Stevens is obviously with Chris country is that is all the real Khanna funeral flying the flag for country music and it is that you know this is obviously fairly untapped market at the moment and hopefully you know the introduction of another a national country music station from bar can only be a good thing for four country is a genre and you know I think for Chris country is well.

You know me that thing.

I think Chris is done an amazing job.

I think hopefully this will you know rising title for all the boats so to speak and I'll pick you up all the word national talk about the presenters in a minute, but I want to put you up on the word national cos you've mentioned it a few times.

It's kinda national but it's not fully national like sum of powers of the National station.

Yeah, I mean obviously we the starting point for this is we're going to be on all the major metropolitan multiplexes across across the Uk London and Manchester and Birmingham and

She know the North East and central Scotland so you know that that's the starting point but we will be building the distribution from there and obviously we are on at smart speakers on.

You know I P listening I think we'll play quite a big part in the in the in the distribution of this radio station as well.

Yeah, I shall Chris would say he's available nationally on the smart speaker as well, so tell us tell us about how you've got on.

You've got a can a mix of some country music presenters from the States and some UK radio Talent as well.

We're really delighted with the the talent that has signed up to the station to Beal and Leonards has joined as villains going to be doing a daytime shield for as Monday to Friday so obviously Balan has said I'm quite a bit with Radio 2.

Wilbur Bob and Chris country and their the long road festival is say something is hugely passionate about it and is one of the organizers for so Balan you know what is so funny.

That community he loves the music and you're not I really am looking forward to hearing his she would you be so weekdays is as you can imagine really helped us out in terms of chipping their the sound and the music for the radio station as well because he's you know you're so knowledgeable in terms of country music.

I promise not to mention Chris country against a Bentley you've got as well as indicated showing the states that right so yeah attire is based in the in the States he gets access to a huge amount of the Big Country artists.

Are you know Keith Urban same time or Carrie underwood's in time over there.

He will tend to talk to them.

I just lots of great video content as well.

So would you like we've done a deal with their tie and will be bringing his shield to the UK and it's really exciting on Friday I will be broadcasting live from the American country music awards in Vegas so that's day one and obviously bringing that to our listeners in in the UK on Friday and so that's time shift.

I think is this like.

Did Ryan Seacrest the did a similar thing in the UK so the person I shall we can have edited it a little bit put out a different time zone so similar kind of thing with syndication 4 as well as that you've picked up some people from around Barrow and around some other groups in the UK how many yeah? Yeah we have and weekends.

We've got a couple of weeks.

I saying yeah, she was too long to the weekend is nearly as she joins his on Saturday morning that mean I'm sure you know there's a huge Countryfile it's been a real Passion of hers and when she talks about the music and the Artists she talks with with huge passion about it as so will bring that to the radio on Saturday mornings and you know will be I will be on play some of her favourite country music on a on a Saturday morning and that then we've got various presenters from from around around bar.

Who we identify this people that really can love love the music and I think that's that's one of the kaneki things about the presenters on the station.

You know what did the major thing we were your wanted to know from them.

Was you know they did really got to be passionate about though the music and the artist and viewer.

Kind of strategy in terms of the numbers you want to get in our audience size wise how how big do you want to grow this thing.

Yeah, I think it's early you know I mean I think that you know you one will be really interesting because you know however you look at this.

It's really hard to gauge.

What the real size of the audience as I think if the station's manages to convert as many listeners as charged us for that genre of music we were talking about a million listeners.

So you know I don't think it's pointless guy.

I think that's obviously will take some time to get there we wish you lots love with a busy week.

What a busy year for you since you've been back at Barra I guess you don't quite a lot with two radios as well because digital radio on IP listenings mentally is the 21th formats and you know I think that this year has certainly been the year for new format so far as absolutely for good luck with it.

Thanks for such as gay.

Thanks, you're just I was band was Gary Steen on country Hits radio at still to come will hear from David Lloyd and James cridland first a quick word about clean.

Feed a great way of connecting in studio quality audio over the Internet if you've not tried it yet.

Give it a go it's great for doing obese at doing interviews for your share your podcast or co-hosting a show from a remote location it has been designed for radio people at the podcast as it's got some extra features just announced this week and it's really simple to connect live audio over the web great quality and you can even record it all within the browser cleanfeed won't cost you anything to get started as a free version takes just 30 seconds to sign up and within minutes.

You'll be doing your first live interview or recording you can find out more at cleanfeed dotnet.

I'm James cridland the radio futurologist and I'm at radiodays Europe in lands on in Switzerland it's a highlight of my radio conference year over 2500 people highlighting the very best of radio across Europe and beyond but this year I detected a chain.

Darren Davies from iHeartRadio the US commercial radio company gave a confident performance accompanied by lots of slides he told us how radio was thriving and how hot was number one and radio was doing really well, and he has another slide showing I hide number one and another one and another one but the public service broadcasters of Europe but also speaking and they had a very different tune reeling from cuts in funding and concerned about the rise of fake news and disinformation many painted fr bleaker picture.

There was anger at a common enemy and for the public service broadcasters that common enemy was Google Facebook and Twitter radio has historically made all of its content freely available using the open nature of podcasting and radio director is like TuneIn and others get the new people in charge of radio in many of the public service broadcasters have come from TV when.

This is happened instead television has always been locked away on Broadcast design apps and tightly controlled and mostly.

There's been for right reasons, but this is now seen as a strategy for radio to follow the BBC's announcement that they pulled away from Google podcasts is seen as validation of this strategy and other public service broadcaster.

Told me that their long-term plan is to remove all of their podcasts from Apple all of their streams from TuneIn and other places and being control of their distribution through their own app the old radio people have done this wrong.

I was told we should stop giving us stuff away when I couldn't disagree more were in the business of producing content.

We should fish where the fish are we should make sure that I content is where are audiences are but then I reflected that after 30 years in the radio industry perhaps.

I'm an old radio person doing this wrong.

After a few more graph showing iHeartRadio at number one in something or other Darren Davies outlined iHeartRadio strategy be everywhere our consumers are with the services of the products they expect but increasingly European Public Service radio strategy is to withdraw into their own Walled Garden and they should be very cautious, but this doesn't mean a slide into irrelevance you get my weekly newsletter James.

Cradle and and Daily Podcast news from pod and until next time keep listening and now he's David Lloyd 10 years ago this week.

He was retired after 40 years.

Online at real on DAB digital radio central Surgery hello real Radio it's now all hard and Innocence that was always going to but the case is only ball is now settling in on Radio 2 breakfast, but this week 19 years ago.

She hung up her Radio 1 jacket for the very last time is the last five minutes or so, I can tell her girl says you are.

Thank you ever been and I just like to say thank you to everyone is listen.

Thank you to everyone is coming to show all.

Who performed I wish you all the best? It is the best job to have and I know she's going to be brilliant Zoe Ball breakfast show on Radio 1 this week in the Year 2004 trial radio career with MMOs about what to do when someone important dies and also a career when we need those notes with no idea where they are as Independent Radio news found out this week 17 years ago Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother has died and announcement was made by Buckingham Palace a short while ago Peter Russell reports on the life of Her Majesty the Queen Mother was born Victoria was on the three independent radio news this week in 2002 and they later said that that's announcement wasn't their finest hour what happened was the overdue alarm should have been fired 8 minutes before the 6:00 bullet in and the commercial radio have carried.

Announcement properly, but they pressed the wrong button another news issue 2 years ago this time for the BBC and we have just heard that the much-loved Radio 2 broadcaster, Brian Matthews died.

He was 8800.

Matthew was a pioneer of Pop on BBC Radio in the 1950s and was still broadcasting regularly on Radio 2 until February Radio 2 who's issued at the statement regarding one of its most popular presenters Brian Matthews saying that he is not dead as was reported at lunch time that he is ill in hospital.

Goodness and in commercial radio this week in 96 the service called network news from the Chiltern radio network ended after 5 years this week in 1970 saw the introduction of changes at the BBC and lots of new programmes on Radio 4 including p.m.

At the world tonight and start the weekend the topical sketch show week ending.

Single European currency in the week ending the changes in 1970 worst structural at the BBC flying from the report broadcasting in the 70s radio of new shape in the 70s if the BBC's plans go through after public discussion the for National networks will be still more this distinct Radio 1 Spectre pop Radio 2 carrying light music from Sinatra to lay her Radio 3 perhaps only on VHF with more classical music and Radio 4 with most torque.

And there are the prospect of an educational channel this would need government help and 40 local stations that could reach 9 out of 10 people in England a plan has been put to the postmaster general.

What are the director of radio got say about that local plan Frank Gillard there's not a lot of people are interested and deeply interested in local affairs if that will not the case you wouldn't have the healthy local newspaper distribution that you have in this country if there's room in the whole spectrum of newspaper journalism for the local paper there certainly is room and the whole span of broadcasting for the local radio station we have tried it out.

We've been glad have the opportunity in 8 centres and Returns that do certain ratio very considerable backing for our belief that this is an added amenity.

I don't claim that it's a great entertainment service because we consider that entertainment it supposed to have your thinking of popular music is a network job.

What's wrong with music There's Nothing local about a gramophone record.

Last year Manchester's key 103 became Hits radio before being key of course it was called Piccadilly radio buddy than that name had its problems, but remember very clearly they're being over a debate at the time.

I was asked to the appropriateness of Piccadilly in again and they start their noses in you know.

I'm believably looking back yard is exactly tell you whether you could call it Piccadilly or not and they eventually after great humming and hawing decided that it would be acceptable to call at Piccadilly process of the question was whether it really was Manchester where it was London unit based in London has the Audi A1 problems London name you know but in Manchester probably aware that there is a Piccadilly Gardens Piccadilly running up to the railway station to Manchester Piccadilly launching in Manchester this week in 1974.

No one day Radio 4 will come off longwave.

It's got to hasn't bothered it tried this week 26 years ago about 300 Radio 4 listeners have taken part in a march to protest against BBC plans to stop broadcasting the service on longwave and replace it with a continuous News Network under the BBC's proposals Radio 4 would continue to be broadcast on FM with some listeners find difficult to receive the demonstrators March from Hyde Park to Broadcasting House where they handed in balloons carrying the message save Radio 4 longwave memories of Radio 4 listeners in protest this week in 1993 with Chris Tarrant presenting his final breakfast show on Capital 15 years ago.

Boats sinking of the Radio 1 top 2031 years ago Shaun Keaveny is first 6 Music Breakfast Show 12 years ago what a life pirate FM Cornwall 27 years ago.

What was BBC Wiltshire sound like in 30 years ago in the programme Wiltshire fire brigade is trying to recruit housewives to become firefighters extra beginning of the am frequencies of the RIBA Mercia 30 years ago and left County sound launching 36 years ago and you know I have your own independent local radio station.

Terry Wogan moving from Radio 1 to stop breakfast on Radio 2 47 years ago.

Radio, what's my god? I'm speaking metamorphic and the death of Kenny Everett 24 years ago musical mobiles wherever you will go this week's radio moment.

Thank you David and regulus James and Royale thanks this week to get Paul Robinson and Gary Steen answer you as well for listening all being well next week will be in Vegas for the nav.

Show well, we won't but I guess we'll be doing this for creating and distributing clever software for radio.

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