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Read this: Rhod Sharp's 25 years Up All Night on 5 Live

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Rhod Sharp's 25 years Up All Night on 5 …

The radio Today programme with broadcast bionics innovative solutions for creative radio people welcome to the weekly potrika me up this week.

I've been chatting to Rhod sharp to Mark the 25th anniversary of 5 Live this week has been on up all night since the first night the station launched as you may or may not know he's hosted it from marblehead in Massachusetts for the last 15 years or so who says you need to be in the TSA the station you broadcasting on a the wonders of modern technology which radiator days Faraday to rea Martin is on the line utilising modern technology for our usual quick look at what's making headlines in the industry this week and it's been fairly quiet relatively speaking yeah, I suppose if you compare it with the first 189 weeks of 2019 then it has been quite quiet.

We've had a couple of radio station sold of course it seems to be a weekly event at the

This time were in Scotland original 106 in Aberdeen and 5-string film a firm sold.

Sorry so to write DC Thomson which owns wave FM in Dundee of course which is an interesting move nobody site coming especially as we had the other one or the week before an easy.

I wouldn't like to play poker with him.

I tell you that was an interesting move and some saying that the group is is probably the largest independent Scottish based radio group with a radio station called wave FM has something like that that puts them as The Rumour Mill has already started makes them big enough and ugly enough to be bought by one of the bigger groups haven't been rolled out with the national networks up.

Yeah, that's not that's a long time off and they're staying at the yard at the moment.

I think they'd the station's all retain their identity is in the local programs street markets putting music.

Make some cost savings behind-the-scenes against other kind of the things that other groups did at first when they bought more stations.

It's finally happening for these ones this week Simon Cole is leaving 7digital farewell to Simon a radio guy through and through of course he AppRadio guy who set up ubc.

I was going to confuse with UCB I have with the with his partner in crime Tim waybackwhen, so therefore it worked on their exit strategy recently and come up with that so good luck to Simon and yeah all the best for his other business opportunities standard line that he's now going to concentrate on her.

There's been an update for BBC sounds this week, so finally we can I restart pregnancy couldn't ever do this on the iPlayer Radio app could always do it on the browser version on the desktop, but you can there rewind the live radio program like you can on the TV iPlayer and say on a start the show the beginning of Mr first Alpha

Oh, yeah, I'm good news for you.

Cos you're always complaining that it doesn't have quite player they've said that is going to be coming soon sky staff like one of the new features.

I might finally start using BBC sounds baby M&M interestingly this piece from pod James cridland say about Google having dropped the BBC podcast cos they don't want to comply with what they're asking them.

I think the less said about this the better people are thinking that you've removing yourself from Google Google is the internet so if you're not on Google do you even exists a bit of a bizarre move and hopefully that sorted out and everybody will be happy again.

Hey the Ofcom bulletin was an interesting read it went on for pages and pages this week is about 20 pages on George Galloway so as you do when you when you've got a story like that to write up on the radio today.

You start reading in any start writing the story in your head and then stop putting words that and then you get to up page 17 word George basically slags off the Breakfast Show presenter on his own.

Station and Ofcom you think I'll hang on a minute the headlines the totally different now, so yeah that took a while but we got there in the end of that if you wanna explain exactly what it was but I think it's probably easier to read it all radio it's very complicated but as you said George are getting his own his own say on the complaint as well which is an interesting move Alan Brazil had a complaint upheld about him on at talkSPORT as well again.

You can read the full story on radio and also look out on the site Wednesday because there's some news coming from global we think yes, Richard Park has been away due to an illness and we got some details about his future on the website radio excellent at his inopportune moment just to tell you about cleanfeed.

If you haven't tried it yet, if you're going to be working from home doing the show from somewhere different or whatever it's really simple way to connect live audio of the web in great quality and you can even record within the browser it.

Free to get started completely free version it'll take you 30 seconds to sign up and you could be on your show from somewhere different to normal that within a few minutes find out more at cleanfeed dotnet you going to your first radio conference of the year next week somewhere nice Switzerland in file off to radiodays Europe which is in loose and I'm going to fire up the car and drive from the weekend and get there and then be reporting back on Monday and Tuesday from Radio days in Europe so keep an eye on Radio today everything is going to be on that page tweets from other people videos audio interviews the whole thing anything radiodays Europe related will be on Radio today, so just keep a tab open on your browser if you working and I can keep up to date with who's saying what the conference as hospital radio conference and Awards this weekend as well there in Stoke so good luck to anybody there as can be radio festival soon.

I just put the train.

This week's that's may 13th radio audio Wigan tuning in and young areas and the podcast Awards as well and not next week the week after is nav show in Las Vegas you going to that one.

I couldn't get the time off with the buses quite Celine Dion on horrible, but guy works readier today so mi so I I just had to put up with that with Switzerland instead of Vegas but maybe next year yeah.


There's give me some guys there from various UK companies going to try hook up with some of them on the podcast of the couple of weeks from nav.

So if you're going to be out there get in touch with the Stellas and you could be joining our can.

I hook up with the States with Vegas on the podcast in a couple weeks get touch and let us know where at Radio today on Twitter just Witness coming up James cridland on why you shouldn't make assumptions about technology David Lloyd radio moments coming up as well and that's all on the way after Rhod sharp next on the Ray

Today programme thank you write is that pats brother and his dad at Lincoln box Oasis director and many more innovative solution created radio people come to bionics. on find out more programme David Lloyd radio moments this week with the launch of BBC Radio 5 Live 25 years ago this week and as some regular listeners might know as well as doing this podcast editor freelance work in The Newsroom at five live and at one of the highlights for me is reading the news on up all night swell the man who created the show still have six three nights a week as he has done for 25 years is the legend Rhod Sharp and I'm delighted size on a podcast with this week's hello Rod Stewart has been nice for you to call me a legend.

I've I've always got a little late reservation, but I hear that means.

I'm on the way out.

Feet first or in some other way, but

I love it anyway.

I'm very happy.

It's nice to chat to you in more detail rather than just say thank you rod when you introduce me with the news as well, so I know well.

I think you I think you're normally good to come and do these overnight shifts in the In The Newsroom because after any length of time.

It's scrambles the brain and that's a lot to ask for it.

So so, thank you.

Thank you and we'll talk about you being up all night or not in a little while and where you are in the world that wanted to start back in the early 90s in BH because there was this could FM as he was no Radio 4 News FM around the first Gulf war and that was kind of The Catalyst for 4-5 live and you were there in The Newsroom watching all this happened at that point when you was fmi.

I think was just over an absolutely brilliant piece of improvisation because in my memory since about 1990 the been always talk about us having to have a continuous news sa.

Andy basically having the BBC having to do a CNN but of course being television it just took forever.

You're not people couldn't agree you're on how they should be but then events rather took over so we have this operation Desert Storm move against Saddam Hussein them in a way.

I think it's Saddam Hussein's responsibility because he you know he invaded Kuwait and then a year later of course desert Storm atacama desert Storm in a different way, I think the moving Force year.

I'm in there were people like bill Rogers filming.

They were a senior editors.

They weren't just said it was in The Newsroom you know they pulled the news from Intuit I was referring desk editor, so I should have worked for The Newsroom and for current affairs but in those days.

It was still a real divide between news and current affairs so you got this wonderful coming together of people who really wanted to do something.

I wasn't directly involved, but I do vividly remember the kind of work that people were doing for Scott and they would just sit there and talk you and some of our Correspondents were on 4 hours.

I do mean literally hours.

Just absolutely digging into the vast storehouse of knowledge and talking and talking and talking about whatever it was he knows some tank or something like that.

There was a lot of filling and we certainly learnt that radio instead of being something very very concise and beautifully scripted beautifully beautifully thought out had to be this long and rather a morphsuit of a thing in that was a complete change it was a shock to the BBC and other time Radio 5 was fairly young it was kind of this mishmash station and children's and comedy and all sorts of things I remember so well that kind of the mismatch as you say of of children's it in there with everything else.

Couldn't work it out and her friend John Inverdale was one of the the first host on radio five nights at Johns got a good job now, so about it a bit more of this is really quite cheeky fitting in with all the stuff so little bit later in the absence of of Scott people started to think when we could do this.

You know we could do a new station John Burke was the boss there wasn't necessarily the money but certainly ilinca was Tony Hall who really kind of push the salon when he was a director of new and he suddenly the money was there and it all had to be done in an incredibly short time.

It was like in my memory that it was 6 weeks.

I'm sure wasn't exactly 6 weeks but you got people going out in the road wonderful bill Rogers went out in the road discovered town all over the place discovered Jane in.

Gloucestershire or somewhere like that he not just pulled her out.

He went to every single BBC local radio station listened to the talent made his decisions and came back with people like Jane Garvey and meanwhile of course back at HQ Jenny was filled in letters from hopefuls like me and I have it.

I don't know what the hell are thinking about I could have done anything at Cherry I've got this great idea from afternoon.

Show but oh no, I had to go Jenny I've got this brilliant idea for a show in the middle of the night and was from your kind of work with the foreign Correspondents cos I knew that they weren't getting on the are very much having lived in California for a long time.

I hadn't naturally a soft spot for the west coast on a soft spot for Australia which one you a bit and and further places she knows Japan in the right.

I could see that we could do a lot more with our far-flung chorus.

Bandits and we were actually doing and they were up for it to you know this was in the days before everybody was her a News24 is it cold at first you don't correspond it and people wanted to get on radio so I said look we could make really good use of our correspondence and buy large.

We actually did it was a golden time because there was no competition from BBC 24-hour TV news that hadn't launched yet and so that first night March 1994 remember anything about it and the build up to first show yeah, well, of course I remember the kind of the duplicity that went into the Business of of pretty house on the air last there.

We were and we should have been in my humble opinion the first programme out since we were there at 2 when would know when the show started it was 3 hours long it went from 2 till 5 to put it is not the right word beginning.

I mean the BBC will always do.

The way that it wants to do them for the best impact, so they weren't going to launch a station at 2 in the morning.

Let's be honest even if it was a 24-hour news station, so they wanted it quite sensibly at 5 in the morning so wonderful Jane Garvey was the first Voice on the air was morning report switch to this day is still morning but she goes on there at 5 a.m.

We march to the day the last programme on there the next day at 2 a.m.

Is up all night, so we've got this kind of conflicted Personality from the get go because the radio times proclaims that letter C 29th of March doesn't actually begin until 5 in the morning.

So you know when did we launch? I haven't an idea.

I've had no idea whether it was the 28th of March 29th, but we we got on anyway and we never fell off your life and five.

I'm not sure we're all night.

Oliver Britain at 2:06 and where am I getting started in New York at 9:06, it's 806 Atlantis 706 up in the mountains in Denver and 6:06 and Seattle what are these times remote since we change the clock It's 5:06 in Seattle for the next week most unfortunate and Los Angeles but still the main story in America tonight is the damage wrought by the storms which swept through V southern states last night.

No money on the song places of working at night is the eccentric delight for those of us who work in the middle of some of our biggest cities of picking up the first edition of the morning paper hours notice before the paperboy is even a week one of our many missions here on up all night is to enable everyone with the radio on to share the joys and the concerns.

Newspaper editors up and down the country will be bringing to the breakfast table a short time ago iPhone down frame executive editor of The Daily Express we talked about the heads up all night on Radio 5 Live I'm not sure if I'm 909 and 690 medium wave this is using sport from the BBC 24 hours a day that was so proud of our team.

We had a most wonderful team.

We launched in my opinion fully formed like Venus coming out of the water with you're such a lovely program and the right away.

We just didn't give anybody any problems that I honestly think that's why I was survived.

We were relatively trouble-free when a lot of the rest of the output was pretty rough and ready to begin with and needed a bit of knocking about actually so it was you Tuesday Wednesday Thursday

Morning as you still do now and I think was it Richard darling adidas original.

I'm sure my original hours are days where Sunday night Monday night Tuesday night or Wednesday night so I went through from Sunday night to Thursday morning and then my old friend Richard Alan Hood actually trained with that the BBC it was recruited from LBC Trade-It been doing this evening show with Angela Rippon so Richard then bless his heart came in and he did Saturday Night Friday night and Saturday night and then I picked up again on Sunday we thought that was kind of equitable division because he got the kind of the fang end of the Saturday night heater on and doing radio on a Saturday night as a real Talent but we discovered that Richard was a cult in the clubs and in there in the Great Days of the Manchester club scene that used to go into these kind of children's and listen to.

Which adults fantastic actually as they hit the ground running and it did really well, I was looking back at the archive of Tony Award winners in the night is nothing in the air 1995 so first year after it.

Been on there.

It was Second in station of the year and then of course it was gold the following year in 96 and was Gordon 96 not only that but I was silver in best news and current affairs imagine that at best news and current affairs were talking about world at 1 p.m.

World tonight today and all to Five Live counterfeiter stands up all night was second in best news and current affairs guess what was first five live drive to John Inverdale that was a great year.


I think you will know a couple of gold as well 98th and 99th out with her evening and night best evening.

And night-time use new show so we got there we got gold for a couple of running and doing some of the contributors that you had on up all night of Last of the distance and been on many many years people like Dr Colin windscape with archaeology Peterborough is bill Nicholson Philip Eden lots of names that regular listeners will know I know I know Philippa fun memory of in who's no longer Wessex bit you know the great thing about Philip was that he was in a sense.

He was very far ahead of his time because he even in the 90s you and I would be talking about climate change and I go well well Phillip would you think about this global warming thing and it's so well, it's far too early to say and don't confuse climate with weather to this day if we had Philip Eden he be going don't confuse climate with weather, but it would also be seriously alarm to be in the midwest floods in the US it we got to snow or a phenomenal weather event that the cyclone and

In Africa these are unparalleled weather events to talk about the others for a minute that mean I loved Bill and I love the Elena you remind me that I should talk to him because he's now living in in happy retirement having retired from the gigot USA today and he comes up to 2 hole Massachusetts in the summertime.

Where is A Summer Place and he's just still lovely as the guy and so Humble and that's what I think is really great about the best news people is a certain element of humility mean bill was a Central America troubleshooting Editor app for a long long time the funny thing is used to come into the USA Today news room with a bag which she packed and it used to wear a swear £10 and used to used to give lessons and packing to the USA today reporters.

He used to see if you can pack a bag like this you can go anywhere anytime and that was his ready by him and he used to keep it ready on that site.

Wonderful thing that will report is used to do and you mentioned overseer in the 80s is being a freelancer on the west coast of America overseas.

Got that fascination with with stuff going on in the States and throughout your early years at five live you were you were there covering the 96 us elections and many of the stories as well.

I know I know we were very lucky.

I mean the great thing of course was that in those days.

We were flush with cash because we were being treated as as any other radio network and we got a lot more money per capita than we do these days.

You know what you would have fair.

You would have loved to be on the up all night team in the mid 1990s cos I haven't got something like 12 or 14 producers who are all lining up interviews and we we cracked it out, but 2 in 95 we went to Hiroshima for example.

I remember going on Japan Airlines about 5 days went to Hiroshima and there's some wonderful.

Stuff around the 50th anniversary of that terrible event and it was it was one of most moving troops.

I think I've ever had and it's still I'd like to this my mea culpa.

You might you might Confessor today's till there was it's lovely lovely a woman who was out of fixer and translator and we became very friendly and as an extraordinary display for a Japanese person of hospitality and openness.

She brought me to her little house and she and her daughter and I shared supper together in the house that was so this is very very unusual and afterwards her daughter Romeo long and wonderful letter ask me all sorts of questions and she laboured forever over this and I don't believe that I answered it done.

I'm ashamed of myself and I I wish I could go back now and find this life and find where she is what she's doing you know she's probably being a and offer.

Lady somewhere and I hope she's doing terribly well lovely of course you reply to every other bit of Family Guy another wonderful how we opened up communication in the 1990s because we would get a lot of letters and I do my best to reply to remember one lady who was a marvellous correspondent.

She beautiful handwriting.

She must have been alright.

It's when she started and she lived in Wimbledon and she was my you know how long I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue the great temple tale of the shortest exactly Mrs chelsom.

Southwest she was my real life Mrs chalice, and she and I would have the smallest conversation in letters going backwards and forwards and she would explain to me how in the summertime she was sitting out in the back garden and she was listen to a poem by and it was 4 in the morning in the birds look like it was really great.

I love that and then in the middle of.

Whenever it wasn't 96, I decided we ought to get on this thing called the internet so I remember running a line into the studio in the old extension to Broadcasting House the of the old Radio 2 Studios actually on Radio 1 John Peel used to broadcast from next door and I will you still sometimes bump into each other in the man's which was a thrill beyond belief.

I you know that was the most I ever had to do with John Peel but haven't my gorgeous anyway, we ran this line into the studio and I said dial-up the internet.

Do you know let's get on the internet? I'd had my own email address and stuff like that.

I created an email and sure enough we start to get email and the email you would get those days ranted two pages and I used to get it from professors and people like that marvelously intelligent literate stuff and I thought this is it and I do this day.

I'm still in internet utopian and I look back fondly at those times.

You know when everything.

On the internet with sweetness and light the world's change and having one of the other massive things in 25 years I suppose the biggest news events of the last quarter century was probably 911 and I think everybody remembers where they were when they heard about it.

I was I was on the M62 driving back from a radio station in Huddersfield where were you that day were you asleep was 13:30 and because it was a Tuesday and I had a routine and I had just I've got up about 13 after doing a night shift and I was taken myself off to lunch at this nice little bar on Balham High Road called the Pitcher and Piano and so I popped in there and everybody's looking the television and they're looking a picture of the World Trade Center One World Trade Center and it's kind of get smoke coming out of it and I said to the guy and I looked at this for about 20 seconds.

I should what's happened.

I said a planes flown into the World Trade Center I said.

You got phone you said yes, so I picked up the phone got on the phone to my producer her Benson and I said do you want to go and he said you can't go and sit ok? Do you want to come and he said no don't come in yet, but just keep across it and you know we'll just would just roll with us when we get it.

I said ok fine.

So that's what we did and of course we couldn't go because it already close the air space you can have a flight to New York there would be no such thing as it turned out for 6 days so we kept on the story from the London end, and we just kept pushing pushing pushing to make sure that we got everything on and all the angles that we could think of covering because cuz we started our phones and we weren't sure of using telephones another BBC had her for a long time had a very sniffing attitude to phone box radio as we called it, but we didn't and we just kept everybody on the phones and said how do you know there's this a big charter?

I said yes, I know what hasn't gone for 3 days.

I said ok.

There's a BBC charter there waiting out at Stansted and everyday people to go out there and hope to Stansted and wait and wait and wait and they couldn't go because they the ban hadn't been lifted.

We got our wonderful BBC travel agent.

I lovely guy called Dave Bristol and he booked us in the just controlling the booking until that the ban was lifted to wear on their head was a Saturday morning.

How are dunno? Maybe it's a Friday morning but anyway we found ourselves on the second flight out of Heathrow going to New York and that was that was how we got home and then the coverage that you did from that presumably was quite moving.

Lol move just seen something that I haven't seen with my own eyes before this is really quite difficult to believe my guess is where about 4 City blocks from what they are now calling ground.

Hero and instead of The Shining Towers what you saying instead is a black pile.

It's it's like I said it's a bit like one of these Indian funeral pyres to be honest.

It's is about 100 feet high at surmounted by a crane it seems to be top 5 selling melted Aaron and it's smoking you see pictures of it, but it's a really hard thing to see it in the light and to see it framed in the back by the other tall buildings that remain here.

I know that that was once the tallest of them all.

I'm looking down the street.

Looking that are coming back up.

There are people going on down.

Will go down a little bit further her Innocence our job is done here because I haven't got a camera and this is probably the best I can do I don't know if there's any you want to call the only thing that I would hate to it.

Is that that piled is filled with people?

You know I think the thing that move me the most I have lost my younger brother a couple of years before and I went to the far Rockaway it snow the far Rockaway is are not called the far Rockaway is from nothing.

They are the most distant part of Long Island and The vape addiction forever to get there tonight.

A cab from midtown to go and talk to a firefighter the brother of a firefighter who had been lost in the Tower collapse and the Taxi ride cost a fortune to forever and the taxi driver don't know who's going but anyway I got there and I just you know the guy just opened up and he was beside himself and I think it was the closest that I got in the closest.

I've helped to anybody who had lost somebody in the World Trade Centre there were a lot of stories.

Mayor of La Salle what are a lot of things that we had to really try and stay with for that next year you'll know we didn't just treat.

This is a terrible thing that's happened now.

Let's move on which I think two are great discredit in the news business which are often do but we really really tried to follow up and it was on a break in the States not long after 9/11 that you've decided you were going to move back there, so you've been dragged back to London in the 80s by ok and her work and you decided to take her back legs this was the you know I'm I'm out I was born in July therefore.

I'm I can so therefore.

I never attack a problem by going forwards.

I only attack a problem by going sideways so for a long time before 911.

I hadn't promised a gift of a sabbatical and I will tell your listeners that I have been promised the gift of a sabbatical again, which I'm going to take.

The summer which I'm absolutely thrilled about that but anyway I had this particle on the cards and acoustics push back and it was much much shorter but we found a little house by a pond in the middle of Massachusetts I didn't know much about Massachusetts have barely been there, but it sounded romantic and it was only 12 miles away from Walden pond where Henry through walked around and took great sort tonight Outwell Henry's Road to that maybe you know maybe magical happen twice and didn't quite but that was a wonderful wonderful experience for me and I can I then became fascinated with the history of New England and the and the place it was not an overnight Move by any means in fact was carried out with care.

Shall we say because nobody that the whole point was my my my belief about radio is doesn't really matter where you are it matters matters.

Let your they're nobody's listening to you in the middle of the night going I wonder if where is today unless you've made a virtue of it and I and my whole object was to see you're the person that matters us the list or the person that matters and you and I are in this together from are different places wherever we are.

I don't know where you are.

You don't know where I am necessarily.

It's ok.

We went on like this and I must have started in in this little town of marblehead, which he came to quite by chance.

I must admit that we were at work and at once we arrived.

You know the drawbridge went up we couldn't get out.

It was it was rather wonderful the way that that the people and bracelets and we were so so very very welcome to anyway.

I start with I think a week of experimental broadcasting from the local radio station which was the owner and just been.

Awful to me you just gave me the keys.

He said we go home at 4:30 you coming at 4:30.

What could be better so I'd start at 16:30 and I drop everything and we had Harry moments and you know if you've ever done anything involving remote broadcasting the first of all you need you needed in the 1990s something called an isdn line.

Will they had nice the end, so that was go so I had an isdn box that was terrific.

We then used the telephone line to connect to the internet and we use another line for facts in case the internet went down which it frequently did I mean to this day.

I still don't know how we actually did that seamlessly but we really really did and I'm so grateful to all of my colleagues who helped make this possible.

This was it to we SX is that right and this is Radio

Today the Fate of so many little local radio stations, it was sold and it just closed and it was sold to property developer in the end.

I bought it for a song In Radio terms.

You know maybe I don't actually know what was paid for it, but it wasn't it wasn't a tremendous amount of money and then the land was turned into housing in the developer made a little fortune so unfortunately as station and I looked at this stage Santa got could I be a radio station owner with a large mortgage of course and I thought I don't know where this is going.

I don't know where this business is going because local advertising even then was shrinking and it was that was the Essential problem that it became our first of all the signal was taken into a combined signal then that's right Spanish Spanish music station by day and a Christian broadcasting station by night.

It was a son of of a schizophrenic sort of thing.

Route to the callsign now.

I think it's been it's been blended into the cosine of a station in Lynn Massachusetts so it doesn't even exist so now last 12 years or so, you've been doing it from your house in marblehead.

How I mean in terms of the move and doing it remotely how was it welcome to buy boxes they wanted to keep you on I guess today was well.

I'm you saying I'm moving to the States see you later.

I mean really anybody else.

I can't believe it.

Do this.

They never mention my name to anybody in BBC human resources, Blanchett the sound for them.

I don't want to discuss me with them at 4, so it was all beautifully handle then I must I must just take my hat off to my various controllers who who's who said well Luke you know what just don't tell me if it's going well if you have a problem like.

I know and I won't mention them by name but you can easily work it out and one of the poster was BBC in fact as far as I know and one of them is just become extremely elevated so I definitely won't be that mentioning him, but he is he is a lovely lovely and so we we proceeded and first of all we had a little Pier de Terre here, and I was Broadcasting from the kitchen counter and again because this is Radio today.

I just took my heart to the electro voice microphone which I use because I use it at like about a 1 inch distance and that means that all the extraneous noise can be blocked out you know so you can do it from a place that might have some echo and where we are now.

It's it's it's well so improved, but initially I wasn't quite so sure that it was going to be perfect so that the electro voice really save me.

And I'm standing there to catch a kind of the most.

I think the thing that people didn't know was that sometimes without air conditioning in that little apartment.

It will get up to around about 100 degrees Fahrenheit and I be standing there with a towel around my neck.

I'm not much else but The Show Must Go On and so enjoy welded so I'm I moved to more comfortable surroundings.

I'm more comfortable time because it's generally 8 till midnight when you do your show, isn't it? Yeah, it is so you know that's wonderful is the only time that it's slightly changes is funnily enough right know when because the the UK is already gone to summertime know next week well.

That's right.

That's right.

She hasn't so we only 4 hours drift at the moment which means that I have to stay up to 1 in the morning which is just about when I used to start by that's hard.

Technically it all works out at you did use isdn, but you don't have that supported their big telcos in the United States including mine, so we moved to and will using a lovely a unit which are you know it is even easier frankly to use an isdn because the lines so rarely glitches or garbos.

You know him touching a bit of would obviously and if if you need to refresh it you just drop it often and push the button again and the whole thing can be accomplished in a couple of seconds.

We roughly like in her.

I think was the technology we've got we've had some contributors on This podcast in recent weeks from London and the quality of their lives not been as good as this one tick if it isn't it that is the other thing that cable is so ubiquitous in American city.

It's it's expensive as a consumer, but it means you've got this vast bandwidths.

You don't and where is on Fighters in Britain you're still kind of looking at you have got I've got some of 20 Megs now hear people go you got 100 we got 150 or with somebody over there has got a thousand.

You know what that are much much bigger bandwidth routinely available so that we were you know we get this great quality and are probably many presenters in the BBC and commercial radio quite jealous of you that you're allowed to sit at home and you're acting sensible time of day or if I got his listening.

I'm looking out of my window now my little studio at the at the leeds-liverpool canal in Yorkshire I'd love to be up all night reading the news from here, but I don't think they let me say you're very lucky in that was well.


I mean oh my goodness me.

I may I just say that my role model in this was Desmond Carrington Radio 2 from the farm.

Pasture and he often used to have been Desmond used to make a virtual query was used to say I'm not that far man hears all the lovely things have been doing today and I think that worked for his audience.

It was really important.

I'm not about to start saying in kind of loving technicolor what I've done today, because I know how hard it is to be up in the middle of the night and I've been there you know but by the same token my humble opinion if I wasn't here and I've had still been trying to do it from the UK I probably be Pushing Up Daisies are right about now.

So I'm I'm let's just say it's a lesser of two evils and obviously being kind of a far distance away, but connected now because of the internet and technology what perspective does that give you on the world that you're able to bring as a raw carrot eating do you member the Eagle comic and this?

Call character called the mekon used to tell if I down there and in the mekon was a little green man and he used to sit on this kind of flying sorcery thing which permanently Harvard about 6 feet off the ground and I kind of feel a bit like the mekon you know I feel that because of technology.

I'm hovering somewhere between the Irish coast and the coast of Labrador you know.

I'm I'm in a kind of nowhere zone in a way because I don't feel I'm particularly grounded in in the US even although obviously we look for her stories here because this is where people are awake and this is where they speak English you know there's no mystery about why we have so much American coverage, because this is where we can find guests.

Have you got 4 hours to fill a night you're gonna have to find guests who are willing to do this otherwise you're going to have to record slabs with people in the UK during the day and that rather defeats the point of being.

All night, so you know it's it's what you make it.

I feel great closeness to both places.

That's what I really want to say I don't feel equal distance from both places.

I feel equal connection to both places and your listeners that the generally trying to get to sleep or trying to stay awake so hard drive Belfast admissions really well.

I think you just have to speak softly that we know if if you're trying to stay awake you listen hard and if you're trying to go to sleep.

You know I'm not going to get too excited and I mean the one the one thing I would say and I'm a lost its back on offer long time ago.

I said don't you think we should play quieter jingles in the middle of the night and we never ever won that one you know we get these kind of rambunctious things that take that tell you about how something is going to Biggin pound seeing wonderful on and it's it's the best football match that there's there's ever been and this may be more appropriate other time.

The day but anyway week we get through it at service station sound that a much bigger thing than than one program and I know from driving into radio stations to start at 5 in the morning.

There's a lot of radio people listening on their way into get a dose of the news before they get into work.

So you have got you've got a lot of fans in the radio industry for that reason because we do funny shifts, so I know I know I feel your pain.

I know you're not I have done it earlier and then never liked it very much memory do I get a lease in Leeds for a while going into Radio Leeds and I was on attachment there in the 70s and you know you'll be standing at the bus stop and then the freezing cold to you.

Not 5:30 or something in the morning and that was a lot of fun, but I sorted it when I went to Dundee I did do smileys AT-AT Radio 2 but mostly I did that the late shift, so I would come in in the middle of the day and then work through until.

Good evening as it turned out and I just wanted to ask you as well and that you had a discussion on all up all night fairly recently about the big changes in UK radio at the moment where we're getting networks breakfast shows he had a course in the states that something has been going on for a long time.

You've got people like Elvis Duran Duran on you 50 60 70 radio stations at breakfast time so that we're turning into the American radio network, so you know I wonder what the solution is.

I don't know that there is a I look at you know my obviously my radio listen comes from the Boston metropolitan area now and there are big local museums here still although something like WBC which is a big am station was recently taken over by a heart radio so quite a few people were let go on on a lost people greavsie the old way of of wbz but still there still on there if you look at the NPR stations, what they have done their.

Solution is to use of local opt-outs frankly I mean I'm in all of the NPR funding model because not only are they able to appeal to you? It seems like every other week for money and I'll give you a huge guilt complex of your listening without having pledged to your $10 a month.

They also get magnificent Foundation grants and occasionally just Kearsley huge gifts under the Walworth billionaire.

You know it was was terribly important to 2 NPR in in their foundation for their coverage of the last 10 years so I like the way that npr's funded.

I'm not suggesting this Sally that we the BBC ought to be going that way, but they obviously the great many discussions at the moment about how the BBC's going to be funded in the future might not be the same as the marking 25 years of you at five live with 25 special podcasts, what have you?

Kicked out of your best moments intelligence.

I haven't even been more than 25 cats.

We have no idea.

I just found everything I could and so we've got this Kind of Wonderful assembly of of of stuff that I sometimes I completely forgot about it for example mean.

I was just voicing up something that I did for the inauguration of Barack Obama and that was an early morning to be all the early mornings.

I think I had to be at the station about 5 and already it was quite hard to find a seat on the Metro going into Washington DC but it but you know we talked all these people I talked all these people it was one of these kind of Lone Wolf jobs, Nighthawk tallest people on the mall.

Put it all together and it was it was great to see the pride with which people who had never been to an inauguration before greeted the arrival of Mr Obama or Mr and Mrs Obama and and there was great fun.

For them in the huge crowd and the second reason is I was telling him on your way down his father was born the buses going south was segregated during my segregated.

So this is a very historic moment for not only America but the entire work somewhere to share with him.

How do you feel right now, So he deserves that she's going to talk at least give me a very big event after graduation.

She got a new president.

Play on Facebook obviously I'm only had that I was standing here on this ground in 1963 when Dr Martin Luther King delivered his message.

I was maybe 100 feet from where he spoke with their dream head fell on deaf ears, but then I think America is coming through something special ll make with this country would be better served because of his election be learning to salsa.

This is my father's most favourite piece of radio that I ever did was me and this kind of that sexy voiced Lottie Latin lady learning to salsa and so that's going to be somewhere in the in this little.

Bran tub of podcasts and I think you're such a lucky dip you put your hand in and you're not quite sure what your pull out but I've always loved at quality about our program to all the best for the next 25 years on up all night and good luck with your sabbatical in the summer as well that a well earned rest I guess for you to thank you sir.

I'm James cridland the radio futurologist never assume.

We told in internal training days to assume.

We told makes an ass out of you and me and so we laughed and we had another biscuit and we will the rest of the day to finish in radio we assume too often mainly we assume that all our audience alike us in 1993.

I was told off by my program director at the time but back announcing a song with a reference to the video my assumption was that everyone listening was like us with satellite TV and access to the music channels.

He reminded me correctly that they were.

We also assume that others are like us with the other technology.

We have most people we know own an iPhone so we assume that iPhones are in use everywhere and that would be a mistake in fact 80% of the world uses Android phones and even where apple is strongest in places like the US and Australia apple.

Only has 55% or so of the market in terms of smart speakers to you'd assume the Amazon Echo devices at the leader.

We've seen lots of data from the US telling us so and they are in the US but in Australia Google has a 68% market share of smart speakers in the home Amazon Echo devices are comparatively small the why is would spend time getting their stations to work properly on Google speakers, not Amazon ones and then people assume that sales of speakers tell the whole story Google

Stint powers everything from Google speakers to Android mobile phones, I have two sets of headphones with Google assistant inside them my Chromebook now has Google assistant built-in as well that you can guess that Google assistant is coming to other things to like televisions cars and more the best thing to do is to look at the data see if you can spot the trends coming out of new technology and understand what most people do not what the people around you are doing right now the one thing we do know is that radios habitual nature means it surprisingly slow to change far slower than anyone thinks but that's not to say that change won't come.

I'll be trying my hardest not to assume anything when I'm at the nav show shortly I assume that the monorail will have queues to get on and I'll assume that it will be impossible to find a decent cup of coffee anywhere but in terms of the Tech I'll try really hard not to assume anything you can get my weekly newsletter.


Create tall and and Daily Podcast music pod and until next time keep listening and now on the radio Today programme is David Lloyds commercial radio across the UK changes yet again.

Let's remember that is now 10 years this week since the heart brand talking a further 12 stations across the West of England bringing 224 the number of hearts.

So it was farewell to some familiar radio Browns Liverpool

Show me traffic in Fleet news and information for Exeter and East Devon this is Gemini South Hams radio cabin crew for well watered 7 sound Gemini gwr Lantern and Plymouth Sound that traffic jingle by the way was the Plymouth sounds list anyone else gets blamed now out of the win that all happened 10 years ago.

The press was saying also here.

We are guardian column hit by Johnny D it is hard it's the sound of radio if rock had never happened at a goes on to say considering the search for Perfect radio channels.

We turned a hard as station that's everywhere around us like exhaust.

Oh dear, they don't like Italy as we are lovely Toby Anstis is mentioned here few people could have a surname less suitable for radio or indeed a voice less suitable for ready for Toby actually say that about him.

Let me down.

So they will that serve as hot rolling out it now I've got a million this isn't it 1974 now and a new arrival at Radio 1 at 1 talk to you through it was ok cuz I carried on doing that and then from there are no Johnnie Walker refused to play the Bay City Rollers sort of left on that day.

You know and it is a lovely guy no Johnny but I could have put your life because basis would be dead in a few months.

They make sure of those if your top 40 stations, you can't lock play the whatever's in.

Oh, sorry when often stayed and I got his job Ultravox Vienna Kim Wilde hasn't made yet, but I really think she's going to with this sadness will be getting it ready one this week in 1974 commentary is a real artistic.

That's enjoy this classic example here from 70 years ago this week.

It's the boat race John snagge is in the commentary launched at his boat sadly Falls behind the action just before Hammersmith Bridge so he can't really see who's finishing first.

InterRail fighting videos that both groups obviously has the most grueling race one of the greatest races that ever been here about resident permit conditions.

Do I think I don't know but I think it's almost never met level as you think I don't quite sure it Must Be Love Cambridge but you haven't spoken in Cambridge and I don't know who that is ok with this necklace is John snagge and the most famous obvious 37 boat race commentaries this week 70 years ago John actually died this week in 1996 is worth of the travel person gets a right royal send off for a radio station, but Lynn Bowles did when she left Radio 2 this week last year was tango.


I think you're going to be fine.

I'm not sure about that therapy.

I'm just going to have to throw myself on some dear old standbys like.

How long was think of you from BBC Radio 2 and I'm going to miss you as well because I never anybody who leaves a company form a so-called corporation knows that it's never about the job in the end.

It's not about the job.

It's about the people you work with and the best thing about Radio 2.

It's it's not just about the people I work with it's not the people who listened as well and he's contributed and who have shown how much they appreciated work Afghan and I have been shocked and stunned by that and I am very very grateful to everyone have worked with and to have it washed out that involves leaving the Ken Bruce show this week last year.

It can't really be 25 years since 5 Live was anything good morning to a new network Radio 5 live news.

Sports from the BBC 24 hours a day at 5 and 5 this morning that 5 Live came on the air its first voice that have Jane Garvey presenter of morning reports 3 hours later with the Breakfast Show in its stride the champagne was open for journalist from other media who come to watch and hear the network's first morning on air Media watches from the national newspapers will not impressed with what they heard so far the Guardians Media correspondent Andrew culf.

I think it made of very confident starter motor is always difficult to radio stations, but it came on here this morning sounding very crisp very friendly and very accessible and I think they were trying to strike like Jane the Daily Telegraph will less enthralled at the same time for some strange items like can eating disorders and prejudice against black and Asians by the police force in Leicester and it doesn't Keating

Trying to appeal to the most me think about whom Media journalists able to open New York one of the biggest radio names was Don imus, and this week last year.

He said farewell on air after 50 years, but have some more time to think about what this meant stop and doing that because someone is a mobile.

Are you going to miss this and I did not I don't have an answer.

But I do know I'm not going to miss or do any harm someone for a grinder spend a lot of fun, but then it's hard to do, I know this in my heart.

I've always thought it does but nobody ever better on the radio that me and I mean that they have not got myself on the back or anything.

I'm just telling but I'm not bothered if nobody but they want me riddle and answers may sound patronising between Romania and what's not

Your mum is almost year the great done.

I must it's 29 years since the Radio 1 chart shows stopped borrowing Radio 2 FM space because it now had his own Radio 1 FM top 40 on Radio 2 FM frequencies from next Sunday you'll have to re tune to Radio 1 zone part of the FM band between 97 and 99 Brooks stopping surprising Radio 2 listeners on FM this week in 1990 so with real Radio Yorkshire launching 17 years ago were here.

Hello Libby Purves midweek on radio for 2 years ago today the last midweek as in an elegant parallel leader has triggered as well article 50 brexit the West Midlands local stations becoming free radio 7 years ago things change.

How many the name Richard Skinner leaving Radio 1 33 years ago and Radio Caroline launching from the North Sea 55 years ago, so I'm happy.

With the first record programme on Radio Caroline recorded by the Rolling Stones and id like to play for all the people who worked at the station in the air and particularly for those are this week's radio moments.

Thank you.

David and regulars.

James Andre well done to you if you made it right to the end of the podcast this week and thank you to my special guest Rhod sharp.

Will be back with more next week including possibly.

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