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Read this: Capital Breakfast’s Roman, Vick Sonny

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Capital Breakfast’s Roman, Vick Sonny…

On this edition of the weekly podcast from Radio today will hear from Roman Vic and sunny from the Capital Breakfast Show as they prepare to go national across the capital brand in England Scotland Wales James cridland takes a look at a US station that's playing podcasts on the air and as always a treat of the week.

We got more brilliant archive audio from this week in history with David Lloyd radio moments innovative solutions for creative radio P4 all that though.

I will have a look through the other people radio story of the week Radio today is Roy Martin is here as usual hello there a hasty Retreat today to do the Old colours are very kind of you to say so yes bit bunged up bit snotty yeah, you sound terrible as well self compression I call it.

Can I go it's right let's get on with the news this week.

We got lost to get through cos I got the capital team coming over also got absolute radios bossingham.

In it as well.

So CMA have said it is going to investigate.

The purchase of UK R&D by Bauer just like the other three groups we saw that coming didn't we be able to do with a country music Association this is the competition and markets authority yes, this is interesting Bowers bought for radio groups.

It was like Christmas and now they can't do anything with it.

They can have to wait pre-match like global date 4 years ago, but hopefully this will take two years were probably thinking about but six months from an uneducated guess.

I can't see anything being wrong so hopefully it's just a case of Notting if your eyes and Crossing if you tease on this one and in related news Barrett have taken on friend of the show Phil Riley and to be there senior independent adviser for the links cellar door and wireless now.

This is not Winfield turns up at your radiogroup.

It's normally bad news.

It's normally yeah, you're being sold, but I think Bowers doing all the buying these days, so we should be ok stand down everybody.

And interesting to know that Phil is not across UK R&D is only going to be looking after the three links other door and wireless rather than you can hear as well, so some questions there maybe we'll get some answers are in the future.

You'll never know about let's switch groups from Barrow to Global I sat and watched about an hour or so of the evidence to the Scottish Parliament committee had a couple of people from global with are giving some evidence answering questions put to them by some MSP I just get the impression of a bit late really Ofcom had a consultation last summer they announce their changes in the autumn now the groups are actually doing what they can then be since have a bit of a problem innit.

Yeah, that was there last year on radio but radiogroup scan network breakfast shows and if you know anything about the industry.

You could have predicted that global would have been the first out the door with this.

With which they are so it is a little bit too little too late as you say and it all seems a bit pointless especially in Scotland where they haven't got much power to actually change any of this I doubt anything will change from all this lobbying personally can't see anything major happening.

This is the odds for the UK government really wanted to do in the first place it with stuff.


Exactly was amended to it.

Some of the gate right.

I said some of the MSP the lot of them were switched on and you were talking about but some of them seem to be talking about local radio like it was still doing jumble sales on Capital Breakfast but you know when was the last time capilano, what's on feature for the local wi group it.

Just doesn't happen as it and never mind you tell me to get it right so you put an apology out of the bottom of last week's the podcast notes and I agree with you.

Back of the atom and coolant over everything going on Skype nothing I learnt a lot of thing a lot of Alice and stayed as well, so it's a it's good to know the people were listening and then we will meet you in a couple of buildings this week's meeting people as we wunderground people saying hey love the podcast so they are listening apparently.

It seems almost felt like a little celebrities in around lunchtime there because every department is fully half a dozen people that independently just said it did listen to the show like that day and loved it.

So that's never happened in there.

How many years of doing the shop so thank you for that.

We get really appreciate it bits of yous going on at the BBC where Bob shennan is no longer going to be director of radio and music he's going to be the managing director of the whole BBC did not been managing director.

No, I think it's a new job.

Isn't it right? They just change diapers like this for 6 months.

Let's do a new one.

We should try that he may be

What's the weather to wear it well just bottom radio through so hopefully fighting radius corner in the wild BBC now.

I've got to the BBC we had this week that I can be small cuts coming in production jobs in operations at around 50 jobs to go in that latest department think I'll be more job cuts around the rest of BBC Radio as well and they have been quite a lot over the last few years, so when you add them all up.

It's been quite a sizable level of reductions in budgets in their jobs as a result a bit crazy 250 Radio presenters jobs and the whole industry exploded because of all this so local masseur Bean cutting all that but the BBC kind of do it every every other month.

I just cut 50 jobs 100 job there and nobody really bad as an eyelid, so it's comes down to two passions and I guess for the for the commercial radio presenters listener jobs compared to

Just another 50 of the BBC and farewell as well as sweet Sue Sweeney Twitter BBC Newcastle at 20 + years in boost low credit issues at radio Cleveland before Newcastle and John Inverdale departing 5 Live he's been on since the start of the network 25 years ago.

He's been doing Cheltenham and the goal for things like that recently did his last Cheltenham Festival last week.

See you later jump right.

Can I do my link? What's this? But I know you can do you know how I'm just joking.

You know have a great day whatever you getting up to 4:20.

This is heart radio station everyday zen.

You know it's got 11 12 second intro.

It's just crying out for you to say this is hot right up to the vocal yeah, but you're not allowed and you want to know why why?

Let me read an email out to you.

So this week this week the boss of a radio station at sent an email out to all the presenters now.

This is a network that has experienced presenters and it starts like this so the subject is heart Alone while at the above sehun is now going onto a list the a list exactly is going onto a list give notice 50 years old and the the message here is when referring to it on her.

Please be very mindful of the fact that heart is also the name of a certain radio brand if you do end up referencing the artist please make sure that our station home is still very much the hero in that part of your link.

So you can't say this is heart and then going to the song whilst factually correct it.

It's just not acceptable on this part of the radio brand a better to have a go there.

Ok, well, I will never be able to across our lovely area.

Hope you have a fantastic day.

It's 4:20.

This is heart on Radio today is move on shower laughing with her.

I made the point if you if you are playing Hard then don't do a stew and and do that fuels been handed out this week at the broadcasting press Guild Award winners Lauren Laverne radio broadcast of the year at Tara and George on Radio 4 this radio programme of the year and Nicholas Parsons at honoured for his outstanding contribution to broadcasting.

I was the trick Awards this so this week as well.

We've never been to the trick Awards the Grosvenor house.

We don't get invited to place.

I mean it be too many memories of the the Sony Radio Academy Awards and the expensive bar at the end of the night so I don't think we should be going to happen well.

Yeah very true but Greg James won the radio personality of the year award at the tricks podcast of the Year went to you me and the

Dixie a very deserved and Capital Breakfast named best radio programme maybe you can hear the story of why Roman and sunny aren't in the photos when they pick Patrick award later in This podcast maybe you can hear the story you know full well that the researcher is already in the bag and it's going to be on later on.

Yes, it is a good story you can hear from them in a minute a couple of things going on Absolute Radio this week cleaning a big milestone for Frank Skinner anniversary rubbish anniversary team is it the tenth anniversary of the tin anniversary Christine sounds a bit like 10? Yes, I've got a lemon and sexy so let's bring in a pool service to his country director Absolute Radio that was funny.

I said 10 years on the are you gave him 10 hours that was very kind of you.

It was one of those great.

Is why you haven't like a really stupid idea in the shower and I came in and rang Frank and said for your 10th birthday.

Would you like to do a 10 hours show and he went that says I can really good idea.

Yeah, let's do it and I thought well that was the easiest sell I've ever had to make no discussion about money then with Frank really genuinely enjoys being on the radio.

I think there's there's a peach in the garden in the Observer that Frank did this week and he said something.

I think was really important which was when he's on the radio.

It feels most like himself of all the different things that she does with that stand up with that TV when is on the radio.

He feels like Frank Skinner just talking and I think not only does that really show how much Frank loves been on it also shows the beauty of Radio as well as to how was it.

What did he must have fill the 10 hours without Hood little bit here and there but didn't most listened to it all what I mean.

Politics of we could have done another 10 hours because all the Volvo material that was prepared.

It was brilliant for us the listeners really loved it and Frank was quotes about the whole thing is starting at 8 with the Regular Show with Emily and Alamin then from 11 we brought guests in as well.

So David Baddiel Tim key and then from to Franco's did Rock and Roll football with Matt Forde and Matt Dyson and then ended the day with the Indie disco and Andy Bush should I think what was great with all of that is it allowed Frank to be really passionate about the music passionate about his lover football also talk to David Baddiel and we got a Regular Show as well.

So it kind of came together to celebrate the anniversary and exactly the way we wanted to do unfortunately we didn't get any chance to play any of the best bits that we prepared and I heard had a bit of Simon Mayo on the Saturday money on Scarlett he was lying about Frank and the Show as well, so a bit of a bus going on the building Avenue Millwall they're guess moment for building.

With the launch of scala things like Franks 10th anniversary and I think you know what joins those two programs with Emily Dean who's Franks co-host so Emily has also been on the Frank Skinner show for 10 years and she's just got her her first book out of a brilliant books.

I really encourage everyone to read which is called everybody died, so I got a dog which tells Emily is life of her incredible family and then a period of about 3 years were sadly her sister her mum and her dad or died and she decided to buy a dog and it's the story of Emily's love affair with Raymond de Chewbacca look alike so Emily was talking to Simon about the book obviously co-hosting with Frank and there, but everyone should go read everybody died, so I got a dog and not just Frankie got a busy all week.

Cos he got the hashtag hometime chipped or going on with a big OB or we can drive one of those funny things that happened really really organically in the fact that when we launched.

Time with Brixton Ritzy back in September we took lots about them getting out and about and then going around the country and meeting listeners and doing loads of fun stuff and doing stuff that was really different but also looking at what it listens doing when they're listening to home time so most of them are working out what they're having for tea.

You have two men here who were very big fans of fish and chips and chippy Tees so we talked about the fact that actually let's go and try and find the Nation's favourite chip shop all the nations best chip shop and it started off very much like that then what we did we come and talk to the guys in sales and do you think the anyone interested because obviously some clear sponsors who could work for this campaign and they went and talked to Maldon salt who have been very very making all of this happen helping us to brand up the truck that their driving and all those kind of things here are there in Edinburgh there in Newcastle today there in Blackpool tomorrow there in Nottingham on Thursday

Canvey Island on Friday because those were the kind of finalists from the thousands of chip shops that were nominated by the listener standing on surprise move it is very passionate about its local chippy, Who Knew it's good for you getting out and about across the country as well rather than seeming london-centric all the time for National Station dentist who worked elsewhere in the country as well, but she in Bristol are Richie on the south coast.

They're also used to doing these kind of things.

I want to be out and about and it is a chance to create really good digital content really good social content and actually have a conversation with listeners.

We've got back on at home and then as we speak right now.

There is the assistant manager of the final Blockbuster Video rental store in the world flying over the Atlantic to deliver Dave Berry a copy of Point Break on DVD to hold the listener screening.

Happening on Thursday cos it feels like if you wrote all this down and put it on paper it looks like a very weird week in the world of Absolute Radio thanks to his will they get back to your busy week? Thanks, Paul Tisdale interesting stuff from Paul and before we go.

I would like to say get well to Trevor that you may have seen this on the socials and it was in the radio at last week as well, but we recorded last week's podcast before news of Trevor's heart attack at which he had in the last week herself.

He's on the mend now.

He's home from hospital which is good news, but as you'd expect is going to be taking it easy for a few months and we look forward to welcoming him back on the podcast with his round tables later on in the year.

Hopefully in the summer.

I'll be back on the job.

Yes, I did like a lot of directions a lot of love for Trevor from people I care Danny Baker and Simon Mayo and many many more as well on the Twitter replies and John Holmes sending a good wishes and also highlighting how it's one in the eye.

For anyone who who never thought he had a heart in the first place very funny John Weldon they're good to I'm sure Trevor laughed when he saw that get well soon Trevor absolutely our best wishes to you as you are recovering and I probably listen to a lot of podcasts while you laid up there then the Capital Breakfast team are on the way on the radio Today programme next thank you write.

Thank you stew get well soon.

I'll be as well Oasis from broadcast bionics helps.

You build a closer relationship with your listeners welcome to the social studio at bionic. program, and we can welcome the brand new national Capital Breakfast team, it's Roman Vic and sunny welcome to podcast guys, how excited are you laugh at all eighth of a

It's going to come round soon.

Yeah, it's going to come round really soon.

We're so excited to be be silly to say there's not a lot of nerves kicking about because of course there is you know it's it's a huge jumping and it's something that we just super excited to bring this show that we've been working on and and trying to make as many people as possible laugh at in the mornings.

Enjoy and feel part of something and put that all over the country and then Vic how is it the morning see you getting used to them yet, because it's only been a couple of years ago weekend breakfast on extra and actually I think that was slightly more painful because I was the one about the weekend.

Don't know where is it in the week.

You can be a little bit more discipline then.

We've all the most graveyard shift.

We've all done now when I was on Breakfast News HD midnight to 8 a.m.

ITN and before that as well doing Radio Cambridgeshire on a lot, so I guess it's one of those things you never get fully used to because your body know that it's not natural however, what are

So to be able to do like it's a real is a real privilege.

I remember when growing up listening to Chris Moyles in the morning and you feel like you have that relationship.

Don't you with your breakfast presenter you go to school then you get up in the morning.

You have your breakfast and it's the real close relationship and it's quite special so the fact that we get to do that.

You know it the fact that you're tired.

Did it doesn't it pales in significance to the you know the honour of having that slot I'm a Celebrity Get on already a quite big names, but presumably when your national I can't even figure out.

They going to get a hello mate.

You tell me about celebrities other ones.

We've had on so far given a celebrity book is a run for their money that what you know.

We are always so grateful for that for the level of guests that wants to walk in the door.

You know whether or not that is the biggest artists on the planet like Ariana Grande wanting to comment and playing exclusive show just you know just for roster and and and and for our listeners or whether it's big Hollywood actors like Will Ferrell Mark Wahlberg with walking through the door.

I mean it is for us.

Is it is?

Fieldhouse starstruck moment my favourite is when Miley and Mark Ronson came and they came in live and it was just that it had that proper radio feel like them coming in and dropping their single for the first time that they love that you did not with Ed Sheeran I know you can have you got an Ed Sheeran themed pub going on this week and you don't realise how silly layer until we say I never actually do it.

This is gonna be so much fun.

So what happened was with we read out a story on Friday so that was the fact that Edinburgh pub within is a steak for his wife Terri and he called it after her record at the Lancaster lockrite says very romantic very nice story and then we will come and just talking about any more like why doesn't engines have his own pub like it's weird.

He doesn't by just buy something for himself Here We Come why do we make him a little bit of a wedding present and why do we actually do this will be getting so many good names like pond pub names for Ed Sheeran getting sent in they will let sludgy.

Size of it and it's been really nice like cos I mean we're on you know you would throughout the week it was just gonna like building this pub from scratch and having listeners like all up saying yeah you can you can change the name of my pond.

It's been named this since 1812 1500.

Yeah, you can change the name to shape a little bit like a circus.

You know that bit in in Lord of the Rings with a guy you can have my staff you can have my Sheila or lessons have been calling up bile.

Are you going to my balloons? I have a photo booth my dog drive the car will be there and how important is it to involve the list as I know you would, getting them to pick the name for it for it for the pub this week at how important is it getting them involved and then when you've got those big guessing that they feel that they've got a connection.

They can get talking to them as well delivery Aldershot your entire entire Outlook on the day or no matter how much you set out what you want to do with.

Radio show that day they might be that one text that come in and you look at it anyway.

Ok, that's the smallest thing on like the scale that we want to be doing but how do you make that even bigger? How do you make that person in their day or the Sunday most talked about person up and down the UK and I think that's a big thing for us is taking those small things in and just making them as big as possible until United silly as popcorn fun as possible and there's no there's no pretence to it.

There's nothing but like with with you proud to do.

I mean literally we are opening a pub called the shape of brewer's just finding it and it is almost like a form of escapism for people in the morning to just gonna go into this world and hang out with 3 guys.

I just can't have that moment in their mornings where they just are a part of this team that are all coming together and doing stupid ones that every single day and you person each week who looks after the voice of the survey like amounts what's coming up and it says so nice to have their voices as part of the show helping us do the job actually I'm doing we got so well done on your award because you've

3 people like Greg James and Chris Evans to win the trick Award for your show last week.

That's no mean feat ya know about that was because we were all the tric Awards we're all of course like nicely dressed all in smart suit 6 from sunny have forgot his suit that day.

I did not catch just got in there.

So it's real turn down then I had to give out the award for best soap actor so I went down I gave that the award at the Danny Dyer it was really nice pic won an award with strictly so pick one up except terrible with Strictly Come Dancing as all going well and then we realised that obviously business awards ceremony is happening on a Tuesday afternoon.

It's 2 p.m.

There just flooding people with drinks like you're the only slowly slowly getting more tired and more drunk and you just like to know why was got to be over the entire thing right.

It's a wonderful Award Ceremony but it stop after you just done a big breakfast, so they looked at where are Award was for best radio programme late, so she say we're up against Chris Evans and

Greg James in a boat big names in the industry, you know some of the best at it out there.

We had a little bit of an in and what about one of our team battle capital I texted them and I was like mate.

If you know anyone that can they just let us know I have we won or should we just like just quietly slip out so we can get a few minutes sleep before this all goes a bit a wall and we don't turn off for the show the next morning.

We had a text back and this guy that capital which is the nicest guy right and so he doesn't like or anything like that and he came over to me.

You like me look just to let you know you haven't won this time the Awards going to Greg James bright, so I go OK that's absolutely fine.

I'm going to watch this this this last aboard and I'm just gonna sneak out going to go home get myself into bed get ready for tomorrow blah blah blah organise something for the Show tomorrow.


Yeah, Yeah Yeahs strictly.

How to do a little press room at the back, where are the boys done a little bit studio Productions disorders and everyone as soon as I've walked into the office at capitol around side light come on my way yeah fine and animals like know what you want and I'll shut up and then and then I literally had a taco.

I was getting a call from Vic and I'll produces literally it was hi mate.

Are you babe? We're walking up to the stage now? I would you want to say because otherwise it's gonna have to do they call a name will look a bit shocked.

Don't send out the calling him again.

Go to the stage.

I did the worst speech that you will ever hear very very confuse and I accidentally dobsonian it by saying he went home to put shelves up.

The Lovely World with very proud to let you know I've even been nominated alongside Greg and Chris and we're very grateful for the award, but I doubt very much so that will win it next year let alone be invited back.

Just happy.

I got some shelves to put the award on there sonny you played that before so you know exactly what it's like to experience all those thousands of people there.

So you can be on stage introducing people this time rather than performing against yeah, so that was that's crazy doing that anyway.

I mean to a member we came out from underneath the stage and I thought I was part of N Sync for for one minute.

We did it last year as well.

We presented on stage and it is one of the most surreal moments you'll ever have because you can't imagine what that amount of people look like auntie stand up there and you just see it and it just incredible incredible moment.

I remember when we first at did Summertime Ball together as a team and I don't remember standing up there and I will just do.

Couple of the rehearsals and then I remember looking over the Vic and I remember saying to dick like it's only when you get up there that you realise who in the mornings.

It is you are talking to at this scale of people.

Do you know you're laughing with in the mornings because everyone in that stadium in over 90000 people listen to the shower and enjoy the show and enjoy those those belly laugh moments that we have in the morning then and I remember saying I didn't really can't put it into any sort of words until until you get there in still can't I'm like lost for words at the feeling.

I said it was at the best day of my life.

I've not like got married had a kid but it was the best of my life so far and looking out into the orders.

It's almost like he even though the scale is massive and so many people you can't receive it, but you also can't see into the eyes of every single person and for them.

It's this huge huge day.

It's so exciting to have all of those artists in one place is like being inside of the radio.

Sort of those songs of the hits right there the number ones are the hit songs and you get to sing along to every single one with all these people who listen together and it's almost like it's so big but it's also it's also individual in a way that so you going to be home this new transmitted from April and there's this kind of in thing in the industry really do with Toby Anstis a blessing types when when heart was getting rolled out onto other stations then always be that I wonder what Toby's connection is to Swindon always got an aunty there.

I wonder what Toby's connection is to produce to go on holiday.

There is a kid so I wouldn't have you guys have got any tenuous connection to some of these new places that you can be on in the morning sun FM excited that I get to actually broadcast to my hometown and also like Scotland which is where I spent a lot of my time at Sam's territory at work at all about friends.

Are there my brother sent to Union Glasgow but for you guys.

That mean you're in a band funny.

You've been up and down the country so much this was seen going up to those places.

You know yesterday went to Glasgow and it was one thing I missed about the band been able to travel up and down the UK and see everyone in you know just get to experience what the cities are like and that is what I'm most looking forward to when we go national is been able to travel again for me.

It's going to gigs in half and down the country and up to Scotland into Wales in and dance the south coast but mainly I think my travelling around the UK is either I have a really amazing journey back or a really horrible journey back because I have travelled to go and see football weather is I'm driving back from Aston really really upset or I'm driving from Brighton absolutely elated that sounds like a son at driving back from ASDA that's a bit between a swede and a fair bit of travelling.

Yeah, well.

We wish you all the best with it and good luck for the roll outs and his two more rewards and more listeners, ok.

Amazing, thank you so much for your supposed to be on Capital Breakfast from the 8th of April or over the country James cridland.

The David Lloyd still to come first a quick word about cleanfeed.

If you've not tried it yet.

It's great for obese interviews co-hosting you show from a remote location or maybe making a podcast it's been designed for radio people and for podcasters and it's really simple to connect live quality audio over the web and you can even record within the browser as well clean feed won't cost you anything to get started Hilti TE 30 seconds to sign up and within minutes.

You'll be doing your first live interview or recording for your shower podcast you find a more at cleanfeed dotnet.

I'm James cridland the radio futurologist in the US I heart radio has launched.

What it claims is a first a radio station that just plays podcasts.

I am 1470 in Allentown and Bethlehem in Philadelphia will broadcast podcast from the iHeartRadio catalogue 24-hours a day when I tune into the radio station which appears not to be cheer logs to us foreigners by the way, I heard hell and gone a true Crime podcast but of course weekend our lives we finally find it the blue grey double wide trailer in the middle of nowhere at the end of a dirt road, whatever bad thing happened to Rebecca it started here podcast headed for a commercial break and on the radio.

I had a promotion for another podcast followed by being thrown into the middle of an NBC News radio bulletin literally the middle of a sentence then an ad for the iheartmedia lehigh valley career expo and had for a lehigh Valley Christian Foundation or something a PSA from the Pennsylvania police telling me to drive carefully and then a jingle to promote the

My heart radio player and back into the podcast iHeartRadio incorrectly claimed that they were running the first podcast Awards last year and similarly incorrectly claiming that this is the first radio station to play podcasts 24/7.

It isn't that actually goes to kyc why a former radio station in San Francisco that are kyou and all podcast format back in May 2005 planning to contact that was even before Apple that discovered podcasts kyc.

Why is no longer? It's now.

Ok GMC has sports station button on stop podcast station sounds like a strange idea the whole point of podcast is it there on Demand so why would you make a radio station out of them? Just range listen? It's a set of relatively random pieces of content linked together on a linear radio station.

You might hear some drama followed by some educational programming followed by a bit of news and then perhaps some comedy and then I realised that's exactly what NPR is.

Already crns, so what BBC Radio 4 is they all broadcaster slightly random collection of individual shows links together on a linear radio station I heart Radio podcast channel, am 1470 is airing on wsan, which had a 0.3 share with its previous format of spanish-language Sport from ESPN formats that still referenced on its website that covers 728000 people so wouldn't all podcast all the time radio station really gain an audience.

I'm not sure but is airing evergreen content from podcasting a good way to fill off-peak programming like evenings and overnight on first listen.

Yeah, I can see that working well anything's better and more interesting than lazily programmed iPod Shuffle radio BA first and it might not be entirely for you, but it might get your creative juices flowing in terms of what you could broadcast on the radio.

Call podcasts on podcast of interest to your audience will just might be something in it.

You can get my weekly newsletter change.


Land and Daily Podcast news from Port until next time keep listening and now on the radio Today programme is David Lloyd this week sees his 65th birthday.

He is one of the Nations most distinctive broadcasters and he's just received a special award to hi, this is Steve Allen will try to think of a final messages about the most difficult thing I've had to do in a long while when I first joined you being born 1/2 years ago.

I never realise that one day.

It would close its more than a job.

It's a family newsletter.

Steve Allen the industrial Peacemaker a cat is asking both sides and the dogs try to hold separate talks edited call the day and breakfast BBC Radio Cornwall

A Cornish man living in Norfolk but the past it is local supermarket for just 2 pence.

Have you ever had a better bargain? We want to hear from you on breakfast from 7.00 the better bargain but two pence seriously is that how desperately said which which BBC local station is this one Cornwall I have to thank James Rea Tom thank you so much Ofcom I've got my tank on a daily basis.

I basically got a hotline to come they love my so they really do I have to thank Ashley Steve Allen born this week in 1954.

I will do college was another radio character not to be messed with this week.

Two years ago she was praised in the Press because she was on commentary duty when the French president arrived her fellow, date of fell ill and she just carried on and on and on so let's celebrate Olga here.

She is being interviewed.

Let's go to this first broadcast on fashion because you did the fashion rather than the racing from Ascot I never did anything of the sort and you happen to put your finger on a very sore point I refused from the start to be a woman commentator.

I said I will be a commentator or nothing.

I will not describe fashions and I never did all the coloured who made the headlines this week 80 years ago the 1970s in Northern Ireland where challenging times and that was the backdrop for the launch of Downtown Radio this week 43 years ago.

Downtown Radio on over to the Downtown Radio news desk good morning its Tuesday the 16th of March Downtown Radio news at 6 Michael BT reporting the first independent local radio station Northern Ireland went on the air a few moments to go Downtown Radio Live broadcast from its studios in Newtownards and hopes to provide a service for most of the problems are really good morning to you welcome to the brand new sounds of Downtown Radio broadcasting on a 96 MHz in the VHF band in stereo Monday to Friday it's morning from 6 to write 2015.

This is John Paul refused.

Sorry my tongue slightly tied up this morning to the excitement kilometre delta radio making its debut this week in 1976 and I see if you listen to that to launch in it's entirety 17.

Stour pirate radio history happy 20th anniversary to commercial radio for Bolton and Bury good afternoon and welcome to the fresh new sound for South Lancashire this is Gillian Hodgkinson this is problem berrys brand new radio station radio station is going to use a tariff and finally on the air.

Let's do it let's make radio history 20th birthday now under new ownership.

How many staff does it take to run a BBC local radio station or at least that was the case at the start of Radio Guernsey this week 37 years ago but on occasion.

I cut off from the mainland by stress of weather or other events.

There is a warm feeling of affection for the BBC

And a magnificent public service in broadcasting which it provides in x good in bed and is provided over many decades and which is always kept us in constant touch with the outside world BBC radio Guernsey is the latest in an expanding network of BBC local radio stations.

I know that the BBC has to control rigorously the use of the resources available to The Corporation and of those resources do not at present allow for more than about 1 hours local programs a day, but I hope that disappeared can be extended as soon as possible, but early moments of BBC radio Guernsey coming on here this week in 1982 the day after the Jersey station land-based pirate stations over the years radio Jackie was one of the earliest and most famous it began this week.

50 years ago was 6 9 3/4 6 7 8 9 72 4 5 6 7 8 9 7 minutes are going to fill up with the Magnificent record of years ago and The Archer from the early days of radio Jackie the station exploited legal loopholes and kept on a red hoped for a community radio licence when they were originally announced that system at that stage wasn't eventually introduced Jackie closed in 1985 it got its legal licence in two thousand.

M30 with Derek Jameson taking over Radio 2 breakfast 33 years ago this song something all that love Changes Everything Jack Saunders making his mid morning David on radio x 2 years ago a man that there's nothing to worry about were all quite Faith just for the moment would like to say goodbye magic chilled launching 3 years ago and I mentioned LBC marking the start of spring 44 years ago giving away $20,000 at London railway stations.

Benzoyl this week's radio moments excellent.

Thank you.

David also thanks to regular contributors James cridland Android Martin thank you to absolute radios Paul Sylvester becoming an auntie Roman Vic and Sonny Jay from Capital Breakfast with another podcast for next week the radio Today programme with distributing weather radio.

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