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Read this: Roundtable #24 including Scala Radio launch

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Roundtable #24 including Scala Radio lau…

The radio Today programme with broadcast bionics solutions for creative radio people in the weekly podcast from Stuart Clarkson and we start with a thank you for your lovely comments about last week's radio Today programme with Dirk Anthony and Matthew Wright lots of you been listening to it as one of my most listened to podcasts of the last 12 months or ready.

Thank you for that at more big news this week then as scala radio launch to be learnt by as new purchases of investigated by the CMA Owen bow but another 10 stations as you do as the ukrd group became the latest commercial radio operator full of people now starting to worry what's next for their careers royal.

I will have more on that next week.

Are there all topics that are sure to come up as we drained Trevor down and his panel of guests franke Steel welded of the radio today round table for March 2019 courtesy of our hosts at Barras Margaret Street studios.

2 pointed out to me that it's 6:30 birthday is 6 years ago that we started This podcast where's the cake and exactly and it's still going really happy birthday to some other people enjoying me around the table and see who they are expensive and digital content directive for bowel radio.

Are you just saying Brett Spencer used to be something like that at the BBC in the same but extraordinary things happen and only if it's not been a busy week for you guys about has it been pretty quiet and Lorna Clark I'm headed production for Radio 2 and 6 music as a bit of a Bower bookend this week's time and Steve Parkinson the managing director of Bowers national radiograms.

Well news has broken this morning about your company but I'm not going to start their I want to start with this good morning at 10 on Monday March 4th, but you're very welcome to the exciting new sound of scala radio.

And is the late great and much missed Alan fluff Freeman would have said greetings music lovers Simon Mayo reference see both the Beginning Radio 1 and the Greyhound Freeman at the beginning of scala radio.

It's your station Steve how did it go that first day? I think it's safe to say we were absolutely delighted with the first day you go into these things as Simon Mayo actually just said to me this morning you going today one however much experience you have not knowing whether somebody is going to be there to tweet back at you or to call in or to engage and we.

Rosa to backup plan for it what happens with nobody calls in but I think within an hour he had more than a month and a half's worth of tweets and emails and confessions and just rich content within an hour spoken to somebody from Belfast in Pudsey then to think so I think that gave everybody the confidence that scala was onto something classical music for the modern world is not so much classical music as orchestral though, isn't it? Cos you're playing a lot of more modern pieces.

Yes, I think come here.

We we spoke instead of through the build up to this is as it hurt having a head of 70/30 air filter on side of everything but in terms of the music it it is 70% of those familiar Masters the Beethoven's in the pieces what you'd expect but the 30% are things that might surprise all you know that you would discover for the first time so you knowing in the bill.

We were talking about Tom York's soundtrack from suspiria.

Not a great movie.

I would save a

Soundtrack so where's the outlet for that to be played? I think yesterday the 30% difference was when the very sad death was announced their Keith Flint history.

Got out of Prodigy tracks and celebrated damn you do last week if we've been on the air we were talking about.

How do you remember Andre Previn so that was an obvious conversation for a classical station, but how do you remember the Prodigy if you are classical music for a modern world so wow Joe Wilson who's ahead of music here.

She came from Warner Classics she very quickly found a 2cellos version of the man who do people up very different for a classical station, but I think you can say it's classical music orchestral interpreted that the tweets with we got a great reaction because we were really on it and I think that will maybe just give us the twist and makes us different to the Radio 2 and classics you keep being stupid soldier in the

Exactly the point that I wanted to talk about and by the way Simon this morning got a Tweet from somebody saying scala radio better than kittens the news about Madame that you know where was the niece going to be there as Radio 3 there's classic FM where do you fit it? I thought you were just more companion of all them both of those under GP Radio Scotland well.

I'm kind of busy listening to the six Daily Show that we launched in January but I did listen to some of scala last night had the young ct19 4JA really good presenter congratulations.

It's 32 Great launch.

You know if for commercial radio station can come up with a new format is good for all of us much of what we doing radio has been based on what we've been doing in the 80s so anything to try and do something new is good.

There is plenty of room at me now.

This is plenty of room for me.

Tyres all new ideas to carve out their niche.

Why wouldn't it work with something that has built his career on the BBC's well-known is a talented broadcaster is quite an interesting thing for us to see a new audio format kind of built around a single name who's not doing breakfast.

We don't listen necessarily in the way that we used to say that quite interesting.

It's also interesting to see your first podcast coming out of his brand as opposed to I dunno maybe of scarlet Kolkata this there's little interesting I ideas in there, but yeah well done.

It's I think it's interesting isn't it that he is a niche station with presenters cause we got salah used to the idea that the only way you can be in the station is to be ineffective stream of some kind of genre and here.

They are so we going to be a full service station.

Having some more talk about Smith country later.

I know in the fact that is a full service station in you've got back companionship and Simon knows that better than anybody I listen to the whole assignments first show and I don't worry no classical music on by Beverley listen to classical music but I found it enormously accessible there was very little that he played that I didn't know I didn't know what it was if that makes sense without him telling me but everything seemed very familiar and you had all those all those things to Simon does and features that also a familiar.

I thought it was her tattoo if it wasn't for the First Time by the way this is very good documentary by David Baddiel about liking or not liking at classical music at which is on BBC sounds.

That's what they call it when you can launch any radio stations do anything you like why did you decide to do hourly news bulletins? It was at that was a long conversation about do we do news at all.

Do we make it if we do use it three.

Minutes 5 minutes that so we we we did to do quite a lot of group work talking to people about the musical at the stall about the presenters and I think that if you are going to be live and and act as a full-service entertainment station.

I think people do want that sense of place and time and live likeness, so so I think the weekends are pretty quick conclusion that I think people like the news and I think for this 45 and up audience if there's if there's an age to it, but really it's about an attitude and all of that.

I think news is important, but let's not door door.

So let's let's let's deliver the headlines and move to move back to music and Sammy I think you and the amount of news.

There is going other side of the Atlantic all the time in the moment.

I think people want to know what's going on and you don't want your feeble excuse to have to go somewhere else to get that that news update another chance to.

Really stamp, what is the station about because although you say it's not about it.

It's not a classical station.

It's a shortcut to explaining kind of what you're going to hear and for some people classical music is still a turn off and I think by having the bullet into me night.

I heard the Keith Flint story in the bulletin.

I'm not sure your closest competitors would have done that so just buy hearing that you got it is not your regular classical even though it's not a classical stations I can see why if it's live you can't have to have bullet in the stuff you mentioned smooth country which is suddenly arrived from global this is a trend as well.

Isn't it? It is and I downloaded smooth out to have a listen what I thought of having to do and I had listened but I couldn't find it my first one into I couldn't sit amongst all of the stations and then I went back to the home screen explains.

It's actually in playlist not in in stations, but it is quite a low key is to.

To play the playlist Celta I didn't feel it was radio station per se which goes back to what you were saying just now about a waiter station being a full service rather than streaming service and it played for the Dolly Parton the minute.

Played me a bit of a Lady Gaga Bradley Cooper's in a bit bit bit of a mixed economy the global quest release said it's like being in a Chevy with its top down on a long drive do the centre of Nashville nothing ever done now now to me it sounded like I was just Spotify on my kitchen to be honest rather than that.

It's a playlist and it's a playlist here and there was room for those sort of things but I don't know which would confuse them with radio station if you're going to Lewisham station run around a gigantic genre like country.

It's gigantic.

So you could end up annoying quite a few proper country Fans by claiming a playlist is a station is to a bigger genre but I wanted I wanted to go Anderson's Chris country for a much Fuller experience.

Let's talk about radio to seeing as you're here, Lorna weave.

Send you a few weeks now, but Zoe and Sarah how do you think they're settling in well for a launch for a really pleased it's really difficult to I mean I've been involved in quite a few launches and new shows and it's nothing like but your regular you know day today when you have to launch a new show in the full Bright Lights of every entertainment platform.

You know everyone's got an opinion and on the back of a successful show it's It's Tricky but Zoe is an absolute pro.

She's done it before this isn't you know if this is not a rehearsal for her we also had a partially new team because it wasn't just the departure of Chris we lost her quite a few members of the team.

You make the show and that was all replaced in built-up and they have landed on their feet because at the same time we launched 6th new daily shows in the same month so when you launched.

Tell me when you do that, you have to keep your focus on the one that's going to get the most attention.

There's always been great and what's been really really encouraging is the reaction you get it's a bit like the point that Steve made.

You can do on your planner.

You can do all your piloting you can know in your gut it's gonna it's going to work but until you actually after the fader and the red lights on and then you start getting the audience reaction.

That's when you know it's working and you can send it as so even before figures or you know any sort of testing we know that it's landed well with the audience the reaction from the industry's been great as well, because you need that you can't just go off doing what you want to do.

So the music Industries been been great because they were real partner with us in terms of what we do and then it's a long game.

This is not about you know which shows that big it's not about saying after 12 weeks.

Are we there yet? It doesn't work that way.

Are you really need to do a proper year on year comparison and make sure that your creative calendar make sense.

Set the year so we feel quite good about it.

I'm guessing that what we're seeing here which we haven't seen for a few years is some real churn in the market and not a lot of sampling going on people from Radio 1 trying left radio two people from ready to try and scholar and Virgin and other places.

That's a particular challenge and it's Steve in terms of what you actually put out on the air to try and keep the people who got yes, I think we're still of all in a sampling exercise where you at you're always listening to last 1520 minutes thinking ok? What does that segment sound like if you happen to have her radar diary and I listen to Zoe this morning to sort of get the latest sort of thoughts on on her show when I know the music surprise me little bit cos I hadn't listened sort of intently so they've almost listing the tracks, but I think it's morning.

It was a really lovely mix of Earth Wind and Fire James Morrison Spice Girls then Mark Ronson featuring Miley Cyrus which I didn't particularly expect Steve Miller Band one of my favourite songs abracadabra and a bit of Whitney and and

Jess glynne so so nice mix but but sort of Lady ten 50% younger than I was expecting even though I knew that the music was going perhaps a little bit younger.

So I'm not quite sure what the the older audiences is thinking at the moment but as an all-rounded Breakfast Show she is a pro at such as engaging she was relaxing and said he not texting and I think what was interesting was it was a very BBC Walled Garden of topics in a in a nice way, but it was the 500 words and because it was pancake day.

Everybody was talking about it in different ways and radio, but she had a guest from BBC Good Food and she was backstage of BBC Holby City and casualty so but it was her that was a great BBC shop window.

I thought and she was is an expert on it and a pro and Anna founder of very relaxing and the right voice I would want from Radio 2 in the morning, but you make ready to know you're not there.

Xxx sounds fantastic onedrive.

She's matches slipped into that well absolutely fantastic Four cast.

Working after work with the 80s and I think she sounds great in that slot.

I'm looking forward to reading her childhood Memoir about the amount of choices breakfast and a bit of things.

I want to listen Rachel assists at the moment.

I really want to listen to Dave Berry on Absolute wants us to Lauren Laverne 6 Music I want to listen to Greg James on radio one.

That's before I start thinking about Zoe and Chris effective is just so much stuff.

I want to try and consumer breakfast Choices That is the challenge because there will be a whole chunk of audience who they won't be super loyal they'll go for whatever their mood takes that we call that and there's a lot of choice now because you're all sorted in the middle.

I mean I can see people moving back and forth between Radio 1 and Radio 2 ICan see a lot of choice between Radio 1 and 6 Iona and commercials that you've mentioned.

It's it's going to be really competitive which is good right absolutely let me ask you about.

Beach radio she didn't mention in your list there Bret spinning Out of Jonathan Dimbleby is leaving any questions on Radio 4.

We know that John Humphrys is leaving the Today programme they lost Eddie Mair this is beginning to look as though there's a there's a move to make radio for younger as we look for a new controller you're shaking your head.

Lol if you don't think that then trying to get younger audience know because I think it's this is about the regular decision to know take her time and I mean this is not a wellbeing major thing to happen.

They have been in nose job for a long time and done fantastic work.

It's not unusual.

They would have gone at some point not much has changed in certain parts of the Radio 4 schedule for a while, so I will read it into you know that somehow management of got them to go they decide to do.

Yes, I think you're Eddie Mair went well BCU in I think that we say considered calculated move and I

He's really settled into their format now and I can have checked the the releases this morning on the on Jonathan and Mr Humphries moving actually in at 174 175.

I think they've both been in their respective seats for 32 years, so I don't think we could say that's a wholesale you moving anybody younger you let Michelle and and and others so degrees now on the today show yet though that the more general point I suppose I'm making here is that the new controller for will change it quite radically what every controller comes in and just like a football manager says right what what's my team? Why do I want to say about the network Radio 4 is fantastically important in terms of what it represents around around the UK and changes deliberately take time so I think it'd be naive to say that the controller starts on Monday by Friday they got a whole lot of kind of manifesto of what they're going to do but yeah, you'd expect them to say.

I want to station 2BX what do you think I was interested, but the radio for a job description for the controller two of the key things in there were being responsible for QA of making BBC sounds work and the other one was supposed to put in BBC ideas.

Which is something jazz Purnell started which shows past and looking for a slightly different shape Radio 4 controller had in the past and why wouldn't you absolutely because we've just said nothing stays the same in this industry so much change going on it's the radio today round table from March 2019 will take an advertisement and then we'll come back and talk about what's been going on this week phone calls social media SMS email codec control and visualisation through the same interface phone box from broadcast bionics welcome to the social studio bionics. are both from media and Lorna Clark see it from Radio 2 and there's a lot you can't tell me Steve about.

What's been going on but was announced this morning as we record this that you've bought yet more radio stations this time from UK R&D we've been talking about this it seems for a decade have we've finally do you think pretty much reached the the duopoly well? I think probably of the year on the acquisition side of things then there then probably is as you look around the country is not a lot left in the sweet shop.

You know you would think that did the most significant ones are done and Anna's you say obviously because of the year did the CMA announcements country music Sophia competition and markets authority viewer.

This is this wasn't expected global went through the thing the same with their gmg and I think we'll in a world with the station.

What they call hold separate which means they are you wearing them, but you don't run them for a while until that process and we were.

2fm on that listeners will expect me to ask this you may not want to answer it, but is the direction of travel about the same thinking now as global that you will just go for National brands.

Well as you'd expect I'm not going to wear speculate here.

You know any decisions that Graham Bryce will make who who runs the Hits Radio network and Greatest Hits radio.

Will will come to that conclusion in the forest of time.

I think we're the difference between at the moment work.

We're still going through acquisition process and there you know while we've got the the whole situation and will will come back to that.

How does this change the way you guys at the BBC think about the competition now that you're you've got national browser when you and I work together at the BBC the opposition was independent local radio as we call dating so we could think but will maximize the fact that we are national and they're not that's gone away.

How does that change the way you view the competition the difference between?

Those halcyon days when we worked in radio together, is that there is competition on many levels? It's not just about radio stations.

I went to my spent a couple of hours yesterday at Bournemouth uni talking to the first radio team that got great Studios that mean they're better than please and although it was interesting there were people there absolutely excited about audio content I asked them is a room for the 100 youngest people how many people have ever bought a radio and no hands were not so this idea that you know we should just limit rrr.

Strategy around the radio stations that mean it that hasn't been the case for a couple of years now.

We will always will be on that and the fact that you will have more competition at national level with kind of been expecting it.

I mean it again if you think if you listen back to.

Do you go back to the scala conversation you have a nationally known as a Talent on a national platform at bringing with him a nationally known features that have lived a life on Radio 2 for year is whether it's pop-up master Waltham do you know confessions you're gonna get a national conversation around Howie you know promote radio and audio and and Talents alright.

It's not a surprise.

I mean.

I think that again.

It's all good.

It can't be that competition is about 1 or 2 people slug it out if the corner.

Is it good for the whole industry.

It's high time we talked about what we listening to both on linear radio and online and wants to go first.

I'll choose Brett I'm gonna talk about the 98% which is one of my favourite podcast the second series has started.

Just this week another over 40000 equity members in the UK and 98% of them and less than £20,000.

And that's what this show is about it's presented by Alexa more than and Katie Elin salt who are part of the 98% a great name for a smart speaker and it's not a podcast about acting don't worry.

It's more podcast about not acting.

It's a really interesting insight into the an industry where basically everyone yet every week somebody says to you.

No, not you so you're the level of rejection is he's is staggering and it's it's hilarious.

It's scary and it's surprising other styles of crazy auditions utterly bizarre treatment by the industry the shit hell of commercial casting what is a while but I don't know anything about little some some really good interviews with a casting agent at there a director and equities industrial organiza as low and no pattern organiser of no pay as you listen to that.

You're well as a some interesting parallels with the radio broadcast industry on the flip side show with I just get hammered started this week.

Enormous warm the pair of them it it's a really engaging listen and is the only podcast that makes me laugh out loud apart from Dad wrote a porno here's a clip from Nigeria present.

Talk about this and people can send any stories.

What's the worst way that you have found out you didn't get a job on Twitter yeah, I wasn't found out I once had a Recall for these thing and it went really well, and I literally went from the recall that this was not the cast in Iraq despite the disk.

Just goes to show if you can't interact when you're listening.

How small the world isn't how you find out about these things and I did the recall went to the pub to meet my friends sat down with my friend and my friend said what have you been up to today? And I said I was just an audition for blah blah blah said the place and then my other friend came along and she was like.

Oh so so so and so's just literally been offered the part in that and from the time it and it was about that.

I've been up for some from the time.

It's taking me to get from the audition to the pub one of my very good friends up and the offer but the time I got to the pub my other friend told.

That is just the last and you'll ever gotten oh dear I turn into a psychopath and it's really shit when you're doing that and then you said me see your tweets.

I'm thrilled to announce the cast of sewing to say I like to cos I'm not a huge podcast listeners have been busy on other things this week with Scarlet and so on but I say thank you for the recommendation.

I I listen to a couple and I loved it was just a natural and down-to-earth and answer back in the very early 90s as I was stepping into radio.

I was I was also a part-time actor and had the same sort of agent stories and tales that they had that my claim to fame is had the same agencies Ant and Dec have been hitting my divider Newcastle so I could absolutely relate to some of the some of their stories, but it's a great listen and I just thought actually the basic nature of that podcast with what I loved it was just them have.

That's a bonus first Choice every Saturday I am trying listen to Felix Hernandez Felix Hernandez UK time is 3 till 7.

This is ended up kind of replacing my listen to Peter young.

Its it wbgo from Newark as you know.

I'm always recommending very cosmopolitan now because I've got this eclectic mix around music.

I can't find it.

I want a bit of fun can bit of soul.

I want it live if possible and I do love the idea of listening in my kitchen to something which comes from the States I just do them William mentioned woman whose name starts with a find me this if I ask her for it or do I have to go on a website? Yes, they should be able to listen to it through my internet.

Radio and it's interesting because he's a fool trying to work out.

How old is we think is about 70? Yeah? Yeah Money talks about dance music and being on the dance floor.

It's just it's just brilliant.

You've been doing it for over 30 years.

He's just started taking bookings for his soul Train Cruise which is for January and February 2020.

So you still like doing it and it's just like soul Train on the radio that Freda Payne on rhythm revue Band of Gold good morning.

We also heard from the emotions Martha Reeves and the Vandellas today on router review we celebrate the voices of the great women of soul female singers from decades past it all the way up to the present day on written review classic soul and classic dance music every Saturday

Front-end to and Felix Hernandez celebrating women today.

We have our waiter fun Drive onto Wales well today here wbgo 2019 Willard drive, and boy what a win today.

It is woke up.

I was pleasantly surprised by what I saw at My Window when I get out of bed this morning.

I didn't expect quite this much but luckily we are all here.

So wonderful world of Felix's Estate Park is your first choice.

I went to bit closer to home and looked at BBC sounds so sometimes get criticize a little bit too much.

I have to say having looked at the rich content that so it's in there, but x why I chose them paradise which is the latest True Crime podcast to come from BBC radio five live Stephen Nolan and actually reporter call Dad and Maudsley that I thought was fantastic.

He actually sounds like a younger version of your good self Trevor and

Kids base of Here examines the case of British backpackers Chris farmer and PETA Frampton who went missing in 1978 whilst travelling through Belize in Central America S9 episodes and the second episode came out.

I think just this week.

So you can catch up quickly, but it's it's great investigative journalism it so it's a bit of a murder mystery for 38 years and and I won't I won't have a spoiler cos it's really worth listening to but interviews that that have let you know that the Radio 5 Live wedding found so it really tells it brings a different angle to story and actually I think it's forward to US and UK law enforcement think again about some of things have discovered.

So it's really quite intriguing listen is paradise, how to dye email he sobered up and carried on and

I guess and there are things are ok as normal as usual in there, but he called rice and I together and said we go get rid of these people and I don't know what in that.

He said I want you guys to hide all the knives in the Galley no nice so sharp objects.

Why doesn't come here and what's going on is weird, but you do not argue with my dad.

She's gonna do what you're told you and Russia together your father says we need to get rid of these people.

What Anna had a very was going to drop them off at a porter something?

Who is Amelia in you? Just had enough with anything really think I might have it zigzag which comes from the US and this is the story of two women use mod and Jen poyant who gave up their long-standing careers in Public Service Broadcasting to go into the commercial sector and why that would interest me at this time one of the early start of the fact that revealed that only 2% of all venture capital funding goes to female entrepreneurs and and this series looks at how they were tempting to build a journalism business on things that we don't really understand like the blockchain and cryptocurrency stay with me Trevor I can already see the fire in your eyes.

I promise you listen to This podcast you still understand any of those things but you will learn about what it could mean for the future of what we do and it listens to them chase funding and is due.

Equipping contrasted in the small hours of their fears around what they're doing and dealing with their small children is a true sense of jeopardy in This podcast.

Can you gamble your career and come out the other side of it with something in journalism this funded, but something that most people don't really really understand.

It's now.

It's third series their successes in there is also failures in there and a 30 is about the hype cycle tours around now and an idea with how that functions but it also has you know the qualities of a really well put together now.

It is from two people on what you'd expect for two people spend their careers working in in Public Service Broadcasting grateful that I'm here because it makes me after hard questions in re evaluate everything but on the other hand it feels crappy and that's no fun.

I'm a new stuff for Audi and as you know by now.

This is zigzag and my co-founder Janet I have sore in there.

We might still even be there.

We still have ourselves whether we can even survive doing that this question about whether we can be good journalists and did mothers and they make stuff creatively my brother is a total pipedream.

You're welcome to our pipedream and as the saying goes misery loves company so one this episode let swallow together for once but forget positive psychology or self affirmations it just call it sometimes things go wrong.

Horribly wrong and it happens to everyone there is so much we can learn from failure weather is a toddler regressing.

I want to be text tycoon whose business model is collapsing or even a small American town that is.

The Thick of an economic crisis zigzag, it's like fortunately book with content Lorna onto your second one when I don't get that much time to listen to podcast but when I do I try catch up on Evil Genius so Evil Genius started life as a conversation between the comedian Russell Kane and producer Sally Heaven is made from the team in BBC Bristol and you can find it on BBC sounds.

I just like it because it's it's a really easy to consume podcast if I if I need something for a commute it has an interesting format it works for me because he's obviously invested in the idea that he really sounds like he's done the research and it's all about deciding whether a well-known person is and it is.

Evil or genius about could be Margaret Thatcher it could be Bill Hicks it could be Sid Vicious which I they took the Sid Vicious version as a live in front of an audience the podcast at latitude, so that quite interesting to me because Sam my dad wrote a porno that I mean that done brilliantly as a podcast as then gone onto an event so that would be my recommendation is really easy to consumer, but you can see how they could do that live more often so we're onto Frank Sinatra Frank Sinatra fans around the table.


I've always been like really fascinated with Frank Sinatra watch the Little documentaries.

I am do you know what I think when I hear Frank Sinatra boring and two rbis? What's a good Frank Sinatra song I do really get you going then if it was on there on the radio.

I like the colour drifting into discussing Frank Sinatra the way we going to do it if you have an envelope in front of you can open your envelope drop the Swinging back for money situation and the discussion open up from there an envelope number one though.

I can't wait to get it out before you you're fucking woman Steve Wright podcast we should talk podcast live shouldn't be Brett which is yet another of Matt vegans things that stand with Phil Riley and others yes very exciting new venture, which which the idea which bin have a whole day of podcast back-to-back recorded a venue the people can buy tickets in there and come and see there's a lot of sort of areas podcast festival was with old podcasts, so we're going out of a variety but never actually theme day like this and you can absolutely see how it would work that's amazing.

What sort of it before but was you could do days on sport or days in entertainment and group together a whole load of different podcast That a community of people would be interested in.

The first one they're doing is about politics takes place a few days after brexit.

So there will be plenty to listen to it and it could be interesting to see where it where the venture goes next but you can absolutely see how it will have have an audience.

I'm adding number podcast you could then produced from it as a result of that that live show so good luck to them Steve your final choice.

Is it going to be Scarlett Lee is going to skylight although I did listen to 98% and and paradise.

I've been otherwise engaged.

What's been into thing is working out.

What could be a podcast because we've been watching the streaming over the first couple of days and back to lawyers point earlier you an appointment to listen like confessions.

You can see this huge spiders people came in for the for the judgement moment so annoying.

I think a lot of the questions are what's going to be a podcast and so on and and death sent me I listen to Jack Peppers first show with mentioned him earlier.

He's 19.

He tracked me down on on LinkedIn when he heard a rumour that we might be start.

A classical station and he just brings such a youthful energy, but the knowledge of a 90-year-old and but again great storyteller so I think he's one of our stars of the future and whether it's a show 2000 which is going to deregulate you know I think there's a great podcast in there so he continues peppers.

Plsa string ensemble playing the first movement of Tchaikovsky Serenade for Strings who is the composer who like Robert Schumann who heard from earlier suffered a complicated love life couldn't marry the woman he loved for years because his father-in-law tried to stop them Tchaikovsky.

Self to marry a woman the spiders homosexuality he married the former pupil of his but soon broke down in tears on their honeymoon and ran off to Paris abandoning his wife after me a month.

He was trying so hard to conform to society's expectations of a man in the 1800s as a clip from Scarlet with the young Jack pepper.

I just wanted to pick one of my own this week.

If I'm a which is Kathy Fitzgerald fantastic Radio 4 Series moving pictures has come back.

This is the series where she talks about a painting famous painting this week is one by Sarah and with some help from Google Docs have done this fantastic.

Photography where you can drill down into the actual we even though they are fine is grain of the paint and you say you can watch this online Miley hear her talking about it.

It's a very very clever and genuinely innovative thing and it's cool moving pictures and his clip from a distant place is speckled with red and royal blue tweed like surface to the class.

I left hand hangs down by her side she holding to Leeds one hand loose running to the bounding little dog with a pink bow about its neck who runs and the grass in front of the other is fastened around the stomach of an animal defeat a monkey with an arched back and Slender curling tail historians of made a lot of this little critter over the years Colin Jones professor of

Queen Mary University of London and historian of France

Weather this is picking up on the age old trope of the monkey being a lubricious animal.

It's very difficult to say another way to whether the presence of the monkey is suggesting that this inside a woman who looks very prim and proper and upright and all the rest of it, but it's in fact a working girl maybe even a prostitute who actually is here symbolising her sexual availability at college at had a reputation for that kind of thing.

Scott Fitzgerald moving pictures that just about wraps up the radio today round table for March any other business, but not for me Lorna we will be back in April we might even do it at radiodays Europe in Lausanne or we might do we might come back here.

Thanks ever so much for being a fantastic panel back to use to thank you Trevor and salona.

Steve and breadth.

Of course as well interesting chat some great recommendations there as well David Lloyd and James cridland.

Still to come first a reminder about cleanfeed if you've not tried it out yet.

Maybe you starting up a new podcast.

Is a venture away from Radio as you know it at that it's so great for doing that.

It has been designed for radio people and for podcasters and it's great for doing at interviews from down the line and I'll be from a remote location at co-hosting.

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Don't let I'm James cridland the radio futurologist in New York City this week new figures.

Come out this week from Triton digital who produce a rancor for streaming radio online and they show the radio this thing on smart speakers has doubled in fact.

It's increased by 111% over the last year.

That's a bit more than double and he's figures confirm the rapid growth of smart speaker ownership and of the importance of a clear simple brand smart speakers a good news.

The radio as long as you're radio station is remembered by your audience.

I have a theory that your P1 station your favourite station.

That's quite well on a smart speaker that you tend to forget about your P3 P4 station that your radio station works on a smart speaker and at your audience can ask for it by name both your proper official name and the name that they might reasonably use to tune in for more.

It's clear that smart speakers are replacing radio receivers in the home.

We only got one space in the kitchen for example and he do that space is filled with a radio receiver or it's filled with the Smart speaker for the speakers.

Don't cry.

That is that Radio listening on mobile phones.

It's pretty well static year-on-year instead of 42% of stream listens in January 2017 the mobile phone accounted for 44% in January 2018 for a while.

I've been claiming that radio listening is split in terms of physical device that live radio does really wa.

In terms of speakers, but doesn't work well on headphones where we expect a bit more interactivity and access to on-demand.

I said the we should get our radio station available on anything that has a speaker but get out on demand content available on headphones, so these figures are interesting apart from anything else there a present.

I told you so moment for me.

So what's your strategy for your radio station on mobile it increasingly obvious that on demand needs to be what you offer and that's a bit harder than just finding a live stream from somewhere you get my weekly newsletter James for cradle and pants Daily Podcast music pod and until next time keep listening and now on the radio Today programme is David Lloyd Spa history begins this week in 1968 and on Radio 1 the early signs of an unlikely National Treasure this is the first of a new series of programs which may hey just

Anything this morning we have incredible string band and played Adrian Mitchell and also play records by groups that you may not have heard of the we consider worthy of exposure.

This is a record by group that I used to manage in California that was released 15 months ago and it shows you I think that groups are capable of making records and never get anywhere that people should here and some portion of the group of subsequently broken up a cold the misunderstood.

Love you.

Have I misunderstood I can take you to the sun as I said I used to manage their group and we get an awful lot of records in each group sometimes hundreds of people was under the people depend on his record and mums and dads are sitting at home with ch on his record comes on the radio and it's very sad and unifill relatability from John Peel Who been on the offshore pirate radio London but there was his first nitride show segment on Radio 1 51 years ago this week 7 years ago the BBC announced plans to call the

Intern wing of Broadcasting House formerly after him, but it hasn't quite turned out that way has it had a great Radio 1 music curator was Zane Lowe and he left the station this week 4 years again today any parfetts and artyon Parkinson into Rhys Hughes and Georgia Holland to start the ball rolling.

I mean everyone has worked on the show listen to the show all the artists who have given music to us to play on this show and I give me an opportunity to do so I want to say thank you very very much and I hope you enjoy and I know you will enjoy listening to the wonderful any makers coming Monday from 7 p.m.

Write last song to the only one.

I've chosen tonight now.

You can get emotional or you could just check it out one day and has been a constant for me throughout as hold you.

Give me more one-liners are passed off as my own give me more great music and I could possibly hope to digest my lifetime and Evan kind to me to visit my last song Queens of the Stone Age song for the Dead you can't even hear it for the rule of three and the pause demonstrated by Zane Lowe on his last Radio 1 show he disappeared to Apple to appear on the online station beats 1 is that on the drive show their seats won by the way you enjoy is 1% of the Facebook likes of Radio 1, but let's not be complacent big brands could start to own their own audio space.

It's 19 years since Helen Bowden became controller of radio for she was the station's first female controller for 20 years she been head of current affairs and business programs for BBC News I came in at James Boyle

A very very controversial controller because in change the schedule almost everything you did I actually agree with and I was public about that, but it was very important to do calm and consolidation and I did lots of relatively modest things with the shed light Hurley morning.

I cleaned up but I just thought this audience has had enough of schedule changes and radiate obituary have to get to know it over time so let's just focus on the quality of the content.

Let's get that right our audiences went out.

They got 2/10 million which was the highest it'd ever been Ellenborough floating on Radio 4 channel which has to be cautious about change and so Softly Softly this week last year the Today programme started teasing the next programme at all from a sedative today with heavy pattni and Terry O'Neill after the news the batteries that could power of future from all of us on the programme good morning in 1990 commercial radio started the incremental stations on top of

The original local Tia in London that men the launch of the original Jazz FM I didn't think the night before the excitement was huge and it was such a big deal.

We were in the studio very very early watching the clock is it was coming up in in Justina keeping our wits about us.

It was just everybody applauded the moment.

We got that first song out it was just amazing who have you been waking up with in the morning when I wake up with me Diana Luke on 102.2 every weekday morning between 6 and 9 turn me on for the latest news headlines financial and sporting news and regulatory Jazz FM which loans this week 29 years ago and it's actually 15 years is Jazz FM in the northwest was relaunched smooth is 80 this week and still wearing his cardboard shoes.

open the gas mark stop 105 and senior in London with appreciate until we have to be with you in the back of the head and a very warm welcome indeed to Sheffield saw the weather going to be better to nearest 1 Walkers come over for the wedding of marketisation music format during the daytime was based on the playlist of 100 records the top 40 singles reflected from local sales 40 selected albums and 20 new releases this playlist would change every week not like some of today's radio stations that keep the same format for months and months and months Happy Birthday Keith from forces radio Javea

Short pirate Radio 1 on the launch lineup Hallam and now still on BBC local radio keeps there had some Muse on Helen's music policy, but let's check out what Redding's commercial radio station was playing as it launched this week in 76 and up to 620 right now 612 and a half today is our opening day of radio to 10 Thames Valley ladies gentlemen we got a ride coming into the station and also to be telling you a little bit about them later on if that's some of the big names of Mary Hopkin the surprises does Mac and Katie kissoon Gary Benson Roger Whittaker Thames Valley broadcasting stations stop with its am wavelength as it's 210 name for 33 years until it became hard to years ago this week and you presenter on.

YouTube sounds of the 60s era the 60s because United started on Radio Caroline in 1964 and up in time for that 6:00 Morningstar Don sounds of the 60s this week in 2017 so with housewives Choice launching on the BBC light programme 73 years ago rise again many happy returns of the day department is open for business and greetings go to Ulysses diamond 5 St Andrews Road Yeovil erewash sound launching died years ago was 20 moving into Derbyshire 32 years ago on Trent 9:45, which is of course a brand new commercial radio station the death of Tommy Vance 14 years ago Kim Wilde Cambodia down for another.

17 to number 19 first episode of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy on radio for 41 years ago.

It has however been a little town of people by the remote reprogramming of teleportation coordinates to ring them to a cathedral of hate a birth of pans the original jingle company 68 years ago your hair all the guys who are the best in music night and day here's the biggest sound in the channels click here and then BBC DG suggesting the bright idea of closing 6 music on the BBC Asian Network 9 years ago those are this week's radio moment thanks.

This way to Trevor down and Round Table guests Lorna Clark Brett Spencer Anthony Parkinson at the regulars James and David Roy is back with me next week as we dive deeper into the latest consolidation.

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