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Read this: Dirk Anthony on the changes at Global and talkRADIO’s Matthew Wright

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Dirk Anthony on the changes at Global an…

Give me up this week big news from global as it prepares for National breakfast shows on Capital heart and smooth to be talking to talk radio Matthew Wright 6 months into his job present in the afternoon, Show James cridland.

That's why Australian commercial radio wants to stop people sharing his content online and we've got more radio moments from David Lloyd to radio Today programme with broadcast bionics innovative solutions for creative radio people but first to the big story of the week ready to date editor Roy Martin is here global has announced what we thought it would announce network breakfast shows are coming at took us through the details Roy where were busy last week with their with everything were talking about but this week.

This is just another Level I think we're expecting network breakfast.

Show is on one or two of their the networks from global we I don't think we're expecting all three to be announced at the same time and all three to be networked with.

Months so I'd say about 6 months from now all three capital at heart and smooth in that order will have that a network Breakfast Show so yeah, you can imagine the the amount of people that is going to be affected by this and how it's being labelled as black Tuesday on the on the Twitter and 10-11 buildings closing as well again.

That's a bit more than we thought it might be a lot at work if they merged the stations of course that they don't need three buildings in a in a place that only has one output so that kind of goes hand-in-hand and sadly it is yeah, and what's next to you will be looking to buy an hour to maybe do the same thing and if they do the same thing that they can do this year three or 4 times bigger.

So it's not going to be a good year for staff the whole point of going forward that with the radio industry in this is good for radio because it's stabilizing the future and it's competing nationally all that that's a whole new way.

Different discussion which hopefully we will touch on at some point at in This podcast so yeah so much to say so little time to say it and a lot of hits on radiated a lot of comments a lot reaction as well, so talk about ever do that later on.

I want to bring into accountancy though former group content directory capon gwr before it's now a business consultant advising organisational strategy and leadership in implementing new plants ideal for this story than how to thicken to the podcast hi Roy Stuart how are you alright? It's a bit worn out after you have to be when you were there of the early days of some of the networking that started reading what global of announce they're going to do what's your kind of initial reaction to have his impact on the people that are affected the people that have sitting at home tonight talking to their families about we've got redundancy notices we are.

Consultation we don't know what is going to happen.

We can probably tell so it's the people that we have to think about first end and you can read it as you said before on on Twitter and and on your on your website the comments section and it sounds pretty.

It's can come across as being well.

That's cos you've got to say that but the reality around change which is an error that I specialise in nowadays more than ever before is the people are going through their first phase of of the reality of or what people have been worried about for some time for their own livelihoods, so that's the best of first reaction and I've had a phone call with a collie old colleagues and mind not older than age for older skin some time ago and I work with them and one of them is a little concerned about what that means in the future and someone of the other one is saying well.

Look out.

It's the it's it's

Push that I probably needed to do something else, but each individual the Leach family affected by this will certainly be be going through a whole range of emotions right now tonight at the nature of some of these radio stations is that people have been there a long time whether they're on here or off there's no there are some of the breakfast shows that can be affected when people have been on their 20 + years.

So when you've been at a radio station that long it takes a while for a what's going to happen to sink in and for you to then start moving on and decide what you going to do with your life and I suppose all I can probably say is that I've been there when it was about 9 years ago when I lift gcap when the sort of the way I described as the world changed the the recession hit the world.

There was a changing in leadership inside gcap and I was apart of the

I knew this was going to happen.

We can all logically say we know what's going to happen, but like all of these things well actually does happens if you go through a range of a what am I going to do now even doesn't matter who you are whereabouts you are in in any picking order that you've got to go through that fires of you know what I do now and you're in that space where you trying to work out what's going on for me and you got a move from that space into where you feel as though you got some choices and that right now.

That's not where people will be thinking right now.

It's about.

What am I going to do what happening and and sometime just to say they reflect on on there.

I guess for you.

You probably weren't in the building the following day after you knew you were going where is some of these people affected are going to have to keep going into work for possibly few months.

So that makes it a little bit more tricky well actually I did actually works with through and the management team at Jacob for about 2 months after I was.

We have two conversations so I I am but I think we had a culture at that point in the organisation where you work to what the what are the objectives of need to be achieved and it was a pretty grown up conversation now.

I don't Ya Head a sort of relationship with the people who are making these decisions for a lot of people in this scenario.

They don't have a relationship with the decision makers this will feel a lot more like it was put on them and they had no influence over this at all.

So I think that you know that will be tough and that will be a part of globals approach to sort of managing this carefully.

I'm sure the good manager isn't Dunstable work be working very very hard to help people transition from where they currently are going through the process.

So that will remain to be seen there will be some I'm sure they'll be some stories it answer good, but hopefully.

Hope you lot of stories.

Where people are being treated appropriately and carefully beyond the statutory approach.

I'm sure that that will be at the casing in a number of places.

Where are no managers are involved in who are the good ones in Aldi the best steak and onshore and I use a lot of people going to be affected by this and hopefully every individual person will have some can a backup plan for the for the career in radius always good to have a backup plan if it happened to me when when blow will bought at GM gearbox smooth originally and I was lucky because I had ready up today so bubbling away on the side and when they happening give me the the kick.

I needed to to put everything into Radio today and do that full-time and it worked out ok so far, Touchwood what else is there that radio people could what would you suggest there are coming podcasting and yourself you into consultancy now what else do you like her because she could do presenters have got there is no question.

Pizza opening up lots of opportunities, I think that and this will be cold comfort to people listening to this in the in the first few weeks of what's going on here however what I know for a fact from other people's experiences my own a number of Radio people have gone on to run marketing businesses have gone on to work in schools and in other media outlets the skills and the approach that radio gives us is very unique we're always on we are focused on the outcomes with focused on on somebody else's the audience are primarily so it needs a good radio people are they focus on customers buy large most people in radio positive and actually really should have open to sort of engage with other people to get a results and I think that that when you work in other businesses that media already.

Particularly, you don't get that sort of response people are slower people can be so I should say they can be in some traditional businesses.

Yeah, you'll find that you'll have an edge over somebody else because you'll be much more customer orientated because we process the customers advertisers and listeners were trying to make sure that we provide both of them, so all is looking for solutions of a more creative with fastway 24/7 same as a whole host of attitudinal things that people and radio have grown up with we don't even realise how valuable that is and when we apply them and other sort of businesses are people who make hiring decisions for small find it really really valuable and onto the strategy of what global are doing then a lot of these stations that affects our stations that you programs.

Look at the assets global has got an obvious today went through the rebranding a few years ago now and do you think they've done the right thing that they should be doing with these brands.

Well, I think from what I've said.

The years and I've been chilling out of radio in as a full-time profession for a long time and I've been an admirer of the strategy and the attention to detail and the dedication to focus on quality that global have applied.

I think that term they all I said sort of you know in in past they doing a lot of things that we would have liked to have done if we had been privately owned so strategically I think that they have they played a blinder they have done all the things that are the reason I say that is not to take away from all the comments that we we just spoke about but from your taken in the context of the changes going on in the world that context is that we have got more digital offerings to take the attention away you can sit in a car right now and you can look at the DAB radio that Scott scores of radio stations you can.

is from an ex before 5G kicks in and provides a whole host of opportunities through and I'm not talking about Spotify to the TuneIn radios where you can open yourself up, so the choice that radio has to connect with audiences means that that brands need to have a level white behind them and the reality of what's going on in the world around us means that what global are doing makes a lot of sense now that again doesn't take away from the the consequences on lots and lots of people as a result of this, but there is a change going on in the world and at some points Radio 4 at Survival and in this country radio is healthy local radio may have a different people have different view on that but radio as a medium is certainly stronger today because of the Prado new ship that is occurring in this country than their potential in America

And so is a visit from a strategic point of view.

I understand and I think most people probably do and you recognise that the approach in terms of executing at strategies for from an industry point of view has been quite successful, and I guess you probably had a variety conversations with Ofcom of the radiotherapy when you were due to BR-80 cab, how much do you think that relationship between the groups and the regulator is changed in in terms of global and Barrett saying we like this and pushing and lobbying for it.

Is it that way round or is it actually off government saying let's just be more relaxed in our approach to regulation.

I think it's I don't know about today back in the day.

There was less of a quality relationship.

I suppose it would seem that the regulated in would have been trying to avoid a lot of the changes that we would have wanted to me.

I I don't know I'm surmising I would surmise that there is a reality that securing in media the globalisation of media has an impact.

How do we keep and national Media alive and well? How do we protect out and give that oxygen and and so I suppose it would be a pretty two-way street right now.

There will be conversations being held at the highest level between people saying look yeah, this is this is an industry that needs support.

How that support comes along so the question is you are a whole host of small local radio stations be able to compete in 20 years time against what's happening globally and if the view is that there is possibly not going to work financially as well as from An Audience perspective then perhaps.

We need to have a different shape.

It's an industrial revolution.

Different scaling in the media industry right now, so obviously local radio appears to be dead if you look at the here via the response on Twitter from my from this news.

Do you think it was right to create the national brands whilst removing the local stations or would you maybe rather have seen the national stations exist alongside the local stations are is there on the is there only room for one what I don't know my understanding back in the day was that the ability to create these sorts of frequencies who was difficult so inevitably and I'm sure somebody who are some of the technical expert at they will be able to answer and a bit of way than I can but from what I understand.

We were in this country sit with a dynamic around.

What's a frequency availability.

We had the radio stations that could be created as a result of that.

I don't think how it started was really going to make a great deal of difference to.

Are we ended up ultimately? What's happened in other parts of the world in terms of nationalising product it is a small island in the great scheme of things and there are economies of scale which creates a healthier industry.

I think it'll be interesting to see what effect it has on audiences.

I mean time will tell us or James cridland wrote about something.

Where are you now in a country with local radio is very very strong in Australia where he now lives that you have piping in same network programming actually enhanced all the answers ultimately the proof will be in the pudding however the reason why local radio probably will find it difficult to survive in each other local markets is that there is a it's the local revenue situation makes that tight what happens now.

Is that there will be other radio stations are there in some of the bigger markets and yeah.

It will be can they survive can they derive enough revenue from that market and the evidence is tough in market.

Manchester or in Bristol or in another part where even the local radio station in those markets with over 4 million people and they find it hard to drive enough revenue to create a quality product which is tough and that's ultimately how do you afford to pay for a good quality outputs if the revenues in those local markets.

Just don't allow that to happen.

I guess the revenues there in London this is interesting just as we're talking have been sent a link to her a petition that started in wake of the global announcements calling on Ofcom to use the power.

It has two are not automatically rollover Capital FM licence in London because it's on DAB it's got the power trouble just roll on their there FM licence butter pre advertise it so if anybody wants to say there interesting it.

They could have a full application process that would throw the cat among the pigeons if if global had a Challenger for 95.8 suppose there will be lots of these sorts.

Moves to create some noise around the situation.

I think the question is your how realistic is that what would be the ultimate outcome lift truck that right through to the end of that whole sequence how realistic is it then off, would actually advertise their Tilbury advertising how realistic is that the day would allow a process if they did allow that process.

How realistic is it that some global would lose the franchise the licence you ultimately I think you know those sort of things are going to happen because that's what does happen people allowed to have their voice and say what they feel about these things and ultimately really what we're saying is if the markets are changing and media is globalising and we've got a number of choices for audiences in the future.

Had a we ensure that that we can actually monetize.

I think this is one key points that we need.

Abouts is that advertisers have a lot more choice and where they spend their advertising pounds and with your local Advertiser you can with small amounts of money have some impact in your own advertising campaigns through all of the social media outlets, so when you were radio station trying and I work with some small local radio stations in and with their sales teams in the last 10 the last 18 months helping sales teams come up with reasons why local advertisers local cards or a local real estate agent why they should spend money with the radio station rather than Ronson Facebook campaigns.

This is a real world out there where advertisers walking to other advertising mediums.

So this is not just about global or power or anybody else making decisions because I want to make life difficult for you know radio people there are some changes that are going on in the industry and if if they.

Leave these changes too late.

They will have a week and Industry now the moral dilemma around this is not really for me to sort of speculate.

Just to be able to say that there is a change going on in the world globally there is a change going nationally around media and the idea is to have a healthy radio industry unfortunately what happened today for a lot of people is that has a direct impact on their lives and that is something that is difficult whether you see the logic of the change that needs to happen or not you mention the local la the local ads will continue of course the local competitions still there providing local radio at the moment in power at the million dollar question today is do you think Barrow will will follow suit I noticed on the radio today website the common for a bear was we don't, Don speculation.

Bad for me.

I look I am what I know.

I think that's if I was to have a guess about how the world would end up in 5 years.

I think that the UK will be full of national brands competing for revenues from other national brands.

They will try and be able to top up with local revenues, but it will be a national Market havoc that I think that's how I think it will work out it may be that that there's a different strategy from the competition and it may be that there are some licences in some of the larger conurbations that are able to survive on some some local revenues, but I think the 80/20 principle 80% of the radio market will be will be national hands and then there will be some some players who can actually drive at a good business model from local markets and you obviously do well for yourself outside of radio but the path.

Should you got throat is still evident and coming across? Could you ever sit itself coming back to UK radio think I could see myself getting worse it's about that.

I absolutely love the median.

I think it's fantastic, but I think they're there.

It's a much smaller industry today and there are a lot of people who are used to work with who were starting out in their careers.

Who've got himself some pretty senior positions in in the radiator groups now and then they doing an amazing job so I thought I'd do some work for various people here and there in terms of coaching around leadership and how you get the best out of Talents I work with people outside of radio and I tend to explain my time radio is where I spend my time protecting their suits from the creatives in predicting the created from the suits that seems to be the role that I had I will thank you very much for coming on and I think people listening.

Will be fascinated to hear your views on the situation.

Thanks very much appreciated fascinating insight from Dirk and if you've missed any of the details if you listening to this thinking what has happened of course but if we can go through some facts and figures basically global is putting out national breakfast shows on heart capital and smooth within the next six months April 8th is the date for Capital which is only 6 weeks off if that so and 2B are in Lancashire is going to be networked with couple of Manchester rush hour drive time show so that must only have a few weeks left of 2BR and then capital is coming will start airing so yeah, we've talked about this before when the wind global bought it.

Obviously both of us in the early days of our careers worked at 2BR as well.

So seeing that name disappear will be be sad for us, but you know life moves on the beach which was everything made into 2BR which was a sad moment to realise.

Passat and now the whole thing is being disappeared in Reading into capital so it's a it's going to be going from one extreme to the other and interesting with capital Liverpool will keep a drive time show when they don't need to do that global don't need to do that in terms of the regulations now.

They don't need to do that.

I noticed in the format change which appeared online but half an hour after rahel.

This was announced on Tuesday morning that it does have permission to share with the Lancashire licences and the Manchester licence so maybe they're keeping Liverpool Liverpool's a very big powercity because there's what three power stations in the top of the tower.

So yeah, maybe they they need to claw back a bit of audience with before their network it and there's there's little things like smooth Lake District which is owned by global but it's going to be sharing programs with smooth north west which is communicore and there are ways around it of course if there if communicate becomes the program supplier for the Lake District then they're still in controller.

The licence was global I need those little things like that was quite interesting obviously not interesting for the staff right now because they've all been given bad news, but when you when you look into the nitty-gritty gets interesting.

Yeah around Wales is quite interesting as well obviously the inn in North Wales on the North Wales coast the Old Coast FM and champion 103 of the licences were back in the day in Caernarfon and Anglesey there are on their formats.

There are some requirements to do Welsh language and play Welsh music and I don't think there's been a format changed to change actors that will be substantial alteration of character of service so they're able to take programs from London 21 hours a day, but it seems like there will still be a requirement of the licence to broadcast some things in Welsh and include some Welsh music so that's going to be interesting to follow the format.

Just says bilingual service, so they could have 3 hour Welsh chef time show.

Instead of the current time 7 hours or 10 hours.

Do they do at the moment on that frequency, so they could just condensing I don't think it mentions.

How many hours a day then need to do but you know it to our local news bulletin Welsh in 3 hour Welsh drivetime show them the box ticked.

I think I'm not want me have we got any number of sites closing which can impact on more than one hour and production staff that might be engineering jobs going and can a receptionist in that kind of stuff possibly even some sales roles we don't know that the extent of it at the moment so Brighton Cambridge Chelmsford Exeter Gloucester Kendall Kent Lancaster Norwich Swindon and we also think Burnley Blackburn area and Cornwall all those are going to close so it Focuses globals efforts on on some key broadcast centres in each region.

There are also keeping Nottingham for non-broadcast stuff where think the door lock the comp road and communicor will do their local shows from from Nottingham

Midlands and reading which I think is a kind of finance processing centre of stuff that they do in the altar 210 building so big changes to building is not just the owner output but actually did the way that global is run as a as a company across the UK is going to change quite significantly we've heard from Ashley huseynova seats bold steps significant operational Changes but this is about competing with radio on a Radio 2 at breakfast.

That's a huge opportunity and you know you can't argue with that that that can a sentiment of what he wants to do with his brand he's getting so much stick-on on Twitter as somebody I'm not read out some of the sticks, but they're just having a quick look at some of the reactions.

I've had to turn my notifications off on Twitter today for the rainforest are carries out here every 20 seconds has been a reply to its.

I've turned it off but so we got a few here Fiona Jane saddlers as I adore radio.

It's all I've ever wanted to do but today is a very sad day.

Love to my ex global and

Call friends affected by the changes at Graham parks is less opportunity for new radio Talent and lots of talented people out of a job Chris picture says I'm only surprised it took this long sleeve Mowbray size tail wagging the dog and they should never been allowed it's the listener who loses out to this global pudding profit before quality, which I don't fully agree with I don't think the listeners will lose out because the study local information local news and all the important stuff and I think the quality will still be there at the Kendall MP Tim Farron is not happy and it is a total betrayal not only for the billing presenters producers and journalist that will lose their jobs before the Communities who rely on local commercial Radio 2 keep in touch with what's going on in the area and and it goes on that one person on the earth Facebook story just replied with assholes, which was quite same as that ages presenters.

I'm not sure could well have been you never know we do get product flat data crunching after the announcement as well and looked at the what could potentially do when they're as stated by our don't come out on the speculation, but we've we've looked at all the station's that they own and the ones they've acquired recently added that to Global changes in our figures show more than 250 on air presenter voices are likely to be lost from UK commercial radio, so there's a big numbers and at the other that mine's been picked up by a few other media outlets as well, so we did that not too kind of you.

No say I look ilook whatever and be kind of 20 Highline the people losing a job, but it was more about showing the scale of what these changes by Ofcom actually mean in reality it remains to be seen what barrel will do they might not.

To the full extent that global having your historically.

They haven't gone as far as as global having terms of those national brands and what they do with their licences, but it is going to be a can of case of watch this space.

I think the purchasers that made really do show they want to compete with Global on a national scale for advertising so whether they do that with brands on some of these FM stations that they've recently bought then after watching see how many must emphasise that even those though even though those numbers are there lots of those people affected will stay with the company will just do different roles will be redeployed back into different sites or a president each site will still have a breakfast producer and station producer just to oversee things and make sure things are working in the local area, so there will be some people stayed not everybody presenters.

Obviously will be leaving the that their breakfast shows some my going to drive which means the drive time show host then is made redundant, so we we don't know who's

Going away as I typed out personally they will put a triple header Breakfast Show team on a drive show but one of those people may go to drive in the drive.

Guy or girl leave.

We just don't know and that will become apparent.

I think in the future.

Just talking of dates having April 8th is the day for Capital we've been told that June would be the day the day to put heart goes national and then smoothwall follow couple months later.

Maybe August September so yeah by the by the end of summer is probably going to be done and dusted and as a former commercial radio journalist and they worked in newsrooms indeed rewiring gmg.

I'm interested in what the local news requirement is and what it will sound like on the station's obviously being able to drop to 3 hours of local inverted commas programs for each licensed and hubby knows across regions.

Everything in return for that often once this enhanced local news service and it is difficult to work out what that actually means of comes quite clear and its guidance that it shouldn't be box ticking and the enhanced a time Bolton should be more than just headlines this should have fully formed local news story and then which is no copying clip and they also say interestingly the where stations are sharing local hours with an approved area and broadcasting the same bulletin across multiple licensed areas at least one of the local stories need to listen needs to be directly relevant to listeners in each of the licence areas so that means if you've got in 08 licences that make up one station now and you're doing one bullet in for that.

Then there's going to be a separate local news items relevant to each area in each hours news, so that's more than one minute update that is what it says so that point it will be interesting to see whether they do a split bulletins of for split bulletins and just have to stories 13.

Particular town, it's a mean who's monitoring that off, very reactive rather than proactive so it's going to be down two people making complaint as to how long they will do it whether they will get away with getting it wrong or or purposely not doing exactly what they should be doing this wasn't it? Really you know the opposition isn't there so gonna report global if the operation is Bowser and they don't want to have to do it either so yeah, I think for me.

That's the thing because all this little this program.

Sharing is possible in the trade-off that you are going to enhance your local news provision or providing enhanced service so I think that's going to be key and certainly it from my point here at Radio today.

I'll be checking what they're doing so will be watching you global about and it's a Far Cry from a local radio station with a local news team of three or four people in everyday.

No two people on the desk one out reporting and you know whatever to having one person to.

Sorting out press releases that's pretty much.

What is down to sadly so yeah right with it was quite long enough.

We've got more to go on This podcast ill including David Lloyd and James cridland and Matthew Wright is coming up next I spoke to him earlier in the day.

It's a nice day interview with Matthew actually that you'll enjoy and hopefully have you giggling a little bit he's got an infection left, so hopefully no because we do with a :-) and I'll leave you with Andrea's final for from Arthur and Andrea on Twitter today.

She said radio people you are creative dynamic and awesome today's news is sad especially for the hundred to have their livelihoods affected the changes don't make any one less creative dynamic and most importantly awesome Oasis from broadcast bionics helps you build a closer relationship with your listeners welcome to the social studio at bionic. vs.

The radio Today programme James Crewe

Ireland and David Lloyd still to come but next let's speak to a relative newcomer to the radio industry, Matthew Wright left Channel 5 The Wright Stuff after 18 years last summer and in September he joined talk radio to do the afternoon show at now 6 months into daily radio I asked him how it's been so far after 18 years of doing the telly and it felt my way I initially is what it what can you do any can't just rang them over you can't just round the heavy stuff down people's throats unrelentingly.

Yeah, you got to sweeten the pill and I like the left field and the Curious and other diverse leaving Louisiana keightley the first and I think there's room for all of it in an afternoon Radio Show and all the flavours of life together and I'm really pleased with that summation.

I think The Sum Of All Right Stuff atmosphere going to some degree on the airwaves.

I think having some of their the strong women from back in the day Yasmin alibhai-brown Dawn Butler Noah labour frontbencher every Monday I think that really helps.

And six months now been doing it you listening figures are doing alright as well as the first rage as I know because the bosses were desperately to start on the 1st of September that for various reasons mainly Maya mental health I can get going until the 10th of September but the boss gave me some ZZ 22% up on the call to 55% up on the year old take that thank you very much.

I really will I think it's a fantastic start for a smile really got high hopes for the future and then there was this thing when he started cos you're on with Kev O'Sullivan and a long time and there was in a bit of a bit of talk when you got together on on talk radio two white men on the radio is that going to work but you get lots of female guests on and lots of pundits, don't you? Yeah? I mean again from it was informed from my years on television that though I personally I'm interested in a more diverse media and I was given the chance to.

Experiment with it really on on Channel 5 and I'm delighted to hear it be with different abilities in whether we wheelchair users or amputees missing and it really doesn't matter women anything.

I just I don't care I want all of life's characters on the show What was interesting was I did say if you're quite picking up with your two middle-aged white blokes I guess it to one and that's a credit to talk radio.

They were they were prepared to continue experience was that things that I might have been tried and tested you middle-aged white men.

There's plenty of them on radio.

I guess there's Media moves become more diverse that the the sound of two middle-aged white man on the radio that is going to become increasingly rare and I think that by Harnessing both the skills that Kevin and I have developed over the years in newspapers mean chemistry newspapers pretty much since Caxton started printing and sometime as well.

I think ultimately what we've got his own very very.

Very very sound journalistic base from which we can then bring in all manner of gas from as diverse arrange as possible and let them let the show flow from there.

I think we're good jealous stick bass you can do anything under and I think that's what we proving and you've got a good mix of the serious stuff and a lot of politics obviously at the moment as well as your lighter things and the celebrity Guess and I kind of stuff.

I think that degree of concern agreed anticipation with you about how the show would play out because I think broadly speaking talk radio from Breakfast through till Drive has plowed actually addressing the biggest shoes at the day O'Connor live highbrow politics at breakfast and hand throughout the day and I always just very just very keen thought there was room in the schedule particularly in the afternoon suggest lighten the mood a little as I said to sort of sweeten the pill of hard news and yet quite frankly I was doing brexit 3 hours a day every day.

I'll probably gone by.

Now I don't think my own brain could stand it and it's a story that's very important, but it has it speaks and it has its troughs now.

I think I've been on three occasions now.

We've been down live from College Green outside Parliament all the major MPs going up and down we bring them into Lee talk radio marquee.

Which is a massive exaggeration from piece of cloth draped over a few buckled aluminium poles and heater plugs outside or in explain that to me but we do it there and and it's because it's even it's important.

We cover that big moment those big stories, but the rest of the time.

There's plenty of room today.

We did have nearly an hour on knife crime with interested parties and I got the House of Lords they going to be debating a knife crime control orders and it's really interesting here for you at the mother of someone who been killed in a knife crime from politicians and from campaigners to hear their abuse and it's 82 because how much was with human story much more real stories much more tangible Pat than The Inbetweeners and throwing the shenanigans in Westminster on brexit and do you find it easier tackling those stories?

Radio rather than can a TV work where you've got to any of picture messaging you yes, you can have a panel LED debating stuff you gonna find images and things to go with stories actually right now.

I would say it's the opposite for me because I was so trained in thinking pictures that as I address any story.

I automatically see the images of my head and then try and make them fit within radio you got to create pictures using sound a little bit more ingenuity now.

I have done radio before about BBC another talk radio station a few years back and I stick my fingers inside quite excited about the prospect of using people's the listeners imagination really too and we had a wonderful moment last week what we talked with it was and Thursdays curiosity corner where we we interview somebody who does at an extremely unusual even rarefied activity last week was the sealed knot Society

Fully grown man in mediaeval costume charging towards each other with huge sauce.

I don't worry we do that on the radio of someone was to get a large sword and hit Kevin with it repeatedly that health and safety will let us do that.

So they will just using magine Resource and get some sound effects of sort it in so I was going and then I'll be a sound Clank of the Sword and Kevin Kline and it was hilarious.

I like the listeners enjoyed as much as I love the idea that they said there's a whole extra layer of creativity that think they get on radio that maybe you don't get on television.

We have to conjure pictures in people's imaginations.

I love it when you mention the bits of radio that you done before you used to sit in for Steve Wright I think did you already as I used to take the best backhanded compliment I've ever had in radio.

He came up to her Radio 2 Christmas party said you know what I like about your shouting at Dad

It's not very slick Willies do I do if I don't do those who are doing is liver on my Amazon editing the applause or at the old lady knows I was just winging it.

He's not very slick thanks, Sue TV show you people like James O'Brien in a mole rat and started out on there as well.

So you've discovered these people who have taken them in the radio world now as well.

Yes, I'm very proud of her.

I'm alright and I have to say because that he started as as as the most junior Junior and it was a very obviously had a very very quick brain and a natural aptitude is it in television and one I can feed outgrown his role wrangling the audience survey for comment and he said I'd like to something else.

He said I'd like to move into newspapers and it was my privilege to help setting up there with her then Simon Cowell another then editor of The

Independent and next thing I know I'm always editor of the existing.

He's left me in his shade and when the time came to move on and I'll lots been written and said about you leaving your Channel 5 yeah, but you obviously have a little break from it and what was it that made? You want to come to talk radio radio that she probably planted the seeds of my departure without knowing it to the others first aid any bus it anymore is first class governor I have to say he first took me up for talk radio when we now so it'd been for nearly 2 years ago and at the time.

It was suggested that I might be able to do The Wright Stuff leave.

Get a by koda.

Talk radio towers actually being too lovely new studios in May but at the moment don't to Waterloo and do a 3 Hour Radio Show I just made it all up with I do that.

I'm going to end up in an early grave.

It's just too much which is ironic when you consider what replaced with.

Channel 5 and more than that.

A good run 18 years on television he is getting up at 3:30 in the morning 18 years of writing all the scripts driving drive most of the ideas.

I think people that it was all done for me, but it III lead everything there anything by the anyone got pretty burnt out.

Just wasn't enjoying it anymore and where you are the show was moved from one production company to another lot of people I work with for a long time.

I made redundant and I think if I have any regrets at all.

It was I didn't leave at that time which was Christmas rather than June it was good, but it's a whole lot more fun here at already.

I have to say and you've not watch Jeremy on it yet because I'm by the time.

He's already prepping for today.

Show the afternoon show on the radio and travelling across Town by wishing well.

I'm so you have to mention the move into the into the news UK building later this years ago the exciting be back in the building where the sun is in the newspaper.

Personal feelings are right now for some bizarre reason I like the current Studios I like watching the moths hatching out rancid carpet.

I like the toilet without the toilet seat was disappeared some while ago.

I like the fact that it's got a real at the canteen.

It's just got a feeling here of the son of underdog fighting and I love that atmospheres really WhatsApp turn me on at Channel 5 you start people don't know where you are you fighting fighting find you call your way into into the public consciousness, so I like the atmosphere here.

I've worked in big corporate offices before my last day at Channel 5 HMS great corporate.

I'm not really a corporate kind of a guy but it has to be said that the new Studios are the business.

I'm in there at the moment.

We've got some pretty basic TV cameras with his Studios it's will struggle to edit up any kind of packages at all.

For the listeners and as it's worth pointing out now that video clips of the teasing what material you got coming up in the afternoon off clips from The Show do incredibly well for us online and they help drive an audience to the shape the new Studios are basically TV studios with microphones in them so will still be doing a radio show but it will be all bells and whistles full onto the television editing as we go along with I'll be many more clips are going live as we are now and hopefully Maltesers as well as it's a very exciting time.

It was much.

They should be able to combine Stewart both my my visual skills are developed on television over 80 years with my Newfound oral skills oral, you'll have to worry about the hair again is that yes, I have let it go that im entitled to let things go just a little because I did do the 18 years of in the sergeant major because at the end of the day.

Early morning whether it be a breakfast radio rhino Julia hartley-brewer feels exactly the same you got to come in and you got to Energise.

Just your team to get them at their very best you got to put on a show that energizes the listeners energizes the nation and it takes its toll so after 18 years of having very neat haircut some Trevor sorbie, covent gardener governor he is Margaret let it go to the bit that like a hippie bread with the missus when the baby was born Cassidy and then there's a massive viral thread on the celebrities.

I most look like Julian Clary number one Shirley from EastEnders number to Michael Ball is dreadful dreadful.

You take it all in stride.

I am going to get it cuts to a promise that haven't the device of the user putting in a receipt to the new Studios and to Virgin with Chris Evans starting.

It's a good place to be in in radio at the moment.

I mean.

On the day that global is as really announce treat bad news in terms of its breakfast coverage, and I would have thought that the more different voices you hear on the radio the better for the radio industry.

That would be global taken a different approach.

I think with speech bass radio at there are some nursery clear sign post which may indicate why it's so attractive to the likes of Rupert Murdoch I think we're a very difficult time politically obvious that the general public demands and seeks out they want help and they want answers they want explanation and I don't think it's ever been such a strong demand for that in my lifetime and you like some of the other talk speech race radio stations doing a cracking job on that at the same time the traditional big speech PlayStations you Radio 4 is near Radio 5 Live's they look like they're running into problems to me.

I think Radio 5 Live maybe is always struggle to find an audience for Radio 4 they appeared to be your maybe the crossroads a lot that there's a lot of angst within.

BBC maybe try work out where their Direction is going to be and I think I'll be interested in John Humphrys goes from today with it will see some kind of reform of Radio 4 as Heroes out the door some still some time away, so I think there's never been a better time to be in speech radio.

I think the audience is demanding as I said that more explanation more comment from people on these difficult issues like brexit and the big beasts appear to be to have let their guard down so great opportunities for someone like me who loves me the underdog and if you can pick any guests to come on your show one afternoon.

He would it be sunny on this because I would love to do all our political leaders and I think that will happen in time top of my list at the moment if I'm actually honest Jeremy Corbyn I feel is given a broadly speaking very unfair treatment by most of the mainstream media and it's very difficult for him to get his message out if that all the newspapers around.

Diana Melly right-wing non-doms it said it I think there's I want to hear what it what his plans actually are unfiltered a rather than as we currently receive them all filtered through the mainstream media server that you'll be top of my list Theresa may not be interesting but I don't know I've actually meet Jeremy Corbyn and then cos it's all my weird left Fielder interest as well.

I'm still to me who would have thought that Britons champion stone tosser would have been such an interesting are interview, but he's he's a stone skimmer.

I think other people with great stories.

Is it in any way to come it can be just as interesting to the listener as very famous people with maybe said doll stories and hearing this guy out of here.

What what attributes.

Do you need to be to be a champion toss one2be strong big strong hands.

I do it.

So what about Donald Trump's all you be a useless tosser?

Align them that one I'd like all the major political figures in all the party leaders but without doubt we've got to keep all the weirdos into the normal weirdos questions in Westminster are there was a time and finding your TV show where is probably fair to say you got a lot of complaints at one point there were various things going on with that stuff you said I guess it said how is the difference in ready of you had any complaints yet radio and do you feel like you can say what you want a bit more than you could on TV I definitely feel I can say what I want there were definitely with moment in Channel 5 remote.

I felt completely undermined A&A editorially and unsupported and that are discussed in advance with talk radio and that is not going to happen here and in terms of your own radio listen habits what else to listen to other than the brilliant programmes on tour radio code my day with her.

If only cuz it makes me angry enough to get out of bed and take on the day.

Because I don't agree with the single thing she says on the radio now.

I really like it's a lovely lady lovely lady a lot of speech Radio presenters earn in talk radio about authority on LBC really quite right of Centre and your politics are probably lit bit left of centre.

So do you feel like a bit of a loner in that respect of see James O'Brien's on your wavelength of it was single issue a hissing of issue and he's had a lot of experience talking about brexit because he talks about absolutely nothing else only people left of centre at the moment but irregular.

Hope you have ed vaizey Tory backbench.

Non-regulated describe myself as always a political.

I don't know what my political feelings are because everytime I think or maybe I feel like this.

I can think I'll be completely contradictory thought which is both a blessing and a curse have been brought up by a fact right father and a Neo Marxist mother who didn't agree on anything at all any of the time now.

Julia people think they know what my politics are but I suspect if they do that.

They know more about it than I myself.

I'm cynical I have a great distrust of all politicians are treat them all equally I'd like to think it's just internship fair crack of the whip that seems to be the hardest thing at the moment in terms of you talk radio future DC self still there in 18 years 18 years.

I've got a new baby daughter to excavation and thank you and I've made no secret that at this stage of my life and come up 54i.

Did live the first 54 years of my life with it with the ambition to raise children or I'll be around for any particular long time now.

She's here.

I'd like to dedicate a significant part of my remaining years on this earth to her so I would think I'll be on talk radio for a few more years yet to come and then I'm going to go retire and become a full-time baby father and let the wife do the work instead for good to catch up with you after and that I hope you get some warm days on college, because it looks a bit chilly.

Always got my ground to cuddle up to at there's plenty of him.

Thank you.

I wasn't talking to me here on the radio Today programme at James cridland on the way just a quick word first about cleanfeed.

If you've not tried it yet, and I know some people been tweeting me this week to tell me that they have and they love it if you do an OB from somewhere different to normal or maybe getting a guest on from down the line and you're doing better quality clean feed his great.

It's been designed for radio and for podcasters and it's really simple to use and connect live audio over the web in great quality.

It won't cost you anything to get started.

Just take you 30 seconds to get signed up and within minutes.

You'll be doing the first live interview or hosting that show from somewhere different you can find out more at cleanfeed dotnet find James cridland the radio futurologist.

There in a quarter of an hour and those details are well worth seeing are Australia and in a submission to government this week's commercial radio Australia the Australian equivalent of the UK's radio centre has asked for among other things a legal requirement that websites and apps should remove links to live radio streams and podcast if the radio stations ask them to the reason given is that other places might link to Livestream daughter podcasts and therefore people won't visit radio station web site anymore and therefore radio companies will lose out on the revenue from advanced on those websites, where is this a good idea? Not really first is no need to get government involved in the first place.

If you don't want other people linking to your live streams, but you can protect just ask Netflix Spotify or even apples beats one.

If you don't want others listening to your podcasts.

Just remove the RSS feed and nobody will be able to link to your podcasts anymore.

Peter protect streams and files has been available for at least 20 years with really don't need to bother government with it secondly for an ad funded platform is absolutely the wrong strategy to limit your potential audience your main goal should be to get more listeners to add funded content that's kind of how it works Dudley podcasting in particular works by a podcast of Publishing and RSS feed and this feed is published deliberately to help other websites and apps to find individual episodes without formal permission being given the whole point and success of podcasting is that it open so they bring legal protection against people linking to your podcasts without permission is dangerous for the entire medium and anyway permission from the content owners is an interesting one the content owners have much of radios output off the record companies not the radio stations and the record companies particularly here for him perpetual fights with broadcast radio and will be delighted to learn that you've handed them away to switch off your internet streams.

Commercial radio Australia press release seems like a scattergun list of issues everything from better admeasurement and asking for less regulation and asking for more regulation and asking for money, but the legal requirements about links to streams and especially to podcasts a dangerously misguided and they display a fundamental misunderstanding of how the medium works so just count yourself lucky today, but you're not in Australia you get my weekly newsletter James.

Crystal Ant and Daily Podcast news pod and until next time keep listening an hour on the radio Today programme he is the definitely not Australian David Lloyd they're going to move sloths always too happy these changes didn't go down too well at BBC Radio Oxford 2 years ago.

I'm really sad to tell you that after 2 years presenting this show and try to make it the very best it can be a show with her.

Hopefully a likeable personality one that died.

To take itself too seriously pregnant still kiss you all the news and information that you expect but above all a show that is about you the audience the people who ultimately matter but unfortunately that's not enough setting the view of our a temporary managing editor anyway, but I'm at Aldi this week in 2017 but one thing you must do is Wishaw successor all the best from next Monday David prever is going to be sitting here as the permanent host of the show I genuinely wish David all the best and a safe drive for in from St Albans of the morning.

I'm gonna play musical how it is now.

I can't Drive Inverness was one of the smallest stations in the UK at the time it launched this week 37 years ago.

Good morning.

Its Tuesday the 23rd of February 1982 welcome to the very first day of broadcasting from your new independent local radio stations.

This is Moray Firth Radio on to someone M11 of 7 kilohertz in the medium wave band and a 95.

9 MHz VHF and stereo America's anniversary is about the good excuse to play this classic moment.

I'm at leoncoeur hospital on the edge of Paris Saint-Germain is who is 108 amazing the telegram from the Queen 100.

How do you feel how do you feel this morning? You're 100 today? You're looking very well.

Are you keeping find your telegram from the Queen did you think you will get it? You got the military medal in 1916 to remember that?

Remember getting the military medal in 1916 that things happen quite a few times on British famous Radio Derby OBD this week's remember when has for the first time travelled over to the studio and by means of the radio car the program is coming to you from the Queen Victoria Memorial hair with rest on Wheeldon Avenue in Derby with me hear him.

What is that as a quiet room are quite a few of the residents and members of staff so let's hope we managed to get a word with everyone and do Justice to the many memories that they must have the lady at your side who's just putting away what a shame miss Beeston you put your knitting awareness Beeston are you a little fed up of your knitting who and rest explained that was Beeston will be 100 years old in October and this Beeston also has little bit hard of hearing head

I love you.

Speak a little louder too then because I've been told you were born in Tissington been but you were born in Tissington

we must have been very happy times for you.

Always thoroughly enjoyed it so listen in the power of the open question not least to old folks now those interviewees would have been running around in the playground when the general forces programme came on there this week 75 years ago radio newsreel general overseas edition number 43.

This week in 1944 the BBC forces program became the general forces programme The precursor to the light program and then Radio 2 Simon Mayo peels of the cellophane for his new studio Terrace, but this week 33 years ago.

He was picked up from local radio obscurity for his first Radio 1 show till 3 today and Gary did say please make your bit in the middle is much like mine as possible said not quite as brown nothing at all in the first thing.

I asked me to do was to do the lunchtime.

Show it for two weeks which you remember that time on Tuesday lunchtime.

You had to announce the chart.

I mean it was it was just this usually Gary is Gary Davies is program and this is this is a bloody doing those days ago writing and will give you the midnight till for slaughter anything like that so went straight in from doing morning son ready, Nottingham to doing today lunchtime to Radio 1.

It was truly the most terrifying scary thing I have I've done I need to sit a Saturday in the studio on my own with the everything all lined up and ready to go and it was Talking Heads and she was the fit was the first track I remember it and I just had I needed to get that first voice-over right.

You know I was very easy to mess up and the fact I had one and one go at it really was quite easily.

I could have done two weeks and then never be good ever again Simon mayo's debut on Radio 1 and for the record.

I think most people knew what you really meant when you were quoted recently Feeney hosted junior choice on Radio 1 until this weekend in 1968 and then came the programs most famous voice of all hello darling.

How are sharing the Lancasters Hyde animalistic Lancaster race 12 and relive app requests by the mid 70s ending by

Christmas on cassette but before that Lisa cinnamon on bits of quarter inch tape you feel you like us to make a tape up for us national factors.

It's a really good to you sometimes have more chance of getting that play the new do with the car because we would get an awful lot of cards of course and we could hear the tape request as well as the cards Stewart who took over radio ones junior choice this week in 1968 and it was there until 1980 when Tony Blackburn took over as we prepare for the departure of John Humphrys from Radio 4 Today programme that remember it's now 25 years since Jim nochty joint, but it took that first broadcast a little more seriously than this one Wales in the West Country windy.

I'm sorry you're listening to the radio 4.

Peter Donaldson with the news Jim Murphy who started his long stint on today this week in 1994 stay with the Today programme who is this signing off 17 years ago Widdicombe to be the savior of the Conservative Party almost every day this summer we've seen a Savage attack on one cabinet Minister or another is it safe for them to get back in the water largely as a result of the signals that this government don't know let me finish I can hear you're back to and Rockets government of centre.

I don't worry.

You heard yourself being accused must Widdecombe of incompetent shambles.

Yeah, it is a project.

That is being accused in confident clips of Sue MacGregor has had in her final appearance on the Today programme this week in 2002 so with MPs voting at last to allow Commons proceedings on radio 44 years ago.

Join them immediately because first of all we have prayers Radio Humberside beginning 48 years ago.

If you're ready only insofar as the interest and the participation of the Communities it is designed to serve Brian Matthews official farewell, show two years ago and I must say I've been enjoyed every minute of my 27 years in his chair the launch of Lincs FM 27 years ago now on the verge of new ownership Lincs FM your new 24-hour radio station begins in my first trial community radio stations in Bradford Stoke and haven't 17 years ago those are this week's radio moments.

Thank you.

David and James Andrew Martin and I guess this week took Anthony and Matthew right next time on the radio Today programme.

It's the Round Table discussion for March Trevor down and guests will be here to dissect everything that's been going on over the last few weeks and some big news.

Has been as well and they also talk about the launch of scala radio next week join us video.

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