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Read this: Martin Campbell on deregulation and consolidation in commercial radio

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Martin Campbell on deregulation and cons…

The radio Today programme with broadcast bionics innovative solutions for creative radio people produce of the weekly podcast from Radio to our founder and editor Roy Martin is here as well.

Hello Roy highest.

You here we are another week and adjoining is on the podcast as well the sweet Martin Campbell former chief adviser of radio and Ofcom welcome to the radio Today programme is good to have a back massive.

Thank you very much nice to be here and it's a couple of years that she says I think you were last on This podcast talking to Trevor just as that consultation from the dcms was starting now.

We've not had any legislation as a result of that but some big changes from Ofcom to movers towards what they were hoping to introduce a lot of changes 2 years even though we haven't got the legislation.

Find it quite interesting that we now at the stage and I do feel so probably why you've gotten on a bit like an old dinosaur because I started off in local newspapers and they've all but disappeared and then move on to local commercial radio and now then has effectively all but disappeared any idea.

It's just a bit of him because it's it is unsustainable, but it's been allowed to become unsustainable and I think that's that that that's the shame of it as more of a sudden death of a Thousand Cuts rather than a plan to get where we are today with it and that that that I do think is a shame but I don't we we've got there you mention legislation and I think that the fact that the government has been so busy it needed legislation to change commercial radio in in one fell swoop and that and that could have been done but they couldn't get the legislation through so there's been this ridiculous game of pretend over the last few years that like on Isis being.

John and it's being catered for and we really know it isn't and I think Ofcom probably forgot were the two big rules there that I think I actually dictate regulation one if you don't get it if you don't regulate for it and that's certainly true with local nice and once it's gone in never comes back and that's true local nice and that and that sort of where we are today.

So it is inevitable, but I think it's unsustainable and it's old is old Glory time.

So that I see wanted to blogs and web comments of people harking back to you know the days of brmb on the train and someone but you know that what you laughing at you know they have gone they have gone the audiences are different and I think it's now interesting that the industry has effectively got what it wanted and now it's here and I worry that's a bit like dog chasing than that that it won't know what to do because I don't know what.

Battleground is now for breakfast shows do you know I will come on to that and what their the groups might do with the changes in in rules, but I just can't take it back how we got here it is it the groups lobbying for these changes and should have come have been a bit further and said no we're not going to do that.

Yes absolutely wanted to be your shiny blairite type of thumb regulator with great open views and someone and there was a great deal of misunderstanding about why radio was regulated III think it in Ofcom which is one of the differences of the we had and the people showing their why is it being regulating our people doing things on the internet? Why don't you let him do what? What what they want to do and that that prevailed but it prevailed bit-by-bit?

To the point where I think a lot of people have so the Fallen away from commercial radio because they're not quite sure what it is anymore.

We now know what it is.

You know it's now.

You know the three great big networks and in terms of the groups getting their own way with Ofcom we've already seen that because they brought out a consultation on changes to local approved areas and then global went well.

We don't like those so far stations.

Can we change showerproof areas and it seems they're going to say yes to that.

Yes, I get on with it, but they have been hamstrung by the legislation because the legislation doesn't say radio stations can get on with it.

So it is it's been a bit of a mismatch, but the industry as always said things like it if we're not local we're not anything and then proceeded to dump as much local assist they possibly can and now.

They are at the situation, where well if they're not local what are they and so I think they've got a big challenge on their on their hands.

I must say because I'm particularly as far as music is concerned because if you look at something like um LBC I think it's interesting that the the BBC and particularly radio XL obsession with gender issues and soft news and Arts news and and someone has left a massive gap that damn LBC have very cleverly walked into and started to fill and I think that's that shaking up the BBC doesn't appear to be that sort of gap to go for a music just looking at your article Martin from a couple years ago already of the opinion piece you say once all this happens commercial reggae like you just said will probably deserved the over 50s in the BBC will be expected to pick up the pieces now.

This is a couple of years ago and it seems to be a hot Topic at the moment.

So what do you think of the BBC

Locals taking over that gap website little bit of news in there, but to be honest if you need a reason to listen to A station and the more that the Independence go down this route and has a say that they've now should have reached the end point and I'm not sure that they know what to do now.

They're there but the BBC stations any probably will come into their own hands and they will give local news, You.

Don't turn on your local commercial radio to get local news and you need it from you do need it from somewhere and I don't believe that you know it everyone will do it yourself.

Will I get my news from Twitter and so under it'll be a lot of people who do who wants some sort of and I use the word advisedly reg.

Related news some sort of proper news and the that is being left to to the BBC and so you know I think there will now be a battle and just as he had it was a look at whether Radio 5 is doing too much sport not enough news.

You know I think now the Independence will want Ofcom to take a look at the BBC and say will you know that they should go over and fill these gaps than on so commercially enticing and let us get to the money and on the local news on commercial radio Ofcom would surely say what we've agreed to let them share programs and share DJs across big areas in return for continuing to supply local news, but I'm presuming the regulation of that is going to be pretty much non-existent and it'll be up to competitors to say well that station there isn't doing what it's supposed to do in terms of local news and if there aren't as many competitors in the local market because of the consolidation does NB anyway?

To report them, that's a very astute observation.

Yes absolutely right complaints about the lack of news in ever to be over the years of always come from competitors rather than listen its listeners will vote with areas.

Yeah, you're right the complaints were which come from competitors and if you're only going to have the same 3 people left in the in the marketplaces local concern may be too.

Yeah, then I doubt they'll complain about each other because it will open up cans of worms for both of them.

So yes, I think they're allowed at be allowed to go down their own way I saw someone who drafted at the original localness guidelines years ago.

I thought it was quite funny now to see that enhanced and an enhanced new service that is one that has at least one fully formed local news story and I mean that tells you all you need to know about how much emphasis.

Was going to be on there on the computers have we were complaining about it, but what what could anybody actually do because of commas made these decisions when the legislation happens, it will kind of reinforced that so yeah.

She said it's one way street in there's no turning back The endless.

Love being lobby.

End of the refectory says you know don't worry.

We will look after it because if we're not providing what people I want to listen to them.

They won't listen to us and we'll go out of business.

So you can leave everything to ask you know which is an argument used in lots of different Industries and it and it says it's a bit turn is a bit iffy to say the least I think when you're on with Trevor couple years ago.

You said the local DJ will soon become an endangered species as looking ever more likely with the consolidation that we've seen but presumably Ofcom isn't bothered about that.

Komatsu this coming two years and see what he said today was correct local DJs now absolutely no, but you need the government will be bothered that it said industry where people losing jobs if we're gonna see a lot of redundancies as a result of the program sharing I don't think so because I don't think in the great scheme of things so you know I'm in loads of the numbers.

What will be horrific forward for a family its own people but you know that industry numbers.

It's not phenomenal and whilst they have moved looking at the number of redundancies and local newspapers across the government have moved and said you know where people going to get news from I think that's more of such as self-serving thing because that you know they're wondering where government press releases are gonna finish up.

You know if there is absolutely no.

Newton local newspapers at all so I think I mean it would be ironic if the government had to step in and stop something that they've allowed over the years, so it is quite busy much does Forest Dee the DJ is a concern with quite used to having 17 hours a day from London on the uncommercial radio expecting news from from global surveyor national Breakfast Show any day now on ice one of the network's do you think that will work? Do you think people will tune out because it's not from up the road for a breakfast time.

I think we sort of passed that stage of saying will you know if it's not up and it's a bit if it doesn't come from up the road and I'm not going to listen to it than that but what I want to know is why would people want to listen to it at all because that the thing is that was there is the sort of Resurgence in speech.

Chiffon quite interesting music doesn't unite young people and other ones that do today going to spend on the people who had viteyes I died.

I think that's all quite wrong because I think I actually the whole commercial selling as there's been a bit skewed her so it's all about the young and music doesn't unite young people breakfast since its availability changed anymore, so you're not I am wondering.

What what the delivery is.

What what what what the battleground is for this because you know where we've gone past.

You know that the days of the other Terry Wogan you know uniting a great slab of the country because people like to listen to him.

You're listening has changed so much since then so I don't know what they are.

I don't know what they're going to offer really and there's somebody was on the inside is a question for you.

Do we need Ofcom anymore? Is there any point I can't remember the last time they said no to something that estation asked for not not for radio.

I don't understand really.

Amazing you you probably need a regulator for taste and decency or harm and offence as they call it now.

Maybe but to email me home and offences.

It is an industry or on its own as these days.

No, I don't think so, I'm not do tend to do and I found a little bit strange is that in a weird sort of agreeing virtual local broadcasting a local breakfast show is on at the O2 expensive to do properly so they've been left of the stations that haven't got any money at all which is the community stations and the community stations.

Have a lot more regulation to put up with than the commercial stations in it all seems a bit upside down and Topsy Turvy to me.

I've never quite understood that being allowed extra power increase their areas and the coverage of their getting but as she said the content and their key Commitments are still.

Quite tightly regulated so I guess they need to see what commercial radio has got out of off come and be a bit more powerful as a group to come to the regulator and say well.

We want some of this please and I know people who are so I don't I don't wish to patronize community radio but I know people in the business it who should I feel very sorry for community radio and have tried to unite them together voice to Bangor off, storms a look this is this is getting a little bit ridiculous now because you had the money is talking and we haven't got any money, but it's it's never happened baby.

I don't know whether it's not possible to to bring them all together for one voice or suppose.

It would be a bit like juggling with sort out of her.

I think the last time we had you on as well the BBC was about to take over ofcom's about to take over responsibility of the BBC from BBC Trust

Service licences for those radio stations, do you know you talked about the University of Kent report saying that 5 lives not meeting it's news and current affairs with comments and they have you so should Ofcom once they've got this commercial ready of stuff out the way redraw some the service licences for BBC Radio brought out and I kicked off for a lot because there were so many phrases that just didn't smack a regulation like strive to and you know hope to and all this sort of nonsense, but now they've allowed the commercial radio industry to to effectively divest themselves of all sensible regulation you have to look closely at the BBC and commercial together in the right to make sure that you are delivering on the only point of having any regulation.

Is to make sure that that people are well served all round and I don't think they are it's a great section of people who would not particularly well served in in radio.

So I think I've gone do need to be quite Stern with with with the BBC know whether it's Radio 2 or 5 live or door for and an actually baby a regulator to to stand up and be counted and and shake the BBC about a bit because I am I worry that it's not it's not happening so back at commercial radio.

What do you think is next with just had a massive couple of weeks with their without making a few purchases more consolidation still to come to think of it.

Is it is there any left the doors UK R&D and donation isn't that but I made it interesting that has Fallen effectively now into two camps.

I didn't see the other wireless thing coming at all.

Salmon and I keep my hair reasonably close to the ground and listen to a lot of commercial radio these dates funny Fraser here quite a lot but getting hold of what did they buy wireless a cellar door and links didn't I yeah? That's why I mean that makes Global now.

Is it but term virtually there and then we are left with son of white wireless on the national scale but everyone now isn't national broadcast that that's that's the way obviously that goes with the with the internet and dab and someone everyone is the national broadcaster on they would appear so because you can get anything anywhere.

We we got you on as well as you were the managing a digital radio back in its original guys speech radio at having an even more reserves as we talked about LBC earlier and News UK now on the scene.

Obviously running talk radio.

Yes, what do you think?

Mr Murdoch's involvement in the UK radio.

Crops up being however everyone gets very worried.

I think is very good.

I don't know whether there's anything in this changing from talk radio to talk News when it was Chris Evans room yes, because I think that is a good day.

Good BCA doing well there.

I don't know why are you suggesting? I should say hello to malign influence.

They had a good thing.

We've seen a lot of investment and certainly what they've spent on Chris Evans and what they've done with Virgin in and talk.

I bring the people I came and Holmes and Jeremy Kyle Matthew Wright another spending money which traditionally lot of commercial and it hasn't done blvc.

So yeah, I don't from from that point of view.

It is good, but does that you know it is clear what the battleground is there and you know simulator there will be a winner, but I asked for the that the rest.

I think it's a sort of fragmenting into eating out of it into not very much really.

Yeah the Prophecy from Martin from 2 years ago.

You said will finish up with some big groups and one or two local stations at the big group and not interested in is good to catch up with his on that you're you're welcome.

Thank you very much both of you.

Thank you Martin radiator virtual director from broadcast bionics combined social media.

Messaging photos audio and videos with intelligent camera control and automated graphics welcome to the social studio at bionic. as it is the radio Today programme.

Thank you to Martin Campbell Roy still here with us to look at the other big news of the week and more power news they've been hiring left right and centre management for Barrow you know normally have to say that's a bad thing but considering live double the amount of radio stations they now own and operate.

I think they need as many people as many hands on Deck as they can so I suspect we'll see quite a few more appointments in the near future so Richard Dawkins not that one.

He's coming to be chief operating officer for all radio in Europe for power.

So he presumably will report to Paul Keenan but he is above the Fold in the structure.

I'm just trying to picture in my mind in all these laser management.

I've lost count.

I don't know they're all they're all doing.

Very good job.

I'm sure so he's coming from the BBC so plenty of experience as well as Richard so he will be starting soon.

They will have some more presenters for scala radio this week, Anthea Turner it's going to be on on a Sunday morning with Chris Rogers on Sunday Brunch that Sir Chris Rogers the newsreader not Cris register jazz musician as you might have seen on my Twitter this week and Pat Sharp woop woop pet shops got all the Greatest Hits joining Greatest Hits from this weekend to greatest good.

You're going to be doing a chat chat now.

That's what I call the chart show from the 3rd of March on greatest hits of them kind of building up the line up now for Greatest Hits presumably before they don't stop rolling out on PlayStation support does remind me when I was back at when I was at smooth Radio back in the days a week.

We hired Pat sharp pain and all the good he was obviously on there, so it's reminding me a little bit of how are smooth.

FM was born back in 2004 and developed into smooth Radio so yeah expect expect more of the same and yet the big question is will it will it go out across the country on FM on some of the new stations that they've brought.

I think we'll find out at some point very soon and another by assigning to mention is Laura Busson AK Laura Sayers used to be already.

I want me to Scott Mills she's been pregnant controller heart Yorkshire with communicore for the last few years and she's off to oversee the breakfast show on Hits radio as the senior executive producer well done in a new role.

I wonder who was looking after the show until now then if this is a brand new role, but yeah onwards and upwards for that program at talking of Radio 1 stunts Gonzalo you might remember from Laura's diary, which was very popular on Radio 1 with Scott Mills on drivetime everyone this week did another cannot hide and seek type thing but they they took Greg away and locked him in a room and you had to try and get out.

Adventure with some random clips this was fantastic community was only there for 30 hours or so and I thought this was going to drag on all week or maybe he would get out just before the Brits we could go to the BRITs on there on Wednesday night, but yeah, I loved mine one of my favourite movies is The Truman Show so anything that lets you observe something happening and get totally hooked in it.

It is definitely winner in my opinion and it feels like radio one is really winning at doing this kind of thing like commercial radio used to do remember around the dry ice competition of be R&B and for strangers and a wedding and that's all your hands on the car and the reindeer real radio Renegade all that kind of thing massive promotions in local areas.

Do you think commercial radio should start doing it again is commercial radio bothered about this a thing or are they just interested in playing the hits of no-show the bothered anymore to be honest well radio One certainly isn't it doing it very well, so it's three nil to.

Radio 1 at the moment from the podcast about podcasts podcast of courses some Woodside the new radio or just pre-recorded radio have always had museum of a new event called podcast live which is that a new venture the first-of-its-kind.

It's certain event.

It's going to take podcast as in 2 venues across the country to host interactive versions of their own shows in front of a live audience so if you do a podcast and you have a lot of interaction on your listeners on email and things like that and you want to go and host your podcast at an event with lots of other podcast on other similar nature then, this is the this is the event that will do it for a podcast and it's set up by Phil Riley Matt Deegan John Mayer

Is involved as well and they wanted to others and the first one is coming up on the 7th of April if you like to find out more at radio or their website which is podcast first one on the 7th of April to got a load of political podcasts together for the day, so there's Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith LBC for the many podcast there's the Times red box podcast remainiacs a few others so the idea is all day long.

They will be podcasts live on stage and you can pay £15 to go and see one of them or £40 to get a day pass for the whole day, so it looks like an interesting business idea interesting what indeed and well-timed as well week after brexit almost that well, just after a week after brexit.

This one's going to be taken place so I expected to be popular and I want to mention a couple of podcast said she that I've been listened to recently that are worth a bit of a plug the Russ and Jono Ruby to podcast have you tried that yet? It's very good very funny.

I haven't but I will.

Check it out there.

They do talk about some of the things he used to do on their own Virgin Radio breakfast experience back in the day, but they just have some silly fun as well Stephanie worth listening.

I think Jonah is in Australian recording it down the line from Ras um but yeah, it's very very good and aluson the City characters that these two on the shirt, so check that outputs a podcast with two guys in totally different locations.

That'll never work the 11th the technologies holding up today this week.

Can you stop going on about it being half term because my children are on half-term next week on the last Friday of the month going on about payday.

I get paid on the 15th or right lucky you.

I don't get paid.

Radio podcast the new one that's just out with Dom Capers is very very good.

He's gone on a tour of community radio stations of the last few months and he's kind of telling stories from around Community Radio in the UK it's our sister podcast in radio with Tom Chambers check that out it's very good and the latest conversations episode with David Lloyd talking to Tommy Boy if you've not heard this yet at one of David's best ones yet.

He's done.

I just 78a these podcast now and how long are talking to somebody from the radio industry about their life in radio.

I don't we thought we play a little clip of Tommy Boy this is him telling the story have a cold coming on the show on Talksport I think it was on the night the Queen Mother had died and I was busy checking my emails and a caller came on and said I would like to pay tribute to her majesty's offer always safe as houses so I switched off and I started going through my emails and then I became aware that the voice changed in its Tumblr

And I thought he said something you shouldn't have done but did not what it was so I said something like I cut you off.

I didn't exactly catch what you said, but I sure I don't agree with it, but I suppose you have the right to say what you say and I got a phone call about a week later from Bill Ridley you'll have a sacking voice is normally very avuncular, but when he sucking it sounds like this.

We have located the audio in question a caller said that the royal family should be put up against the wall and shot your response was that he was entitled to that you I'm afraid we're going to have to let you go and tell me by Donna vekic I need just a great storyteller lots of stories like that from his time in the TV and in Radiohead so it's definitely won't listen to very very good and something spotty the radio Times you might want to listen to knowing Steve knowing you special on Radio 4 Extra this Saturday morning 9 till 12 3 hours an interview with Steve Coogan and all sorts of old clips from Partridge and it's going out on Radio 4 Extra this Saturday morning at head of the new BBC One Show on Monday this time with Alan Partridge which were very excited about.

Monday night Allen returns to the BBC that's a shame that's right in the middle of The Walking Dead so I wanted to watch it.

I'm sure there's some kind of catch up.

So you doesn't are you still in 1994 that's going on here.

Maybe video recorder and tape it now open for entries they happening in May the young as open as well.

The Irn Awards will be handed out very soon and then we get into Event season with radiodays Europe at the end of March the radio festival back in may as well, so it's all going to start getting busy and hopefully there might be some more big Radeon who's just to keep as busy as well.

He Eminem busy.

I'm not sat down this year rights will have another good week in radio talk to you next week.

We've got we've got hopefully some Talent on next week.

No offence try and save you got a bid in for a big.

Easter so we'll see how that goes if it's just me and you just a quick word about cleanfeed before James cridland is on if you've not tried cleanfeed yet this definitely worth a go.

It's a great way to get a guest on to your show in great quality.

I'll get them on your podcast or maybe co-host you show from somewhere different to normal.

Just using a laptop and sounded like you're in the same room clean feeds been designed for radio people of the podcast and it's really really simple to use and you'll get great quality audio all over the internet and you can even record within the browser as well.

Cleanfeed won't cost you anything to get started ill take you 30 seconds to sign up and within minutes should be doing your first live interview or recording for your podcast you can find out more at cleanfeed.

I'm James cridland the radio futurologist.

Apple podcasts trending chart and it produces add reports, I've found the differences between podcast advertising and radio advertising really quite Stark then when I last looked at these charts in detail in November it was very obvious that us radios biggest advertisers were nowhere to be seen on podcasting for whatever reason podcasting has appeared to attract a different type of Advertiser Us radio of course attract 15.9 billion dollars of annual advertising revenue while podcasting attractive rather more disappointing 314 million is forecast to grow quite a bit in the next few years, but as a wise man said double nothing is still nothing well the new figures for January still shows ziprecruiter at number one in podcasting squarespace a website companies also in the list as are all the typical podcast advertisers does an electric toothbrush in the list of mattress company a website that lets you buy your stamps at home.

but new in this month's top 5 is an Advertiser familiar to us radio listeners, UK more unexpected hasn't yet made it to podcasting the company itself has GEICO aus insurance company was us radios number one Advertiser in 2017 and number 2 in 2018 beaten by the Home Depot and now GEICO other number to podcast Advertiser as well the benefits of audio advertising a well-known those benefits were well on radio but also work well for podcasting to it's probably no accident that GEICO is now one of the largest advertisers in podcasting as well and medium that like radio is highly habitual podcasting is now attracting one of radios biggest advertisers should we worry that the Gecko is cheating on us you can get my weekly newsletter James.

Craig Thailand

And Daily Podcast music put and until next time keep listening and now on the radio today podcast his David Lloyd, it's 45 years this week since the first English commercial radio station outside London arrived at present tests include music from 5 in the morning until midnight everyday on VHF this can be heard in stereo and most of the R&B radios music programs will be in full stereo it's 6 good morning.

This is Brian Shepherd with brmb Sam use the weather the morning will be cloudy but dry sunny intervals are expected later wins will be late and mainly Easterly it's 6 degrees at Aston in Birmingham the time is now almost 6:05 Brian Shepherd brmb.

Sound news.

Good morning, my name is Kevin Morrison I'm pleased to be one of the first to welcome you to brmb the new independent radio station in Birmingham well.

I'm going to be here every morning from now on helping.

You just start your day the brmb way and I hope you're going to make it a habit because as I seem will tell you it's the sound way to spend your day initial radio stations were very successful, but some of the subsequent stations were not successful, and I think that was largely due to the fact that they had lost the sort of idea of local mayors possibly they haven't invested enough they felt that it was just enough to play pop music and it was you know because there were other forms of pop music available to the public not the least of which of course increasingly became people listening to cassettes nowadays listening to CD

Free verse of brmb this week in 1974 and you heard there from the first programme director John Russell but then of course programming was varied wasn't including those essential food prices this what UK in 1975 saw a new leader for the Conservative Party panchitos Radio 2 JY show for her first interview a week now since the political world was shaken up with the news that a woman was to lead one of Britain's major political parties Mrs Margaret Thatcher emerge triumphant second ballot for the leadership of the Conservatives after two weeks of battling.

Then be the most prominent elder statesman, what's instances such as had little to say in public choosing instead to turn her mind to future policies and picking her shadow cabinet which she announced last night.

He's with me in the studio preparing to talk about the victory in a deed about the future that we can expect from the new Star Conservative Party first of all nice to have you back again Morgan as they're nice to be back.

I thoroughly enjoyed its programs and look forward to being frequently good good.

Yeah, just imagine Twitter now.

If Jeremy Vine said that BBC was a busy Show Internet before I do ask if I can just say switchboard is going downstairs, so soft little bit for the next 50 minutes so many people are interested their phone again watching that's a great compliment.

Thank you very much a moment to which I think will Strike a call if it currently doing your compulsory BBC training course on.

Unconscious bias listen to this Mrs bentinck, although I would have thought this is Mr banter but anyway from st.

Merryn Cornwall state of the country now when I asked her if there's any logic that of course you know what comes next I have an apology to make it been a male chauvinistic Pig Mrs bentinck funding from St Merryn increases as an out-of-work stop rock and I thought I thought I be a lady stockbroker quite right madam.

There is no reason why you shouldn't be on to this week 44 years ago that so we that year she would have been puzzled.

Hachi tune to Capital radio on the way home in the car it had moved frequency.

Online form that 1546 75.8 is the internet information services course the majority of listening was on am capital moving from its temporary 539 wavelength 294 this weekend 75's has Simon Mayo prepares for scala, let's remember it was this week 18 years ago that he has to be his final Radio 1 programme 8 9 House of Pain Jump Around the third best record from this particular year and a West End and Sybil and A320 100 100 100.

On May 16th, we will finish it with your favourite year and your favourite song from that year and why that have been.

I thank you at anytime Simon Mayo for mid morning at Radio 1 until this week in 2001.

He said at the end one of the reasons.

I'm not going to do a DLT is that I've nothing to complain about although as I'll still be employed by the BBC it would be a stupid thing to do is find a track was by Motorhead another Radio 1 farewell this week 6 years ago symbol to be honest executor like somebody's made me brew.

I'm just going to send some of them at my wedding mine and Ben's wedding in a few months ago, so they still amazing friends.

I've got to say thank you to make Ankara and staircase a lot of breakfast affect the baby girl selfie if you must get Sarah Cox leaving Radio 1 this week in 2017 with the launch of kfm in Stockport 29 years ago.

You are about to witness the beginning of a New Era in radio the best of Steve Hewlett 2 years ago.

I hope and hope this isn't sounds of vainglorious.

I hope that my experience will help other people talk about some of these things Alastair Cook final letter from America on radio for 15 years ago propped up there against my usual three pillows are trying out the top 44 size 31 years ago and left open at

FM 7 years ago at the end of the pirate Britain 52 years ago those are this week's radio moments thanks this week to rea Martin James cridland.

David Lloyd on our guest Martin Campbell and to you for listening for sitting and distributing clever software for radio.

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