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Read this: Bauer buys Lincs, Celador and Wireless Local

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Bauer buys Lincs, Celador and Wireless L…

Hello, I'm Stuart Clarkson coming up on this week's podcast from Radio today.

Lots of chat about Bower following their purchase this week of wireless groups local stations celador radio and the Lincs FM group with vasculitis on scala radio coming up as well interesting at James cridland will consider why other sectors find radio people irresistible add you gonna love the archive audio this week as we go back in time again with radio moments from David Lloyd the radio Today programme with broadcast bionics solution used with the radio consultant John Simons known to lots of people here in the UK radio industry courses Samoa former group PDR century and gmdx Radio 2 and talk radio on monks other places welcome to the podcast John thank you very much for having me Stewart we will say as well at this point that we did ask power to give somebody for an interview this week about their purchases of smaller idea groups the book 3 radio groups if you've not heard the news.

Unavailable to talk to us about it this week, but maybe we'll talk to them in the future.

Delightfully John is Withers and Johns worked in many radio stations and groups were purchases of happened in the past so I guess first of all we it's a difficult situation for abusing those groups where they just been bought out and they don't know what's gonna happen next so I guess it's very unsettling and I'm guessing as there are a lot of people have very nervous at the moment and unfortunately probably rightly so with the way that the regulations have gone and the way that networking is looking like it's gonna head in effect or low power of both 44 radio stations.

I think it is one of the really but they've bought a load of licences in the bottle of transmitters and how many radio stations Will Survive unfortunate.

I think it'll be very minimalist yeah iPads

A lot of people in this group so probably realistic about it and they're not sat there thinking I'm still gonna be doing my mid morning show this time next year on this one station at people no that's coming but it still doesn't make any easier does it doesn't you know we made quite a lot of acquisitions when I was the groupie dgmp and before we used to go into the station's I always used to say to our guys.


Just cos we've got the biggest checkbook doesn't mean that we have the best Talent and I have to say but I do have a good track record of the Hanging onto good talent if you look at their acquisition of absolute for example.

I think pretty much all the programming people are still there when they took over absolute and Orion when he took over a Ryan most those guys are still there as well leave the difficulty here is the bottle on a small station.

They probably not financially viable and then when you add that to The Newry

Military regime does point you in the direction of a lot of networking we don't know the details of how they've done it and what communication have had with the staff at the existing companies that they bought other than I know some of them have had an email saying welcome to our will be in touch soon, but they're not expected here waiting for a good few weeks.

I know some of the deals haven't actually gone through yet and different companies do it differently but there's a way of managing the staff through that process I guess and I've heard stories of groups coming in and lining everybody up and calling out names put them at one side of the room and some of the other side and right you're going with those you're staying with them.

So that there are ways of doing it to make it as easy as possible never took a small number of large stations and bought a large number of small stations and just getting around all those stations to talk to people face-to-face would be.

Will be difficult for the matching at my guess what they will do.

It is called people into centres and do some sort of presentation to them in in the center's when everything settles when they know exactly what the future holds 16 sites that they bought where they got studio basis, so some of the most on the consolidated already said that cellar door and links it been sharing premises already, but it still as you say it's a lot of buildings to get round in person absolutely 30 radio branch and they've just bought another 44 radio stations of brands and I'm fascinated to see how this is all going to Shakedown I'm sure they do have a strategy.

I can't quite work out the logic of their strategy, but I'm sure they do have one and in.

Fascinating to sit on the sidelines and see how it all Shakespeare I think I heard somebody saying it it is easier to Sacrifice somebody else's children rather than your own and our with their local stations that they've got I've been reluctant.

It seems to get rid of some of the heritage names, but they might be a bit more keen when they're stations that they've bought rather than ones that they've own for the last few years.

I've got the hits from the greatest hits with the ruling out as national brands, but then they have these two behemoth brands in London and cold Case a magic and you'll how how does that all fit into a strategy.

I would have thought it would have been far better to rule kissing magic out a bit like global did with hard and capital yeah.

I've been to see what global do next as well.

They've obviously been sitting at the sidelines last week watching all this going on whether they might buy anything with about buy anything else, but certainly one thing I guess we do now.

Global OB taking full advantage of the regulatory changes and rolling out some more networks and they'll be minded that even they don't want to sacrifice that so they've got a balancing act that they've got to try and pull off as well where they can still maintain some of those local revenues in the more you pull out of an area than the less you going to generate revenue from it and if you only have an office to sales.

I think it makes it much more difficult and then regionalise that anyway, so and you it's not clear coat.

What global are going to do, when is it will do exactly the same thing with every one of their brand so if let's imagine for a moment that Barra hire you as a consultant.

I know it's far-fetched, but so if they were.

We do with these new stations that we bought if their plan is to put hits and greatest hits on.

Do you say do it region by region or just slap it all on and go from there 1st of April will having it everywhere and it was the textbook away of rebranding heritage brands remember.

They they had some incredible heritage brands like ocean Invicta gwr and they just grab the nettle and they got on with it and I think the time is coming where unfortunately the lights city and Metro Hallam and Viking installations Windows heritage radio stations many years are they going to have to grasp the nettle the imponderable for me is Scotland and how they deal with Scotland cos they pretty much left Scotland to its own devices but again global of just had a Clear Vision

The executor division and Anna Anna define strategy yeah, that is an interesting one as we've said they've kept Clyde 2 and forth to Emily on the median of 1.8 states of the same time the BBC is going kind of more bespoke for Scotland League of Their Own Scottish TV news bulletin starting in a few weeks as well, so as we seem politically with hot Scotland's doing it kinda wants to be a bit separate it some extent so it's it's a tough nut to crack in that respect are there so my guess would say that I've just stick it online.

What's it matter where it comes from think that's pretty much the global scenario.

I mean you do look at you know a stationary Radio Scotland which was just a giant of a radio station and it is now a shadow of its former self as heart, but do they drive more revenue out of it then we did he even when we had twice the audience probably they do and you have a spare.

At gmg after globalid bought the group and there was that can a limbo.

That seem to get on forever in in terms of what you could do knowing that changes were coming with a bit stuck at start workout plan the Year ahead cos I don't know what's going to happen and some of these smaller stations could be in that same boat.

I have I got fired back in the 80s who were the one the one thing that I learnt was always take control of it yourself and always have an escape route and so when when it came.

I always had a plan.

I think we're people don't have a plan that that's when it becomes a little bit difficult for them so I would say to anyone who's on one of those radio stations now start looking if you haven't already.

I'm sure most of them will have because they've all been around for a while and if the sink how much grams.

Sedation in the UK and the other thing is to define your career by the UK there is another thing that I've learnt as a consultant is that there's there's loads of English speaking radio stations all over the world and that the level of Talent on some of them is very poor and you could go into some of those stations and be an absolute star and it's not just radio as well.

We probably both know a lot of people who we've worked with in radio the last 2030 years now left radio and gone done something else.

Would it be driving a train or running your own Pizza Company I think of somebody from real Radio Yorkshire does now or and setting up a web company or social media expertise that kind of thing so there's lot of stuff and it skills that people will have learnt that they can use elsewhere if they've got something else in in in in their portfolio that they think they're passionate about 8 minutes.

Give me when I see people who just got to do a job because they're going to do a job.

It's always better to try and find something that you passionate about if you are locked into an area and you need to stay there.

You'll probably gonna have to find something out Friday radio and as you say you're working with radio companies all over the world and their hiring at the moment and I'll be hiring in the future.

So keep looking at radiotoday job yet Radio today jobs is great service if you haven't found it.

You should final things are well.

We've got you as well you mention you it to Radio 2 in the late 1990s manager until the music policy and stuff.

There's been a lot changing over the last few months at Radio 2 not least breakfast and drive time but their music policy seems to have changed as well by all accounts the stuff for Jeff Smith putting out that they are going a bit younger quite a lot.

You're not a logical thing for them to do.

You know take you to station unfortunately if you if you stand.

Still you move all the with the audience and even known as a bulge in the older population eventually your audience is going to die.

So you've got to constantly every 10 years really really your station and it's faster than you know what I first start program a radio station to the 80s, but you know.

You know that there was only two 60s 70s and 80s and now we're just about to head out of her yet another era of 10 years, so you've got refine.

It's your decision really skilled operator and will know exactly what he's going to do and how he's going to do it and I'm sure it'll only strengthen Radio 2 position and dirty Farah listening or any companies worldwide you want to hire your ex and consultancy skills.

How did you get in touch with a John let's give you a free flow

It's a simple as that.

Just go to my website as IMO wadey spelt out of your nice to catch up with yourself out and say good luck with your travels all around the world.

Thanks very much.

Keep up the good work on Radio today you and the guys.

They do a great job you discoverable on any platform Oasis from broadcast bionics help to build a closer relationship with your listeners welcome to the social studio at bionic. are today's editor Roy Martin is here now.

It went a bit crazy this week today with all that news this week and last week.

I think of anybody was asleep for the last 2 weeks the wake up and think what on earth happened to the radio industry a can of imploded.

Didn't it another time of publishing but they've not bought anything else.

I think radio groups in in 7 days.

Is enough for anybody but there are rumours? I think carpool Chandler big cheese and radio are suggested.

They might be another one so yeah by the time you hear this maybe there's been a for funeral said there's lots to talk about it as a can of result of the purchaser's just be careful.

What Simone was suggesting he thought pretty much they should have gone with kiss and Matty can get those brands quite simple rather than having hits and Greatest Hits that kind of overlap the demographics a bit, what's the differences in between are the top 2 between global and Barrel global would have just done that 10 years ago because they did embarrassing to have invented a whole new load of Brands to put out on the local frequencies when they're putting magic out in as many FM place as possible and putting kiss out in as many off in places, but they could be might they could be bigger than Capital on heart if they did that but no they went invented Greatest Hits radio, how many sounds?

That's giving credit here, but I don't know what it could have just been magic couldn't because and what what do you reckon on the timescales then how quickly do you think we're gonna start seeing these new line new stations.

They bought turned into something else curtains for Hallam Viking metro Clyde they're all going to come to a national Brand and they didn't they haven't done that yet, so I don't know I don't think we're going to see any big major changes in the next 12 months.

I think I was going to spend a lot of time working at I don't think about knows what they're going to do yet so for them to make any announcements and actual changes.

I think we could be still here in 12 month from now.

Maybe just getting around to who knows it.

Just reminds me of you buying gadgets.

We don't know what you can actually do with that looks nice.

I'll buy that.

In an experiment in any radio at this week that the vast majority of days just found that the credit card and just discovered Amazon Prime in 2 days ago.

I found a big A4 magnetic sheet with adhesive on one side Magnus on the other put that on the back of an iPad and stick it to the fridge, but it's just sat there in a box of thing is now that you have to get power to it for it to stay on so yeah, bye spelling on radio group.

Just like me buying magnets in this what it's all about.

It was a few kind of issues arising from this this consolidation.

That's going on at not least radiocentre.

We've not actually ask them what what's going to happen, but I'm presuming once they sales role completed by our get another two seats at the table in the board room at radio.

Centre cos Paul Smith from Salvador had won the Michael Betton from links group had one wireless weren't at the table, so that does that mean they get another two seats and then there's a more dominant than global radio centre if there's only Barham global at the radio Centre and global don't usually like playing ball with anybody.

It's just gonna end up being power with 12 seaters and it's so what's gonna happen to radio centre is the question we still need it because they do a lot of other things not just the kind of lobby on behalf of the radio groups.

So yeah, it's give me an interesting feature going for my bu total ready Ascension few weeks when things were a bit clearer first radio sales of course.

I'm a pretty much over that cos that was being run by wireless local and obviously supplying national adds to a few independent stations and smaller groups that ass up in the air.

There's so many questions so many questions and I don't think any answers are coming anytime soon.

Would love to give you answers, but we know as much as you and then we would have loved to have somebody senior from Bauer here on the podcast this week to to talk to her.

So if there's somebody listening at tell you be happy with you like to talk to us.

Cos they've said there's nobody available available which is a shame because we've got lots of questions for them.

Yeah, we don't know about the multiplexers either.

Do it cos the wireless.

I got a steak in the switch digital multiplexers, which operating places like Bradford and Stoke and Swansea weather got stations that Barra of coudersport, but also places like Aberdeen and London which they don't have local stations so we want to know what's going on there.

I'm getting the local one's own by wireless, so that would be is it Swansea Bradford and Stoke they have the they probably gone to Bower and the others around by switch digital which is cover separate groups.

Are there probably sticking with news corp? I guess so yeah, we don't know if things are there to do we want to know what's going on with this kind of relationship with nation aspose a bit as well.

Don't worry because our kind of done some dealing offloaded a few stations kcfm in Hull Sam FM and the Breeze in Southampton as well that going to be run by nation instead, but is it like the communicourt deal? Are we going to see some Power brands running on nation owned stations that don't know what there's no there's no suggestion that will happen.

I don't know why that's come from.

Cos I said that as well, but if you take someone like Southampton where you've got cellar Doors kind of head office.

I guess what you've got samphire and breeze or broadcasting from one place and wave just down the road from with power of course you don't like we put the seller of stations in with wave or the other way around but they're selling us two of those 370 stations.

Nation, so what will they do? Will they do what they operate goes from Wales or will they were they rebranded as nation and something else or would they like you say do a warehousing deal where they'll put out hits and greatest hits for something like that on the frequencies and what about going to do with fire is that just going to be a relay for kiss like it is in the the Western the east.

We just don't know those who know what are this was all going on as well or not.

Just our getting a check my car, but communicore bought a couple of stations are a number of licences at connect FM in Northamptonshire and Peterborough heart in Watford as well.

I think they've can have been pretty much running those on behalf of Adventure Radio anyway.

So that doesn't change a lot of the van connect is going to become smooth, East Midlands subject to Ofcom clearance interesting because connect is very much a capital.

It's a hit music station and sounds nothing like smooth.

So that is I mean if your off.

Como se yeah, yeah, it's fine.

We don't care of these days you can flip that if you want because everybody's going to be doing it within the next 12 months anyway, so yes, it's just going to come out a relay an extension of Smooth smoothies Midlands events on paper the other questions it raises.

I suppose is Wireless disposing of their local radio stations there now.

Just own one analogue licence is the national on its talkSPORT but everything else they on his DAB only is digital-only services.

Obviously big brands like Virgin and talk radio has Rupert going to be happy with that as a radio group.

I think you can look at the size of their ambitions to grow by what they've just done.

They've just got rid of most of the station, so I think he will either die.

I think all we can do if you wanted to go with by Bower are global and I don't think Yvonne or Ashley is there is quite ready to sell it's quite interesting about Yvonne and Ashley isn't it with being they're sending some.

Close to each other tonight.

Tell me about Yvonne and tell me about Ashley Stewart they were both born in 1977.

So they won't both 4142 years old is and I think your phone is worth about 3 billion pounds are 3 billion dollars perhaps she owns 85% of 8 hour and Ashley obviously quite a wealthy man his dad is very wealthy man as well couple of billion, but all trump by Rupert and his personal wealth of the two people are the only two figures radio groups inherited it from their fathers.

I kind of their dad's give them the radio station to Barham global like you run Barry run global Work we're going off to be at the racecourse or the pub or to eat a hot dog or whatever that's the way we are at the moment.

Basically inheritance if I was a bit of good their blogs about all the changes so look those up because some links to those Andy radio course as well this week actually move on from Barra and talk about something else.

I just wanted to say it's quite interesting in in my neck of the woods from from the Lancashire prospective so few years ago you had the B&B you had radio wave and you had rocket in a bar in the middle rock FM so now who would have thought if he has had a couple years going into years from now at the baby will be on by global and radio wave would be on by Barratts just say I'm in this year.

That's replicated in tons of areas across the UK it's just Bazaar just reserved to get your head around it and what are they going to was Barry going to do with with radio? Wave you know or oral or the little stations Greatest Hits FM and then they can get rid of the medium.

Wave we don't know we don't have the answer.

This without the allied I still live right in the middle of UK R&D country, so it will say I like that last year's but I don't think it's so I don't think it's anytime soon right.

We had the small matter of Rage are in the last 7 days as well.

I did that adds.

Just had to the number of stories on Radio today the anniversary of getting this radio is always popular a few interesting trends and listening overall.

It is down a little bit and it's down a little bit more in the capital in London by about 3 or 4% over the last 12 months so there's a kind of starting to see some figures showing the drop-in listening to all radio which we need to keep an eye on really have the digital listing is up and everything at the BBC appears to be down commercial radio brands doing a bit better, so it's certainly an interesting time.

It is and if you look at the overall listening and it's only down 1% of something like that.

What is the lowest in about 20 years so people saying radio is still thriving and growing medium technically compared to 3 months ago kids down a little bit but I'm sure it's just a blip to spin it like Larry and Paul but I'm sure it'll go back up again next quarter Spotify Killed the Radio Star always say so we like to know the radio times was interested this week as well when I that landed on my door mat on Tuesday morning apparently top 30 greatest radio shows of all time ever and no commercial radio in there.

That's that's caused a bit of debate online hasn't it? Have you put a bunch of BBC Radio people in a room at alternative vote from a small pool of BBC radio programmes which are the best of all time they're going to choose BBC radio programmes on this is very apparent that.

Lot of people who work in BBC Radio don't even know that commercial radio exists so not surprising James cridland tweets, I'm enjoying at the radio times do in the magazine equivalent of banning status Quo all of UK commercial radio are falling for it the radio Times must be rubbing their hands together with glee and all the publicity as good as talking about the radio Times if nothing else.

Yeah, it's not good.

I'm sure didn't plan that.

Have you been listening to this week? I've been listen to a bit of this.

It's a great feeling isn't it? Finding something you well, you should feel amazing because you found something you scala radio the new classical music radio station nothing like anything that has gone before we're not posh.

We're not pretentious.

Just come as you are scala.

Radio is classical music for modern life.

I'm Mark Forrest and you are very welcome from March the 4th.

Hello, I'm Mark Kermode are you listening to a test for scala radio the new classical radio station for the UK I'm really looking forward to being part of the team here and I'd love it if you could join us from the 4th of March which is our first day on here until then his little taste of scala radio classical music for modern life.

This is William Orbit and we're launching this amazing station called scala and recover deleted recent tests and some geeky stuff.

We getting ready to actually hit it on the 4th of March will be live playing classical music for Modern Life

Well, hello, yes, it's me Simon Mayo always popping up in unexpected places.

I've done some pop radio done some talk radio, but I've never done classical radio so it's about time scala radio is on air from March 4th.

Don't worry if you don't know you're Arias from your Elgar just come as you are scala is as much about the entertainment as it is about the music so join in and I'll see you very soon each weekday from 10 a.m.

So the Scarlet s.

Officially start DAB I think next week, but there's a feed online at the moment that we've having a sneaky listen to and we've also learnt this week that Charles know he's going to the Breakfast Show if it wasn't for the flame you say that you're gonna say good lineup and the other one of The Apprentice that the Apprentice theme music thing and the Angry Birds song and that Leonard Cohen track.

No, it's not in stock classic music classical music it was quite I did hear that I did hear me the Star Wars theme earlier that wow this is really good so we just play Star Wars every hour and it'll be fine and William Orbit talking about doing geeky things as well, so I bet that's Carla so that's so can meet in a child's nose an interesting choice for breakfast that when I saw the names that they denounced previously I would have assumed they put Jamie crick hallmark.

Forest onto breakfasts cast of Assisi big names from classic FM days, but model we know well.

Yes, we'll leave it to the Professionals about some out for a should give me doing drive by the way, I'm writing of classical music Moira started on Classic FM this week.

I thought she had a good idle bit love it listens on their Monday morning.

She said a lot more at home on Classic FM but I think she did with her Chris Evans on Radio 2 to be honest Scott arrivals for it also John Humphrys that was doing with that this week as well.

John Humphrys going to leave Radio 4 all the big news this week.

Thursday so since we spoke last Dear yessie.

John Humphrys is going to leave in the autumn also we learnt that Fearne Cotton is going to cover for Zoe Ball on breakfast on radio 2 now with muddy gutter Lucas doing not that is unwanted Matt Lucas doing cover on bank holidays as well if I remember correctly yes a bit of Zoe and fun.

You can have a listen to on the story on Radio today if you want and I don't know whether this was Chris seeking a bit of publicity after all the bad news was taking all the headlines but Chris Evans on the show on Virgin was talking about well a possible rebrand for 2 radiators.

I know it's going to be cold to use yes and it out there now goodnight.

It's a great day.

What happened.

Next coming to work and I've got no idea.

I've got no idea but if he wants to send me for a post Breakfast Show branches something he can he said 10 weeks and she's 10 and if you want to know what it's called greatest to work it.

I'm happy to tell him.

I know what happens to recycled it.

I caught a cold talkSPORT talk talk radio talk news and then the boss said greats change it change it but it's not demanded in I think it's because I said she said that's not what it because that's what it is.

It's took news talk radio.

Is it is it is a solid collective noun talk talk radio talk radio notice.

Does it go different stations talking about different things about talk to use is what talk radio at our talk radio actually it so it's going to be rebranded talking use plus it sounds talkSPORT talk need to go together to John Humphries.

Of course.

He knows that he's leaving the state program.

Is he coming here he loves to stir the pot.

That you know he sounds even convincing and I think it would make sense because you've got talkSPORT doing sport.

So why don't you have took news doing news and I always thought that 5 Live should split into two so they've got sport extra.

So why not have five live news and 5 Live Sports and then you get people stop complaining about whether the station think enough spider enough news are not just have 1 Station Parade with digital be in the future.

If you could pick and choose couldn't you yeah? Maybe when we actually do switchover that might happen you never know but yeah and that the other thing about talk news.

He's got news in the title is home by News UK so that may be why Rebecca guay likes it took me as you care.

You never know maybe maybe we should probably shut at Wittering cos we've talked for quite a while because couple of things to mention the podcast Awards British podcast Awards is now open for entries.

There'll be happening in May the young areas of opened as well.

I will maybe speak to somebody on the podcast in those few weeks.

Bout the young areas and we can be encoded Peter Kay Bolton and the higher and nominations are out this week as well.

Can a lost in all the band whose a little bit cos they came out same day as as the until about purchases we can see all the nominations at radio are we done? I didn't think we'd get through it.

Yes, I think that's it.

Well till this time next week.

We'll see what else happens in the mad mad radio industry fingers crossed over bit more news James cridland.

David Lloyd still come first a reminder to check out clean feed.

If you haven't have you looked at yet.

I have a look it's a great little idea for connecting between guests and Studios and obi locations in decent quality has been designed for radio people and for podcasters and it's really simple to use and the quality is great and can even record right within the browser as well.

It won't cost you anything to get started.

Just take your few seconds to get signed up and to give it a go.

Check it out at cleanfeed done it.


I will I'm James cridland the radio futurologist this week.

I wrote a lot about our but this being the radio Today programme you've already her quite enough about thank you very much so instead here's some advice.

If you're one of the people affected not from me from someone else and next radio in 2011 Lisa Kerr Hood then just left the industry spoke about five amazing skills that we learnt in radio that mean we're even more attractive to other companies is the last of the 5th yeah yeah, yeah, yeah alright created, but really you are and I don't just mean in making content your created with resources with budgets with content with clients ideas as a presenter.

You're doing the same thing day after day but a little bit different a little bit better a little bit more as a sales executive and new reasons to approach that client.

Then and again until they buy and buy again whether it's joining the board of your kids school whether it's helping a local charity or treating to move into a whole new sector.

They will need and want people like you because making great radio makes you crazy.

So can you find out video in full on the next radio websites next.

Radio under videos 2011 you can grab my weekly newsletter Thailand and Daily Podcast news about and until next time keep listening and now on the radio Today programme is David Lloyd 5 years ago LBC enjoyed under a million listeners in London it's now more than double that across the UK because this week 5 years ago.

It's stopped being just London's Biggest Conversation LBC leading Britain's conversation with me.

We had breakfast and a course of welcome for those joining us from around the UK as you've been hearing is a big an exciting moment as LBC becomes Britain's first national news talk radio station ever you are you can now listen to LBC on National DAB digital radio? We will indeed be leading Britain's conversation and for those of you who I knew this is what we do every day.

Just been free explosion ripped through the building on LBC time taking your calls and the next Call is from Kate in Holloway

No, no, you're there with you when you're holding a gun to Londoners head.

I do not want a single penny of my taxes to go to you because you're too lazy to get up to do a job at 8 in the morning.

So welcome to LBC as we begin leading Britain's conversation little BC goes national this week in 2014 at the BBC One imagines.

There are lots of lists of this study other one was a list of places that might deserve BBC local radio Herefordshire and Worcestershire have been on the list since 1977 it went on there in 89/8 minutes after 6 some Valentines Day February 14th general bits with you on the first breakfast live here on your new station with the county BBC Hereford and Worcester hopefully the most informative Breakfast Show in the county to get you up and on the way every morning and we start as we mean to go on in the next hour the church that ring out the bells you had a little earlier to welcome my son will be hearing from them and exactly what the Tunes called what they doing and also the battle to save the house in North Worcestershire where the Austin 7 was designed good.

That's what happened to that house.

We need to know the launch of BBC Herefordshire and Worcestershire this week.

8 years ago and that same week CN FM Cambridge and Newmarket launched later became Q103 hits now heart with Simon Mayo now preparing for his new home at scala.

Let's remember this week 22 years ago.

He was briefly back on Radio 1 Breakfast after Chris Evans disappeared just in time to announce some newcomers 8:11 97 to 99 FM Radio 1 now.

We go to Manchester for a rather important to know what you want to talk to Mark Radcliffe I'm too busy busy busy what you want to do the breakfast that are not know.

Tell him anyway, I'm not going to compromise our principles ridiculous no no no no no how much how much time will do it was delicious you never quite know how long they last do you reparations for what was to be a famously short-lived Mark and lard on breakfast on Radio 1 we getting used to fond farewells these days and here's one from 2 years ago this week.

Hello Stoke-on-Trent goodbye Andy cooking Louise stones and we've been told it's time for change and I love this show.

I would I would I said didn't I from the start.

I would never choose to leave.

It'll have to be kicked out of the safe and I love you very much because everywhere I go across Staffordshire and Cheshire somebody will always come up to me and I love it and I love that you come and say hello when you better better still do that.

I am so grateful to you.

I've had a wonderful time on the breakfast show on home with great friends as well or absolutely great friends here and we still will be Andy yeah.

I need a difficult indeed and I can relate to Louise down about you the end of a signal Breakfast Show this week 2 years ago.

It's one thing ending a program Hit Squad another closing down the station one by one most of the sixties pirate stations did just that when government politics Odyssey got in the way that we can 67 the powers that be concluded the offshore forts from which Radio City broadcast.

Were actually in British waters and butterflies respectable to be Musgrave the Criterion of the World Cup and a fat country becoming very slowly but surely release date for the very good night to you later.

God bless and thank you for being a moratorium.

Goodnight and goodbye 1997 and hello to a Yorkshire frequency which was eventually to carry the largest station outside London Yorkshire Coast Radio station young and truly innovative.

Daytime the hottest tunes on the street evenings and weekends the musical journey from raptor house reggae to hardcore the Swinging the 15 year old to her definitely 40 now kiss launching in Yorkshire this week 22 years ago later Galaxy now capital audience figures don't often get mentioned on air and rightly so in my view.

Not a fan, but Eddie Mair makes just about anything ok.

This is from 2 years ago this week when it was was Radio 4 on his pm programme try and it's official figures show p.m.

Has its biggest-ever audience will ask what's wrong with you with the BBC News Charles Carroll the latest official listening figures for radio stations across the United Kingdom or out today and they show that after 47 years on air the p.m.

Audience has just reached.

Record high levels 4.2 million listeners, can't be wrong and if they are well who cares.

What is it this made p.m.

The most listened to Radio 4 news program after today, but here are just a few examples that demonstrate how fantastic we are we have more than 4 million listeners because we are at the forefront of broadcasting technology and Fred I don't hear anything at this point or hello Professor tribe.

I'm sorry we got a bit of a problem with line.

Can you hear me now, so we were great Yorkshire gold closing 22 years ago.

I mountain pray and this has been great Yorkshire gold Saga East Midlands launching 16 years ago for station.

You've been waiting for playing the music from the last six decades and today talk radio UK becoming the last analogue commercial national Station going on 24 years ago.

51 years ago is James down the road is more interested because it's her Road that's being there Gavin as a around going on about it blows are this week's radio moments this week, so I can sort and get John Simons a casino + regulatory Martin James cridland.

David Lloyd will talk to you again next week to be eating clever software for radio.

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