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Read this: Virgin Radio bosses on Evans breakfast show

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Virgin Radio bosses on Evans breakfast s…

The radio Today programme with broadcast bionics innovative solutions for creative radio people Stuart Clarkson coming up shortly by Marty will be here to look at the big stories of the week including news of Barras new classical music station to Scala radio with Simon Mayo and we'll hear later from the new community Media Association chair Danny Lawrence the first let's get straight to the big radio show launcher the week as Chris Evans Began on Virgin Radio UK just a week on from Zoe Ball taking over his old show this Monday it was Chris's turn his have a first language international Virgin Radio so great to be back on Virgin and I have to say it's a real treat we are blessed and we couldn't be more grateful and we have these people on.

Chris Evans breakfast show with Sky the best entertainment all in one place that's been there a lot of talk about what what's the first song I'm going to play but of course you know I just press buttons.

I don't play songs musicians play song so how about we get a musician to play a song live live 12 feet away from me now this morning.

How about Richard Ashcroft Newtownards to of Chris's bosses the wireless group content director for music stations Francis curry and Virgin radios content director Mike cast their vote in the shiny new studios at the top of News UK building next to the shower welcome to the podcast guys.

How's it looking their first of all is that the studio builders getting there? Is it on that top floor while I'm staring out from the 17th floor of the news UK building glancing through the new talkSPORT studios in the toilet is that they'll be moving into in the next couple of weeks out of the window.

I'm lucky enough to be able to see the walkie-talkie at the back of that you got the cheesegrater the gherkins hiding somewhere around there if I was closer to the window will be able to see Tower Bridge the Tower of London HMS Belfast the monument in terms of use from radio stations.

This is perhaps the best.

I have ever seen and you're working in brand new studio facilities.

There's always glitches in it when you move into my new bike that the level of forethought those gone the planning that is gone into this is absolutely phenomenal.

It's gone into tour guide motor ready as indifference is so that not only a new house this week, but a new baby as well.

How are you? Happy with her a couple of shows in how Chris is sound and we have had such fun this week and it's not often you would do this.

We've launched two new national radio stations.

We relocated to a new building that not only has a brand new studio Complex in it but is also never had radio studios in it before and we've launched a Breakfast Show with the UK's number one radio Talent

That's not bad for a week's work right.

It's alright.

I said Chris is studio isn't ready for it and he's been talking about this on the air, but he's on the 14th floor at the moment, so we've got is on the 14th floor.

We've got the talk radio Studios the challenge we had is that the Chris Evans breakfast show with Sky is a big cost so when we launched the Show yesterday.

We actually within I think half an hour had six open mics in the studio and I think people who regulates bensimon Studios know how challenging that can be so we definitely did a proper sink soap test yesterday, but to accommodate a show like that and even then we had Richard Ashcroft outside the studios in the office playing live and he was phenomenal but going forward what would like to do is have even the music guests in the studio as well, so potentially we've got four main guests plus Vassals + Rachel plus a music artist and frankly it's kind of tough to accommodate those new studio built for two so when we

Took on the Chris Evans breakfast show with Sky what we also agree to do was the we would try and create the perfect radio environment for what is a unique Radio Show so that's what we doing at the moment which means we are like cuckoos and we have hijacked the talk radio studio, so they love us because they haven't moved from Hatfield yet to the news building because we're there for a couple months well.

We just finish off the brand new studio and every time you mention the Chris Evans breakfast show have noticed already you're throwing in the sky Mansion let's talk about that now that this is something different for Chris I suppose compared to when he was in Commercial ready or before it's quite a departure for compared with a lot of commercial radio to have a headline sponsor, but no spot ads on the show so it seems to be in fairly well received in the industry doesn't it was funny enough I worked with Chris at Virgin in the previously on incarnation of Virgin Radio so they have a very long relationship, but I think it's unique Stephanie unique in the UK I don't know if you need in the world and I

Absolutely love it because what we've got is a situation where we've got the number one broadcast at least in the UK if not in Europe and we paired it with a unique commercial radio environment where we got one sponsor who probably are one of the most innovative forward-thinking and supported businesses to work with four radio station.

I mean they have such great insight and depth and understanding about radio and what that means is for us.

Not only no ad breaks and of course for a BBC audience and a proportion of Chris's audience on Radio 2 never listen to Commercial Radio never have so it's like rolling out the red carpet and put it down the Welcome mat to new commercial radio listeners, so we've removed one of the biggest ROBLOX we've got the best broadcaster and having a relationship with Sky allows us to produce.

I think a much richer and Fuller show so in terms of exclusive content in terms of guests in terms of access to events in terms of competitions and prizes in terms of promotional.

Support allows us to move into an area that really very few radio stations if any of ever been allowed to play in before and I think is Chris explained on the air on his first day as he was telling listeners.

How it was going to work.

It's only like him talking about strictly or other BBC products while he was on there Radio 2 isn't it a different TV shows Andy and different films and everything people very used to having their friends recommend things to them and that's really silly what we're trying to make sure with we we keep is that conversation like it's talking to your friend.

So whether it's talking about strictly.

We had Anton du Beke in this morning whether it's talking about a sky.

Show we had a Rob Beckett in on Monday or whether it's talking about a movie that you can either download or still out in the cinema or whether it's something on on Netflix the joy of working with Sky as a partnership is not only is all the content available on their would it allows us to quite happily talk about absolutely.

Anybody without feeling that we giving anyone kind of problems because the contents all in the one place.

That's the mentality that we're going out with the show let's get all of the best guests all in one place and we get it in the industry.

Do you think people listening and radio critics might take a bit more convincing about how it's going to work? I think the joy of having a fantastically strong public service broadcaster lay the BBC that's being a part of everybody is Liza so long is how it's viewed if you were to ask somebody does the BBC have adverts spell say no because they know that they're not a commercial broadcaster yet.

They will also point out that they get sick of the BBC always talking about itself whether that's trails whether it's cross promotional whatever they not seen as Commercials Warehouse Commercial broadcasters talking about themselves cross promoting other services that they're running Wetherby talkSPORT talk about talk radio or even a service like the hits.

Talking about the Greatest Hits network when any commercial broadcasters try to cross promote because we are seen as carrying commercial messages.

That's how it comes across.

So I think there's going to be certain people who will never see the similarity because the BBC just in their mind doesn't carry Commercials have an Indian and transparency is key and we're very mindful of the Ofcom guidelines and regulations equally I think in the modern world most listeners are very clear most consumers are very clear that there are very often kind of partnerships and commercial Alliances and people are very comfortable and used to that and as you said already Chris you know we've made a point of saying publicly on the air Chris has that actually we know where we're proud to have sky's a partner and it's a part of who we are and we working with them and I think it's entirely clear to any be listening exactly how that relationship works and I had a nice link Tuesday morning.

Where is done about how brilliant is Bose noise cancelling headphones that so it's stuff like that are mentioning Jaguars and other brands that he couldn't have done on his Radio 2 show only seems to be enjoying that bit of freedom freedom.

Not worry about getting into trouble for saying something you know over the link that you talk about it on Tuesday about the Bose cancelling headphones was generally him.

Just being excited that something with the God but feeling that actually where he's at now.

He can explain himself properly the transparency is absolutely key and I think it's also much more reflective of real life in the 21st Century way.

I had a conversation outside the studio in the office someone was saying about how they like somebody else's new vans.

You know brands and the use of brand is part of everyday conversation and it seems right there was she able to include that regular conversation on the air so in terms of getting some audience obviously this is the key thing over the coming months is to get new listeners to come to Virgin Radio get some of Christie's old audience from Radio 2 so it in terms of how you've structured the show and the sound of it.

It seems very familiar and a lot of the reviews said it sounds just like his old show on Radio 2 did I'm guessing that's no accident.

Europe's number 1 Breakfast Show springs to mind and if we're trying to make sure that people who are comfortable and visiting Chris in that house is going to come round to ask why you rearrange the furniture unnecessarily we obviously had a look at everything was in the show and made sure that we do the things that fit as that it up fit virgins brand values that were nicely with a partnership with Sky so everything's therefore a reason not just replicated, but there's also that kind of temptation that I think most programmers have when they get walk into a radio station no matter how successful it is they feel the need to put their stamp on things actually we've come at it from a slightly different perspective going what's already working.

What will work 4 hours.

How can we make sure we make this is comfortable for new listeners and is exciting for existing listed as we can without feeling the need to completely reinvent the wheel and I guess a lot of people in the industry.

Would say when you hi Chris Evans you know what you getting so he's not there to be shaped and molded by what you was programmers.

Tell him to do but I suppose that but make sure you're quite easy and makes it.

Card at the second, I think I actually they do these interesting as a fellow diplomatic way of asking a question about get a Tefal radio Talent care as much about the output as Chris Evans.

I think radio itself would be a much more engaging and rewarding place as a programmer who's been a presenter and Francis exactly the same and I'm still trying to persuade in that we've got that an overnight show free in the dishes really think about coming back on it.

You were aware of the things that you'd have done differently when you were joke to have presenters who have that kind of level of inside to have that ability to turn around and communicate as to what they want to do.

Why they want to do it, how they Think It's Going to help the end game and for you to be able to have that conversation is absolutely phenomenal within really lucky that actually the entire lineup of virgin all had something different wherever it's Eddie temple Morris who's not only in her a great musical font of knowledge, but let's not forget Who

Is also the head of station sound for Radio 1 for a number of years so he's got a fantastic production here you got Matt Richardson who is relatively new to radio still only a couple of years into it but has been performing stand-up for a number of years at the high-level.

So knows how to engage with an audience on a more relatable level that necessarily present is kind of forget when you're when you're doing your material in front of an audience and you can see that reaction every single time you finish telling you joke whatever it does make you look at things in a slightly different way.

I think Kate Lawler and Tim Cocker a very underrated presenters.

I think they have this wonderful ability to just be themselves and communicate and Caitlin particular uses social media and really relax it through so to have it another presenter along those lines.

Somebody who's not just coming and saying this is what I do.

This is how I do it take it or leave it but this is what I do.

This is how I do it.

This is how I think it's going to benefit.

How do you think we can sweet things? How do you think we can make things work?

It's what's actually made this probably the most enjoyable radio station.

I've ever run does one of you get to do snooker sessions with him after the show then that's whatever he wants to know we can't you every single day after the show we caught up before it and I think any program who tells you that there's only one way to airchecker presenter probably could do with a bit of a coaching are checking themselves COPD who I will never name to fight me some told me that they would do all of their checks with the stopwatch as long as the presenter was under 30 seconds.

They didn't care what they said and that certainly one way of doing it.

We've all seen private parts and remember the scene of Howard Stern me told had to do wnbc and it now presenter it.

It is I'm working out.

What works what needs tweaking what's going well, and what do you want more of and had to send you the first two sentences with Chris after the show today was him saying to me first thing with.

Show alright and the second thing was is there anything I need to know so I think just checking everything Mike said we're dealing with somebody who has an energy a commitment a passion as well as a skill the I think is extraordinary.

He couldn't sleep last night because he was so excited about the Show yesterday.

Looking forward to the show today Chris is somebody who's absolutely determined to do the best job and still loves his job more than many presenters who have been doing it for a far shorter period of time and never mind 4 days a week at Radio 1 as he did in the 90s.

He's going to do in 6 days a week as he says he's going to do this Sunday so I think we're supposed to be a best of his know where did that live that right still going to be best off but because he wants to make sure that everything is hitting the ground running and he's throwing his all and everything we're going to start off doing that show life and I think I do have that level of Enthusiasm from any signing is absolutely fantastic.

You should have seen the look on his face above the rest of the production team were having that conversation.

You used to dealing with people who work Monday to Friday yeah.

There's a lot of presenters around the UK who works 6 shows there's a lot of people who would love to get that 6 show off to have somebody who wants to come in at the start.

I make sure that it hits the ground running and it sounds as good as it can do find me a radio station that wouldn't take anyone up on that offer and that building your in now.

There's a big brother in it and we heard that on the air ready in the first couple of shows he had people from the 5th floor can be up and joining in the show and he was saying how can we come down to you and have a look at your floor so I'm guessing that place is just a live at the moment with this kind of new thing that launched this week in it.

This is a most extraordinary building when you kind of standby the lifts which are very clever lifts and you look at the brands that reside inside this building you've got the sun the sun on Sunday you've got the times you got the Sunday Times you got the Times literary supplement.

You've got Dow Jones you've got Harper Collins and and and and and and I think.

We are a part of that family and that team and the energy and the excitement and the commitment about wireless moving in the national brands moving in is unparalleled in my experience and it's a big time in radio.

Obviously the back end of last year.

We had all these announcements the shows are all starting now and another one this week from our with Simon Mayo and a new classical station this happening at the same time as you launching this new show and moving into the new buildings it just kind of tells us how important radio is in the landscape of the country and the media at the moment slowly there is a tweet that I sorry for the last 48 hours talking about how exciting digital radio is how exciting the radio seen it and I think you'll find out from everybody the support the tweets the messages the text so we've all had wishing is likely starting.

I'm sure it was the same as Radio 2 for the launch of Zoe I know it was the same when Greg James start at Radio One and I'm sure it will be the same way when ballet launch Scholar

NR rosii was the first Voice on the Greatest Hits network what you got a bunch of messages from people in the industry.

They James cridland.

Famously has he is a lazy headlines lazy buggles headlines watch where he talks about how many times video Killed the Radio Star Jesus headline if there was ever a time to prove that radio is an industry is more thriving is more alive and is more exciting to be and it really is now if you look at markets like Australia where they're very used to having a calendar year and terms of presenters where it's not an infrequent wear a breakfast show iDrive show will finish the calendar year 1 station and start after a long summer break at the next one to see this much change all in one place in UK is probably a little and heard of but it's all about actually trying to create more listener choice trying to make sure that we've got the best in terms of engaging compelling content out there and to get rid of that whole mentality that radio is just this this this.

Things that we broadcaster in actually, it's all about the content and how we get our message out with herby through a connecting speaker with him be thrown out whether it's Through Time shifted listening radio is more than just a receiver is actually back to a great way of describing how to entertain people through audio and Francis the more commercial competitors.

You've got for your ears of your listeners.

I guess the better.

It makes already over body doesn't I think you know there's no real deal competition makes us better and this level of turn in the market is fascinating because he never to be people's habits are disrupted and it forces people to come and reassess their current habits and do think about you once and I think we are very confident that it will benefit us.

It'll benefit virginal benefit the Chris Evans breakfast show with Sky and the rest of the day and I think you're right.

It's so exciting that radio which know I remember a long time ago when the internet explosion was happening people would talk about radio and television at the time as old media and you'll be just thought oh my goodness.

The end of the road and actually what we've got is a sector that is thriving and that is still making front page news not just because on a sun where we put it there, but even on the BBC Homepage yesterday the second story was a bosom Theresa May with number one Chris Evans the Chris Evans breakfast show with Sky was Number 2 and so radio is still absolutely front and centre in terms of people's lives and lifestyles nothing.

That's so excited, but it's great to catch up with you both and it is to the next what five years at least of Chris Evans breakfast show with Sky see you got me doing it now mentioning the sponsor brings his phone box Oasis virtual director and many more innovative solutions for creative radio and find out more it is radio Today programme that was my cats and Francis curry on the show talk about Chris Evans at already at today's editor Roy Martin is here now to dissect Evans is return, what did you make it?

Sure, it's fairly safe wasn't it on Monday right? It was good.


It was good.

I don't know what made a setting is a few people will be doing that online with it with the blogs am happy for her to take other people's opinions on that it was so it was good at I wrote in the radio this week, but it whilst it feels like the same sure because of the Dingles and the people in and everything else it also feels completely different so it's exactly the same but completely different there's my analysis of the week of the year Chris and he said the same show different stationed in you which I think the BBC quoted you on on the head news online peace they David nice of them and then my next door neighbor texted me and said you're on the website but a few days in it it it's becoming it's becoming more commercial which supposed is an obvious thing to say but it does know I have posted the 14th and things like an cross-promotion for the BBC so it just little things make it sound a lot different.

That makes any sense whatsoever I have just one mention of BBC Radio 2 out of a song by accident on Monday morning at BBC Radio 2.

Who's where we wish them all the very best of these nicely but settled on it.

We have we have indeed and I yeah, I hear some of the staff at Wogan house were tuned into Chris on Monday morning as well.

Just have a sneaky little listen.


They were I believe after wireless group.

Where as well didn't send breakfast around to all the local stations very nice of him to do that actually.

I think some of them were encouraged to tune in and have a little bit and around the group and then go back to their own local services so big day for Radio breakfast on Chris and the other big news of the week.

We can a preempted last week on this.

Cast and we have an announcement late last week from Bower about scaling back heat radio taking it off DAB becoming internet only and instead we're getting a classical music station a classical Entertainment Music station for the youngsters.

What are we calling this one Stewart as it is scala radio or Skala if you from the North so scala radio probably not to be the Italians I'm guessing and Italian opera house and I think it's an Italian word for can of scales and Ladders like a musical scale the results were cinema.

I think in London called Scarlet Witch Sherm Mayo and Kermode mentioned quite often on their on their film show now I believe there was potentially different name for this station really aware of this you have you got somebody with you early.

I believe that the title of the project was the project quaver ok nothing to do with gtk.

And there's another name mentioned that it could have been and that name could have been Maestro radio which will also been quite clever name for a radio station, so who knows whats happened before this all in public but try it out now and the station launches, is it the beginning of March it's got quite a while if your isn't it? Yeah awesome.

I think he is going to end at the start of February and the Bee month build up to scala London on 4th of March so Simon Mayo on mid morning.

She don't know who the other weekday daytime presenters are yet? I will be some weekend shows from Angelica Bell and Chris Rogers and Mark Kermode Goldie and William Orbit but some of the names they've announced include former classic FM presenters Mark Forrest and Jamie crick.

We're guessing one of those might be on breakfast Sam Hughes who does week and breakfast to Mum on Planet Rock she's on the line up to and Charles nove xserve Radio 2 newsreader and

Things that BBC Oxford left BBC Oxford Just For Christmas as a presenter as well, so you can be on to Scala radio very brave of them to go after a classic FM and Radio 3 they they can have got it sorted the market so not better when you read what that actually going to do to an attractive young younger audiences Radio 3 and class cabin between them they're all above 50 and the audience without those station, so we'll see what she 20-year-old want to listen to classical music and if they do and Bowers got them the station for them.

Yeah and interestingly heat on DAB has 638000 weekly reach at the moment and 2.2 million weekly listening hours, so they're up for grabs because I'm guessing most heat.

This is not your listen to Scala radio so did the the the competition for ears WhatsApp and then.

Yeah, very interesting time in radio on another station expected from Bala as well.

They legalize have just noticed a trademark from Barrow for country Hits radio which was floating around last year so maybe maybe an announcement is imminent on that one and depending what they do with the capacity from heat.

They might split it up and get to dab plus stations on 2D to say scholar and Country hits of country.

It's might be going on from the local multiplexers as we return about on This podcast last week with reduced some bit rates and created space on some of their power and big city multiplexes, so we'll see ya the classical station server needs to be high bitrate for obvious reasons so I think that plus is the only way to go for that and then it got room for another one.


Yeah some other news this week as others quite a bit of other things going on including we saw what global has asked Ofcom for in terms of local area changes for the new regulations and

Looks like I'll come together probably say yesterday.

You can see the maps on Radio today that kill UK but as expected really did they want to get Brighton and Southampton in the same Geographic area for Capital sharing and a few other reorganizations for the heart stations to have one station covering the south coast many others are the West Indies.

That's only makes sense so I think it's only a matter of time before we hear the plans from global I've suggested.

Maybe next month will hear something and then who knows maybe some networking will start in the usual launching radio month of March a Radio 4 is looking for a new controller now after the announcement that are going at Williams is going to leave she first joined the BBC more than 40 years ago think she's been the Radio 4 controller for about 8 or 9 years now so big changes there and I could be an interesting one see who gets that to learn what direction any awful might be heading in and out of the blue as well, but she is.

She's got a good BBC pension there, so why not disappear? She's done a good job and yes, you can retire knowing that say good luck to have a new Studios for BBC Somerset open this week.

Are you were that right? Yes, I join along going to Somerset and they're just off the motorway at the M5 and a new business park have been there about a year but they've been waiting for the right time to do the official opening at just off the M5 in Taunton are officially opened by Chris Burns who's the head of local radio the BBC and the managing editor is Nick ball and I put a microphone in front of him and said what's all this about.

There's been a brilliant day actually.

It's a great story for BBC Somerset because we've always been an opt-out station of BBC Radio Bristol and always felt like him really like a little sister, but we feel quite grown up now because you're on an all day every day on a weekday between 6 and 10 at night and what happened today is the new head of local radio Crispin's came down and officially.

Opened on new building and it's giving her some really new lease of life you got to proper Studios now and a generator in the old building were struggling with them smoke.

It just the one studio and everytime the power went we were in the same position so we having to get to Bristol so we really find that we can properly serve the people of Somerset term as we should now it's giving it's a brand new lease of life really here and we really throne excited to be serving the county of Somerset and you're on all day live and local from here tells about your lineup who's on breakfast who's on daytime.

Yeah, so little tweet care to that so Claire Carter used to start at 6:30 so we brought her forward to start at 6 and she's doing the brilliant sounds familiar competition which is really engaging people and getting loads of course she ends at 9 and Simon Parkins doing a slightly longer stint now, so he's on 9 till 1 including a feature called backtracks at 12 which is sent Leah and mystery is format but again we getting lots of that interaction and comment on that brand new.

Janine show between one and four with Andy Bennett is a local boy used to be a welder lives in Birmingham and yet he is really popular as well as same in the afternoon Matt Felton has been on driver for quite sometime long-established.

I'm sure between 4 and 7 with the latest news and digest and then another brand new show in the evening with Charlie Taylor call connected between 7 and 10 which is all really focus on hyper local community.

I think some things that BBC Somerset wouldn't have done in the past.

That's why I'm really proud of her Charlie's got a list of contacts and and people is already spoken to in in 304 months that we have never featured on the radio station, so it really proud of that and you cover quite a large geographical area as well.

It's quite big county.

It's a big total survey error.

It's over half a million.

I'm so our challenge is kind of to get out there a bit more and actually spread the word.

I think that isn't something that I mentioned that week we struggle with in the past that people are we didn't realise their Somerset was here despite the fact.

We've been here for 3.

TSB still in that to the footprint of Radio Bristol and what really keen is for people if they are lapse listeners to try it again, but equally get get the word out there that will come over here it when you are a modern n&n fresh and with Chris Benz at the helm.

I think we'll find out our fairly soon kind of the new direction of travel which can only be exciting for us Chris opening the studio said he's very unlucky to see some brand new Studios as it was at what else do you have here for the BBC any other services we offer at a pretty full-time digital offering and that that's been very popular.

We are just entering the kind of sounds really started a brand new podcast with Charlie Taylor for the cricket show and of course the beauty of that is a huge interest in Somerset cricket around the world so that that's actually picked up really good traction and we have a TV reporter here most of the time.

So they're they're out filming for TV but we've also got some facilities in the new building which means that we can do Radio 4 anywhere.

In the world to be routinely get a girl gets guess who are ready for five live and other local radio stations, but we also got to an amazing bit of kit which is controllable by anyone where we can put any TV contribution to are so we can go onto politics live or the breakfast programme from Salford and it's really kind of revolutionise what we can offer and who we can feature from Somerset how much pleasure lovely to see why that was BBC Somerset netball talking to Roy Martin this week now quick word about cleanfeed.

If you've not tried it yet.

We mention it every week, but it's definitely worth giving it a go if you haven't had a girl yet.

It is a browser where you can connect between computers in studio quality audio.

It's great for doing podcasts or doing down the line guests interviews co-hosting you show from a remote location is busy signed for radio people and for podcasters and it's really simple to use and the quality is absolutely magnificent you can leave.

Record within the browser as well clearly doesn't cost you anything to get started.

It'll just take you 30 seconds to sign up and within minutes you within your first live interview or recording find out more at cleanfeed dotnet still to come we got David Lloyds radio moments and James cridland thoughts on Virgin going at 3 in the morning before that they're radio today's Dom Chambers has been speaking to the recently elected chair of the community Media Association it's Danny Lawrence Sally started by asking about the cma's priorities for the next 12 months as you know technology is changing and the government intend to roll out the small scale DAB hopefully this year and therefore the CMA I can be heavily involved in making sure that our members of looked after and then so we can have an import into the legislation before it goes sir to government the draught legislation about the most important.

I think I've joined as chair and exciting times as lot going on beers the community radio coverage extensions that's going on the moment though.

Small scale DAB the excitement and the buzz around that and there's obviously the community radio FM licences, that's also carrying on so there's a lot this year as I've taken over this is the year for lot is going to be going on so I want to be involved, but she with the rollout of the ivy the small-scale I want to be involved in that so this year.

It's going to be an exciting time in radio for us community broadcaster, so I'm proud and pleased to be a part of that the cm has gone from an organisation that was comparatively well resource that will employ a whole staff and officers working very hard to support its members but also the wider group of community radio stations and then of course community Media over the recent years that staff has dwindled undoing builders some of their traditional resourcing or revenue streams through European funding eccetera has dried up.

I mean how do you see that the sea?

Making resource itself better so perhaps offer a greater range of support services secret off and have great resources and and not just the community radio SE7 there's lots of voluntary sector organisations that they're in the same boat that have over the years have had organisations that have been beer can him soon as the Grant funding ran out of end up small.

I think it's a challenge for any company whether it's a cmar any other group but as far as I'm concerned.

I think the most important thing is to look for funding opportunities to try and improve and suddenly got more members of staff.

I think so important as well that we ask our members to take on more hours and it's great to be you know with the groups like the committee Valley awards and Dad I have Andy the new local radio lights that you said up.

It's good to have all those things going on because I think that it takes a bit of weight off of one person shoulders, and I think that.

Flat realise that we can't do everything ourselves and and therefore it's important that we are involved, but it's important that groups that are set up are supported and that can fit into our process is going forward to there is a way forward and it's going to be challenging for me to try and turn it around but he'll be interesting over the next year to see what happens.

What are the issues about the CMA is it is generally benevolence.

It's work is for the benefit of all and yet.

It does have a paid membership structure what then are the arguments for becoming a member of the CMA well? I think it's important that people is fuse are Express icma.

Does a lot of work for the sector whether you're a member or not? You could benefit from being a member but I think it's important that people's views are taken forward and special about links with government and with Ofcom those kind of bodies and being part of one big family and I think it's important that I've been a member of.

Something not just coming to your idea becoming a television as well as important as the weather stronger voice so nothing that it is important that you know years ago when I was doing my acting malarkey.

I was a member of equity back, then you couldn't work an extra.

She had a card now you can work and not have a card but I'm still a member because I feel proud to be a member not think it's those kind of things being a member of an Association at the Kino to be like being a member of any union or core or Association it's about having that feel about being long into something and other less important.

Where do you see community radio licences in the current kind of landscape of the UK's radio industry life cycle question I think the coverage with the small scale DAB is going to be phenomenal.

I am I think that I see technology moving us forward especially with the internet radios as well, so I'm sure if going to sort of battle out that one and

And say that let's see where technology takes over the next 6 months and so are you with the rollout of the small scale DAB well done great talking to you when I was chair of the CMA you were the voice chat now.

You're the chair now you get all my support and best of luck with it.

Thanks for talking to us today.

Thank you very much time Danny Lawrence they're talking to Don Chambers and hear more from Dom on her sister podcast in radio which has a focus on the community radio sexy and Routes into our industry James cridland the radio futurologist last year Chris Evans was the presenter of the most listened to Breakfast Show in Europe the Chris Evans breakfast show on BBC Radio 2 BBC and Mo

To this money from a television licence fee which is about 195 US dollars which households in the UK have to pay if they have a television and it's licence fee in the sale of programs to other broadcasters pays for the whole thing for the Renault Commercials or sponsor credits on BBC Radio 2.

It's entirely commercial free perhaps.

That's why 14.6 million people tune in every week the BBC does a very good job of promoting its own services and where they do spend money on similar advertising elsewhere that will be a very high bill indeed, so there's plenty of promotion of new BBC television show plenty of breakfast interviews with big BBC stars horse and have something to plug but that's fine and it's not really commercial messaging Chris Evans left the BBC at the end of last year and has just started presenting the Chris Evans breakfast show on Virgin Radio

Yes, good morning friend Virgin Radio to trademark a virgin.

Yes, but don't by Rupert Murdoch's news corp in the UK is a commercial radio station, but the Chris Evans breakfast show is entirely commercial free.

There's not a single commercial in the entire three-and-a-half hours of course that's not entirely true either.

He sponsored by Sky one of the UK's largest TV broadcasters.

There are occasional sponsor credits, but if the first shows anything to go by will be plenty of promotion of new Sky television shows and plenty of breathless interviews with big sky stars off and have something to plug but there won't be a single 30 second ad for washing powder or sausages of double glazing or anything else not for the first hundred years so Chris presumably exaggerating slightly his first show it's a candy move if the only thing holding his previous audience back was the

Spective radio commercials in Virgin Radio have removed that objection and why not in truth the loss of commercial inventory from the breakfast show won't damage the station much it stands to considerably gain from the marketing and Halo effect that it's new big star will have when radios online competition has a much lighter add load or no ads at all.

It's a clever move to work to rethink commercial radios revenue model so good on Virgin Radio forgive him at ago.

You can get my weekly newsletter and James.

Cribs Thailand and Daily Podcast news at pod and until next time keep listening and now he's the commercial free David Lloyd 20 years this week since one of UK's most famous stunts on brmb.

Birmingham to strangers and a wedding.

American play Straight until they get to the altar you fine with it.

So that's the thing they get married and they have a lifetime to this to strangers had a wedding on brmb.

Michael it was in charge of press for the occasion and he says things were quiet at first but that soon changed I was mobbed by UK media the UK popular press radio television unprecedented Formula 1 radio station in one city in the UK to get this level of of international interest American television and it was the first reality broadcast it really was the start of taking ordinary people and putting them in extraordinary situations my going on brmb to strangers at a wedding this week in 1999 this year.

We've been getting quite used to comings and goings every week, but last year it was quite a novelty to hear what announced I've had.

Amazing opportunities Come Into My Life for the last couple of months and I know it must feel very sunny all this morning and it's not my job to come in the morning and we going to do in the morning, but the you know I've only told my mum at the weekend so finished building only finding out right now, but I am I am going to be leaving always wondered what it'd be like to have he say those words because I've been here for such a big part of my life when I first came at 12 years ago.

I should look at these have changed so much so that says please have a heavy heart sayings to you.

I can't believe I'm gonna be going you know it's been a very emotional Connell just this week last year and now I think his departure from Absolute Radio it become they're actually this week 13 years ago DAB is now old enough to be part of our radio history this week in 1990 the first DAB trials were held with the Eureka standard from Crystal Palace it worked and the same was said didn't take too long for Liz forgan.

BBC to say that she'd rather night if she said the BBC has to move ahead of the market if it is to fulfill its public service obligations and the topic was so later the stuff of the tomorrow's world radio is about to go digital what is going to mean is CD quality sound better reception more choice and even pictures along with the music The Third Age of radio arrived today that had a BBC described its launch of a new system known as digital audio broadcasting dab will offer listeners high quality sound free from interference with the new radios needed to receive the service cost more than £700 each and won't be in the shops for two years and then by 96 the B was trying out some pilots stations and just a reminder to welcome.

You once more to this first edition of BBC jazz with me Campbell burnap.

It was thinking until the experimental music Speech and Drama channels from 96 just a little bit of the DAB story which will have a few more chapters.

At the end of 2019 when commercial radio launched in Edinburgh FM was newfangled and that was this week 44 years ago.

This is not only a historic occasion for all of us here in East central Scotland but it's also a deeply moving one despite the hour of the day because at long last we hear in the east have our own radio station a station that belongs to us and to our saloon a station that we can guide and shape a station in which everyone to play an important role a station that will listen as often as it speaks will bring you News traffic weather community information food prices tips and hints and are sure that's what actually is every morning a week and that's what the music is specially selected by you like this one, Scotland

Hello to Radio 4 this week in 1975 102 Radio 4 this week in 75 hours Edinburgh became the second Scottish city to get commercial radio just as it had been second in the 20s with the new BBC stations.

Is it ready 10 years since Jonathan Ross return to Radio 2? How many complaints now? Is it 27000 Russell Brand gone from Radio 2 Jonathan Ross may not have a future at the BBC its dependent on the outcome of meetings today.

Is this a terrible day for The Corporation 10 years this week since Jonathan return to Radio 2 after his suspension over sex Gate Radio 1 now has 5 1/2 million subscribers on YouTube this week 5 years ago.

The first million BBC Radio 1 on the pirate radio front this week in 1966 the Radio Caroline ship that mi amigo famously dragged her anchor and ended up running aground at Holland Haven at Frinton the station did get back on there from another shop and a bunny back but that's the top Lodge Hotel Blackburn hitting employer Norma tanega pirate drama this week 49 years ago from a new generation of stations in the medium wave on 1607 Michael Parrett to listen to The shortwave.

Could you please let us hear from you and I'm actually testing this week in the step on the way to the final generation of pirates offshore this week in 1984 as laser took a bank on behalf of David Lee Stone Jessie Brandon Steve Masters Joe Young Devon Sawa David London I'm please introduce you to a radio station or Europe radio laser 558 we promise to bring you at least 54 minutes of international hit found each other we broadcast All Hits all the time.

So they will landmarks in the lives of three significant offshore stations from three generations which all affected today's Radio 1992 now and something new in Berkshire

The Simon major he's been here since day one overseeing the multi-million pound project and preparing to bring BBC local radio to the county of Berkshire I felt like a janitor when I first moved here with an empty building Izzard 1 speed of Printworks on the Portman Road in Reading it was echoey and these engineers turned up putting in miles of wire we calculate the 1300 miles of wire and cable have gone into this.

Don't you.

Just love those sorts of figures that you can just imagine the situation kind of the engineers working hard work at the station near the same person from from PR1 drink round with a clipboard with the first live football match 92 years ago not bad for the consolation of a first English programme of years ago.

Radio Luxembourg 208 on the BBC Trust asking the BBC to think again about the proposed BBC local radio cuts 7 years ago that was this week's radio moments.

Thank you David and to our contributors James cridland for Martin and Dom Chambers this week.


Also to guess Danny Lawrence Nick bull Francis curry and my cast and of course thanks to you for listening for see you next week.

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