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Read this: Zoe, Sara, Dianne and Radio Scilly

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Zoe, Sara, Dianne and Radio Scilly…

Can we have lots to talk about on another big week for UK radio Kerry Jones will be here to tell us about an appeal for help at one of the UK's smallest radio stations and our regulars James cridland and David Lloyd will be here as well.

A program with broadcasting creative founder executive president chief elf Roy Martin is back 2019 out of my Christmas present, so yeah alright.

Yeah good you did you have a good one at yes, when I was back last week.

Obviously you weren't slacker may I be the last to say happy new year.

I hope you are the very last well.

It's been a busy week in radio this Little Thing Called Radio 2 happens for new shows in one day on Monday Zoe and Sarah starting on.

Monday as well the First Time Radio 2 of change their breakfast and drivetime shows on the same day since 2010 when Chris and Simon that's right.

Yes, we'll talk about that yeah.

Yeah, we will talk about them later.

Cos they are there in the news? Yeah, so if you missed it, if you've been under a rock at his a little bit of what Zoe and Sarah got to on Monday this week.

My name is Silly how's your belly off the spot good morning Radio 2 superstar listeners.

Here we go BBC Radio 2 and relax after all the buildup and all the chat and all the preamble the big day is finally here.

We are some super excited.

I'm ready the prod squad team they're ready Karen Kay tweeted.

She's got a new batteries fitted in the bathroom radios, so she's ready so first record.

Gonna be yo yo yo can you feel in men and wasn't very fantastic this morning look it's 5:05.

Should we do it should we got a big? Thank you to Steve Wright as well for specular show ladies and girls welcome along to your tea time extravaganza.

This is the Sara Cox show my name is Fraser need Sarah Cox and between now and 7 will be loving loads of fun stuff at your loan 88 to 91 if you do like Mondays tell me why so that's the number for aib be any other business baby also on the show will play 21 Questions to go.

Making a spectacle of out of myself in the wrong glasses first and last pub and cumberbund for the very first ever Sarah Awards now.

I'm excited Ken Bruce's excited.

I can't wait to go out naked from the waist up with a scythe in the Poldark good grief you play music at so, what did you think we should never pass judgement on the first couple of shows so we won't moving on my alarm for 4 it was good.

It was an interesting listen.

It was a nice listen.

It was a safe listen.

I just thought it sounded like a Radio 2 Breakfast Show didn't sound like anything particularly shiny and new it just sounded like the Radio 2 breakfast show us Andy for last 4 years.

Early on my car that we do but she was good.

There's always there was a point to every link and that was good and that's that's that's wrong.

Isn't it? So I think she'll still be there in you know what 510 years time.

Yeah, I think I've heard other people say they did can a pile it high with features to start but how many of them will make it to the 3rd month not seem like they were there are quite a lot of features with stuff going on every day and certainly on drivetime a list of bit of Sarah on her first day as well and she seems to be talking about a lot of features and content so the producers and Sarah and everybody come up with lots of ideas that through them all into the show will see what works and then they probably lose if you and Simon and Jo who for them to shows and I think trouble signing good on rhythm nation and also I go as well.

It just means Radio 2.

It's not going to sound she.

Is it going to sound really good because it's the real professionals and they know what they're doing in the got 10 produces hedgehog.

It's going to sound good.

It's just when the listener steaks with enough and I had a bit of Joe in the car on Monday night and then he just sounded like she was back home.

I'll leave things and I thought she tweeted on Monday night simply fizzing with happiness about the sound of ready of you today.

I was Zoe and Sarah and Trevor and I'm so happy with a new show I could pop love my job lovely evening going it's good to hang out with you all once more.

Let's do it all over again tomorrow.

So you can just see she's glad to be out of drive timer back on evenings.

I think it's strange because all this is positive every everything I'm hearing from people is that the red the change the radio to a positive there's normally you get a lot of negativity of people leaving People moving around but this one it seems to be everybody's happy with the with what they've got certainly.

There's no rivalry between Zoe and Sarah we're not hate each other.

I've been reading the sun is that is that not true that's the truth and the sun the headline says it's the truth about the bit around something like that.

Is it true that it's not true.

Sorry to break it to you if I should we ask the girls if it's true or not sure we get pitted against each other all the time and sometimes allows remind me French and Saunders as Bette and Joan you know that powerful powerful everybody to get a job will be happy with this is an exciting headline instead of gone with this rival babe.

So then we are from the horses mouth as Sarah and Zoe on Monday morning saying it's absolutely nonsense and they are the best of friends.

I think we need that as soon as Dan tweeted it.

So there's a small matter of another Radio breakfast show starting next week.

That's Chris Evans Virgin gone on Sky and Freesat sat in the last couple of weeks.

So they've got this chilled and anthems spin-offs and we're starting to see some of the adverts now for the new Chris Evans breakfast show which appear to have all been filled in his house.

I don't mind me doing massive amount of publicity for the show do I have to leave my house though Monday morning can have me for an hour on Monday morning fantastic.

Let's do it so yeah, so ein Neuer and Natasha Chris is a wife and two children are in the in the pram.

It's quite a nice little creative with the analogue signal not being able to hear what you're saying and then another presses the button on the radio and suddenly salt crystal Clear hopefully I will.

She had like it is very creative and it promotes radio which is a good thing goodness knows how much publicity news will be throwing at Chris Evans head office in half of it yet so for all that for Sky and for news and you know all that publicity that's going to be going on for Chris Evans show for commercial radio.

That's got to be a good thing right absolutely yeah.

Yeah, yeah.

Definitely looking forward to it and looking forward to tune into Chris back on Virgin remember listen to him on his first day on Virgin in when would have been like 98 was it sound as though it sometime it's so were you 20 or 21 years ago so 2020 and a bit years ago at so looking forward to that moment and it's gonna be another big news events think so is launch on Radio 2 breakfast this week.

Got a bit of news coverage in the papers on the telly.

I'm sure crystal get the same next week huge amount and we will be talking fingers crossed to Chris's boss on This podcast next week Rupert's going on.

Are you going to say is wives coming on her friends.

We've got we've got send me confirmation the front his career will be with us next week.

So we look forward to it to chat Francis all about the new Virgin Radio with Chris Evans at the helm another new station this week Greatest Hits radio Liverpool about it on the round table at the yellow the new live mid-morning showers be going this week with Mark Goodier on at its greatest impact on Daily radio.

Did he bring the best music with him because I hear he has the best music is the man who's got it? Yeah exactly did he bring it with him? I think you didn't mean that he must have done so well.

Good luck to Mark and the team at Greatest Hits Simon Mayo treating a good luck message to Mark Goodyear on Monday as well as new show promoting the power station so Simon Mayo doing this now.

Let's do this now, so we're going.

What is he going well? We know apparently? I do it was on digital spy.

Not that I really obviously I swear every said radiotoday knows where he's going everybody knows where he is going but nobody saying it's really because nobody knows it's a really good secret but we've got a fairy haven't we we've got a few theories and I don't think it's smooth before anybody says that I don't use Virgin either because Dan said it must have been true then it was Virgin because just because new station and a lot and the recycling tweeted Simon Mayo said he's news would be startling and every thought oh, there's a star in the Virgin Radio logo.

He's tweeting didn't hear a new stations are being made been created.

Yes, this was when Zoe launch breakfast.

He said elsewhere whole new radio stations are being planned.

With you soon.

If so, there's obviously a new radio station being launched or built maybe just for him or to have him at the helm.

So that's not see Mum on breakfast or a drive who is in the market for launching new radio stations South global do a new station know if you wanted to Simon Mayo the stick in 1 watt LBC or classic move that devil to take the talks broke down family wireless possibility they've got Harper Collins he likes his books and podcasts.

Would he go to look radio they've got purchase and muse fitting library on either of those or who's the Other Guys about power is he going to been up to recently closed their Stewart well, they've been launching Hits radio and that might roll out in 2019 to other markets as well on FM possibly they've also I just changed all that.

Two stations to Greatest Hits radio as we know and at the same time they were doing that people have been noticing that the bit rates on DAB have changed and so in those markets where you've got a to station and medium wave station that's on DAB as well.

They've reduced the bitrate the quality that is broadcasting in on DAB down from in some cases 112 down to 8000 results of that they've got some extra capacity on the multiplexers that they own so they could sell PlayStation eustachian Simon Mayo is alluded to this is going to be on a new radio station, so we need to take two and 2 and end up with 68 and predict that son of males going to be working for power on a new radio station doing one of the pig shows would you think I think that's a very good Theory but so we'll have to have to wait till next week to see what happens so I

Nick ^ would launch a country music station this year, do you think Simon Mayo is going to be going country have to see maybe countrywide countrywide already be another station could somebody also said that Bower are launching a few new station's this year so it can be the speech station if you look at what global of got on what wireless have got they've got LBC live Australia but I don't have a space station.

So we have of course asked power and they don't comment on speculation.

That's all I get from these days.

I can't comment you doing that, but I hear that the announcement is due in the next 7 days old.

Yes, I heard that so so yeah watch this space will have it on radio excellent sat with o

Interesting out talking of Simon Mayo smooth on some a bit more serious.

He was one of the many people paying tribute this week to Dianne oxberry who sadly died from cancer this week aged just 51 thereby and was the presenter on Radio Manchester in the north east.

She's not a lot of people across the industry from her time at radio one where she was part of Simon rod Diana knew you can remember the jingle and the breakfast show on the early 90s Simon I was on Radio Manchester on Friday last week talking about to die and was part of the production team outside the Radio 1 Studio Ghibli spotting charismatic in the Aegean Sea and I just great to be with so I think Steve spotted that first and I spoke to him yesterday.

Just to get the facts right and leave just included herein as part of the afternoon demon telling stories and being part of be part of that and then breakfast in Jackie brambles was a great friend.

Breakfast times just a natural fit and so even though in theory the job was weather and travel and all I can say something which seems completely she can feel the studio you know she was a very charismatic presence very warm very funny.

Very shark we all feel a great sense of loss, but I think that is hard to explain just what a warm person.

She wasn't how much George she brought into the lives of many people family and friends and people who didn't know I'm a big hole here that the year at the BBC and as Roger Johnson said earlier.

She was reluctant celebrity.

She didn't care about the fame.

It wasn't about that.

She was a communicator and I should go to my Twitter even you know it was all about cats and a dog's wee always we always laughed because we we called her pet collector because she did you choose to collect these random pets and homeless animals and things like.

And that was being at home and being with me and I've been with the kids and being with the dogs and their horses and the cats and everything else in between was where she probably felt most at piece of things that brings back the ordinariness in an extraordinary person invent the clips you play just before the news at 8 showed you just want a great interview she was because we we call them interviews but actually the best interviews are just conversation with the objective is to get the best out of people and she did that wonderfully she was she was so engaged.

She was what she was one of those she was one of she was in every every man's personality at said Diane Express Radio Manchester breakfast co-host Eamonn O'Neill there before him you heard Simon Mayo and if like me you've lived at any point in your life in the North West of England you probably know Diane from North West Tonight we both watch that too emotional North West Tonight they did on Friday to pay tribute to her and it was so not a dry eye in the house.

It was very emotional.

She's one of these people that she smiles a lot.

He's always happy and she she in fact that on other people and when you watching it.

I remember watching your over you know having tea as a kid coming home from school or whatever and is in the mid nineties.

You enter kid then get out of course.

I was only 30 and yet.

She's just always be I never met her love to have met her in and said hi, but you don't have never crossed but turn yeah, just so sad when just out of the blue cos she was tweeting right up until I think was beginning of December saying she's doing stuff and she's happy and she went on the big walk for charity November so whatever it must have come on quite quickly it was just very sad sad thoughts with Diane's friends and family and colleagues at the BBC are in Manchester North West Tonight and radio Manchester on a big effort to put together some of those programs and a can of people to have to have to break the news to listeners a new, Beckenham

Alright, let's look at some of the news this week Spain in Manchester they've got any radio station on DAB in the city this week's Russ and Jono her back as well on fix radio.

Good morning.

I'm Graham Mark and this is Manchester in the heart of Britain's northern powerhouse a city that started out as the Roman fortress of mancunium the people who laid The Foundations for this great city literally laid The Foundations because they were builders and tradespeople today Manchester is famous for its architecture its Culture music sport Media science and Engineering none of it would be here without builders and trade because you made the buildings that became the homes the schools that universities railway stations the factories the studios the clubs the theatres the stage.

Everything will now we're building something for you your own radio station.

This is the station for the builders and tradespeople fix Radio Manchester by the yeah.

I'm thinking about Roman plumbers in mankini building the Roman spa bath.

So where were they were doing they built everything they built this city on rock and roll London on Sonos radio as well on Monday lunchtime listen a lot of different.

They were sunny good.

I don't know whether that show is that when it's pre-recorded or whether it's liver.

What is um I'm guessing it's very very pre-recorded.

So at good luck to fix an area Manchester now with a local breakfast for Manchester and then the rest the output from the main and national stroke London station to be going on this week old Charlie Sloth apparently.

He's joined beats 1 hyun.

You get away didn't see that it was I think I asked him a question in like October and have no comment but he did he even went on stage and started to abuse people as you have false, but yes, it's official now.

He's doing a Saturday rap show on beats 1 so good luck to you must be getting paid left Radio 1 to do show honour and internet radio station.

It must be getting paid a lot of money by Apple to do that quite looks absolutely I was Dave Grohl birthday this week.

You might have not missed that if you're listening to one of the guitar bass radio stations Virgin absolute.

We're doing things to market and radio x went radio Grohl they did I now know how to spell growl without looking twice after right.

The story about garages that do things to divert attention from your Zoe Ball Avenue breakfast show on Monday morning and it would just going to change your name.

I think I don't think so, I don't think they made an impact with that.

I think it's just what they do so yeah.

Good luck to them Kelly Brook has global she's going to do drive on heart London not breakfast.

Why did somebody say she was going to do the breakfast shows currently apparently somebody in a newspaper by any chance because I've got his number to ring you were getting one more week.

Let's get it on and see what predictions is got four 20% stake radio news doesn't work anymore nobody can you please bring it back as it was very fun at the rubbish on there, wasn't it? But it's a good Kelly Brook to Hartland drive for JK so that we don't know who's going to replace Emma on heart.

Vestido did not announce that they haven't but they will announce it's very soon Alex Lester the other week since we've been off finished on BBC WM breakfast they've got any breakfast this week and still going to do in Saturday nights.

I think across the Midlands but the end of daily Radio 4 Alex which is a big shame and a shock as well.

Nobody saw that coming I guess it was his two-year contract.

Yeah shame and hopefully I will be back at other stores remind me this week's Sam Bailey appointed new managing director of the audio content fund government money which is there gonna be going to radio stations to do a kind of public service broadcast stuff that starts his role from the 1st of April and hopefully we'll get on the podcast later in the spring to tell us about that im the New York Radio Awards have opened for entries as we begin our 2019 season of radio events and Awards somewhere excited about it.


If I do that will see you see who wins in there in a couple months.

I think it's the spring when they announce the winners for that.

We March or April cos we'll be so yeah, if you've got some great audio from last year.

It's time to start digging it out and getting your award entries ready.

Cos the New York to the first ones that are open excellent.

Thank you.

Write his to another busy week in radio cos I'm sensing it could be yeah, so good luck to Chris Evans not dead he's listening to this podcast but good luck to everybody and anybody involved with the director and many more innovative solutions for creative radio and find out more smallest radio stations community radio station radio silly and operators Beth Milton and Steve Simms and said they can no longer run it and the station will start to close from the 1st of March if someone to take it on isn't found that the reason that they've given is that.

Is the business side of things have become more work than they anticipated and their personal circumstances mean that they don't have the time or we can talk to Kerry Jones a former station manager of Radio Scilly the man who set it up back in 2007 welcome to the podcast hello Stuart I so tell us just have smallest radio station is first of all ok the Isles of Scilly have a population of 2152 people who are spread across 5 inhabited Islands about 228 miles off the southwest coast of England off Cornwall Warehouse a tiny tiny population and presume a good chunk of those people do listen to this radio station.


I can only obviously prefer to my time now.

I've not been on the islands for for two years, but at the time.

It was a station of Us listen to and a sustainable social business and how much weight was it to run is it a lot of work yes quite a lot of work.

I mean it's it is not the sort of opportunity.

They would take up because they want to play radio stations at it's a community Radio station.

I think that's really important because I know that's the chance to take on the station and hopefully keep it going has been promoted on social media, but if somebody saw this opportunity and the study thinking about running it and the first thoughts were to jingles automation systems wearing a top 10 at 10 and taking syndicated chart shows that's not what it's about.

This is all about social gains serving an underserved community on an isolated offshore rural community Isabel immersing herself in the community and living and breathing the Isles of Scilly you've gotta do it from the islands.

You've got to be somebody that's ok about going to lots of public meetings Council meetings.

It's all about storytelling and getting involved with the locals and trying to get people engaged with the station rather than traditional local radio skills.

I'd say so you basically.

Come on, it's one of those Communities where there is one person in each role primarily and you would be the radio station person and having had a little listen here and there.

There's a lot of speech content as a lot of details weather forecast type x that kind of stuff then referred back to my time there and we was presenting a 5 hour daily program.

Which was possibly 40 45% speech.

It's not a jukebox.

You've got a cover all of the local issues Leanne important thing about a radio station of the Isles of Scilly Isles of Scilly even though there's only 2000 people there.

It is effectively its own County Council with special additional powers so the Isles of Scilly Council is Parish Council size, but looks after the Education Authority looks after at the moment the water supply and airport social services all those things that major County councils.

Look after so people are making decisions which impact on all islanders lives.

And when I was there, it was the only conduit for information usually about what was happening and decision-making process and as a community station obviously encouraging participation and Civic matters and creating an interest in local democracy is one of the key targets, so that's what it was all about and I'm guessing it was quite an idyllic place to live and work as well.

I'll be honest.

It's fantastic and the summer it's incredibly tough to live on the islands in the winter and life became more difficult when they helicopters cease operation and that was primarily my decision to leave running radio station after being there for 9 years because when that was just a fixed wing planes often lead weights in the winter to 3 weeks to get off the islands and meant that you couldn't plan a holiday lets you had some time on the mainland kicking your heels sometimes for a week before you depart from Heathrow or Gatwick so that's quite difficult and it's

Very very quiet in the winter summer is just won the most beautiful places on earth may have traveled widely with the more recent role silliest stunning but you got a live that all year round and can be really tough from the end of October through to March and what was it that you there in the first place? I went there just out of curiosity and this was in the mid 1990s and I bumped into an old friend.

I used to run RSL in West Somerset it just so happened that I discovered somebody that for a conversation that I still work with lived on the island somebody to work with in West Somerset not in radio button there a local authority role.

I went to see how do you said you should do a radio station here be alright laugh, so I started doing the RS sales and had it in my contractor radio Pembrokeshire when I was running out of that I could have my little busman's holiday on on the rock and the Atlantic and when Community Radio camp about it was actually possible that they could be as a

Dianabol at radio station for the island which is never of course at something that the radiotherapy could have entertained and their legislation because there's no way I commercial business can be sustainable on a population of 2000 but we made the other not-for-profit community Radio station sustainable in the time when I was there so it can be done and it's funded by lottery is alright apart from the buyer lottery yeah, this is the station now.

I mean well it again referring to the time and I was there we had about 35 grand a year in advertising and come and get the rest of money came from a not-for-profit community lottery that was sat out which also gave money to good causes on the islands and gave at £1,000 to somebody on the island of somebody up country each week, and it was important because a lot of people who are interested now those silly people that come over for second homes or for holidays could listen to the radio station and wanted to listen to the radio station because I had a

Sensor bin on the islands and the lottery was the way in which they could support the station by playing for £1 a week and I don't know what the numbers are like for the lottery now because in the past couple of years.

So Regency station has not been there proactive who and what its doing in terms of promotion and marketing and admin panning some of the things that you can do if you got somebody across it full-time but I'm in dad is still in operation.

So it could be a source of income that matches the commercial income for the radio station and could take it forward and how involved with the audience when you were there is something of people were very involved with their was and I think all radio station saw this sort of thing off of interaction and social media became big but certainly a lot of people got involved with programme making we had lots of fair pregnant like a book club that had a repeating a group of volunteer.

Is about that 30 people entitled you say come under take part in an hour long book program once a week and we use accountant volunteer numbers and numbers of people participating and it was a high degree of the population of there be a couple hundred people would actually actively coming to the station of the course of a year and take part in programme making and a population of just over 2000 residents that people of all ages from Cradle to grave, so is a high degree of participation enter people not in the aisles might recognise it from being on the telly as well because he were featured on BBC in 2008 having it was yeah, that was good fun.

We were followed by an island Parish on BBC2 and that included with the set-up of the radio station and the follow that me out to Milan Rai got some jingles made for the radio station with was quite an experience that I find it quite entertaining so it was good funny profile for the radio station Island parish was very good for silly and

The tourism economy which is the most important thing there is there but I think it's simple at 96% of the others economy is tourism Alliance so that have that shop window on BBC2 in the middle of Winter every week for 8 weeks for four or five series that that really did make a difference is Ireland's economy and held the radio station to so if anybody seen the thing on Radio today listen to this and I think I could give aligot what kind of skills do you think so we might need to go and run that radio station you need to be interested in news.

You need to be interested in community affairs you do not need to be somebody that's interested in the an Iraqi cider radio fun as it is if if you're worried about you Segways and formats and clocks.

It's not for you.

You should be able to interview everybody in anybody and make engaging radio out of what can be on the face of it quite mundane topics but so all about holding a candle.

To be islands and perfecting what goes on around silly and making people feel involved in part of it.

You've also going to be a salesperson you be able to sell advertising and keep advertisers happy.

So it is a multifaceted role, but I can't stress it enough.

It's not for Wannabe station managers who have the first radio station it would ideally suit somebody that has an experience of working with community groups or is more comfortable in a speech radio environment because that's a sort of radio that in my view the Isles of scillies community Station should be not a commercial station and I guess for you personally.

It would be a big shame if it ended up shutting down station that you've been very much involved with the radio station like a pub.

Isn't it and the other landlord and landlady during your tenure if you like and they were so shouldn't go back to the pub that you've run before because changes might not be to your liking so I haven't listened to Radio Scilly

Since I left some things do change but there is opportunity there and I've got your good memories of the station and lots of things.

I'm very proud of and it would be a shame if particularly in this day and age when local print Media is offering less and less particularly for isolated Communities it will be a crying shame if this community service ceased to be lovely to catch up with you Carrie and we do hope it continues into the future and all the details for people to get in touch with the station if they're interested in taking out on a run radio nice to talk to you.

Thank you Stuart has Kerry Jones on the radio Today programme David Lloyd radio moments still to come and James cridland here in a minute.

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I'm James cridland the radio futurologist try to listen to the new season of fortunately podcast from the BBC and you'll be told you can't we should be here because we used to be here but we're not here anymore fortunately is a show that the BBC producers which never makes it onto the radio instead it follows the same genre as many podcasts do two friends chatting over a coffee with a special guest the friends in this case a fee Glover and Jane Garvey to broadcasters who share the same kind of humour the podcast itself.

Is recorded in the coffee shop in the BBC piazza the public space outside the BBC's cleaning Broadcasting House in central London last year the BBC launched a new smartphone app called BBC sounds it contains bespoke content like this as well as radio shows on demand and life and some music makes his mistakenly the app was launched before it had reached feature parity with its predecessor BBC iPlayer Radio it's also not available outside the UK and it's not doing very well in the reviews BBC sounds requires listeners to register before they can listen just like Spotify and it offers personalisation opportunities one would assume, but it also means that the BBC have been focusing on how to increase what's known in technology circles as the ma you the number of monthly active users believing that this is a key performance indicator of the success of the app the driver hire mou number isn't by itself a bad thing along with measuring the overall time.

Richard similarly increased it's an important measure of how successful the app is however it's a fine line between encouraging listeners to use the app and bullying them to which Springs has back to fortunately which started a new season this week, but you're not be able to listen to his on anything other than the BBC Sounds app, the podcast has been withdrawn from all other podcast apps and replace with a rather plaintive message fortunately is now available exclusively on the BBC Sounds app.

Good business sense, you might be thinking which is a valid point of you except what business is the BBC actually in its core area of expertise is making great radio and TV shows further its money comes in the main from the UK is a licence fee payers who already paid for this program to be made the most important measure of success for the BBC surely is how many people consume and enjoy its programs and Savannah

Withdrawing programs from other platforms is short-sighted.

There's a limit to how many apps people will install and while pulling shows in your old Walled Garden might be a strategy for some audiences should really be drawn to your app because it's really good it offers great recommendations and works brilliantly if you need to bully audiences to install a new app by taking things away from them that they've already paid for anyway or maybe you're doing it wrong.

You can get my weekly newsletter James cridland and Daily Podcast music pod and until next time keep listening now on the radio Today programme is David Lloyd some programs are still very well record for her time and place in our culture in the 1950s world where the only pop stations were being beamed in from overseas, that was a warm welcome for a rare.

Show on the BBC light programme giving airtime to fresh artists it was called Saturday club it began as Saturday skiffle club in 1957.

I'm a glad you could come along this morning for it's sort of rarity value in so far as they were not pop music programs all day every day to be a received there were no power to cause the BBC certainly didn't put anything Knightley mad about me to get does know anything like I did with Radio 1.

So there was that one for pop for kids and pop bands with that one highlight in the week every Saturday morning.

So that made it special made it important it had an audience which by today's measurement because of the proliferation of choice was Unthinkable him.

It was sometimes be as much as 25 30 million people the BBC One

Touch cautious about the program for young people but they tried it out it out the budget of £55 per week and Brian Matthew Who been a newsreader was the announcer it featured records and live acts then getting round the limits on needle.

X live performance creating an accidental unrivaled archive movie brothers and will tell you right now next week including James on Saturday club known best for Brian Matthews spell on it.

They hosted by Keith skues, as it was when you transfer to Radio 1 the program ended have the serving its purpose this way.

50 years ago 15 years ago LBC was finding its feet again Nick Ferrari her just started his breakfast show at the policy of having politicians hosting programmes has a booster guesting on the began with the p.m.

On 0870 909 0973 and the next Call is from Kate in Holloway near where I used to live LBC this week in 2004 his first ever live radio show all part of the government's big conversation initiative if you remember that LBC of course launched in 1973 and it was this week that year, but those commercial radio transmitters with turned on for the very first time testing testing lead actor in preparation for the opening of independent local radio in.

539 medium wave and 95.8 VHS general service of capital radio and 470 medium wave and not carry the new services London broadcasting company names and the FM frequencies to this day last week here in 2019 the new Greatest Hits radio and classic rock took over the West Midlands am frequencies those frequencies have carried a number of stations in their long history in Wolverhampton and the Black Country they began in the 1970s by carrying Beacon radio programs, but 30 years ago this week.

They got their own identity for the very first time.

From all over arklow which launched this week in 1989 the first play to be commissioned especially for the wireless here in Britain was called a comedy of danger.

Are there this week in 1924 the Chapel Road it was called Richard Hughes it was 23 trying to get his head round writing for this new medium.

So he set the play down a coal mine where the lights went out.

So that wasn't a great deal to bother describing because it was dark even death shot at Potters

You can't have your funeral and watch a John Deere the radio player in the long run three things intelligent informed criticism and good writing for the microphone.

It's November do I wonder if they'll realise that they reckon with a real life medium of the microphone.

It's so rare that its appearance is held almost with shouts of Joy head of programmes Val gielgud.

He was the Elder brother of Sir John gielgud 1959 and something new just before woman's hour which was their head on the night program then I'll begin listen With Mother and we did stories songs nursery rhymes and with the one that Hubble D&D ability de downloaded it was.

Will it move to the BBC Home Service who became Radio 4 and that stage sounds a little bit like this? This is the BBC for mothers and children at home? Are you ready for the music?

When it ends Eileen Brown will be here to speak to you a celebration of listen With Mother which began this week 69 years ago.

It's famous opening words were originally and lived by Julia Lang they become stuff of Legends now this week last year sad news from BBC WM is 12 and I'm Caroline Martin and it's with a heavy heart that I have some bad news to share with you our colleague friend and BBC WM presenter Ed Doolan has died.

He was 76.

He passed away in his sleep this morning and his wife Christine was with him now.

It was a legendary broadcaster in the midlands, and I've got to know him over the years so we know that he has battled with dementia and today we are going to share our memories of him together.

No, it's going to be a tough one to get through anyway.

There's an outfit in the Dudley area called Brierley printers, but found them up on 01384 01384 48213 ek448 to 109 01384 8109 have afforded a hugely respected broadcast in the West Midlands from his time at brmb and BBC WM he died in January last year so with radio aid across UK commercial radio 14 years ago 88 89 89 with Kate Thornton Liverpool becoming capital 3 years ago.

Capital Breakfast with Adam Gemma and imaging and Simon Bates moving to BBC Radio Devon 4 years ago.

This is new to me radio Devon is new to me.

I am delighted and thrilled to be here are this week's radio moments.

Thank you.

David and James and Roy and Kelly Jones this week as well next week Chris Evans new Bosley programme director of Virgin Radio UK Francis Currie hopefully on the podcast tell us about his new breakfast show.

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