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Read this: Roundtable #22 - January 2019

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Roundtable #22 - January 2019…

The radio Today programme with broadcast bionics innovative solutions for creative radio people are welcome to a new year on the radio today over the next few weeks.

We're going to hearing about some of those big changes coming up will be talking to Chris Evans his boss and a couple of weeks all being well.

Are we got bits in with Radio 2 for Zoe Ball and Sara Cox so fingers crossed? You might hear them on This podcast at but this week.

It's all about the Round Table Trevor and Jessa going to dissect some of the stuff that was on there over Christmas and look ahead to those big changes in 2019 Happy New Year Trevor thank you say happy new year this was recorded as usual at what's now the former home of Jazz FM it's been newly decluttered by its new owners power and turned into a comfortable studio 4 podcast another pre recordings.

What about guest was unable to join us at the last minute, but I think you'll agree there are some interesting topics raised and some excellent.

Patients let's meet I get hello Anna Goodman I'm a mad and I do commercial strategy for the BBC world service and the person we are missing is Ian McIntosh she would have been our hosting runs muddy knees Media who are here at the Old Jazz FM Building and he has suffered from what is coming to be known as the peppermint tea incident.

Do you know much about this only? What was on the email? Which was intriguing Whirlpool ODEON who is fair to say enjoy the drink? You wouldn't be surprised if you heard that he'd fallen down stairs while carrying you know the six pack of Heineken but no he fell down stairs carrying a mug of peppermint tea.

Very new year injury.

Wish you were here in and we'll see you on the subsequent Round Table I'm sure but honestly have a look at yourself peppermint tea and peppermint tea.

It is like having a cup of tea.

Whilst sucking on some mellow boiled sweets of tea is honey you got to get some honey in their my mistake.

Ok? So this is the first round table of 2019 and we must therefore start as we got me here, but I just told you about your fantastic music mix for the fireworks on the Southbank which you do with that with your business, Dan tell us how that came together because it came to have a little bit of kind of after word.

Yes, there was a bit of reaction to it this year.

We've been doing it for about 5/6 years now Dan McGrath and I at my partner in crime on this project and we work with at Jack Morton to a big events company and they work with the mayor of London's office and they bring us into a help with the music mix together and this year.

There was certainly a brief from the Mayor of London which was to embrace all things European and it was no secret that that that was the desire to do that so we had.

I also to European artists in their we have foreign voices which is a get the Daily Mail very upsetting and the message to the London is open and so that was The Brief and you can tell from the reaction that I think we delivered on the brief both in terms of Music and in terms of the lighting in the fireworks and I was a lot of comment about the blue London Eye and there was I just wanted to just gonna move away from the visuals and just talked about the sale yet.

How physically do you do it again it when you think that will I need a bit of time and a bit of Don't Look Back In Anger or whatever you've decided how then do you approach putting that mixed together.

We start the process in the summer believe it or not and we sit and it's a really collaborative process where we're trying to pick either big hits of the year or if there's a significant anniversary of someone died and we want to put in some of their music there and you you literally Whittle it down and you work out.

What will work with fireworks.

What's good in terms of sonically.

Obviously you don't want just two or three bits of music because then that'd be three.

Is Longleat so we have to go do some real handbrake turns on the on the edits and all that kind of stuff and it goes through about 1718 different variations until we get out with the one we want some process.

Do you put together a mix which they then choreographs the fireworks to yes, that way round yeah music comes first and we always have the fireworks choreographer in the in the room in the conversation at all the time then when we happy which is usually around November time, then they start work on the fireworks to the music soundtrack.

What's the first step when you do something like this.

Do you find a can of backing be to lay everything over really know we just we just listen to Great track from the year and you say ok that INXS Hawk that works really well with the weekend.

So we going to do a little mashup on that or we going to have another video Killed the Radio Star we can have that beer we going to mix that with you now.

So it really is just a blank sheet of paper and were allowed to have a imaginations run wild which is Which is great from because I'm able to exercise that created muscle and bring some Calum is Gladys the type and work with some people whose first language is English which is a bit unusual for you.

Can we hear it? Anywhere? Yes all the mixes are available on our SoundCloud page, so well, if you find it and look for New Years Eve fireworks on SoundCloud you'll find the mix their fantastic.

Thank you Nick Adam let's start with 2019 and all these extraordinary changes that are happening to well Radio 2 obviously 6 Music capital the Greatest Hits network I mean, where does it stop? What what? What would you pick out as big highlights to look forward mean so far.

Obviously as we speak on the Wednesday the Radio 2 in 6 Music have made their.

Changes and I've definitely teams in a bit of to both of those I think realistically for me 6 Music is more my choice but we're hearing broadcast professionals here doing you chosen Mirren the first weeks and you know I don't think you know there's any way you can judge anything at this point.

You know nothing is going to be disastrous and you can't tell how brilliant or not.

They will be in due course.

I think everyone is very interested to see what Evans does I think just because it's the big money signing and I'm curious actually to see when they start marketing it.

I've not really noticed any marketing so far apart from a few bits on social media and whether they will sort of allowed to find his feet a bit before they go great Guns or will there be wraparounds on the papers and you name it only because News UK owns the group there's always been a bunch of what we call house ads effectively.

Free ads for both for the sort of the top group of stations and Virgin but I'm not really counting those on talking about you know are we going to see primetime ads3 in the middle of the voice on a Saturday night that kind of thing that you've been involved in a few stationery launchers in your time.

What would you do if you were running Virgin Radio at allowed another room to breathe that start with nothing is quite rightly they probably won't do a massive spurt of marketing are until the shows a few months and I think there might be in a little a little bit of puff and PR around that as well.

I'm not sure they'll do the the big TV adding the voice on not sure that's that's quite where they at where they going for but it's going to take a little time to bed in if you remember when Chris move from drive time to the Breakfast Show to take over from Sir Terry Patten work straight away and they have to come and go away and just rethink kittens.

Look at exactly what they were doing at the music.

They were playing in the features etc.

So although there's a significant amount of a similar team moving to Virgin it will feel like a

Different show and across all the hill want to get it right from the start and they'll probably a lot of frustrations initially and the and all that kind of stuff so I think Adams right.

It's going to be the one to two options on and listen to do you think Simon Mayo is going to end up on Virgin well.

That's that's one of the rumours and if he does I think I'll be a really smart move and it's it's a shame what happened at Radio 2 because I think that was his natural home and it's just kind of the Fallout from that is we can see with a change of schedules.

That wasn't handled particularly well at the time.

It would be great if he's back on music radio but at the same time I could see him popping up anyway.

Frankly cos he's such a good versatile broadcaster.

If you I wouldn't be surprised if Simon Mayo joins LBC is it is ok the headline.

You know I could see him anyway.

I do spend a lot of time number crunching from where you sit.

What's the rationale for Chris why is he leaving his massive great FM audience to?

Tiny tiny digital station I mean she can start saving money but one argument.

I think I'm actually even without being flippant.

I think the whole thing about the BBC Talent things only Rob.

You know you sing Eddie Mair I think the saddest puncture people like that who who have not been happy for various reasons about the whole thing.

I think there's a really interesting thing that they are going out for either being sponsored for the first.

I haven't set a definitive time limit on it my thinking from that is though not really got any rage after sales you say there of The Returned tiny level at the moment.

So the money you've been losing is relatively insignificant.

So why don't you try and pick up some nice Radio 2 listeners and get people used to the idea of Chris and everything and then introduce the answer a later stage.

They won't read it.

We've got this big changes now.

We're not going to find out any of the numbers until August you know it is hard to second-guess on my Chris Evans I think you know that he likes the idea that you can be.

The station around him.

I think it's interesting where the Simon Mayo whoever goes there what they haven't really done so far is talked about anyone else that might be supporting at the got a couple of sister stations that they launch saying but whether there's sort of any other big names to kind of bulk it out.

You know to hold On To That audience because you know they're going to drift off them.

I mean whatever way they go there onto a bit of a winner because no disrespect intended.

They're coming from 007 is got what 400 100000 listeners 1.3 million hours which is I checked it's less than BBC Radio Devon so you never know isn't are there is a massive audience that so whatever happens in August when we get the first real Steel on the numbers.

It's gonna be up.

You know there's gonna be a good story to tell the pr machine will kick you know Chris is WD until I can stuff which which is great.

It's going to be a long way to go and I think that's as weak as we seem with when Moyles moved to radio x well, it takes a little bit of time.

Chris is going to bring some audience with him, but I'll be going to get to that to two and a half million stage which he is where they can a top digital stations are at the moment and have six music and Kisstory I'm sure we've already Phil Riley's blog about his back of the packet calculations and I think he's he said it would needed about 4 million and region 25 million hours to make it worthwhile excetera, but as you say they go in a different business model are the odds on the station in a year on that occasion the breakfast show interest in a long-term play.

I think it's initial play to make sure that radio two people who can find it feel very comfortable if the same kind of show Vassals is there there's it's it's got the same feel to it will be the same sort of features as well and so it's just a kind of not make them feel afraid Carphone Warehouse or whatever it is trying to sell my mobile this brings is on too well, what would you do if you were looking after the new Zoe Ball Radio 2 Breakfast Show which at the time of?

Recording this hasn't yet started how much have the Evans furniture do try to keep or do you start again with a blank page? Well? I think it's so is very very different to christen in many respects, but they're both have something in common.

Which is this bright optimistic happy Outlook on on life and broadcaster.

You know Chris always said his show was the Nation's alarm clock and he was there to give you a bright start to the day and things only brings that feel if you if you watch on BBC 2 on the the Strictly Come Dancing spin-off.

She's just happy.

You know she's happy all the time and and so that's a commonality between the shows I think over time again ill go to start with rather than they bring some new features and some new ideas inevitably some of those will drop off as you have the initial quiz that starts off for the first 8 weeks and then Vanishes mysteriously so that there will be a new field, but I think Radio 2 are fairly comfortable about this because people know Zoe

Two safe pair of hands I think she'll be absolutely fine so if anything it's yeah, that's the safe one and what does success look like for Radio 2 in a year's time? I think Radio 2 as I got a very very much with Nick I don't think Radio 2 going to see massive changes in the listening there might be some shifts.

I could be down there could be up with will wait and see but I think the Radio 2 audience is kind of there for the whole thing and not necessarily the individual bits and that's why I don't think even when there was a lot of criticism over the Superb Simon Mayo Jo Whiley show that that show didn't really didn't bother or anything in the ratings and I hope I think actually largely did the audience or stay the same it's a it's a stable boat.

Don't forget Chris you know like many of these sort of Big Breakfast Show house has had a number of weeks off for year.

He's United money was doing Top Gear the amounts that was a lucky.

Part of his thing that he had my account number the number but sort of double-digit weeks a year off and so the radiator audience.

It's already used to having various other people sitting for that shows so I just think the station is bigger than the sum of its parts in so it will just carry on and that's the same and drive as well understand.

What's going on at Bauer with hips and Greatest Hits but not smash it anymore the good times sound like this.

I know they won't listen.

It's what he wants to do.

So I just took it apart of the understand the capital heart smooth.

I understand that strategy completely.

I'm just not sure what the hits and greatest hits on we still got Hallam and Whittle so what's going on? Why I think they doing is and you know I was no knowledge of this but I think you're right you see that the global side of things which.

Brands brands brands and I would fully expect by the way that you know many of those breakfast shows are going to be fully networked later this year at some point, but I think what about Stephanie tried to do is where they were they think they have strengths they going to stick with the local mess because they think they can maximise that and monetize that better but anyway where there's any weakness go to a brand and then that it means building up and creating a brand so hence these new networks and is probably trying to have your cake and eat it and play slightly the same game that globals going because there's money to be made their you can do all kinds of you know you open yourself up to a bit more when you do national shows with National promotions and do bigger things and make more money, but the same time you know if you've got a strong showing some of the region ok.

No, I understand that I think but if I'm our sales team.

What's the advantage of my pitch as opposed to the global pitch because global the going in there and saying you want these kind of people by heart you want these kind of people by capital Maradona Nissan well.

We've got a few of these people that were reaching through this brand greatest hits and then we've got a few of the same kind of people that we're reaching in Sheffield because they're still listening to help with a picture.

They're not my picture by the station now necessarily, so they will still brand although I forget what they called now, but they used to be the big Civic Centre and so that's the way you go to advertisers and you say look this is what you're buying but you know when you're a more local level in when you're marketing it you can still say this guy is really big.

This is The Voice this is this breakfast? Show is the voice of this city and if you can do that and if what if you strip away if we've global come to that point you know there's something in the moment with some of their shows they do have the leading number one shows in Low cities.

For now if you put someone else in there, they risk losing that because someone else could nip in and go I'll have your guy or yeah.

You're good lady.

Who's who's who's number one in the city will put them on out about whoever else but you know across the piece is it makes sense for the Global but I can still do that and so you can get that maybe have that number one stationary could not your perspective is initially had a little listen to the Greatest Hits Launcher and the first day and it feels like their card out little niche for themselves.

So if it doesn't sound like hard.

It doesn't sound like magic as an absolute you know it's it's kind of its own thing and they always had a test wrong with this with an Radio City 2 which was that kind of format which I think ended up doing very well and probably had a greater market share of Radio City of in in Liverpool there's lots of ABBA there's lots of Queen is David Bowie This Madonna so the format if you like is a fairly easy one.

I I even heard the top 10 at 10 so that you know it's still haven't told them.

I could you was doing.

Official Radio 2 at the same time as well, so I can I thought that if people find it and enjoy it great.

You know will it? Will it do where do welfare probably scoop up more than they would have anything and left them all is as to say that I didn't understand all the ones and twos and threes and like I was lost.

You know what's going on here talking about audio here, but so who's design of these logos come on you and I nick normally meet in foreign parts and I normally interview you at the end of some conference and I usually ask you why European radio groups are so interested in using British consultants like you and I've never really had a satisfactory answers.

I'm going to try again.

Why do they use British why do they think we're good at this ok? So I think there is certainly a view that UK radio.

Pretty good and I think we have a lot to thank the BBC Four in that so the the BBC cast of the shadow over at the image of UK audio and radio and in fairness.

We do it pretty well.

You know I travel a lot I got a lot of countries some of the stuff.

I hear isn't great some list of Fire is super as well, but we've we've got we've got an image of doing great radio in the UK so it enables people like me to go and share some of the ideas for the things.

I've heard bring those two two different parts of the world and and also import things back into the into the UK as well.

You know it's had a conversation with somebody I won't name who writes about radio in the UK in a very respectable magazine and he said to me I have just been asked to write down a list of the best radio in Britain speech radio.

I haven't realised until recently that I don't really like Radio 4.

It's just not very good anymore.

He said I find finding almost every.

Can I listen to in speech radio is via podcast now? Is he right about this? Is is the kind of podcast world teaching British radio that it might not be quite as good as it as always said it is a speech.

I think pocus world has certainly changed made changes to the way some radios Dunbarton there's also can be a podcast you are doing it which is different radii day.

I do work slightly differently radio still has to fit time you know you still got overclock hours and things like that and I also think you always need to be careful of the sample size of 1 just because I don't listen to anything else, but podcast does not mean that everyone else doesn't mean over 90% the population listen to the radio every week so Radio 4 listening is broadly pretty static.

I don't think you can really make sweeping generalizations like that.

I like to think I like them though.

Sweeping generalizations whatever then yeah, there's always that I'm going to make a radio station that is good for me.

No one else could little while which has credit which go on for literally a minute and half which just shows you how many people are involved in making some of these products accounted the credits to an Epson the very fine cereal that the recent third series and it was only 25 or 27 names with name checked at the end of that now.

I don't think there's another even if you hadn't exact from you know who is done.

No more than sign the check the sum of the biggest shows I don't think there's any way and UK audio the get anywhere close to that.

It's the radio today round table for January 2019 at Adam Barry is here Nick Goodman is here.

I'm Trevor down and we sure have a continuation after this quiz from the Round Table to tell you about cleanfeed.

It's what you need to get for your steak.

Lore podcast in 2019 if you doing an OB and interview down the line co-hosting a show from somewhere different to normal at cleanfeed is great.

It's been designed for radio people and for podcasters Alice very simple to connect live audio in decent quality over the web and you can even record right within the browser cleanfeed won't cost you anything to get started and I take you 30 seconds to sign up and within minutes.

You'll be doing your first live interview or podcast recording find out more at cleanfeed dotnet audio sound effects.

There was a time when one of the great things about working at the BBC would you can get access to the sound of a Morris Minor going up a hill in 1958 and was grateful for it now anybody can have that because they've all been put online.

Have you ever listen? I had a listen anybody can have it for anyone would want to listen to them.

They all sound like they were recorded in the 1970s on the US and the quality is not fantastic and that its outcome of pouring.

Water on your excellent and exciting announcement of the marketplace in Palestine and spitfire flying over Stoke and things like that.

It's really ok.

How we get a used in the men's room in one of your fireworks though, it is worth pointing out that you do have to pay for them if you want to use them for any kind of project so although they're all they're free and you can feel own personal listening have that audio of a spitfire flying over steak and if you want to put in your podcast you are going to have to go to their licence page and pay $5 that nobody is Google doing whatever sound effect free WAV anyway.

. and I like them.

I spent half an hour in the company of football matches from a bygone era more about your vintage.

I'm afraid it does let down a bit more modern and Adam I'm just going to hand over to you here.

I've been reading about new ways of measuring radio audiences cridlands written about them.

You've commented.

Just do as a little encapsulation if you were you are there, so there's a coming call drivetime metrics and they recently announced.

I got a patent for a new way of collecting analysing in-vehicle media consumption really cos isn't just radio it claims to get audio books podcast you name it their sales pitches that they will be able to provide you know very live very up-to-date analysis of people actually doing in the car now.

There's an American company its aims at us and where the majority of radio listening.

I believe using car.

There's no set number but anything from 60 to 8.

Depending on who you talk to you in the UK It's Worth pointing out.

It's in the 20s the amount of glistening car with much more listening around both at home and at work what they're trying to do in that now gets tricky is with not a great deal of detail.

I did even go and have a look at the patent itself believe it or not times that I did my research.

This is quality research what they're trying to do as there's a thing that we used to call the car radio, but these days is called a head unit because it's the thing that sits in the middle of the car that does more amount do the radio off and radio sometimes can be a bit low down the list of the things it does and there's another development.

It's coming on recently which is your car has a SIM and the idea of it is basically as if you have a crash and maybe your airbag pops up the car place a call for you.

So you've got a SIM and as well as making 999 calls 1120.

There's also data on them.

So you can do things like so.

An obvious you say is the sat nav built into the car never mind you can hook up Google Maps sat nav built into the car can have like traffic.

So what this company is trying to do is think of that think other ways of using that date and saying ok if I can work out the you're listening to this particular radio station at this particular time I can send that data back using that cars in Sims and not using my phone we can collect that date and work out.

How many people listening to a haven't you people in the car at least listening to a particular station at a given time and look at the changes.

I know they've gone over to a podcast old onto Spotify or they come back to the radio or whatever and individual radio stations that sounds quite exciting but when you do a normal colour survey of audio listening.

You know how many people are listening to the radio or listen to your dear.

You know the car radios being played but do you know how many people in the car? You know that one person is a family of six people in the car.

Don't know you're so know who the person isn't she a man.

Is it a woman? What age they are things advertisers kind of wanted.

I get some tonight not clear to me that there's any way of doing it and then there's a whole thing of and and they talk about what they can discuss up quite big do we have any choice in the matter is my audio consumption the existing T's and C's when I get the car that says I better way we're going to monitor everything you listen to in your car and we can report it back.

I love having you on This podcast because I feel is that im listening to an additional two years in the future there any thoughts about Sir I think the privacy issue is clearly one which has got to be addressed and so do you want a car manufacturer of third party then knowing everything that that you're listening to you now because listening is is quite certain that the whole area which I think it is of interest that brings a sense of the biggest shoe around the future of measurements and had survived for another another podcast.

Thank you very much for your prayers the atom where can we read more about this? There's a radio link piece which has an interview with one of the managers behind behind it.

It's is kind of light on details.

So you have to economy between this word making before we get on to what we've been listening to the issue of gender balance on the radio as raised its head again, but with the departure of the last but one mainstream female presenter on LBC I thought it would be appropriate to discuss this amongst the three of us white middle-aged for which I do apologise Jane if you're listening.

What do we make of this? Well? I'll be seeing clearly a very male power station in terms of his lineup and Beverley Turner made made the point and made it well and actually she did a really good chat and listen to a koala.

Lot you got Sheila Fogarty on there now.

She's which is great and she's brilliant should there be more women on LBC absolutely it is a very male audio.

As well Adam all I know if this thing is quite hard upper 58% male into sounds about right.

That's not staggering mean you know if your talkSPORT understand it, but you know that's a lot of women still listening to others still a big thing at the BBC isn't it the whole thing about St Neots local radio and undoubtedly order change the radio to have been driven largely from that.

I think this is just a function of the station is big and now we see has been growing into been doing that.

It's gone properly national near gets a lot of Focus and attention.

They market themselves brilliantly and actually with that come from, responsibility and you did you like it you think they just don't give a shit is there that sense that globally we don't care.

It's hard to say I think I suspect they don't think about it quite the way you know if your public broadcasting at BBC you've got to report it.

You've got to put those numbers out there and they're not going to send you won't get the kinds of attention.

That's so how does this stuff play out in Europe if there's many more women on the on the rate of clear up.

It feels like that anyway.

We've got to a bit of a point of the UK now where it's a bit obvious that there's not enough women on the radio and I think the Radio 2 of this you save just done something to it to catch up if you like with the wear that hat should be but service Italy and Europe it feels less of an issue recommendations coming up after this your best content shareable and discoverable on any platform Oasis from broadcast bionics helps you build a closer relationship with your listeners welcome to the social studio at bionics. round table and Trevor down.

I've got nick Goodman and Adam bear with me and we going to talk about some things.

We think you might like to listen to and I'm going to go first because I mentioned it earlier a thing with big credit at the rfk tapes.

How long were there any of you've heard there?

This is yet another one of these real crime real adventure stories and this is about the death of Robert Kennedy his clip senator Robert F Kennedy has just won the California democratic primary, but to get to the White House will have to pass through the hotels kitchen Pantry within seconds a younger man is tackled by the Crab revolver and hand instantly joining the likes of John Wilkes Booth James Earl Ray and Lee Harvey Oswald is one of the most notorious political assassins in American History men normally known by all three of their names.

44 year old deer 100 senator Robert Kennedy and only he alone is the murderer.

Sahan sahan, was locked away and all the evidence collected by police photographs bullets and hours and hours a witness recordings that was locked away to leave somebody for purpose best-known of themselves is going to try to prove the surround didn't do it that this was a conspiracy.

You know what happened well 50 years later Watson investigation officer big cover up it's happening.

I just love the style of American podcast documentary making is a line quite early on where the guy is presenting it says in the 18 months.

I've spent researching surprised, but it's very deep is Annette it's a deep dive into a small topic listen right audio in there and the famous commentary of the shortened and the conspiracy theory attach to it.

So yeah, I do listen.

The trailer of the trailer was excellent but the end that is not what you expect If You're Expecting he still alive if I'm not saying anything because that would be unfair but it is not the Conspiracy story you expect.

Did you hear that and I'll confess I haven't said your first one.

So my first one is party, so I do think every actually I get the radio Times and I start scrolling through so I publish these two traits of a really interesting thing is I am always looking for things I'm spotting and it was a great sitcom a few years back called party started a Edinburgh Fringe actually is run by Keiko Tom basden is Bruno's a good slapping speedlight.

Inky init Katy Wix and around for about three series a really shorts is only 12 of them.

It's kind of the Fawlty Towers like in its length about bunch of students at a time who who want to create a new political party in an interesting thought a few years later, but they came back for a one-off and it's 6 years on then, they will left student Hood

And it's very silly comedy.

They're all heading up to a trump owned golf course in Scotland that's the premise of the whole thing.

It's half an hour to one of us is on the BBC site that it's the final one identifier getting back, but I just absolutely love that Siri is a clip from party and I mean could we stop before trump Turnberry wise in a metaphorical sense to me.

I don't know how to do that silly grip yourself through your little boy in all of it.

Please stop that Duncan I shouldn't have to sit next to someone touching himself pinching myself at the moment.

We can squeeze back in like sardines in a cabin in that case I mean.

Sorry to say this Adam I did think it had a lot in common with a lot of BBC comedy.

Just wasn't very funny.

I like the characters.

I think you're going back from the characters and objects ok.

Well, whatever turns Nick looks have your first I want to recommend something was recommended to me by a friend colleague actually some lyrics to the Digital Farm to radio France nieces.

You must listen to these 20000 Hz apologies for the French accent so 20000 Hz is the stories behind the world's most recognisable and interesting sounds as of the Chuckle Dallas Taylor he's an la-based sound designer and every program every episode is this beautifully crafted deep dive into a particular sound or something with familiar with so if you've got an Xbox there's a start-up sound of it.

How did that come about or the Amen break one of those famous sample pieces of music or the sound design for Hamilton

The show he presents these in a beautiful way, we were talking beforehand about BBC Radio 4 it feels it's got that sense of quality about every episode is is beautifully crafted and so if like me you're into sound and sound design and sounds that surround us all the time.

It's a it's a wonderful treat for you play latest edition which is actually as they explain a remix of one of their favorites.

It's about space LEGO from planet to planet in our solar system to find out what each surface would sound like 2 hours to be cleared.

Oh you Pretty Much died instantly everywhere except here but for these examples were gonna pretend to have superhuman powers that will keep us Alive so with that disclaimer out-of-the-way.

What's the closest to the sun places like Mercury antibodies with no atmospheres are would be similar to being in space.

There would not be a match sound if any.

Quicks that's actually that would be here really the only source of cell and you can only hear these Mercury quakes if your head was pressed up against Iraq because there's nowhere atmosphere for traditional sound to travel through.

Nextep Venus in my mind, what sound would be like on the surface because you have this really dense atmosphere much denser than Earth the sound would be more like or tend toward with things sound like when you're underwater if you can imagine something in between air and water that kind of density.

You're running your hand through that and you would feel that thanks for that Nick 20008 sweet it once before on This podcast I think there's a show about the Pips ok.

Ok so the second I've got is a some of that went out Radio 3 over Christmas called soundwalk radio is 3 hours so take your time over this one Robbie any couple of weeks left on BBC sounds site.

So you might have need to be quicker is present my guy called Horatio Clare fantastic name and it's him going on basically a real time.

And then it said it did the walkers in the black forest in Germany and he is talking about Wanderers say he's sort of send me wondering during this thing in the whole kind of aspects of those are the idea that people would just go for a walk somewhere we not know where they're going to go.

Let me just interrupt you with this clip and I will come back later acorns underskirts Leaf fall through the air so still not a breath of wind and it's that first phase of a walkway you leave a sounds of civilization kind and the motor car in the engine and walk into quite another world which smells leafy and tiny when the ground is soft underfoot and their it's that optimistic and wonderful moment where you said house into unknown territory and full of hope and expectation.

So there's a man walking around the black forest and there's a bit of music playing and it's going to go on for another 2 hours and 57 minutes compulsive isn't it absolutely yet? It's he's already done a Norm from our research.

She is not just mulling to himself as he walks around because he's talking about historic things the music is really neatly embedded into it does not so much complete pieces as it might fade in and fade out and it's not just classical music.

There's a few piece of folk music in there as well anything that is kind of relevant to it and it's just a different kind of radio and it is quite nice.

I love to hear experimental stuff like yeah, it's wonderfully atmospheric as well.

It really takes you there and we talking radio lot about the movies in your mind and the pic pictures and straight away.

I was there that you was recorded dutifully so you've got the sound of the footsteps and the birds in the background and he's got a great way of describing what he see.

Can I say what you say and I really enjoyed it.

I didn't listen to all three houses in Italy but I am going to try and rejoin The Wanderer as he carries on through.

I think you could do that with a show this to me like you could listen to 40 minutes and then not hear any for a week and then think my fancy popping back to the Black Forest as he things are going I'm not not no spoilers here, but there's not quite the same reveals.

I think you're Robert Kennedy no shame podcast not big finale like that.

Let's have next second.

Thank you for that.

Will I want to recommend switched on POP is good.

I never heard of this to be sent me the clip so I am a anyone knows me knows I'm a massive fan of pop music and spend indeed microphone bodies.

We've just had a massive pop music and this is a podcast breaking down the music of pop hits so there's a musicologist and a songwriter producer.

Deconstructed pop songs popular and sometimes I have guessed in the studio so for example.

They look at Havana by camila cabello and they'll discuss the importance of the 808 drum machine in that and the Cuban montuno piano and how those blend together or they'll go back and look at Alanis Morissette you oughta know and talk about the harmonic motion in the chorus and the tension and the anger of the lyrics so if you're a fan of pop songs and the art and craft of writing and producing songs it's a it's a fabulous podcast they clearly love doing it here's a clip from the latest edition where and don't go away and it's January they talked about sleigh bells but not sleigh bells in Christmas records sleigh bells used in other records.

We both repaired a couple of different tracks and we've also Brighton solicitor suggestions.

Do you want to look at this off so I'm very excited to share a first selection of what is it now on holiday songs featuring sleigh bells.

Weaning a baby with our first husband is Bonnie Tyler's Total Eclipse of the Heart which is written by Jim steinman, and it's been out just incredible song then back in time.

This is a sign of love listen to show me times transcribed and yet.

I never really noticed that there were slaves in here.

I discovered to the moment here.

We go get ready check on my TV.


does a clip from switched on pot? Thank you for that Nick Goodman I just wanted to draw everybody's attention to the latest fantastic piece of work by Kathy Fitzgerald he's a great sound designer in the radio producer and she made a thing for Radio 4 and I think the best way I can describe what it is.

It's just a play the beginning.

I'm in the British Library on a dark wintry afternoon after lunch reading sleepy.

I lay my head down my cheek comes to rest on my old copy of dickens's Great Expectations

air press to the colour like a seashell

betwixt and between I can hear it.

The trial of miss Havisham was dressed along a dusty wooden floor.

Nice in the wedding feast.

the wind and the rain online

Avoid sort of novels assignment each object, but now I realise the full of sound.

What will we learn if we start listening to them? Well, if that doesn't work you're up as I don't think you're interested in radio Justified did anybody hear this idea had a nice use of just kind of low drones and the reflective and it doesn't have a know where it's going or even care.

It's just very radio really wanted is the new album by Genesis isn't it 8D

Because we know about that because I got given for Christmas a pair of airpods and I must say the brilliant.

I'm I'm not just saying that because I'm hoping for the British sponsorship airpods things and my daughter said to me.

I have you heard anything on a day and I said no I haven't heard she's oh well get on your phone and get onto YouTube and just put in 8D and there's all these tracks including famous Ones by Queen have been remixed in what is known as 8D which is if you're as old as we are it's basically quad so you're in the middle of this great sound picture that is all around you just listening off your little airpods any tears but I mean I can't demonstrate it.

Obviously the monopod gasbuddy is weird.

I think are you interested.

I I don't know that particular.

I don't know what it is, but I the whole kind of thing as this can a surround sound.

What you can do I'll see things with binaurals been around for a long time and how you can deliver it is really interesting and always find it.

You know it's all slightly disappointing that it's the video part of audio and video that gets actually the more sound things for now.

You know that we talk so yes, it's on you know people of building Dolby Atmos into televisions and you've 5.1 7.1 9.1 surround home systems is a big thing for movies and it's it's as much a shame that is not an easy way to deliver audio in those formats.

I've ever heard of it.

I think I've been more excited 1D getting back together and have a new record / good place to end Nick Goodman thank you very much for joining us and thank you add.

This is been the radio today round table for January and I would just like to thank our credited money needs actually buy her own this desk and this room and the I'm the first person to use these mum.

New headphones which they just who to put in for us and they're made by Canford audio there DT 770 pro these the sort of things that you use absolutely I wouldn't be seen with anything other than the Canford audio ET whatever alright.

He's a bit of 8D in one day before we joined stew.

Thank you Trevor and Nick and Adam David Lloyds radio moment still to come after some resolutions a James.

Great time and I'm James cridland the radio futurologist this week's New Year's resolutions for radio everywhere but welcome to 2019.

How are your personal New Year's resolutions going I thought I'd suggest a few for the radio industry number one lower your out loud 12 or even 15 minutes about an hour as a poor experience if you can pay that too many of our competitors as easier said than done, but this is a needle that needs grasping at some point before somebody else.

Does it for us rethink how you make multi platform radio on a very basic level if you never tell the time on a radio show.

Or you could rerun that radio show at a different time and if you focus on making great short-form content you can use that on the air and online in podcast oranmore interactive services a great piece of radio deserves to be used more than once so what does that mean for how you make it focus on delighting your audience commercial radio exists yes for ratings and revenue but without ratings comes no Revenue and without a focus on delighting our audience.

We have no ratings everything we do should Delight audiences first and foremost which means treating them with respect Focus less on tradition and more on innovation the past is a different country where we did things differently radios strength.

Is that we can change the way we do things quickly there's no room for doing things the way we've always done it in the radio industry of 2019 because we've never had the competition that we have now and no more antique microphones my goodness some of the radio industry seem bizarre, Leigh

Happy to use pictures of old-fashioned microphones 1940s transmitters and old Bakelite receivers, will use these icons in our trade associations or our staff newsletters and sometimes even our radio station logos our industry isn't like this anymore.

Please stop with all of that already.

No one radio still incredibly strong as a medium perhaps 2019 can be a year for radio reinvention to make us even stronger here's hoping so you can get my weekly newsletter a James.


Land and Daily Podcast news at pod and until next time keep listening and now on the radio Today programme is David Lloyd 15 years is a long time on breakfast.

Isn't it? Not least when you talk constantly you stay for 3 hours well done Nick Ferrari

I went to A&E and my wife took my tablets with the to tell you that I had my morphine.

What was one language problem.

Give me another dose of morphine on Lord you're looking after 9 Days nip 9 Days and they wouldn't let me out I found out later on I have to be resuscitated when I was taking me down for an x-ray non compass mantis style Welsh map.

Are you better now? You're lucky to be alive?

And so it went on Nick Ferrari who began on the breakfast show on LBC back then in chrysalis, ownership this weekend 2004 much like 2019 this week's always been a week of breakfast changes 90 years ago.

There was something new on Radio 2 BBC News it 7:05.

How are you? Are you ok? I am hanging in there.

Would you mind awfully if we gave you 3 cheers as it's so good to have you back on the BBC you are too.

Good to your gorgeous Moira Stewart back.

Where she belongs on the beep quiet ones of course hip hip wake up to Evans rather than Wogan as he took over Radio 2 breakfast shift this week in 2010 the chap who preceded Wogan on that show began this week 27 years ago BBC Radio 2?

And this is their breakfast you you've been waiting for the other very simple stimulating menu first.

There is plenty of the music.

You know the music of your life than there is basic useful information like travel Trafic sport weather course the news you start your day entertained and informed who could ask for more than that Ryan has taken over the Radio 2 Breakfast Show from Derek Jamieson this week in 1992 has been a lot of water under a lot of bridges since this Breakfast Show made, its debut 15 years ago this week, Morning Britain Chris Moyles just so that sort of what was the saviour frankly Chris Moyles beginning on Radio 1 Breakfast this week in 2004 his spell was the longest ever to date and Isis

Fix the longest ill ever be is that a good thing to go to some radio x on Radio 1 from this week in 1981 so this voice we will never touch things when you're ok.

That's why I playing sad when you're working from 1971.


I think they're doing something sensible.

I think they're to have a chat.

So I'm going to just sit here and we'll just you and me and I'm not quite sure if I'm going to be able to make it in time for the game you seem to watch you play football because I see the join the team you never play not I can't I have the doctors net

It was in the days when plecos was our main goal e&n Edmunds who's the head everything by greed who began all the Radio 1 Breakfast Show this week 38 years ago talking.

There are one of those famous handovers to Simon Bates who himself Began on smooth breakfast across the UK 8 years ago this week this chap managed.

Just 15 months on Radio 1 Breakfast starting this week in 94087 Steve Wright who began his short stint on Radio 1 Breakfast 25 years ago the radio to sell used to be very different from now until.

Erasers would enjoy the immaculate tones and perfect engaging presentation of rainbow.

It's 30 years this week since he died.

Everything is gone now.

So little bother out pretty little about him supposed to read in Upton on Severn Worcestershire pause was included in the contract.

We lost him this week 89 and that was his final show before he died 2019.

Sees the first full year of the new local evening shows on BBC local radio and it was 6 years ago that they were networked in the first place.

And you show a new presenter not exciting really isn't it was excellent to have your company and your very very welcome to the program that links together the BBC local radio stations across England and the Channel Islands

Everyday I'm on earth for you some radio gems those little bits of local radio Gold Dust that I think pods forest of the first network BBC local radio programme this week in 2003 and had Mark Allen p.m.

On Radio 4 the other night doing good things on the buttons the BBC is a deliciously complex Place when Carrie Gracie turned up to host the Today programme this week last year.

She was one of the least or is it 6 on Monday the 8th of January good morning? This is today with this morning Theresa May is expected to promote BBC China editor Carrie Gracie has stepped down from the role in protest of what he called an indefensible pay gap between men and women of The Corporation in an open letter addressed to licence fee payers was Gracie said the BBC was facing a crisis of trust and accused of breaking equality law all the pretty much the resignation of somebody.

Carrie Gracie as the BBC China editor the main story of the times on front page of the sun and soul on the time said decision reflects the death of anger felt Across The Corporation over pay inequality between men and women it says 134 female employees at the BBC have issued a statement expressing wholehearted support for her and the remote represents one of the biggest crises to hit the BBC since loadhaul took over as director-general in 2013 the BuzzFeed News website which was the first of publisher open letter to licence fee payers describes it as exclusive and a bombshell and at this point given the subcarrier city in the studio perhaps this would expect me to do anything to be with you about that bombshell letter the BBC has rules on infinite reality which mean that presenters count 7.

Returning to interviewees on the programs.

They are presenting however however however well anyway better at 10.

Just a very quick thought you're Not a Winner reactions.

It's been very moving actually and the two things that has struck me most about it and move me most and one is I think the scale of feeling not just among BBC women but also just more widely across the country and also carry grazing story unfolding this week last year so with Jeremy Vine taking over Jimmy Young's lunchtime shows 16 years ago.

Ramos Jane obtuse Liverpool things cuboid with an SD are becoming 10 years ago and a surprise new story three years ago latest news David Cameron has died and David Bowie has died after a 680 month battle with cancer.

He was 6 weeks radio moments.

Thank you David James Trevor and guess Nick and Adam will be back next week with another episode of the radiated a program with creating and distributing clever radio.

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