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Give me up this week will find out about the audio content fund from its managing director Sam Bailey James cridland reflects on his trip to Vegas for the nav show and we got more delightful radio moments from David Lloyd radio Today programme with broadcast bionics solutions for creative radio people out of here as always Easter weekend excited for the chocolate destroy is bank holiday.

I can't do chocolate because of you no problems, but I have found an egg that I can I eat so I should be here.

I'll be doing that excellent so it's been a busy week for any of you get out the way that's get on with the news it said been a very busy week in radio not as busy as some weeks have been this year so far, but everything is winding down for their Easter break news from the CMA declared it off the desk before Easter this is not the power purchase.

It's though this is all about global purchase of outdoor media companies and it's alright there allowed to do it.

It's alright.

What is the song that are the competition and markets authority of approved the acquisition of exterion Media by global which means along with the other purchases which were primesight and outdoor plus at the back end of last year global is one pretty big company now.

Isn't it? If they've got literally hundreds of thousands of outdoor advertising point across the UK at 12.

It's radio station to fix it if it so desires for free which is that a great move global outdoor can now fully integrate into global which it will do over the next 3 months.

I wonder if they lose their names.

So it will take away all the other primesight and outdoor plus and just have the global logo everywhere yeah, maybe that's what they did spinning next few months drink.

So good luck to Steven Hanna and Ashley in the team there for a rat integrating all the staff into not literally physically into Leicester Square butter into the global family from globals billboard.

That I guess now the CMA at might have a bit more time to look at the Bower purchases because there's three decisions were waiting on there and for their purchase of UK R&D and wireless and Lincs FM group, so now the global stuffs off the desk you never know they might be around and about stuff.

You should have got millions of the things going on a python radio button attention because the people involved are they going to be in for a bit of a shock from what we've heard if they do literally turn there 100 new radio stations in two relays, so I have for the sake of this tablets help this carries on forever and ever it said it said split, isn't it between you hold separate going on for a long time and and things kind of staying Aziz vs.

The insecurity.

Can you know over not knowing what might happen? So yeah, there's a balance to achieve their guests and there are rumours this week.

Not that we do rumours of Colorado

However, there is another rumour going round apparently that an announcement is imminent even maybe by the time you hear this there's something going out so yeah keep an eye on the website for more details and I'll be with Bowers existing stations.

I guess rather than the other one's a boot cuz he can do anything with those yet.

Yes, I expect to hear a waiting news on how the old Bauer City 1 station will probably become the hits at not that the information was leaked on a design agency website recently or anything like that.

So we'll see what happens talking to which Greg Burns popped up on there on Sunday night doing are taking over there at throwback show on Sunday night and I think he was doing that from Australia cuz obviously you left at UK ready about 3 4 years ago to go to Melbourne I think you might be in Sydney now.

So possibly him coming back this away into Hits radio for him rumours that he's going to taking a daytime show on Hits radio when it goes network to cross the

Bauer City 1 station, so yeah, they haven't just employed him for a weekly show because he isn't actually moving back to the UK in a few weeks.

So that might give us some indication of of timescale you have an ok alright.

Let's talk about station in Wales radio Ceredigion and they've had a bit of a weird history of the last year or so, because they reapply for their licence putting the different formats of the didn't have to do as much local and Welsh content as previously and now the face of mine and said they wanted it actually do some more work will contact them their new licence requires them to do when it starts later this year.

This is a bit of a head scratching moment when it appeared in the inbox so Ceredigion will be continuing maybe they've had a change of strategy for nation radio or maybe it's just easier for them to continue with the split links and the split ads on radio Ceredigion as it is who knows we should drop them an email and and find out that while they're playing at yeah that the other end.

Tree Durham FM an alpha are coming back.

So what was Durham and alpha and became star on the UK R&D and then changed to rather good.

I think it's been vintage music radio the last few months.

It's been handed over to the different group to run it and they're gonna bring back the Durham and alpha names so local radio Returns possibly like radio up I doing their own now apart on imagine FM in Stockport so they've got a couple of digital stations in the Midlands I think and now this one in Greater Manchester and now the ones in the Northeast so again a strategic plan that got a couple of stations dotted around the country good luck to them and let's see what happens.

Are there since we recorded last week as well.

There was this report came out so from a group call himself the local radio group and they're basically pulling together some evidence and some research that they've done from an online survey.

Lobbying for the Reversal of some of the deregulation is that going to happen now and it's it's great that they're spending time on this.

They're obviously very passionate, but it isn't happen.

If any of anything they do or he does I don't know how many people are exactly involved in this.

I'm very sceptical and so are many of the people in the radio industry, so I just feel like saying stop wasting your time and when did happen when I'm not entirely sure what they want to happen, but as you say it's going to be near on impossible that the changes off, Broughton are going to be reversed if anything when dcms and when the government finally get round some legislation once we got brexit out the way I think the deregulation of go further than rolling back on it and I'm not quite sure what is his there exactly as it had a try and bring back the good old days of 24/7 local radio and who's the guy behind this issue.

Breakfast Show himself as me and I did have a listen to his breakfast show and that wasn't a lot of local content in the links.

There was local news local travel news weather reports that kind of stuff but in terms of the chat with the presenters.

It was all stuff that was national that could of been done from anywhere talking about surveys until about things in the paper and talking about you know Britain's favourite takeaway in all those kind of things so not really sure this is the problem with local radio need to see you tuning you can listen for an hour and hear nothing local the fact that it's a guy or a girl sat in a local studio looking at the window Tottenham and local weather is that something really worth saving or can that be done centrally bigger and better yet, and I think what way.

We will see with the global stuff and with bowel preps when it happens is that focus on local news content and actually saying we're going to deliver specific news for each licence area rather than the bigger.

Can a merged Rachel stations around a bit but listen to Capital launched a national Breakfast Show iTunes around some of the breakfast shows and listen to some of the news content and on the whole I eat.

Cherry at was doing kind of its quota of local news in those a team news versus that I listen to one a two a kind of meal preps bending the rules a little bit on what they're supposed to do in terms of fully formed local stories for each patch, but will give them the benefit of the doubt world.

Can I go back to it a few months and see how they getting on at be interested in a few weeks gonna be talking to John bedell from the bjtc who are training the next generation of journalists and a transformer commercial radio news editor and Irn editor Sowerby interest to get his views in a couple weeks time on This podcast on local content in national show centre ofcom's requirements are looking at the feedback from radio stations Twitter and Facebook were stations have had their breakfast show replaced if the majority of them are just there.

Missing their affection with whoever was on the radio before and they don't like this new guy but chances are if Roman Kemp was the local job before and then somebody else came along did be missing Roman so it is just that associate with the people.

They know rather than the fact that it's not from the region isn't it's just they don't like changing their favourite radio presenter, but you no overtime Roman will become their favourite radio presenter probably you know that that always happen when the new guy takes over yet capital presenter from Manchester jump ship.

I guess he's staying in the same building.

No, it's in the fridge new show cos he's gone to communicate.

This is Adam Brown he was doing that drive on capital in Manchester is taking over from Steve Berry and Sophie on XS Manchester breakfast from next week.

Yeah, he's literally next door.

Hopefully he'll be able to keep his car parking space in the same building in Spinningfields in Manchester but they are separate remember hold separate and the

The whole the state companies must be different there are different front doors on the on the Year the same floor for Global and communicate in Manchester which is a bit different to some buildings.

I think you went to Wales do me and they're all in the same the programming team Studios certainly it's all the same way in and they're the same desks that they can assign next to each other on the studios are accessible by both, but I think it's more the sales operation weather supposed to compete and I think they're on different floors are certainly separated in in most of the regions as they're supposed to be a student radio conference going on this week and at the lineup for that looks really really good looks excellent put some other radio industry events to shame to be honest with you such a big rotor radio professionals taking part at the opening was by Stephanie Hirst they've got loads of people from global loads of people from the BBC from our from communicore.

And some freelance producers all all sharing knowledge and encouraging students to get into radio on to do good things in radio which is quite ironic considering designer me many jobs left at the end of the year, but it's all good for the students.

I wish I was at the event because we used to go then we're back in the day and it was always a good crack.

So maybe next year maybe get your passport back soon.

We can go to the next bus to need a passport to go to Swansea it is Lancaster bailrigg FM I went to one's on the Lancaster campus think I went to look at a mixer that it had for sale about 15 years ago and that's one of the original FM licences for at full-time FM licence Christian radio station under the students union they have decided then.

I'll pay for any more and so bailrigg looks like it could go online only which has caused a bit of a kerfuffle.

Who was the who was the first actor.

Trust FM full-time student radio station back in the 90s and I used to listen to it.

I never have the pleasure of going in but I used to do if you know this job.

I used to do overnight on the bedroom and living in in the South East Lancs and driving up to North Lancashire I used to pass on the M6 or the A66 I got to Junction 33 HD tune the radio to 87.7 and see what they're up to cause back, then it online listening was in the thing that couldn't just TuneIn whenever so being in a new area listening to a different radio transmitter was always exciting so yeah a lot of the heritage that lot of emotion tax that radio licence lot people gone through the station now working radio, so yeah back the petition if you can and see if you can get those people in the students union to change their mind.

What are they thinking? Do I think it's a bit more than the money isn't it? Cos it's that thing that says £1000 and they could raise that money but the students union said they don't want to be that the licensee and I suppose it's

Retaining the Ofcom requirements all year round when the students and not necessarily there all year round to the steps of little bit more to the story than will be told 20 years so come on guys sorted out and it was interesting to hear that Richard Allinson in the latest David Lloyds conversation series which is a really really good one at talking about his early days in radio app.

FM in Lancaster solar another excellent product of the students station that is Easter coming up a good luck to the guys at maritime radio for their launch this weekend's, we've got what about 304 weeks now to the radio festival and tuning in that will come round quick yeah, do we know who's going to be at the festival Park from me you and the radio today crew at Simon Mayo anybody else.

I think that's 11 hours so far at the time of recording but maybe more news coming soon baby money is coming soon.

We know Roman Kemp Vick hope and Sonny Jay will be at tuning in along with other guests as well.

Including Steve Parkinson from our Michael Hill from radio player she won't Kenny from Radio Center and Professor Green the musician among others at that's on Tuesday the 14th of May and coster Reading Festival on the 13th.

You can get your tickets now from Radio Academy.

Org are we having it off next week you ready a people you're all the same.

We taking the day of the week off alright.

Ok? Yes, I am away next week.

So it's Easter holidays, and we will return on the 1st of May I think are you going anywhere horrible Scotland that's quite nice actually.

Yeah, it's over having at least a break and then we're back on the 1st of May with something new shiny and exciting overload so what that is yet or should we keep a listens waiting if you like a good jingle or some fresh imaging then you can love this you gonna love it.

That's good because we've had the same image in on This podcast for a what about 4 years.

Longtime nobody you know if it's good then don't change it but sometimes it's good to change excellent.

Will talk to you then a couple of weeks for that and stay there for Sam Bailey from the audio content fund after this old bit of imaging will do antibiotics. and find out more and we can talk to its managing director Sam Bailey who joined the funds this month after many is it ready at 1 workers the podcast Sam thanks.

You so people that might have heard about this already and I had a launch recently as well.

It's it's a pot of government money for public service programs.

Is that right? Yeah? That's right.

It's actually licence fee money.

I would show through the various machinations of charter renewal ended up back with the government a few years ago and to the dcms has this project called the contestable.

And and originally it was it was intended that they would spend it all on children's TV programmes with with the help of firm audio, UK and radio centre at representations were made that actually radio industry.

Could do some good stuff with this money and say 3 million was that was put aside and the audio content fund at was born so the idea is that it will fund sort of the type of programs which are such additionally difficult to support commercially so things like documentaries drama comedy live event coverage that sort of thing it has to go out on a on a UK radio station it has to demonstrate a certain number of criteria, but took the idea as yet Public Service radio on Commercial or Community Radio century and the other money split over 3 years is that right £3000000 is over 3 years that B3 commissioning rounds per year so the expectation is that will hand out that money in roughly equal amounts throughout that time ok, so the first was open at the moment and we'll talk about people who might have it.

Last chance of getting in on that just give me another one in the summer and then one in the autumn.


Yes, that's right the dates are all on the website as she said when it were in the current the first round at the moment which will close at the end of April and then no one opens in July in another one.

I think it's in October ok so it in terms of the types of pregnancy can it mentioned drama and comedy in that kind of thing it is it's essential lot of the stuff that perhaps the BBC does very well.

So this is a good way of commercial radio competing I guess yeah.

I think this important to say within that that way quite to live with a pragmatic about formats and I think it's it's important to say that in that this has to have a broadcast on a commercial community Radio station at it important that the format fit the radio station in mind and the idea when it's pitch the other content fund has to come with a commitment to broadcast from the radio station, so that relationship has to be pre-existing and you have to have had that conversation with the radio station, but we're quite expecting an innovative kind of array of formats.

I think it would be.

A lot of The Independent production sector equation milia with working with the BBC and with the BBC's formats with that's really 483 or whatever but I think that they're so much does an opportunity here to think about shorter form attic backpackers base content to think about things striped across a period of time and to try to Kinder find out what public service means in the context of these different platforms because as you say it's been traditionally only BBC that's been the market for this sort of content today and I guess the fact that the audio content fund is it is a kind of partnership between radiocentre and audio UK suggest that even these commercial stations in might not have experience of making speech based content on public service based content.

There is support their from the Ender sector and in fact the the way that the fund is organise theatre production has to be done by a company separate to the radio station, so it isn't actually open to in house production.

They really stations of welcome to produce content for other radio stations if they want.

This is essentially oriented so that the producer of the Inner panel production company places the Beard and they attach to it the the guarantee of broadcast but what we finding.

I'm is this sort of two different ways that it's working some very proactive radio stations even before the fun was officially launched.

We're running should have their own process of the circus of commissioning process in order to get that gold and letter so they saying the these of the slots that we might put stuff in these the kind of things that fit with a brand at these are the sorts of programs that we're looking for so number of radio stations radio groups have done that but is equally valid that turn the source of saying this is an idea that we've had for a while.

This is a great idea that we think could work here is anybody interested in talking to us about it.

So it sort of creating a bit of a marketplace and it's quite interesting to see how are Indies and radio stations that perhaps would never have had reason to talk to each other until now affording the relationships ideas that they've got a project.

Weather BBC but anyway yeah, that's it in terms of the stations that wanna do this and and get involved.

What do they need to pull together to put an application in what's the Indies that put the application together and as I said they could approach the registrations all we found a lot of the radio stations are putting out in the open the kind of conversations that they want to have which is great.

So yeah, we're seeing the bigger area groups about the London the national brands from Barrow in Golden Square have gone through a sort of commissioning process the wireless stations in London to Virgin and took they've gone through a process and some of the smaller groups as well so fun kids have done a bit on their website Jack radio have just done some stuff communicore nationa do some bits, so they're sort of saying to the inner production sector we are up for this week.

We really support it and this is where you can have your programs on our networks, so there should have running there any kind of little processes in the way in terms of Indies that that have ideas and and want to find places for.

On the radio, I think that's part of my job.

Really is to be at its to be a hub to be a place where people can so drop me a line or send ideas and save go where does if if if an indie has only ever known the BBC Weather Market Place or or is a podcaster or something like that then a very much.

They're too kind of help them understand that the commercial radio landscape and wear their programs might see it that being said when the idea is formed Andrea when that letter broadcast is available people simply go to our website.

They can log in there is a very straightforward form to submit your idea attach your budget actual letter broadcast there are eight criteria, which you can read about in detail on our website at that that are the kind of assessment criteria that the funding panel are going to be using to make the decisions and then within 12 months that program be Maiden and on the radio so we tried to keep it as slimline as possible and as straightforward as possible so audio content fund all that UK is the place to find out all the more information does mandatory criteria things.

High quality additionality is the word reviews of stuff that doesn't already exist somewhere on on the radio and delivering a reach which I think when did the fund was announcing the comments I saw it is the the fact that you want to deliver some scale and obviously get to the audience with the public service messages.

That's the point of the government fund does it necessarily rule out some smaller stations so community radio in particular can still get involved in this and in some way to be cleared is actually the government's criteria and we've with interpret it for that for the whole contestable fund project including the children's TV at that I mentioned earlier and we've got we've interpreted these and put them in the context of the kind of UK radio sector so you mentioned quality.

Yes of course broadcast quality and we're looking for that serve track record terms of quality as well additionality Zara those horrible words that always red and underlined in Microsoft Word cos it isn't actually a real word for what we mean is that it's News the registration.

We're not interested in funding something which she made.

Yeah, but you can get sponsor for this year or something like that.

We're looking for new ideas and you say audience reach the government have been quite clear that they want this stuff to find a significant kind of UK radio audience so we're looking for a prominent placement in the schedules this isn't a kind of Berry at 3 a.m.

So that you've got a podcast that you can you know exploit digitally or something like that.

This is we're looking for significant a placement in the schedule and 4 to the radar data to kind of help us understand.

What sort of audience that's going to reach their what we haven't done is actually put a figure on that we want the market to find its own line if you like a lift if some broadcasters are happy to put something on a breakfast and then maybe that will be considered more favorably than than some that I put on a midnight and and we'll see where your stations are interested in trying to putting putting the stuff you mention Community Radio there's a special condition for community radio which is detailed in our guidelines the government wants to support community radio, but they've had to kind of balance that with the desire to reach the large.

Audiences and for stuff to be available nationally online as well, so what we said is that it's probably unlikely that a single community Radio station will have the kind of Reach that the government is looking for and that we looking for but we welcome the opportunity for community relations to network to form partnerships to think well.

Maybe his a half a dozen stations or doesn't stations that could run this content it could be in different Communities all over the UK but there's enough similarity between the Communities that they serve that this program of this content could be valuable and we working with the community Media Association to kind of established the best way of making performing those lines of communication between those stations does impacts on diversity on the additional criteria as well.

So this is about bringing new voices to the radio and in some cases different languages the practice amp head on commercial radio, so there are five supplementary criteria as well as those three mandatory ones to run through as quickly Nations regions yet.

We want to make sure that the content represents stories outside of

Then that's obviously been very important in the media that for the last decade or so we want to continue that work and there is within their quota of 5% at for the UK indigenous languages, so the languages of Wales Scotland and Northern Ireland and there are obviously Ofcom licence patients that have quotas 4 hours and there are lots of community radio stations that work in those languages as well.

So that's actually another special condition.

We won't be best Siri applying the same audience reach criteria to content that has those discrete kind of Communities that work in the UK synergist languages diversity you mentioned yet and we're inching projects which tackle underrepresentation and also promote diversity on and off there as well.

I mentioned innovation earlier.

That's the third one.

We're looking for content.

That's in new formats new ideas and and innovative approaches within the medium new voices.

We want to support kind of new Talent and new and small production companies to help them compete in in the audio landscape and there's other kind of slightly awkward word which is plurality and and how's that different to additionality.

Basic what we saying is we looking for stuff that's new within the whole market the marketplace as a whole so if additional 80 means it's new to the radio station is going out on plurality is extra bonus points for it being new to the to the genre of the radio station or the other marketplaces that holds his new to you and it's new to everyone gets you extra points really and when all these applications come in who's making the decisions on on which ones get the money so the funding panel.

I was announced her a while back and that consist of Helen Bowden as the chair with mukti Jain Campion who's a producer and Academic at John Myers and Kate Cocker so I really interesting group of other people from really different backgrounds with with a lot of really great ideas and great thoughts about representing the whole of the UK in this fun than what the panel of discussed and agreed is that they want each round to be as as widespread and as representative as possible so it'll be quite interesting to see what comes out of the first round because then we can start to look at where to plug the holes in the subsequent rounds so we were.

To make sure that each funding round has an impact across the whole country and I think it to quote John from your launch event the other week someone giving you free money to do fantastic radio fill your boots Johns unique to the phrase yeah, but he's right you know this is this is a fantastic opportunity and it's something that's been hard fought by lot of our colleagues and and it's at as John said it's free money it was he comes with them the right sort of strings attached in the right sort of hoops to jump through and a happy too kind of talk through with anybody those conditions cause.

I think that they do create a really nice landscape that this that this it's in so if anybody wants to reach me on the website and I can drop me an email.

Yeah, that's what I was going to say that she finally was the fact that there might be people listen to this who were in small commercial radio stations or community registration to never work with Indies so you can hook them up with a company that might be able to see that idea taken forward do my best.

I think one of the things that I found quite useful from a radio station perspective is too kind of pool.

Gatherer one pager going these are the sorts of programs that would work on a station and then we like to see ideas from Indies and then we can sort if we can promote those a number of registrations put them on their websites in the sort of course of corporate bit of their websites and we can share them on social media and being really open about it and kind of saying well in a with such as it's radio station.

This is what we stand for and he's the kind of things that we think the audio content fund could fun for us.

Do you have any ideas that fit the bill so it's only when it comes to radio stations? I think that's a really good step forward and obviously the first rounds closing soon presumably when the funding is awarded from a first round your publish all of those to be we can get an idea of what kind of program I get funded for them to put in the next round.

Yeah, definitely say and then we'll make those awards in in early June and maybe we'll speak to you against you about what's been that successful and where we go with it for around 2 excellent.

Thanks for coming on Santander all the details of audio content fund. thanks.

Weird about cleanfeed if you need a way of connecting in decent quality audio out with crap somebody doing an outside broadcast for your station or somebody your interview for your podcast on maybe yourself a going to host a show from somewhere different to normal cleanfeed is the thing to try it's been designed for radio people and for podcasters and it's really simple to use and connect in live audio over the web with great quality and you can even record it.

It doesn't cost you anything to get started.

It will just take your few minutes to get signed up and trying it out and you could be doing your life interview or recording before you can say clean feed on it find out more at cleanfeed, Dunnett I'm James cridland the radio futurologist in this.

I recently went to the nav show in Las Vegas the first time I've been there for 3 years or so I used to stay at the Riviera gloriously run down hotel and casino which had two good things going for it first.

It was a short walk away from the Convention Center and therefore relatively easy to get

Secondary at had an almost acceptable British pub in it which was a nice home from Home and it was very cheap but the Riviera was knocked down a few years ago and in its place this year was a lot of building work the convention centre is expanding and where there was once a Krabi hotel with offer wi-fi, but will soon be the west halls a place to fill with more exhibitors.

So this time.

I discovered a new hotel the link which is easy to get to from the Convention Center using the monorail.

It doesn't have the opulent fanciness of the win, but it also doesn't have the prices to match and a best bit of the link is a european-style street off the strip with another of decent eating and drinking places down it and if you spend a little time there can almost forget about the horrific nonsense of the rest of Las Vegas anyway dnab show get your hair done.

I spend much time in the audio part of the nav show and I noticed a small change equipment manufacturers are making more stuff for home Studios rather than massive downtown studio facilities some manufacturers at least recognising at work is changing for those that make great audio.

We don't need gorgeous Studios and expensive locations now that we have high speed internet as one example Rhod sharp a radio presenter for BBC Radio 5 Live who's presented the same overnight show for the last 25 years much of it from an 18th Century house in the US state of Massachusetts or he requires is a microphone a few monitors a data link and not much else and I'm all stories of radio stations being happier to leave the studio behind Filippo soluble our broadcaster for Italian broadcaster, Rai Caesar studio is a confining place he much prefers to take his show on the road and again he appears to need a microphone a laptop and a

Connection indeed there are many stations some on internet only Sam on FM DAB which exist without having a broadcast centre at all.

He show coming from the presenters home radios unique selling point is a human connection and a shared experience something Spotify cannot possibly hope to do and increasingly that human connection and shared experience is served by having presenters locked in a brightly lit studio Wittering on about Kim Kardashian or interviewing movie stars better perhaps to get out and do stuff where they live or nearly live across your broadcast area if equipment manufacturers are beginning to notice the trends to home Studios perhaps that's an opportunity for all of us to rethink how we make Radio 2 keep it relevant for the future UCLan Daily Podcast music pod and until next time keep listening and now on the radio today.

David Lloyd 4 years ago and a farewell Radio 1 BBC Radio 1 Simon Bates our exciting new tenant like Chris Morris and Chris Evans and I've been lucky enough to interview royalty and TV personalities prime minister now the new one FM breakfast show starts on Monday with Chris Evans good luck Chris and please join him and continue to support Radio 1 FM it's almost 9.

Thank you so much for your emails your faxes your letters and calls thanks for listening and remember.

I'll be back as he was on Radio 2 Steve Wright with his final show on Radio 1 this week in 95 capitals Breakfast Show in London has boasted many esteemed hosts over the years Kenny Everett how you doing about the waking.

It's not easy as it fits the strain field time of day, but just remember that we love you because you are lovely and later on in today's nicotine sure how to do a drum Dean my final Star rolly.

Frank Sinatra for 1969 and my way might actually be having a star Audie at 7, but of course.

I'll be lots of Aldi's spread around through the 3 hours next week.

Will that we are that was Frank Sinatra requested by Donna and Jewellers Tarrant

they are getting more humid till Wednesday my headlines this morning Kylie Minogue post this week 15 years ago Johnny Vaughan

don't feel it when I'm riding the Jubilee Park to Wembley or dad had a very good one to the most Johnny vaughan's days on Capital London breakfast.

He began there this week in 2004s.

Do it was a popular member of the radio fraternity.

He'd come from the pirate stations then settle down for many BBC years, but those ended just about this week 13 years ago with his last Regular Show on Radio 2.

You don't have to say you love me that was one of the last record played on Radio XL I've been surprised at the depth of feeling expressed by yourself in my leaving well.

It's touch me and it's a standard baby.

Not entirely surprised me because

How to login the type of music I've been playing at your request over the years I can imagine that you are disappointed and in many cases devastated at its Demise but being optimistic sort of person myself.

Well, it's been a wonderful 39 years when it's up sometimes he at the babe, but I listen to the words of my last record just to give myself something Currys with Stuart in 2006 25 years ago this week something new in Carlisle and now there's also going to be a news content most certainly Gill Gaston is the news editor how important is the news going to be dual because music seems to be the keynote to the whole program is going to be vital are teams going to be working hard to provide loads of local news national international news loads of local information everything you want to hear this week in 1993 happy Silver Jubilee it's 14 years this week since the singles chart can be.

Wide physical sales with legal downloads and may be partly because of that chart placings moved around a little more vigorously so this week 6 years ago a troublesome chart entry Vodafone Big Top 40 song at number 9 is a new entry for Judy Garland to explain more is Dominic Byrne from The Big Top 40 News team will happen following the death of Margaret Thatcher earlier this week who was prime minister from 1979 to 1994 out the week there been Facebook group supporting a campaign to download this song navigate the Big Top 40 is compiled from and directly affected by downloads on iTunes as a result the track features in today's chart head scratching for the job produces this week in 2013 when chrysalis acquired LBC in 2002 the management went to New York for inspiration the weather's a station called.

Hinton wins in Action it was an influential Hall news station to launch this week in 1965, but until that moment he was a rock and roll station at the roundabout call the Shangri-Las Brighton cinema, put the type of 7:57 was the last radio station in the days a week in news as it happens in New York Jersey and Connecticut up-to-the-minute reports traffic weather time will be part of the service.

this is Wyn

news about 22 minutes ill give you the world good evening is 43° LBC of course back home Chester bullets rolling news on a.m.

And switch the phone in format 2fm a decision which seems to be rather wise this week last year the death we really weren't expecting I'm a great believer in destiny and fate.

I really do I also am a great believer in positive thinking you can create your own luck if you push very hard, but certain things happen to any was happened to me in my life my thought that's one heck of a coincidence and things like that.

That is if there's a force there, but I mean that's too strong a word hello hello, how are you darling?

Three bedroom detached kids name.

It's not his name is Dale Winton who died this week last year so with capital grabbing Century Radio from border TV 19 years ago event nearly win the Scottish radio, so those licences could have been Bowers by now.

I'm supposed to help a London child a bill on capitol 43 years ago paving the way they make some noise.

London 14 years ago that and I gave her a huge surprise and the launch of Viking 35 years ago will also be keeping you in the know with all the local happenings and it was playing some great music as well 7:16.

Please this week's radio moments David Lloyd and two other regulars Martin and James cridland.

Thanks to Sam Bailey and the team at wise Bullet for the use of their studio for me to connect to Sam and thanks to Ian Deeley who's been adding some magical processing 2 hour podcast the last few weeks, so if you've noticed a change if you listen in a noisy environment and you've suddenly realised you can hear you very well and it's all thanks to Ian and his wizardry with the processing joiners in a couple of weeks or back on the 1st of May for more from radiotoday creating and distributing clever software for radio.

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