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Read this: Reaction as Amanda Holden joins Heart

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Reaction as Amanda Holden joins Heart…

This is the radio Today programme your weekly look at what's going on in the radio industry coming up on this episode will hear from a former heart program as global signs Amanda Holden to join the new national Breakfast Show launching next month James cridland.

Is here asking if the future of AM radio is a switch to digital David Lloyd delves into the archive for some more great radio moments and we've got new imaging for the podcast.

Hope you like our jingles the radiated a program with broadcast bionics creators of The Bionic studio the smarter way to make radio first radio today's editor and founder Roy Martins here.

Do you like the new jingles great who made them Stewart they were made by the music was composed by.

MiKasa we've got jingles to tell us who made the Dingles play that again.

It was a bit quick music composed by liquid from the vineyard.

I'm joking.

I think you are you got rice and writing credit on these jingles as well as something.

So yes, we got a new imaging from mercatto to make the podcast sound sexy for 2019 and a new voice of a lady as well.

Yes indeed.

We have Hannah Patterson thank you.


It's in thank you as a Strictly commercial agreement she got money for that, but thank you for sorting that out and that yeah, hopefully everybody would like the new sound because not everyone who's introducing a new sound at the moment is getting crazy.

They who's getting slapped off for the Sound by Sam talking about in Thai radio stations and presenters so Amanda Holden then as a big store.

The way she's joining heart she's going to do the national Breakfast Show launches in early June with Jamie Theakston and with Ashley off for the Pussycat Dolls as well, and that is really happy about this whether such negativity that even your dog isn't happy about this.

It's not on social media.

I mean most most of the comments from people have a bitter in know about the radio industry, but when actual listeners start getting involved in saying you no listen guys.

What's going on here, then? You know it's a bigger so yeah an interesting choice Amanda Holden yeah, it was she's very big at the moment in terms of Britain's Got Talent is very top of course been on the telly a lot.

I'm not up to clear a watcher of it myself, but you she's so tabloid star gets name in the papers and round all the events for charity events and stuff.

So they can I get coverage important thing is actually ever heard and do a radio programme before which I guess is half the problem.

She's not a radio person but

Once you get over that mindset.

She might actually there's there's only a few people who have had a do a radio programme and that's the people in charge at to Leicester Square doing probably countless say demo programs to make sure she's actually no good for the job and has potential there to lead millions and millions of people at getting up in the morning.

So they obviously have faith in her.

Let's give her a chance.

Let's wait till June 3rd and see if she's any good on the radio if she's a load of rubbish then go ahead tell us what you think but until then we should do we should wait? Yeah, she's not going to be lining up the Segways and work in the faders.

Is she so she she doesn't need to be a person whose honed their radiocraft over last 15 years in it.

Just needs.

Somebody's got personality and is going to fit what Hot 100 evade their brand in the morning and radio people see where this is going and they're quite happy about it.

It's just it's difficult and there are a few different things with.

The Amanda thing being leaked on the Sunday yeah, they don't mention the local shows being cuts.

They don't mention the that 67th people who are out of a job in June because of this they just focus on the show business of of Amanda so at lots of different angles to this and hopefully we'll try and cover all of them are on the show yeah, and we're we had lots of comments on on the radio today Facebook as a bit like coming Sunday on the heart social media as well on the posts about it, but yeah check out some of the comments on on Radio today as we say a lot of them are quite negative but these are all people who haven't heard of yet.

She said they don't know what she's going to sound like so they don't know what she's going to be like on on breakfast and also perhaps some of them of people who probably never listen to her anyway, because generally I mean I don't really listen to Heart do you listen to how much I don't actually a few of mine on radio friends do can have always on your hand on radio friends when you have just a couple.

It's what happens when you have kids you cannot meet other people as well as radio people is supposed a world out there straight really is How I met somebody this week who just found out what I do.

It's had happened to put the radio on the other day.

I said you had to think is that actually him and then I googled you which is always not good when you're talking to somebody sending Google do you but there are these regular normal people you never listen to Heart yeah? That's right if throwing up yet.

They are some some listen to some listen to other and local stations and the whole thing with this when some of the comments say that your local radio is dead and that's the end of local radio.

You've gotta remember.

This is just global there are BBC local ASDA's Bower still doing the local thing that's Community Radio there's all sorts of other radio stations are there that give you local content every hour of everyday so22 say global is radio which I'm sure they will be pleased with obviously matter then, it's search.

It's a bit of a misunderstanding and I think will the comments on on your Facebook I saw as well was from somebody who was kind of something up what I think a lot of people I know in the industry kind of thing which is yeah.

It is possible to be sad and sympathetic for those people losing their jobs at the moment and they're a lot of changes going on but you can also be at the same time as that excited to see changes going on and making sure that radio evolves and grows and remains profitable and viable as a commercial entity you know there's lots and lots of jobs in the radio industry overall rely on it existing forever and some of these changes that are going on about making sure that happens upsetting though.

It is for some of the people who are potentially losing their jobs as a result showbiz at the same time as making it more secure for the future like you say so it's hard to go along with people who are trying to turn back the clock and say local regular dad and this was never met.

To be this way and let's try and change ofcom's mind cos it's not going to happen well.

It's bringing her former heart managing editor who's in a pan Ireland station director for Channel 103 and I'll nfa Mean Girls it's James key welcome to the podcast James thank you very much nice to be here.

Yeah, so we thought we'd get you on because you've been running hot stations up until last year when you were you made the move to the Channel Islands of we'll talk about that in a minute, but wanted to get your ideas on what you thought about this news of Amanda Holden joining as though the main Talent for breakfast is a good signing from global global I think it's a really smart move a bit of a QI mean Amanda Holden in terms of getting a target demo high-profile.


Probably doesn't get much more perfect than that Amanda Holden of the huge on Britain's Got Talent audience that simply a huge TV show interesting to see in terms of the shift in the harp music mix over last 12 months notice letter.

Small pink and Amanda Holden and Jamie Theakston possibly without being politically incorrect perhaps of the upper end of of kind of a target demographic presented in terms of age.

I'd perhaps would have put Jamie Theakston down as the next move national love breakfast presenter rather than being retained on heart, but it is I think a bit of a coup for Global I think the addition of Ashley Roberts probably drives the the demographic of feel a bit younger man gives you that sense that the show will be about small celebrity Focus than that the current offering a bit like a UK Ryan Seacrest show where Kyle and Jackie O show but that's possibly a statement of intent interesting to see how Amanda Holden sustains the early starts when she's in the middle of a busy filming schedule as well.

Yeah, I would like to believe she signed a two-year deal and there's quite a lot of money involved, but I suppose that's going to be worth it because of the coverage of they get an already we've seen a lot of people talking.

Farther whether they seem to like her seem to not like her you can't argue with the talkability that it's crazy just announcement Leven absolutely no £3000000.

Ill scenes of the top end of of whaplode would be paying I'm like I think that packet calculations.

That's £6,250 a show which does seem pretty extravagant for a two-year deal wouldn't be the first time at a tabloid newspaper has perhaps over egged radio presenter salary, but they are absolutely right.

Just leave the pr late Sunday going into Monday in terms of the tabloids and online huge.

I got the sensor light.

I done a price.

You can shed some light on this the pr.

Seemed a little bit disjointed the photo that accompany the press release seem to be Photoshopped and it almost felt to me like herbal tablets of jumped the gun and perhaps the announcement wasn't meant to have been made just yet, but you probably know better than I Stewart yeah.

I think it was it was due out Monday morning anyway, so it we were a bit surprised to see.

Lambing Sunday night, but I guess things get sent out in advance and papers.

Just cannot go right.

We're going to go with this screw the embargo still but yeah the picture things that was a bit interesting cos yet, I think it heard rumours for quite a while now.

I think it's been stuff on Twitter speculating that she was going to get the job and everybody seems to be saying she was the favourite for it.

So I'm surprised it not had a ring in the photo shoot but then we go I do think the show will be a gear trains from any of the regional art breakfast shows like an absolutely see Amanda Holden's appear linen in the biggest slightly more cosmopolitan metropolitan markets and he wants you get outside the M25 it's going to be a real shifting in tone and style for listeners used to waking up with the samba heritage show Simon I am thinking particularly the show I worked with the recently Martin and Sue have been on in that market in Essex for years to be a very different sounding sure it will be interesting to see how listeners.

Securely in areas around the M25 yellows peripheral markets who had a choice of London and the local Heart station, it will be interesting to see whether they adapt to the venue styling and a new presenters easily have been a lot on the loss of these local radio licences to national output.

I wonder from your experience just how much local content obviously outside of the ads and the travel on the news, how much local content was actually going into those shows and have it actually decreased over the last decade or so anyway inevitably it had decreased.

I think it's not only by what comes out of the speakers.

That is a concern.

I think it's also those local marketing partnerships of those relationships a picture of events like the Christmas lights.

Are you still get sort of 10 15004 turning up in some of these marketplaces for the Christmas lights and they were indelibly associated with the the heritage.

Show presenters on the local radio station sound of the Race for Life and so it will be interesting to see how you maintain those relationships or do you maintain those relationships do just go actually turning on this this marketing tap.

I'll be going to be doing shiny TV ads billboards more easily than ever with the globals latest acquisitions so perhaps actually the local relationships local partnerships are quite as important anymore, but in terms of where we doing lots of local content outside of local news and weather now.

I think the honest answer is we probably weren't because the audience didn't Amanda tastes of become slightly more sophisticated and arguably like that's why BBC local radio there.

Yeah, I'll be with you mentioned shifting demographics and that the music changes that have introduced never see Toby swap for Pandora recently.

I think with the change that happened in London the Tyne Tunnel has gone and presumably end of this month it will disappear from the rest of the network as well, so it's a bit of a shift but brands like Hartley 2.

Do that because it's been coming what 10 years around the country so it needs to freshen up and move and get the younger audiences in I guess I think that's that's absolutely right.

What artist done is is markedly moved away from the 1970s 1980s and it's it's very much and station rooted in songs from now and the last 10 years and I think that needed to happen.

I mean if you think that to when we started out and radio.

We even been playing some some 1950s and 60s and actually for heart to be playing songs from the 70s and 80s in the year 2019.

Just feels a bit old and as the average listener age aged ever upwards.

You need to do something to redress the balance in and get halfback Super 7:30 some things are there is this campaign to take care of save local radio and and reverse some of the changes that have been made by Ofcom have you seen any of that and you think that's actually you know anything is achievable or is this change that happened because of the regulation from your perspective was needed to move the industry on to the next level.

I don't think you can put the dream.

That in the bottle in and I do think you the world is evolving and ultimately your listeners vote with their ears and nobody can accuse global of of not investing in in their products if they are shiny.

They are buy a large very successful Community Radio is kind of Stepping Up and and feeling that Boyden in many places the market.

I know well Cambridge Cambridge 105 be a very successful community station, am I know of, obviously relaxing some of the requirements in terms of transmission power for community station to enabling them to compete on a slightly more level footing with the heritage commercial stations, so I think the world is evolving and I don't think you can I make the cake as it were so James you've been out of heart for nearly a year now.

You've been working in the in the Channel Islands I think for me and probably a lot of people in UK radio when you mention Island fmo channel 103 historically over the last 20 years.

I think you think is massive reach.

I suppose it was a good job to go to because you were starting the high point with your audience went.

Yeah, absolutely I mean coming to the Channel Islands you come across these radio stations that are not just listen to their loved by their their audiences at the advertising community of business is the great radio stations across the 13 week period on both islands are more than 9 out of 10 people tune in and they're listening for huge amount of time as well, so that they are great radio stations and it's it's got out of a feel of commercial radio back in the late eighties and early nineties every shop you walk into every petrol station or a cafe.

They've got the radio station on and it's it's a very different relationship.

I think people have with the radio stations over here because it in effects are you we have our own Parliament sit in a fact we are almost our own countries.

Where are Crown dependencies in Jersey and Guernsey so we we do invest choir.

Evelyn in local news yeah, we have six journalists six full-time journalists across the two Islands with local 24-hours a day.

We we don't do any network programming either from the UK or indeed pan Ireland which surprises some people just at the coat.

You're surrounded by water that people want to listen to something that's for the place that they live or is it that they can't get my child a mixture of the two it's not a terribly competitive market in terms of we have the BBC nationals on FM but we don't have the other national commercial stations, so no classic FM no talkSPORT absolute and to date no commercial DAB are we do get all of the stations from France you was surrounded on both sides by France to Cherbourg to the east and some are loads of the South so all the FM signals romping from France so if you wanna listen to a bit of nrj.

You can do driving around for shopping French language skills, but yet in terms of Maine

Cream music radio in the Channel Islands it's channel 103 or Island FM if you want local content in more detail obviously BBC Radio Jersey BBC radio Guernsey both exist as well and you mentioned the DAB come.

I've got an advert out at the moment and then desserts closing date in July for a Multiplex to cover the Channel Islands and that something you're planning towards are having her any movement in no way we're working with some folder in the UK and we set up a joint venture company Max co CI 70% Tindall radio the owners of channel 103 on Ireland FM 30% folder and we are planning to apply for multiplexer Whitwood busy.

I getting the message out there to local businesses and key stakeholders across both islands and drumming up some interest in in the Multiplex but the long overdue secures our digital future potential of channel 103 and Island FM along with the BBC local stations here and potentially opens up some

Really interesting opportunities for her perhaps some spin-off stations if we're successful in our application and also a route to earth stations that are currently available in the UK but there aren't currently broadcasting the Channel Islands as well, so really exciting can't wait for somebody like you spent the bulk of your career in in One region in East Anglia at 2 then kind of lipsticks and move to some Islands somewhere else kind of says that there is life outside of the main conurbations in the UK and Europe wraps people being displaced by similar changes in UK radio could embrace that and look at opportunities not necessarily in the UK so yeah.

Yeah, I'm not saying you're abroad quite but it's it's a step towards it isn't it? So I suppose it sends a message that you can just change everything and things to be a better cos I presume you're having a great time out there, so it's it's a wonderful place to live out of the window hearing Jersey

Think im blue skies 22 degrees Celsius what's not to like but in all seriousness.

Yeah, it's some had a great time at global make some made some good friends worked with some amazing people are both locally and ends at Leicester Square are coming over to Jersey and Guernsey amazing people great radio stations and you're always looking for new Talent if anybody fancy some popping a cdna demo Crosshill 300 as the plug as well.

It's nice to catch up with you James a nice trying to work out before we actually met because we both worked in Cambridge at the same time across town when I was at key 103 and you were at star but I am not entirely sure that we never spoke so apologies for that at the time, but I'm sure I'll cross that some events rather than the monster come but turno.

Thank you for the invitation place for coming on no study James thank you for the radiated a program with broadcast bionics.

Creators of The Bionic studio listening watching reacting to and learning from every spoken word Kolo sweet and SMS for a mix and lots and understand your content the bionic studio transforms everything about radio accept the way you make it it is the radio Today programme under Stuart Clarkson Roy Martin still here as well.

I interesting stuff from James Keener yeah, I'm quite honest and I'm I'm conscious that there's this podcast so far is been quite positive about global changes and Amanda Holden all the rest of it put in a wee-wee can be too negative on the sure.

There's plenty of people being negative elsewhere, so let's try and stick with the facts and interesting admission from James they're saying that the local demand isn't necessarily there any more and over the years any local content that was on the heart stations has disappeared over the last two the year 10 years since heart has been this national brand.

Vivid locally so yeah, lot of things to to consider that and now I think was that you are him that said there's there is life after global yeah.

Yeah james' is proof of that cos he's left little are you going out before it all happened? Just to cement that I noticed on my local station near this week on BBC Radio Solent drive time you'll never guess who the presenter is cos they did not going to Pamela presenter on drive.

So they are loads of different people you'll never guess who the presenter is on Radio Solent Drive this week.

Is it Amanda Holden it's not a man that she's not well.

It's the guy up until a few weeks ago was doing Capital Breakfast when expecting me to say that Jonah Jonah Holmes not John Holmes on her home.

She did it with bingo dabber.

Who did Capital Breakfast on the south coast on the old Power FM station is on BBC Radio Solent you wouldn't imagine that the capital Jack

Would be on the BBC so it just goes to show you can reinvent yourself and if you look hard enough and you're talented enough to to continue.

There's there's work out there and flicking through your local paper that as long as conjunction Southampton Herald should we talk about some of the stuff has been going on in radio this week at the Capital Summertime Ball acts been announced, but it's more global news if they didn't announce them on the air and I heard a bit of a Roman Vic and sunny on Monday morning and they were saying we're not gonna tell you who the acts.

Are you going to go out and find them on our billboards and then you tell us the accident I doing because they can do the very clever very clever well done to the capital for that one and I think it is a Jonas Brothers are somebody I play again.

Yeah, weather's not going to get in the UK for about 10 years so although the big fans with like nowhere Jonas Brothers it can't be so that make up a good gig new controller for pop radio at the BBC and a controller for BBC sounds as a bit of a revamp of the management positions at the top and the BBC Radio 2 bob shennan used to be the Radio 2 controller but then when he moved up and he's now moved sideways again and is most director of the BBC but when he moved up.

They didn't replace him with a controller that just had a head of Radio 2 and a head of six music so when I getting a controller is going to look after 2 and 6 and 1 and 1 Extra any other pop music station, they had a run and the current controller the only controller of those stations at the moment who is Ben Cooper of course? It is highly tip to get the job.

So when will be controller of all the pop music stations are there darling Asian Network

The pop music station has by the bike and then each station or grouping of stations will have their own heads that makes sense, so you'll have a like you will be the boss in the programme controllers effectively reach network, so they just moving things around on the and getting there are the stuff in order.

They have nothing further Radio 4 Recruitment is going on the most for a new controller there to replace Grimm Williams so we're expecting use of that quite soon as well local radio date is happening this year.

Give me on the 24th of May it's not being run by UK R&D it's kind of some community stations BBC local radio get involved as well although interest in the UK R&D stations.

I think I still doing it the just not running it.

Yeah, so I'm told that may be fake news but but that's what I was told because of course you can do you still running Zeppelin the moments in whole separate so they can pretty much do what they want and I think they are doing.

Yeah, and I took the community radio another 35 applications gone in since we last spoke on the podcast for committee radio licences.

All of those you can see at radio of course so good luck to anybody who's at put in for another community radio licence Astill Lodge demand there so many there's so many they're probably all hoping one day the deregulation will come to Community Radio as it has done with commercial radio on the lol have a licence to print money again, but we'll see if that happens or not, but yeah, there's probably like 300 stations going on for now.

So it is the make it to Aaron win the licences couple of good luck messages Andrew Ridgeley doing his first radio show on Radio 2 on bank holiday Monday doing special 80s show a good luck to Sam Walker who's there now finished on air at five live ahead of moving her whole family to Phoenix Arizona to start a new life.

They can read about to Sam's departure on Radio today from your absolutely.

Go follow a more formal personally but are you heading south on you coming to London for couple of big events? I know yet out of Yorkshire it doesn't happen often radio festival 13th of May tuning in conference 14th of May or part of radio audio week, we expect to see Greg James Zoe Ball Simon Mayo James Purnell at Margot James as well at the Gillingham conference is hosting Roman Vic and sunny cost from the capital of acid on radio at week.

It's going to be podcast Awards that young Arias he has loads loads of things going on and want to talk things could look at Radio today. slash eventual see all the upcoming events at we've got listed for you excellent.

Thank you.

That's alright.

Thank you and just added James cridland a quick word about clean.

Feed it's great for doing obies or co-hosting your show from somewhere different to usual maybe from home one week and if you're making a podcast is great for getting a guest on from a remote location and recording them in good quality audio as they say it's called cleanfeed.

You can find all the details at cleanfeed dotnet.

It's all about live great quality audio in your browser over the web and you can even record it within their browser as well.

There is a free version it done Khushi anything to get started you can sign up really quickly and within minutes you between your first live interview or hosting a show from somewhere different find out more at cleanfeed dotnet.

I'm James cridland the radio futurologist if radios audience is getting progressively older AM radio is partly to blame in most parts of the world AM radio is the home of Sheltie and reactionary talk radio agents sounding 24/7 news broadcast sports broadcasters or Aldi's stations, which I always thought a named after the music and increasingly appear to be named after the audience.

The sound of an AM station is supposed to be warm, but in reality it's the sound of old-fashioned radio hisses and crackles and while some people like that they tend to be the kind of people that advertises seem to be targeting on AM radio retirement homes over 50s clubs funeral directors contraptions for effective pest control vitamin supplements and a thing that squirts water at high pressure to clean driveways and paths without bending over the issue with am is twofold firstly it sounds rubbish and secondly need somebody to deliberately hit the am button and nobody below the age of 55 is going to do that without a really good reason.

I am comes with some benefits though.

Not least that is coverage is significantly better than FM radio particularly in the middle of nowhere in some parts of the world AM radio is all there is and they might be the people who deserve radio the most.

It was interesting to learn about wwft the gamut and AM radio station in Maryland in the US that's been given special dispensation by the FCC to broadcast an all digital signal the station looks like the future with a logo that appears on a typical HD radio as well as artist name and song title just like FM but it sounds like the Future 2 with a decent sounding stereo signal that far over performs money analogue am audio.

I heard a bit 4 bit recording at the nav show 20% of cars on us roads already have radios capable of HD radio reception and the benefit of an all digital signal over the typical hybrid broadcast is a vastly improved coverage area as well as more bandwidth for the audio signal so it sounds better and Uncle Dave has both these stations program director and stay.

An engineer in mansion is quoted as saying it's probably easier to build an audience from scratch with an HD signal vs.

Am I rather take my chances as an HD station and it looks like he's right because for the first time in a long while the station has finally appeared in the official audience figures.

There's one step left for HD radio sets to let you tune In by station name not by frequency only then would the gamut be properly discoverable even though nobody is likely to hit the am button on purpose but with that tweak or digital am might be the Future 4 a.m.

Is heaven knows it needs one you can get my weekly newsletter james' dock cradle hands and Daily Podcast music pod and until next time keep listening and now on the radio Today programme is David Lloyd

Let's talk this week in 1991 and there is excitement a radio 1458 reggae.

Song as written by Sam Cooke recorded in 1965 on the outer split by Otis Redding Change Is Gonna Come and that's the one that runs off our programme this evening.

Thank you very much for listening.

I'm just about to pick up all my cards boxes and all my bits and pieces to transport them up to the brand new studio upstairs, because of course later on today Radio 1 begins 24-hour transmissions this program on air tonight at 12 until 4 a.m.

I'll see you then goes 24hrs Wednesday so 5 in the morning and now for the very last time.

Europe's number one station BBC Radio 1 FM and good morning the time is exactly 5 a.m.

He will headline news is Rod McKenzie good morning Gary the Lords of that day.

There's nothing quite like opening up a radio station in the morning.

Is there Radio 1 starting 24-hour broadcasting this week in 1991 with Bob Harris and Gary King b2005 now and Neil fox isn't very happy to work out.

What song I replace my last song on with this fantastic radio station does trying to think what actually I could say as well that would be a way of saying the bike.

What year did I think was 32 years ago were chatting with his mates started this radio station and if I came let's be honest as much part of London black cabs and double.

Decker buses number grown up listening to 528 and 194 and then 95.8 dinner with my brothers.

There's a good then ended up.

I want to be a DJ and eventually I got a job here capital.

I think went through some really weird management changes we sure we know we ended up and had sometimes when I was definitely going to be getting the Capital Breakfast Show and then literally you know the next morning when I've just signed my contract because I know I'm about to get the breakfast show that yeah, yeah, they just recite tariff another 2 years and there a couple of moments like that where you won't listen told the whole truth myself all my manager agent and so that leaves you feeling a bit frustrated.

There's no doubt they were so desperate to keep CT he was doing millionaire by this time which is obviously a runaway success 1 years 5 months holiday Gozo in that 1212ad.

He did 7 I did 5 months of Breakfast at a station.

That is a really not a good way to run it, but no

We got through it.

I I did think I was going to get breakfast and then it didn't happen and they decided Kingswood changing into this is so early 2000s the average time to go New York including his capital they use this week 14 years ago this in the Guardian from this week in 2012 the BBC drivetime host Greg James on his rapid rise from student radio and further down the article it says yes, of course.

I want to do the breakfast show this James if you don't want the breakfast show on the station you're presenting on you're an idiot dreamscapes reviews by the way I also wanted the Radio 1 Breakfast Show and he got it this week in nothing 7887 presenters radio on in 1971 this week's Radio Derby began local radio from the BBC with all those.

Local accents this is BBC Radio Derby or 96.5 MHz VHF broadcasting to Derby Derbyshire and South East Staffordshire the Derby Ram played by the Derby Concert Orchestra welcomes you to this BBC Radio Derby which began broadcasting officially this week in 1971 though it went on a 2 months earlier than planned to cover the bankruptcy of Rolls-Royce this week 50 years ago.

My mum's favourite soap Began on Radio 2 waggoners walk there a good many changes in the name to refresh their horses at the trap and themselves at the end the area has long since been in golf by the sprawl of London but something at the village atmosphere remains of course not many of the

The Londoners by birth like the girl who's just stepped out of the taxi in this the first episode called moving pictures the first waggoners walk on Radio 2.

It was a daily serial running for 11 years beginning this week in 1969 and it was actually spawn from a Saturday night theatre.

Play in January that same year the Ropewalk and you play for radio by Alan Donna and Joe Hines the Ropewalk from Radio 4 in 1969 believe that you could launch a rock music station on am but we did this week 26 years ago 2 minutes and counting radio Revolution 2 minutes and counting to the official launch of Virgin 12:55 second-hand counting to the official launch of Virgin 1215 O2 everyone here in Maidstone across the

UK it's 12:15 on Friday April 30th 1993 a date which will go down we hope in broadcasting history, I'm Richard Branson this is the radio station.

I've always wanted a here.

I hope you're bad at the station you to have always wanted to hear Virgin 1215 is now officially on the launch of the first Virgin Radio Britain's second national commercial radio station on the Old Radio 3 and Radio 1 radio frequency so with BBC Radio Cambridgeshire launch the 25th BBC station 37 years ago in Norfolk Suffolk and Cambridgeshire the Royal Anglian regiment based in Orpington

Presenting business making his first appearance on here 53 years ago time is every afternoon between 2 and 6 p.m.

Make that 2 and 5 p.m.

Between 5 and 6 is Carrie Stevens by Noel Edmonds Radio 1 Breakfast Show 41 years ago 7:30 on a Friday morning 28th of April 1978 Roman Kemp taking of the capital London Breakfast Show alongside Vick hope 2 years ago.

I mean how do you go back then? Just three stations and the UK's first FM transmitter switched on in Kent 64 years ago.

This week's radio Evans thank you David Lloyd and regulars.

James cridland Android Martin A+ thanks this week to James Keane from Ireland FM channel 103 next time on the radio Today programme were talking to the CEO of the broadcast journalism training Council John bedell a former Irn editor.

He'll tell us about the future of Radio news join the radio Today programme with broadcast bionics.

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