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Read this: Radio Festival Tuning In Conference

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Radio Festival Tuning In Conference…

This is the radio Today programme your weekly look at what's going on in the radio industry.


I'm Stuart Clarkson coming up on this episode where at radio festival 2019 hear from Sobibor Greg James anime hotel Elysian Anna Foster BBC Radio boss James Purnell and a minister responsible for our industry Margot James + hear from Angelica Bell and Steve Parkinson Roman Vic and sunny many more at radiocentre tuning in results of a trip down memory lane with David Lloyd radio moments from James cridland discover the world leading brands at bionic.

Radios to come this week our on location in central London at you joiners in the Green Room at tuning in conference at which is at the Picture House cinema in Central London at radiator days editor and founder Roy Martin stay with me.

How's your week been so far.

It's been good.

You say say greenroom.

I know I'm colorblind Bruce Moore

Edmonton Green I think but yes been good radiocentre tuning in at the moment taking place.

I would just on a break and yesterday as we record this was the radio festival it was a good day, wasn't it? Did you enjoy I did yeah very busy lots of people to talk to we had lots of sessions all day in the morning seem to go 100 miles an hour do quite short and snappy sessions but all good stuff.

We had Zoe Ball kick it off at Greg James was there Simon Mayo at the hosts were Tony and Anna from five live drive.

I thought they were good this year's that they divided delivered a good host every year since it's been at the library from my from what I can remember so yeah quite good and you spoken to all those people and and more are podcast coming up a little bit later on This podcast is that for the news lines coming out of it we heard from at the minister.

You'll hear from her in a few minutes on This podcast as well at this review of radio sound.

Vague we're not quite sure what it's going to be but it's finally gonna happen as one of those moments where the press release arrives and you read like the first 45 paragraphs of the press release new think what actually going on here and what's she doing a review of digital radio which may or may not leading to some kind of decision possibly be made about the future of DAB and have a few comments from people say is this caravan you turn on DAB I'll be thinking maybe DAB is not all that it was supposed to be and is this an excuse to look at IP and online delivery and smart speakers could have caused when DAB started what would love reason method sided smart speakers didn't exist I remember launcher radio station in 2016 having the liners made and there is no mention of Us my speakers so recent updated is added smart speakers, because they pretty much went on there, so yeah, we'll see what happens and what what are the timescales for this review to remember so it's going to be starting in the next few.

Weeks and it'll be concluded by the middle of next year ok, so there's a long time.

I thought I was this year right.

So got another 12 months of what ifs.

Yeah sounds like the other story I suppose coming out of the radio festival was at for new Radio Academy fellowships announce they went to Gwyneth Williams is about to leave Radio 4 after 9 years as controller also Paul chantler betsan Powys Rugby BBC Wales and Steve Tetley Taylor from Barrow as well, so the key to getting yourself a radio festival Radio Academy fellowship is to complain but you haven't got one and then wait 3 years and then you'll get one hi Paul how are you well done congratulations? I'm so we must say as well at the radio festival and to hear it churning in as well.

Lots of people been coming out as a saying are we listen to a podcast every single week whether there you know top execs from some of the big companies in from the BBC or practitioners working at the coalface a lots of people coming to.

They enjoy the podcast every week say hello to you.

It's crazy.

Isn't it? We just do this little recording and thousands of people listen to it every other might be a future in this thing in podcasting you never know the anniversary of the news story just to mention before we get into the guess that we've been told to this week is Danny Baker that all happened this week Wednesday Thursday and then Thursday he got sacked.

So he's not on 5 live anymore.


You know I said as soon as it happened and this seems to be the theory now is that he's he's obviously not a racist is he's an idiot.

He knows is an idiot.

He sent the wrong thing.

I've sent wrong tweets with Olsen wrong tweet and deleted them minutes later.

The only difference is that he's got lots more followers than any of us and he's he's he's in the public eye.

So he's done something wrong is paid for it with his job and that says he'll be back.

I'm sure somebody will hire him, but yeah the lesson there is two double check what you tweet?

Right, let's get with the so it's nice to see you in person this week rather down the line indeed.

It's good to be here to be anywhere in with the shallots to come here today programme original music for This podcast was composed by MiKasa either way to start the day is Zoe Ball only the owner of Britain's biggest Breakfast Show when we don't know that for a fact is not been raid yeah.

Yeah, I mean it could be like the 3rd or 14th by Thursday we never had time for the audience of inherited is the biggest but you've got some challenges cuz Chris might have taken some audience within exactly.

I mean increase haven't taken orally in Sweden with a wee p-shot to um because he's brilliant and I know I love and adore him.

So yeah, it will be all we can do is to the best show that do that we can and we really loving it and really enjoying it and we're getting good response from people so and it's early days only 4 months old so but I'm lovin' it.

I'm absolutely loving it so I just hope that.

Listeners have you know is that mean? I did get people messaging so they went away and they've come back.

So you know we should we shall see you on Thursday I can't wish it would just be out the way Ludacris leaving in big was beginning to Temple was known as the kids would like to school it seems ages ago.

What's happened, so I know it is it is it is bringing his I'm going to see him on Friday she's got 500 words which is his baby.

He's Charing the judging panel.

So I'm going to sit back with it's quite 90cm.

I need a word with my idols highways.

Get a bit of teenage.

Stop tongue tied around him anyway.

Hope it's good, but no he's always really supporting me as well.

I think of her to me ever interviewed me was on big breakfast when I went from production to go in work at children's BBC I need to leave me with zig and Zag and I have have such a formula with an easy ways been reported.

So yeah, hope I say Thursday for Monsoon at the big question.

Have you got?

It's listening to you yet.

She has her a couple of times when he's been on his way to college.

He doesn't really do radio with he's a teenager Spotify does the listen to his own.

She's ok.

She's been such a really good daily has she comes over for show and tell which is about 744 then she goes back to Greg James Greg it's her number one but the furthest she even tuning tail bit of shows progress, so I'm well chuffed 11ish in the beginning, but now I'm going to listen to should have listened to it.

So that's good.

You got a great team assembled with Richie and Mike Zenith bleaching and sun is is my gold and I might Williams and Tina Richie Lionel Richie Tina de Healy they are did you want we kind of looks around at who we were going to be with and the other perfect team.

There's just the right side of naughtiness silliness Tina I would if I hear any bad news.

I want it delivered by 2.

She's an absolute Queen also great fun Mike is wild as well as such a brilliant sports broadcasting.

He makes me excited about sports that I would never really show and interested but also and then you've got Richie in the corner when he is so much more than a travel reporter.

He is gold he's just so and the adventures we gonna have together.

I just think it's just me I'm a protocol £18 glass.

They are amazing.

We are loving it so I feel very blessed by the word for Jamie when will use restarting your show I spoke to Jamie and he was doing it big charity walk across the whole of England or something so he said his best wishes to you.

So he's got a new show but you can be careful cos he's creeping up on you with his audience when you assemble this national audience.

I know he really isn't that makes me really happy for him because he's brilliant broadcast as well and a dear friend and I'm missing you don't get to see each other that much and it with Amanda Holden and is size.

I mean long do they could take us down but it'd be quite a fun fight though.

Me was Richie Anderson standing behind me them outside and he has long time.

This is a thing I'm a lightweight.

I'd like to not even to an abuser Radio 1 4 months at Radio 2 and breakfast, so yeah well, let's see if I can stand the test of time home if I can if I can last as long as Jamie I'll be living lucky for Thursday for Reading on the radio Today programme podcast it's a man has been talking about podcast but not that is kind of in charge of BBC podcasts.

It's James Purnell the director of radio and education of the BBC BBC sounds me going 6 months and you quite pleased with how it's going into what you been saying that's right.

I think it's that it had a really good start, but it's just to start with 6 months since he went back and looked at the iPlayer six months.

Am I think they would like folding a dance starting all over again.

So it will really happy with it, but the whole point with useful products.

Is you launch them with a good enough product in the you learn and change it and we're aiming to make something ready ready great.

I'm one of the things he was stress.

Stage just now was about wanting to open it up and work with the wider industry another been talks going on to try get commercial radio podcast measure radio stations on there.

Is that gonna happen what We're breaking free to happen you said negotiations so I can't I can't speak for the the other parties but now I'll go would be to have a platform which was there just a British audiences and for British creatives and I think what we seen from the way that other markets have developed as there's a huge benefit to descale in a frankly the apps that can get on people's phones on the front of their phones and their consciousness can end up taking a lot of the market and so what we're saying is in a can.

We use a BBC scale to really support the British industry with commercial Radio podcasts creators and you've been quite critical of whether you personally are the BBC that pulled some of this podcast from Google for example because you said you want to own that so is it a bit ironic to ask the commercial radio operators to give that control to you instead.

I'm going out with very happy to be on Google

Where were on Apple went on there, but we will not in any way trying to unpick but you open distribution model harass you with Google was that they were linking from search to their own podcast app and they won't even indicating that so you just have a search result come up for saying our time you clicked on something which had no branding and it was going to the Google app and then it would play out in the Google and we we strongly suggest internet's not an appropriate use of their strong position in search.

So we hope for resolving that and if we can resolve that will certainly go back on the platform, but I suppose commercial editor of the same argument if you want them on your platform.

They have to give up certain things that they can't control or you'd be asking them to mention the BBC on their brands which they might not be comfortable with yeah.

We certainly wouldn't ask him to mention the BBC on there and you know it.

We are we won't be proposing take any share of income we would be just opening up the platform and having it we got quite a lot of listeners.

They aren't using commercial radios match on my spy definition so I think we would say it say it can only be positive from their point.

To view to be talking directly to some listen to at the moment.

They they struggle to not struggle to sleep, but they don't reach his match at home without want it sound like a job interview what what are the what are the challenges for the BBC at the moment? I think it's the same for radios of this is a hold of the BBC which years were now in a market which is global where you have the biggest companies in the world with unlimited money in effect in it.

They can decide to going to Anna market and find a billion pounds to throw at it in a we're not in that can we we we have to have a window with making some very significant cuts.

I'm so questions.

Can we make those changes make those cats and change fast enough that we can bring audiences with us and continue to deliver a public purposes.

That's that's a challenge.

We Face the whole time and former life you have a short spell of the culture secretary nothing is about six months the digital minister Tey today.

You're obviously part of your job.

Is you talk to government? What do you want with SMS to do for the BBC how can I help it been very supportive of radio for many many years?

Is an essay we working that dialogue.

I think more generally with the BBC I think we are you coming to the point worth in the country needs to ask itself.

Does it we had shrinking money for 10 years do we want the BBC to play a smaller role in our national life in future or do you want it to grow you know? We've wherever I go with its audiences are stakeholders.

They want us to do more weather on fake news or online safety for kids or investing in British copyright creators said he wanted to do more at some point.

We gonna have to start investing a bit more on the BBC BBC job changed from Radio 2 then being about director of audio and music and it went to Dave he was doing it back to radio again.

Is it heading back to audio with BBC sound now? I think we like the word radio and it sort of people notice would know what it does.

When was Tony horny when you came back to BBC we had a director vision.

He just thought it before w1a, but it just felt a bit w18 even have a controller internet at one point which is if anyone can control the internet.

Numberjacks a new controller pop music soon so I think it's good of pretty clear that does thanks for such as Joshua yes, I'm well.

How are you? I am having the greatest time.

I feel unbelievably fortunate to get to do it.

I feel now.

I feel a bit knackered.

It's it's it's definitely I need to do I need a holiday about 2 weeks 3 weeks ago because I died sold on Christmas till April as it right.

This is do solid, chunk.

I went oh my god.

I need to stop doing this for a bit need to does not cause any if you go, I miss you in if you're not having a life and you can't come and pick them come and do things but we just having such a laugh with it and now listen seems to be really you know I'm bored.

I know it's

Rage Awakened it's dangerous to say things like that, but you know I'm not I'm not so bothered about that because that it feels like with creating a noise and it feels like people talking about in the right way and the way that thing is perceived is incredibly important to all of us because you want people to want to be part of it and you won't be able to listen to that listen to 10 minutes a week, then.

I am listening to the radio Breakfast Show when I just wanted to make sure that we opened it out as many people as possible and we we told people they are welcome to listen if they are interested in things were talking about you first radars in the came out in February would be happy with that very happy.

I didn't really have a goal in my head.

I just thought be nice.

They went up the same will be excellent and you know I wouldn't necessarily keep saying this to the bosses but I want.

People to who are listening I want to be lots of people listening, but I want them to all really loved it and whether that's 10 million people that love it or 20 minutes.

Love it.

Love it or 5 million of it.

I want I want everyone to feel like it's a really great thing for the day nearly had a bit of a paddy this morning because in unpopular opinion.

Yeah, there's this girl but she dignified by mentioning her name but she she she she does my password and you weren't too happy about that know what it's one of my it's one of my foundations that were my Pillars really one of my massive influences stinking is a massive influence on my life anyway, but that character is just you need to know Partridge in order to not be Partridge but then you also you need to draw on the bits of parties that are actually magical and beryllium.

It's the radio you really do so yeah that hit me hard that this morning, but it's nice is this great to get to be properly honest and we couldn't play the full.

The full vote of the Foursquare without which is a shame at 8:15, but I don't really have a future Cruise A Dangerous late night shop choc on the podcast last week.

We learnt from Nick Pitt the festival director that actually his first choice to host the festival this year was cooking as part of a mean.

I would have been here everything else.

That's the way to get me every single day for the whole thing.

There's a weird thing about a polypin is that people have very proud to say they don't like something that's incredibly popular and I like about a pop opinion because I can't people that platform.

Just to go don't think I should say this out loud but have you got an unpopular opinion about something to do with radio because that's what everybody listening wants to know I fucking hate the Pips I hate the Pips particularly on Radio 1 right fair enough put it on put it on Radio 4 before the news but don't have it on the doing a dance show.

And on the podcast last week when we speak to the festival director of tennis about his guests booking for the festival and that's my playlist that he said we've also managed to pull off Greg James so this Gas booking policies is working it must have been I don't remember it so kind of been very good.

Thanks James and he's the digital minister and this review is finally going to happen into digital radio switchover.

It's gonna start in a few weeks.

Yes, that's right.

We had held a meeting with the industry in March and I really got a very good idea of the agenda and watch what the remit of this review should be from that meeting they then had a workshop to involve more people from the sector and both BBC and the commercial sector and we now have a think a Clear Vision of what we want the review to investigate and it's very important that we get all the stakeholders involved so that we can map out the future such the radio.

Go from strength strength and you've also announced CSS div trials going to be extended and we're gonna get some legislation subject to parliamentary time to start laying out how licences for those motorbikes is my work.

Yes exactly that with with scenes from pipe that we done some pilot with some small multiplexes.

They're going well with extended that pilot and I think they're about 20 around the country now and we want to see more we want to see them go further and we've extended that pilot to next year and indeed as you just said I'm delighted to announce that we are bringing forward the legislation that will provide the underpinnings for this new look for this future and as soon as panache time of hours in ivania.

Future of one of the biggest issues in commercial radio at the moment is about deregulation a lot of the talking industry as a bit about the group buying up other stations and the future of what those stations might end up in in the They're gonna be national brands delivered locally does the command bear any responsibility for the in.

Active some of those changes that we see well.

I think it's all about evolving with the changing technology and what's making the most of what's possible giving I mean commercial radio has been the most strongly regulated of all the media sectors.

We have to give them the freedom to flourish to innovate and if we were to do that without any regard to the needs of local sourcing of content then we would be you know derelict in our Duty but we haven't done that.

We have at the same time released the potential a very local radio stations.

I've got a fantastic one community Radio station and service my constituency black country radio fantastic and that's come up the community way and that's replicated around the country and they should be able to access the digital Revolution as well through small multiplexers and that is all part of our plan, so I don't see it being a choice.

Between national and local not at all at the choice is between many many different types of local and some kind of big picture national as well, so didn't Community Radio would get deregulation next to a free demo to do what they want in terms of their income streams.

I think that we will make sure that the regulation keeps pace with the technology that is open to the community radio sector and we will make sure that it is fit for purpose in the future as well as the release that we've given it.

I'm currently I just finally really broody there is a can of campaign to save local radio and are our research found we could be looking at to 300 people losing their jobs because of national brands taking over some of those licences.

Do you have any kind of sympathy for those people who are Gonna Be displaced by the changes of course? I do I mean if that's the case of course.

I've got sympathy.

I think that we all fear the advance of technology from that point of view and there is no doubt that you can point to.

Examples where technological advance displaces people who you know in in their former employment but I do want to assure people that overall and I've looked at the evidence the best technology does create more jobs than it displaces and I am confident that the people who perhaps are going to be affected in the way.

You've just described will have other opportunities to pursue the media career that is right for them and that's the important thing.

I mean we can't stand in the way of the march of technology, but we can make sure that the regulation allows for people to get the skills they need to join the next Wave of technology wherever that takes us.

Thanks Margaret thank you.

So we finished the day with Simon Mayo a little bit of a look back on some of your career, but also written about the new age of audio and the year that we've had you've been one of the big stories.

Did you find it strange that you've been this big new?

Story this year.

Yes, I mean yes, because I was thought I was a life at her Radio 2 you know that so I'm I was surprised to find myself.

I would rather I would have given anything for it not to be in a story but it became a story so yeah, so I would have been nice to just been talked about other things but I understand why people would ask me about it soon and that you were saying I said it came along can of the right time you, station with Rick and then develop and so we've got this idea.

I mean that's quite late in my career to be launching anything.

That's what it appeared.

You know it was the start of something new and if so what you looking a gift horse gift horse in the mouth in them using expression might as well remembered.

I was looking a gift horse in the mouth.

You know I was unsettled and they came along and said what do you think and I thought ok? Well, I'll be in.

I'll go with it and it could because it felt like an exciting things to do and as it turned out what you thought it might sound like when.

When that vision was there in the first place.

I think it's even more adventurous than I thought it would be tightly I think we're doing some Boldon interesting and innovative radio and it still feels comfortable enough because it's still entertainment music radio but equally it's very different in n889 10 weeks ago.

We had no listeners at all.

So you know he really is starting from scratch, but I think it I think it feels different and I think we're ok and I think I spoke to you probably at the Sony is a good few years ago now when you want speak broadcast of the year and it was a change from what you done it read it want to go to Five Live and then becoming recognised by your peers as an excellent speech broadcaster Sir Thomas reinvent yourself as a classical music expert is kind of this dinner again.

Yes, I guess I'm a bit like I said in the piece which will this is really tired but going to 5 live from Radio 1 was a much bigger leave in my head, then they going from Radio 2 2 scholar because I'm still presenting music and

Building entertainment interviews, I'm still doing that stuff going to Five Live radio one was a serious business.

You know politics economics sport important stuff tragedies Ola to learning the furniture speech radio was far more of something that I needed to struggle to get my head around then.

It was some taking like a side step into the internet and how important was it for you personally to keep that 5 live show every week.

That is a massive sharing a massive podcast I mean I always wanted to carry on doing that and you know what you know.

I'm very fortunate.

I think to have found myself in a position where there is still a show that people want to listen to.

They've been doing for a long time and the thing with Mark still works.

You know even there were a couple of old white guys.

We still set it sounds more contemporary than some other radio shows that you know that here and I'll people are still happy to listen to it.

We know we're very happy to do it.

So yes staying I still got my BBC pass.

I still make I started the run from from Skala to Five Live to eat to get there and I'm I'm very pleased to be able to straddle both, you know I want to do both you know it's important that I had I'm doing my scholar job is in my head is important that I've got the BBC card as well as part of the publicity for scala.

I think was the Mail on Sunday didn't interview with that it is a little bit misquoted, but it caused a bit of rushing in the industry where you were talking about the partnership that you had to create a radio too and you are worried that you might get put with something from local radio and it people get upset about that well, the first one about that is a few people getting cross on Twitter is.

Causing a big upset and the second point is the point I was trying to make was one of equality what I was trying to say was I was a which I could have expressed more neatly.

I'm sure is that I was afraid that management would take someone you didn't have the same amount of experience and what I wanted to do was to be a sole Testament language equally yoked and a by what so I wanted to have and I you know that's why I wanted to work with you is because she had the same amount of experience and she had the same profile and I could well imagine a situation where some people in a management would try and promote someone and I didn't want to be the person against whom that promoted person was working but you know it's a few people got a cross in any got magnified and I think in the context of the you know in a big supporter of local radio my life so if people chose to.

Make a thing about it, then you can make a thing about it about that text to Simon so here.

We are in the hospitality at the end of the radio festival and with the house for today and not only the house but their first time at a festival.

That's a good Giggs first time here you have States Tony Livesey and Anna Foster from five live drive.

How was it for you? I'm surprised we expect to be rushed out with a blanket over my head like Robbie Williams after hosting that you know it to stop all the Big Cheese as often as new jobs, but nowhere in hospitality awaiting any incoming job offers does a rope there to stop the riff-raff getting into Nova sessions what what did you take away from the day?

Is there is looking forward to see what the next thing is though when was called a new age of audio in it's only seems like podcast having been these for a really long time as suddenly mainstream and everybody is looking to say what's next.

Is it voice assistant? Is it Halloween makeup podcast of what would we do with radio and it feels like one of those times where we really need to be hearing not just into the near distance but really into the far distance to see what we need to be doing next to engage the Next Generation to make sure that Tony and I still have jobs to do and if you got time for Mayflower you know I don't know enough about the industry.

I don't involve myself really and I should do and I've learnt quite a lot today concerns me slightly about this this acceptance it seems that linear radio is on.

It's way out in the digital and podcasts are all coming in might my view and I said this on stage is it in order to have your brexitcast and all these other discussion podcast real news has to happen in real time and that's why.

Dragons drive coming things have to happen in order them to be to be analysed them for listeners to be able to interact great that someone in their shed is doing a podcast about about you know putting ships in bottles and everyone is loving it but that the nation has to coalesce around something at some point still your program the running order gets ripped up on a daily basis because of that we've done when it was The Last Stand the last big brexit meeting in Brussels where to Risa made in come out don't press conference or 3:45 in the more you know it's a long day when you doing a two-way waste with Rod shot.

You know that that's when things have gone terribly wrong instead of be not fair.

It says she will love that and I think it something you know what this is like when something is Happening you know the last thing you want is to be dragged away from that you want to be sort of emotion until the very end so actually won't worry most of the protest for a joke.

We will love it really we love it.

You know there are three words that do it for me.

We are Rolling busk while we go while we get a guess.

That's what we hate words.

That you know I always say this about Drive we are at the centre of the news, but we're not that these we are orchestrating the coverage of the news in you know it's a privilege to do so and how important is it to find different ways to tell that story I know with some the brexit stuff you teamed up with the sports team and you did it like around the grounds that yeah, that was one that you when we were late and you're quite rightly the listener base wants to know what's happening in parliament and I like wanted to know what's happening the Premier League so I was upon him until I became one of the football grounds if you will we were Anfield Old Trafford xampp on it was just on let's go to tell you there's been another son says been a bad tackle and that's that's how we we flow and that's what I love about Radio 5 live because it covers all the big stories British informal as well.

That's what we do.

We take people we take people with us.

We am waiting waiting to explain the news which I guess is what podcast do but we just do it in real time and I'm not ashamed of that we taking a temperature.

I think you went down the right.

He might get invited back next year.

I put all the freebies.

I've got the flowers and under which you gonna drink on the chair of the way home.

See you do realise don't you was going to take this away now.

He's going to edit it down to about 30 seconds my best mates the radio Today programme with broadcast bionics creators of The Bionic studio listening watching reacting to and learning from every spoken word Kolo sweet and SMS to a mix and lots and understand your content the bionic studio transforms everything about radio except the Way You Make It data ready audio we can wear at the tuning in conference and with Sue Parkinson the MD of vows national brands and Angelica bell from scala radio and new beta radio kind of you do a little bit before but this is your cat first regular radio Jackie finding it.

I love it.

It's really nice girl to go to work looking rough and still do work.

Do you have to put makeup on great to be part of Scots

Nice to be part of something new you know I had thought about radio in the past but just not into a station at saw this tablet is great, but to be part of an interception of something new and exciting is it makes me feel good and makes you really want to engage in it and work hard for it.

So it's going to mazing it's a really tough that Steve want any tea part of it.

I'm so last year you got this random email inviting you to go to a cafe in a strange part of London and you went along thinking at care and it turns out that they've been coloured in the history on your dinner search history on you really quite good, but yeah, no it was it was really random.

That's why I think it was I was intrigued because you don't get emails like that all people saying we just want you to do this job or it was really flattering but also made me think actually they think that I will be a good fit and I tested it and I'm glad I did and also it's got to be a good story to tell if you know a good start any good.

So yeah, I know I'm looking forward to what lies ahead and and learning and radio is so important so trusted by audiences and people tap into I don't think it's going to be a meeting that will die and so if we if I can get into it and really embrace it.

I'm looking forward to what the future holds and swearing jar this week for the station anyway for the rest of them.

You'll be sweating as usual but no Reg for Scarlet the feedback since really really good anecdotally the the the feedback has been greater the number of letters like proper old fashioned letter penned on paper have been coming in as well as emails but also posted on on Facebook and so on I mean I've worked in Radio 4 for nearly 30 years across all sorts of mchr rock Dan stations Jazz FM but I've never known a passion like this and I think what's been really interesting is also offering commercial radio to a new audience, so we've had BBC listeners getting in touch and 2 and 4 and others saying.

Actually, we really like what you doing.

It sounds very different to us and actually be quite like the commercials as well and for people to mention them positively is it is a new thing and and great to hear and on your show you playing Commercials and talking about sponsors and complete that's a weird thing for something is done a lot in the BBC's in it at the end of the day scholar needs responses and needed advertisers to make it a success so I want to do a good job for them.

Also make it sound authentic not it doesn't want to be like her you know an announcement.

You got embed it into the content make it fun for the listener and just embrace it.

So you know then on-the-job get on with it and make it good and you can see on stage as we just watched you have enthusiastically out but it is it as it's surprised you how much you enjoying this job if you know what I don't think it has I think it's always something.

I thought I would like but I didn't think I'd like it as much and I just everybody that what I think also as well its environment.

At Bauer Media everybody has been so lovely I feel like I've been part of something for a long long time not just not in a few months will we know how many months it's taken to aim to build up to get iPhone on an Anna support is fantastic.

Obviously you know even with cash can music give me names that you might not know even though I don't you I know some classical music but just know I make you feel silly.

You know we all you know engagement music.

We've had presented get-togethers and stuff and that's what it's about.

Just everyone feeling that they posted something I mean that first.

Yeah, it's like Simon Mayo my god Mark Kermode but they are just amazing MP4 amazing people so when you feel that supported any job you do it makes you want to do better about you must learn the building with all those presenters and you could just walk into the student puts off on her as well.

Well, do you know we like to move people around the business? So anything is possible, but you know what were the serious point is Angelica and bodies you know scala radio you know we've set out to have presenters that are all about passion and not necessarily professors talking at you or down to you and I think that's the that's a scholar different.

Thanks guys.

Thank you.

Some here with Mark Bob and director radiocentre and Heather Andrew from neuro-insight and this is this year's Big research project from from radiocentre.

Tell us what you wanted to come and look at first Mark at what's a weekly interested in and what effects can advertisers benefit from if they speak to people at relevant times with relevant messages and we were particularly interested in that form a radio perspective because nine out of ten listening occasions are accompanied by other activities.

So it really does offer advertisers a perfect opportunity to engage mass audiences around relevant moments Heather the study the white people up looked at their brain activity while.

You doing specific things and practicing different activities than you would normally do for your kind of research in neuroscience research people sitting watching TV in a very sad of comfortable way and we had people exercise bikes with a chopping vegetables.

We had them cleaning things they didn't actually know what the subject the study was he thought it was coming to do those activities but in fact during the time of doing all those things the radio is playing and we expose them to the adverts that we're interested in and predominately you found where the adverts will relevant to what they were doing.

They were more engaged with them absolutely stunning effects of the brain responsible for personal relevance in that part of the brain was much more active would I get it maybe not surprising but what's really important about that is that's one of the key drivers of what goes into a memory if received something to be something to relate to it goes into memory and that's what's happening.

What's happening here? So it meant that and they both be messaging and the branding for the ads held in the relevant context with significantly greater than the same as had a normal elephant weigh.

Mark what do you do with this research? Has it helped radiocentre to get more advertisers and agencies involved in radio advertising well.

I think this subject matter going to reaching people at relevant moment is attracting increasing interest across the media industry and so I think in this respect it sort of addresses the issue of people thinking that conventional Media can't target as precisely as digital media.

You know we can we can demonstrate and you can through touchpoints what people doing around radio listening occasions and this research now demonstrates exactly what benefit you get on top of the editorial effects of radio which were already incredibly powerful by adding in that relevance to the moment that listeners are engaged in and I guess the technology.

We've got now means that we can Target Advertising on on streams by people's location and we can practice of work out whether they're out running.

I think you could do that as well, but I think there is some very basic approaches as well, which are in a time of day and day of week at the

Very least that's something you can control entirely on Radio as much as you can through any stream channel so that is another way of thinking about relevance beyond just different tasks and activities and I'm sure it will have the same sort of affects the guests included we kind of know some of this already in in respect of if you have 8 eyes breakfast cereals at 7 in the morning is probably going to respond better for people who are eating her breakfast packed up something that we might have no but certainly got we've never done his quantify it and what took me by surprise wasn't the fact we found a link is the strength of the link and specifically the ads that we researched with Ellie average ads adventure marks the 53rd percentile to do about as good as half the ads ever in a normal contacts and then the relevant context we went right up the 94th percentile top 10% of all lads making them real star performers and that's it was a strength of that response that really surprised me.

I'm a Jordan and it's nice to meet them in person at last we had them on the podcast few months ago before they were standing showers Roman thick and sunny from Capital Breakfast how's the show going so far.

It's fun because we do we chat on the down the line, didn't we and I think you know we were you've got you've got to think about her out yet.

How you gonna are you going to do it? How you going to make it national site from being you know just in London and we were nervous to an extent but really excited and it's been everything we'd hoped.

It would be in more I think the stories are getting in from around the country the text really going off and it's so nice to have that relationship in that communication that interactivity with such a wide audience.

It's been so much fun.

I spoke to you excited about it sounds like you are quite nervous that first morning when you went national mate.

You will not believe it was crazy because I honestly I was shaky you get if you hear this but if we're just about to tell that she loved it.

I was so shake it and I was after the first of hours.

I'm doing doesn't always show it but that's good because it means that you know I was realising exactly what was what's happening? It's good and how is it working Roman technically you doing some kind of bits of split links in your introducing the different people in different regions is.

Big difference to what you doing before to have those extra bits in yeah, it's ISAs work, but it's worth it and that's that's the one who putting in much more work.

You know then then we were because it's it we owe it to those people to be able to do that you know and if we're gonna go in there and be like look this is the Chinese be listened to it.

Then got to show that you're working for it and I'm proud of everyone so far is it stuff that is really tough and at the moment it is learning about that is always doing a moment like you now actively will say to anyone.

Please send me a sweet.

Tell me what you like to meet you don't like to know the meaning and those types of things in the least important which it at the end of the day.

It's not like you know we're saying I'll probably the best with everyone and know what is a product that you want to listen to it is not about us 3, it's about the person listening and you meant it out there as well.

You would kind of mindful of that shows you were taking over from and they kinda cost ASDA National

And if such as they will hold within you know big places in the UK for bigger places in London in the UK and I think that was the main thing we got to do with gods Justice as well and the TV advert where you have kind of floating around in breakfast cereals.

That was all green screen or something presumably wasn't seeing what was actually going to happen what it will look like you had a briefing and we talked with the creative about how it was going to be and it sounded so mad and it's so in line with the way you know the show is it is it's crazy and it was so much fun with the visit.

We did we have to go on like treadmills way to jump on a treadmill with you actually can't do so it's impossible for our lives at risk for that, but I am not yet.

Who it was kind of crazy still come together because obviously creams.

Can you don't know exactly how it's gonna look what it so colourful and working great and something else you've done that's been a little different perhaps to normal was Summertime Ball act announcement.

They were popping up on billboards all over the country and you were getting people go bald you're getting people.

Search tell you who the guests were that's a bit different it.

Was you know what it was very confusing at first, but it was listen babe day.

They did a good job and keeping it from us because it didn't want us to know any money.

That's come through them and that there were a lot of moments where we had absolutely no idea people are taking his own Yet to See Cliff Richard on the A40 Ashley tables finally got the check walk out.

We've got Cliff with anything whether or not you like it that you don't like it when it comes to creative industry.

You've got to try it.

You've got to try and fit you know the only bad idea that you have is the one that you don't speak about.

Do you know what I mean it and and it's you've got to try every single one of them and I think that you know which we tried out there and I think there's definitely a lot of boats that that and I'm moving forward didn't even further and I think it executed really really well and sterling exchange.

Recently, is you do something dreadful.

You can't recall into parties office anymore.

Can you so much? I miss is I was with him last night dinner with him.

Is it is for me the number one person that looks like you know he brought me into to radio nanny basically show me everything what I need to do many what I shouldn't be doing but yeah, it is it still very much involved in everything he still looking over everyone says good.

Thanks guys.

Much is she at the end of tuning in a in the middle of radio audio week at it was a nice conferences you got a mix of radio people in AD agency people here and they've been learning things and getting a bit of kind of showbiz.

You know when I find it quite well this year, so we had the you know the new brexit.

Not the new but they Capital Breakfast Show guys.

You know explaining as a bit about how they feel about broadcasting from London now talking to him.

Smide audience really loved Roman had to say about people in London can be a bit arrogant.

I'm talking to the world.

That's why I thought they were great.

I'm starting case but also some serious research.

Obviously ready says new research on context in advertising.

She's very important person talking to this advertising audience here for a little bit seduced by Facebook and our other friends and how important is it to get those messages across the them still about how effective radio is really think people are starting to question that little bit more and let's not forget you know radio still being listened to by 9 out of 10 people in the population is pretty bloody amazing.

You can pull together all these events this week.

We had the radio festival we got more to come with the young hours and podcast awards and how important is that an intended squeezing things together on a schedule and saying this is a week about celebrating Reading

Radio people saying why did it all have to be together the reason why all has to be together is it really helps us in an outward facing way to say look at this amazing dynamic industry, and how much variety in the amazing radio festival yesterday to this conference was completely different and then to the young hours in the podcast.

It's really a moment for audio and we've heard lots about the big stuff.

That's been going over the last 6 months in in radio with that's Talent changes or regulation changes and what the groups have done in terms of consolidation.

I think we spoke to you in December before all this happened at work.

What role does radiocentre playing that changing industry really thrive in the 21st Century I don't believe that.

I know we're going through a period of transition and for some people but not going to be great at the moment, but I do believe because of all the opportunities we will talk about.

The skills that people have they learn as in radio will be utterly transferable across this and I am really don't believe that.

We will be letting go of our local connection because that's what gives us our USP or fascinating stuff.

I'm sure you'll agree quit word before we hear from James cridland to David Lloyd about cleanfeed now.

You're in a bar like I am right now had a radio event and you want to hook up with somebody in great quality and record something for your podcast of your radio show cleanfeed is a great thing to try out.

It's great for rabies interviews we guess down the line co-hosting from somewhere different at clean foods.

Been designed already of people in for podcasters, and it's really simple to connect in live quality audio over the web you can even record as well and it won't cost you anything to get started 30 seconds to sign up is all ill take and you were doing your first live interview all recording within a few minutes.

You can find out more at cleanfeed done it as cleanfeed done it.

I'm James cridland the radio futurologist.

I thought they were going to be talking about to leave radio.

What are the best free?

Music and radio apps you can get this trouble for internet radio Services v-tuner the heritage company used by many manufacturers as an internet radio directory for example.

I made the first v-tuner service apparently fell over 411 hours and frontier silicon who used to the v-tuner service for the internet radio modules used by people like Roberts and grundig and others switch just a week later to a different provider causing great upheaval for listeners since all their presets suddenly stopped working and many products needed a firmware update Bose his products of also ceased using V tuners database as well Peter Johnson v-tuner CEO posted quite a rant on the Bose website revealing that the company charged 40 cents per product TV tuner the tuning has a quote pathetic database and ends by claiming what these consumer electronics companies want is free no matter how bad the quality of the service is adding.

It now looks like I will need to close fortuna soon.


That's bad enough, but there's also a rather larger trouble for tuning who provide an app which I bet you have as well as power smart speakers from Amazon and Google Sony and Warner threatened back in 2017 to take tune into court in the UK for what they claim is copyright infringement and if I understand correctly that Court action is taking place this week with the record company is being assisted by FP the reported claim is that tune in is linking to hundreds of unlicensed audio streams, which could mean streams that simply have no licensing at all or could also mean out of area streams.

Many non-uk streams are audible in the UK despite having no UK music licence previous rulings by the European Court of Justice that still governs UK law until at least the end of 2020 have said the providing an index to unlicensed content is a bad thing hence.

Why for example the Pirate Bay has been banned across Europe tuning zone website is also pretty clear that it's only legal to use tuning from the US and if you want to use it from outside the US well.

It's up to you.

It is actually succeeds it probably means the closure of all of these services and perhaps the end of cross-border internet radio listening overall the certainly travel in the world of internet radio director is I heart radio and radio player which are operated on the radio stations behalf clearly offer a good option, but aren't yet universal leader in terms of territory cover or stations included perhaps this will please radio broadcasters, who wish to exert more control but that will be bad news for radio listeners.

It's worth watching how this plays out and one internet is still a major part of radios future there may be trouble ahead you can get my weekly newsletter.



Lands had Daily Podcast news a pod and until next time keep listening and now on the radio today podcast is David Lloyd weeks ago the composer Les Reed died.

He'd written many hits was also behind the original candy sound song because it is also wrote and performed an instrument called Man of Action which was adopted as the theme tune to the dramatic 70s pirate station rni but little did radio northsea.

International know at the time.

Just what they'll be saying over there.

This week 38 years ago half board motor a small nursery rhymes with an outboard motor.

Would you know we don't know where it came from or where it's going to be here? How do you stay calm at a time like that not least have the Year final moments as the flames lap around you already know what's international pirate ship me BO2 being firebombed by Raiders this week in 1971 Absolute Radio no longer carries football commentary, but they did until this week 2016.

So it was very well at last.

Russ Williams OK that is it from me that has been 6 years of rock and roll football 23 and a bit years broadcasting out of his buildings total privilege.

It's been a crazy season.

It's been an absolute privilege to be with you not only the last 6 years BH23 and a bit years.

Thank you for putting up with me.

I will miss you a goes without saying I'm Mrs building I miss the team but we might have a beer in a couple of weeks on the way Feltwell Russ Williams from Absolute Radio how great it was when he finished his weekday, show that all the staff line the hallways and applauded as he came out of the studio for the final time.

That's the Way to Say Goodbye Ella radio station 105.4 ladbaby we have

I think the roundabout A40 delays and therefore you can be one heck of a problem this morning if you're heading that way leaving there at the moment as FM launching in Birmingham this week 29 years ago.

It's life was troubled and it passed through a few ownerships and then the licence was awarded the choice on a new frequency than Galaxy and now it carries the capital brand brand of course is nothing new in radio the word to Radio Caroline stations, north and south but this week 55 years ago one of those stations arrived then under a different name Gary n1mm English girl that married to Jim Reeves singing You're the Only Good Thing where do you Atlanta coming on here from the famous mi amigo ship this week in 1964 if only radio sounded like.

That don't you wasn't all like that because I've got special getting your way over there Radiohead miss this one it's 1975 and the Radio 1 Mallory Park fun day which wasn't that much fun after all you're listening to the music this afternoon on Radio 1 of everything here except the caravan.

No sunshine.

I'm sorry to say but we have thousands and thousands of people as you probably came on here.

We have not got room for any more to come over to the middle of the trachea.

I'm going to be talking to some of the pop star that is that with us.

We have the Bay City Rollers who played all the way up from Bournemouth this is a bit here.

We have a little river surrounding areas party actually swimming across the river at about 2 metres from slaves of the day the Bay City Rollers at the Radio 1 Sunday this week 44 years ago and ready ones then controller Johnny beerling.

Tells me he's still has nightmares about what might happen that day 10 years ago this week prompted by an item on nostalgia.

Field TV ads Radio 4 p.m.

Programme choose to revive the theme tune which hadn't been here for 12 years tonight heads begin to roll over the commons expenses scandal labour MPs suspended and an age to David Cameron resigns the House of Lords confirmed it has dodgy members of its own and the police horse that says you can hire hundreds of extra Walsall from us tonight editor was Eloise twisk assisted by Sarah wadeson.

Don't forget of the music you listening to bring back happy memories or said well tell us what they are.

It's a space right now on the p.m.


This is p.m.

I marry me will be back tomorrow at 5 from all of us.

Have a good evening and short-lived shop that theme around a bit.

Henry Singleton used to hit the posts no hassle so with 2lo launching in London 97 years ago the Tony delahunty commentary from the fire at Valley Parade 34 years ago people are running around beside the running around or round opening time radio going on here on DAB 19 years ago and ending 6 years later in association with Saga and the mental health minute are this week's last year special message for a mental health awareness week from Judi Dench Lady Gaga and princes William and Harry radio stations across the UK BBC and commercial.

Unite for the first time lose are this week's radio moments thanks.

This week's irregulars.

David James Android plus all my guests at the radio festival and shooting in and if you want more from Radio audio week check out the radio centre produced radio audio eat podcast series supported by radiotoday you find the link at radio or search radio audio week in your favourite podcast app.

Thanks for listening from Central London will see next time the radio Today programme with broadcast bionics.

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