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Read this: Media Business Podcast #5: Screen International Podcast At The Cannes Film Festival 2019

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Media Business Podcast #5: Screen Intern…

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the media business podcast I'm at mueller theatre screen international and this week.

We're at the Cannes Film Festival this year marks the 72nd running of the world's most prestigious film competition which brings together the top movers and shakers of world cinema in this episode you'll hear from producer Rebecca O'brien making her 12th visit toucan with Ken Loach who's in competition with sorry we missed you loads as the director has been in competition more than any other hear it can and he's already won the Palme d'Or twice.

Can you do if there a time this year signs will certainly good also be speaking to Gabriel still at the managing director of International Film sales company hanway films Liz Miller of PR agency premier PR and Lawrence Atkinson CEO of the public relations and communications forum DDA the first I'm delighted to be joined by Wendy ailan, Jonathan Romney to screen internationals very busy team acrylics on the ground and can this year who are going to take us through what they seem so far the first few days.

Festival seen everything apart from the Ken Loach because I need the selective seen that so far so I'm looking forward to that immensely because the early secret word on that is very positive say I've seen everything else and yet, am I stand out so far is baccarat the Brazilian film by a playdate Meadow and also he's got a co-director Juliana Dallas who he has worked with before as a production designer now.

They're working together on this project which is being I think they've been working on it for about 10 years and now it's funny come to fruition but he does he even so feel quite timely to me in the in the Themes that it's dealing with I really don't want to talk to you much about it because I've already made a point of this in my review is not giving away a very key thing and I think other people discussing it, but I would say the things that there are many things it taps into Brazilian politics it took us into the side of the wealth divide economic colonialism from the US and

There's a lot going on there and I think that's if your Brazilian you probably pick up on even more there is a very key thing that I feel uncomfortable discussing as a suspect of the people will do but I didn't actually if you go to the film knowing it it probably spoilt as little bit in the small tights.

I can 13 turnmill community of people as a vibrant even though it's small and one day they notice that they've been erased from all the digital maps.

It's no longer.

There's no longer any cars satellite record of it and so what then happens is a direct consequence or is linked to this but is a film of drawers on near the Western it's drawing on kind of Brazilian and genre cinema from the 50s and 60s and it's during at new John carpenters John Carpenter song track which is used on the soundtrack really effectively so yeah, that's one that really stood out for me so far cleverer was last year in 2016 with Aquarius and sunnybrook is also in this film business.

Yes, she's in it unrecognisable because she says there's one yard in Aquarius she's very elegant in this one.

She's quite demented, but powerful perhaps.

I would have liked to see a little bit more of her and I think she's all the characters because it's it is an ensemble piece and there is no real central character that guides us through the story and I perhaps would have liked to see maybe a couple of the characters develops little bit more fully and she's one of them, but yet she's she's great in it.

When do you stand out is that also stand out for you Jonathan it wasn't entirely I love them and also feels previous films and this one didn't impress me as much as he felt very confused and I didn't necessarily expect the same thing because he's basically made the city of Recife the centre of his universe in the first two and again.

He's in the Northeast of Brazil but it's a rural drama.

Sorry, I thought we were getting something like I must like Brazilian custora it's not quite that knockabout but and in sample drama in which you have these characters in a small media village environment who are unit completely themselves and lift to their own rules new start to work out the relationships between characters, but as the film goes on he seems to lose interest in his characters are and what their relationships are and there seems to be a hold back story in the full thing you know the 94 year old grandmother who has just died and the Sonia Braga character and then suddenly dropped and I started to feel well.

Maybe there was a 3 hour movie that was originally made and that this is been stripped back to the bare bones then of course the film takes a complete left turn and I won't say too much about it except UDO Kier is in a cast list and he his presence can be introduced.

The me a kind of Western / thriller Strand which also came Laden with a certain amount of very I felt heavy-handed satire about colonialism and you know American desire to consume the world and also of course you know it's when you said it's about Brazilian politics and it was conceived long before bolsonaro came to power but one of the things about it is that it? Is it is it set in the near future and there's a moment when you see on TV coverage of live executions in Sao Paulo so clearly its timely enough to be giving us a warning.

This is where Brazil might be going fascinating film.

It's crammed with ideas absolutely didn't work for me and went many ways I found it quite kind of misconceived them miss formed and an even a x only but

No one could conceivably be bored so if that wasn't the one that work for you so far of the competition tortoises has been your stand-up the competition title that really knocked me out in knocked out as a term because it works at very sudden enigmatic charm is atlantique by macky.

Gee up.

She's known partly for her shorts is also known for her acting work in France including the is 35 shots of rum and Antonio Campos is Paris thriller, Simon Killer but this is her first feature and Anthony is coming away beyond hershaws.

It's really fascinating in its essence Senegal it starts off on a building site where these labourers the building of kind of futuristic tower block I wondered if it was really Teresa Dubai style tower block and they're not getting page and eventually one of these young men.

It's up with his girlfriend so it starts off you think you're getting kind of afro Loach then it turns into a comb of star-crossed romance because she loves him.

He's support worker, but she's engaged to this rich guy as a family want her to marry and then social realities coming to play and it involves.

You know after trying to get to Spain in in search of you.

Have a better life and then it takes a completely mysterious Direction as sub supernatural element comes in and not quite sure what you're saying you're not quite sure whether it's dream, but it's very very beautifully sustains it continues to be very mysterious.

There's a policeman character comes in with his own kind of strange narrative threads visually, it's amazing.

I'm in this kind of metallic glow2oh.

The colours are extraordinary is night skies which is kind of gleam like throw.

And his amazing coloured dark metallic colors the music very old is well.

It doesn't feel quite 100-percent half of the best kind of coffee, but then you get distorted string sympathizers and it's absolutely mesmerizing is very much a female film as well.

It's very much from the heroines point of view.

I will be very surprised if you saw anything in the Hindu festival quite resembles.

It doesn't resemble any African film I've seen it's really something quite strange and beautiful really really admired the ambition of it, but I don't think that she has a confidence as a filmmaker get to to pull it off I felt the timing was off the scenes which seemed to just me and her along for no real purpose and I think it was very beautiful, but I felt it was mothers and yes, I guess the point is.

Meant to be modelled, but it was modelled in her in a way, which I didn't enjoy it was having to work way too hard with it wasn't really giving me much at all, but then I have just walked out of it and sometimes.

You know me Pepsi need to process films and then take another time to get to grips with them, but yes my first impression was no not for me at all taking a slightly bigger picture of you.

What did you feel coming into the festival but it will see when Tarantino shares his phone whether it's something that should be in competition or not so personally.

I am not remotely bothered that malachor Tarantino in the competition mysore clip from the Malik filming the show Real on opening night and I thought oh dear it did seem to presage that kind of Terrence Malick film again.

Tarantino I'm afraid to sort them out for you so I I was want to discover something new in competition and I think this year could be exciting Jessica house nose is a genuinely unpredictable director so it's really see what she's going to come up with in little Joe it's interesting that Iris act has generally been regarded as a sort of Us safe and sound Sundance director is in there and I can't wait to see what he's come up with because I think he's often underrated and misunderstood selling Sharma in in really coming into the limelight and competition for the first time.

It's gonna be making what looks like a nineteenth century costume dramas, so that's certainly going to be interesting and I'm very intrigued by the wild goose Lake by do you know who made black hole for nice? I think anyway was it was one of the standouts in Berlin a few years ago.

This has been described in the opening press conference by Billy Stamos being something like Chinese Fritz Lang certainly the clip we saw had a fair bit of gum playing it and I think it looks incredibly advertising really looking forward to that and what are you most excited about Wendy what's what are you looking forward to have such an intense memory of the girlhood here and it was just one of those thrilling moments where you just feel that you are seeing the absolute best world cinema, and that's what we come to can for Celine sciamma with portrait of a Lady on fire.

Just a housing with little Joe then.

We also have Justine triet at the end with civil and we already had married the upsets for female directors in a 21 film lineup does can get to much criticism for not programming enough women directors is Terry says it is it necessary?

Responsibilities, what does it live for the back in the industry? Is it unfair to blame they can only work with what they've got and you could say that this year kind of stone four times as well as feminists which only managed to have one female director and competition last year whose Jennifer Kent although one might say that was not the right film.

I mean there is so many women directly in France skiing Austria in other countries and you wonder whether they are looking for inviting us army would have been interesting to know if Rebecca zlotowski free sample had been considered one of the other sections, but they're she'd been considered for a competition slot certainly the one of these for my teacher is really something and you know she's putting.

Very decisively and I think striking a blow for some new voice in African cinnamon can always for girls it's something we've mentioned Quentin Tarantino thing back and competition Terrence Malick is here Jean-Pierre and Luke.

Nr0 back in competition with their film young Ahmed also a doctor who was here 2 years ago with the film okja Korean film micro bong joon-ho, which unfairly for him perhaps kind of was the War of the triggers for the eventual Netflix Cannes Film Festival dispute does can miss having Netflix Idols in its competition a Netflix film Netflix is not this big evil entity which is running Cinemas actually getting behind and producing some really great cinema.

There are obviously many problems with Netflix

Model but I think it's stupid to pretend that they're not producing great stuff and getting behind good stuff and can is a letter place for not showing Netflix films.

I think one of the issues between Cannes and Netflix is that can is very much a motor culture and they always in blaze and the name of director in big letters the director's name comes out on Netflix a problem is it's very easy not to know or I need to care who the director of something is you know if you don't know who's directed it.

You have to look for it and I think a lot of directors have said well.

No one knows what it's there and no one knows I made it so I think if you're interested in autoculture a scan is you may very well fixing filmmakers with the service as far as pungent as I'm really looking forward to the new film.

I have been a fan for a long time although I have to say I could not stand up chair.

I think it was really it was ugly and it was bloated and I felt it's satire completely misfired, but he is a really interesting devious and inventive filmmakers competition so far, but there is so much more to come with the various different sidebars directors fortnight.

Obviously not partake and but then insert regard which is smarter, would have you seen so far.

That's head of impressed you and what else are you looking forward to this morning? I'd say something which I had no knowledge of I just some of those wonderful fortuitous things where you just think ok that looks interesting.

I'll go and I managed to get in with one minute to spare as and then we danced sy11 akin.

It's Jordan's Swedish co-production setting Georgia and it isn't there such a narrative that we have seen many times before it's a sexual Awakening against a backdrop of not particularly gay friendly environment so in this case it's Georgian national Dance young dancer who has a survey.

Relationship with it with a girl then you dancing joins the truth and he's a brilliant and there's a competitive rivalry between them but there is also something more.

I think it's a very elegant example of something that we have seen before I'll be honest you seen it many times before but it's done so well the actors a great the Dancers phenomenal the music spread the energy to it is the sexual tension I particularly one thing about it most of all is that there is a relationship between the two characters in the middle of the film and the whole of the relationship plays like without any dialogue in any notice at first but it's supposed with physically expressive.

It's done through look to centre who dances done through everything apart from dialogue and I loved it and it was great.

What about scene outside competition has a really interesting Moroccan film which I like called the on-loan ST

Which is a very offbeat comedy by alaeddine it's in the critics week and it's almost like a Moroccan Fargo I'm gonna say this because I have the same premise of you know the hidden loot but it's also it has that kind of clipped very sad of dry RNA it's told extremely economically and it's one of those little kind of out of nowhere Morocco discoveries that in can you know people open themselves up to see something unexpected and very enjoyable time Piers Linney join me for rethinking business and you podcast series brought to you by NatWest let's face it the part of the business First is really straightforward.

That's why I in this series.

We hearing from businesses were thinking differently this week.

My guest is Louise leolin.

Founder of dynamite Labs people to hear about your story and an interacting with them roofing Business by NatWest subscribe now guess what I have to do Sky TV Sky what next feeding the cat casual drawing up plans for a swimming pool in the back garden not listening £22 probably reading the gold-plated butt up as we speak £22 a month sky believe in better standard of £20 18th November 10th.

I think of can one image springs to mind the red carpet leading up the steps of the palais de festival to find out.

The care red carpet experience is really like for the actors directors producers sales agents financiers and publicists to flock to the south of France every year hoping to see their film walk up at the festival's top prize the Palme d'Or I spoke to a few people have been up close and personal with it on more than one occasion first.

I spoke to Rebecca O'brien who first started working with Ken Loach in 1990 on the film hidden agenda since then they've collaborative than 18 films together as well as launching their company 16 films in 2002 red carpet and kenh14 and actually I do have a producer credit on you were never really here than in Ramsey film which was on the red carpet couple of years ago, which balances it up to 13, but I wasn't here so I don't count that I mean I can has the world record of the Direct and most in the competition by

Quite some way, I'm sure there are other producers those who have produced more films than I have you ever camera carbon as obviously one of those things that carries great mystique in the film business, so you know I think it's probably a ambition for many filmmakers to be on the red carpet.

Can you talk a little bit just about what that feeling is like? Yeah? I mean that you can never take it for granted and it's something that is always a thrill it to 3L even now 30 years after her first.

Did it and it's just that the French to have a very special way of treating their filmmakers as if they are I think maybe it's something to do with the fact that they don't actually have royalty and so they sort of put it all into the royal box if it were and there's this is what they do instead is roll out the red carpet for the filmmakers and the festival to treat the filmmakers royally they treat us really really well and at the organisation is.

Ordinary complex and detailed and I think I was the first time I was here with with the can with hidden agenda 1990 and to be honest.

I had absolutely no idea what the my job as producer was supposed to be I mean I had assumed that I was quite an important person being a producer of a Ken Loach film but they didn't speak to me and I learnt very quickly that the Producers at the film festival is very different from what the director does the director and the writer and the actors are there very much to publicize and support the film to the outside world producer.

I discovered on my first visit their job is to do everything else then to sort of runaround setting up the next filming and organising who goes where it it's like it's honestly organise.

Sing competition filming can is like organising a wedding you have to work out so many details like there is seating plans for the screening there who gets to come to the dinner before who gets to come to the party afterwards who should be at the photocall who should be featured on the red carpet all those things really what the producer end up doing so it's like basically being a wedding planner and you know you get requests out of the blue from all sorts of different people for tickets people that you never knew you knew come out the blue then there's a sort of pecking order as who sits where this morning for instance.

We went to one of the first things you have to do is go to the accessible protocol meeting and you go there with your publicity person.

That's Charles McDonald in our case and then also you have you have to have French publicists.

So that's long brunette.

Who's are in charge of the French side of things so they are in charge of movements cars and press and everything like that and then do the protocol meeting you and your sales agent your publicity people your French co-producer your French distributor all meet around this big table and then discuss Ham e-tickets you're getting in and then you go away with your your tickets which has sudden like gold dust and I've just come from our office where we've been sorting the tickets and this year because it could well be our last performance on the red carpet with a Ken Loach film but you never know we've got a large contingent of Loach family a large contingent of Paul Laverty who's the writer his family pushing out all the film people in getting the family in their work for you is because of the most special thing as possible being on that red carpet.

You can absolutely never take it for granted.

You know you cannot assume.

That because you're representing a Ken Loach film that it will get into can the film has got to be up to scratch.

You know you are competing with hundreds and hundreds of other filmmakers for that slot and so we never take it for granted and so the thrill of hearing that you're in can is just amazing so that's the first thrill it's it is very exciting getting into the festival cars to drive down the crazy even that you can walk it quicker and then to be decanted in front of the red carpet and know what was wonderful going with Ken because Ken is so idolises filmmaker here in France are films are very popular in France so you know Kane becomes a film star herein can and do people calling out for him and everything it's lovely and then going up the red carpet with actors that people haven't necessarily heard of is a thrill because these people like Debbie honeywood for instance are leading lady.

She is a fan of red carpet.

She never thought she would be on a red carpet herself, so she is having kittens at the moment.

Just so excited about having a dress like Victoria Beckham is dressed and Alice Temperley is provide the dress as well, so and so to go up the red carpet with some the two kids and and Chris and Debbie who really done very little in terms of filmmaking before to go up makeup it with them is the thrill it's nice to go with them and nice to go with my mate Paul Laverty and Ken Loach thereby pals.

I've been working with them for so long now, so it's just fun and then I'm in the most amazing thing.

Is is the screening and and sitting down your they put a spotlight on you when you go in and and you're in the front row and then at the end of the film.

They throw the spotlight on you and they could do that for us.

They usually clap and cheer but that's an amazing feeling too.

It's just you know it's it's very.

Special there's nothing like it in the film World I suppose winning an Oscar might be quite nice, but this is such a forum and it's it's so we treated so specially and it's what's a nice is the fact that you no Ordinary People as as a treated specially as it's not essential that you're a film star to go out that red carpet.

They just want to celebrate good films and the people in them and so that's why it's a treat is because I know been at the red carpet with many unknowns and the past the kids from Sweet Sixteen those three kids were there were 17 years old and one of them was Martin compston.

Who's now in a last week? I saw him presenting a BAFTA award we discovered that we paid him a fiver to come to the audition.

So just to have people like that celebrated and not just the big film stars is really special but to win the Palme d'Or is something else.

They don't tell you what price you want so it could be one of maybe if they

Has Ken to come back it could be one of maybe four or five prizes because it could be best director of jewellery appraisal the Grand Prix but when we won for The Wind That Shakes The Barley they just said could can come back.

And we couldn't get there in time so it's ridiculous.

I think that they organised at the last minute.

They found a jet private jets, so we've got on that we had to rush to Luton to get on his private jet which is so absurd giving what films are about seems so completely bonkers to arrive and AJ and then and we met on the tarmac by the festival cars with with the motorbike outriders and then you arrive and you're starving so you go to the local shop and get a sandwich.

You know you know you've won when you don't win the runner-up prize and the first time that happened.

It was just a phenomenal moment when we didn't win the Grand Prix an electric current temperatures head in his hands and you said oh.

And are you able to notice a big difference between a year that can wins the Palme d'Or or maybe you when can has been in competition, but perhaps hasn't come away with the prize is that is that the significant kind of like difference in there is a what then happens in the market and Influence to ME10 price for Angels Share whoever had won the Palme wasn't I think it was Hanukkah but he wasn't doing publicity so depressed want to tell me to talk to and Ken was happy to talk to be got huge amount additional publicity for winning something so that translate into definite box office effect particularly in France so it sort of Madness but for us.

It's worth it because it pays dividends more people see our films as a result of coming to can Gabrielle Stewart is managing director of London based.

Sales and finance company hanway films which was first set up more than 20 years ago by Oscar winning producer Jeremy Thomas at this year's can Gabriel it is focused on closing deals on a number of new Productions on hanway slate including the actor Viggo Mortensen directorial debut, but she has walked the Cannes red carpet with a number of hanway titles including the killing of the sacred deer and how to talk to girls at parties with how to talk to girls at parties because we dressed models with all the crazy latex costumes that the aliens war in the park in the film and I have a little apartment and I just off the closet and all the models got dressed in their latex and before the red carpet in my apartment.

I went back to change and I found myself surrounded by crazy latex dressed dwarfed by the amazing.

Mike stature, and it was extremely experienced the whole apartments tank of whatever chemical products.

They were using for forgetting the models in the latex and yeah, and then we hit the red carpet at it was it was Wild N wacky.

It was great.

So you managed to pass The Strand dress code wants very naively in than one of my first cans went to the red carpet with quite short dress and boots and boots so definitely not accepted, but everyone's accepted then so I had to run back and change into some normal high heeled shoes and almost missed the film the red carpet in Cannes is very special I'm half French so there's a little bit more meaning there for me.

I think we we know it in France the red carbon can is known as slim Ash the steps and there's something about the steps that you walk up at the

Top of the cam red carpet which is different to any other red carpet and you look in it when you go up the steps and you look down you know any have the view of all the people walking up at the red carpet, but you have on both sides comes of cameras flashing got the cards coming you got the crowds in the end and there's that perspective at the top of the steps which is complete you need to come in your notice anyone who walks up.

It will turn at the top even though they're being hustled new look down and it is just better and more glamorous and more special than any other red carpet and I think she just call it a red carpet doesn't work for me like any other French person.

They are Limos where was before you go to the red carpet.

What's that feeling? Well? I think things are much better now that the press screenings aren't before and there was something really wrong now that everything is immediate and we don't wait for print.

Actual print to read reviews now that everything is posting online immediately to have the press already judges film before the world premiere with took away.

It's up the energy in the air out of the Premier because now at least you can enjoy the Premier Inn whether it's were received or not.

Everybody's had their moment the film had a chance to just be experienced in the palais on that big screen with an audience no prejudgment.

You know clean fresh.

I never forget being part of the film that was so unfairly and brutally kicked to Pieces by the critics on Friday night and the press conference with the Stars the director was on the Saturday and for them to sit through that press conference.

It was all about the press having completely ripped film Fred and no one has seen the form yet, but actual premier and happened.

It was on the Saturday night.

And at the end of the Premier it got the most amazing applause and standing ovation because I feel people that it had been so unfair it may not have been the best film.

That's he met you, but it was a good film and there was that was there was almost shocked at how violent the critic reaction had been so I think it's such a brilliant thing and it's been switched.

So we can we can keep the trial we can retain the sanctity of the world premiere and everyone enjoy it.

What does it mean in business terms when you should have come away with the warden amazing reception in what what kind of what how does it benefit translate very very meaningful especially in France and Europe for the success of the film and it just it just means that the film in its own right has received a very very powerful historical Accolade irrespective of the car still the names involved certainly winning is the bit of winning a prize is a big.

Geoban often the deal they done before so it is about the film being I mean if you have your filming competition.

Everyone will go see it.

If it's well-received.

You will start making cells usually you know all this other done by the gym, but the film has won so it sort of a cherry on top you know that point and everyone feels like there a winner for having picked the film that one you know that it's just it right when we picked up a prize for killing of a sacred deer and it was my first can with hanway and

In weight quick brutal when you have a swimming competition you have to stay for the bitter end of can you know we will usually leave a bit earlier.

So they just because we've done with all our meetings in the market by Sue Tuesday I have the second week, but you stay on but it was all worth it because for the first time ever I got my name called on the red carpet for the for the closing ceremony.

We got out of the car and they they they named all of us in the party and kidney not say my god my name.

Just got called on the red carpet.

That's very very first time that I never happened.

So that gave me a bit of April I have to admit was that was a special moment for me.

I think the worst thing about the palais.

Is that you don't have anything to drink in there and if you are there special if you have the opening ceremony which is the long ceremony followed by an interval when they cleared stage and prepare the screen and then.

The opening night film start as an awfully long time without drinking anything so I used to have a special coat that had like I said a Burberry rain an old-fashioned Burberry raincoat with a kind of Poachers Pocket in its lining inside which was big enough to hide a small bottle of water and I use to get away with always carrying that in on my arm with a secret stashed inside that with the security now.

There's no way you can so I've been known to vary under unladylike fashion flat water out of the TAP for the ladies lyrics I would normally never do that.

It's just too much I can't handle three-and-a-half for a drop of water in an egg edition room it is impossible that the one thing I would say about the palais is diverse but who is ever going to miss can in the film industry?

You have to be a can anyone who works on the International Film world knows london-based publicity Liz Miller weather at hand for the festival or BAFTA for the film Awards no one has had a maximise the red carpet experience for Talent better than Liz and directors and producers are often begging her to work on their films she describes her behind-the-scenes experiences of navigated the Cannes red carpet.

There is really only one red carpet.

There are gala are screenings in all sections but as a rule if you're a film is screening in one of the side bars are in another section in the official selection you'll figure out how to get yourself onto the real red carpet for somebody else's screening.

There is only one Redcar it's one of those things that no matter how many times you've done it.

It is very hard to be blase about that experienced and where are you might be on your own behalf and you really can't be bothered to get dressed properly to go and do this yet again.

You are inevitably with people for whom.

It is the first time when it's very very exciting for them.

Be they're young or old filmmakers.

Obviously these days everybody takes photographs of everything but the Cannes red carpet is.

Very very exclusive photo opportunity.

I'm not sure it was never properly enforced that that selfie than but I think what people don't realise is that there is an entire virtual military operation behind getting people to the carpet getting them across the carpet getting them into their seats in time to start the film at the appointed hour etc.

It is it involves an enormous amount of forward planning.

You don't want it to look regimented, but it has to be there are a lot of films in the Grand Theatre Lumiere and the timings are really important and unfortunately the selfie taking in any sort of extraneous activity on the carpet.

Kshaway from what we those of us who are promoting the films and loads of those who have made the film so therefore which is to get their photograph on the red carpet at me.

I think maybe Thierry was was being amusing in his pronouncement that it was funny.

I don't know what he said vulgar and stupid or whatever to take pictures of yourself that effectively my job as concerns the red carpet is to make sure that we get clear and evident photographs of the main event only one is very strictly enforced is the dress code movie theatre on on the other hand this is a celebration of cinema.

These are these are opening night? This is Deezer premier? These are just as much.

Opening night is an opening night at the theatre or the Opera and it's nice that gives a sense of occasion.

If everybody's dolled up and I suppose that on some level again for the filmmakers.

It's very nice to say luck everybody made such an effort to make themselves look beautiful for you and for your hard work.

There is always mishaps now.

I remember be with an actress who been given down at the last minute that really didn't fit her and help gather with safety pins and turning her away from all the cameras so that I could put her dress back together before the photographs with taking those those always mishaps.

There's always somebody who forgot his his bowtie in the pocket of his other suit etc.

Etc of course but you make the best of those situations, I think the

Only time it's ever been really a damp squib.

It was literally a damp squib because the heavens opened.

Just as we were getting out of the carton of course nobody Hallam Brothers and everybody was walking like drowned rats up the steps and that was not particularly elegant, but you know the one thing that is quite hard.

I don't like to hurt anybody's feelings and often times you have to have people off from the stars of the film and the director you know that a lot of times.

You have two separate somebody from the his or her spouse in that people don't like that.

That's another part of my job, because the reality is that a massive group photograph where you can't distinguish, who is who will not run and nobody will see it.

You know when you brought your film here.

Great effort and expense and you gotta get slime out of it in the one of the biggest things you get out of it is your red carpet moments and God knows if the photographers don't get what they want.

They let you know sometimes you have to bend to the will of the Mob in the end that the reality is of course.

It's it's there, rolling business here, but we are also celebrating art in the end.

I think the art should win the art should win their favourite moments for you over the years.

I have a lot of Marmite I guess being on the red carpet with York was really fun because there's somebody a huge dad doesn't have the Habit of Being a movie star so it was you know she was very good Leona with her as strange and wonderful experience I think for her so that was fun and more recently threw Andrea Arnold's film.

With all of the very very young people in the American Honey who had hardly ever left home before level long made a movie let alone come to our red carpet in Cannes on all of the kids started to dancing and Shia LaBeouf who's a sweet guy.

Got into it also just on behalf of all of the young people who never done it before that was I have to say that was a premier gorgeous moment until he was dancing at the top of the study was dancing at the top of a beautiful thing to see in Los Angeles based communication DDA for more than a decade and it's company represents many of the top film financing production and sales concerns in the industry, but in the US and internationally every year did they really difficult conversations on the hole?

If you have chance to see the film before you go into battle you have an educated guess at how it's going to go down and if you have a luxury of may be testing it with the odd journalist in advance.

You haven't even more of a luxury of going.

I think we might be ok here for the sight unseen.

Have you haven't seen that you are just as what's the word concerned as a Jonas is about it's going to be any good or not here all the ingredients can be there when that we've had many films of the director was Mark II the cost of Marquee the something man at arm's ripping meaning for powerful.

So she was once or whatever the film tell her to be absolutely terrible and everybody just sits with her head and hands at that pressed winning hearing the booze or or see the reactions and going home now.

This is not going to go well this afternoon to get your film selected is such an honour but actually that's just start of it, then you have to help the critics like as well because selection committee see things in a berry Redmond wages.

Have a journalist in over 10000 films made of which the selection committee diligently.

She's gonna get the ladder.

We seem to be seen.

Analogue use and then and then finally make that bad cough doesn't mean that they're gonna be well reviewed the critical process got to a point where they felt it was quite Frank Ocean and it could be for any number of reasons to be political Reasons to be great filmmaker who they're slot to it could be fantastic costly.

Just wanna have won the red carpet things like that and the film may not make the grade critically by it's worth having it so then it's all about what's lottery for the name of the competition is United easy slow ultimate competition slot where all the British so that should have been in conversation.

That's golden literally at is the best outcome for everybody you get older you get all the upside of the first saw you in the brochure.

You're in the of the official press, pick up really you have reviewed all of those things with none of the pressure of competition and all the credibles weight of should have been in competition.

It's way better than other one two, one of them are possibly looking.

Food review is it going to be at one week predisposing like a time kind of film finding out and advanced checking in with screen and say who you selling to review their system pre warn.

Somebody might or might not like that together film trying to get out ride breaks down probably saw the directors got a profile piece all the fans.

He has got a profile piece all kind of an advance, but when that film hitch is if it's critically acclaimed everything else follows if it's critically moles you don't that covered is not worth as much the next day because I've made a bad film not a good film.

That's all strategy is a proper conversation.

They had lots of parties are involved and spend on where the film is in.

It's life if you are coming here with the film with this already secured distribution in r dates in mind in over here and there is no data rocky man has it's coming out very soon, so that the play for that here is just a great big profile racing hurrah to say the film is here in Cannes Elton John always.

Outlook account as a potential places sell the film so if you rent Spital selection secure sales agent beyond got one already because it's clearly in the selection process that you can use that as leverage to heighten the awareness around the film distributors saying we represent in the film it in competition within special selection here.

I can't put a price point up.

It's it's awareness up as It Gets a big decision to make can I see any trains on it's a little early on the trains France thing.

We see when people start buying stuff what they looking for when you can really see the train, but I'm still feels as but he really is you know I'm going to use for the talking about the decline of the market, but I mean that the evidence is that still there's this just massive project Superman in there was a lot of interest in the embarrassing life goes on as before I think there's probably less people coming but it's alright people so there's no less holidaymakers from companies here.

There's more people just make decisions, so you know all the companies represented in micro slot.

The huge weight of staff they wanted more time does the advertising since dropped considerably, I'm looking at you know what bus Carlton yesterday.

Which is normally at Disney insulation one-sided fox insulation another side to this edition of the media business podcast.

Thank you to all of our guests for taking part in this can special thank you for listening.

This is been a PPM production from Media business insight.

I do hope you'll join us for the next addition.

You can find out more about forthcoming auditions at screen I met Mila and pronounce horrible one can guess what I could have to do Sky TV Sky what next feeding the cat gavial it's only £20 a month drawing up plans for a swimming pool in the back garden not listening £22 probably Reading

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