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Read this: RAJARs, Heart and Russ Williams

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RAJARs, Heart and Russ Williams…

Thanks for choosing the radio Today programme your weekly.

Look at what's going on in the radio industry.

Hello, my name is Stuart Clarkson coming up on this week's episode royal.

I will talk to you the q1 2019 Ranger figures and look at the new schedules just announced for heart.

I'm a guest is Russ Williams he's on to tell us about his reunion with John over fix radio and then podcast and much more as well James cridland will ask whether it matters where your radio station is based and David Lloyd radio moments we say hello to Murcia sound and laser 558 and Fender parts Redhill on the radio Today programme with broadcast bionics find out how weird changing radio all over again at bionic.

Radio first radio today's editor of found the right Martin is here were both back from our trip to London last week for radio audio week and the week brought us the gift of radar as well.

How exciting Erasure we love a bit of

Rage I don't like just like the rest of the radio industry through it was a bit more fun this quarter though, because we got added Chris Evans to to Spice things up a bit and he did alright in the decade or so that we've been doing nearly two decades radar reports every quarter.

I think this is probably one of the most exciting certainly one of the biggest changes with all the different shows starting and as you say Chris Evans indeed do well, and he was banging on about it on Thursday morning on his Virgin Radio UK Breakfast Show with Sky let's have a list of the 10 weeks 1.4 formula listeners to the station.

We are thrilled to bits.

We are thrilled to smithereens by that's a first for anyone's after two years ago the cell which they still work we worked on that said that so what we're heading towards man ever be here will be apparently Jumping Through Hoops to the Goodwill between is weight.

Photos of thank you by You by the way of course the listeners this morning.

I've never experienced anything like a bit perhaps when we did the Big Breakfast at which is not dissimilar story at the end of the news that the audience is Triple mean.

You know people said why they leaving Radio 2.

This is why we were doing you to come here to just give it a go give it our best to offer new get the chance to triple an audience in radio 10 expected.

It's almost unheard of us the same so we're at 1.44.

Thanks to you guys, but here's the other thing in.

This is more important in the business.

It's the it's the number of hours that people listen for the Formby commercial basis of Arabia business again our target for that was 10 million hours by this time so we may next year but a soap middle of May next year 10 million hours.

We were at 1.7 before we started before you moved here and we're 8.6 million already in 10 weeks.

That's great news and that doesn't include April and the two weeks.

We've been on the air for me and so those figures are pending and will fall in the first half of the next quarter think it's going to be too much detail about 2 hours for the how important they are not sure the audience.

There is moving into Chris Moyles territory ahead was he talking about inside information, but it was good to know that I mean.

I didn't know the target was 2 million in 2 years and 10 million hours in 10 months.

Did he said that's good then? He's done really well probably on 10 million hours already and he said he doesn't account for April so yeah.

I think we have a new saviour of digital radio think Chris Moyles say that he was the saviour of digital radio and it didn't it's not quite working out as expected adult thing and certainly on the scout Chris evans's is giving us know yeah, it is Chris Evans makes everybody go out and buy digital radio then that's probably why we've seen an increasing in digital ready ownership.

This quarter and digital radio hours and listening and everything else so yeah onwards and upwards, maybe there's something in this digital radio after all you never know yeah, I think the difference with miles as a Miles had a few years off today from Radio 1 breakfast before he started already OXO building that audience up as probably been a tough a thing for for him.

Where is Chris pretty much went straight from ready O2 to Virgin and was talking about it on Radio 2 as he was leaving so true last linkwood, I'll see you over on Virgin in a couple of months ago.

I never disrespected Christmas with Alan wise obviously they both firm.

What are the best Talents that that this country has ever produced on the on the radio in Last of the 10-20 years so wasn't dissing him at all by saying is not done as good a job is Chris Evans cos they said that he had time off and it says maybe the different kind of audience so yeah, let's hope they can both carry on flourishing in the future and Chris is probably got them.

Arctic spent from the sun and the times and the coverage of the game there in the sky partnership, which works both ways for the shower guess so there we are but yeah.

I did we say I think miles on Hunter 928091 1.048 million for the show across all three Virgin services and models of AC on FM in London Manchester which Chris hasn't got so yeah, it kind of puts into perspective the achievement really in those first two first 10 weeks and it's good for radio.

It's good for digital radio is good for the radio industry.

Everyone's a winner especially Christopher Evans and as I think I pointed out on Twitter as well afraid your smileys was still going it would be a massive grin perverted for this course.

It was good whoever it was but we did we don't know where necessarily somebody's listeners are coming from because of big assumption was that Zoe Ball would lose a load of audience but actually it's gone down like 20000 quarter on quarter.

Search for the Radio 2 Breakfast Show so she might have lost some Christmas she's got a new audience as well.

So that's an interesting dynamic to it.


I know where they've come from Hallam FM to come from ok.

Yeah, well.

I look to the National figures and you were doing all the number crunching on the the local and regional Zendaya Greatest Hits pretty much down across the border thing was it near Hallam 2 to mention on in particular lost more than half.

It's listening and it was pretty similar story for Manchester for East Yorkshire and North Lincs that's a Viking you went from 83000 years ago to 32000 year on year so that all all the two stations.

I mean this isn't real because 50000 people having just suddenly turned off the radio because the station has changed it's name as we know it's it's a lot recall and if you are recalling Harlem you look for the Hallam name and if you were not particularly.

It's changed it's name.

You don't go looking for Greatest Hits radio West Yorkshire for example.

You not necessarily aware that say station names he don't take it in yeah, it happens it happened with Virgin going to absolute the listeners were probably still there, but the red dresses differently than it is only a quarter in and it's ok.

I think in some of the cases so that remains to be seen how they perform but I think Hits radio overall was up a little bit so you know that started to grow again and they just announced.

They're going to give away £1000000 on Hits radio, so that'll pull the list as in this quarter is a million right when you get full radar stuff of course at radio 0lr analysis and see all the grafts anything like that at the other big story of the week this week.

Heart changes out of announced what's going to be happening the first week of June and who's getting all the drive time shows around the country and it's a mix of existing drivetime presenters Breakfast presenters and people from other stations moving to Heart staying the same we expected Lucy to come back to me onto 2 drivetime, but she's nowhere to be seen on the schedule.

So maybe maybe they've got other plans for losing metres secret Magic station.

Maybe she's going to radio Toby in the future.

You know how to Toby heart Toby yeah.

Yeah, and yeah.

We've we've got a full list of who's doing whilst at radio if you've missed it.

It's all on there a good luck to the mall having somebody one of the current heart presenters pointed out on Twitter that she had enough of people self congratulate ing themselves saying I've got a wonderful new show.

When the reality was that you don't 70 people are not having a brand new show he was a bit delicates every situation, but you gotta do What You Gotta Do haven't you so was always awkward, so yeah there be lots of there.

Thank you for listening and goodbye kind of sweets as well and I know what people got another week another couple of weeks on the drive show so best of luck to those and a little plug for our service that were offering if anybody wants any help in find themselves another giggle promote themselves to wider audio Industries you can look are not available page Radio today. slash available and as you're available for work.

Well done with that initiative Mr Roy just let us know and I don't know if it'll work.

I don't know if you get any job from me, but just to just to be out there.

You know somebody from power or nation or or you're abroad or any other BBC could be looking at it now.

Then cos I've had a couple of people say it was your words that page again and I've had a look and they've been in touch with people on the page and the people said actually no, it's fine.

I've got a job now from not necessarily the page, but they found their own jobs and I'm taking them down so it's better to be on it than not I guess and it's it's difficult because it's 70 people this week that we've we've reported as an estimate and when you put that into contacts that you have this week's British Steel could go into administration 25000 people work there any British Steel goes tits up a €25,000 can I put it into context and I know it's different because of these people we know when there are friends and it's particular job that people were there in tail light for so it is lovely different but you've got to keep a reality check on it.

Yeah another thousand at Jamie Oliver's restaurant as well.

So again it puts into perspective but not not give a little those that are losing their jobs in in re.

Yeah, but I'm not as well here from Ross later on in This podcast there is life after radio and things you can do and skills you can use so that there is a positive messages somewhere.

I think Russ Williams coming I'm looking forward to this.

I'll stay tune to that one at every kind of fascia main reason.

I will he trusts as got a podcast we've got a podcast obviously you listen to it now, and it was a podcast Awards British podcast Awards that happened on Saturday night all the winners were announced George the Poet podcast of not actually listen to I'm going to make a point of downloading there some of his episodes this week and that analyst vacancy think 1405 awards in all you can again see all the list of all the winners of the Awards are tredia brexitcast won the listeners Choice Award and yet.

There was still some good winners thoughts nice mix of different types of podcast winning so well done to Matt and Matt and the team at the podcast awards.

I do like the fact that it's a podcast awards and it's not it's not trying to be radio solar radio events these days as I mentioned to Nick Pitts on the show couple weeks ago all the radio things that we've historical is radio if suddenly become audio and they're not just radio name of the try and corporate everything with the podcast awards and just podcast with the little bit of Radio in the office in Israel people make podcast but it's good that that's there and talking of events by mass.

It's sad news actually that Matt's other major event that he does with their James cridland nextradio has been cancelled for this year.

Did you know about this one had no? I didn't know that yeah, so they're not doing the event this year.

They're taking a break to re-evaluate to be Industries changing and that conference the next radio conference.

Is it all about ideas and programs and you don't the industry changing so much that there's only to come.

He's making content and programming on a large scale, so they need to work out where they're going with that.

I think it's the the idea for that pause button and who knows hopefully they will be back and well written about maths if he is a burning you might have said you're not saying that Maddie this week about a new thing that him and his chief technical officer at 4 love come up with the David and it's called pod follow.

Have you seen this pod follow basically? Yeah, so you can find you can find your podcast on pod follow and create Canada bespoke link which takes you to the river Place depending on where you try to access it from so people are saying it's a bit of a faff sometimes if you have a link to your podcast but then you click that link from a iPhone whether it's Android or iPhone it doesn't really don't take to the podcast happy.

Just takes you to a webpage or whatever so they've created the thing called pod follows that right now if you got it at whatever device you are on if you go to pod for. / Radio today and it'll bring up the radio Today programme and if you're on a desktop site, it will bring up in your browser if your on a phone it will bring it up in your podcast app native to your phone.

That's such a good idea.

Cos when we're doing the radio Today programme we have to put link to Google Play Store on the Apple iOS store in or whatever it is and yet, so that's that's good.

I saw you tweet that and make it thinking I've been nothing just found a new service, but that's good.

That is not doing it was a good idea look that he said would mention it so whether to Event season, it was a radio audio week last week of course.

Thanks for your feedback on last week's podcast what's next right.

Is it the podcast event? I think he's not in London talking of podcast the radio days Europe podcast date on all day in the centre of London and that is on June 13th excellence and then in July this day at digital radio summer reception will hopefully be at that are on the

On the roof terrace at News UK and coming up later in the year imaging days in Amsterdam and then it'll be right out again before you know it.

I guess it's going to see what is happening at Radio today. slash events excellent.

I just wanted to mention this week as well.

If you've ever worked in radio in the northwest side as a journalist for the BBC in Manchester you probably know a guy called Jonathan Ali-A it worked at North West Tonight as well much-loved and he's been having a tough times at recently with his cancer treatment over the last couple years.

I found out recently that there's no going back for him unfortunately so people sending a lot of love to Jonathan and we thought we do our own at hy52.

Jelly has lots of people be doing on Facebook at the moment as well as thoughts with you and your friends and your family at this time jelly.

The bionic studio listening watching reacting to and learning from every spoken word Kolo sweet and SMS for a mix and lock and understand your content the bionic studio transforms everything about radio accept the way you make it today programme big week for the current Virgin Radio breakfast presenter with his latest radar, so why not get on the original and best Some Might Say Virgin Radio breakfast presenter.

Russ Williams is here welcome to the podcast Russ well, and we mustn't forget Stuart Littlejohn oh, and I use the word little advisedly, but yeah, we were the original Breakfast Show hosts as you say we did it for 5 1/2 5 and 3 quarter years until we have the tap on the shoulder come up to the office lads.

Just want a quick word and then we said all this would be nice a pay rise.

I said you've just had your final show Chris Evans start a week on Monday and the

Rest is history and he's doing alright for himself now early years did get a million listeners in his first year did turn on Twitter and a little Paul didn't have a guess and I think my guess was 912.

So I wasn't that far off radio on the numbers that Chris haddad and he always will attract an audience because he's Chris and people love him obviously people hate him but enough people love him and so I think for a first-rate are not a complete one.

I think it's a really good result then it's not use to get but then you are on medium wave on FM and all sorts as well, but a million that talk later.

I'm in absolute breakfast things just over 2 million at the minute and they will be out of the bigger distributions.

So yeah, you can't argue with it.

No definitely I'm at the Vue the wireless will do the best that they can for Virgin Radio UK and then and they've started off now of the RE

Launch cos essentially has been with Chris and so well.

Let's see what he can do it.

I think it would be right to judge him three or four books in Uno calendar year sadly minimum of 3 and you haven't you brought John I work straight away really so you can go together you too like big.

Yes, we do all the things you can't take him off but I think you did a couple of months on breakfast without him.

First of all the new before he Rocked up yes.

Yes, I did with the role Chris whatmough worm bless his cotton socks who was my producer John oki the mound of Sound was in the evening and John Revell phone me up and he said that I've just got this really weird idea that you and John I could do a good show together and that he said he's you up for it.

I'll said yeah sure I'll give anything ago because you know Sitting on your own and doing a breakfast programme is a very very difficult thing to do that probably of

Top of my head Terry Wogan was the only guy who managed to do it.

I hope you member Steve Wright great broadcasting went on to Radio 1 breakfast and never worked and is a spotless populated by teams on double acts, isn't it? So well, I'm listening to Zoe Ball this morning and you know there's people other voices popping up on the shell the time if she was just sitting there playing records.

So it wouldn't be half as effective as I think it's probably going to be you and John and dinners podcast together which will talk about in a million on that you've talked about some of the stuff that happened back in the nineties on Virgin then put that rivalry with Steve Wright was that was that real when he was on breakfast no not really we were we were guests like Steve at the radio festival in Birmingham and we were always because even though you know we had a show that was listen to buy a lot of people and a lot of people spoke about it was a good vibe as John I will call her.

Are we still have problems sort of getting into the newspapers as much as we would like to and into the industry, so they've journals.

There was there any of the day back bed obviously no.

No I'm said I'm in Love Radio today keeps a set of a bit of publicity.

Thank you.

Camp Stuart Clarkson your way so we talk with let's get some sheep in because of you was the Radio 1 listeners ribbon-like sheep and Virgin listeners were wonderful so where we let them off into Steve's pen outside the Radio 1 roadshow, and he saw the funny side of it and if that was still very friendly with Steve is a great guy and it was just a bit of fun, but that was a great radio festival Stevens and Nicky Campbell Tommy Vance Terry Wogan you name it they were there and it was him.

I think it was taken in the spirit that it should have been and it was just a bit of fun and rivalry.

Yes with Steve and with Mark and lard and with Chris

Darren and with anyone it was on the radio when you're on the radio and they were probably say the same you need to get listeners and in commercial radio if you don't get listeners, you don't have a job.

It's a simple as that and I always thought that you were the kind of out of Russ and Jono you were the mature sensible one out of the pair of you by having now heard your Russ and Jono rebooted podcast and actually for my research within to find out that you're a lot younger than it is used to have that you both at the pre-match death.

Don't you we both got a sense of humour and an eye for the unusual or did you know Mickey taking and and what have you but we have an ear for comedy as well.

Love it when we were doing the original show Graham Norton maid one of his first radio Appearances with us Al Murray the pub landlord Eddie Izzard I mean they all came onto the show because the pr people were saying this is a show you should go on and fortunate.

EBay did someone away with way up quite so please don't make them proud.

Maybe that we were there at the very beginning of what I've become really illustrious careers and we bought it always had an interest in the funny stuff.

I mean Jono slightly wackiest stuff really it is his modus operandi and occasionally I have to put my foot down on his throat and Simon are doing that but I have to say since the podcast at the reaction was very good and obviously with we've gone to fix which is in London and Manchester where you can listen to it online and grey Macan Louis timpany and Tim Griffiths and Paul chantler the bosses have just said there's an hour a day going on with it and so far and no yellow cards or red cards from Ofcom and no complaints and you enjoying doing the dyestuff again because I suppose you've had a can a serious joke.

Absolute on mid mornings and it's smooth places like that.

So this is.

California here for you.

Enjoy whatever.

I was ill and is still recovering from cancer and we were speaking about an hour.

Just said luck.

Why do we do a podcast everybody else is doing it you know life is too short and and that's how it started and the plan is now we haven't done any new episodes for about 3 months is what we do it fix will be turned into a weekly podcast which is essentially the same stuff.

Obviously new material Stewart not repeat so I enjoyed that for an hour a week.

I absolutely enjoyed that by the same token.

I take very seriously what I do with my Sporting hat on it.

I mean I'm so thrilled to be able to work at talkSPORT and talkSPORT 2 when I've just completed the whole Premier League season of live football games for the latter and I'm glad that I can flow between the two Style

Radio and I can honestly say that I have really missed playing records.

It's awful really to say that I haven't because I love speech radio is what I listen to him my spare time most of the time and it yeah you mentioned it.

Obviously just to the Caesar talkSPORT and before that you doing stuff for LBC London news alongside when you're at smooth, and then obviously before that you did Rock and Roll football which he carried on as I didn't even after you've left the the daily shoah think you were still don't you did that until the end of the final season of work with Ian Wright and Jim proudfoot to the finest menu can ever made Charlie Jones with the producer.

He's now producer of the many things including the time's the game podcast so we've all gone on to do pretty good things Jim is with me at talkSPORT and is still in my view the best football commentator on the radio that we've got although.

They got some brilliant ones at talkSPORT so it was a way really that I want.

Did to go really made a conscious decision and I work for talkSPORT 10 years ago when it was Virgin before it was absolute and then when it became absolutely it was we done with the working at talkSPORT they were quite happy to have me there so I left and after I had a sort of hiatus for about a year and a bit after I left smooth.

I kind of floated back in which I'm I'm so proud to be a member of the team because they're Great Khali left Smith quite quickly and he did a couple years ago.

Did you say do not know who I didn't get a regular.

I never spoke to him.

I never spoke to any member of management there about what I was going to do long-term with any definitive answer from them, so it became quite apparent to me that it was probably gonna be.

Best of Amy and for them if I decided that come the end of the contract I go and do something else have it was a disappointment.

Obviously have let Richard know.

He's fully aware of perhaps.

She didn't do the greatest by mate, but they probably wouldn't be the first or the last when I put down because you were to get him in you let him in the 90s.

Didn't you when you're a cat virgins? I've got a lot of respect for him as a radio guy.

I just think that the old people skills need brushing up on a little bit that's all I would say however that was the radio business.

I can tell you has not been very well as we all know and couple of months ago.

I sent him an email wishing him well and within about 5 minutes.

Got reply back and he was pleased to hear from me, but still talking so they certainly not yet.

It's interesting is not a lot of people.

Who've recently worked at global and atbara and obviously not wireless A3 big group for the now dominating our industry.

So yes it.

Do they know what they do with lot people saying I don't know what they're doing haven't got a clue about how to run a radio station but clearly they do because they making a success of it.

Do you notice differences between a big groups not really if I'm honest.

I think the global empower operate in a very similar way at the bottom line is the prophets and the audience figures a close second and from where I'm sitting when I look at the numbers.

Not only for the National brands, but everything else has I'm not probably like you Stewart looking at it forensically I can see what they're doing it.

It was an inevitability.

I think that it was going to go this way as radio develops me when I first started in radio and probably when you were first involved in the end of Street every major town and its own alarm radio station nose with the Golden Daisy you know you could you can leave for sending sound in Leicester and go to Metro Radio news self some more money and there was a lovely active poaching going on.

But that isn't the case anymore that the nature of the beast has changed and number Smyths as I like to call them likes of Phil Riley and your John Myers of this world and what have you ever much better handle on it, but I don't think it is good for young people particular you want to get into radio because the opportunities are far less and that saddens me a little bit and I would love you know with other people in the industry to run a course where we can teach people how to be a presenter at the sort of stuff that Paul Chandler does the legal side of it.

You know what sort of all-in-one course get them to come out with the demo tape and then with with a hand on heart Stuart be able to say to them right here's a load of contacts.

You should send your audio to these people because they looking for people you couldn't do that.

It would be disingenuous and that in a way is saddening because I would love personally do.

Give a little bit back and help people who want to make a career in the industry that I've been so lucky to work in for 35 years.

I started very young and he did a blog about it when the global changes were announced and really looking at it what jobs might be going and I think the point you made was the people who's got these skills working in radio.

I've got skills that are transferable and you are you doing that your self because you're working in publishing now Dune audiobook, so that there is life after radio.

Yes, I mean you just need a little microphone like this and the one that you've got a I've got an office here at home and I'm the right quite a lot of audiobooks.

I also compile books books usually in the sort of self-help genre and we put them out in different markets as audio books has written books and what have you and I have to say that the clamor for audio which is why I think we're seeing so many people.

Podcasting a consuming audio in that way and audiobooks is quite extraordinary.

We're at I think we're at the beginning of the Boom a bit like we were with video a few years ago and I hope to ride a modest wave on it yet.

You know but I love I absolutely loved the writing books and I can probably do one in a week that you know which is bad.

Did I hear you're writing a book as well, you're writing a novel yeah to be honest with you.

My mum has been diagnosed with quite progressive Alzheimer's and anyone is affected by dementia and alzheimer's and worse.

I will know that the amount of time that you have to spank caring for a parent or a relative massively increases.

There's all sorts of people you have to liaise with them or heavier so that together with my radio duties of a wireless and also for fixers somewhat, put the

Brakes on the book but it is going to be finished.

I woke up this morning.

I was lying in bed listening to the dawn chorus in the woods where I live and I thought you have really got to get writing that book because the store is it me I think it's a great story.

It's a novel and I will I'm going to promised myself that by the end of the younger.

I have the vast majority we should probably put out the you don't live in the woods house in the woods, so where is hell in the autumn? It's a good job.

I got a blow-up so you doing these shows that are on fix with with Jono the guy at how different is it doing it on the line with him rather than being sat in the Studio with him well interestingly enough the bit of software that you use am I allowed to say what the hell? Yeah.

We can do complete el is it was actually want me use and we use them as an extension for it for p.

You're interested, which I know you use Stewart with an isdn facility and that is how we do it and even to Australia the sort of time lapse the delay.

It is absolutely minimal it is incredible so I sit in the studio in London and the other I'm thinking to get the software now and I can sit in my lovely office surrounded by the trees and do it but to be serious Jono goes to her a proper studio in Sydney we connect up like you do when you're doing stuff and we just do the show and because we both understand kind of naturally that there is a bit of a delay with no learn to just take a breath before we move on which makes it easier to edit and Jack are producer editor of course.

He makes a sound tight and bright and I guess if you're in each.

Other's I like you're trying to make eachother laugh a little bit so you don't really yes, we were doing.

Spoof news readers the other day and I knew the punchline that was coming and I just cost and I think they've left it on the show for later this week.

I think it'll be on because I leave it all on warts and all you know the great of fix.

You know their progressive and at the got big plans for the radio station are and I've got to say this by talking to other people wanted to other people with mild interest in us doing stuff for them.

We're going to stick with fix and people might think we'll why because of loyalty counts for something and their loyal to us and gave us a chance again and will stick with them posted in bacon butties out of John of every day and is that the world we need them anymore? You know I mean he sent me well to be done the Show because there's evening time in Sydney it his staff for cooking primarily century pictures of his dinner and that was his daughter.

I think it's changed his lifestyle.

Apart from the odd vodka and tonic because he had to you now, and I'm so pleased that he's a lot better.

It's is brilliant use otherwise.

I don't know what to do a shower with one eye and dare you got Summer of the football and back to it in August for new season at talkSPORT against yeah.

Yeah, that is the plan certainly within the wireless group of vehicles talkSPORT on Talksport are on the same floor as christened the new Virgin Radio so where I get to see if you are faces and quite a few new faces from that end of the floor and there's something else on there, they really nice Studios yes, they are they really are and you know it just underlines that wireless is one of the big boys exactly like global and bowel and long may they continue just like global about because it's really important Radio 4 boosting morale keep people entertained it won't Spotify when you can't.

With your favourite personality at whatever time of day absolutely absolutely thank you for coming on Ross it's my pleasure and thank you to know that you're a geek like the rest of us training books out.

I think if I spend a bit more time with you.

I might become fully fledged who knows thank you rest at still to come we got James cridland in a moment also some rare moments from David Lloyd if you haven't had a go with clean free yet.

It's worth trying it out at cleanfeed dotnet is the place to head basically.

It's a way of connecting in good quality using the internet and you could do your show from somewhere different to normal could get a guest on who's not in the studio.

You could do an OB and interview podcast at it's been designed for radio people over podcast as it's really simple to use the quality is great and you can record within the browser as well.

Cleanfeed is free to get started doesn't cost you anything.

I'll just take you 30 seconds or so to sign up and within minutes you'll be doing your first live interview or recording find out more at cleanfeed, Darknet

I'm James cridland the radio futurologists radio station 105 and rock station triple m lifting buildings in North Quay next to the River where they've been for the last 20 years.

They're moving 2 minutes walk away up the hill to Petrie Terrace a new entertainment District with a cinema restaurants and eggs to Caxton Street one of brisbane's oldest entertainment street with bars pubs and clubs.

Just a minutes walk away from Suncorp Stadium to City sports and entertainment Arena AAC format in 1973 and hot oldies station 4kq.

Just moved from a dumpy building in stones corner and out of town location 5 km away from the city where they've been for the last 30 years.

They're moving to a building on Coronation Drive in Milton overlooking the river and close to both the city centre and to a restaurant district the door.

So boasts the highest concentration of beer breweries including queensland's famous forex both sets of people are excited by the move scents for the first time they both get actual views of the city id73 gain signage across one of brisbane's busiest roads in a significantly better working environment that should help recruitment particularly and sales while hit 105 will be close to a new entertainment venue to be built in the next 5 years currently call Brisbane live it 105 has never been able to see out of the studio's before and so I'm told the Old building didn't really get on well with brisbane's occasional sub tropical rainstorms and tarpaulin and quite a few buckets being pressed into service every so often triple m made the most of the moved by auctioning off their rock memorabilia for charity according to 7 years to 20 years.

It's like everything I can assure you that the case.

Would you want to stop?

Record players vintage posters if you big ticket items radio stations really don't need to be centrally located any more of course you could argue.

It makes little difference to be honest and without a stations in the middle of the business park or has prime real estate in town and technically it doesn't but it's easy for an out-of-town radio station to lose ties with the very city of broadcasts to Freddy has unique point of difference is that it offers a human connection and a shared experience perhaps it's important for the on a team to live and work in the centre of the city not an anonymous building miles from anywhere only then can each and every person really feel part of the community that they broadcast you moving to stations is hard living for in the same two weeks.

It's harder still is hoping everything works you get my weekly newsletter and James so I clicked on and Daily Podcast news about Mews Totnes and until next time keep listening and now on the radio Today programme is David Lloyd

It was this week in 1980 that Coventry got his first taste of commercial role is Marcia sound on 220 m medium wave 1359 killer and 95.9 VHF in stereo for the very first time good morning from Murcia sound pretty slinky inappropriate a finding a record called Radio 2 play on the radio Mercia sound as the radio station to which you are listening a group of Dolly dots and presenter called Dave Jameson's pick that as his hip hop of the nine 13 news you'll be able to your sound in Coventry roofers, who died this week 3 years ago was in charge of he recalls the station was very nearly called something else.

We originally wanted to call the radio station WK CV

Marcia Willett WK CV stand for Warwickshire WK NCP Coventry independent broadcasting authority the last word on what you call the radio station and they said you're not calling me wkcd and so why not and they said because of turmeric for two American you got me the proper name UKTV so we called Murcia in the end, because the buffet at Coventry railway station was called the Murcia buffet.

Happy anniversary to Murcia it's now free radio even though it's 30 years this week since James nochty did this key interview on the Radio 4 Today programme with Labour leader Neil Kinnock I suspect both still remembered that kind of action could produce results, what would those results be?


Hello hello Dr luk Jim yeah, they making a god awful mess of the economy yet about the Slaughter it.

I'm not going to sit on his program and having a bloody we a lecture on what the labour alternatives make me up in 3 years time for Christ sake where the opposition day the government.

They did up totally well.

I'm not going to sit here and be bloody quiz about the Exchequer totally blown away 100 billion pounds worth of our revenues have been coming on program after programme of the programme that you could say that list of inviting you to say that I just bloody said it and you ask for the fourth time.

So what would you do come on Jim

I'm not James naughty with Neil Kinnock James stannage was a familiar early name on Piccadilly radio in Manchester and he left there for the first time this week in 77 ways to say goodbye.

Thank you very much for inviting me back and I really really enjoyed it and I thank you all for writing in and having so much fun with this and that lastly but not least Lee I'd like to thank the Independent broadcasting authority from the heart of my bottom I mean bottom of my heart and I have a lovely summer I'm off to the state.

I'll see you sometime Gonna Leave You with something that I treasured as that one of the best fantastic facts about the hood of my life Bob Dylan and Harry Kane and appendages Piccadilly show first time this week 42 years ago when it comes to the offshore pirates the last influential one was probably laser 558 it began this week 35 years ago.

Creation a new radio station began broadcasting from the point somewhere in international Waters the station calling itself laser 558 is playing music for all of Europe and claims to be never more than a minute away from music yet another historical achievement in the event in the annals of broadcast history will have more on that that's what's happening at David Lee stone and now more hit music on laser 558.

What radio station are I don't know whether 5565566 B49 central Europe by satellite focused contemporary daytime radio the salt we get everywhere now laser attracted huge.

Pizzas in the UK it was only on a.m.

It was only on here for just over a year and a half but nevertheless it impact is her to this day back then of course the BBC wasn't as focused as it is now and commercial radio had to have lots of speech to illustrate their beautifully let's link back to this week in 1975 and Plymouth Sound is getting ready to go on there.

You'll love this.

My name is David Bassett here is a little of these and that you'll be hearing on Plymouth Sound your ILR station or programs will be varied reflecting the running story of life in our coverage area news here is Malcolm Carol our head of news and public affairs using all the resources of independent radio news and around News team Plymouth Sound will bring lessons up-to-the-minute bulletins on the hour and half hour and this is how you're here the headlines.

I'm pregnant and this is how you hear about radio only just make you want to join there imaging team my goodness Kate Wright from the press the Daily Mirror this week in 1961.

I don't leave the headlines about whether we should join the common market there's an article called radio booming thanks to Pops rent by Clifford Davis the right as follows me tonight Saturday club a pop music show is heard by 8 million people more than 1 1/2 million more than a year ago.

He's he beat another pop music show its head by 6 million double its audience of last year Mr Morris 53z new the new young audience for radio on the to them television is not the magic things Welsh people my age in the BBC would have been.

Third something from those youth audience trends budget, but there we go right 2015 now and a departure for foot and cotton.

We have literally everyone to the sun so I can't make food fighters Eminem Adele everyone is the best catalogue of people that have been in now listen.

You've made the FHM sexy women list many men completely off million-pound.

I will do the next 20 minutes in my swimming costume, but my passion is definitely not Lounge around in some sort of bikini.

It is definitely take forever and four years ago with the first Simon Mayo radio 1.

How to show 31 years ago Simon Mayo good morning the launch of the Yorkshire radio network 32 years ago bringing together Hallam Pennine and Viking everywhere, how can I am Viking of course? I'm just saying this evening to everyone in Huddersfield Halifax Grimsby Doncaster Barnsley Rotherham Scunthorpe Chesterfield earliest radio file about 82 years ago that are lit up.

I mean little bit scary lamps and the best of Christopher stone the UK's first DJ 54 years ago.

I know I just want to interrupt and explain how this week's radio minutes.

Thank you.

David thanks as well to regulus James ellroy and our special guest Russ Williams thank you very much.

You enjoyed listening to run as much as I did chatting to a bank holiday next week.

Not sure what you got planned for the podcast.

Hopefully some radio news what happened and give us something to talk about your finances next week.

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