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Read this: Brexitcast’s Chris Mason Adam Fleming

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Brexitcast’s Chris Mason Adam Fleming…

This is the radio Today programme youweekly look at what's going on in the radio industry.


I'm Stuart Clarkson coming up on this edition forget brexitcast.

It's keep can we hook up with podcast as Christmas and Adam Fleming to talk about BBC brexitcast also James cridland is here with his thoughts on FM chips in mobile phone and it David Lloyds radio moments Grimmie announces news of his successor of Radio 1 kid Jensen moves on from the station and it's Happy Birthday test match special irradiated a program with broadcast bionics creators of The Bionic studio the smarter way to make radiators have a quick catch up on stories of the week with Martin hello.

I'm here in person today.

We're touching each other let's go get off a human.

Yeah, we've we've met up in a the Birmingham car park which is roughly halfway between my house in Yorkshire

Annuals on the south coast and there's no delay between a speaking so that we can actually talk straight away after each other.

I do usually edit that out yet surely that out but I can see him out moving and hear the words coming at the centre and the acoustics of the car in Great Honey happy.

We doing the car every week.

You can't beat a good colour for an acoustic.

I see your brother at your grandma with the address.

It might be called grandma.

So what's going on this week not a lot.

I think it's been a bit quiet really bank holiday and all that we had about some changes at gold with Tony dibbin leaving the station's Albert Squire today cos I've taken the day off to drive up here to see you.

Yeah, Tony is leaving God he's been there for a long time.

It's like 10 years and years on the Breakfast Show so a good luck Tony he's off to buy we don't know what he's going to do but I will tell you first.

Hopefully when we find out which leaves gold the question of what's happening with gold this seems to

Be a couple of like radio Glos gossip type Twitter account set up recently and one of them is suggesting gold is going to be replaced by heart dance.

Ok, so we don't know this this did you appears to be the only evidence is hot hot dance on Twitter so we'll see if that turns into anything but as I said before that normally if global era.

Have a Twitter handle that they're going to use in the future.

They would lock it until it's time to use on this one isn't locked so it suggest that either.

It's not gonna be called hot dance or it's not then.

It's got the Twitter domain but what's the monorail? We've seen today that the hype dance name and logo has actually been registered with the registered trademarks or other intellectual property office is at the IPO data.

Yeah, she's so it looks like something is going on with heart dance and we should find out some shoe in the next few.

Days, I think it's imminent so cold is only on it's on a couple of medium wave frequency is and local wickes's, it's not on D1 national Leon this is no space available national EON digital radio for it disappear etsy was on.

Do you want a few years ago, then it's over the years.

It's disappeared and the most recent removal of services was that it went from DAB in London to dab Plus in London so it's gradually being our Wittering away of the years.

I have for am frequencies across the country and yeah, I suspect in the next month or so won't be on anything apart from maybe the app heart 80s with work nicely on medium.

Wave I guess we want to extend the heart brands like you've been looking at the room of Stuart that he's on the am in like Manchester and Nottingham and London and Derby and maybe a new station called hype dance with with Toby Toby Toby dance Toby dance this.

Copyright it now and tell her I'll be a lot of the presenters of finishing this week's some of them finish last week, so I mix a breakfast and drive presenters disappearing.

Keep up.

I really can't keep I want to retweet these people in their wish him all good luck, but there's literally dozens and dozens of himself.


Good luck to everybody and hopefully the something else just around the corner and so hot next week and then give me smooth next that's gonna be happening.

We think late summer early Autumn and they've already started with the schedule changes because Tina Hobley he's going to leave in July the smooth London Drive show.

Yeah, I think the to unconnected personally.

I think she's just had enough or is she is wanting to spend time with her family as the official line says so I don't think the two connected Clubland are going to look for somebody else to do London drive, and then of course the big news is who will do national smooth breakfast once on September rolls around so

Yeah, watch this space.

It's all happening with Global at the moment and then the other thing is is Bower The Rumour is that hits radio is going to be rolled out he started doing gossip.

We normally facts your son.

Enjoy your Saturday isn't it has no fact this has got to be his going to be of the stations in the North in July but that's come from a couple of sources, so we'll find out no no doubt but half an hour before the staff at so I can write at the press release and tell everybody else original music for This podcast was composed by MiKasa it's only ones and we got a few events coming up the first of which in coming in June is ready a day is Europe's podcast a tamping on the 13th of June Trevor is going to be there Trevor Dann remember him.

He's back in good spirits after his health problems in recent months and that hopefully is going to be on This podcast in couple of weeks.

Another radiotoday round table and then I'll be reporting from radiodays Europe spodcast Day later in June as well as the community Radio Awards open for entries another couple of weeks to get your entry in just £5 and 16th of June is closing dates and then those Awards will be in September time.

I believe and of course stuck in other words the areas are back.

There will be happening in October details about the entry process for this year's Awards coming soon that use the open source of Jewish so yeah, if you've got a spare hour or two at the moment and you are produced the number does award entries and it might be worth getting your best bits together and Davina lovely alright Chris and adirondack from brexitcast in a moment's nice to see you and it's sunny through the car window.

I know she's great.

Can we go home now that it back down the M5 I'm going to start the car the radiator day program with broadcast bionics creators of The Bionic Studio this.

I'm watching reacting to and learning from every spoken word Kolo sweet and SMS for a mix and lock and understand your content the bionic studio transforms everything about radio accept the way you make it was Adam Fleming in Brussels sat on my bed which is actually where I do brexitcast from quite often and it's a crisp racing at Westminster on a late shift which is where I do breaks the cash Converters Stuart Clarkson in the radio today Yorkshire studio looking out of my window at the canal using mind lovely browser based system to connect to you in random places, so welcome to geek cast as we're going to call it out in Kyrenia thank you for the delay.

I've got two of the presenters from one of the country's biggest podcast right now Adam across from BBC brexitcast of course and we join you in the busiest of busy week, but we said it every week.

It's always a big week in politics but

Every week it gets bigger and better what an exciting time to be talking about this stuff because it was the European Parliament elections and the bigwigs gave us an amazing showcase which was to do the election night programme on Radio 4 and 5 Live and the world service and BBC local radio which was a big owner actually I'm quite a lot of talking frankly Mr Chris usually the can a domain of the counter megafauna of the broadcasting world you now with Jim naughty and Kellin Quinn and Rachel Burden and all sorts of big people who get post from Big Breakfast shows in the DJ Bigg frankii thing then the Astros and then it happened yeah, it was a delight.

I was a lot of fun and we will sort of very well looked after cos the guy called Chris Hunter who is all the Editors of the BBC's election.

Forgot it was done done it last 10 years.

It was telling me it's stupid o'clock this morning when we'd finished and I certainly felt them sure I demand to reflect the same thing out.

Just sort of very well looked after that.

We were kinda standing on the shoulders of have a giant who knew what he was doing cos at various stages.

I wasn't quite sure that I knew I was doing but it's a look through the glass and see somebody did it was mighty reassuring about politics on the radio, but this brexitcast thing is really kind of almost put you both on the map and it came off the back of the election thing so it's nearly 2 years ago now when you doing election cast and then that kind of finished and you'll have to find a way to do something different with the LX and cast was as a pilot project for the 2017 election that lots of us have dipped into just before the election.

I got my job in Brussels and I was chatting to dino the producer whose become quite well known in his own right now as well produces Dino and I was actually saying when I'm going for my job interview for this Brussels job id like to pitch.

Podcast that I could do and be involved in about brexit and you said oh well, why don't we just take election cast and rename it something else than haven't name for it at that point and make it about brexit and I could do it from Brussels if I got this job and Chris could do it from London and it would work really well, because we knew each other and we were quite good pals and we were quite comfortable with just having a chat and that being the product and that's her brexitcast the idea came about it was actually just a potential idea for a job interview and it was just the two of you at first wasn't it without without catch you and Laura yeah.

Yeah, cos I think I mean this all sounds quite pompous cos I've ever sat down and discuss this has some sort of broadcasting philosophy, but I think broadly were first he is having sex with known each other for frightening me about 20 years and work journalism school together and even bumped into each other's undergrads when we were so rival student newspaper editors and I suppose broadly speaking we kind of got the same Outlook on.

How you go about talking about politics on the telly in the radio which is turn of you know you take it seriously this is the kind of man from the podcast now.

We take the story seriously we don't take ourselves too seriously are you try and do it in a human and conversation on informal way and you can be serious and informal those two things are not contradictory.

I can I think sometimes political broadcasting assumes that you have to be formal in order to be serious and serious in order to be formal but anyway we kind of looked around for a few months and I don't think anyone was listening within or outside the BBC in any great number which meant we could sort of experiment funny enough.

That's when we went to sting back to a sum of all of the episodes recently we realised we thought we were really informal when we started and then carried by accident we got loah and catch you on.

There was no kind of formal process.

Not me because if they had been the answer would probably have been now and then they can have enjoyed it.

Which is great.

You know and love talking and Laura has got you know I kind of notebook in terms of the stuff that she gleaned.

French politicians in the parties and what's going on at Westminster that is just groaning with stuff and you know there's no BBC outlet that can accommodate all the stuff in her notebook because if she goes on the state program for 304 minutes.

Will it 3 or 4 minutes if you get all the 10 news? It's probably one minute or two maximum.

Where is on brexitcast she can just said the phrase that doesn't like she can talk a lot forever Wang on forever and and she doesn't she can't and and catch you can do the same an atom can do all of his stuff with all of the binders know that and you know and it can sort of find a tiny place on the wonderful thing that's been really nice about it.

Is that we've now got to the stage.

I think we're even if one of us doesn't necessarily have a huge amount of saying bluntly that can often be me because it's very rare.

I got something to say that Laura can't say What Doesn't sale doesn't know because we now a bit of a gang and the listener.

I think kind of values that then does the kind of story of us for as when and what we've been up to.

What we're doing as well as the story of brexit and it's kind of too hopefully now sitting alongside each other is what keeps people hopefully coming back and a lot of people have cited that kind of informal style.

Do you ever sleep into the wrong style when you doing some formal on the news channel Adam and think I shouldn't be shouldn't be talking as casually as it does actually happened and I remember doing the 10 news few months ago and you had was presenting at the start of my answer.

I said oh hi Hugh which a few years ago.

I probably would have got in trouble for but I got away with it this time and I think what what I've loved about doing by the cast is it's made me a lot more confident in my broadcasting elsewhere because once you've told me about a subject for 45 minutes and you've had Laura asking you questions about what you know about something and I'll see you just get so immersed in a subject.

It is giving me a real confidence booster everything else.

I do because it meant that in the old days.

You think I was John Humphrys there was me a curveball question.

I don't know what to answer any.

Sound like an idiot on the Today programme actually I know though that sounded like an idiots ok.

This is where things come together both of thing we did on the the election special weather was that sense of who you know the podcast in pipsqueaks of being allowed on the cloud out on the Big Show but then there's also the kind of confidence thing but actually you know picking up on that thing that Adam was mentioning about saying hi Hugh I kind of think and he's back to this informal saying that I kind of think we live in this age of informal 18 hour in terms of you know YouTube videos and podcast all the rest of it and that the tone of podcasts which is broadly speaking very conversational is going to quite quickly wash in to wash into the kind of linear broadcasting fitting in the way that I don't know the kind of town of LBC originally NN5 live when it launched the 90s had an influence on the sound of Radio 4 and there was this broad process of things becoming a bit more informal and I can't forget shows how far we have to go when Adam say.

Hi, are you at the start of War

Is meant to be a conversation can't can seem so radical seems to me that shows how far we have to go in in in being willing to talk like human beings more often and or more outlets the thing is I supposed to listen of yous don't really see you like human beings when you come up and do a 1 minute hit on the 10 news or whatever People don't hear Laura and you and catch you an atom or just chatting and that's proper of its appeal, isn't it? Yeah? I think people have quite enjoyed seeing an insight into what our lives are like as journalists.

I mean that's makers and lime Z list celebrity.

I don't mean it like that, but I just meant the actual process of getting the stories and speaking to the people who give you information and actually What It Feels Like to be there because I think we got on this amazing privilege of having this ringside seat history cliche cliche cliche and actually most people don't get that privilege of being there when something dramatic happens or Farage says something explosive or there's a massive.

Westminster and so what brings a cast gives us the opportunity to do is really put people that in are ringside seats so that the blue the podcast get to come along with us and get to be part of that whole experience because it mean it's really it's it's exciting and our jobs are really good fun and really interesting and it's great to sort of share that with people and so has the podcast is as much about what the experience of living to this story is like as much as it is about the detail in the information and the stories I think I'll try it was really striking fairly early on that the most consistent scanner Mark if you like from people who left reviews online about brexitcast would seem Laura in three dimensions because we know when your political editor it comes with the certain weight pasta.

Isn't quite the quite the same scope for the mucking about that.

I might do when your son of relative pond life and the end of the food chain of political reporting but providing Laura's brexitcast us with this platform to be a lot.

Expensive but also to be there for kind of more rounded because you don't he can be in that sense when you're talking for half an hour's supposed to be very punctual and getting your message across in there in a couple of minutes that allows people to see the whole process in three dimensions the kind of quirks of the newsgathering process the frustrations of the unpredictable it can be a hanging around waiting for people you know what did we've always had fun with dinner Adams little videos chasing Michel barnier the eu's chief brexit Negotiator down the street.

You know the binders that did the atom talks about all the documents that is building up around the whole brexit process and then I think because I guess this is part of the idea behind brexitcast and more broadly the kind of BBC sounds project and the BBC's embracing of a podcast is that kind of chasing of an audience that the BBC needs to get better at attracting and in so much as you can measure this and yeah, yeah, it's quite hard.

Obviously it does seem.

Like we are drawing in her younger audience.

I was nervous at one point.

I thought we just super serving people who already you no listen to the desired programming devourer Nicky Campbell's phone ins and Newsnight the rest of it and there's probably some of that amongst the brexitcast clientele brexitcast us as we go, but I think there's also a decent chunk of people who are a lot younger than the typical listening all the way to a lot of our other stuff so in that sense.

Hopefully uni teaching a different audience and never mind covering the election your own your own campaign and ended up winning the popular vote at the podcast Awards you know.

What do I I think? What was really interesting about that as somebody you spent most of my professional life reporting on policy? It is that the whole grubby business of going out and trying to get votes is out.

You are my life holding to account and scrutinizing people who's he was very professional existence depends on you know the popular vote and when you actually in the business of auntie.

Go out and get votes as opposed to you know that far more.

Civilised process of being nominated by your peers and selected by your peers and some sort of dictatorships Dalek women and did it has to do.

I'm blushing here talking yet another tweet desperately begging for votes is based on the unit on the listener because ultimately you know cliche again, but you know where nothing without the listener and you praiz from peers is wonderful but to win something when somebody's had two facts about going to a website and typing in the right thing and hitting submit and all that when there's a billion a month things people can do it is lovely and you went to pick it up Adam yes, I've for went the Eurovision Song Contest watching on telly.

It's going to go to Israel to go to the ceremony on Saturday and pick up the award, but there was a really embarrassing bit where it where you are.

Medina with sat on the end of the road and sitting next to us was the cast of my dad wrote a porno and they'd got up to go to present the previous award, so they were coming back to their seats when they were announcing the listeners choice and a quiz mean.

Do you know who had to get up to let them into their seats and I thought this looked so presumptuous letting them getting back into this.

It's just been polite or not because I'm to piss out of goes dino made us recorder podcast as I was going up and picking up the Awards do it was in multimedia at that point you're all in different places, so it's quite a technical nightmare to bring you all together for This podcast the meeting via WhatsApp and then dino can put it all together on his laptop on a train or in the back of a car or bricklaying isn't in his own bed at 3 in the morning and I just think that's that is the

Massive thing that has allowed us to be able to make it and I think 5 years ago maybe even 3 years ago the technology wouldn't quite a been there and you would have needed a Samsung headsets msdn lines and things like that.

So yes, we're very grateful for the technology that means we can just pop up wherever we are and do it and we're gonna be grateful for all dinos hard work because we think we stay up late after a summer or whatever recording a podcast but he's up for another two or 3 hours afterwards to polish it and make it sound good at 2 about the technology.

I think it helps that it helps on both the things that hopefully brexit cast of sudden vaguely all about it it late editorially allows you to do a podcast if we can find the time at the right moment because something's happened and therefore let's do one now for instance the Old klaxon.

Been sounding does doing one other than our weekly Thursday affair which is when we tend to normally record but secondly allows us to be more obvious.

Use of three-dimensional human beings because yeah sure Adams at home in bed or or whatever.

You're just coming out of a bin.

So it's not always allows you to break free from the usual plan of infrastructure of broadcasting which I think I live in and of itself kind of starts imposing all of that stuff that were trying to shake off.

You know the formality be in the studio stuff.

They're wearing a particular set of clothes have all that can affect the technology for granted by the only thing we haven't frosinone editorial meeting is concerned is basically a WhatsApp group that says when is everybody around now saying that you got some celebrity brexitcast as you know people like Simon Mayo Mark Kermode have been talking about you.

You got a lot of top-end politicians that listen to you as well.

So you quite influential least I was already.

Not yet, I'm not shy guys face influential, but it's funny how people are rather keen to come on.

It's now, so it's alright when we were when I was in the studio, Broadcasting House doing the radio special three guests but we did have a lot of guests on in the context of 5 hours, but three guests made a point of ignoring the fact that the red light was on and just saying to me at various points.

Can I come on brexitcast and it was like that whilst adding was doing it to be with someone out Brussels what we were doing a bit of swimming around and moving gets around and two of them made a point about how part of their pitch to come on was that they were good fun hostess to listen to thought about what an obligation if you were going to come on and he inform our current minister came across the came across to me in Parliament do the day walking himself to come on come on brexit Casio till it's nice.

You know that do people want to be able to to become one and hopefully there's a space.

I mean we don't actually most the time.

I don't do interviews it tends to be just the four of us traffic, but that when people do that you can see.

Politicians invited as the space for people to sort of set out, what they believe in all the rest of it, but secondly they can be view they can be a three-dimensional human being which I think the nature of news perhaps inevitably no countries people down into 15-second sound Bites or whatever and you know when a longer form thing you can sort of hopefully people can be seen in the round my dream for the Tory leadership contest is there when it gets down to the final two candidates still with her little Down by there by the MPs before they are then voted on by the The Party activists is that the instead of a big TV debate between the final two watched by millions.

We have a brexitcast brexit quiz with the two final candidates for that.

So I'll be so I'll be putting for in the next few weeks.

I wish would be sensational, but what what they now know these these candidates because I'm revealed this day the day on brexitcast is that if they were to agree to such an invitation that they would be scrutinized in in there in a conversation revolving around details and Adams binders.

About withdrawal agreement now which would be you know good sports etc etc, but may also be a barrier to entry to them say yes, because Adam knows what have a lot about those documents and we know from testing esteemed people in The Westminster jungle securistyle McCabe on a few months ago that term while they were those who don't know as much about it as Adam to put it mildly you both obviously bigpeaks on the on the details of brexit and policies as well, but a lot of Alice as mine another Chris you're a big radio geek as well and do people might expect you to be listen to nothing but political programmes on Radio 4 and 5 Live you like nothing more than a bit of Bailey on Heart of solutes.

Are you finishing work at summer gone midnight? And you're trying to do that ridiculous thing of relaxing efficiently which in case you've ever tried.

It is impossible.

You're trying to cram what you would normally doing any.

Names of unwinding from work into the time.

It takes you to get home and then creep into a dark house where you don't wake anyone up see you don't want news so as much summer fun of Rod and Dutton on 5 Live I don't really want to be listening to a full night when I just finished at you know 10 hours of news.

So yes, I won't be long hard is my is my my listening of choice on on the way on the way home and last night as I came home from the from the special when we come off the air at 3 in the morning then we'd recorded some interesting links to for a brexitcast can of best of the night thing managing to distil 5 hours of rambling into about half an hour.

I'm at that I was in the taxi going home in the light that sort of 5 in the morning and so I do my thing and fire up the heart out the global player app.

I'm sure to be delighted me to describe it as and yeah, that was Simon Beale and because it was a bank holiday.

I'm really indulge in your mind odinist now you were sitting in for he done his own show between 1 and 4 and then he was sitting in for Jenni Falconer on early breakfast and so was still on.

At 4:55 and so I was able to treat him and say it doesn't matter what time I finish late shift even if it is later than the time.

I would be going in if I was on an early you're still on the radio and they're so yeah.

I did enjoy a bit of chainsmokers and Maroon 5 and then I went to bed about 5:30.

What happens when brexit finishes just going to keep going on forever will the news at the moment suggest that there is a certain longevity to our jewellery of talking about brexit on a podcast but I suspect that mean to answer the question seriously.

I hope I hope we've kind of made the case that if there is ever a time where somebody editorially Danes that you could no longer call what we do brexitcast then you know the BBC with or without us for cos I suppose eventually remote or go and do something else did BBC have to do a political podcast of the type which is a kind of weekly digest eat IP thingy as opposed to.

They were at the format for instance that Nick Robinson does Roses down with the politician talk to them car for that something that kicked around the themes of the week and where we are and then perhaps pops up when something breaks.

I thought that would be a very odd space for the BBC to retreat out of if we ever get to the point were calling something brexitcast is no longer necessary and I've got sympathy for dinner now because I'm going to have to read it all this so I don't know what I have to put up with a dino soft experience a great to catch up with you.

Thank you for coming on and talking to register to be on a week after fantastic brilliant bullying by Crazy by David Lloyd and James cridland.

Still to come quick word about cleanfeed first if you're doing an OB may be getting some of the on your podcast to use in a random location at cleanfeed is a great thing to try out.

It's made for red.

Joanne podcasters and it's really simple to connect in live quality audio over the web you can even record right within the browser as well.

Cleanfeed won't cost you anything to get started alone takes 30 seconds to get signed up and within minutes.

You'll be doing your first recording or live interview on your radio show find out more at cleanfeed dotnet.

I'm James cridland the radio futurologist.

I was in Canada recently and I heard a little bit of history or so it seems to me Canadian radio executives were still openly banging the Drum 4fm.

Chips in mobile phones an argument.

I thought was long since dead and I think it's time to stop deluding ourselves about the FM chip in phones as devices mobile phones already significantly underperform when it comes to live linear radio weather stream or delivered via FM if you look at Rachel's MiDAS survey for example that shows live radio accounting for less than 20% of all audio consumed on a phone.

The most interactive device we own it's always within Arms reach.

So it's not the ideal device for listening to an unpersonalised live radio stream.

It's also not a great user experience either.

There is no logos virtually no meta data when listening to FM radio and in Canada like the US and Australia even RDS signals are exotic things in many markets and the very action of tuning into a radio station requires the listener to remember a random number for no reason other than a historical anachronism.

It's pointless on a mobile phone radio is most important in times of emergency the radio companies will claim but in reality if an emergency or a big news story happens in the evenings or weekends recent evidence of North American radio suggests that radio won't bother covering it anyway, cos there's nobody there SMS an app alert so far more effective her communicating immediate peril like a weather event sapphire, so if radio had a part to play Here once.

It doesn't anymore now the aftermath Romo

As a community starts pulling things together well.

That's completely different and that's where radio excels but in any case the technology is against an FM ship being installed in your mobile phone the antenna used for FM or DAB plus reception in a mobile phone is the headphone cable something that now no longer exists in Apple phones or high-end Google phones which use Bluetooth Bluetooth headphones.

Don't work very well with electronic measurements to his you can't plug them into your PPM and those strong am stations that exist in Canadian metro areas where there's only ever been one mobile phone with a built-in and the reason you don't know about it.

Is that that was 15 years ago and it was rubbish that is plenty of evidence that Canadian listeners use streaming rather less than their neighbours in the US the Canadian radio companies could lean on the crtc the Ofcom equivalent to more effectively regulate the price of mobile data from the cellular networks, but they won't because the Canadian radio companies are there.

Cellular networks indeed Italian networks of the folks calling the shots in terms of whether FM chips are enabled or not but if the Canadian cellular networks aren't pressurizing the likes of Google and apple frefm chips to be enabled and let me remind you again they also own the FM radio networks than that points to a bigger issue, so let's use our energy and focus on delighting our audience not trying to capture a magic unicorn that offers at best dubious benefit can get my weekly newsletter James.

Create a plant and Daily Podcast news hard and the till next time keep listening and now on the radio Today programme is David Lloyd it's just a year ago this week that brimmers announced his departure for Radio 1 breakfast and his successor.

Shared drives and so that's what's gonna happen.

We don't don't know the exact dates because I can never remember dates, but it's sort of August the end of August teatime yeah, there's gonna be no me on the morning and then someone else is going to do in this shall we meet that very special that is going to be like Freaky Friday we're going to swap lives from you.

Don't do Friday I'm very well Nick Grimshaw with Greg this week in 2018 David Jensen has been on air and imprints in recent months speaking of his Parkinson's Disease

This week 31 years ago this kid has he was then left Radio 1? What kind of back to the kid and let him do what he would like in his last program and Radio 1 target Paul thank you very much for that and it's my last show today.

I've had a feeling really emotional two-headed realise how many friends around here and it'll be the last time that kid Jensen takes to be a weight as well.

That's right because you will refer to your real name after this that's right.

What is it again David Allen ratio? I guess that's right up and Hodgins intelligent David Allen trains from next week but for now it's kid Jensen with the Four Seasons who loves you.

I feel like I couldn't do a farewell show without playing a Van Morrison tracker play Van Morrison record on my first Radio 1 show me my last night as well.

This is Natalia it will keep Johnson from Radio 1 Friday journey into the States it arrives at the BBC have a short spell at Trent and it was Kids Voice on Radio 1 this week 40 years ago that announce the first live radio programme from Moscow

Via satellite now to Moscow USSR we go to join any people's who's that the ratio Hall in Moscow and what time it is.

It is it right now is exactly 7:30 and I'm talking to you as you're so rightly say from the receipt of all here in Moscow explains his second of four concerts in Moscow having already done for incredibly 65 trial obu Blaydon icam-1 system on Radio 1 this week in 1979 and I think we should rightly credit patek use on this occasion.

I was like why the engineering BBC Radio 1 x Mike Robinson

Same week 40 years ago in Ireland RTE launched.

It's second channel radio that studio and little Denmark Street fights has been providing programs of the highest quality and standards ensure that the people responsible for the new service will aim to achieve the same high standards in the areas of the certificate has had been achieved by Radio 1 and that they necessarily reliance on advertising revenue to finance the new service will not have an adverse influence of these standards this new service will not involve any increase in the existing television licence fee as RTE are confident that the extra cost will be met from advertisements the launch of RTE 2 this week in 1979 and that announcement on funding preempting all the discussion from then till now really the station now has a weekday yesterday listening figure of 10%

In Ireland with RTE 1 at 22, it's 14 years since London's Jazz FM closed after 15 years ready for a smooth future computers Micra 1.2 Jessica around the weekend some crazy loom after Sarah Vaughan the last link on London's Jazz FM before I became smooth this week in 2005 Jazz FM of course now back on digital home by Bala and attracting 4 million listeners in the UK It's 62 years this week since the first test match special the programme was then aired on the BBC third programme in tribute.

Let's hear this again from Trent Bridge from just last year a listener had emailed the program to tell of their dads life elders and love for the programme replete with.

Did analogies and then Dad was rushed to hospital on Thursday the 9th of August with another bad chest infection on Friday we were told they had 24 day 48 hours to live and if that he may never regained consciousness on the Saturday I visited dad in hospital with my wife and after an hour.

She has the inspirational idea of getting test match special on my mobile after 5 minutes.

He opened his eyes and he was completely in the room and aware of Us was able to convey that he was comfortable.

He was at peace and I was able to tell him what a wonderful father.

He is and just how much I love him not one comfortable with massive shows of emotion of the 15 minutes you requested that we listen to the cricket.

For 3 hours we listen to Woakes crashing and about at Lords and making his Maiden test century ago digital radio and Dad's hospital room and listen to test match special the next day.

I don't think it's any coincidence but he passed peacefully just after England had sealed victory test match special for the programme launched this week in 1957, so we'll get them launching in Macclesfield 21 years ago to Campbell broadcast 24-hours a day on 106.9 FM Katie Hopkins leaving LBC after a Twitter Storm 2 years ago you talk about Theresa May been honest.

I don't see a correlation between what you've just started off and what I asked Andrew Gilligan reporting on that dossier on Radio 4 Today programme 16 years ago.

What we've been told by one of the senior officials in charge of join up that the city was that actually the government probably knew that that 45 minutes ago was wrong that pilots.

The Archers beginning from Birmingham 69 years ago from Galaxy in Hallam 2 years ago well.

I'm really looking forward to the weekend because that I'm coming over to Liverpool to see you on there on Sunday at the first UK local radio day 3 years ago those are this week's radio moments thanks to speak to regulars.

David James Android Adam Fleming and Chris Mason who are on to tell us about their podcast brexitcast means brexit cast that they've made a success next time we're gonna hear from the former Murcia Gem and free radio.

Mike Newman on his first year working at audioboom all the exciting things.

They're doing the podcast about audio space sojourners radio Today programme with broadcast bionics.

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