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Read this: The RadioToday Programme remembers John Myers

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The RadioToday Programme remembers John …

It's June 2019 and a star has gone soft as an easy chair.


This is Stuart Clarkson with a special radio Today programme this week remembering John Myers John died suddenly last weekend after being taken ill on The Fairway of the 18th hole at Gleneagles his lost has been felt so deeply by his family friends colleagues listeners and even people who never met him from right across the radio industry.

We do our best this week to make a tribute that's befitting of John and as you're going to hear he was so

So highly regarded by his staff his colleagues and even some of his rivals in business the outpouring of love for John and grief over is there has been enormous these last few days, thanks, if you sent your memories for inclusion.

We've had to edit some to keep the podcast under 3 hours.

It is a long one though, but it's John would have no doubt said give It What It's Worth team.

It's shit get it off if it's good keep it going at the end of the program will hear about John slide in his own words in a montage lovingly put together by David Lloyd out.

Of course will be a few airchecks of John along the way it was irradiated a program with broadcast bionics creators of The Bionic studio find out how we changing radio all over again at bionic.

Radio when it

Welbro Martin is here and it was just a massive shark really this week, wasn't it right? It was nice touch with the jingle there as well.

Thank you for that introduction and thank you for putting the rest of this podcast together.

What can we say about John to me and too many radio people he was a hero.

He was our Idol he was our rockstar without football player who was our pop band.

He was out celebrity a lot of people in radio.

Look up to their peers rather than the other singers or actors and John was pretty much the complete package a great manager is lots of fun.

Had a laugh wicked sense of humour.

He took risks as well to get him where he got a new the importance of looking after staff that work for him and their families.

I remember many igmg Radio Christmas party at work partners were invited as well.

I need the importance of brands and could predict the future.

Reveille radio was headed for more than any future allergies can today.

I think it was him that said 10-15 years ago that will be pretty much to main players in the radio industry something on photos back then but he kind of knew I didn't mind saying what he thought he said once in an open forum and a radio festival and you can't I can hear you laughing.

You know what to what I'm talking about.

He said what stuff comes on stage it was a discussion of the radio festival I said Ofcom has as much Vision and Stevie Wonder to which the room just burst out in tears of laughter.

It was lucky enough to do what he wanted to do in life and I'm pretty sure I loved every minute of it as well.

He loved radio almost as much as his family and golf was a close third as well and in last few months.

He was certainly back on phone after fighting off The Big C used to message are radio WhatsApp group pretty much every day with his his thoughts his last.

Message was just hours before his final game of golf as well on Saturday are you still love is reaction to Bowers latest strategies.

I love dissecting everybody's read your releases particularly and he just said what I thought as sometimes in public and other times in private be knew what you were getting with John and like you like everybody I'm going to miss him.

We are and we had more than 50 audio tributes to John sent in that you can hear on This podcast say thank you to every use contributed to the podcast this week and John was a big supporter of radiotoday Behind the Scenes as well wasn't really you know your help to get into the the Sony's and start doing the webcast which we posted on behalf of the Radio Academy for 3 years and he was out there spreading the message for us when radiotoday wasn't really a big deal in the industry people didn't know about his buddy helped us get some awareness and he helped as commercially as well getting advertisers onboarding and making.

Site of eyeball thing because he's got it that it had an audience there and we needed to make it work on the money aside he did he was a big fan of Radio today in the help us out that he said he actually tried to bite at one point you put in an offer to buy the side, but I think in true team Maya style the the deal was better for him that he was for me so I think I had applying to remove done better, but not thank you for that.

He was that he was a big fan of the site sat right to the end and one of the things you'll hear in This podcast in the tribute is how supportive John wasn't buying I saw that first-hand we got so many lovely emails and texts from John and I've been looking through some of those over the last few days.

We eat.

We got an email from John you and I arrived after we did the first webcast of the Sony's a few years ago and I wanted to read it out because it did just typifies kind of Johns it is way with words in making you feel.

Like you done the best piece of work ever he said now the dust has settled guys.

I just wanted to drop you a personal note of congratulations on a brilliant job.

I just love the enthusiasm approach to life you bring nothing is too much trouble keen to win and you do it with a great smile and a wonderful sizzle for the world that is radio.

I've listened back this afternoon and tonight to the webcast and it is impressive.

We make a great team and you guys make a great product and that you're getting an email like that from John in your inbox.

Just made your day absolutely.


I thought we didn't ok job at 4 for him to chairman of the event of the time from to go out of his way and write that email yeah, that was the that was great another big Turning Point for Radio today as well his support was it out the help make the site what it is today and we will continue to to make it bigger and stronger random person is well.

I do another lovely night from John I am if you've read his book a team.

It's only radio.

I read one of the final draughts and found a lot of things that needed correct in that the publishers of knots.

Potted and he wrote in Johns typical Style on the in the inside pages of the copy that I have thanks for doing all the hard work and that was typical of John he didn't see himself as doing the hard work.

If you're making me feel good for the kind of a couple of hours.

I spent on this project had been doing for months and months and I also did another bit of work kind of under the counter work for him a couple of months ago a bit of research for a project.

He was working on and he rang me up and we talked about it and he said right then team at it.

We worked out what the work is the need to do in how much do you want? How much do you charge and I told him and he said no man has not enough.

I need a double the figure on the spot and said I'll pay you this and not only that he paid me the money into my bank within 20 minutes of the invoice arriving in his email so I kind of feel out for me said you know he understood that that wasn't a deal for me to get that cash and he made sure I got it as soon as I needed it was fantastic.

Please, I've got one about him.

Ashley that have never told anybody but the people who were they will know about it.

It was back in 2004 or 2005 one of his first visit to a smooth north west where I was working you just realised from Jazz and he came down and I think he was on the Atkins diet of the time you over that and the managing director told his pie that John's coming in Chelsea's last minute got a presentation to give us get him some food cos he's been on the road all day is coming in his got out of your it's got an hour.

He wants to eat you wants to give is presentation any wants to go and it's like willies on the what do you eat on the Atkins like to meet just getting some meat so we turned up to this so the meeting in the boardroom and on the table at the front was this plate.

You know those wafer thin packets of chicken and ham that you get in the supermarket the cheap stuff.

There is a plate and is about 4 rolls of chicken and ham on that is so he stood there the front of the boardroom meeting.

Eating this chicken rolling it up and she's like the hell.

Is this my anything because you're hungry but you didn't question it that much and I just took the mick out of it, but yeah, that was a funny story.

I think you was expecting a bit more than a couple of wafer thin packets of chicken for his lunch that day, but yeah hilarious story and there's millions more like if we're going to miss him as I'm sure so many people listening to this will miss him as well.

Thanks for all the fun team and all the happy memories.

You'll be forever in our thoughts and a course John was here on the radio Today programme back in September we had him on to talk about the 20th anniversary of centre u105 in Manchester and he also talked about getting your clear from cancer, but as you know I always saw the funny side of life even when I was at work.

I was always apartment hours at work if you to know I used to getting bored and so I do the damaging directed roll, and then I go and look to get calls a bit of mystery and

You go around the building and you get involved and they're so I missed you know I miss I've got to have some fun in my life, but you just put everything into perspective and I never talk like to seriously anyway, but even though I guess even less so we were so pleased when we saw you got the all clear anyway, so wonderful so many people in the industry.

I sent me you know wonderful emails and when the phone now turned on that and I'm really grateful and so many people in the industry of so lovely audio messages about John and his life as well.

You're going to hear those coming up.

It's a bit of a different format to usual this week.

No radio moments from history or James cridland.

They'll be back next week along with Trevor down on the Round Table album old we've drop the ads too but thanks to broadcast bionics to clean feed and Picasso for their continued support of the radio Today programme or just before we get into some of the attributes and stories that people have been sending in let's talk to Simo John Symons at Johns right-hand man 4.

Years as program director at century northeast and 14 years group PD at GMT radio and Simone it's been a really difficult week for a lot of people and we've seen this mass outpouring of of love for John Edith secretly probably been enjoying the limelight a bit wouldn't hearing it.


He would have absolutely loved it and it's strange really because I was watching her the tributed the BBC did on the local news up in the Northeast and they did a lung tribute to him lots of footage of him and I went to pick up the phone to ring him to tell him what they was going on on the TV before I realised what I was doing because that's the sort of relationship.

We had will be always talking about each other and what we're up to and things like that and I talked to him only but the end of last week for about 20 minutes and I can't for the life of me remember what we talked about we were just shooting the

Easy know which is what we normally used to do with B denigrate and someone in the radio industry for doing something that we didn't agree with a praising someone else and he would secretly of love Darlaston it looks like they're going to have the funeral in Carlisle Cathedral and I think he would be absolutely made up about that.

You have some This podcast of memories particularly from the GMT days and red Rose but you're probably one of his oldest friends in radio tell us about the time you first met.

It was radioties wasn't it yet radio Tees a record about 1984.

I was on the Breakfast Show from 5 till 9 and I've managed to persuade the BPD and American guy called Donald Cline who done and I've still good friends with her that I should be on from 7 till 10 and you should have an early show from 5 till 7 and he actually went for it and forgive the rather poor American actor.

Message Anna found someone and I think it's pretty good.

It's called chunky and Chunky yeah.

It's a chunky Myers and that's what everyone used to call him in them days, and I still had his name in my phone up until the early noughties has just chunky.

It was only when he got into the role of The Heights of G&G that thought I better not calling chunky any more anyway payment we used to have to have the DJs then do a Live demo and he went into the studio to do the Live demo and I was listening to it and you can't Rockin and Rollin the tape, so you could do the link again, so I went down there today man.

This is supposed to be as life you can't do that sounds a bit we got a factory on a bad footing to start off with but I could see how talented he was and I was desperate to get off the 5 start so we got the tape done.

It was a great demo and he came on and

Started doing the a527 shift before I came on at 7, you know he went away from Radio Tees I lost the gig their kind of the Bay radio Nottingham and then one day phone me up after he launched cfm.

Inside the border of one this licence for a northeast regional station.

Can you come up and have a look at it and see what you think we could make of it went up to Johns on the Sunday from Nottingham to Carlisle and looked at the application document and I said to him John if we have to do what's in this application document will die on our backs site.

He says yes, I know she said we got to do something different with it as he was basically BBC local radio with Commercials it was never going to work so we played around with it and made it a more commercial viable proposition but century was meant to be the direct line of the Bunch Channel 5 regionals went on there in September and 94 and century was the one that was going to feel well at the first Ray J

We came out top with 12% reaching out average hours and no one could believe it.

I just because we toured the speech that we had to do it to do 55% speech.

We turned it into a positive by doing stuff that was entertaining and fun at the people could relate to and it was all about personality and we had all personalities on everyday part that was kind of out of at the time and we we struggle to find personalities, but that was the Secret of the success in within about two to three years.

We've got it up over 20% reach and it consistently was the lead out of all the regionals event we went our separate ways again.

I came to London did some work in London at talk radio and drop a Radio 2 and you was continuously cooling means to come back come back, but he got the gmg then and we were having a pizza 1 night in Covent Garden and he said look I'm going to launch a radio group.

Didn't say radio station is a radio group and I

Like you to be the group PDS of the group pt of what John said you haven't got any radio station to said he will get plenty don't worry.

I just said to have learnt my lesson because the first time when he offered me the gigot century.

I just I just accepted it without negotiating as I'm not I'm going to send you what I want to come and work with you because I was on Radio 2 at the time so I sent him an email that night saying what I wanted to come and I got an email back within 10 minutes.

Just saying yes and that was it we were back together and I started on April 1st funny enough 2008 was the Monday on April 4th.

We won the licence for Cardiff and the rest is history really these last couple of years for John wick white tough but all through it.

He was a very positive guy despite all that was me.

If anyone was going to fight off cancer it was John never had the doubt about that he went through a horrendous time.

I don't think anyone really knows the horrendous time only Linda would know that it's so sad that you got through all of that and then just went like this.

It's very very sad and so young and someone who had still so much to give I was being courted I'm in the BBC with desperate for him to take on her a role with them and he was only talking to them only a few weeks ago and he didn't want to do a full-time gig again.

He would have done something else.

It's significant.

I'm sure a tough week, but we've got lots of memories and we can hear lots of on This podcast so thank you for talking to assume.

I really appreciate it now.

It's my pleasure and I know John would have wanted me to talk about him people use it was like you're the best of friends, but he's your boss.

How do you make that work? Well? You know the truth of it is we never ever?

Fell out at any point during our career.

We had some disagreements, but we always worked it through but we never had an argument and we never had a crossword if he agreed with something that I didn't want to do with work it out if he didn't agree with something that I wanted to do with work it out.

We sat there until we've worked it out but we never fell out and I can't tell you how much I will miss him I radiotoday this is Phil Riley in Majorca I don't worry.

We'll talk about the Broad sweep of radio history that Johns been involved with oras instrumental in shaping.

I just wanted to talk about a couple of very recent times John and I got together we had lunch at just over 2 weeks ago.

There was a deal that John want to be to become involved with and we went have the business meeting in John was business itself as those of us who know him across the board table can attest to.

Feisty questioning interrogating wanted to get a deal done typical John as a businessman, and then last Wednesday we have the another lunch this time me John and our old friend Rachel Steele NatWest pure fun John with his pleasure hat on laughing joking gossiping all the things that everybody knows John will know made him such a special person to be around in between time we had their one of my regular Twitter Rose about something rather only Saturday morning.

I emailed him some some information on health John and I talked about his health and my health all the time couple of 60-year-old guys tend to do that sort of thing and the last thing we actually talk to each other about was the final arrangements for him and Linda to come out here to Majorca this weekend for my 60th birthday sadly.

He won't be here now and he'll leave such a big hole around the table when we celebrate.

I'm sure we'll raise more than a single glass to him.

We're going to miss him.

Terribly everybody will miss him terribly I suppose the the manner of his going on the 18th at Gleneagles is typical of John as a guy he was brilliant at so many things in there's a radio professional he was and Deathly brilliant it back timing and that's how we remember m r i p team.

Hi, this is James Rea I run heart and LBC at global I've known John for more than 20 years and since I was a young lad on work experience at century.

I was 16 and I loved radio wanted to be in it I wanted to be honest.

I wanted it badly and I think John could see that and he gave me my first job.

Is there a very lucky reporter and that something I'll always be extremely grateful for the more than two decades.

He was a mental and it's not overstating it to say was her a father figure John and Linda took me under their wing and made an enormous impact on my life like many people of said John was one of life's great characters razor sharp as a businessman, and a great sense of humour mischief and craziness at times.

I was a newsreader on his show when he was hosting breakfast in the Northeast it as well as running the station and often when he was presenting.

He would be late for the start of the program and you know this because the XD would go and it would be John saying no dramas.

Just pulling into the car park team just put a few more full of stories in but there's only so many times you can recap the headlines and giving extended weather forecast but I could usually get to about 7:06 which was enough time for John to get behind them.

And to wake up the northeast it was great fun and His Love of this medium and to see him in action in the radio studio was was really infectious.

It's so wonderful to see the industry uniting to pay tribute to John I think he's one of the few people who could do that and it would give him more than her a tinkle of Pride to see the reaction.

It's such a shock that John is gone.

I saw him just a few weeks ago and he was on sparkling form.

He looked great his famous bear like hug was bigger than ever he still had a view on life and he would say what he thought he was loyal but his loyalty was never blind his was proper loyalty and he always made me feel special and it turns out that he made her a lot of people feel special.

Made a difference to many lives and I miss him more than I can say hi, it's Ken Bruce Radio 2 adding memory of John is from that television series BBC television series called trouble at the top which shirt studied the launcher century 105 course John was intimately involved in and there was a moment where the marketing team and come up with a billboard for the Derek Hatton show which red masturbate with Derek Hatton and when the speech to John who's responsible, but it's rude and I remember Nancy banks Smith and the Guardian writing say you wanted to cheer when he said that and it's so true Because John absolutely understood.

What is audience would accept what they wouldn't accept and it's the same for all businesses the attached.

What's the common sense response to this? What's the realistic response to this and John had that every single time in every area it would have

Gifted with loads of common Sense and a warm to carry it through my name is Helen Bowden and I've known John many years I've got on really well, when I was running Radio 4 Irish chair of the Radio Academy and he was my deputy although that's slightly risible because John was never really a deputy 21.

He was an extraordinary figure because although most of his life was defined by commercial radio actually slightly Rose above the Fray he had an extraordinary ability to be a very very candy businessman, make it look effortless and build friendships on all sides of the radio industry.

I always thought he was a a professional he was a confident.

He was utterly reliable and if you're in trouble.

He'd always help you out when I left BBC News having had a pretty bloody bumpy time at the very end.

He welcomed me back into the radio family where I was just starting as director of BBC Radio he invited me to sit on his table at the Sony Awards when I arrived you just said welcome.

Back into the radio family Helen we've missed you mean all of us will have tails of his incredible sweetness of nature and big embracing hug.

He hugs you literally and he had you metaphorically I last saw him about two weeks ago.

We are both on the panel that judges the entries for the new audio content fund which is developing innovative ideas for commercial radio and we both got a lot of time and effort as did the rest of the panel in coming up with the final shortlist and his Instinct for radio and his understanding of audiences really help that process the idea of an industry without him is very hard to contemplate the idea of a world without him is even harder and of course we all feel so desperately for Linda and the family which was the heart of his life as I'm sure he was for them, but for his incredibly wide network of friends in all kinds of areas of radio on are off their presenters technician.

People who just loves to listen to him on Radio it's just a huge gap John different dear dear friend you have no idea how we shall miss you.

I'm Derek Webster work with John Myers at Red Rose radio in the 1980s at red rose gold £9.99, am at century 105.4 and also smooth Radio 100.4 in the northwest it must have been 1983 when I was working at Red Rose radio and I was there doing as a program on Saturday evening and income John Myers with his lovely wife to be Linda having a look round the radio station worried be presenting shows he would be a rival freelancer to me so anybody that's ever work freelancing radio will know that tell you I've somebody new coming into the station with suspicion with they get on with your work.

I said hi, what you doing? He said I'm here to do the country show but that's just for starters I saw.

Why is one to watch whatever the audience figures came out John and Linda would throw a party at their home up in Garstang and we would all go out and celebrate and Linda I put on the foods and make it everything very hospitable the audience figures would be unrolled on a big poster on the table with all sit around without drinks admiring our hard work for the Rachel jcrop.

How does the think it was then and it was marvelous and you became aware of the family.

I remember some funny stories his daughter.

Kerry who was going to school in Lancashire at the time was stopped from getting on the bus because she didn't have a bus pass at noticed that on the side of the bus was a picture of her dad.

We have a big promotion at the time red rose gold Breakfast Show has been promoted with the picture of her dad John Myers on the side of the bus in spite of that she was banned from getting on it.

What's the most exciting times for me with that century 105.4 when that was set up is really excited about this wonderful summer and John would go on air randomly.

Call the test transmissions were going on and start winding up the opposition so it be on there saying morning.

I need to actually start opening up the phone lines bear in mind we won't officially on there this was a test transmission be opening up the phone line and taking calls from listeners, and it's a what station.

Did you used to listen to and it so I used to listen to key 103 of Piccadilly something like that is shot down now and this will go on for a while.

No doubt some of the one of the rival station's got wind of this and rang up Ofcom or the radiotherapy think it was then and before long it stopped and we went back just at non-stop back-to-back-music-video was fantastic.

It really was John knew exactly how far to go hello.

This is Mark Goodier John was one of a kind he was generous with his time.

What do you work for him or not? Whether you were on the air or just starting out in radio seem to have a genuine love of people and that made him you need to work for it was always confidence Builder

When doing deals with me as a presenter he was fun to be with it made you want to work for him.

I spoke to him.

Only last week and I always finish to chat with John feeling better than when we started the call Johns Legacy it's without question.

He was loved and admired by almost everybody who met in the radio businesses that he built and the Charm that I did it with made him unique.

There are lots of talented people in broadcasting but really there are very few Giants in our business.

Terry Wogan was one John Myers was another this is Andrew Harrison chief executive radio centre for its first 7 years at a time when John was a founding board member it was a time of terrific change in the sector with all the major acquisitions which have shaped the future of our industry today with Global Benji cap and chrysalis Bower buying a map John was a constant presence mentor advisor and friend to me through those times have shaped our.

And subsequently of course he became chief executive of the Radio Academy chair of the achiever Awards as there's anywhere and of course was radio centres nomination to write.

What became the Myers report into the future of the industry.

He loved so much but John was much more than a business colleague or a board member he was a friend and a golf partner for me for the last 12 years.

He treated everything in life with great optimism great Gusto and great Verve for Life beating Cancer or beating par.

He live life to the full will miss him dearly hello.

This is John Gilmour from BBC Radio Lancashire I work with John Myers in the late 80s and early 90s and was privileged to be part of the launch team for red rose gold and you know team has he was known was well ahead of the game back in the 90s.

We gave away cars thousands of pounds in cash holidays.

Caravans that I'd never been heard of before was a great place to work under him.

Everyday was a different day and every day was a fun day and when you came off her if you were walking past is office.

It's a shame.

Have you any scoobies scoobies by the way was food and if you said sorry Tim I haven't what you're coming in here for then happy memories Happy Days of John Myers r.i.p.


This is Dave Brown from smooth radio one of their many memories.

I have of the great John Myers was Wainwright nearly days of Smooth Jon Scragg chalkhill, so I ended up having to cover breakfast for about 13 weeks.

I recall and on my last show at smooth when it was based in Castlereagh Street John Myers burst into the Year studio.

Just before my last link and said to him.

I just want to thank you for all your efforts you've you've

The show stable radios not looking bad yeah, well done and thanks for looking after everything and he turned and walked away and I'm feeling quite pleased with myself and then just as he's about to head out the door.

He turns around on his heels and said mind you I thought you were crap, but that was John all over always having a joke and a laugh and death you might have thought I was crap but you couldn't help loving the guy and I'm going to miss him terribly Julian Carter soundtrack to The Century in the northwest and group sales director for gmg radio team together.

Everyone achieves more and never forget when someone once said to me.

That's really impersonal.

I said no no no you're not getting it actually when you call each other team is quite the opposite.

It's incredibly personal and that's what it was to me and everyone who was part of the team family hello.

This is John Holmes memories of John Myers

Too many really out there for all of us, but it was used to send me a personal message after I had let's see a career blip a lot of messages one stands out and there is it stands out is it wasn't even after a career blippi was other hosted? I don't know Ward ceremony or something corporate for the radio industry and it stands out because this is message is a dermal share with you and it stands out because it's not about me doesn't even reply to me because I wasn't particularly it applies to him and it's a message that reads John Shedden

You were brill as always truetalent JM and it might as well have been writing it to himself Helen Thomas head of commissioning at BBC Radio 2 John was a giant both literally and metaphorically he lived and breathed radio and his passion enthusiasm and interest in the medium never wavered the first time I met him.

He was chairing a meeting for the 2005 radio festival he was deadly serious about what needed to be delivered, but he did it all with a twinkle in his eye and his trademark sense of absurdity and fun I could see that we were going to get on and we did we stayed in touch and he's been incredibly generous with his time advice and support over the years.

I love the fact that John was never interested inside.

He just wanted radio to win.

Every single time the last time I saw him for coffee he was so fired up about all the current changes going on in the industry.

He was just itching to get stuck in again.

I missed his friendship and his Council very much but feel very lucky to have had the chance to have met him at all in the first place rest in peace team.

I'm sleep Collins I was the programme director of Smooth Radio win gmg owned the station and obviously so sad to hear of Johns passing but since then I've been thinking a lot about the Great times that we had a gmg.

They were very very special and I think the reason they were so special is that as many have said John was a very strong strong family man and that's how he ran the company.

He was the father figure of that company and and that's why it was so good to work for I remember once trying out a new DJ on the air and John Hatton to be in the area, and I didn't know he was driving around Audi phone.

Me up and a few choice words came down the phone questioning why I was trying out this particular DJ and then of course when he went on the air because he did a few shows breakfast shows in the northwest trying to control what he was doing was like impossible because he was my boss after all what could I do and he knew that the crafty man it was such a pleasure knowing him.

He was a great man and radio has lost someone very very special this is Jeremy Vine Radio 2 feeling really down about the the loss of John and to be honest.

She's very difficult to pay tribute to him in a way that captures even a small amount of his greatness.

I think what I would say is this that if you're a presenter you live by the Maxim that those who run it have never done it and the managers and so on have never broadcast and that's why they never quite understand, what we

Doing and they see presenters as an occupational hazard of running a radio station John was the opposite because John started broadcasting to his his Love Was A broadcasting buddy, then discovered.

He had his entrepreneurial streak any started to buy stations and run them and all that stuff but at the same time you get broadcasting.

So you have his fantastic situation when he's John Morgan rossetti the Breakfast Show and John Myers running the station to people one of the same and listening Rings the station controller and says I want the Breakfast Show presenter sacked and John Mayer says I have told John Morgan is on a final warning and I love all those stories about John he's booked him.

It's only radio which I wrote the food for and was very honoured to be asked to to do that that if you want to see the whole scope of John's life.

It's in there, but actually his life is much more than a collection of funny stories the warmth of that man 2p.

Early radio his warmth for radio itself, but for people like me who had a show it was just incredible my last message from him was was on.

I think probably 45 days ago.

You just said are you free next week? I'd love to meet see how you are and we booked to see each other for coffee tomorrow.

So I now have a space in my diary where John should have been and I will spend that time thinking about what a rare and wonderful person.

He was a Martin Campbell I used to be the chief advisor on Radio 2 Ofcom find spider that John and I became very good friends.

I've known John for some time before I went to off, but I don't think off, seen anything quite like John it arrived and say something like Alan Martin are you doing show me some of the trumpets on to be jazz or shall we go and have a nice lunch?

No prizes for guessing which 11 we put the world to rights for radio world anyway on many many occasions very happy memories from very sad news.

I was lucky enough to work with John on a couple of his radio brands being century and smooth of course along with Simone but the last time I saw him was right about the couple of years ago at Steve funnell and Amy's wedding I did a DJ set for them and join us at the back and he was just sitting down and Stephanie Hirst was there and Terry Underhill and many other people in the radio industry and everybody was chatting with him and come and see him one by one he just sat there on his throne beginner call customer and I'm going up my said hi and I couldn't resist giving him a hug.

I know that he hasn't been well, but he moved in far too quickly and gave me a hug.

What a pleasant all-round wonderful man sorely missed hello.

I'm Dave Shearer and like everybody else.

I've got nothing but wonderful memories sofa all my time with with with John we first met.

Working at Red Rose radio on the late 1990s and then went on to launch.

Red rose gold with her an amazing team of people back in 1990 if I give it June 1st 1990 that we launched with a blanket and Derek Webster John Gilmore Mike vitti Ian Calvert Simon and an amazing group of people are amazing time the happiest working time of my life and lived in Garstang at the time and I lived in Warrington Garstang was obviously I'm not a lot nearer the spare room Garstang was often called Shiraz room because I suspending them quite a lot of time there so early in the week as well.

We got for Currys in the week and always say driving back.

It's not mention till lindemann with been out for a curry and the reason being is Linda as those of you who who do know always have the best biscuits and a huge huge biscuit tin.

Every single chocolate biscuits never imagined myself and John not only stuffing our face with with curry will also be sat.

There hasn't been stuff off a sweet chocolate biscuits and cups of tea.

We talked and anoraks about about radio an amazing amazing Legacy that's been left.

I've never really seen such an outpouring of love and foot foot for somebody is Sam left an amazing Legacy wonderful family Korean and Scotland and Linda and the moccasin Mia and Addy Ola Jordan Theodore then he was such a wonderful wonderful family man is going to be sadly sadly missed and I'm not do it yet, but one thing I will do in the next couple of days.

Is that raise a glass of 30th favourite the time which was always hurt other brandy shandy team so I'll raise a glass of brandy shandy and remember you with fondness and

For the good things you did not just for me but for everybody else god bless you.

This is Terry Underhill from the very first moment that we met I knew John was a very special person indeed you had that unique ability to make everyone feel very special at the txt record from John was always a pleasure to receive the also gave the best hugs ever I'm truly honoured to have known John and to have him as a dear friend and following his sudden passing.

I was prompted to look at one of the last text message exchanges that we had although it was a private text conversation it sums up my thoughts on John and I am so glad that I had the opportunity to send it.

I like to share it with everybody because although I didn't realise it at the time actually said something to John that I'd never said to him before I sent it on the morning of his 60th birthday.

Just a couple of months ago here's what I said.

Hi John just wishing you the happiest of birthdays.

Wish I could have popped up to see you but sadly.

I couldn't today but hopefully see you very soon.

Have a great day and on this very special day for you.

I'd like to thank you for always being there for me and for being a very special person in my life.

Love to you and to Linda and all know I had no idea when I sent that.

It would be the last opportunity.

I'd have to tell him just how I felt about him, but now I'm course.

I'm so pleased that I did his reply was typical and quite beautiful where he said thanks a lot.

Terry you're a wonderful friend.

Love you mate.

They're text messages that I will keep forever well.

I got to know John Myers when he came to consult for radio to a previously known him through obvious his reputation as a presenter and a program controller.

I would say that he had more knowledge of radio the most and it was on his well a no nonsense going a bloke and knowing people that worked for him.

I can tell you that he was brilliant and he

Great fun he took the work seriously and got it done but at the same time.

He made it fun.

He'll be remembered by the people in radio that knew him I think for those little nuggets of a device used one of those guys that would say I tell you what that didn't it and then one sentence of advice that you always remember for the rest of your life in relation to the work rest in peace John hi, it's definite.

I first became aware of John when he was the station voice magic 828 and I was just meet at the time.

I remember discovering the original master tape of the session and he was cracking all these gangs in between takes begin.

Who is this guy and it was until years later that Dave Shearer had me at hello and then told me many stories of his his best mate.

John Everett red roses and and then years later.

I finally got to meet the great John Myers

Was at the launch day of real Radio Yorkshire met him was iron ore of the man and then his son that's working on my show the incredibly talented Scott Myers who without his father School Lane would have brought so much to the table on our Show probably not all them back to John I said something on texting the data to friend that that John was almost immortal larger than life itself and M People talk about 1 hours from breaking the mould but those words can truly be attributes John it's a real start reminder on it.

I I get a rude Awakening to the fragility of life that one minute is on the royal Yacht Britannia the next minute.

He's gone I miss those hooks that I get when I see him at an industry event or something and I do with lots of love and leave me with some words of wisdom and with always fiercely protective of me and the life changed I went to and everything in it and really.

Open Spock out and and and really thought my corner.

I'll never forget that I don't like when he was a founder member of the cells to Real Radio Wales the spent a decade working for gmgg many career highlights inspired by the warm and empowering culture created at gmg by John would have regular emails telephone conversations every time you was in Cardiff is always make a point of telling me.

How great I was how much my contribution to the business was valued and to make sure I look after my children and keep striving to be better john-kamen to reception once when I was welcome in a key client down the Sapphires Vauxhall dealers for in for a big presentation.

He came up to me.

He said that it would give me a massive bear hug turn to the clients and said this guy quinnies fantastic.

If I had one of them in every station, then I wouldn't have to worry about sales this made me feel like a million dollars and was just typical of have had John made you felt special.

He's a special man.

His wife Linda son Scott and brother Eddie all lovely people and the world is genuinely a poor replace without big team in it so lots of love.

John sleep tight.

Thank you for making such a positive impact on my life.

I never forget you hello.

I'm Andy Hodgson and I used to present century radios Breakfast Show with John Myers in the mid-90s in the northeast of England so we were co presenters and of course he was my boss along with John Simon so we had a fascinating relationship and I have huge respect for the man.

I used to have to wake him up at 6 in the morning with a phone call as I did the 2 hours preceding up to him coming on there as well and I'll call him and then had to call him again.

He told me because he wouldn't listen the first time.

I woke him up.

I often qwizdom about why didn't have an alarm clock and he said he did anyway, can I call twice and often resulted in him falling back to sleep despite the alarm clock and two phone calls from me.

Annie be late and that meant in the morning.

I was required between 7 and about 10 past when he was racing down the motorways to get in.

I'll be required to impersonate him and just do the first link by going morning my darling century.

I think we got away with it for a while and we used to have a healthy start to the day the mid-90s was famous for everything everybody did it I was required every morning when he got in to pop up stairs for the breakfast of kings a which was coffee and a chocolate bar or is John used to call it get me a scooby snack call you to get one for yourself as a cash and paid every day that we are the daily intake of the Four Tops of which he insisted on playing most days despite John Simons annoyance I think and we went on to be enormous friends.

He was one of my greatest mentors in life and will the most inspirational people I've ever met because he just understood people it's never seen here.

Sharing her a memory of John Myers from the five years on I was running amazing Radio between 2010 and 2015 I had quite a few covert meetings with him at the Hilton in Gateshead no one amazing you I was having them and I don't think he told anyone who's having with me either but he had some great wisdom and some great advice about keeping the radio station on the radio Frank and I've held his advice very close to my heart ever since and will be sorely missed and all my love and respect goes out to his wonderful family.


This is Jonathan Morrell currently working for the BBC Newcastle that work with John at century FM from roundabout 2008 onwards, I will never forget the last time that saw John Myers we already do a dinner and out of a sea of faces he appeared and he gave me a hug and I said how are you John and he said good he said gods been good to me and I'll never forget that.

Because you look so well and to have heard what happened the other day.

I really couldn't believe it another working with him at century in 2008 originally it was home by capital and then the station was sold to G&G and I have never work for him before a course.

I knew him but have to say working for him was a joy when he walked in.

There was a spark of there was an Enthusiasm I can't say what it was but he was always happy.

He was always loving what he was doing as a member of the team.

I felt supported you're stuck up for you and I had dinner with him and Linda on a few occasions the laughter another one of the night to Winchester stories with brilliant the radio DJs at border television and have to say when he left gmg the place wasn't really the same in somewhere to a doctor turn the clock back and do that time all over again life is so unfair to lose someone like John at the age of just 60 after beating cancer.

Thoughtful but his family can be so proud so so proud of the brilliant funny talented and compassionate man that he was God bless your team hello.

I'm Chris best I have the pleasure to work with John for many years on Century Radio in the Northeast I was part of the launch Simon century 105 and smooth Radio in the northwest Johns philosophy was the radio should be fun the only one who listens to his breakfast shows would have laughed out loud and talked about what he said on here long after the show had finished he was a genius at connecting with his audience.

I remember he set up the century listener club and it was an instant success.

He was of course a naturally funny man a larger-than-life character and for me and amazing boss who created some of the most listened to radio stations in the UK I feel proud to say that I was a colleague of John Myers and ohim.

A great debt of gratitude for supporting my career and encouraging me down the years.

He was a lovely man r.i.p.

Team and thanks for all the laughs hello undergarment.

I'm already a consultant and we'll know John was a great leader of people.

He had a fantastic here and it was really the ultimate radio professionally many ways but I'll just remembering has been incredibly funny one night sticks out for me and invited Pete Waterman over to do a session at radiodays Europe in Barcelona this is back in 2012.

He was a presenter on smooth Radio with the time now jonsimon Simone thought it would be a good idea if we all took Pete out for dinner that evening so sure enough Pete Waterman Simo John Mayer themselves.

We all went out and for some reason.

I can't quite remember we ended up at a tiny little Michelin star restaurant for about 10 people were the only thing on the menu was the 10 course.

Tasting menu now the we'd already had a couple of bottles of fine wine by the time the first course arrived and it being a 10 course tasting menu it was all rather fancy stuff now the first place arrived and it was the tiniest bit of jelly with one piece of watercress on top of it now you can imagine John face when he saw kit and he turned to the way to reset pain is that it and we all cracked up Pete Waterman lost it completely and for the preceding 9 other courses John just had a great line for the waiter every single time he turned up with a plate of tiny food and that's how I remember John just an incredibly funny funny man and I feel immensely lucky to have known him my overwhelming memory of John Myers involves the day that I was fortunate enough to be inaugurated.

To the Radio Academy hall of fame and for the uninitiated before you leave your lovely lunch table and walk to the stage somebody has to say a few words about you and John was the man who did that for me and he did a brilliant little speech about I didn't recognise myself, but he brought the house down before even go to the subject to make a by addressing the throngs of radio people with the immortal line.

One of his favorites my fellow athletes and he brought the house down and that's the kind of guy John was so respected such a great great sense of humour and I'm honoured to have known him and I'm forever grateful that on a big day for me.

He was very much part of it and I miss him.

This is Bob Shannon I'm group managing director at the BBC but before this job.

I held many jobs in BBC Radio including running 5 Live radio 2.

6 Music the Asian Network and indeed BBC Radio also worked with the Radio Academy where I came into very close contact with John Myers who was such an important influential figure that played such an incredibly important part in the academies development John and I was sometimes opponents sometimes we were allies always we were friends.

I learnt many many things from him has so many people have said he had an incredible generosity of spirit.

He gave two people in the radio industry, but also had a phenomenal understanding of the whole of the industry.

It's a rare person who cares so much about all spectrums of the industry both the commercial radio spectrum and the BBC I learnt that from him, but this is a great industry when you think about its in tyre size and scale.

He was a lovely man like so many others I'm going to miss him hugely.

Hello, this is Chris Stevens

I was had a production for the first few years of gmg radio and and also the last few years of gmg radio and I think what made working for John Myers and John Simons so incredible was they always empowered us as producers to take risks and try things that were a bit different a bit crazy a bit bigger than normal and they helped us with this by giving a swimming credible promotions to work with from grab a grand to giving away incredible prizes in Scotland win a car a day in May where they gave away 20 cars in one month at followed up by giving away a house, but it didn't matter what was the biggest promotions or the smallest it just listening to John Myers presenting fun of the phones where the prizes were pretty much non-existent most the time but everyone had so much fun.

It was just an incredible atmosphere and everytime John Myers enter the room the mood always changed a little look at my hard drive and I found this bit of audio and I've got no idea why I recorded this but it's

John Myers entering a studio at Laser House before doing a cover shift in the fixtures for the future if your radio and I'm really that surely radio with pictures in fact television that you've got a faces for radio 7 years 7 years and so as loud as well 7 years until f20 carbon seven Years by the way everyone for the last 7 years filling informations mattress.

You're just looking for I can say that it is real looking sober incredible voice and you can't ever outsmart John on the radio by the way whenever he did a mic test it always sounded a bit like this those words so whatever time recording jingles the crazy of the cilia the better.

We made loads from over the years and I was really privileged a few years ago to make one myself for John when he was covering breakfast at my first radio station sun FM and like everything when you give it to John he would then make it sound so much better when he used it on the air.

Seagull sounds of the is £325 and if you get it right to say I'm going to give Danny out of my own pocket the same amount of money fingers crossed people who let me get hold of Robbie Williams I am so grateful that I was part of GMP radio through those times with John Myers John Simons Jill Johnson and the rest of the crew that an amazing group of people.

I wouldn't trade that time for anything.

I'm so grateful for all the experiences and everything I learnt hi, it's Paul Robinson I worked for gmg radio for a number of years.

I mean John Mayer setting up G&G radio absolutely change my life.

I think the main thing.

I always remember is John face every Christmas party when I would turn up wearing something just a little bit outrageous one year it was the Chinese silk.

Outfit another year it was a cow print suit and he would always look and sort of rolled his eyes, but have you come as now and in our final year at your Johnson actually took me to one side and said you don't he secretly loves it.

Don't you and that was everything I need to hear really such a legend so sadly missed.

I think radio will never quite be the same without him.

My name is Ricky Durkin aurora steam new me Ricky d and what can I say about John that hasn't been said already and that won't take several hours because I've got so many positive stories like you.

I mean you just think of Johnny you just think of this all round.

Good egg full of warmth vitality energy life and good humour.

We met in 1994 and are cracking with them so many things since then occasionally he bring me up and say team.

Are you happy and I'm one of these occasions.

I said well always open to offers John come with me and work down in London I said doing what it said.

I don't know yet, but I'll find something and because I

If I went and it was an adventurer helping to launch Real Radio Wales he would walk around the office prior to his being on here seeing everybody knowing them by name and then coming up to the desk and Tim have you got any scoobies? I'd also helping with an RSL before that variety FM in Sutton Coldfield the radio station was in the Attic of an old hotel, but he put us up in somewhere a little bit swanky somewhere that Leeds United football player stayed in that very weekend.

We did the work on selector we're and the logs and it midnight that Saturday the station launched.

I was in my hotel room with a little pen radio that Linda giving me Johnny Linda were in their room and just after midnight after the first piece of imaging and been on here and the first song was on he called my room and we were both so excited.

I mean that passion and energy just never went away a child-like Enthusiasm which was just so infectious and John had this magic touch you made you feel special and that there was a soft spot in his heart for you.

Which is a very very rare quality and for that John and for the the love and the warmth and the exciting times over the past 30 years or so, we thank you with lots and lots and lots of love.

Hello Tony Blackburn here.

I just wanted to say how sad and shot her was to hear about to John he was a lovely guy.

I work with him at to smooth Radio he made a terrific contribution to commercial radio and radio as a whole and apart from that more than anything.

He was a really nice man with a great sense of humour and he'll be sadly missed and I was lucky enough to meet John Morgan I John Myers and very early on in my career when I got the chance to audition for him as in traffic and travel presenter on his century breakfast show that was way before Simon Cowell it was way before any of those sort of variety shows are on TV in the idea was rude audition to be his traffic.

Travel presenter so I did but I thought what can I do that will kind of win him over cream cakes Scooby-Doo snacks he loved Scooby-Doo snacks, so I took in a cream cakes the listeners voted and apparently I got the job.

I was looking a few years later to also work with him on a Sunday afternoon called fun on the phone to ideal was it was a quiz show a really wasn't quiz show it was a chance for John to have fun.

He was managing 5 businesses that he loved a Sunday afternoon, and it was hilarious from getting people to go in there drawers to find out what number 42 was on the local takeaway in calling that up from getting people who are a bit shy at open up if you were single, what was wrong with you.

You're ugly pets things like that.

He was a brilliant entertainer and the listeners absolutely loved him and still talk about him to this day.

If you're single or you're ugly if you're down sort it out.

Put it right shout New Street can anyone help me on this question he was just brilliant on air and offer as well.

I got the biggest hugs at times in your life when you need them.

I will always remember John with that energy and affection Also of course John loved to have some form of the listeners and I'm one Sunday afternoon.

This is what happened any other now.

It's making me smile.

We had a caller on she was from Swansea and this is what he said right.

Love you have got this you really have take a deep breath who was born on Christmas day quick she said Santa wall that was it his infectious laugh.

Did it we were crying with laughter listeners ringing up crying with laughter and 4 months and months listeners with talking about that very special corner John was the best honour and offer a true performer with the most enormous heart and one that I consider to be a very special friend.

St Pancras moments when you can't quite believe what you saying so yeah, you take a second look because you're not quite sure what you saying is correct.

I was absolutely shocked and then really sad if I have been really upset and sad ever since although John and I didn't know each other that well.

We often exchanged emails and have some fun on Twitter hi John just made you feel like you know we were lifelong friends.

I love his Enthusiasm for radio.

I love this humour.

I love this passion.

I love the fact that he loved creativity and risk takers number ones that the Sony Radio Awards we spent a good few hours together just the two of us sharing stories and getting drunk and just enjoying each other's company it's a moment.

I'll never forget I love the fact that that I knew John Myers see now that we've met but most of all I liked him.

How did you not like John Myers I never knew him when he was Morgan in the morning.

We got to know each other in more recent years the first time we met.

Is incredibly complementary and you don't forget moments like that are moments of kindness and just being a lovely person and John was a lovely person nice to have known you John I wish we spent more time together night-night.

Hi everyone my name is the Marquis and John inspired me to keep pushing myself to get into the industry at a young age.

I graduated last year from the Globe Academy after 2 years there and at the age of 16 I started my brand new Twitter account and one of the first people that have followed was John because I've seen the impact.

He had on so many people if it wasn't for John I wouldn't have had the tenacity to push myself even further to get into this wonderful industry is a true radio Legend and it's utterly heartbreaking hello.

I'm John bass.

I was programmed controller at Jazz FM at the end of the 90s and this is actually a John Morgan

Sorry, it was top secret the time.

I think I'm ok telling it now 20 years ago not long after John left border radio Holdings and before gmg radio existed.

I offered him a Manchester Breakfast Show I didn't think he necessarily want to do it, but I was working on the basis that if you don't ask you'll never know and he was actually genuinely interested.

He loved being on the radio now as it turned out we couldn't quite make the deal happen because of a snag with my board of directors and three years later.

I was working for him after gmg brought us out and I used to wonder from time to time where the Jazz FM in the northwest with Morgan in the morning on it would have been just as successful as smooth in the North West with John Myers running it to which John would have said well.

No of course not you were playing jazz music so no maybe it wouldn't have been as big but it would have got an audience and it would have been a great listen because as well as everything else were all thinking back to at the moment John was a

Really good broadcaster.

Hello there my name is Ben Cooper and I'm the controller of radio 1 1 Xtra and the Asian Network here at the BBC and also former chair of the Radio Academy which is where I met John for the first time and really got to know me properly.

I know we're supposed to be telling stories of fun times with John and remembering some of his funny anecdotes or his jokes, but really at this moment in time.

I'm still bit shocked and a bit sad and so my thoughts are really with Linda and the family at this difficult time and I feel it is a difficult time as so many of us will miss John it was lovely to read on Sunday how many people he touched in his life and the number of people who had said that he'd helped in their careers and I know that I will certainly Mrs knowledge and his Wisdom and his ideas.

He was a radio man through and through he can wait to catch up with you and Sharon

True stories usually In The Heights bar, and I will miss that I will say Mrs big hugs.

I will also miss his huge optimism and it's just very very sad, so John will miss you.

This is Steven and John was an amazing guy he was originally a disco DJ there's not many station management people that could do as good a job a radio shows anyone he employed it was a great customer for us and for our jingle companies and he really understood radio and he never forgot his friends and contacts as he climbed the ladder and everyone in the business will miss him a lot and that's for sure one of the true Originals here's to you John who is Michael Cohen I was so sorry to hear about the passing of my great friend John Myers one of the most wonderful man.

I've ever had the privilege to meet he was a complete radio guru.

His thinking was extraordinary.

It was always out of the box.

It was always different but even with his opponents.

He was always good-humoured and you couldn't fail to like him.

Only recently we were celebrating his good health after recovering from cancer and how bravely he dealt with it and this is such a cruel blow after going through all that trauma.

John was a truly wonderful man, and I know everyone listening will feel the same as I do we have lost a truly great human being high and I used to work at GMT and number.

Do you ring my what was it 7 years I can get Real Radio Wales and I'm a few occasions because I use 10% the Breakfast Show was come down and co-presenter with me at which order terrified me in this is the big boss of the company coming to do a show with you know little of me and I'm at work.

It's one showing particular.

He just that upsets me anything on it.

We're going to give away this holiday to America if you want with it.

It will take to do what we want and it is at that moment.

I thought yes we can kind of excited that we could do what you want, but I was like working alongside the boss and yeah, it was scary, but he's always greeted me and everybody with a great big hug and there is such a big team spirit which I think you don't get in many places.

It was just such a huge team spirit.

I loved seeing him.

I absolutely bored in the end of him coming down you know because I think everybody did and he made us feel really important.

If John told you sounded great it meant so much.

Do you just I guess you wondered is praise you know because it just a mental he made you feel really important and he did that well with each and everybody worked.

I recently had great people skills and through that great communication of friendships are formed with not just me but every.

He worked for railway between Scotland and Wales and Yorkshire it was it was just it was just wonderful he was so passionate in the recent years.

I followed his tweets in his blogs and I'm really going to miss him in the world is a sadder place without him, but I thank him so much everything century and remember the very first board meeting I was in the East Midlands art centre E10 6ND and he wasn't there but he clearly heard about it later because he said to me he said when you MD of a company this losing lots of money.

It's awfully good idea to start talking about the money before you talk about the program and it was dead right because he knew the audience I was addressing on on that day, but will pick you up on things like that.

You just felt that he was helping you to be the best you possibly could and he left you feeling good after this day.

I don't know how he managed to pull that off.

He was a remarkable man, Kevin McCauley

Facebook John back in the mid 1995 called the radio station a couple of times from an agency.

I was working at to ask if they acknowledge 15% agency commission it's all I needed to know I was new to the game of buying at level and selling to people told me they didn't deal with agencies.

I have to call back and put the phone down so I decided to phone the MD John Myers not knowing he was mortgage in the morning John said he'd be with me within the hour.

It was we done the business.

Got it all signed up or the client was very happy and the offer me a job in Johns way, which was much you're really not become and sell Radio never mind buying it II experience when I went to work.

There was John called the security guard at St James's Park after Newcastle loss of it was 5-0 to to Arsenal Chelsea he got the security guard to tell him five times that they're lost and a course in Johns way, he was asking security guard.

To repeat himself in SO31 I'm calling from Australia with we won much did we and is that no we we we lost 5-0, which got back to Freddy Shepherd who owned it who was doing cartwheels and called the station to speak to work at a John Myers the MD at to report about John Morgan in the morning.

We met Freddie that weekend at the game who again came up and said to John Morgan in the morning morning my darling that he be coming in on the Monday to see the MD and give him a piece of his mind because we shouldn't be buying boards there.

We were banned from the club John said listen.

Don't come to the radio station.

I'll get the in the heater come to you which you did and the last one.

I've got a share is Wembley at Laser House will be launching century there were four of us there kicking a football around John told us to wait to behave ourselves team and to be prepared because a big celeb was coming in from the BBC who may be on the station that big celeb.

I won't mention.

And he was very famous for being on Top of the Pops in a Radio 1 as he arrived at the station job running through the sales office and said they eat mushy lots more an uglier than I remember at which start is a negotiation and didn't go in the guys favour.

He didn't make it on there, but it certainly show the John was born on the carrot tops of life as he said and lastly in Lee I asked him one should I go for a vacant sales directors job and it said much Kevin your own evolving a bloody MD you keep doing what you're doing and I'll keep writing the checks.

This is Ed Scott I got to know the great John Myers when he asked me to be a judge for the Sony's to be a judge for sonys.

Is there meant to be yours by John Myers to be a judge for sonys was something special the normal way of dealing with John was often a text message you get a random text message from John and it was always great fun.

It was sometimes.

It was work-related sometimes.

It was a catch up sometimes.

It was a joke.

Expensive Newcastle United and mesamis coffee shop near Radio 2 just after it had his teeth put in and it was fantastic.

I just kept saying John keep smiling he couldn't stop smiling so he's being Nash's it's fantastic.

I remember when I got the email from John it was about 2 2 in the morning last January and he said I'm really sorry mate.

I can't meet up with you in a few weeks time.

I should have got cancer but don't worry.

I'll see you in the summer.

He was just so upbeat.

It wasn't the case of oh my gosh is a death sentence.

It was like it was seen as a and inconvenience.

It's something which he had to go through but I'll see you in the summer.

It was so positive.

He was so upbeat who said John hello.

This is Carlos from smooth Radio Manchester I consider myself very lucky very fortunate to have known John Myers until have worked for him at gmg John was the reason.

The main reason why I wanted to work for gmg and joint smooth Radio I was working at Wave 105 really happy at Wave 105, but because of personal reasons.

I need to get back to the Midlands where I've been base for many years and there was only one place.

I want to work and that was what was then the newly launched smooth Radio in the West Midlands and the reason I wanted to work there was I heard so many stories about the way that gmg operated the way that John Miles had built his management team at the way that he and the team that he had created through the presenters from my think the first day became apparent that it was a wonderful experience and would be an amazing ride and I also remember the first Christmas do it for anyone who ever had the pleasure of attending a Christmas gathering with Jim g radio.

They were Unforgettable they were like many concerts big names superstars appearing.

And John as the emcee and the genial Host was just brilliant.

So I'm I was queuing up as as we all did to enter the palace in Manchester and at the management team with greet you and I actually John Taylor say Joanna said that this is great as it's lovely to be here.

We said we are so pleased to have you on the team at gmg and he started making reference to my past and my success of brmb and and working for Phil Riley at heart and he knew so much about me and that's really rare for my experience with people in such a position of seniority in radio in the other thing I was remember and I'm sure others will remember this Christmas event when he took on the role of that gorilla from the Cadbury's play In the Air Tonight movie the drum solo, I was so he was just brilliant a genius and a giant aradia.

You'll be so sadly missed in and my thoughts and

I with Johns family hello, I'm John Garrison I'm a freelance producer around newsreader at BBC Tees I never worked for John Myers but I met him on train journeys between London and the northeast and on his visits to us at BBC Tees my memories as a listener go back to red rose gold I heard him on their while on holiday in Blackpool and I'm returning home to County Durham I managed just to pick the station up to happen.

I spend hours trying says it all weather on the radio or off.

John was a joy to hear a total advocate a real local radio and a gifted communicator rest in peace John and thank you like this is Paul Sylvester from Absolute Radio to meet John Myers was a leader and inspiration and mentor and also friends.

There was nothing more comforting than walking into one of those big industry.

Do's and seeing his smiling face and hearing his laugh across the room you need then you were just moments away.

My big hug and some wise words everything John did and said came with honesty and unbounded passion his opinions weren't always popular but change only comes when people challenge the norm and that is one of the reasons.

Why John was so important to our industry, but most importantly what I loved about John was that he was always listening and every now and again.

He texted me just out of the blue simple simple stuff like at been listening to your station this week mate.

It sounds classy well done.

Keep it up as a new contact director these messages.

Just simply meant the world.

I will cherish I catch ups and the last one just a few weeks ago chatting as passionately as ever about upcoming projects putting the world to rights and doing what US radio people do best having a good old gossip the world of radio has lost a huge lead.

This week and while reminding us how fragile life can be we should celebrate a great life and a wonderful friend my love to his beloved Linda and John family of whom.

He was so immensely proud Armstrong Kenny and the chief executive of radiocentre when I arrived in the radio industry knowing precisely no one 5 years ago.

John was one of the first people to be in touch and very kindly invited me to the what turned out to be the last ever Sony Awards actually so I learnt a couple of really valuable lessons that night the first was that John knows absolutely everyone in radio industry seconds was done as amazingly loud and definitely larger-than-life and third was he was the kind of man who always had time for everyone so that meant you were never in for a short evening with John but you were never in for a boring one either.

I'm Christian Spooner better known to most as spoons now.

I worked with John Myers during the gmg radiodays joining back in two thousand.

Into I can still remember meeting John for the first time it was in the middle of a dry runs ahead of Real Radio Yorkshire's launch as well as being the deputy news editor.

I was also tasked with reading the news bulletins on breakfast at remember walking from Studio One back over to the new Truman seeing John walk towards me for the first time and I think I was nervous I remember thinking.

Oh, no, it's John what do I say but I needn't have worried because already he was opening his mouth to greet me here is voice of Yorkshire I can still remember him saying it now and John was just one of those people that had a great way of putting you at ease and he really made you feel valued and that really continued as that as the group continued to grow over the years John allowed us to produce some truly outstanding news and current affairs output down those years.

He really was supportive of that content absolutely was king when it came down to John and boy was he funny he was absolutely hilarious if I've seen him standing on a stage addressing the audience with the line hello fellow athlete.

If I've seen him do that once I've seen you do it a thousand times, but it never ever fail to crack me up and of course no one could do a sound check like John Myers knickers knackers knockers that now is that sound any better? Is it? That's the actual audio if I'm testing the microphones at real Radio Yorkshire hits, just brilliant.

Isn't it? John didn't just shake the radio industry.

He also shaped careers.

Just like mine and I've got an awful.

Lot to thank him for he really will be hugely missed.

It's Chris Moore hear my first contact with John came in early 2000.

I be made redundant my capital in late December of the previous year and John rang me to talk about being part of this new station that he was setting up in South Wales in his words.

When are not if he won the licence.

It was his first application is GM gnuradio boss and I have no idea how he got my number.

I knew then of his reputation in the business.

What follows that conversation was the best decade of.

My radio career being part of the launch team at Real Radio in Wales and the amazing work that we did in the following years and there are so many stories on Sunday morning is my show pre seeded fun on the phone so we would normally do a preview at ease with Sarah and the two Johns about 9:45 to 12 if we could connect to the isdn at Johns house sometimes we couldn't get them on until during the news 12 because somebody else in Jon Silas was on the telephone, so we couldn't hook up to his home isdn and I remember getting an email from him on the occasion of my 25th anniversary and radio is absolutely meant the world to me.

I still have it many workplaces dread a visit from the big boss.

We absolutely loved having around 18 and cold and you love coming back to Wales it had a special place in his heart a positive comment from John about your work, made you feel ten feet tall he was inspiration a force of nature and the radio business is a lesser place without.

Hello, this is Derek Anthony thank you very much for the opportunity of adding to the you know that huge list of tributes to John Myers as receiving I'd like to acknowledge his huge contribution to the UK radio industry and radio round-the-world.

Frankly is a lot of people forgetting to copy or has been done in UK radio as an on-air Talent as a manager of area businesses as a leader of people John is an absolute giant his memory will be alive and well for many many many years in the industry.

I'd like to thank Jean for The Foundations that he's created in this industry.

I don't work for John 5 minutes.

So many people have and is always a consistent message about John his loyalty to his staff his Enthusiasm is challenges, but he's absolute passion for the industry.

I'd like to wish Johns memory all the very best for many years to come and offer my very best wishes.

Is family I'm Steve Taylor from Barrow Media I never worked directly with John but over the years.

I got to know you quite well throughout amazing industry working on various different initiatives over the years and last few days.

I've been looking back at some of the texts and emails that you sent over the years it just reminded me what an amazing man.

He was fine Tom Harrigan one of the news readers at Radio 2 i.met.

John just the once when he was doing his review of BBC local radio and he was touring the country one-stop was BBC Oxford rivals working at the time and we've been tipped off that he wanted to come and sit in on one of the news bulletins.

I happen to be reading is so I had John in the Studio with me literally over My Shoulder my news editor over the other shoulder as I was reading the news live.

I've read thousands of news bulletins.

I don't think I've ever been as nervous as I was for that.

But I thought we went OK actually I was quite pleased with my performance John being John had some characteristically honest feedback a day later though.

He got in touch unprompted.

Just to check that I taken what he said in the right spirits and to thank me for giving up some of my time to talk to him and said it was nice to meet me.

I still have that message all these years later it really meant so much to speak to meet a man who meant so much to the radio industry.

There will never be another John Myers I was so sorry to hear of his passing and radio is poorer for his absence hello.

My name is Andy durant and I run a company called this is distorted about 6 years ago myself and three friends or you'll quit are good steady jobs at Capital FM for a harebrained schemes ideas to sell her own company and Scott maslen those for and with Scott were also lucky enough to get the experience in the

Dyson the attention of job but remember the style made us sit down after hours at when Catholic closed up and do you like a proper Dragons Den star pictures terrifying acted as unofficial chairman during our first difficult year of distorted at a time when we were selling a car's to make ends meet and living off Aldi baked beans but gave us tax of invaluable advice kept us on our toes infant a few times it come into the office and uneven leave notes on people's deaths Endings like the chairman was here.

Just let us know that he was always cuddle watching from a distance and expecting some big things nothing like a bit of pressure loaded once tell us podcast for Dad and I think that secretly was pleased that was wrong about that one of the last he is a formidable and successful businessman, sometimes ruthless always very very much for love love for radio for people for technology mainly for his family and a nose and very very proud of them all and no they're very very proud of him and Willie Morgan are retired former program control of the super girls network for the children radio group.

A freelancer many radio stations are after notabilia Radio 2 Virgin Radio Century Radio 1064 John Miles in Nottingham as well as Wave 105 manx radio and many many others I was shocked and saddened to awaken on Sunday morning to learn this horrible news 60s no age at all.

I work for John for a short while whilst and sentry 106 in Nottingham and we discuss the possibility of my becoming his program controller 73101 in Newcastle they didn't really believe I relocate to the northeast despite the in-house champing there from Paul goffy Gough Neville St bandai, remain friendly and he was very kind to me when I suffered a stroke in 2011 which I repay, do any had a successful treatment for cancer of the tongue and tonsil when he launched his autobiography.

He offered his friends a chance of Taylor signed.


I jokingly told him the does Maestro good Left Me visually impaired.

I'd have to buy a copy for my Kindle image.

I can enlarge the text so I asked him to autograph a sticky label that I can fix the my device.

I think it amuse.

Old Mrs tweets is blogs and his friendship my condolences to Linda Scott carrying in time as family ript90.

Did it jump I from Slade radio Lake District are my first memory of John Myers was when he speeded pass my milk float, but I was working on in my teens.

He was heading to Preston to do a show and red rose gold we knew that because in a branded vehicle and used to rattle pasta milk bottles at 5:45 and later when I worked at Red Rose I learnt that most of his links the first links may have been done from his car phone when he was late for work, which made me chuckle elsewhere.

He was a present around the building when I first started at Redrow that was given the job of typing many shows not just on the gold network on the Rock network, but one particular occasion.

I was doing a show before John Myers on red rose gold any note is the sleepover our song was particularly good particularly tight and I was quite proud of that.

I know what it's like in this industry.

Only a few people recognise when it works and it when it's good you can a proud of yourself and the first thing theme.

Said when he walked in the door very good that very slick well done.

You know and that kind of encouragement goes along way he had an ear for radio passion for people within the industry and was so keen to help as well quite the presence in St Paul's Square and you often thought should I go to talk to him? You know won't engage with conversation.

He gave you time and that goes a long way is Legacy will live on for years rest in peace tame an ovis is Howard Hughes I can't believe that.

I'm going to be talking about John in the past tense because as anybody who knew I came into contact with him.

He was a beacon of powerhouse Dynamo of enthusiasm and ideas.

John was one of the most positive people in my life in any field.

I've ever come across.

He would sometimes tell people that was crap man really wouldn't do it because he wanted to hurt or try the person.

He would do it because he knew they could do better there's a big.

Funfair one of those things has punishment and one of those things as encouragement and for me John was the most encouraging person John was always putting Radio Academy engagements my way at one of the most unusual was he got me to speak to a lot of young people at the Radio 1 Hackney Weekend and I said Charlie sure about this is done.

Oh my god, do it and I did and I loved it.

I went with a bunch of notes and through the motorway in the End and John emailed me the next day to say, I don't know what you did but I keep getting emails about you at the Radio 1 Hackney Weekend so it wasn't well.

I didn't think I could do and there's another crucial thing about the man.

He got people to do things that they didn't think they could do he believed in people sometimes when they didn't believe in themselves.

I got my phone here on it is an email from John in 2013 and it says I'm going to be in town next Wednesday mate.

Fancy a cup of coffee and a chat right now saying these words about John Myers I wish I wish I could do that.

I will always regard him as being one of the most special people that I've ever known didn't somebody wants a don't be sad because of thing is over or a person has gone but smile because nothing happened or that person was in your life in the first place and I guess that's how we've got to think about what happened John rest in peace loads of us are gonna miss you even going through school.

I wasn't interested and radio.

I didn't really listen to radio at all had no desire to be in the radio business.

I hated school so I got out soon.

So can I go job in the council for the Carlisle sewers in the city of the only time I ever.

actually enjoyed being overweight because I was too big to go down the manhole and I used to stay at top do you want the measurements vary was an awful tune into Radio Luxembourg and Bob Stewart did the closing announcement and Isis it in my Vauxhall Opel and I would wait for the closing announcement at 2 getting into radio Carlisle was a nightmare really the came to me and they asked me to do the Country Show and I hate country music have always disliked a year later to wear my embarrassment reading I won the country music of the Year Awards are Burnley playing tonight at 1 to put no hold on you can put the kettle on at 1 red Rose radio in the early 80s was an absolute joy had fantastic presenters on full of Personality basil, Riley

Lincoln doing mid-morning the housewife's choice they used to determine how successful you were as a presenter Pete count your male only really wanted to be on the air had no intention whatsoever to be in management, because the management I was receiving always used to look like vicious saving and asked me to managers.

Red rose gold the jingles.

They got for rock FM hours.

So jealous, but no Friday night view and continues with comedy in the remember sitting at home and I was watching the television.

They had people coming up in between the programs coming up next Coronation Street I watch that and I thought I can't do that goodness me and there was a slot that we used to do everyday about 4:50 which was called border birthdays and I thought I'd jazz it up a little bit so I sit back as we go back through the Golden Years are Border Terriers and spill.

Joel Tell Her About It go on tell us.

Where was it red Rose I get this call saying John will launching a radio station in Carlisle your hometown.

Would you come and munchies cfm, became this enormous success very quickly it had a 58% regional licence Newcastle had a look at the application.

It was the biggest pile of dogs dinner.

You've ever seen the act this thing called that a teapot.

I was just the worst application in the world across the whole day time.

We could only play 45% music and Metro was so frightened of us.

I used to deliberately go on the attack.

Good morning.

This is John Morgan

Thursday the 1st of September at 7 a.m.

And A Star Is Born we were going to put a licence in for the North West Manchester the biggest radio licence outside London and I remember when the applications were published.

I went through them all and I put a paper to my board now said in terms of quality will probably second bottom it's 8 a.m.

And A Star Is Born how are you love? Thanks for calling Sloan sentry 105 and for whatever reason radio 106 wasn't going well, which of course we changed to send through trouble at the top went to businesses who were in trouble and filmdom sorting that trouble out the bottom line is what you're doing now at that particular time of day nobody listens when I look back.

Just wasn't a great way to manage that are due.

I could have been Kinder to her.

God on the phone people say that you know you do well in life, but actually you often do when in life because of the risks you had so I had 10 years of longevity at border TV and here.

I was going to jump to the Guardian Media Group and all they would give me was an 18-month contract.

I just love Bob filicine the reason a light bulb for this is because he is a guy.

That's made his own luck in life.

I give me a bollocking down again.

Izzy kv-122 bola Kings along the way but often did it with a smile good morning.

It's 8 a.m.

On Tuesday October 3rd and A Star Is Born Real Radio Wales has gone down in history that was the most successful launch of a regional radio station anywhere in the country you see me.

When did you see me Calvin Scott if I'd like to buy Scott FM from you the speakerphone burst into life it was Kelvin MacKenzie

John says I am Kelvin who's there with you got some of Phyllis it right well.

I've done the deal 25 the half million.

You can have the station.

Thanks very much, but you can go fuck off.

I love drugs also I wanted to get the Sentry stations back because we could turn them into sentry or Real Radio whatever negotiating with Ralph Bernard is like trying to juggle jelly.

I've come to the point where I was 10 years a G&G I was about to hit my 50th birthday and I left on exactly my 50th birthday and I decided to retire and then a course did the Myers reports for the government and the BBC all the reports have done whether it's for.

All the digital reporting Britain or whether it's for the report on the BBC's and particular BBC local radio.

I just tell it as I see it you know I'm not after a job and Pregnant busy now doing more things than I should be so haven't really retired is just a word, but I certainly missed the people as certainly missed the exciting moments.

I think radio has changed it still very successful, but I'm sure that if I got into Radio now again.

I'm not a sure it would be as exciting as it was when I was going through the 80s and the 90s and noughties but I love management.

I love being a presenter.

I learnt so much and I found a way of connecting with an audience.

I love management because I found a way of connecting with the staff and making them be as good as they can be I think at the end when someone's looking down and someone says John Miles what did you think I think it?

Who said he made a difference and he was a nice guy? I think that there was a best anymore though.

I don't have any that any good next.

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