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Read this: 14/06/2019 Radio 4 Feedback

Summary: Podcast

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14/06/2019 Radio 4 Feedback…

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts we return someone else is leaving a fantastic job, but it was found that the reason that I would tune in and listen actually are we talking about it's been a very nice job to have an hour's very lucky to be asked to do it.

Yes miles.

Jupp is hanging up his deerstalker and heading back to rural Monmouth and the bosom of his expanding family five children so far we were at his final sharing of one of Radio 4 longest running shows the News Quiz so who could possibly Phillies green wellies? It's flattering to be thought of in those terms.

It seems like a really difficult job.

I'm an opinion columnist.

They be hard to do both.

I think it's unlikely really will talk about the possible runners and riders in the race to succeed Mr job and they're off but for a completely different kind of contest.

First round of voting in the conservative leadership contest takes place this morning when at least one of the 10 candidates will be knocked out of the race as the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats seek new leaders, how good a job is BBC News doing in covering the contest Jonathan Munro its head of newsgathering will be responding to your comments and a very special sort of lecturer apparently.

There's a joke that Johnson-Thompson will be writing his legal briefs with his right hand writing history books with a different kind of the same time.

There is no doubt about the exceptional size of Judge Jonathan sumption brain, but how accessible have his Reith lectures been to those of us with the little less grey matter a lot of people are talking to Hugh Levinson the editor of The Reith lectures which have been running since 1948 well before it was born now 4 years ago Sandi Toksvig stopped sharing the News Quiz

Who is much sorrow at a passing and some apprehension about weather has success of miles Jupp would measure up that is considerably taller such concerns soon vanished and list Aslan to love the county charms and old-world fruitiness of the divinity graduate and son of the Manse we were in the audience of miles is last recording now BBC Radio for a completely normal edition if you know what even though it's my final episode of news quiz chair with decided not to do anything special so we start the TV listing from BBC to read by former England cricket captain David collection of he was before this to be honest.

I settled into the role job miles.

I think brings it a kind of generosity of you, but it's not about him as a comedian and minutes help for that.

He's obviously funny and quick witty.

I think one of your taking over for somebody who was popular as a complement to the show that that's in someone's will be missed and hopefully I'll be the same with whoever takes open worry if the chair was too serious about things to get a bit more like question time if you're not too careful is so I would like to see so you can keep it light and moving quickly and interact with the people who are on the panel would be interesting to have a journalist with a sense of humour.

I think I like the idea of a combination solo michonne sugar rifkin for example can a British both sides? I think maybe a pure joy and I would be a wee bit too dry almost before we leave you here is an intriguing offer spotted at Essex County Cricket Club sent to us by Tom Ruthin

The players will be doing an autograph session after the game so do come along the pavilion and get your bits signed bravo take him out.

It's been a pleasure and that was of course the last of this run that the News Quiz it was really nice one to go out on a really nice.

So yes lovely audience.

Do you know slightly partisan crowd but yeah? No I really enjoyed it's been very nice job to have an hour's very lucky to be asked to do it 4 years ago and this is what I decided to do but you know I do like it when you took over from Sandy I mean, it was a much loved present.

He was stepping into Big Shoes how was that when I suppose it was scaring away.

We just have to not think about that you just think am I going to do it and then crack on those types of things that such big thoughts and it's not worth having them really supposed to send it was house, so I can in new what's involved.

Just started off.

Not me.

I know.

New things I suppose the other panel shows but you just think I just did it my way whatever that turns out to be.

Hope nobody notices his mates and I found my voice yet son style and people been very encouraging and supportive really not that kinda helps.

I want to buy the 6s.

A you were roofing with a couple of the panel.

Is there any thought I have absolutely no idea I think the decisions get made a higher up the food chain.

It's a really nice job.

So I hope they just give it to someone who will enjoy it and can really devote as much time as they're able to do it really and cherishes its you know.

It's a lovely thing to have done and where are you going now? I don't know if it spins really I want to just do more writing more Xing and Derby a home more with my family release housing a politician says yeah, but no that is what I want to do really I would just like to say very good.

He wanted thing is the OBD.

It's been a great seeing a lot of pies and I think we all miss Jeremy Hardy enormously and it's been the lowest moment for me is that too now? I think about him a lot.

As well as I say, I'm sure he speaks for the Radio 4 audience was talking to our reporter Alan Beach surf who will take over from miles Leyton feedback will hear some of your suggestions for his replacement and hear the views of a relatively new news quiz panelists, will he be auditioning for the role since I last serious there's been a mini Avalon should be elections 14 European Parliament and another for the Peterborough seat in Westminster then of course.

There are the liberal Democrat and conservative leadership contest which are getting underway has the BBC's coverage of these contests being fair and unbiased some of you think not I'll be putting your concerns to Jonathan Munro the head of BBC newsgathering In The Moment the European elections and in particular the success of the brexit party shut up the political landscape and list of Kathy and the Miller did not think the corporation had its finest are in covering them in party.

We're not mentioned one.

Despite this being the best election result for them and despite them gaining more seats than any other major parties all that seems to be the focus and airtime is Farage Farage Farage and Boris sir Jonathan Munro let me deal specifically with the greens question.

I lot of it was surprised by the success has indeed by the success of the Liberal Democrats you think you are underreported them both during the campaign and afterwards at Wilbury would they knocked the Conservatives down the running order as it were from 45th and they outperform people's expectations and we did report that it isn't true of course will be they weren't reported once as as your listener suggested that that isn't the case so for example Sean Barry other one of the leadership figures in the Green Party Caroline Lucas the sole member of parliament at Westminster where we're both interviewed on BBC output on the night of the election results and on the morning when the full picture became clear and they were also brought together with the Liberal Democrats the

SNP applied as a successful band of parties all of whom were advocating a second referendum a so-called people's vote in the European brexit debate who will now to the well.

I was going to say the Conservative Party leadership campaign but James Melville thinks you've forgotten another campaign as the BBC showing live TV debates of the Tory leadership contest so I take it they will be doing the same for the Liberal Democrats leadership contest especially as they have a 5 point lead over the door is in the latest opinion poll, can I ask you to have plans for extensive coverage of the Liberal Party leadership? Yes, but it won't be as expensive as the Conservatives are there a series about another candidate as one of them, although.

I think that will Whittle down there with the next few days on the conservative benches, but there is a difference in editorial terms between an election which will give us a new prime minister within a few weeks and election which gives us a new opposition Party leader within the next few weeks.

They are different things we all have a stake in the Prime ministership of the country though.

Very very few of us.

Have a vote we all have a stake.

Connection and whether we have prime minister a b or c from the many people who are lying that is a massive political moment for this country the leadership the Liberal Democrats is important and your listener is right, but they have done well in recent elections and they're doing better in opinion polls than they have in the last few years, but they are not in office and that that is clearly a big difference bless them to the conservative leadership contest and it's only has been done so far with Michael Gove shall we say on the back foot over his cocaine drug taking what it was a journalist of course others and that a little picking but that seems to be in a particularly dominant Factor at Roseberry Wolfson has this to say really think continue to be a drug user or that is illegal and ill-considered behaviour is the most significant Factor in his bid to become Tory leader.

Let's try to keep some sense of proportion and focus on the truly alarming future twitch most of the Tory leadership contenders as seeking to take her.

I think the story is not actually about whether he did or didn't take ok not in our terms for singing about of scrutiny.

That's gone into the story.

It's about whether he did so at the same time as he was advocating quite significant clamp down on middle class people that was his phrase not mine who Drive the cocaine trade.

What does a journalist he wrote an article said that on this train is what is writing the article 20 years ago is also going to a party and taking a line of cocaine an examination of whether that's a hypocritical thing to do and what that says about veracity and his record of policy announcements by which he doesn't himself comply.

What about you?

I was 19 time, but if it's relevant for Michael Gove is it also relevant perhaps the other candidates? I have you such a nice them enough, so I think there's a couple of months before I think whether it's relevant to whether you decide to support a particular candidate on I don't mean in terms of membership of Conservative Party as the vast majority of people listen this program is not going to vote but if you instinctively warm to a candida or not.

It's up to you.

Whether you think these things are relevant is not a judgement for Brothers it's a personal Factor and on other candidates use of drugs or non-use of drugs.

I'm sure they will all be asked it will become a bigger issue for them if there is a suggestion that any use of drugs came at a time when they were advocating a clampdown on drug use and that takes us back to that allegation that people have made against Michael Gove the desert with of hypocrisy about this.

Can I turn out of the scale of the coverage been devoted to the contest Neil Haskett has some reservations about it.

Given that most of the candidates will be Pro hard brexit and is very likely to be a general election following the decision.

Are you not providing a platform for The Tourists to present brexit propaganda and election campaigning Wells has Justin are you giving too much coverage? That is your price.

Could you reduce it to using one person's platform is another person's opportunity to scrutinize and the truth is that as I mentioned a few minutes ago.

It's extremely rare forced to be in a situation where the Sitting prime.

Minister is handing over to a successor in office that just doesn't happen very often in this country.

I don't think we giving a platform to the Conservatives nor do I necessarily share the Assumption you're listening made that we're heading into an immediate General Election we don't know that and ofcourse if there is what are the normal rules will apply around a general election be in there.

May be generally very soon as you know Neil's point is in let me quote him again.

It's giving you a platform to the Conservatives to present brexit propaganda and election campaigning well.

I would never use the phrase brexit propaganda.

The fact is that the majority of candidates standing for the conservative leadership.

Take a position which a thing?

Your listener described as a hard brexit a phrase that I think is a difficult phrase for as because of people mean different things by it go to be up there first people think it's means living in the date in October without a deal some people think it means leaving that on the table of the negotiating option some people think it means actually doing it though.

There are the different things it's certainly true that the candidates we are covering those who favour and extension or another vote at are in the minority that that that that Cemetery but then the population voted to leave the European Union by as we know if 52 is 48% 3 years ago so bluetooth device not of those are entitled to vote elections always account of people who voted not people who are on the electoral roll out.

Thanks to Jonathan Munro head of BBC's newsgathering a next week with a running the second half of that interview and then it'll be proving him on the lessons Lunch by the BBC from the party leadership elections and the European referendum and also next week.

Have a new feature called out of your comfort zone in which we ask listeners to review a programme on BBC Radio 2 which they wouldn't usually listen, please get in touch if you want to take part in that or indeed be part of our feedback listener panel, which will be regularly Consulting over programs and policy issues such as licences for the over 75's I missed your voice from now.

Tell you how to get in touch you can send an email to feedback at or write a letter the addresses feedback PO Box 67234 London se1p 4ax you can follower activity on Twitter by using BBC R4 feedback or you can call us and leave a phone message on 0333 344 4544 standard line charges apply, but it could cost more on some mobile networks all these details are on our website now reflexions have been broadcast since 1948.

They are of course named after the corporation.

First director-general and the rain is to enrich the intellectual and cultural life of the nation this year the supreme court judge and mediaeval historian Jonathan sumption took on the challenge over a series of five lectures is setting out a critique of what he regards as large expanding Empire intruding into Every Corner of our lives in some ways, you still think the role of politicians those who make a convincing case and is too good listen.

This is how some of you reacted on Peter Ward from near Haverfordwest in West Wales and I've been listening to the Reith lectures these are invariably thought-provoking and generally treat the audiences adults and like most of the BBC's political reportage Jonathan sumption has question something I've taken for granted for many years and so doing his reconfirmed and also challenged and change my thoughts on the relationships between law the state and the individual happy then I'm from Poole in Dorset

The Reith lectures are a bit antiquated for me some more intense to me.

It's a bit heavy I feel that sometimes the people that are on their talking down to have their controversial moments including this.

I think that the law should continue to criminalize assistance in suicide and I think that the law should be broken.

I think that it should be broken from time to time what I've joined by the editor of The Reith lectures Hugh Levinson a few is quite something for a Reith Lecture and the closest supreme court judge to be saying that the law should be broken from time to time is that what attracted you to him and made you think well if we commissioned him.

We're going to have an interesting series Reith lectures.

It wasn't unexpected.

We didn't think you was going to say that and we hadn't canvases views on that particular subject was exactly what he was saying it was quite extraordinary and surprisingly had to keep it in.

B&M it in the output.

I think what attracted us to him was that he had something to say he's this gigantic intellect which ending is recognised for he has a strong point of view and all she has this amazing hinterland is not just a lawyer and he's an amazingly distinguished historian and does both of the same time.

I'm always intrigued about how you find and select reflectors because you can't go to these eminent people and say would you like to audition or would you write us an outline of what you'd like to sit and we'll consider it.

I mean they're going to tell you to go away on their eyes.

So what do you do? How do you find them? I mean you just listen.

You just meet them have a drink and then you just think right will take the job will make the gamble will ask them, so it's not my decision in the end of Citroen DS indeed and Rhapsody right one of the things you don't want to do is to say somebody are you interested in doing the Reith lectures but we might turn you down so that's quite a difficult conversation you might have that conversation with somebody who apps is a bitter.

Clear in their career and you might recognise it is quite a big gig and yeah, it's a big decision for the BBC I suppose it's possible the most people would want you know Daniel Barenboim something like that.

You don't want to say would you consider Risen then? Maybe will turn you down you are asking are you don't but you've got to be sure there will be the work and I won't mention the name but I never is make sure she didn't write the last lecture and the right to do it with the odd Moto2 there are lots of problems once you get underway and the problems they said she have to be sold by you because of the troll that says will this is the person who want to do it now you if you go and you're sitting down with on the brainiest people in the country and you're saying to him.


I want to see what you can write.

I want to edit what you write.

I want to discuss things with you.

I want to question you as a bit difficult with some Jonathan sumption pointed biggest brands in Britain is completely accepted that he absolutely understood that he was on the BBC that he needed challenge.

He needed to be pushed.

There was absolutely no question about that.

He was right from the start.

He recognise that an accepted that I didn't change anything as a result of you saying look I don't understand that are actually question that line of argument of course of course we went back and forth I mean the word huge changes because he wrote a brilliant script and cos I think he knows how to communicate to a general public but yes course there were Changes but then there's no point of once they've written them delivering them and some people have said to me although it was very clear.

You could almost hear him speaking in court.

It was slightly austere.

It was the speech the lecture of a QC were you able to work with him a great deal about delivery we did with him and we had practice rounds and we talked about his delivery all I would say that I've worked with a lot of senior lawyers and judges and as communicators go from them.

I think he's tiptop would you could send you her dinner clip that we played earlier from a member of the audience that it's still quite sure what it's a very unusual thing and some people would say props and an acronym.

6-in to have this sort of lecture it requires such attention paid to it and put it in the morning when people may be doing things to think it's outmoded I mean do you think either do it late at night pub stop doing it at all before bed.

I really believe in it.

I think it's the only real opportunity in mainstream British Broadcasting where a real intellectual can get up and advance a serious argument over an extended period of time and an audience engage with that.

It's last place left with somebody does that over several programs in uninterrupted and in detail.

I think there's an appetite for it and in some respects probably nobody would invent that format now, but I'm glad it continues and you look at the sale of non-fiction work in popular science in philosophy history that he usually inserting for people to engage with difficult and complex subjects.

At length with broadcasting generally not providing in this sort of way with the individual voice over over a long period so you're a pudding it next time.

I will love to you as well in which case can I make a please? Could you put out a podcast afterwards in which the one more question and answers the cell that I could listen to a lot more of the Debate that went on because I do want cos is my would make use of company is present to make any present but there we have you got still name in the people in the audience with some near simpoints to make I wanted to listen more as good idea.

I think we should do it now.

Thanks to Hugh Levinson editor of The Reith lectures and you can catch Jonathan sumption final lecture on Tuesday on Radio 4.

So who is going to be the next news quiz host we've been canvassing your opinions and received over 200 responses is a flavour job stay then again Susan Calman is good.

I just want it well.

Well having a different one each week when miles was away.

Can we have sandy Tok

Take back, please definitely Simon Evans he's clever erudite and give the certain ancient cynicism.

I would prefer a journalist over another comedian.

I can't get enough of David Mitchell Lee Mack Katy Brand Joe Corfield Lucy Porter Mark Steel Hugo rifkind putting your hat in the ring.

What about mazing coincidence Hugo rifkind Izzard front of the very moment they are you going to put your hat in the ring is it's like talking about the Tory leadership this it's flattering to be thought of in those terms.

It seems like a really difficult job.

I'm an opinion columnist.

They be hard to do both.

I think it's unlikely behind the Times picture of little bit more than be busy probably just a smidge injustice me.

Just not me.

I mean how important is the chair he has really important.

I'm in the chair is not really but obviously housing the questions but also sort of moderating discussion in a way that is much more obvious if you watching something like question time is the chairs job to make sure everybody gets the chance to say the bit I mean and the News Quiz of thrives on the appearance of Chaos

You don't need somebody absolutely steering the ship getting the likes of you to shut up.

I'm going on to them simply on the ground.

It's fun.

It's not funny or do you sometimes realise that abscess can just gonna put that out? I mean this is slightly beyond my paygrade, but it's basically it depends on the on the producer and what they prefer.

There's a lot of stuff that you'll do just to the room without any of the expectation that it will go out for this is sometimes you getting a bit of trouble because you do something just for the room it does glad they're listening you listen to God know the cat that in what's your role in all of this.

I'm interest to make jokes with some people have said well.

You're actually the son of the right-wing figure the posh boy if you like, I said feedback a few years ago.

There was a lot of criticism about the fact that when you had your mark Ceylon number of others together.

It was just an tutorial tutorial you could I use of the anti-government as it always is and props never too would be looking right.

Where was Japan I was used to Becca on stage about which one else was more polished me Jeremy Jeremy Hardy who passed away Saturday last year used to joke with me a lot about when I wasn't another article would come out go away.

We have Tories on that Hugo rifkind was like it's like that never ready.

Written I mean the way, I'm so reluctant to admit on Radio 4 that my views are not that right wing in case that is why I get booked to pick it should be in the sense of not anti conservative government anti labour gun, but inevitably anti power if you like yes, why you should be anti bump anti pompousness.

It's interesting the way these things evolve a couple of years ago 3 years ago 4 years ago.

It was quite hard to make a joke about say Jeremy Corbyn in the way that the audience would like because all the triggers that work for comedy the things you Mark Coleman didn't represent as the son of cracks have appeared in the in the Corbyn Facade if you want to do that and he's been impounded Robin best decisions as he's been in situations that comfortable with aspects of his rhetoric of Star Trek he becomes a lot easier to mock but that means an old saphrina wind them all right wing people on the News Quiz right wing comedy is really hard.

It's really hard to make a right-wing joke most of them aren't very funny when you do make-up vaguely right when joke that as likely are not what your get from the audiences, O'Connell

Rather than a laugh I I get a bit weird matter if the or because you're too old is obviously they may be very different in their responses.

Is it really important that the audience in this studio enjoys it as well to the atmosphere.

Just diced up some good producer can pieces together.

So it sounds like it was good even when it wasn't all that normally is good, but when you have a show where the audience enjoyed it makes absolutely enormous difference and I get a bit wary of it's normally to right-wing politicians and pundits ago.

I wind them all right wing comedians on the news quiz on, stop moaning and make a bloody joker.

It's so easy you know and it's not just go back to your first appearance and did you really prepare hard for it? We know it's always feel like I was terrified.

It was in 2008 and what happened to Seb Morris you had to work with as a producer frequented red.

I write a diary column in the times and it was a joke.

I've made about the Scottish secretary.

I don't know what it was and he likes it and advise me on the shelf he was.

Brighton's new people and it was an outside broadcast it was in in Bristol and I was on with Jeremy Hardy and Mark Steel and Carrie Quinlan and I was terrified this before work till of Gods to me and I said basically nothing for the first 5 minutes and then I made a joke about a time.

I was nearly killed by giraffe and Jeremy Hardy laughed and I thought if I can make Jeremy Hardy laugh.

I don't need a care about anybody else and it was all downhill all the way from there and do see the questions beforehand.

Do you know what's coming up? That's 2 questions you don't see the questions before an absolutely not you do obviously have a fair idea of what the topics are going to be sometimes.

It's very obvious sometimes.

It's a bit less obvious, but you certainly don't get told this is your question and this is how will be phrased and you no answer on now, so am I going after we consider it a fast.

Would you serve? I am I I don't think it would fit very nicely into the package.

That is my career at the moment.

I haven't I have a job and an employer.

Very happy with that that seems to be not a complete denial, but ok, we'll see what happened.

Thank you very much for joining us.

Thank you Hugo rifkind and that's it for this week.

Please do get in touch with your thoughts and comments.

There's just time to assume Spencer AK Peggy Archer that wise and wonderful centenarian our best wishes on her birthday such perfect diction we relatively young chaps commander listening Wonder and nvr next week, goodbye.

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