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Read this: Toby Anstis prepares to launch Heart Dance

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Toby Anstis prepares to launch Heart Dan…

This is the weekly radio industry podcast from Radio today coming up on this episode will talk to Toby Anstis about his long-running heart mid morning show as he gets ready to front the new digital station heart dance which launches this week James cridland is here to take us through 3 podcast that we can learn from Andy David Lloyd radio moments Northampton gets a BBC local radio station team rocket launches with some poetry and we've got some classic Tony Blackburn from pirate radio London salted caramel the radio Today programme with broadcast bionics find out how weird changing radio all over again at bionic.

Radio but the podcast chat with radio stays Roy Martin who's here.

It was nice to see you right at a very sad occasion at the weekend.

He wasn't as I just wrote in the radio that there are literally hundreds of

Friends family and even fans at the Gabba to say goodbye to the great man and John Myers himself still doesn't feel real doesn't feel having he was there obviously in the air in the room, but it just doesn't feel like they're like he's left us.

Yeah, we're still very much in shock and it still people are listening to our tribute podcast from a couple of weeks ago.

Thanks for all the nice comments you been sending about that, but yeah, it says it's such a shame it took Johns funeral to bring a lot of old friends together and we saw a lot of former colleagues and friends for across the radio Industry at Johns funeral last week, and it was it was nice to catch up on an old times and share some memories of John as well.

So nice to see some folk there and we we've had a pretty few weeks actually for people in the radio industry that we've lost around the time that John passed away.

I think the day before one of my BBC colleagues Jonathan Ali passed away Who been.

Finger a lot of treatment for cancer at anybody's ever worked at the BBC Manchester would probably know Jonathan at 25 years plus working as a reporter at ready of Manchester and North West Tonight we also lost Paul Darrow the voice of Jack and some sad news Saturday as we record this or that Helen Lee has died now.

Helen works at Horizon in Milton Keynes you're so it took you 103 for many years where I read her news on breakfast and get more recently she been in mkfm and Three Counties she'd had a brain tumour for the last five years or so so incredibly sad news and dog out for my archives a little clip from a big Ross and Helen this is Key 103 breakfast in 2005 E3 4EN obsessed with can you just made a smoothie out of eggs bacon milk and bread and forwarded that thing.

I thought you don't even talking about your smoothie maker we could if it was like the new elixir of life and that you know you can make anything into a smoothie ZB grass earlier in the week.

Haha well that will send little bit doubt in our black thunder within the next half an hour to OL2 6AS anyone.

He's brave enough to sample our breakfast smoothie.

If you do you will get yourself a delicious proper smoothie from innocent Drinks which are the proper smoothies rest and eggs and bacon stuffing their smoothies while you might hear lots of telling her husband.

Paul was a program controller at Harrow woods, when I work there as well and he and his stepdaughter surely devastated by the news, but we possibly hearing from colleagues like Simon Clark John Stratford edu and Emma miles near Bentley many more you can read Summers tribute on the radio today website it has been a very sad week and also one of John Masefield colleagues at Red Rose Ray

YouTube Amber she also passed away in the last week jobs at wife to Derek Webster who also worked with John of the is it red rose and smooth and Jazz and many other places so I thought so with their Derek and the rest of jewels family as well as some other time or consolidation has happened more radio stations have been bought this week's Roy I can't keep up I really can't what is going on in the world that is this the big consolidation that somebody wanted but so it looks like high Peak radio and also Ashbourne radio have been bought by helios is that how you say it helius Media yay serious Media Group survey now on 5 radio stations there out there.

They bought imagine probably last year.

I think you was in there turning around alpha and girl after the recent interesting activity of p.

Read with whatever it's called rather good and they also run a couple of online stations in the Midlands as well, so hopefully we will get the big boss from Heelys mediacom podcast in the near future with the requesting everybody saying what is helius media and what are they up to? So, hopefully we'll be able to answer that on the Future episode and we don't normally do gossip but it seems we started doing gossip on some recent podcast so are we going to see more stations being bored because there are still a few can a small groups and independents so Media sound Holdings quid.

I am in the Midlands at these on the shopping list for somebody still while we're on the shopping list power would have already bought them and they got it all done.

It was something they bought three of four groups all at once at the beginning of the year so I think if that if those two are also has a target.

I think they would have been done by now, but who knows anything could happen in the next 5 minutes so maybe we should keep an eye on that one and we were.

The waiting for Barry news of course about what they're going to do at obviously nothing to be later this month before the hear from the competition markets authority spell what they can do a what's happening with their purchases, but they're existing portfolio of stations the old big city one network has been lots of rumours recently and we obviously have some announcements about Gemma moving to drive on the breakfast team leaving at Debbie Mac leaving but no news yet on who's going to start on their shows and also whether they're going to roll anymore network programs big shop.

Cos I thought I had a nice museums eminent the other day, so we're waiting it could be here by the time you hear this maybe we'll know more but I think the announcement that we're waiting for is probably going to be a rebrand of the sum of the heritage stations and then we'll probably have to wait another few months for details of of networking until stationed once they've rebranded.

That's just might guess who knows.

7 hour to do everything at once is it now we've had a few rumours about people who might be joining for breakfast and Fleur East from X Factor and I'm a celebrity was one of the names that keeps getting mentioned and Greg Burns is onedrive this week covering until like getting that settles down.

So yeah something is obviously going to be happening in let's hope something will be announced very soon Alan Robson of course.

He's leaving metro.

Yeah, it's kind of does pave the way for more networking on Summers heritage station so metro little bit different to the others in the group that it's not been taking the network chilled show late at night.

It's it's had its own thing and I will obviously a legend in the Northeast but as that is that so kind of outstayed.

It's well.

Come on hit music station really.

I think the show has announced as I can but the the station that it's been the detainees.

It's changed beyond recognition since when the station started cell.

Has hinted he might get a Sean Greatest Hits maybe they could put the show on greatest hit or maybe he could go onto another station method can national show or something else in the region who knows nothing to show is he still going strong so it's just a shame that the station and it's been on all this time.

There is no longer relevant for it.


I've got myself haven't heard it in in many a year but there are some other things have been going on the last few weeks.

We haven't really talked about it.

Cos we did the John Mayer special moves Round Table last week, but Amanda Holden as long as he started now on heart breakfast and I have listened to few times.

I'm not heartless now.

I haven't got any kind of loyalty to an old heart breakfast show this disappeared and so it just tuned in cold to a heart breakfast with Jamie and Amanda and I think it's quite good very sleepy and it kind of fits the yeah.

It's the pits the brand of what the train to achieve doesn't it? I don't want the Old complaints about the only thing I do know I do understand what I was about a bit.

Hazard celebrity showbiz national breakfast, I think it sounds quite good if you think people will be late.

Had my breakfast shower and then they be like that.

Yeah, it's alright carry on with the same music play the same news.

Please same travelling weather so yeah, it will just carry on it will be of course a handful of potto vocal people saying that they're not going to listen anymore, but you know what they probably tune into a different global brand, so they probably gonna win in the end of the way Ali cells are iPads good good so we can hear from Toby shortly on the podcast have cos he'd launching heart dance this week.

So this is presumably all about having another national digital Heart station to maximize their the hours and The Reach For The Heart brand.

Is it that's what that one is considered more hours more listeners for the heart network of course it's competition for Kisstory so global seem to be a tacking.

Are at the moment this rumour that smooth country will you can go on National DAB taking that last bit of a dab plus space just to go up against Bowers country Hits Station so we'll see and they've revamped gold as well, which oversees you know competitor for Greatest Hits I guess so yeah.

Yeah Bower vs.

Global battle is on it's like Bauer of finally caught up with Global and now global say wait a minute hold my beer we can do this better and bigger and just have one national platform for all the station's Robin Bower that's putting it on here there and everywhere and pretending.

It's a national station pretending.

It's a first and none of this is true.

So yeah global just go whenever we're just crack on one of my favourite of the podcast other than the radio Today programme course is brexit cast from the BBC with Chris and Adam and catch it a Laura and this is exciting a podcast been turned into.

BBC1 late night TV show The First BBC podcast and become a BBC TV programme don't think it is the first podcast in history of television, but it certainly a good move and maybe one day you'll never know Stewart maybe we'll get our slot on now on channel quest of the digital state or maybe not sure there's been a few schedule changes around Alaska Louise as well all the details on radio at kiss Andrea Zara is going to look after the morning show one div is on maternity leave at her and Alex's Drive show is being taken over by Tyler West and Alex mystery evenings and some changes on breakfast in Cambridge Kev Lawrence from Heart Cambridge before that hereward and before that.

What was it called lightfm wasn't it in Peterborough to BBC Radio Cambridgeshire good signing for them a big name in breakfast radio in Cambridge

So it's Abby moved wrapping up.

I just after his left heart and Daniel Fox at back on star one of his old stations used to do a breakfast on Q&A 3 with Helen Lee in fact and also was on hereward.

I've been at Heart Hertfordshire for the last four years at back on air in his in his home patch in Cambridge so good luck to him and a good luck to Kev when you start some Radio Cambridgeshire Deed Poll change oil change and that we had the Queen's Birthday Honours a couple of weeks get it came out on your birthday boy that are you sharing a birthday with the queen now.

It says she stole my birthday.

That's what it's all about never mind the Capital Summertime Ball was on the same day the Queen had a birthday on the same day as well.

It will be moved out every year the house but in the birthday Honours Andy Ford and Phil Maguire from prison radio Richard searling Northern Soul DJ Adil Rashid Mustafa

The Ofcom DAB small-scale trials as well monk the people who got recognise so well done to those still nothing for Tony Blackburn and I think if default is honoured then surely.

There's a case for a posthumous Award for John Myers maybe one day can yeah definitely got to lifetime achievements and what was he couldn't what more does he want right? Will talk to you next week Roy and it's nice to catch up with you to speak to you soon the radiated a program with broadcast bionics creators of The Bionic studio listening watching reacting to and learning from every spoken word Kolo sweet and SMS for a mix unlock and understand your content the bionic studio transforms everything about radio accept the way you make it.

Toby Stewart how you doing it it's lovely to be on This podcast with I am a big fan of it.

So it's actually be on it is actually quite been chasing you I think you have any other user go on let us know until recently 3.8 million listeners.

Gave you the biggest commercial radio show in the UK and you kind of gave that up a few weeks ago you missing them yet, so you know we're going to build things back up on on the new station on heart dance which is obviously starting on Friday morning.

I've been doing mid-morning was incredible on heart 3.8 million seems like it is it's a lot of people but it was a fantastic 17 years doing that show and I'm really really excited about this whole new departure this brand new station not going to doing breakfast on yeah, we're going to talk about that in a minute for 18 years at heart.

I think we worked out.

We had a bit of a round and we went it was announced that you were leaving we were trying to work out exactly when you started but you are adamant it was 2001.

Armin rdm boxes you were saying I said im pretty sure yet 17 years that I did on mid mornings because I started in 2001 and you will send other people coming in so it so it's only 16 years.

I might see you between mate.

I get a regular and you took over from Pat Sharp I think I'm with mornings and inherited his time till when you looked after a very nicely, that's why I think you fold the Tyne Tunnel over time and I'm weird that was a really really good fun to do that.

I mean I've been listening to that for a long time so it mate I'm in with the first.

I went on to do it and it was such a kind of honour to take over that that mantle from Penny done.

Such a brilliant job with it for a long long time and I don't I was entrusted with it with this kind of thing I got of Heritage and had to keep that going and so we kept evolving it and freshening up and and yet work really really nicely for sale in fact.

I'm going to be sort of emulating something like that on heart dance breakfast at 9 every morning which is where the Tyne Tunnel was but

Slightly different and obviously scooter or touchdowns, but I'm really really excited about it.

Just finally on when you started at Heart you we done to radio at Liberty before he was in Liberty gonna have a little bit.

I did drive.

I think and then Bruno Brookes left if I think somebody must have told him the station with a much bigger thing.

I do like she was because it was only on Media moving on a couple of things in London I think he might have received.

It was like this massive great station that the UK were getting involved in but no we just do it was it was little thing baby.

Love really I mean Zoe Ball was on there and you know people let you know people that Graham Norton on Liberty yes, I did and I think it was like a Saturday lunchtime one on that yonks ago and then I came out and they said I came out the studio and they said I'll Graham's gonna be on after you've just joined.

My grandmother so we both kind of Qatar teeth in radio at the same time but someone already went on I'm thinking through the book out the window and Jessie now.

Just jumped in with everybody dance ever you and it was fantastic brilliant see when you know for me.

It was it was a really good chance to yeah.

You know to cut my teeth and get used to radiators to be fair radio is what I wanted to do without your lot of people say this is ready, but I always felt kind of my blood from a really early age that I wanted to be on the radio.

I wanted to play music I wanted to use the music.

I was passionate about to make other people happy into the chair that joy music and not that will start about them, then I always felt actually could sort of liberty was a slight female skew and I always thought with the heart would be quite a good natural home because I had a similar kind of demographic is kind of 50/50 that but it's sort of you know if it had that vibert the time and so to actually get the gig there was just.

Call Abbas Abbas a shaft and the people now obviously know you as a radio person because you been doing it so long, but I guess when you started out at Heart you were the guy of the telly because he knows to come out from school and see you on the on the Broom cupboard on CBBC when you must have been about you, but you must only be about 15 then or something.

I was only like 40.

They start to be off younger.

I was in the Broom cupboard was an old kind of audio CD out.

Just where the camera in it that said it was a little run at the BBC announcers used to sit in and say now on BBC One they would finish their link in that little room at 3:30 and then that be like a couple of trailers for something that roundabout a minute and then that minute we had to drive in their put up with sort of the you know the neons till the BBC neons and then the animation would go come through then we be on the air that be this little camera.

Just one Cameron there then you'll be live to the nation which was incredible saying that was herself that was herself up CD ISO

But then was it was a kind of bit of training to be getting used to self opinion but just with a camera and a lot of people watching you doing that making your mistakes, but it was it was brilliant fun, but yeah, I mean when I first went to her.

I think it's a good little bit of talking with was Pete Simmons back then before Francis the great Francis curry came in and sort of Champions what I was doing and I think Peter Symonds episode of a little bit cautious.

I thought we're like he's really got his passion for idea but we only know in from doing TV will try them out on overnight sided overnights at 1 till 4 Monday to Friday for a few weeks and I absolutely loved it over nights for the best thing ever you don't actually be on a proper radio station and be paying out the tunes and always aspired to do that.

I don't wanna write you know I think it's a bit rough around the edges, but it went ok and then Francis carry came along as the new program director at city of the guy but not to begin with the disorder called Evie presenter in when he start.

Said he had TV programme director you going to run the show and he talked to represent any is he called me and he said Toby I'm going to be honest with you and think there's going to be anything here for your heart a blind with ya guys that bad but then he said give me a few days because I got to get a few little things in place first, but it's it's I'm not sure he's going to be anything here.

So when I wake up thinking well at least I got to do a few weeks on heart really enjoyed it and if nothing comes up it will see where else is going on and then he called me up and said are you free on Saturday and said you disable you fancy doing 12 till 3 so did Saturday's and then end up doing Saturday and Sunday 12 till 3 and then a guy call Chris Farrell who people is in my remember the great Chris Powell / Dr Glitz he was in the afternoon show on RTE 1 of travelling to Thailand and we all can I thought it was a sabbatical but then he stayed away you kept.

Babbling so they put me on the afternoon into that kind of it then the afternoons and then good mornings and then I got away with doing with my dad and in that time.

I'll be to the shows got bigger and bigger because he was just heart London at first and now it's gradually added more and more places and there was this kind of thing a little bit when there was a new heart region being added to the network 400 watts Toby's connection mate he's been on holiday there or he's got an hour.

I went around every region.

Just to go to me at 1 to do some PR and stuff like that in those areas that you don't what's your family connection to Cornwall this week, then connection to Glasgow evening, that she won't relaunch down there and I sat down to do it into the magazine down there and oversee call Mordecai precious got they got down there and that's absolutely fine including a radio stations and we were coming in and they said.

I didn't into the magazine woman was obviously trading quite cautiously, I need I'd to Sawley trolley have a long and try and sweeten up little bit and he said so what connection have you got to Cornwall I said well, it's funny to say that because a long distant descendants of the answers family is the great pirate Thomas answer to call but apparently caused rape and pillage across the county and very infamous, but there's a connection when you're in Cornwall if you connect you know if you were elated somehow to a pirate you can't go wrong.

So there was this case there was this the weather like that we found a link between me and where I was and it was a really lovely thing to do but I mean that hole as you say that it was heart London to begin with and then we did a couple shows that covered London and the Midlands I think it was I remember when global took over and we depart was installed himself in his in his office downstairs, and I had already met him.

I will always revered Richard park for what he did with capital in the kind of several years.

I was growing up and loving radiator with all that you know.

Pattern mixing Tarrington a lot lot on there and I was a massive massive fan always just heard about this kind.

God that ran it all and but I never really met him feel the other doing telly and stuff like that and then the first time I really poppy met him was when I said look my pop down after my show it's on hard can pop down and he said yeah no problem and I did always going on with nobody knew he was going to go on with heart and he was that is all I walked in I was really for I was always shaking I think people say you're sweating so I'm going to see Richard Parker Knoll boy and he said that have a little sit down here and then he saw stayed silent.

I was really quite scary.

No, we just upset with your party was just looking through radar figures that I can come out anywhere margarita.

One share very good because he was on capital of time of love margarita.

Zruby, and then we done quite well said how about then we put you into back for the heart network I said what you talk about you said well.

We want to put you.

You're so across the UK are likely I think almost fell off my seat actually a lot of this is Richard me down for a chat and this is like the biggest courier thing I've ever this ever happened to me and it was Richard Park telling me there's a skydive massive be admired giving me the biggest giga my career.

I was just stunned into silence.

I think I don't know what to say and then he said well.

They go to upset you glad you came out the CV though you know I mean I think that I will never never forget that day.

I kind of always wanted to you note worth Richard Park just because you will see me know what he done with capital everything else in his absolute God so yeah, I change my life that meeting I think I've had a little so you've been doing club classics for last few.

The dance tunes tell us about the preparations for hot dancers launching this week.

I'm dead excited because they're my team did not I love all sorts of genres, but you know if I really wanted to know now.

That is all that is for me.

I'm a bit of a dance head.

I love of dance tunes.

I've been going out for years paying them you know around the UK and Ibiza in doing stuff and the seriously the setlist we got on club classics.

I think it's just the best way of a had it is just brought it brightens brilliant.

We can I get to emulate that with heart dance but we're going to the Broad it out.

It was so we're going to dig even deeper and you know some of the tunes to seriously that we got to roll out.

It is really really exciting I could take any hour from hard dancehall club classics like a take it to take all those shoes to a gig and I can pay them out.

I know you know the dance will be jumping so we can taking that hole by bunty onto hard done.

So it is I mean for me to be able to do the brakes on hard done to the morning and then you know roll out though.

Weekend warm-up changing on on a Friday night is an absolute.

It's a dream it really is a dream.

I feel very blessed so to do it another time.

I'm a very excited little bit nervous something to launch uni station, but it said you call it Toby fm104 podcasts for your something.

We would say that we also came up with that you should be called Toby dance this very good.

What is that supposed to be the name I now start with yeah, that's not start the day.

We got lovely Lucy Horobin who's going to be on drivetime and I'm a massive fan of Lucy she's a really good mate of mine.

We both into our machines.

Are we both love you don't pay that gigs and going to Ibiza yeah.

We're good mates and say to have her on board is fantastic.

I'll be there live dance breakfast.

She'll be doing drive from for on hard dance in big chains across the day that no other way to say she's doing this you know we're doing his live shows you know paying out these.

Attained it's a it's a big fast.

Do you think you have to change your style from a Friday night to a breakfast show you still can be the kind of same upbeat kind of atmosphere always be up.

I mean I can do I can't do lobate only way to do up.

I mean I am to the annoying to some of my colleagues generally very energetic.

You don't have any of the day so but I mean obviously heart breakfast brings with it the centre dino very that Dolby topicality around and around the music as well stuff.

That's going on that day whatever people talking about what's love Island all Royal Ascot or you know whatever it might be just you know stuff that you just drop in and then obviously there's all the passionate the music then we got a few things we going to be doing on the show with him.

You know really excited about and lots of interaction.

I'll be nice uplifting wake up call for people and those tunes going to really make you feel good when you get ready to go out and then get into work in a good mood.

That's that's my blacks my mission to make people you don't get it stick get out the door and leave for work with a smile on their face and you know even dancing as they wanted and then Lucy

We don't people home and then yet Club Classics on a on a Friday at slightly different because obviously you don't that's the start the weekend and people are probably doing different things to know they're getting out of bed then getting up for work in the morning at night the finishing work on a Friday then looking forward to the weekend.

So it's just my job to know possible up for the weekend.

I will let you get back to practicing with the playout system because I know you use a different one.

Oh blimey.

I get me out of here.

Still available.

I live yeah, though, because if we were we were using data on on on until we use Genesis that's the one on on on the main heart channel so actually speaking between the two my god.

That's going to change my brain, but it's ok now.

I've just come up my little dry session.

I'd run by the things are going in that video.

I have had done.

Cheers getting my head round out a lot of people know what I'm talking about but yeah all good to go on Friday morning or lots of love with it and we.

Congratulate as well because all these radio specials of Pointless celebrities that we keep enjoying a new one it three times now.

You're beautiful trophy beautiful door stops.

I haven't got a pointless answer you know so yeah.

I need to actually I bumped into the guy that she's do those shows he will just be disappointed with having a quick you're going out again.

I hear well.

I said that I said yeah.

I think you are free that say I'm happy with that.

You know free trade really really chuffed he said what do you fancy doing a full-time like what I think frise puppy enough.

I think he probably enough for me down that show to be honest said no, but it's only a few of you that have ever won three successive shows so they're looking at may be doing something around that where they get people out of 13 now and put them on with rubbish people what I was going to say you want it with Jenny and with my leg from Hearts

I mean Lucy's really bright we could do a heart dance team.

She knows a lot about a lot of things or maybe Pandora she's great on the radio now.

I'm going to keep it all to myself, but I know so watch this space.

I'm at work for Friday thank you so much do head of James cridland and David Lloyd a quick word about cleanfeed this it'd be great if you're doing some summer obe's on your radio station and you haven't got lots of fancy kit and you want a presenter in a different location to usual in great quality clean Fitbit designed for radio people and 4 podcast as it's really simple to use and connect live quality audio via a browser on your computer and you can even record with in it as well.

Clean feed won't question anything to get started a lonely take you 30 seconds to sign up and you'll be doing a radio remote an OB or recording something for your podcast within if

Minutes you can find out more about it at cleanfeed dotnet.

I'm James cridland the radio futurologist at the recent podcast are in London I was asked to share three of my favourite podcasts hand as always I decided to slightly subvert the grief to really been three podcasts that we can learn from hello hello this was my first choice Reasons to be Cheerful with Ed Miliband and Geoff Lloyd produced by Emma Corsham Ed Miliband used to be the leader of the Labour Party in the UK he came across as a deeply awkward belly human and really quite unlikable person but the intimate nature of podcasting has changed all of that to me.

He's good fun.

He's nerdy you self-aware endlessly inquisitive and a podcast itself is a great listen perhaps.

That's why most of the US presidential candidates are doing lots of podcast Appearances at the moment.

It's easy to overlook or podcasting has to offer to really help to get to know someone they've just launched a spin-off cheerful book club wear at interviews non-fiction book authors has worth a listen as well podcast number 2 is the latest from pod his mind the pod news podcast dino shameless now.

I don't actually want you to get it the newsletter is better, but I'm mentioning it for two reasons firstly great advice for any podcast it is to keep things simple there's no interviews no features.

Just a quick rundown of the news every day, so it works well and it's very scalable you can even record it on a phone so resist the temptation with your new podcast to check everything in but secondly It Highlights the power of news briefings is podcast gets at least half of its total downloads from Google assistant and Amazon alexa's news briefing services a massive and relatively untapped market for podcasters and broadcasters alike and you should look into them.

And the third podcast let's take a listen.

Can visit start to look familiar.

Yes, I know I've been here before birth date is a long time since it's like a collection of old is here or jumbled up in it's almost like they rolled down from the mountains and they're covered in Moss have most of them.

We see in amongst the rocks.

She was living with her down there and her legs after.

Husband putting all the front and it was from the wood from earlier fire place and it smells a little of what brand flash drive carefully your hair.

That is a clip from death in ice Valley it's a true Crime podcast and it's awesome.

It was a podcast.

I was genuinely excited for every single episode release I didn't even want to read the episode titles in case they had a spider in them to wonderful thing that there are maybe three things we can learn from it firstly the space it gives it subject.

You just heard a gloriously unhurried in a way that radio typically isn't second they could have recorded all 10 episodes at the same time, but they didn't they spent time and energy on a community on Facebook and built-in feedback from the audience in every episode you made a real difference to the serious and it's something I highly recommend III for those of you working in public radio is just goes to show that collaborations like this between two big public service broadcasters actually can work the ABC and I

Hyundai CBC in Canada also working together on cross promoting their podcast there's plenty we can do if we work together if you're a fan of This podcast it just takes a new live show which is released on June 24th.

There's plenty we can learn from podcasting.

I'd love to hear more for the work learning from you can get my weekly newsletter a James.

Cradle and and Daddy podcast news at and until next time keep listening and now on the radio Today programme he is David Lloyd some areas got their BBC local station in the 1960s at those in the 70s, but Northampton had to wait until this week in 1982 and 1107 kilohertz.

That's 271 m in the medium wave and 96.6 stereo VHF welcome to BBC Radio Northampton the new local radio service for Northamptonshire

And on this first morning June 16th 1982 Radio Northampton begins at service by inviting you to start the day with John Beynon very good morning Julie welcome to start a daycare on BBC Northampton sick to Bishopbriggs inspection week because he said hello and then you put the photo backup before returning with you shortly menu.

What local anglers got up to in the Dead of too late to sort out now as the launch of BBC Radio Northampton this week 37 years ago.

It was on news that day.

It's 7:00.

This is what I'm using good morning the headlines this Wednesday the 16th of June general galtieri has Roger before his days as a senior BBC executive.

Team rock radio sadly didn't last too long on DAB but it's launch was pretty special a reading from Mr Corey Taylor vixen, be done by Edgar Albert guest somebody said that it couldn't be done but he was a chuckle replied that maybe I couldn't but he be the one to wouldn't say so till you tried so we tried in with the Trace of a grin on his face if he worried he get it he started the same as he tackled the thing that couldn't be done and he did it somebody scarf nicely done and do check out the full version of that opening sequence heard this week 6 years ago.

There are many who say team rock radio can't be done.

We believe differently team rock radio believe we can create a place where every rock band belongs, so who's right? That's what we're about to find out ladies and gentlemen boys.

Single glucose for all involved it couldn't be done and it wasn't it's not that long ago that evenings on the radio with the times for specialist music and serious programs to find back-to-back pop you have to go to Radio Luxembourg or you might have listened to the American top 40 that was more accounts on over 1000 stations in the 50 countries that you could get it on quite a few frequencies here and people did it was hosted for 24 years by Casey kasem.

Who died this week 5 years ago Duran Duran with their second top 40 hit the US Hungry Like the Wolf by the title song from the album Rio it at number 16 in the garden as the countdown continue Casey kasem, who died this week in 2014 master of the textbook traditional teas and away from the singer with the $10,000 gold hubcaps and it's cash now.

This day never found out who that was Tony Blackburn made his debut on pirate radio London this week 53 years ago and it was the station which was two influences approach forever.

Love you.

Thank you very much and VW Sharan have a lovely weekend pirate radio London John Rees died this week in 1971.

He was 81.

He been the first general manager of the BBC when it was a company and the first digi when it became a corporation.

He left the BBC in 1938 after 16 years, how much do you yourself listening and and look at television on it or not at all right way, you're not interested in the programs after you left when I leave Earth English or for your nanny that you can recognise up feeling.

Don't you hurts to turn on your old station sometimes, so what sort of a character was John Reith iCandy unforgiving there are some people whom.

I will not forgive we are now haven't forgiven that I have a blacklist.

Come there.

Only about 8 people on it for my long life.

I don't suppose you've liked Ella's who they are with you.

I better not have no I better not have you been happy looking back on you'll know you've not been hello.

Have you been successful? No imagine him being your boss John Reith like a lord Reith who died this week 48 years ago by the way 91 years ago this week the BBC published.

First annual report and told how the local radio was giving way to regional to make use of the UK's 10 frequencies, that's all we had so rather than local radio.

They were making sure that everyone had a bit more choice more was a regular Dawn Radio 2 voice for a generation and that free breakfast slot have been shared between various animals including right.

I need to get over permanently from this week 27 years ago.

It's at 6:35 on Radio 2 end of term today my handsome Jack of Ilford in Essex you are coming back up if it says was an element of ambiguity about this peculiar.

Lie down of yours.

I'm coming back.

I haven't got the radio Times for that week.

Should I know and I come back and see if a man or a boy who took over his early so permanently on Radio 2 this week in 1982 so with EMAP taking over melody in London

Make it magic 21 years ago.

Enjoy your lunch time with London's magic 105.4 melody FM the final Tom Ross program in Birmingham after 35 years on the 1152 am 3 years ago Confucius said find a job you love and you'll never work a day in your life the first live entertainment broadcast in the world by a celebrity 99 years ago.

Thanks to Nellie melba.

The death of Trevor fryer from Radio Western BBC Bristol 5 years ago because this my friends.

I promise is not a sad goodbye hit another part of the journey and yet the pleasure of being with you each week is something I will never forget.

I will really miss you and couldn't buying the CN group of touch and rugby stations in the Midlands 10 years ago those are this week's radio moments.

Thank you.

David and James Arthur Roy and also special guest Toby Anstis this week join us again this time next week for more industry chat on the radio today podcast original music for This podcast was composed by MiKasa

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