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Read this: Media Business Podcast #6: Commissioner Index Breakfast Panel - Let’s Talk Drama

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Media Business Podcast #6: Commissioner …

Is the podcast from Media business insight the publishers of screen international and broadcast my name is Alexandra evoking managing editor broadcast intelligence commissioner in legs in This podcast will be listening to an event recording of broadcast Commission in next breakfast panel the commissioner in legs provide subscribers with an everyday updated database of UK usns Force commissioner profiles highlighting the current needs and preferences on today's panel will be hearing from drama commissioners Philippa collie cousins from UKTV Lee Mason from Channel 4 and you cannot Jones from ITV enjoy it though.

I look after the soaps that so I look after carnations in Emmerdale I like after quite a lot of the returners though in bacteria and

Unforgotten Bancroft I think it's coming back as well as I develop have a Slate that I developed through a new project.

Can you tell us a little bit about this project So I Married an enticing to, but we're looking for across the whole channel for everything.

I've got a couple of 203 that are coming up to being announced, but I'm quite yet.

I'm quite excited about but we know we look for everything really so my remit is to develop projects across all of the tunnel.

How would you describe the overarching ITV drama?

What you say it's a Main Street quite simple its mainstream.

It's sort of bold mainstream.

We are the whole of ITV's remit is about entertainment so it's ok.

We're out to entertain the nation and within drama.

We don't look for stuff that to me it has to be populist as a day's mainstream with one of our big measures of success is how many people watch it that's really important to us so but within that it's trying to find what the fresh take is on a universal story, so you know if we if it's crime which we do vibrators and very successful H we are constantly looking for what's the new version or what's the weather fresh version of a of a crime show procedure or otherwise I mean.

I think one of the hardest things is to find contemporary lives so that we are all looking for that sort of ordinary lives with a high stay there.

Really difficult we constantly looking for them.

We don't get that money in so it is again how to make that fresh.

Thank you and come back to some other point to this move on to Lee Mason and build up a lot of experience as a development producer.

You've been a production powerhouses such as Endemol shine keshet international and you've been head of development at shed Productions and Jones channel 4 in 2013 currently we have this one head of drama global head of drama as is Caroline Hollick the head of drama.

There's two commissioning editors me and Mum and we don't have specific remix with the work within drama.

Where are developing our own slate and I'm wet with a continuing to you to look for returning series and all third cereals and they sort of thing work.

Arkwell fasteners or passes are quite big should a subject driven or two pieces which are quite attractive to casting directors.

They can't make quite a bit of noise really.

I think it is interesting cos you don't you get lots of new strategies that come along as well and I've been working telephone for long time.

I make stuff a channel for an actually.

It's always remains the same that actually everything you want every drama that you eat you on to represent Channel 4.

You don't have to feel so the original in its take of that world of that story of that genre as our concert looking for the story that hasn't been told but we're looking for the the point of view that is not offer that is so it's not a photographer reflected in drama, and I think also 02.

U202 to be cheeky to be subversive to to to to have a bit of a reference without drama, and I think actually be sort of quite bright and some of the subject matter of the week that we tackled that said you are we want people to watch as well.

I thought you know you live in a world anymore.

We have the luxury of going well.

There's any support or five channels and people will come to drama.

There's a lot more competition of it, so we do need to make sure that everything when making does have doctors cut through in some way and does have a kind of sort of boldness to it, which will which which will engage an audience from the beginning or whether to come and watch it actually so we're in there, but second cousin and UKTV you are a BAFTA award winning director behind the darkness off switch reset or refresh pictures.

BBC in the commissioning and hot request in various roles working on taxes will come earlier which dishes and washing Spice good morning everyone.

It's great to see everyone here.

I joined UK TV at 11 months and 3 weeks ago that next Tuesday anniversary and kind of with a constrictor remit to look at crime drama in 33 categories really thriller like at bodyguard like she like innocent second category procedural for the narrative over 6 parts like for Churchill happy Valley and then colour third and I think colour colour new categories to reinvigorate and rethink about through the week and UKTV you know is that kind of

A digital channel as well as linear channels and story of the week like cracker or like the brilliant Sherlock are things that I'm really interested to see can I see if you could make inroads into it.

I guess likely ensue.

I mean I think insurer pieces like crime drama.

You cannot reinvent the show that there's always the job you know but I did an English degree and I think it's very important to inform and entertain people and that we take responsibility really thought for our jobs to reflect modern Britain to think about what really matters.

You are too.

You know give the voiceless a voice to cut people's and size is it possible for example story of the week did that absolutely brilliantly you know kind of like we can work? It wasn't placed it was very fun.

And yeah, I think it's a really exciting time.

We've got 24 competition at the moment, but it keeps us on our ken.

I certainly one of seven days a week probably at the moment, but I'm so pleased to do so and I'm so pleased with somebody walked through the door with a really interesting idea that they're passionate about and a writer whose boot past the first episode and he's really convince them that they got at least 100 likes it in her head that they want to massage so you're mean you're mentioning a crime in an ounce.

It's clear how crime differs for Channel but you also mentioned the modern stories, so are there any an eventful day that you could seen in sexual dramas with an upbeat crime or any other confused at the moment.

Andy I'm well cos it's fine.

I was quite hard with driving to be to reflecting really quickly what's going on the work because it takes two to three years to describe you.

We have we had the breakfast please that was on earlier this year, which Vauxhall quite timely but already feels like it's dated story you know that I think more broadly.

It's just if it's a bit about looking more particularly in the kind of where we are so politically where the countries and has divided the country is been a result of brexit.

We baby.

Would you need to little look a little bit more in one and a bit more regionally and that she sort of you need a look at some of those more than that the distinct devices that are coming out different parts of the parts of the country and when you look at Derry girls and how well that's done for Channel 4 0 0 4 comedy you don't do really well in Northern Ireland to Northern Ireland audience and actually that's another thing.

App that is really really well in the North you don't have a read audiobooks nothing wrong with that actually defining particular world and predicted stories that are really reflected Communities within the country rather being slightly more broad and I had to say was gonna sort of London Santa can you sort of you with the word you know I think we're certainly trying to be less like that definitely something that Caroline feel very very strongly about an hour and then you trying to sort a subject and a weekly Pass Out by Lucy Kirkwood called out of material which is a really hear a complex.

Look at at at at at Poole and the modern under porn porn industry in the model in the modern age in access form and habitats.

That is affecting people so I think it important we try to tackle those subject.

I think what we've got to do though is make sure that we are the priorities about telling story and it's a

Making drama that people want to watch the last thing you ever want to do is is is is to put the dryer on on on on Channel 4 where people go ok? I'm going to watch this because I know I'm going to feel better and more effective the end and I think when we doing that when we were making mistakes.

You know what it's got to be drama.

It's got to be something you want to return to the new one to watch and it's got to be something that has enough folks that you want to come back and watch it the following week live rather watch it on catch up because I still quite like people to watch it live please.

I think personally I sent you a thing called in Sikhism audience is going absolutely seaworthiness coming 1000 places you have to be really careful.

It is just about you want the best story told really I mean we do a lot of very successful true Crime adaptations and I absolutely love them and they are universal stories and usually their stories that you couldn't make up.

Because they were sold out there with with how they were done and they're very successful for us and so I think there's absolutely a place for that.

I think usually reflect something of the use of the time.

It was in because as you say it's reacted that quickly is quite difficult.

I think is it is benign like a theory that Jack Thorne Road I mean we probably all been pissed off which is about social work and I bet with some point.

I know I've got why don't we sure people want Watchtower about social workers Ashley that is what that driver was about but the way the Jack wrote it.

You know it was it was it was a murder was he done it and so there's a way of tackling those subjects and taking those issues.

Where can it doesn't feel worthy it doesn't feel like you're watches dramatize current affairs piece.

You're actually working something you what you what you watching some of the does feel I can sort a tapping into the kind of the to the conscience actually with that.

I think it's you know we stand for on the writers that we choose in the passion and the craft of those writers and I think that there is a wealth of Talent that hasn't had their own series yet and the two conditions that I can talk about at the moment got more in the pipeline that the two that are now Amelia Bullmore who is an actress and writer and I think has written a colour brilliant first series that we had a reply yesterday in Manchester and it's just a light bulb to see her go from strength to strength and and colour confident as she supported so Aveley by Nicola and the team now and I hope by me and everyone at UK TV and Sam II crime thriller is Gabby Holland actually she has had a series out because

And very successful, but at the time he hasn't had anything out at all, but I can keep incredibly lifelike clever and responsive and some you know obviously there are powerhouses that we are all good support, but I think there are writers that you know have to press voices Johns not really very more tonight.

I think drama gets stuck in a can of ways of doing things and it's quite self-referential and it's kind of working out ways to make carrot people fall in love with characters at making characters relatable a new on and then you know can affect people fly you it's at the present brightest good stories to be noticed a lack of writers at the moment or perhaps.

I'd like a pervert voice find it difficult to.

Bring up diversity from Oxford to on-screen.

I would say is that it's really really busy at the moment and so are you know the back of development that would be available for group of writers have I'm not sure we have that anymore, but I cannot quite good thing.

I'm in China Falls all sorted itself on on on on taking risk taking risk that supported you arrive to the right is a don't necessarily have lots of experience and Charlie's kebabs example of that washing her own show so I think we'll continue to do them.

It's just making sure that there's the right level of support.

That's there its borders coming from the producers and coming from us as commissioners as well.

Make sure that that that that right can get there actually think we can do.

I think we can always do more.

I think sometimes it says about you guys, but sometimes you feel as commissioners you a little bit removed from what other colour mirror writers and so we need to get those through the door or certainly certainly female writers as well and then there's the whole conversation going on about that which is absolutely right and diverse writers.

I mean I know you can we have a skin on both of the continuing dramas.

That is looking for original voices which is people have never written anything before but what you don't want to do what you have to be careful of I think he's put people into a situation where they're not going to come out the other end successfully and that's not to say that you don't put them in their to start with but you have to have to be absolutely supported because he's not easy and sometimes you know it can go terribly wrong for no reason and that's not a bad thing that's always a sometimes of learning situation, but I think we as a coup.

The industry have a beautiful bility Talent just making sure they supported and I'll read anything that comes through that people are championing from new people.

It's not that of the clothes store anywhere.

I don't think I think it's just getting them through the door.

I think that's right and I think that the it is it's also about talk being honest in terms of how long sometimes that process is going to take you.

There are sometimes when you're working on something and you understand the pressure that the producer is under because the producer been told I've got to deliver the show for this particular transmission but I know sometimes we as commissioners of God you know what you need more time that writing needs more time.

We're going to push it back for 6 months and I know we should do more of that you know we're gonna if we are really going to support and watch these writers grow Aberfoyle BlackRock Us chords Ben 10 and and we go here we we'd we'd we'd we'd we'd we'd say that time and I would say actually do look at the initiatives.

Forecasters found out because we do you know where excited about those writers 4screenwriting with which we been running Philip shows with running for a quite a few years now.

There's a lot of writers.

I come out about the doing that what writing for Channel 4.

It's not just something we sorted do you know we actually taken seriously, I know you guys do the BBC do as well just you is really not a big Innes trust you but a going forward not on the first tutors are all the pieces and I have said that we have to reserve at least two spots per series for new writers and some I'm also totally passionate about getting a coming up soon.

I mean we have various other initiatives and I'm definitely qualified nipping.

There is people peel make sure that we can do that cos you know I worked at the BBC always trying to get new writers, but I couldn't super Jack and Harry when films were there when you right now able to get them kind of through the system and of course when people come through they absolutely lights and I think it's not an obvious who they are and it's just about trying to give him a passage through we don't really have that at the moment will have that because we do need to have that coming up in court that B&M how about encouraging diversity.

You have any goals or targets even and how would you like to do that for your channel, but I think having diversity in diverse voices.

This is incredibly important and Sam

You know I'm working really hard to me as many people as possible.

I do meet diverse writers every week and then you know want to make sure that we have the different voices that we should have in a modern society are not green.

How would you say writable? Where is your audience new base? How would you describe your audience and do you feel that the audience is rightly reflected on his face value meaning costume as well.

I make sure that vary each part that there is also you know that there is a there is a choice of actors and that that choices respective rights and went to the meeting yesterday season and was really pleased to see that manifested.

It's always and

It's not it's not a science.

It's not a real you know you can put mathematical numbers on things you can just work very hard to make sure that you pushed you can say oh, yeah, that's fine actually but could we see somebody else was there a more diverse choice in that I just feel quite lucky because I was brought up in Cardiff that was brought up in a very diverse society so I think it's quite natural and normal and it should be forever well.

I think so so about making sure that the conversations happening with everybody involved in the production that diversity is represented across the board that mean I think we are we can look we can always do better everything course but I think on-screen representation in work really well.

It's now making sure that there's the Offspring representation as well and that's giving people up teeth that starts from the writer's people in Uno makeup department head Hotness making sure I mean on ITV we have her.

Guidelines for all the production to be made ahead of the other very clear about making sure that we have as much diverse representation possible because it's really important than actually she should be something we do naturally.

It's just happened and we just got to make sure we got to do I think to make sure that happened.

Yes, I would agree and I think that's a simile.

We have we have guidelines and Alex Becker Channel 4 and they've been there for quite a few years now and again.

We can always do better and with continuing to try to do better onscreen and offscreen directors writers and unscrewing as well, but also I think because we will be taking this seriously not soon enough, but we've been taken seriously for quite a few years now the Producers are completely on board as well and it ended its expected.

Everybody knows that you have to do this as as as part of your part of your commission and I'm frankly if you don't do it and then it is it makes it harder prostitute to work with you actually.

If you can't deliver on those diversity guideline, yes, it's me Jamie Laing Made in Chelsea and you have stumbled across the Made in Chelsea podcast now I know I'm a pretty charming guy alright some people come up with the HM how do you do it can I tell him he enthusiastically but meeting people and most importantly always be ready to smile to make sure yours are looking the best with Sensodyne it's time to help care for sensitive teeth dmic drop is proudly sponsored by Sensodyne here for the hashtag sensitive moments on Made in Chelsea you mentioned the escorts.

How about working with them Netflix Amazon we can't really call them disruptors anymore ready here to stay be going to stay there in the New Normal are they a threat or an opportunity for us linear broadcast.

I'm at the moment.

I'm still seeing them as an opportunity.

I've done three things now with Netflix and and the relationship with it is but then was being really really good though.

They come in.

They co-produce.

It means there's more money on screen and I get really excited for so so when end of the planet so you know that that we really really proud of that show I'm really proud of it everyone involved in it absolutely loves it you don't it was never going to be a particularly massive Show on Channel 4 and actually the reach that it got because of that Netflix partnership.

I mean it was just one of the biggest brands that titles that they have this year.

It's coming back.

It's really exciting it will have that global audience that are excited about again.

It was going to hit Channel 4 first so I just see it as positive at the moment and you know and he is now at Netflix and his brilliant.

And I think it's I meet you.

It's great for all of this great for love you guys because there's there's there are more places to get stuff made and I think we just have more and more we just got to really think about what is what makes us distinctive you know.

What is what what what? What is the point of difference with everything that we met and you know some guys Netflix happier the fucking well, because actually you don't we actually did you know because we will take will take those earlier development risks with writers.

We know they don't do that.

You know because I'm looking for those bigger plays out and said as long as we're continuing to make those chosen find that exciting Talent you know you're always going to get people that kind of got all we want we want some of that we want to be up.

We want to be on that team will be what we want.

We want some of that so as long as that works that continues to work in a nice way, then I will fall out I love Netflix

I think parliamentary anything that facilitate more drama is a good thing I mean that you know and I think it is an opportunity and you've got to make sure it's the right thing the right people for the right thing but you are we going to see Michelle as now with Netflix as well sitting in Ireland and lots of snow are we going to see more of those with ITV's weather going to be like even further in in series not necessarily from the beginning, but seriously successful, are they going to be partnerships to the next level? I mean I think it has a say it is it the right people for the right project but yes why wouldn't we?

If it works and it makes it successful and it may be brings more resources or and whatever those two sources might be I think that's a good thing and anything filipow.

Would you be open to co-productions corporations with the S Forza with other parties with the as long as you know the editorial control is right.

I think you know for me.

I'm passionate about the project and realising the project in the way that it should be and we'll talk to any partners seriously enable you know to enable something to get on-screen.

I think should be in school when you're looking for those partners.

Do you look outside of the S5 do look outside of the US you don't need more and more we're talking sort of European broadcasters and that she would probably drama is so good income and so much great dramas coming out so many countries the quality.

You brighten the quality of Direction the production standard.

I just getting higher and higher and higher and you there are loads of countries out of their there.

They're not out.

You don't even currently that mean less like you to tell me that is foreign language, but you don't I was a few weeks ago and actually have a lot of broadcasting the opening something that was English language.

So look beyond us as well.

You know looking other places.

There are others lots of partners out there potentially I think you have to remember is certainly from ITV point of view it doesn't need to have a feeling of a British DNA for us running through it so it doesn't look like an acquisition and that's the the thing that you know we've got that the widow's on at the moment and that that is absolutely British in its heart, but it said im you know Africa as was strangers in income Hong Kong the same kind of thing that sometimes is the thing that we have to be careful of I think if we got stuff that was not demonstrated Lee

British at some with a DNA in it that might not be so useful but that would be anything I think the hospital digital how important is it for you to have additional online content to support your linear offering.

Are you seem to see pictures that offer social attributes for example little clips that you can run alongside Zorro digital spin-offs.

Is that something that you see more consider.

I would like to see more of a brilliant marketing and digital TV channel for land and every time something is greenlit Italia crossbows shows and they're talking to the producers and they're talking with digital agencies about how we can sort a material that would still support the main shower so that's that's always are going but that has to happen was his greenlit.

Yes, we've got a brilliant marketing and social team and will sit down kind of

On the day of Greenlight cars are also keen to get going and I think you know some of the some of the social work, that's just been done in the two launches.

Just amazing minister, thoughtfulness the making of the images because I really you know I really believed that there hasn't been a time in history where the 16 to 54 year olds have more similarities and I think that's kind of like a crucial thing to catch up with and because you know one thing that I love growing up with water cooler cooler moments or watching TV with family and I don't think that you know I think history circular.

I think we're we looking for stuff to share interview together and that I think I'll social marketing team need to be out there making sure that we you know bringing all audiences especially the supposedly hard to get up.

I would cross as well as a

Coronation Street and Emmerdale and the distal response to that is amazing me sometimes you don't want to look at it, but that's it can be quite honest and immediate, but that's what's brilliant about it.

You know so yeah.

I think we all think it's a boy.

We am there's also another can of unifying topic in the last few years which is brexit.

We see a lot of factual drama multiple times not political stories of be made into very sexy dramas are a very English scandal brexit civil war with the political turmoil which activate BBC Parliament one of the most watched channels for a few weeks amazing but are you looking to do something with that in drama? We are do you think people at the moment looking slightly more to it in the escapist back is probably little bit.

There's always.

You know there are certain sort of subjects that you going to watch tackle and Anna but I think getting the most important thing is finding a way into it when it does feel original those others that there's a different point of view 2 letters that subject but I think also at the same time you just want to watch drama.

They want to enjoy it.

You don't actually want to watch line of duty.

You want to watch the bag.

You know you want to watch shows where you going to enjoy it and I'm actually baby gonna forget about the real world for a little bit and I'm just going to focus on what's happening in this drama alabina.

Love it and enjoy it and talk about it at work tomorrow and I think that people would laugh as well.

You do people celebrate distraction when the world is on fire and she just can't at the moment it just don't know what's happening from one day to the next see anything you do if you're not careful is completely dated within a minute of doing it.

So you know but I think there's gotta be a brilliant right about there if you think of west wing and has a card there is a fantastic.

You think about succession you know there is a fantastic show to do that gobbling in somebody's brain, and I hope they come to my door.

Are there any shows that you could see that you really like that.

You would like to see non UK TV ITV channel 4 and that you think I wish I'd commission that or I bet you think enhance Edward VI your study at the moment confer a comfort descriptive a deer thing right.

I understand which is looking for I was going to say was I think when you have for normally successful shows they can work on any channel that you know that you look up bodyguard and line of duty and Spooks and all those brilliant.

So it's a kind of thing ok that could have gone anywhere so I mean just bringing so that's what she said to me.

Would you like in a million Line of Duty

Simple ok so admission in legs were all about them providing you with technical information on how to make your PS4 as possible so with that coming few practical questions during the interrogation bit fed up with you because a lot of people want that you could you tell us a bit about your budgetary had no.

That's not something that I have talked about and we weren't either so don't bother philippo the Weakest Link but so let's move on then development funding development funding available yet.

Been conifer best way to talk about an idea with me is too you know that sounds a treatment or scrape that you're passing.

And I like to eating her because otherwise you just kind of delaying a second meeting at I feel that I don't want to waste your time and I will talk about something tangible.

I know what I want to meet the writer.

So you should come in with the writer and Dad that's the best way to heat up line script.

Just getting in touch with us if you don't know if you know me or if you know Mum pretty or if you know Caroline you can get in touch with us directly Radstock there's Gemma he's a head of development you can also paste things to her.

I sort of don't mind what how you want to send it if you know me and I know you and I probably know the right so you can probably send me one paragraph and I will tell you straight away whether I want to see more aware that something that I wouldn't be interested in in in in having a meeting about.

But more and more I mean you do it could be a written pitch if you've got a meeting with me and the writer, dick and picture the room you can send me a bookkeeper send me a podcast I'm in there so much material out there now that I'm open to any any any sort of you know any inspiration.

You have found them feel free to share it and I know how much sort of time and money can be spent on writing pictures and and and development of ideas that you want sent to me and I was just under eyes when I spend in the side of the fence you can have just wait a week on this and I've just ITV just come back and went not interested you get you so rude.

Not in your day not on your date.

You are so cute.

I think if you just want to cut a picture TopLine that's absolutely fine, but then you probably go then tell me more but at least you know it's worth spending the time of it.

There is a commissioning for the website that you can go to itv.

That does get to us credibly quickly it doesn't language so you can do that, but we will take I mean I certainly will take her a paragraph for so it's usually just to make sure to start with that we don't have anything similar cos we do do quite a lot so chances are there might be stuff that has six in the same territory and so if it's easier to do that I access the Script great.

I think that's the best thing is there a script but I do appreciate sometimes you don't have to extend so ideas books books take a little bit longer.

Just with the volume of stuff we get to read but we do read them.

Yeah, I remember years ago sending something it with its elegant to sell its Ali hate and she's ITV and it had it had the top like that something about a spaceship as she just replied you lost me at spaceship unity.

I think if you sending like a pitch or treatment or scraped I like I like I have generally goes through my assistant and just because of the volume of stuff that that I've got but I definitely read it and he so many hours in the day and there I just want to ask you for like a final at like a key takeaway like a little Woodford Feist producers.

Looking to issue that can be I am looking for this or don't give me that or if you do come to me to answer.

I would say the first thing is if you've sent it to ITV or BBC or Sky and their project it and you're sending it to me make sure that the other broadcast was not on the document because I will take it personally and I do like to take that you thought of me first that happens.

That happens quite a lot.

This is perfect for Sky what why have you sent it to me then? So what was the question? I forgot both mainstream.

Kind of wood look at most things.

I think we just we have to be a bit careful with for the Sci-Fi supernatural last opium, but just confirming it's that well, but you know we will look at most things as long as it's cold and mainstream and populist needs to be contemporary for me know.

He says I'm not interested in cathedrals that has to be something that is bold and distinctive relatable night owls are the characters Tallis

About you know some facts of Britain today.

I think probably we sit somewhere between ITV and Channel 4 so bold and distinctive but still mainstream and I think the two pieces that have been commissioned so far so that will be a third one out soon.

So you know it's like a mission more you'll get to know a bit more you know to come in and bring projects to come in and me.

I love a good meeting with a right away.

We can really gonna get somewhere with a project and hopefully you know haven't been a director and a producer myself at work in a very kind of like visual way to try and find the muscle in your idea that will propel it through not only 6 episodes cos we are six episodes, but the future series that I want some recommission you for if we can find that idea seriously now.

What is something that when I actually we will be will never actively looking for and unless it it is it is it is telling his story that we we thought we knew you know telling us a different version of that story or or or take his back to a piece of Peter time in history and and and and showing ASUS like the other other perspective on it, but we don't tend to look for those.

I would say sci-fi is something that we can we not actively looking for it.

You don't we had quite a few short sci-fi dystopian shows on on the on the Channel and I feel like we're gonna need to rest that a little bit also you know there are S5 there are other sort of broadcasters out there who just spending heaps of money on those shows and it just feels like there without that.

There are well provided for that said if there's something that just feel so you need to tell my god we have to make this then we we we we we we would make it you know I don't think we went out going we need a human's you must came along and humans, what sort of perfect for us so

Yeah, I would say that and I think just in terms of slots.

Do you know there for parties were really well, I'll be offered for passes at but returning series really do want you to returning series of here on the main channel their credibly hard to find and we argue that we we we continue to do you need to look for them, but I can look what they've got to be quite distinctive.

I mean I think Paul Abbott no offence is a really good example of that have you know channel for doing the cop show you know it has that time to it? Which will bring that makes it feel very very distinctive and it feels like a Channel full version of cop show at which I can work quite well.

Thank you will Now questions but if you have a question raise your hands and then we'll bring the microphone to thank you and dimmer combo Productions with the cinema, but it's going up to the Captain Marvel and the end gaming and so on the classic movies.

I was not making into the cinema anymore.

Yeah, there's some great projects there recently has is there a home for four movies on UK TV channel for ITV single Thomas really hard to do obviously I think we all know that I mean the right wrong fix the remit.

Why not but they are difficult to do but more Likely Lads exactly the same thing you know when they will we we don't have slots of the year for single drama and it's not something we are actively pursuing but you know in the brexit.

Please that came along if I'm quite timing we should do it, but I have to be really noisy to use that phrase but just because they need to punch through so another word for France

Crazy Town as well new one single comedy drama and which is being very successful and death on the Tyne and it's coming back darling for Middlesbrough and can't remember what the first one's called the murder on the Blackpool Express gluten, but you know I think I am really love that single, and to party plans and then I think he couldn't often and ideas that somehow between Film and Television in them if they're event has everything for Christmas or pieces barista, and if you want to talk it UK TV about it.

There is a kind of comedy drama stand and you talk to people and sent at the moment in.

We don't have it, but says it's certainly something I'm talking about internally hi Lee I met you 2 years ago about you do remember it's working with she produces an idea that time you said was pretty scared that didn't really pan out, but they did say to me that I wasn't established Triton I shouldn't be writing so I went wrote it myself and because as soon as someone says don't do it, but I do it so I've written a lot but I was aiming for h-series and I'm thinking it should be four parts.

Can you just reread something in and have people look at it and go through ok? We can you cut this happened change the rounds and because I'm more of a screenwriter's so I'm not professional CV writers such as you possible.

I mean in terms of getting it to me.

It does have to come to me buyer and agent or a production company because I think if we just with me.

We just don't have the time to be able to wish.

Everything if people just sending a stuffed personally take me to comes via happy.

That's completely fine you do me sometimes as a disagreement sometimes the right to work coming to get his first series of my password, Gina Cronk into house pictures everyone mentioned line of duty and course 8 million viewers, but that started as a much smaller show on BBC 2 and was given time to develop and find it to be even though Jack and kira's very established writer.

Do you think I'm your channels? You would be able to Croatia in the same way as the A4 is a much younger.

Sku channels.

Are there lots of the shows that you would commission develop 34 that they are particularly for that it for that demographic.

So it's not a natural switch over to channel 4.

So yeah, I don't like that.

You know if he could happen, but it seems I don't yes.

I kind of don't know like you don't know that.


I mean it.

Obviously you want as many people to see it's possible to me first time it's open but we don't on ITV we don't have a facility ready2grow something on a smaller town hall and then move it over and I think that is fairly you need to BBC 2 MVC warm and they doing very well and you know I don't know what would what would happen to like the first series of line of duty.

Would have been on BBC One me sometimes.

He shows that done that on BBC one that haven't worked at you think that should have been on BBC2 because it would have been a big hit on BBC2 when actually it's a failure on BBC One so that's the thing I think that gti-r.

Investigated scripts for 200cc actually because that's very much my territory because it's prime dramas territory was really interesting actually have an aeroplane and straightforward they script fabric are brilliantly and brilliant actors and I guess what you're saying is the writing and had confidence episode 2 episode you take more and more Jed mercurio type risk and I think that's true.

You know if you look at Facebook for example.

You know I remember conifer starting Boots at think you are on series 6 episode 6 7 and 8 so I went back to the first series and you know colourful like store, but this is a show that had bed is in and then went back to various other series BBC made to have a look at those first series 4 think it's that.

A point that things can find you know if they find our audience but I'm fine they're all didn't some and find their food but as producers sitting this room when we hear the title, but I coming back as from you to say we are looking for these it's like you're sick.


Everyone's looking for those but how do we know how do you know stop looking for those because then we're making a pastiche of something else? I don't mean in a carbon copies, but wait you're looking for all those ingredients for their it did take a genre, but what it did so cleverly.

I think is it cost the regular characters with largely unknown actors and brought in bigger names who got bumped off in episode 2 boring and so you weren't looking to Unity big name actors up for years and years and that allowed the style to develop.

So it was unique and what I'm asking.

I suppose is.

If we as producers come to you with something we think is fabulous, but it's a bit left field.

We want to cast on down actors because we don't want to option option big-name actors 4 years is that something now you would look at a thing ok? We've seen that working line of duty.

So yes, let's go for it.

I mean I just from the first point of view we have always commission staff that sometimes has many house and sometimes doesn't have known cost and actually sometimes those cast members become pretty famous Navajo profile, because very low so so we passed the right people it's the right people for profile Talent in a show and sadly I can't we actually are going to announce after cast.

Line up tomorrow gone to now.

Tell me what your thoughts about comedy dramas.

Would you fund a comedy drama? Am I love comedy drama and we we we have a track record of commissioning a lot of those over the years so yeah.


Yeah, we are done.

If you call the how to do comedy drama to get right but the great man like when you do as far as approaches again or newer production companies oil and establish production companies.

Would you advise going to and establish production company and to look to co-produce before approaching the channels, am I would say that you do that if you if you found a partner that you work well with a want to work with ifttt.

Something gets into of element with off and and and we would advise that maybe you need some some of that support or you need to partner up another bloke and company then you know that conversation can happen, then we can suggest people you might want to work with that.

We're never going to make that happen because you know you're the producer.

It's about who you want to work with but also the same time.

I don't we have a sort of responsibility if you are a smaller oi oi oi neuro production company support you as much as we can as commissioners to help you produce that work.

So did you get the production phase so that you grow as a production company? I've got it.

That's what we were told as I said yes, just agree with him and then you know sometimes if you are smaller or haven't done so much.

It's a conversation at the time when we've got the project in with we're looking at it about how what could it have to be what works best for you cast.

Author of the other way round.

Thank you all for joining us this morning.

Thank you guys for telling us a lot of fascinating at stuff and hopefully interesting for everyone in this room.

If you'd like to keep up to date with these commissioners the teams that broadcasters to have a look at the commissioner in legs my colleague maths as well as Jess who is somewhere in the back of the room yet.

They can tell you a lot more give you a demo and yes, I hope to see you again and I next event thank you.

That's it for this episode of the media business podcast if you found information is podcast useful you might want to check out a broadcast intelligence insights page where colleagues have released a report on working with Netflix the report offers an in-depth look into bullets interest work with naturally based on first-hand accounts from distributors and producers go to broadcast to audio copy.

Thank you for listening and don't forget to subscribe and join us again next month bye-bye.

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