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Read this: Niocast’s John Evington on the upcoming local radio DAB expansion

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Niocast’s John Evington on the upcomin…

Call this week's radio Today programme lots of big news to talk about and will Delve deeper into what could be one of the big changes to our digital radio landscape in the UK small scale DAB does John Errington from the Nile cast trial Multiplex has been running in Manchester James cridland is here to look at how you can better connect with your listeners and get them on the air from their smartphone and David Lloyd radio moments fluff welcome sister newfangled DAB technology Chris Moyles announces departure from Radio 1 breakfast and hereward radio launches in Peterborough irradiated a program with broadcast bionics creators of The Bionic studio the smarter way to make radio in Harlow and Stuart Clarkson radio today's founder and editor Roy Martin it as well and it's been a very busy week in radio mystery it has Mr stew or you're well.

I thought it work.

Text Greg so we got lots and lots to talk about as we say it has been quite a busy week.

We got barely got the campaign to save local radio Ken Bruce you can hear from him as well and I would some Thoughts From the podcast about Amanda Holden being on heart and all about the massive expansion of SS DAB as well as all coming up original music composed on right that start with power then shall we lots of bad news this week not least the approval from Ofcom that they can cut their local hours to 3 instead of 7 but they're not necessarily going to do that but I just got permission to this is the thing global went to went down this route late last year and only this is got permission in February think you are so they can now have 3 hours like you say I've just local programming in enlarged regions.

I don't think they're going to do it and they've got so much other stuff going on at the moment.

So I don't think there's any.

Haven't really wish Wednesday evening time in this you have today.


Maybe a couple of got to wait for anything with the new station's de bortoli this year.

Of course.

They got to wait for the CMA to make a decision, but we got a hint of that this week.

We expecting announcement in the next couple of weeks, but dcms have been asked their opinions and whether they think there's a public interest consideration to launch the investigation and the government says no looks fine to us.

So is that a good indication that the dcms will say the settee.

Sorry the CMA will say the same as the dcms other bits of the government are they the same as a bit of a government but CMA presumably looking at the advertising market and competition for advertisers in those markets where they have bought.

These are the station so that's that's perhaps the sticking point if there is going to be there.

Maybe a couple of issues in places where they will on everything and there's no competitions and there's a few.

Where is like that around the UK so I think it worst and I put this in the ramble on the radio.

They will just have to sell if you stations and carry on like global did with communicore many years ago, so as it's hard to guess which which stations will be sold, but I think that's where we'll end up ok.


We are when you said you don't think is going to happen anytime soon, but we've seen a bit of creep towards the hits network at certainly in in name this week, so the free Radio breakfast shows have changed at reduced in number from 4 to think just to now across the Midlands that on free radio megahits at breakfast strapline and jam in the East Midlands is now taking some network programs from the hits network as well weekends all over the hits network.

I'll be in networks without any local programs.

Like a big splash like global of them, but it's kind of creeping on isn't it creep is the word for bars near they do things slowly and by the time.

We've actually completed the project the change the mind to do something out, but I yeah, it's happening slowly and I think that will happen.

I think with the name changes will be the big thing but they're working towards.

I don't know this.

I'm just guessing and the networking maybe not so much.

I think they'll keep breakfasts at least regional so maybe it worse they will network say the northwest solrock and hips measure and Radio City on she will get a free ticket and just do the wrong thing anyway and then the stations in Yorkshire that eventually the Hits Radio including some of the new ones they may get a Yorkshire Breakfast Show I don't think I'm going to stay with breakfast.

I think if anything on network a drive show or enlarged regional Drive shop.

That's just my opinion helping build build do a full global.

You think yeah, and I'm not sure I die.

I don't think they though.

This is the problem Hits Radio Manchester Manchester is it allowed to be called Hits Radio Manchester on a radio Manchester for prom with that will find loving it because if presenter just say Hits Radio Manchester and the guy up on 95.1 series Hits Radio Manchester then they both identified as the same thing so yeah, it's no hits 103.

Let's call it plus the bits of DAB around the country got new Breakfast Show starting later this week with fleur Greg and James and I'll be when I'm good to see them on Friday so we should hear from them on next week's podcast.

Yes, I will have a competition with fleur to see who has the best hair well.

I think she's already one I hear Aruba pet shops in the building in Castle Quay this week as well.

So he might have a claim on best hair in the building.

Friday morning, he doesn't look like that anymore is not a car need anymore that was the 80s and we wait to see what's going to happen with the CMA decision LBC wait to see what what barringer do with there exist exist as I noticed just before me one that the imaging has changed so they are the Old down, but yeah ok now.

That's gone all the station's now.

Have a phone logo which is the price price the Hits radio on logo so it's good for the future, but you know when he says Radio City then it doesn't really fit radiator if you see what I mean from an image in front of you, so there's obviously change coming interesting and they've change the strap on again.

I think I'm a biggest hits in the best.

Throwback say something I've something about and even Gemma taking the new the new logo which colour makes sense of them because it's safe or no.

Gem radio yeah, but all the others are just white house and Gemini using the biggest drawbacks as well, so yeah, and it's the first time and the jams should programmes with their counterparts in the West Midlands cos I've always been separate far from a couple of hours.

So this is there any start moment for gem not a good historic moment cos they're losing some of their own output, but yeah, it's so it's obviously planting seeds for something coming soon.

There's a bit of throwback going on there outside my window actually the other day on the canal.

So they were fishermen throwback some fish catch them then the back.

I don't like that word.

Don't know why not using that word let's move on to the heart format changes got some complaints to Ofcom and Ofcom said not even gonna bother so that's going to be I cannot that is someone in the

Why someone in Essex open in Sussex and London saying wait a minute heart is not upgrading within its format.

Just a couple weeks after her Jamie and Amanda come answer is clearly you're either industry people moaning about it or its listeners saying wait a minute this should be local I'm going to make a complaint but whatever is Ofcom send now bollixed but that's not what I said, but the sentiment was there Llandudno bored really fancied a campaign to save locally may be loosely linked to that those for my complaints whatever the campaign to save local radio is these days we're not entirely sure still what there is there trying to save what we can get an idea it reached the House of Commons MPs were asking questions to the Digital minister Margot James this week.

Has not kept pace with market changes and we have taken steps to address this so I welcome ofcom's October 2018 changes to the local nice guidance and this will reduce the burdens on commercial radio whilst maintaining requirement for local stations to provide local news and other content Media giant global despite making massive profits as cut no less than 11 local radio studios in England isn't there a danger that one of these weaker Ofcom regulations commercial local radio will increasingly lose its lawfulness and broadcast will increasingly be made from London or several regional centres understands The Honourable gentleman is concerned for a start the localness guidelines are Straits they are tough and it will require large corporate radio corporations commercial radio corporations to have.

Local Studios they will have to provide a quite a serious amount of local news content weather driving etc.

So I don't share his concern and it is up to Ofcom to police this and I think they're doing a good job.

We must remember that for radio local commercial and indeed Community Radio to be sustainable.

They did need a lighter touch a regulatory regime regime from Cardiff Western City some winning the Museum of the Year last night's in the family at the Science Museum but only issue of commercial radio Aire honourable friendly Ron said we need more local radio the result of this deregulation is there are job cuts and fewer stations in what is a profitable commercial sector isn't it time that this?

Decision is reviewed to see impact.

It's having on localness to make sure that local radio doesn't just become national commercial radio is only came in in October last year so I think it would be premature to announce the review of their impact just an as yet, and I would like to reassure The Honourable gentleman that the radio the new guidelines were welcome by commercial radio by the by the community radio stations as well and Ofcom of had I think it's about 700 and expressions of interest in the small scale DAB multiplexes which we introduce legislation to enable last month and we hope to be able to complete that legislation by the end of the year so that off, we'll be able to start issuing licences to hundreds of community radio stations up and down the country and I think we will see.

Our great growth in this fantastic sector.

I think she was stumbling a little bit there in around says but she got there in the end it interesting to note that Margaret James mention a small scale DAB got more than that coming up on the podcast I have asked John Grogan the MP you asked the question there and the guy behind the early day motion to come on the radio Today programme I spoke to his office.

They said you would call me back and I'm still waiting for that call so we did try and a course or offer to Nick and the local area groups come on the podcast tell us about the campaign what they want to happen is still there.

Are you know how to get in touch with as if you did want to come on he's getting a lot of stick isn't is Nick I noticed some of the reply and I mean tweets everyday something and some of the replies.

There are not favorable and you don't If I Was him.

I just I just delete the account is obviously a stressful thing and is probably wishing it never set it up.

So yeah, we'll say anything like that.

Gets me is part of this campaign and part of what was mentioned there.

Parliament is that they're up in Arms about the deregulation to commercial radio yet in the next breath.

They say so we should deregulate Community Radio what do they think will happen when community rate against the regulated exactly the same thing so I don't know it just doesn't make much sense to me.

Just let people get a commercial business let people get on with it as what I did as we're going to hear later on in the podcast as well.

You'll be talking about this big small scale DAB expansion that off, put out a consultation on this week.

I think if we get another five or six years into the future when we've got fifty or sixty stations in every town to pick from on our DAB radios many of them offering local content we're going to look back at 2019 ago.

It was all that fuss about because there's nice mix of national regional and local it's just going to take a little while to get their Plus in five years.

We don't know who will be on the DAB we don't know if we're sticking in sticking at 50% within the down or whether it's going to go.

What will what is it going to be in 5 years time nobody knows but they'll send me lots of choice whether any of the new station's will be commercially survivable who knows it all up in the air of the moment at some of the stuff around this week in France is curry is going to back to being a consultant instead of being group content director of music radio at wireless, which has seemed a bit off last few months after wireless solo hits music stations in England so I've been looking after stuff in Ireland and a virgin but you going to carry on Consulting for them.

So it's been a successful couple of years.

I think launching Virgin Radio with them.

Yeah, he's done good and he's getting them as of the first clients own technically you're still be there, but yeah good luck to Francis and hopefully will be carrying on travelling around the world Consulting like he did before he joined Virgin get the air Miles up some more congratulations are in order.

We have a new people to control pop music and to control all sounds as well as Radio 4 BBC Vanessa senior management positions law.

The Clark I go through a big head of production for ready of 2 and 6 Music to being controller of Pop couldn't organise a day camp alright crisps pop and crisps feedback Radio 4 was commission the outer is now going MIDI controller and 5 lives controller Jonathan wall.

Jono is going to be in charge of all sounds well BBC sounds at least that's a tough gig isn't it to leave 5 live the giant that is 5 Live to something like BBC sounds which not a lot of people are a fan of he's got a big task ahead of him.

So good luck Jean oh, yeah.

It's the direction everything's going in now.

It's all about BBC sounds get the lotto results.

So what an exciting place to be wishing the best of luck and also congratulations to the BBC media editor for his Big Scoop this week.

Did you see this amol Rajan yeah? What did he escape the three appointments that you just mentioned?

Arrived with the controller positions got the scoop on Twitter retweeted at this breaking news literally back 3 minutes after thousands of people at the BBC got a staff email about itself including amounts of the amount of effort that went into that scoop that is just amazing congratulations a few other bits of the moves news as well as the youngest now and she said stepping down payment host of Desert Island Discs and I presume Lauren Laverne's just got the gig.

I don't think they formally announce that but she's obviously been looking after it for a while and a Richard Park Avenue ewc stepped down from a day-to-day duties at global and it was formalized this week with an announcement from companies house.

That is no longer a director of the company.

So it kind of makes it all official sat apologies for if you got the radio this morning apparently the link doesn't work but if you want companies house and search for

Mobile radio London Ltd Icmeler that the main global one Richard parks letter of termination is on there.

He has been terminated.

Its contract card and something to mention this world that you might see in Redditch today week so back at Steve penk wants to hear from you with your radio fails.

He's going to make a podcast of radio nightmares and he wants you to do the work by sending him clips of things going wrong on the radio to enjoy listening to that something of the Trevor did last week.

Did you hear this? It was his device schedule think it was for advice schedule.

Yeah for listening to let her know now but something else in that.

So what have you been listening to recent and I just was wondering Stewart because you've got it on your note to you about stairs what you mean listening to what are you been listening to recent Stuart I wanted to just tell you back couple of podcast I've been listening to and they are radio geek related as well.

So we think you will enjoy them at first of the excellent Media Masters with Paul Blanchard

I just really good guess on that.

I think he's recording one this week with Dave Berry from absolute as well and it said some really really good guests on and Ken Bruce's on last week and Ken said some interesting stuff about celebrities doing radio link no people look at it all as at a much bigger a business where you can move from one part of the media to another and we're actually it was seeing that in in radio Amanda Holden has just been started and Breakfast Show and commercial radio with no radio experience whatsoever.

It's a gamble but choices more chances great man radiotopia with intensive training should be great but methinks well.

You know shouldn't you be doing the intensive training before you get the job, but the other parts has more people like that bring in a ready-made audience they bringing their own fan club as it were they bringing people who are interested in them.

So you can add that to your existing audience and if there's chemist.

Then the double head with the Jamie will work so many people coming from all sorts of Mercy always having radio in Jimmy Young who's on Radio 2 for 30 odd years was the singer so he was trying out on radio and it worked so you trying out people and if they work they were if you don't you don't need to use them again so Amanda Holden fleur east's nothing you Jimmy Young was a famous pop star before he even got affect what we weren't in about I make some good point.

I think they're already Sonning good together Jimmy and Amanda and I don't think intense training is necessary really cos you just you just speaking your mind.

You just a personality in inverted commas that some performing so when her son the radio behind a microphone are on TV in front of a camera.

I think it's I think it's all good.

I think people transferring from one medium to the other is that is a good thing and just way to play a clip from this is well.

This is worth listening to look up Mum

Telecaster in Australia it's a can of marketing and media podcast they've had a Rolf ring Christian O'Connell on this week at The OC has been reflecting on his first year on earth gold 104.3 in Melbourne at first.

It was brutal they were just annoyed there was a British person talking didn't ask for one.

I didn't know who I was and that's what I really start to get quite panicky actually like because I got my kids over here and there whole unlock everything my wife is on your dad on the radio getting on with people on connecting and I've done that for years and then coming here really really feeling this massive disconnect and people going go home.

You have been with actual testing insane upon a go and give up on and I was always a maybe this was too much of a change for Australia but they've growing the number one thing I hear now probably some to show as I hated you at first but now I really love the show we should I get it and I won't believe him.

I said I loved you for the money come on.

I don't believe it was.

Aseismic difference of a bold experiment in a way that Duncan Campbell to akin that that are we both made together with a not it would be too much breakfast radio with very selective about what we want to let our lives in the morning Marie venerable retired with Scratchy irritable, so silly some voice out.

So, I can imagine we're going to scan and sofa plates will be rude giving it a go came back when I watch this is I'm enjoying the difference now.

That's a guess.

The only thing is we say about the show is it sad into the difference on the down in the morning in Melbourne and typhoid read some of Christians stuff on social media as well.

It's nice to see some the funny bit seize up to on the air there.

So yeah good movies are settling in after 12-months is next good absolutely and genuine Radio podcast out as well this week.

We don't Chambers Oldham Community Radio with bro radio Sheppey FM and chats with Sean chilli from the radio Cambian Paul chantler as well at the radio festival early in the summer worth a listen lots of events coming up at Next

We're going to be in London if you're at the digital radio summer drinks reception.

We will see you there and we're waiting for details on the areas as well normally happen in October they have the last 4 years and around this time in the sum of the nominations are usually open they have an open for entries yet, but watch this space.

Hopefully we'll find out more about that very soon.

I do like a trip to Leeds coming up on the podcast Dennis c Stewart mentioned small scale DAB and lots more besides the radiated a program with broadcast bionics creators of The Bionic studio listening watching reacting to and learning from every spoken word Kolo sweet and SMS for a mix and lots and understand your content the bionic studio Transformers everything about radio except the way you make it just on the radio Today programme small-scale digital radio, multiplex.

Eustace and exciting, don't they and they are coming soon if she the grand scheme of things after some successful trials government consultation last year I call for expressions of Interest we are now moving ahead another step forward as Ofcom starts a consultation this week or how it's going to advertise and Ward some of these new multiplexes and the stations that will go on then.

We'll let's talk to John Errington you my name is a form of programmatic signal UTV original and now part of the team at naia cast which has been running the trial Multiplex in Manchester at also going application in for community radio in Cheshire and works with radio stations around the UK to help with licence applications and is one of the founders of fireworks a company that can help you get your small scale Multiplex on the air when you win a licensed as the commercial club hello John welcome.

How is that interested with you? Had a great research team.

Do you make me sound like a Doctor Who character generator self coming back?

You are well until 4 years old piano easy easy and small scale DAB in particular this consultation that started this week does the obvious you the link to all the documentation is on Radio today and we'll talk through it in a bit more detail but this is Ofcom planning out.

What is going to do next Wetherby consultation last year as we said from the government, but this is about licensing angel.

Licensing is going to work for small-scale new powers for Ofcom but it's all good.

It's buying the the 1996 broadcasting act and making it possible at long last for Ofcom to move forward not just on licensing small scale DAB but also creating it and you can do licence for the community radio stations looking to broadcast on DAB the CSC DSP licence so exciting times looks like room for scores of new multiplexes the DAB lifeline24 community and small commercial stations hundreds of formats new job.

Opportunities for sponsors and advertisers great sound quality amazing value for money, what's not to like about small scale DAB or have you sort this like an advert that's all the gloss of it.

I suppose the negativity that there is a bit in the Industry at the moment.

He's about local radio and if I had a pound for every tweet, I'd seen or a comment on Facebook about the death of local radio probably be able to prepare for Torbay global of Ashley to be honest, but small-scale could actually told some of these problems the people the same they've got me local ready at the moment.

It's a different type of local radio, but it is going to replace some of that local radio that might have been lost although.

It's not a knee-jerk reaction.

I saw some comments online people saying you know all this it off, bringing this in the government are doing this to her kind of mitigate what they've lost in in allowing local station to national but you've been involved in this for 5 years now and it's been going a lot longer than that in the background.

Yeah, it's not really about replacing the old.

Heritage oil as it's about creating a new platform and yeah, it's been talked about for a long time dates back as far as 2008 when Daniel Nathan down at Jewson Brighton suggested the idea to a group of radio stakeholders only to be told that it was too unstable and would never work or they would take out with me but of common that is EMS thankfully disagreed and it led to a localised trial in 2013 in Brighton which went well and then of course the 12 trials across the UK which Manchester is one we we refer to it as the longest non-medical in history, put the big roll out.

It's now about to happen that you talked about earlier was announced last summer or come received more than 700 expressions of interest from prospective nap operators and service providers, so it's been a long journey so far and I must just give credit where it is due to the teams that so the dcms dluk and Ofcom are they did an amazing job getting as to where we are now.

It comes with easy coming up with the plan that brought so many disparate groups together.

I'm thinking of the CMA and radiocentre and others so so well done.

Yeah, it's great that at long last the dawn of it all happening.

Yeah, these documents.

Have a look through.

It's like a big long 140 odd page document and what they've done is data.

Mapped out literally drawn little squiggly areas that they think a small scale multiplayer could be awarded for Aer Lingus start at Warden these hopefully next year we could get what 20 stations on each of these and if they were all 275 then you know a lot of stations having some of these going to be commercial stations in kameez stations that exist already some of them are going to be kind of crazy national stations that are going on lots of different multiplexes, but still a handful of going to be brand new services, so you talking maybe 1000 or more brand new local radio stations.

This is massive game changer.

Why you describe the polygon as it was it a squigly squigly was English housing eustachian says probably on the high side, but it it's impossible to predict how it how it's all going to pan out.

What's for certain though is that the the cost of entry is going to be low enough to entice lots of new people into radio and the creative opportunity.

Is is just massive it be very simple to bring a new format life for you say transferring online service over the DAB and and dip your toe in the water.

Give it a test if the format flies will be so many ways of evolving that formats from a single small scale Multiplex to multiple small scale multiplexers to a larger local DAB platform and ultimately take it national Sky's the Limit anything is possible and it's so it's hackneyed expression, but it's a great time to be in radio really is a me what colour when he we talk about so if I'm running an online station at the moment for my area, but I want to get onto the broadcast platform.

Small scale Multiplex arrives in my borough you know it's what somewhere between 50 and £200 a month to be on it varies according to things like the population of the area, and we will talk about cost.

Let's talk about the cost of setting things up.


I mean it's not my specialist subject, but what I can tell you is that every situation is gonna be different according to the area size the terrain number of services on the Multiplex but so I think at this stage for budgetary purposes a good thing is having mind is somewhere between 15 and £25,000 for a proper system assistant.

It'll do the job you did to do and the equipment.

Obviously is the biggest capital investment and you got your ongoing costs including things like rental for your transmitter site or sites plus broadband power and across the technical support at the start of all this you mentioned via Max which is our sister company the DAB Solutions provider.

And we're going to be offering a cancer advert finance option to spread the cost over a few years making it even more affordable so get a handful of services on your Multiplex and who knows it could be cost neutral or even a source of income for your radio station yeah, and I think the encouragement from Ofcom is that instead many of these areas community radio stations that are operating will be one of the applicants for the Multiplex so it will be an income stream.

I guess for the community Radio station to run a Multiplex and then charge other stations to go on their Multiplex and therefore seems that exactly so it could well be that you said multiplexer bring it on finance over a period of a few years and you make money from from from the outset and terms of stations your Multiplex that you've been running as a trial in Manchester I think he's all at the current stage DAB plus switch off, said all of these new smallest.

Able to place is it going to be DAB Plus only and that of course means you get stereo station and you can cram lots of stations into the Multiplex more than we have all the tricks the most places.

Yeah, I mean really well this in the Ofcom announcement to that came as something of a surprise because the av plus wasn't even mentioned in the dcms consultations so in our response.

We we asked the question.

Why DAB plus is it spreading like Wildfire across Europe australasia the Far East and there's no question it's going to become the standard format here interesting to see just recently global launching cold and hot dancing DAB plus magic chilled from Barrow think is in that plus.

It's only a matter of time before the rest followed as you say it's a far more efficient system than the original that you can deliver better quality of a bit rates.

We running most of our services at 48k in stereo and they sound amazing they reckon that 48-in DAB plus stereo sounds broadly the

Famous additional debit want to eat in joint stereo so far more efficient.

They will be disappointed people who got old radios that can't receive DAB plus, but some chilled out the future 93% of new cars and outfitted with David standard my gas and you can't prove or disprove is that between 60 and 70% of radios out there an app compliance and when we upgraded our services to dab plus.

We had a handful enquiries not even complaints just enquiries.

What's happened to the station.

I was listening to a can't hear it anymore.

No question that place is the future for those people listening and thinking that start being an idea that I can apply for one of these Multiplex I could be running a Multiplex know my running at a radio station.

You've obviously doing it for 4 years.

What's the experience been like you know how straightforward was it to run the Multiplex having never done it before we started out with 6 services and they quickly triggered update.

Auntie and your team at the experience for me as as a programmer having spent 312 years in programming.

It was if it was actually having started out in Manchester in this business has been wonderful helping to introduce new formats into that city one of the things we stressed right at the outset and I think this is something for others to follow is the determination to complement rather than compete with existing stations and I think we've done that well the other services along Multiplex are out there alongside Hits radio capital hard smooth gold and the rest and we'll have you got on there who would have thought the Beer Radio Station just for tradespeople fix radio station that celebrates the music of the great singers who passed away.

Thank his wonderful radio dead redemptions for ethnic and lifestyle groups fans of different music types.

We've got set we've enabled the commercially communications left behind on FM to migrate to dab.

When I opened up in a car park in Manchester and just sit in the car getting strange looks from people that tuning up and down on the on DAB listening to the range of different formats out that just on the Nile cast Multiplex and it just never fails to amaze me and yet.

It's great that this new small scale DAB ecosystem is set to go Nationwide and yeah, bring it on with all Psychopaths game funny look fabulous to read it out that I have heard the stories so if I'm thinking right small scales is next big thing I want to run a station.

I want to run a multiplexed.

What should I be doing now because this is still going to be kind of 69 months away before they start advertising these licenses, but I suppose now's the time to start thinking about it and you say Runner station stroke with a multiplayer two very different things obviously but it's the same message for both right at this moment in time and number one read the Ofcom documents.

You said it was 170p.

E102 night light reading and he's got any comments or suggestions or questions will send you a response to Ofcom using the form provided but Beyonce running a Multiplex I'm not going to a five-point plan for anyone interested in in moving into Multiplex operation number one don't panic as you said plenty of time for that later only to panic yet number to identify any prospective partners or even competitors who you could maybe bringing his potential partners for your group level 3 nothing wrong with seeking advice and help others plenty of experience advice out there for those people who can hold your hand through the process of fireworks being one you can find out the song online and on social media number for before applying you need to have arranged Cambridge plots and put a business plan together and secures all your service providers, but that's a long way off from now and finally make sure you got there.

Surrey funding in plays to demonstrate that your services viable and sustainable well.

You've got it covered have to follow your plan for the letter for a run with his multiplexes everywhere with me.

We know from off, what they're proposing that they're gonna do it in batches.

So it won't be all 225 hour is in the country or coming up for grabs at once they going to start with probably the largely populated areas in the areas where they've been running trials so in your you getting your Manchester application is probably going to be one of those things you do before you start helping other people in a new areas.

I guess yeah right now fully focused on unnao cast in Manchester that has to take priority this important something well at I think we should be excited about it.

Should be oh you're very enthusiastic about it and there is a lot to be can a worried about him in the radio industry for a lot of people at the moment who were kind of going to change with them with commercial radio Changes but this is an exciting time.

It's a kind of feels like we're on the edge of something that's going to explode in in another years time it is.

You you mentioned it 1000iu services.

I think will be a lot an awful lot and what it does.

Is it opens at the creative prison and everyone's got a format in their head this will make it affordable to develop that format give it a trial on a on a small scale DAB see how it goes and I think of John Ryan who created the the 80s station Max's which is the latest music station with a bit of a twist.

It's got a great creative on there and all sorts of things that differentiate it from other stations doing similar things and I know John is frustrated that the trial speech thing on now for an awfully long time.

He wants to move it to the next stage and this will allow John and dozens hundreds of other people like him and do the same with their with their dream formats so all good but I suppose the other thing that you touch them as well was community stations getting onto the same level playing field platform as the big boys so in Manchester United you say you've got.

lol and heart and Duran Hits radio Britain you've got now in a next to them in name some of the community services that are on your Multiplex and I guess those community operators are really delighted to get that but you tell me when I can't afford to get on the big Manchester Multiplex and it's full anyway we reached out to all the community stations in Manchester before we launched and we got a mixed response in fairness, but that was a long time ago now and of course the new dimension that's coming out with these cdsp licences at least three slots on each small scale DAB Multiplex will be reserved for cdsp station must have been a good thing we really comfortable without in Manchester and let's not forget that the one of the main driving forces behind all this in the first place was the concern that Community Radio would be left out of DAB so yeah it we presuppose organizations with our four of them on board and there's a bit of a decision that supposed to be community stations to make now do you go for a cdsp licence which gives you a

Justin reserved space or apply for a DSP standard DSP which doesn't but I guess if you are an existing community station and you want to be sure if it is your future is probably opt for a cdsp.

Which give you access to that reserved space right well, it's lovely to catch up with you John and thank you for your tips and Advice people can find you online of course if they search forecast and vitamix about to find you at the consultation clothes on the 4th of October as John the same as she have your say we put a link on radio there's also a link in the programme notes for This podcast as well and there were also excited that about it out with it's getting excited few years.

We are so great to talk to you as John Evington from Naya cast and fireworks look them up online at David Lloyd and James cridland are both still to come first quick word about cleanfeed.

If you haven't had a try it make this summer the time when you give it a go to go to be the downtime in your station is great.

To connect with people in remote locations in great quality, just using your browser on the internet and you can even record within it as well.

If you may be doing an OBE or an interview with somebody for your show recording at an interview for a podcast co-hosting your program from somewhere different to usual cleanfeed won't cost you anything to get started.

It only takes 30 seconds to sign up and with the minute should be doing the first live interview or recording you can find out more about it at cleanfeed.

Don't let that clean feed don't let I'm James cridland the radio futurologist Johannesburg in South Africa is a place like no other to hold a radio conference and I was privileged to be at radiodays Africa recently on their 10th anniversary radio is an important part of life in Africa generally radio reaches people who can't read or write and plays the part of an educator in many parts of Africa Steve Martin from the BBC talks about radio in Africa in 2013 at nextradio and he gave a good overview and how progressive after.

Can radio stations are as well as how they think about radio and a different way too many of us you can find the video of the next radio website it next rain but radio and Africa is also partially radio stations light 94.7 in Johannesburg sound as polished as a Big Top 40 stations you'd hear anywhere however.

It was barrage du Pré from the Seychelles broadcasting company that got me thinking little he began by explaining where the Seychelles were which was good cuz I didn't know there on the east coast of Africa in case you're wondering and he spoke about the stations that SPC run one of the things behrad showed was the radio stations app now.

Obviously you could listen to the radio station on it.

So you can also send a voice message to the station in high quality audio the station uses a product called fabric made in South Africa which actors are kind of private WhatsApp for the station were then able to edit and broadcaster messages.

It's a simple and straightforward way to get more voices on the

Are not alone because radio x in the UK is using a rather less private WhatsApp well that using WhatsApp to get messages into the studio for Chris Moyles and Chris Moyles and Dom appear to be having great fun with it even if most of the callers just want to say the words willy and bum write letters to my WhatsApp messages then I'll said willy willy Willy Bum Willy Bum Willy Bum Bum Willy that's very good.

That's lovely whoever you are that's the thinger also anonymous as we just get it yet his messages from people at the end of the names bum willy bum bum.

Sean Connery and thank you very much.

Will a radio station is everywhere services like this make it really easy to remain real and relevant to your audience for SBC who run radio stations the broadcast to over 100 different islands off the coast of east Africa it's a great way to hear directly from your audience radio x to very good way to hear them swear at you getting proper decent audience audio on the air has never been easier.

So if you don't have this function in your radio app.

What's stopping you can get my weekly newsletter to James.

Cradle and and Daily Podcast news at pod until next time keep listening and now on the radio Today programme is David Lloyd 21 years ago this week DAB manufacturers attended the launch of Broadcasting House they displayed their latest products and discuss pricing and availability with retailers and the press.

It is very early days DAB of course was something rather novel.

But Alan Freeman was on hand to explain and does your new digital radio offer you CD quality sound of course it does couldn't get tickets for the big match chauvet gig of the year than don't you worry.

Just stay at home and listening on your DAB radio the sound quality is so good.

It feels like you're part of a crowd in the mosh pit of Pearl Jam all the main stand of Anfield alright alright.

What about the future by the end of 1997 100 million people in Europe will be able to receive the new digital radio transmissions spring 1998 will see coverage of 60% of the UK population one block of frequencies in the UK has already been allocated to the BBC to broadcast nationally the remaining licences will be advertised in spring 1998.

It's expected that the first commercial broadcasters will be ready to broadcast digitally.

Using the national block of frequencies at the end of 1998 Alan Freeman by the way fluff would have been 92 years old this week which is probably an excuse to hear that so wonderful thing with the the Harry Enfield smashie and nicey the Bluebells star to do that fluff who actually spend his later years at Brinsworth House in Twickenham the Royal Variety care home were so many great names gather for their final years he died 13 years ago.

Just over the last few weeks.

We've had more than our fair share of all their farewells.

I think the most touching was Michelle Jordan's from hard.

So, I'm just going to play this song because it means everything to sing it was 7 years ago that there was a surprise at Radio 1 has Chris Moyles announced his imminent departure for those people are thinking it's just a radio show stop banging on about it.

You don't get it and for everyone else who does get it.

You know it's all about me.

I don't do things by halves.

My tongue is always very deep emoji so thank you for listening to show me now continue in fact let's get back to what this show is all about.

Overseas controller I've got a look at trying to lower the average age and this is part of that bigger strategy be like Chris and I had a conversation about the Breakfast Show and Chris and I decided what we should do and that's how we came to the announcement this morning earlier one controller Ben Cooper on the announcement of Chris Moyles as farewell this week in 2012 the BBC likes to reorganize itself now and again, but this week 50 years ago one of the most significant plans was published.

It was called broadcasting in the 70s as a result the station's we know today were more tightly defined programmes with juggles around to put them in the homes.

We recognised today radios new shape in the 70s if the BBC's plans go through after public discussion the for National networks will be still more this distinct Radio 1 stricted pop Radio 2 carrying light music from Sinatra too late.

Radio 3 perhaps only on VHF with more classical music and Radio 4 with most to talk and there are the prospect of an educational channel this would need government help and 40 local stations that could reach 9 out of 10 people in England so more BBC locals on the way Frank Gillard was asked about that expansion in local radio.

I don't think there's a big demand for local radio.

I don't see how you can expect a big demand for something of which most people in this country had no concept and no experience but it's our business has professional broadcasters and has been all the way down the ages to spot the ways in which our service can develop and become of improved value to the listener happy 50th Anniversary to broadcasting in the 70s a thoroughly sensible strategic review of the time.

They're very controversial 1980 now and it's a commercial radio launch in Peterborough

Good morning, you're listening to Heywood radio broadcasting on to 25 metres in a medium wave that's 1332 kilohertz and 95.7 VHF in stereo in a moment's the news at six full of by Daybreak with myself Dave Owen and Jonathan Kramer Britain's 22nd independent radio station has just come on the air.

It's hereward radio based in Peterborough in Cambridgeshire everybody's the first new space station outside London and it'll give heavy emphasis to news and information programs Independent Radio news.

It's 6:03 first one on here.

It was the first one on Daybreak to the Bellamy Brothers Let Your Love Flow it's a day 1 of course and exciting time.

We've got Anglia Television in the Studio with us this morning once again and they're recording Film 4 this evening will be able to see as well as here.

It's today as well morning viewers something horrific asking what is Jonathan morning for the first time Dave yes, we've been doing this program in the studio for some days now we.

It seems like we're all hands at this because of stage so to speak with mint practicing drug cheating dry runs, they call it which brings into minority connotations right.

We had a drink for days and chemistry, Building is it hereward radio launching in Peterborough this week 39 years ago.

It's now heart teddy wakelam.

Died this week in 1963.

He been the UK's first ever sports commentator who played rugby for Harlequin FC and became its captain as well as first commentary what's rugby in 1927.

I can't tell that again and changing over this way.

Just kicked this time goes taking it sticking to the little depends.

How good is it back and can't bloody wait on the Sitting inside a box of they built for him specially.

He had a big glass window across the front sitting in front of Terry Wogan was.

a black man employed to be the assessor whether the commentary was working sitting alongside teddy wakelam was a man who had in front of a map of of the rugby pitch divided into 8 squares to the idea being a UK at Home open up you're ready x OC the squares of the match field actually in front of you, but it radially also creating a narrative you're telling the story of the match as well as the same where the ball is Peter Jones Help Me Understand this he said there any football matches, so basically people don't really care where the ball is that much if it's somewhere in the middle the part between the two penalties but when the ball is in either of the penalty as they need to know exactly where the ball is time served Toby man Peter Griffiths from the BBC reflecting on the approach of teddy wakelam, who died this week 56 years ago and I gather the week before his first on here commentary he went to accommodate on a school's match my way of practice, Welling

Simple listening preparation so with the birth of melody Radio now magic London 29 years ago vs.

Melody FM 105.4 the time exactly 1 the BBC channels moving clips new Friday smart 4 years ago BBC Radio 1 with Greg James for the first time ever the final BBC broadcast from Bush House 7 years ago now after more than 70 years broadcast into the wash house in Central London this BBC News Bulletin is the last to come from Argos at studio spend the first edition of radio newsreel then heard on the BBC overseas service 79 years ago.

This is our daily radio news from Berlingo this week's for a moment.

Thank you David thank salsa.

James cridland Android Martin and I'll guess this week's John Evington from my account and firebugs talking about small scale DAB next time on the radio Today programme.

Hopefully fingers crossed.

I'll be with Claire Greg and James from the new Hits Radio breakfast 24 that This podcast was composed by MiKasa

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