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Read this: 12/07/2019 Radio 4 Feedback

Summary: Podcast

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12/07/2019 Radio 4 Feedback…

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts to a climax and test match special comes into its own will ask its listeners, how special TMS is and whether it is kept up with the times in cms has evolved in that way veteran journalist and England off Spinners Vic Marks and new is commentator Alison Mitchell talk to feedback as people may think so I did my first commentary with TMS in 2007 so I'm 12 years into it now.

They think that probably goes to show how people still have a sense of of female commentary voices still being a new thing and will be talking conflicting loyalties at the BBC Asian Network Pakistan playing learnt or did you just hope that the best side winds are my ISA

Open both but you do work for BBC do what for the BBC exactly but I am rooting for Pakistan will be talking to the networks commissioning executive care about the so-called tethered test is it unpatriotic to support England's opponents and in our out of your comfort zone feature? We have two listeners giving their opinions on the BBC 5 live pienaar's politics and the Private Lives of politicians.

I would Saturday disagree with Sharon and and such a thing as it is important for us to look at the whole person rather than just their Ben Winston Churchill got us through the warm because he not booze back on the beaches later.

The men's Cricket World Cup consisting of one day matches between several Nations Comes Around Every 4 years it began in 1975 and the first three were held in England it's travel the world since then test match special is much older it began in 1957 when The Corporation became the first broadcasted to cover every ball of a test match in the moment will speak to two of the team's regulars, but first we sent our reporter Alan beach to talk to fans of Bangladesh and Pakistan ahead of their world cup clash of Lords to hear their thoughts on TMS I'm from Birmingham and I'm supporting Bangladesh I am a list.

I think that the coverage that you have on the on the BBC is fantastic, and I think it needs to be more widespread to the youth.

I was feeling journalism.

You should get a mix of Germany's of an ex players.

I think there's too many ex players sometimes can't I just because they were good players.

What does that make them good journalist, I think any

See more of a concerted effort of connecting with the younger generation.

Are you now with children primary school and enjoy the quicker you think they could reject if you're a teacher.

You should know this kind of thing I remember the 99 World Cup I was only 10 years old where they do the BBC Radio shop.

I can talk or radio torso something like that getting too involved making them the commentators say something fun getting them engaged and putting back sun and where you from.

I'm from London as somebody who's young.

How would you get coverage? Would it be via the internet normal or or is it only on a car radio? I think about social media and just in general.

I maybe podcasts if it was on and was available and they do to podcast if you have a listen to the podcast now having only listen to them.

What would entitle you're a fan.

I know I think maybe if it was just a little bit more advertised I suppose on social media then I would listen to it.


Car from Bishop's Stortford and I'm supporting Pakistan I do think the coverage of Pakistan could be more and building Courage the you for more it open up a bigger demographics of the UK the young you do want a more quicker pace game being myself 17.

That is what we more suited to I think that's the same with the commentary as well.

You would want a bit of Hyper-V of excitement similar to football commentary really just keep us going out the game if radio is something that when I used to wear used to videos that use two iPhones so I'm not sure if radio will even be used as a domain coverage Simone following years specialist our generation is going on so I definitely saying the BBC at this way really you should I mean on your a woman cricket fan and they do have women now.

We had Alison Mitchell who is one of my favourite favourite.

I think she's exception of her own her interests the way that she think she's genuinely brilliant women need to hear other women talk.

It's not just a male dominated sport and women also enjoy going to

I'm watching it and inside doesn't sit in one gender.

So I'm pleased that DMS has evolved in that way Johnny me now.

It's Gemma's stalwart and form England or round Vic Marks and one of the newer commentators and the first female to have this Roses irregular in this country Alison Mitchell how well does summarises and comedies have to get on the I mean you're doing very different jobs.

Aren't you? I mean how do you see your job Alice as a lead commentator for me your your primary job is describing the action and telling the story letting the listener know exactly what is happening with people joining a broadcast all the time and the first thing people need to know when I switch on the cricket.

Is is what's the score yet? He wanted to sound it I can natural accompaniments.

I think the relationship with your summarise a large part of that sense of.

Two people almost in the stands watching the game having conversations between deliveries of how do you sue the rule of summariser is it sometime to say nothing only the hardest bit is the only difficulty who sang where is knowing that you've got to shut up and you have to shut up even if you're in the middle of the most brilliant insights or extraordinary funny joke you have to shut up when the bowler starts to run up to summarise.

It is there to have a conversation on Amazon because you're the first day female commentator.

I have to ask you the question about whether or not when you did start you met any Prejudice why did my first commentary is selling in 2007 which at the time was when I'm very good friend of mine Jacqui Oatley had made her commentary jb1 Match of the Day in football and the reception that she had got was nothing short of Extraordinary and she was the subject of phonons and Anna

What's a lots of really difficult and a misogynistic views about women commentating? I've had a slightly different journey as opposed and Jackie because I've done a lot of County Cricket by that stage and I've worked lots of broadcasting on Radio 5.

Live's I suppose I become more familiar to the cricketing audience there by the time.

I did come to do my first England commentaries.

I believe it might my voice and my name was familiar already to the TMS audience and I was nervous about what reaction might be but I actually never did get much of a reaction it was just a case really of put my head down and try not to be noticeable for being a female.

I just wanted to be noticed for being a quality cricket commentator When We Stand back.

However crooked in general is becoming less popular is being played apparently less in schools and elsewhere.

Are you worried? I worry about it.

I think there is still a great enthusiasm.

For the game that is obviously an issue at in schools when it's been played so much there's an issue about its accessibility but I'm still sure all that there is a groundswell of Interest across all Generations Alison to think that that we shouldn't be worried about cricket declining at school that young people will come to it.

I think the women's game has the greater capacity for growth within an audience perspective in a commercial perspective and I think one thing is that the 100 competition to come in next year as men's and women's I'd like to see that really use as a vehicle to particularly dry.

The women's game as it's got a greater capacity than the men's cricket arguably because there was already an established fan base in the men's game and even if not all matches are going to be available to watch live on television as we know it's whether that's through Sky Sports all the matches that will be out on the BBC live, then, I'd like to see the ECB investing live streaming each and everyone so that those who do want to watch it.

Can watch it at for free and it's easily accessible and then build an audience from that there is a way of making women's cricket as popular as women soccer.

I think the bloodhound furniture is always a tricky topic of conversation Media circles shown on BBC One it does make a huge difference women strictly everywhere when they won the World Cup at Lords couple years ago, but it does make a difference where you can see I'm afraid we talk about the future of women's cricket cricket channel.

What about the future of TMS Vic because BBC's been losing right here and there you didn't go to Sri Lanka I think last year.

We're not to mess is not going to South Africa do they the future of two masses in doubt?

But you're right to know them in for to the overseas tours TNS have not been able to gain the rights which is a big blow for the licence have really bad cough, but it is a great shame.

I know and it goes with a lot of people there curiously they just like having it on with like cricketer great deal is not absolutely vital they do they play just like the conversation.

They they enjoy it for reasons beyond cricket which is strange but true and an almost in have had some people talk about TMS almost in the same sense of being a bit of its own soap opera because people are so familiar with the personnel.

They become characters that almost within this background.

today daily like nothing that was why the cricket social became quite a success with fans earlier in the year when TMS wasn't on the ground doing ball by ball commentary at the test matches, then the same people were still having those conversations via BBC sport online it was like having TNS there in it in it in a different sort of way, so that's it never quite matches the being there my bookmarks down the dirt blaster not saying goodbye to Alison Mitchell just yet though as she has some vital information to import about how you can get in touch you can send an email to feedback at or write a letter the address is feedback PO Box 67234 London se1p 4ax you can follow activity on Twitter by using at BBC R4 feedback or you can call us and

The phone message on 03 treble 3 treble 4544 standard landline charges apply, but it could cost more on some mobile networks all those details are on our website by the way we now know at long last who is to be the new controller of radio 4 in succession to Gwyneth Williams he is mohit bakaya, a long serving member of the networks commissioning team on Wednesday the BBC also announce the names of two more controllers for two new portfolios Jonathan the wall who had been running five live is to be controller of BBC sounds and Lorna Clark becomes controller of pop music so expect to hear changes across BBC Radio output and do let us know what you make of them and we'll take it up with the new controllers now back to our regular feature each week.

We're asking to BBC Radio listeners to step out of their comfort zones and listen to a program that wouldn't normally be.

Merida this week's Sean Kelso from Portsmouth and Shirley Bailey from Preston again to review an episode of the BBC 5 live pienaar's politics which was broadcast on Sunday the 23rd of June at 10.

It's an hour-long program hosted by big John the BBC deputy political editor to get an idea of their regular listening habits we ask Sharon and Shirley for the titles of their top three programs that have to take with them if they were stranded on a desert Island Chile first well.

Obviously, it's got to be the Archers always the Archers and I particularly listen to today every morning and then p.m.

At 5 p.m.

I'm sure more will be your Top Gear programme with any drama gqt Gardeners Question Time and it will be the Archers and all Ken Bruce but that's on Radio 2 well, Shirley and Sharon we asked you to listen to an episode of pienaar's politics on 5 live in cumulative.

Doubts about his character and his fitness to leave it's not out of ideas on how would you describe the program? Will it was that be weird again? I can't have tried not to switch off mentally a brake light during break when I do mean the brexit word.

Yes, I like John style and I thought he deflected and the borrow situation that cropped up a nice and easily any kept everybody €100 could reflect the Boris is who which where is she came up with his girlfriend's neighbours and where it's been a bone of contention and quite honestly.

It's Amanda sage anybody does a job does the job and there's been loads of people throughout history, who did the job but they were different in their Private Lives

Are you implying that the general shouldn't follow up that story you seem to praise join4movie on the point in question is about who is going to be the next leader of a he kept on an even keel noby got right because I am quite a follow Santa today and they get into a loop and you're not getting any answers and all the politician has to do is filibuster till the Times up Shirley reviews stated through very clearly.

I would such as I disagree with you Sharon and answer to save it is important for us to look at the whole person rather than just their then Winston Churchill got us through the warm boy.

Could he not the booze back but obviously one of those trying to do is doing much more relaxed shower.

It's his brother doesn't share it with anybody and so is obviously quite durable characters.


Do you think he is making it is his program in very much you know in his style, Shirley

Yes, I did.

I don't know whether I liked it quite so much, but yes I definitely think he did I think it was a very kind of a Radio 4 programme to me rather than the radio 5 Rogan think it was much more direct not as aggressive as the Today programme interviews are but I think he is very Direct I thought that maybe it's a little bit more jaunty at the start but by the time we got through to the referendum.

Yes or no.

You know I was beginning to flag a little bit and I think John Pienaar possibly was too well.

There's a real problem is no longer the same as been gone over and over and over again.

They try and make it logically put a little bit of music in here and there they have journalists at the front of the end, which gives them a bit of flexibility in the store is this select from the papers but in the end.

It's the same politics its readers, but it's the same politic the kisses by some brexit what else and there's a little else and I kinda smiled when when he said to her Lynne truss with a little bit.

Mestizo said you entitled to your opinion, what is it to her partners household, but you entitled to your opinion, what is it? There's no point asking me I believe it's a private matter.

I don't think the public are concerned about that novel about this program out in the end if you were to listen to it again.

It would be because you like John pienaar's that there was little human it.

I think there is a bit of a Nokia edge to it.

You know when jumping I was asking I think it was Lynne truss again about the transition agreement.

He's also help me out here then you can we hear that I should have been carefully would get through that would be grateful trying to be humorous.

Who sang on the one hand if it to confrontational people say you're not gonna get a thing about them and secondary art of politicians and then sometimes he would have you tried to ring Maisie you can get more out of them, but it can also appear as if you are part of a sword of Westminster clique Ms friendly and I thought it was more perfunctory more more sort of ask a question answer a question if I was to listen again.

I I have to kind of choose my program to use my topic roll sounds with your mobile not listen again.

So I think John style is great as a mediator arbitrator.

He's not the Nick Robinson and John Humphrys type of interviewer.

I would give it another go cos I do like John Pienaar and his Style but one subject is Asus a bit too long for that for one program like that likes to Sharon Cole and Shirley Bailey

The cricket world cup has loomed large on 5 Live and TMS but with half the teams Afghanistan Bangladesh India Pakistan and Sri Lanka or coming from South Asia it's also been a huge story on the BBC Asian Network aimed at 18 to 34 year old British Asians it broadcast news music discussion programmes and documentaries reflecting British Asian arts and Culture has a flavour of the station and comment about it from the ground at the Pakistan vs.

Bangladesh match and we could go as for Pakistan against listen to BBC Asian Network I think it's been I think I've got a massive audience reach it because of the multicultural society that we live in especially with the British Bangladeshi British Indian British Pakistani listen listen to and I think the van couple of special is a special the india-pakistan game and India Bangladesh came on Thursday so I'm having the courage of in fantastic.

So, it's only taking me around 10 years to get This podcast I'm Noreen Khan cricket.

Lover can I join now by the commissioning executive of the BBC Asian Network khaliq miah Gaelic how big are story is the cricket world cup for British Asians always absolutely huge Roger is one of the biggest things that they have in their sporting at lives as you know a cricket has been passed down to our audience and the younger members through their grandparents than their parents of family lineage and it's you know it's important to most as their religion is ochalek when we were down at the ground and we didn't actually managed to find many people who listen to The Bridge Station Network I think there's a number of reasons for that because you know we are measured by Rachel like the rest of the industry that we know we have more than half million radio listeners.

We know more than

Million people engage with us on social media every week, so clearly we have listeners.

I think games in London particularly at Lords at this stage of the tournament appeal to a very broad audience if you were to have gone to Edgbaston in Birmingham or even of Trafford I think you may well have found a different answer to your question and what do you see the role of your network because she we have TNS it's they're bored of Orlando whatever what can you do? What can you add in your coverage? So we had to think I carefully about not duplicating replicating.

What goes on elsewhere in the BBC so far as it was much more about reflecting and celebrating the cultural habits out if you like them the culture around the sport so the first thing that we did that climaxed if you like on the first day of the World Cup beginning was our greatest cricketer of all time belt it wasn't just for our audience.

It was for all of the BBC to get involved with and as it turned out you know the greatest cricketer as voted for by the audience at turned out to be Donald Bradman an Australian who is traffic in the in the 1940s over 30s and 40s so we essentially lead that in a way that no one else was doing at we've been running a new podcast called bats bales and biryani by the title.

There's a little bit of fun in there, but it wasn't it's really all about the the fan obsession.

It's like a fanzine really it's like got his conversation that you have with your mates.

It don't necessarily here on on TMS when Afghanistan played Pakistan in Leeds at work pocket of violence inside outside Headingley we worried about that before hand.

How do you cover on that were obviously aware of it and we obviously try and preempt that and we cover that in our news programs and we die journalists and reporters that the ground but I must say you know in the grand scheme of things.

Those incidents of being pretty few and far between for the vast majority they want to celebrate the one to enjoy while on Monday evening on Radio 4 this week.

There was a documentary testing The Tempest nearly 30 years on from former conservative minister, Norman Tebbit screening of a so-called cricket test to measure people's loyalty and level of integration into their adopted country right John that are conducted a personal investigation into whether the test still has any traction today is a text sure there's a hole hearted commitment.

Telling you have to renew nationality or if not for hearty support will that is pretty uncompromising then Norman is clearly not for turning and to me an entire generation on his views still felt right and naive the presenter erosion that are made it very clear what he's so what do you do with him? I do absolutely agree with them and I remember when Norman Tebbit made those comments was a teenager at the time it felt wrong to me back then another teenager.

Are you know I struggle to work out why it felt wrong but as I've grown up I've decided it's because it's a wrong measure for the for the wrong time essentially reintroduces it down to the dichotomy.

It's either you for the nation that you live in or therefore your against it what it does is it negates the sense that we all have in Contemporary society that we have.

Many different layers to our identity you know if you're in a what is the white working class man about 61.

Not particularly prejudiced and you see people to be in this country for 40 years originating from the Asian subcontinent cheering for their team against evil team.

Can you understand why that white figure might feel a bit hurt? No, I don't think I can I can understand why he or she might want to question why they're not supporting the same team as themselves however at the same time.

It's if I give you an example with football and English football someone that's grown up a Chelsea supporter because he's a her grandparents and parents did but now happens to live in the northwest of the country where the the liverpudlians are mancunians.

Can't suddenly expect that individual to now start supporting the team that they support but if British Asians primarily support the countries where the families came from giving this would change your is changing the more ancient players get.

Do the England team have you got to at the moment mon Ali and Adil Rashid to think therefore people will start to think a well? Yeah? I should support them.

I think they they are doing and are absolutely because they can see themselves and their culture reflected back at them in this great team that is England cricket and obviously as the next-generation grows there englishness and britishness only get stronger as part of their layers of identity so up solutely.

I think that's changing and find it.

Would you pass the Turing cricket test Pakistan playing learnt or did you just hope of the best side wins I I support them both but you do work for BBC do work for the BBC exactly but I am rooting for Pakistan I'm actually received Pakistan partly because there's plenty of for the people around me that router for England

England on any letter for not having my support on that particular day, but at the same time I've got to support at the nation that my parents come from away my heritages, but at the same time you know I'm absolutely one of the best team to win.

I'm absolutely helping the England make it through to the final stage as much as Pakistan my thanks Academy of commissioning executive of the BBC Asian Network and if you want to hear that documentary testing The Tempest by Rajan data.

It's available to hear on BBC sounds surprisingly non-aviation teams made it into the World Cup final not even mighty India who have the world's greatest batsmen and that's all for this week's program, but next week.

No, it's not the Last Night of the Proms it's the first night which is looming and I'll be interviewing its director David Pickard does it deserve the elitist tag which some still try to stick on it do let us know your thoughts on this year's program.

I would have loved to see in the Royal Albert Hall but my voice is only suitable for the bathroom reply.

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