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Media Masters - Bill Abbott…

Media Masters with Paul Bradshaw welcome to media Masters series of one-to-one interviews with people at the top of your game New York Abbott president and chief executive of Crown Media family networks the companies owned by hallmark cards and his famous rich wholesome programming since joining the 2018 a growth of the business which now has 3 channels are streaming service eBook Publishing and the podcast and with a career spanning 25 years he's an inductee of the broadcasting and cable Hall of Fame is also a board member of the American humane Association the international radio on television Society foundation and the video advertising Bureau thank you.

Thank you to be here is one of the US is most successful entertainment companies, where does it sit in her in a very competitive Media Landscape it is a compound of video escape and we are very unique and we are.

Red Dead turns out we will have big a big conglomerate that owes us for the BDO world, but we have a very large two large cable that works in one that's growing, childhood history about the top rated Lydia Charis in in the process so we have a very unique place in the landscape in word for excited about our successful about the future about your Media proposition about the channels on a streaming service.

What is it that you're doing so we are first and foremost service of the brand brand is really we believe second to none in the does home bargain Stafford 10 year old couple that has Richard Natalie retail but with production with the McCarthy a big waterfall library of most award-winning highest rated series television history, it's gives us the television space people think of homework in entertainment.

They think of the hall of fame.

Has allowed us to large retail data streaming service that have a very distinct part of you with her different that we are at 24/7 appropriate for the result of high quality of content and something that you are definitely have a emotional you get you dated emotional attachment to our god that's all and I'm with the contents abroad.

She said? If you don't broke don't fix it isn't it? But it's more about increasing the reach because you've lost the streaming service the podcast mean tell us how your your expanding your your connections and your viewers by creating more to over-the-top services.

We thought important earlier.

Play that game and and giving head is only available that week only available with another bread week after taking something that had started streaming service that would have this Can't Take That for an alternative to but the cable during the decade of your was something that we.

Today was something we can be successfully and we have CBS all access startup you know that there are a couple of others and three 4 million gay but obviously getting dizzy and other side of the equation, but we're right there in terms of being at the top of that next rug of that works in before the way of all the children little table that works out there.

We have that the highest number of subscribers.

I mean all Chan and immediate control of strive for what you would call distinctiveness and brand values where you know what you're going to get when you turn the channel on and it must be difficult when you are generalists, like CBS and NBC is on but withhold it is a distinctive proposition.

Is it not that is secure assess consistency at ensuring that viewers.

Are you looking for? Let's keep it who is successful escape those that do that well.

Escape that are successful HDTV TV food affects their tails that you know what you're going to get when you turn about the others have lost away quickly and have wide variety of programming that you really don't know who they are it so it's a mod try and I could be that we have to be consistent isn't a typical hallmark channel story I mean because one of the creative challenge might have is like you said you have this need to have this define proposition, but you've also got to at least partially reinvented for every single movie and everything that you created for sure.

It is not easy.

Would you have a wee bit out of here? So you know clearly yeah, its some of the stories are are worth more than it's all about feeling good at all about positivity at all about you know how the story gets told and we've taken great Pains of the last five years to really improve their processes improve.

Proven to improve the Casting production values and we've we've also made great progress there another word for the big keys to our success.

I mean if you you obviously have a great product and I don't mean to be mean it by said conveying it to say McDonald's but when read what came along and systematized the production of a great burger that allowed them to produce that it's scale.

Do you have a toolkit of methadone to get a film outside you said you raise the game creatively but that is there also have a machine behind your sausage factory.

It will get these out it according to certain deadlines and budgets and so on so probably Tesco port of you were responsible.

We we have we have a great table also said that you're cool who worked at all these Productions at fu from the moment something is up for reproduction.

They are all over the director of the producer of the tower descript.

They do a great job at that said there is a lot of Formula we don't have a brother.

I think there would be ok Boy Meets Girl you know from there on out the robots place out if we have the plug it into a formula.

We'll try and be a lot more creative than that because if it was it wouldn't be much of her.

There's got to be something for stress and conflict and tension drama exactly exactly we we we want to highlight a way that makes argue over so comfortable or create a website.

Do you watch all 100 movies I watch movies and read all 100 scripts that's incredible sense of satisfaction that when you know and ideas in Genesis and then you actually see the finished result.

I think whatever next week so quickly that we forgot about the ones that we have her watch them.

I would certainly that there is a fear Woodward search up particularly well, but we are extremely prolific obviously at the Syria and so there is a lot of time for prefer.

Congratulations a lot of at Media industry leaders sometimes can't even watch the finished product because the end of nitpicking or they see what's wrong with it rather not something I would a business as well.

I have a lot of Managers day today in the things that aren't working in the business I can fix them but on the other hand they still is quite a sort of running the sleeves up tax situation so grateful that I only watch the network.

I don't watch The Final Cut watching on there because I go to exactly that same feeling it is it's very very afraid when you see something that was that fix that you felt like it could have had it put it to order you verify that something that you know we always there when I get a sense of perfection.

This is a good thing but it could drive her crazy to go to book a couple of years ago and that one of my friends would also published the book said the one thing piece of advice wanted to give me the Minute was published it was in the shops.

Never open it again because then it's too late if you spot a mistake.

That advice is nothing you can do a little do you up exactly right here as well, but that said you know it is unfortunate to be where I am now.

We got tons and tons of questions about coming up.

What are the advantages of having your Legacy brand like hallmark card and that's as you mentioned over a century of incalculable the fact that we hold such a special place for consumers in terms of they think of us in women when they got to celebrate the occasion or a birthday or holiday or something music for that were at the centre of it and he cannot measure the importance of that and what their value brings to our business, so if you put another name on our network in Resident Evil by the way at odds with the Hub attached.

I mean sometimes if I have a tough day at work.

I'll deliberately come on and on my TV or Sky Q as we call it back in the UK you know I put on a comma.

Is there something to be said about you knowing this that the Hallmark channel's are providing entertainment that's positive and celebratory in appearance of usable age is given that we are in quite a device will politically and there seems to be a lot of uncertainty.

Maybe it is in a sense comfort.

So that's really motivating factor for me.

Why was letters from people who really rapidstart dead.

Who are you may have had a bad day or maybe going through a bad time of their life for a baby.

Just turned up to get away for a bow out of the other sensational TV is really tough to watch it or really 62 shark rather than entertain so so we take a lot of Pride in the fact that we are really the only Entertainment Network adaptor does that consistent 24/7 and the weekend after that respect to people that are looking for that feeling.

Positive people often say to me you know or people going to get bored of all these stories and horror movies and how do you do that every every year but I think the reality is there is no said so far feel like to positive too much positive that you were people love to feel positive than so you know we'll keep practicing movie making people happy if I want to watch nbc's meet the press that if I'm looking for a positive distraction that can help me relax on a tough day and recharge me the day had tomorrow then I'm going to watch your moving.

Do you think there is an element of cynicism sometimes that critics say you can't introduce Akron and almost as if it's you know just shallow, is it as if it's not needed.

We have had two of the top rated the party on the Week series 2 of original series which we also produce sweet British former, Chelsea

Two of them have the number one internal body and some of the past three weeks and anything if you look at that record and you look at the success of our hearts.

We had the doing something that was worse than sexualized for something that was horrible pushing the other little bit more with me all the potential Hollywood reporter and everywhere but because I can't edit view that be a little bit more sacret.

He will get the headlines earlier words that frankly we probably deserve and one prostrate your critics is that they can't argue with the numbers because they like you say you wanted some of them.

They all undermine their case and you are a little bit of Justice without any of them.

Were were happy to be a record I see the positively or negatively I wonder whether I'm about to pictures.


I delete your number one of the 100 movies could be that the chief executive of channel finally takes on his homework appeals to millions of female viewers age speakers on 18-55.

It is not an audience that rivals a failing to reach that must be one of the things that they are frustrated I looking down at it really because actually that's the kind of all is that they want they're due on spending the money and I just haven't connected in hours meaning followers.

You guys have thought a true.

It's true.

It's frustrating.

I think that I can sort that out graphically tickets.

It is frustrating for the media especially since you know would you live in Los Angeles to New York you have a tendency to have a little bit of a skewed view of the world and then.

Yeah, it's such as you know.

It's just too much different than the rest of the country and and so what is what place will hear that say Sarah we play as well in other places in my first.

So you don't want that what are popular European data.

There are two markets that we have a very high level values within but I think within the intelligentsia within the both of us and just kids as well.

I mean I can remember as a kid growing up in the family movie night and if there was a sex scene in their sister and I would just absolutely to die with embarrassment because my mum and dad will watching it as well exactly exactly why we take such cross a particular purpose of decorating or svp of Aboriginal culture really put very descriptive they watch a movie and and we all are.

Policing terms of not having anything to see him that even remotely questionable anywhere near accountant like sexual content violence and the garage on the other channels that may be terminated viewers directors a crush on her take that it's hard to find something that you can all watch together.

Lol I think it's Bermuda Race 2 2 the gutter are the cat outside.

It's unfortunate that it's a big change.

I think that this is some of the last specialist areas were really anything else has added its own on-demand streaming platform, but you're up against the Netflix and now they need stringing platform is launched by Apple and Disney I view it as a kind of abundance mentality that if I want to subscribe to you wouldn't be at the expense of net clearly most families can subscribe to several of these is that the business of course we going to have a Netflix subscription but you can also subscribe to the Hallmark channel's yeah, we're not compatible for the forks as much as

Alternative to internet web skateboards people who love a bread in love account and would you look at our Deborah's again at all of these patients? Are we reach 80 million December so they really really cute Netflix has thrown literally hundreds of millions at so many different genres unit remember subscribe to Netflix and you get DVDs in the past and old school.

Is there a situation where Netflix might decide to take you on where they're going to try and out hallmark hallmark, because they've got the money to throw it no question I think of it though.

We we have a way of creating a culture that are movies with a brand that gives us a big light up even if even if they if you can go with you.

Could try create a competitor to what we do.

But we've got that special something within what are what we create our executive so well and they replicated total again and I think you that our attention to detail is just a parallel to the Pacific Netflix there's a lot of money at cutted brother.

How much they really pay attention to the quality you expect us to be emotionally moved by the content you create a new kind of switch off a little bit of that.

I mean have you become like a holdout whole of a man.

Is it where you want something that will play well.

Do you still get moved yourself to the question so well that I have nothing to do with our little bit clear but probably cheaper the creative cuts to be allowed to the ride the other ones who really brilliant at it returns service about the environment Christmas this past holiday season, movies and mysteries was.

The separated from their dog clothes the battery comes over the dog is still away in the beautiful story of the readout and so there are many times where I can't touch this reaches a certain level that if you don't if you're if you're not a complete Civic and you have you have to feel something with you watch that story I'm a friend of mine.

Who was a member of a comedy troupe and they perform every Sunday night.

I laugh all the time but he left on the 30 years you know I've heard a lot of these drugs before and I admire them.

He said I just don't like it when I laughed that means it's good because you know if I can if I can if I can cut through 30 years of doing this Saturday you've got everything at the same time though.

There are those so there's certain special projects and special times of performances and storing lights at scripts that.

It's just the way you have emotionally for people typical week for you, then.

I met your the chief executive you're running the whole business.

Where are you based? You mentioned are wearing New York are you travelling a lot to tell us what the size of your teamwork? Let's talk to the Apple business ensure that corporate.

We were located in Los Angeles I live in New York we haven't got a third of the group of New York at Stade sales distribution and supporting people in the park and then go everywhere with cocktails created in Birtley quite a bit also corporately Home Bargains in Kansas City so the affair about to just looking at different potential opportunities.

We can work together on.

We could have some bread certainly be there or or digital or social or otherwise typical week for you then depends on where I'm I am your father New York there is a tendency to work very late at night to the Doctor Who The Old calls until the west coast to the west coast office doesn't shut down till 6 so that impacts me a New York but I'll take the majority of those calls from home and the doctor working hours in New York Yahoo there is seriously you know between the business side of creative side and you know the city side.

We have a we have a lot on your plate.

We do it registration.

That's less than three other people which is we have the size of whatever competitors thermostatic were very Costcutter so we we believe that we offer a great opportunity for employees to get robbed lot of things.

The majority of employees who work within the company we have a great environment atmosphere and feeling of team and focus on success for the brand to serve the brand think there's no still crochet girls so I tear his mother true.

We have a lot of people who don't have big egos herself us interns and their pursuit of either distribution sales are the best car to another program Lakeside so we we thought the remarkable group that is very special and worktop of things that we take a rather special as well.

How do you describe your leadership style? You know I value everyone wants your higher.

We value people as professionals we assume the best and and we really I believe you need to give people at a higher level and to be operate you within the guidelines of what you were established, but did apparently there.

Are you know people who work a certain way that they were.

Why is that fine in terms of you know? They're working tablet, so they are ours are the way they communicate you are very I convert flexible terms of HS2 Styles the things were not flexible about it and it was stickers for all things about the bread things about the context of existence, but just are so important to the success of our door, so I think as long as people professional with your professional at the other day.

You know right from wrong.

You know if you're getting the job done.

You know if you're not and so why you know what does guidelines people that are understand that are always successful.

You are right built the sofa studies about guarding them the brand values as it was almost you know if you pull on tapestry the whole thing could unravel and if you think of that you do so at your peril specialist adorable things are so bye see in terms of loyalty hair in terms of all of the different options and around.

That if you are once you lose that trust was she was at guiding vision.

I think that that's where your business really will suffer or businesses 5% of the revenue side driven by advertising so we pay excruciatingly quotes attention to the detail raining so we are very sensitive to Reading fluctuations either way our business is predicated on that advertising will be a successful.

So that losing it over 10% of our viewers because we were that consisted of losing loyalty is something we can have something other for to do and we will take great pains to ensure that that that we are rough again establishing expectations and delivering on others brand values codified.

Is it a bit like the kind of secret formula for Coca-Cola that in a safe somewhere in your office there's this is what a hallmark Channel movie will look like and you've got you know.

10% of this smidgen of that, is it almost that that define and I wish you all like what you read something I can send it would say he was why this isn't we will be that works for us.

So this is why I should be surprised us, but it's it's almost like the older get the all out and I don't want to see it yet, and so you know unfortunately you can't get because the creative is so loose in terms of you tried to wrap your wrap be specific with your here to take in Pacific with your overall view.

It is a one of those church because I take it you have to make the sauce is a recipe they just have to produce it by the late enough it out to the restaurants.

You guys have to have varieties and changes within I know it's largely formula.

Encarta toilet will play a role in a very different way that you envisioned which will set the movie to be more dramatic at UBS orderby over-the-top comedic, so why you know it's a kelpie of secret sauce.

It is moreover trial as you see things.

Are you were you? Have a good idea as to what I work.

It's been quite a journey.

Have you become so weird hospital charity and what I took over we were we had two cable that works what there was only in 59 hugs and, channel was nearer what is today in terms of popularity or overall Pele dead, so we got it from that point in time to know a couple of 3 cable networks has a streaming service has a publishing this has a podcast this invention has is very prolific and digital has a traditional unit.

We work with and by the way have the highest rated women's Cheryl in Canada with a partnership of course at the we work, so we have exponentially since 10 years and were much bigger the people with fake in terms of our revenues success ratings and overall appeal because we replied to see of Giants where you've got five or six Media conglomerates out there that old everything I were the very well Pepsi would it be to your methodology because they're tiny bit threatened by that you doing so well that they almost 10 years.

I think that they're I think they were nuisance.

It's it's it's one of those things that you are you.

Success and you because of that we spoke about because of the nature of the cartel in the nature of the bread and we are easily dismissed to the great but detailed people really respect without what's top of your to-do list at the moment.

I'm not just in terms of like the day today and I appreciate this is a flow to the how you do your job in terms of the loan terms of the medium to long-term priorities.

What's what's top of mind when you in the shower thinking this is what I want to wear on a take things over the next few weeks or months.

You know I think that we have a great opportunity from the point of view of what city was Albert cards and working to be more deeply in graded to put the retail side.

I think that's a big opportunity the value of Archer linhope a homework as well as something that where were focused ad.

But at the end of the day it comes down to execute our strategy and we have developed what we think is still extremely strong strategy with our franchises to Christmas like for harvest like Jude weddings and it's really thinking of innovative ways of approaches that we can continue to drive oil to your viewers had to get your various ways digital social promotion that is just top of buying every single day because those fridge has are so different that anything else OTV they are for a different value proposition for a distributors for advertisers and 4 of years.

They are the heart of what we do.

I mean countdown to Christmas tree up deliver the broadcast networks on weekends at the holiday season start in incredible German beer with first class football.

So you know it's it's a very competitive time of year to be number one.

Speaks to how successful was great chances are teleported is the continue that success so top of the list.

Is is a reinforcing that it would otherwise possible it would have to be on the inside or the outside from but every time she distribution point of you.

That's always at top of blood coming from a commercial point of view.

You should be glad that you can put it as am looking at your on your management style more closely, but do you ever feel a tiny bit of lightning produce incredulity? I should say that you know that they should take a leaf out of your book a bit more nipples be more for themselves shopping couple of them for a service Christmas birthday or Christmas moving away, but you know at the end of the day.

I think that and I don't know what to say this the wrong way, but I think that he goes and I take them what gets rid of the press because the North Star.

Words because very important organisation should I take that you have the ability to do something out of the box is something that appeals to the creative community in a way that keeps them focused are different types of content and to our benefit most cable networks in streaming services are looking to words in game media attention and they are looking necessarily to serve the most years and they're not doing that because in terms of how they would you know define success define brand loyal at sustainable financially making good money.

These are all things that you're doing and frankly there so many of them are they certainly not taking all of those boxes so I think one of them things biggest biggest change in the presence of the last 10 years despite the emergence of these taking over to purchase multiple cable that works who operators cable that works like a

You've got more five couples that overtake cable networks and other ones that do just don't pay attention to those individual brands the way they would said what you see is a portfolio brand exactly with USA was at work.

It was just you as I did say if I went around us I have a distinct brand very strong focus on what they do what they thought it wasn't what about and and pay attention to the rain expected to the primary schedule really pay attention to every little detail.

I think that are part of weight of 25 cable networks of the other day.

It's what's your essay is double this year + 550.

It says a lot of discernment around the brand around paying Close attention to what you know at the very top of those organizations.

What happens when you guys always be independent all but are you having to fight off interested suitors we're we've got very very calls on special offer.

3 years, where are there is a lot of interesting but you never wanted for Corsa chiquito for retail at such a ketone for Valley Advertiser as well, be that catches people's attention and certainly the way we do it will cost efficiently with the trials of straw Borrowers were very attractive options out there, but there is absolutely no consideration of any type of cell over others about your connection with the quantity of the ratings.

What is there a quality if they do you engage with them on social media how communicative? Are you with them and do you deal with you a complaint something if you cancel a show or they don't like a popular finale to a story line or something like that is how do you deal with your actual viewers? I think whatever hidden secret weapons is our social media team.

They are extremely active and stronger and

Really working very hard.

Would you have this much original cut you know they're always on call and they always responded weird other so they are prolific in terms of their daughter sapporo Celtic the gauge reviewers.

That's where we do it the most certainly of the digital side.

We have a place for you to make comments, but it's really is social with the rubber hits the road and it can be frustrating when you get the feedback that you know movie didn't go as well as we'd hoped or character.

Didn't there was dissatisfactory of a character or location or I'm sorry but the same because of the territory but engage with my friends is something that is very important especially because we have such a loyal Trooper feds.

It's that the Hub experience one where you through the child loss and you know just what happened to be in the favourite trailer for we consider ourselves or others are club of people who love what we do.

So keeping them happy and making sure that we are listening to them yet.

Hearing them is very poor and do you connect with them yourselves directly do you have like focus groups or at other ways that you can actually talking to great question focus groups are a big part of what we do.

We do at least 62 days sessions a year sometimes more were in different cities such as Los Angeles or New York all week.

I myself travel with the pavilion in the head of a joke about a wee-wee listen for 2 days about you know the good the bad about a water called how how are you doing? That's a very important report card to be taking it out or Lies then utilised it away that informs our decision-making before and it comes to your leadership challenge in terms of if there are any teaching and learning outcomes that you can you tell me what it is.

Cos if if a movie doesn't play particularly well that.

Innumerable reasons why that might be might be the wrong location the director might not have got a scene stage right and activate the portrait is slightly off that could be script problem.

I mean you're the person who asked her forensically break that down an expression of dissatisfaction in terms of occasionally the components that went wrong within that a couple of years ago.

I had a great start it had somebody's popular audience at the Red came in at was significantly older what we thought so we focus group tested.

We found out that the amount of comfort to the beginning of the story something of yours just said that take to to that like thought that there was no way that about a comfort could be reserved only problem is irreconcilable and so were they did that I enjoy the movie and we we have established some really great moment so far of conflict, but they were over the top as it turned out and say we learnt a lot from the focus groups and that helped inform the way we create.

Because ultimately that you everyone says they listen to their customers, but it seems to even now still be quite you need to actually do it rather than just say it but you guys are very good.

Just because of a while to factor at odds with so bored that we are the we get it right at the people feel like they're us until we had a lot of people sitting in the chair and how often do you have an actual viewer listener or reader in mind and some editors and chief execs will say yes, it's my next door neighbour.

She's this is that one I have her in my grand thinking about a script or an issue, or is it a general like a generic demographic that you're coming out? How do you often can visualise an Antara and uncle or someone a family situation when people are consuming this content very icy icy a route for people that I think of Aruba people with a day would enjoy the seed or whether two people.

Cards can buy into a storyline egg and feel like the storyline mixit stirrers and contrived so we have a lot of colour theory wheel are people who washed together but husband wife and couples or families and so it's the one thing that we've done exceedingly well.

I think of Alaska for yours is cutters billboards out of your card that you'd look across the room at somebody else I command you know why they doing that they would that would never happen try to be much more after text the stories that we tell it's better than Kegel and something that we we strive to do that dynamic.

I take that we have in mind when we trade a cut and certainly with a room full of people who are focus group participants in watching it at every word the dial one Way Or Another is something it's the weekend sir.

Do you have that kind of core team of directors editors and producers? I mean I know just watching standard network television that you.

Like CBS show Elementary you know there's only sort of 506 directors that they use you know when the credits are running at the beginning that it's going to be one of those six names is there a similar position with yourself it out with those 100 movies 20th of May going to be directed by Bob volume, but probably there's a core group 2 we work with the old erect probably eat movies every year and I'll be just by the volume that we do.

We need to work with a lot of different people are produced as well directions to tell it takes a lot to create that volume.

So you don't want to original series obviously there are just a few but with all movies so we will look at it.

We apply a lot of people for Canada and the us and we'll probably what have been the biggest teaching moments for you along the way I mean in a presumably a couple of decades from now on you retiring you write A Memoir what are there going to be a few?

Pieces in there, it is all about 4 for another hit to keep going back to it, but it's just such a critical piece of the way the other table landscape is of although if you are dark assistant if you are not bred focused if you are not in a position where you are creating that expectation that delivery on the expectation.

I think you have very little chance of success and grow as the universe girl that has more options become available and and that is just the core product that makes a successful.

I think the other pieces is the bread in really reading how but we have taken advantage of the assets that they provide for us as it's just a things that we have done pretty well.

What's your personal journey? If you don't mind me asking you? What did he study at university college? What did you always want to do this? I want business where you back in the day? I've got very.

Throughout my career in really wonderful liberal arts school that not only teaches you a strong academically but also in terms of the whole person approach to life than other people, when was it was it's a framework of Wight today and what did you want to do then? What are the way I could have fell into the advertising business and was again.

That's where I got very lucky and I got a good more lucky in that.

I didn't really like the advertising side side side and I get involved in research that I didn't wrap for wraps local stations around the country so we worked on 100 different markets.

And that is the best training ground for learning numbers that one could ever ask for your working at pride tie broadcast networks in working order dependents friends that eurosports every conceivable different genre of out there and analysing the numbers across 104 markets in the USA really get a good feel for probably numbers that are the backbone of this presents the data and therefore the numbers you've got no sustainable business, because you have to be to state the obvious commercially sustainable and again without a driving licence fees that are competitors do so we are not in the position were really stuck better as much as I can get $52 percent from cable operators are average.

He is so we need visa for everything exactly so pay attention to those rainy day kids about to do.

The doctor's inside out and every such background gives me that advantage that I got this together research at the family channel which was at the beginning of cable really the jealous as he came back and 88 and cable was still you know the version that time and so I researched her for 2 years and really enjoyed at the end of the cable business and whatever that the header cells recruited me to go bed sales.

I never saw this often sells ever never ever never I have the suspension of cells being silly encyclopaedia store so I get shirts or doing something that you would probably hoverboard frequent basis.

Do not like that is developing relationships established we trust it's really being apart.

Love your bread believe you get your brand out.

It was something I never believed in Fable II television family channel that we were highly successful throughout the period of time and so I did that for 10 years before I get recruiter at homework.

She started at home as doing abseils.

Yes, sorry I read out sales from 2000 to 2009 he worked as I was fighting at wailea.

Type of business to write a period of time.

I was the front line positioning the product and learning at work at the advertising site for homework in Whatsapp potential to release my baby and I always start that you know something like I can't do the Christmas something like a little something a little bit more targeted seem really that France would be well or spend instrumental in the pressure strategy that won't last 67 years were very focused on hold it are dissipated dear kept at Christmas so you are the team was.

Settle wind in the really bright star Big Nose Friends has a credit card and how did he become later then was it like an episode of Game of Thrones then is it a decidedly on hallmark channel ask fortunately however does not work that way there have been for CEO that I had served previously that are for what I just did Stack and head so I ultimately your by the War of Attrition English literature background at all across became so important as I get more about the creative side.

I had that to draw and dad's tortelier character and all other things are very important number for two things that I love her back in college.

Which is quite fully I will say because I think the value of a liberal arts education.

This is why I can't say that about it.

So you know what the other day again? I've done the right place at the right time a lot of great people around me which is the key to success.

I believe for anybody having people who are it for the right reasons and who are not focused on themselves who are focused on the business and who are hard work work work to live not live to work.

I think that philosophy does philosophies are critically important to success, but you clearly have a strong personal work at it yourself to credit.

I do but I would never required add other people to David saying that goes with the territory to the degree that I have to be 24/7 which are which I never stop talking about the buses stop with a good really good but at the other day.

I work by executives to have enjoy the Fabulous

Hobbies enjoy life outside the office certificates, it's just so important to their successor to the organization's success in fact every year at this time.

I heard people tried our best to protect your vacation with you a place or not.

Just get away at so it's just important to recharge.

What do you find personally most challenging and hard about your job? I figured it.

What does it say? It's the competing priorities.

I think of all of the different areas that all of the different places.

I think I can be a boy game to a degree that there is getting moving from worrying about the competition worrying about what blood type will look like breaking the actionable thinking about it again ways we can continue to beat the marketplace and continue to be successful, so it's telling that energy of worry into something positive.

Big creative a big amount of weight that a child for me on a daily basis bad and the trains over the media just like that.

You know this is something to be desperate to get any way that the media just encourages that type of thinking because every headlight isn't is everybody's trying to get the next story that is the one that is identified and explained that there are a lot of people try every day to identify the trend is happening that is going to revolutionize the business and change the way things are done and South really the trains can actually be an exciting fully experienced because you are you reading about all of these great things other people doing that you're reading about.

This is a deteriorating evaporating right before our eyes and how are you know it did 2 years ago that of a superhero?

And it'll be very different business model so it's taking that fear that worry and that bother up bucket of just Parade of horrible sand and migrating that to surprises were positive and productive.

I mean you consistently delivering an amazing art of results week in Week Out is boring to anyone.

That's not to do when you alright anyone, but the Hollywood reporter should be covering what you're doing because that in a sense that you know all these learning outcomes that you very kindly shared in This podcast is actually think that could have transformed the industry but because it's not a ward driven because it's actually you know something that's been done well, but consistently is not exciting from the media.

Industry's viewpoint some of that I understand that is make sense because that's what sells publication, so that's what people do worry about an end.

I do get that.

It's workwear.

I guess I have the issue.

Is that I probably in which things are over?

Headlines are created in ways that can create just very much for under pressure and if so that I thought to be exactly pretty but I also need to be frustrating at the same time so it's it's all things that are productive.

That's a good way to think but that's the biggest tower.

I think that I had my child is taking that that it to something with positive.

I mean I have 10% of the the headcount that you do, but I share some of the similar reason we live in a society now.

I know give any attention to anything but you know it's you increase the kind of time focus on too many things but if you're going to focus on one thing meaningfully then that by it's very nature means you have to exclude other things or delay that consideration about which means that your leadership and you have to decide what to focus on you know I got three things that I could focus on after his podcast and to do any one of them meaningfully have to do them in sequential order to the to the exclusion of the other two which one.

That have to come from me is stuff, so I said he's very tough.

It's excruciatingly lovely because you have to keep that there are many things that you can share the you know and there are many things that you want to share that you need to share so it say that we rely on the hopefully sort of a spouse which I have and you are putting yourself in a position that you are able to talk later because it's very very very slowly and because you are at the other day the decision maker at the one who has to short course George W Bush president once famously called himself the decider and like you were saying that he was mocked at the time but actually that is the job.

I haven't come out of big long meetings and I'll be five or six things that are waiting my decision and I have to be the decided that is the job sometimes.

I do take your point as well.

I mean one of my friends want said he's not in any way personal only got a wife and your family and lots of friends and got a great because my put on in terms of the actual isolation of the leadership is professionally lonely.

That's actually par for the course in that case you're the only one who can make that decision you can't rely on target through with this that she's got to be as you just said you know you probably thousands of decisions a year and that is just the nature of what you do.

I don't think I ever get used to either because they said they're very tough that are very different and that you have to make out that at the other day.

You make the call.

It's a wonderful position to be in to look at it for a positive because you are taking ownership and you are the one who I always wanted to be the word in the chair make a decision rather than somebody else.

Because I feel like I've always felt cover it did I make the right word but at the end of the day that is our pressure you have to stand by and you can't take everything into consideration even if you had the right person sometimes going to make mistakes here and there are absolutely right said something that you have to stay by those people because of the other day there will be people looking forward to what extent is is the truth of your business.

I see this with my own clients is some of the big decisions concepts of Culture often.

It's the cumulative effect of lots of micro decisions that could very well said it so you pay attention to detail as I mentioned a couple of times now and early environment that you create by the little things that you can do in your office or the show people you care about should you really mean what you say around you don't work you deliver deliver to work those are things that are absolutely essential.

I believe to success said I hope you are a big part of my leadership Style

Sweatherweather I practice what I preach, but you know I really do believe that are hiring professionals and give you the flexibility to do their job whatever that needs slides is critical to our success.

We have a lot of listeners at This podcast are starting out on their careers there at girlfriend doing Media courses and and studying all the career and Incredibly ambitious as well, so the list the resistance is podcast thinking disguise.

You know the leader of a very successful network and is doing an incredibly good job and build something what you know.

How can I emulate in? What do I need to do more or less often because they want to be the chief exec in in a leadership positions at twenty years from now.

What advice would you give to someone at that the ultimately is ambitious as yours, what is just starting out of my career always be prepared when you walk through the door the first day.

It will hurt for interview or whether it's for your first day of work.

Be prepared research the company have a half hour early.

Don't be don't be the last one of the door.

I'll be the first word at things that are very actually relatively easy to do.

It's not hard to be the first step for someone there, but they're half hour away so hard to go with your dad and do a search of the company before he walks in the door, but they do yes, it's separate yourself right out of the gate.

It will stab rescue as somebody who was serious about their career vs.

Just a job that you're looking to have as a next step out of school.

I think they're the hero 6 s to a degree at that point is a choice that you every day you wake up and you were going to go back to bed for the half hour with you're going to get up and get it to work and do your research and know what you're doing that day and be focused so it is a choice that you are making at that age.

As to whether you're going to be successful.

Later on the water breaks, it's over different things that you know I was fortunate enough to experience covered apply certainly but if you are prepared if you are in all creator creates a greater likelihood that you'll be successful last question then, what is the thing that you've done in your career that you've been most proud of I think it is that what we deliver in terms of our experience high quality cuts and the things that people can rely consistently entertaining them in ways.

They don't get us.

Where are the media in the entertainment World so you know the fact that on Saturday nights.

We were literally every Saturday night at the viewers know they can come to work show experience of positive add bacon feel good.

I don't think it can measure her positive that is for the overall World At Large and over.

Stated but I do think that experience to people have is so important that I feel really good that we can keep people in that way.

I am a computer that far away is so it's just something that we take very seriously and deliver products to be proud of what you and your team have accomplished their is been a hugely enjoyable conversation.

Thank you.

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