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Read this: Ivan Brackenbury (and Tom Binns!)

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Ivan Brackenbury (and Tom Binns!)…

Thanks for choosing the radio Today programme this time.

He's conkers Ivan brackenbury's on the podcast with his alter-ego some bits to tell us about brimlington hospital radio online and I was twenty twenty tour of the UK generate the looks of what the data tells us about consumers use of headphones to listen to Linear and on-demand content and David Lloyd radio moments this Chris Moyles joining Radio 1 in 1997 the death of Mike Smith 5 years ago and the arrival of the BBC light programme is broadcast bionics discover the world leading brands at first it is with me to have a look over the stories of the week.

Hello Roy bonjour madame.

We we we are friends.

How is your summer holiday? So far you enjoying the the downfalls of rain?

I've been on the beach whilst you've been getting your floods fantastic.

Thank you for coming to its own of course with all the that needs a funny but we're going today, so let's talk about what's going on in radio this week starting in Cumbria there is a coffee at the moment for a demultiplexer cover Cumbria the deadline is 11th of September and somebody else has declared and I would already heard from nation it now looks like Bower putting an application in as well as a nation with the first ones to say yes, we want this Multiplex and now's our say well, because they own cfm.

Which is the commercial radio station on the other commercial radio station in the north of the county in south-west, Scotland Scotland but it would make sense if they had it because they're on the radio station that seems to be how often works global of course only other commercial radio stations in the county having said that just plug for the Builder

Area and moved in Hull to Manchester so, I don't really operating boxes of himself, so it may be a two horse race or somebody else could come along and say we wanted as well.

Yeah, and so I think I put out something saying if there are people wanting to go on the Multiplex should day will they want to hear from them? So you can find email address on there on Radio today that Cody cake for the story about our in what else is interesting is that doing an apple search muxco Cumbria Ltd in indeed thing, but it's not known at this stage if they are actually applying for it.

Very interesting and original music for This podcast was composed by MiKasa so it was a bit about hide and seek last week.

It just starting to think when we recorded the podcast it all for the following day and they were are hiding out on the pier at Weston-super-Mare on the hottest week, so that they went quite well.

They get a lot of closed there was a thread from one of.

Newsreader on Twitter, explaining some of the behind-the-scenes stuff which is worth looking up as well.

If you've not seen that but another successful ready once done it seemed to get everybody talking about it.

Yeah went down really well and even started playing the game after a few hours after a last recording I said I had not time for it, but then I got into and it was really good.

I thought you were in Brighton at first along with other people but yeah, Weston-super-Mare I was doing a constant search on Twitter for the hashtag and I don't know it's just me but there seems to be a lot less people doing this time from my own.


That's going to be if you were looking for the #thistime.

I don't know if that's representative of the whole thing but be interesting to read more analysis of it weekend early breakfast is now thing that it was the thing but it's thing we nearly breakfast is on BBC Radio 1 starting Friday through to Sunday and good luck to arielle free who's now doing the show.

Robertsons on weekdays yeah, so they'd change this schedule thing so obviously put breakfast on Monday to Thursday and then start the weekends on Friday and it did seem to be doing alright.

I guess so why not start even earlier at 5 in the morning at the weather is like weekends of and it's just really want to do this at the moment.

I'm happy to be wrong if somebody else has Putin yeah, I would have thought of a can of stations that are young and trendy would start on a maybe this time yet talking about some little tweaks.

We can probably saw this coming so in Peterborough and Northampton Gold is coming back to medium wave obviously used to be a golden classic.

Go before that.

It's been smoothed the last few years since global to cover smooth put on medium wave and dab across the South of England but

Communicore changing their station to become smooth as part smooth, East Midlands that covers Peterborough to Northampton so that be too smooth to globalls now gonna do something else with this medium wave frequencies.

Are you keeping up? Don't think I'll be 1332 in Peterborough which is the world's greatest music station in Peterborough and in Northampton where gwr as well.

That doesn't surprise me.

You've been on everything and I bet you've got a clip as well to prove it.

So I have actually I think the weather for Northamptonshire saying fine and try this afternoon tea most sunshine and a high of 20 degrees C I'm Stuart Clarkson you up-to-date on classic Gold home of the new Sensation breakfast with Tony Blackburn and Laura Pearson so very what was the temperature again 20 degrees c c get you a trendy rights Celsius apparently so tired of the year.

A good luck to to wear to communicate with the extending smooth and good to get gold back on in Peterborough Northamptonshire the well and obviously smooth as well Sensation just need to get Tony Blackburn back on breakfast tweaks to stations at this is interesting in Greater Manchester 6.2 the Revolution covers Rochdale and Oldham and Tameside so in the Northeast side of Manchester it says it's going to widen its scope and cover the whole of Manchester try this before under different ownership when it turned into a like an Indesit tried to be a Manchester radio station and then explored itself back into its area and it became a local radio station again.

I think from memory the audience figures when when backup when he did that and now the boss is a saying you know what our transmitter is very powerful everybody can hear it in Stockport and ball.

All the rest of the Greater Manchester Boroughs so why don't we just cover the whole of Greater Manchester so we'll see how that goes that's there's no technical changes.

It's literally just the editorial but I did do people in in Stockport really want to chill into a station to do in travel news for Oldham just for the maybe they do travel news for everywhere and all them on the Manchester small-scale multiplexes Mitzi can she get it in the city centre and cons about in some of those of the Boroughs you can get in in in Salford and Trafford and places it probably does make a better sense play editorial xcover Manchester especially since global of our of kind of not really doing much of that editorial content outside of their split news and travel bulletins anymore.

Do they want to share their local radio station with the rest of Greater Manchester should it just be doing what it set up to do well.

We'll see how to get on I guess and made it quite clear.

They obviously want to go on.

Small scale DAB when they're a licence for Manchester motorbikes for Manchester get cert issued a full-time licensed as well as well as the UK right you obviously cover Ireland with the rain today.


Our sister sites and some big news there this week at Today FM they made a few changes to the schedule new people for the weekday schedule an interesting to people listen to podcast probably isn't isn't the people are coming are going but I thought this was interesting that the press release and a line about a couple of people who are leaving as part of this and then I look on to the Twitter and see the girl who has said is one of the girls that are leaving basically said and I quote hello lovely people I have been fired from today.

That was quite open and honest about it.

Cos most people try and covered up like going on to pursue new opportunities, but no this one is that yet?

It's a bit embarrassing.

I'm really sad but I've been fired but this is wishing her a replacement all the best.

I guess as well.

Of course you have to do that just in case and finally for this week some changes at dcms.

We have a new culture secretary in the shape of Nicky Morgan has replaced Jeremy rights under the new Boris Johnson government and senior ministers in coming at dcms including Matt Warman look after digital stuff and Nigel Adams is kind of a replacement for Margot James that he'll be responsible for media as part of his brief as well as a sport and a few other things so as we were hearing from Ford on the podcast last week now is the time for the radio industry to start to chatting to these new ministers and get them on board and they'll be able to getting briefings from there at the permanent staff at dcms as well and hopefully won't make too much change at to the small scale digital legislation that sir can have already going through.

I do not claim of never came to understand politics.

I'll leave that can reporting to you if that's alright.

Change of people that just different people running the department are direct replacements got different titles and how long are going to be there cos they don't seem to stick around for long and these positions at I think there are a lot of the policies put together by the civil servants and the permanent secretaries and things so that their figure heads for in a stereo decide which direction things going so you know I mean if they're quite strong unions in some things about radio then we could get some changing policy, but I think things were broadly say the same pretty much doesn't seem to have much of this radio background to any of these people so we can see right so there's lots of things coming up in the diary tuning in North is happening in September at sort of the community Media conference and Awards are going to be at the end of September drive to digital is in October and we have got rage are coming up this week as well all the coverage will be on the radio today website and now I fall treasure analysis will talk a bit about that.

Leek and also hopefully Clayton from TalkSport will be with us to talk about their plans for the new football season on Talksport adult game created a program with broadcast bionics creators of The Bionic studio listening watching reacting to and learning from every spoken word Kolo sweet and SMS for and understand your content the bionic studio transforms everything about radio accept the way you make it today is still here.

Hi Roy I'm looking forward to this one or both of us started already careers at hospital radio.

Didn't way so is a summer treats.

We thought we would invite on to the podcast perhaps the UK's most hospital broadcaster direct from Brimington hospital radio Ivan Brackenbury welcome to the radio star.

Hang on, I'm alive and what day is it? Is it Wednesday will be pre recorded live on a Wednesday Wednesday these are on a loop.

I still haven't still on hang on all the way around Tuesday Wednesday 1961 minute.

It's a bigger than I thought 1964 1960s navigate to I forgot to say Carter leave it.

I thought your list as the depreciate the jingle.

Yeah, it's it's already audience so they understand the technical problems you might have with exactly but it's good to have you on and turn on Radio 1 you've been on Radio 2 you play the Edinburgh festival even on BBC one, but you know the radio Today programme Virgin Virgin Radio Chris Evans breakfast show the first time round when it was good what else BBC BBC glr and all that but yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah and people used to think of a real that was the joke.

I am really obviously I don't know what I'm talking about don't know where that came from.

Where did it all start was it I read some where is BBC radio Nottingham that is kinda work to BBC Radio Nottingham and when I first came.

Being I'm talking about yourself in the third person now.

That's really weird.

I'm doing your head in it will BFBS that's when they first when did the first proper broadcast on BFBS bum is Britain around the world Hong Kong and the Empire but we still had lots more countries than that would invaded and think we were bombed at the time as well.


We doing all sorts of good around the world with bombs and a lot of people start in hospital.

Really like me and Roy and then go on to professional radio, but you can have done it the other way round hospital radio, but I've stayed in radio have not forgot my roots like you did first sniffer success.

You turned your back on it.

Where is I'm always going to do hospital radio to the very end and you've been on with writing on the Big Show on Radio 2 an absolute thrill for him about me and watch me on YouTube so I would Deadshot tower in The Big Short

3 x actually a celebrity is a star is the right and a balloon blown it up.

He's a really lovely, but I don't think I'll be going back on now.

I laughed well.

You never know you never know he will tell you release turn up.

No, it's definitely being released the radio to show you got a Radio 2 series he going to get one of those do you know now that was that was great the time in for me? I've got a Radio 2 series and the very first day.

We were going to broadcast the series Jonathan Ross injury that idiot Wikipedia with the long hair Russell Brand Radio 2.

So I got cancelled so the only played one episode not order did the get my so sad, but they got the entire comedy ruined on BBC so so used to be comedy every day which are really good and that killed that tells about the reaction you get from from Radio people.

Could you do a lot of gigs and I know you've done some kind of radio events as well.

What do people think of you understand it probably wondering what's going on in Wanstead hospital radio ever, but it seems to go right.

Yeah, will do alright.


I'm not sure why the Laughing take it seriously enough.

I do a particularly serious bit because you know in our industry.

There's a lot of can you sign on says pedophiles just sounds to ask anyway.

I suppose it is as long as you are aware of it now.

I'm at protecting yourself against it and I carry with me.

I got it from JD Sports they called pedo metres.

I think you can also get one on an iWatch any put them on your train it and as you gym discount family.

They are in the area.

So you can be aware.

So I always tell people about them, but they always they just laugh at me, and I think that's you know you I think it's something we should be more seriously especially in our industry before I know you've been on quite a few different hospital radio stations, is that right? Yeah? I know and I did get asked to leave DLR to be fair after no I didn't this is this is a true story the traffic and travel a didn't properly understand what we're going on because she was in a bunker at Scotland Yard and Australian she wants to listen to the shop and when we did the handover.

I did a great job wants to buy a present and I asked.

Do you like a pill Nextbase and and she she did anyway somebody complained apparently? It's got two meanings.

I didn't know this and one of them is very filthy that the head of BBC local radio a didn't know about the other meaning of it, so I got away with it.

Anywhere unfortunately their head of news was a very big character.

Shall we say on the gay scene in London he knew exactly what do the meaning men and he gave a very graphic and detailed description of that mean in the head of BBC regional radio so when he heard that he was appalled and I won't be at the time.

It was called into the office on my producer Tom Binns and explained that I didn't know what it meant and if anybody listening to the to the shop and I didn't know what it meant.

They wouldn't be offended and if they did they wouldn't mind it will be very funny and I some thought he got away with that and then the head of news.

He had a half.

Spectacles who's like proper old school BBC and actually when he retired he told this story is retirement do he looked at Tom answered yet, and I understand what you're saying that word but to even insinuate ejaculating over the face and neck of another BBC employee is not something that we're about here at BBC regional radio.

Did you end up giving her on in the end or did she know I didn't I didn't realise I had to be pre-recorded.

I've seen your act a couple of times.

I've seen your Roadshow as I said.

I haven't yet and you do recyclable material.

That's absolutely fine because a lot of people in radio.

Do they do you have a favourite thing?

Henley College is actually really really good.

You know new links overtime having said that I do try and get a new link in every every perform any they always stay around but I don't always liked at least one your finger night.

I like saying a couple of minutes later it back up again.

So that saying that we've got a brand new feature for the Nil By Mouth patients meal or no meal.

That's a really great game cowardice are loads of different things in but it's nice.

It's comforting to know you got you got your shower properly planned and you been doing it for 14 years exactly word-for-word and it's something that not everyone in radio manages to do it, but yeah yeah, yeah.

Big now so I may as well.

Just keep digging you've got an online radio station at the moment brimlington.

Hospital radio has gone yeah.

Yeah yeah turn the lights 365 network and also we do request and occasions via Tomlinson Facebook page and then he put something on that as well more people on the Facebook page at the minute everything about 9 missing is when I do a shoutout on my Facebook page and they drift off after about 20 minutes, so I've started putting the clips on Facebook page as well and then like we get like thousands of people listening then funny and no one's bothered about radio producer.

Is he around? Can you get some?

Hello hi Tom how do I told you that BBC glr story something else fine somebody is trying to keep myself apologise Steve Wright I think he's an amazing broadcaster, so tell us about Ivan and why you enjoy doing even more than some of the other characters straps me not concentrating when it's terrible at radio BBC radio Nottingham hospital radio and I just of the last year within the last year, but I've actually got ADHD so although I was capable of concentrating and and and and was smart enough to do radio.

I was thinking that played as I forget about the link or I think about the guest as excited about being on the radio on and forget about something else doesn't absolute car crash in my sort of late teens or early twenties and then when BFBS asked me to do a character.

All of a sudden I could do Ivan and just not worry about messing up and it really took off a ready to the Troops loved it though, they used to write the first sort of wave of love from that.

I had three really took me by surprise.

I mean to the point where some some regiments change their break morning break time so they could catch it on bumper.

They had to go back from 30 at certain size.

He moved it around and they want bikini umbrella Bordon in Hampshire well all over the country because of the Bosnian conflict, but I'm being forces FM there from Bordon and I lost my papers and ID and everything I can get in the couldn't get on the base and I explain do I was do the voice so I did the voice and they let me in any Russian spies in the early 90s that could do a reasonably impressive Ivan Brackenbury could have infiltrated the British Army quite easily and that's what I enjoy doing.

It is basically me.

Do a funny voice you doing something but you were being Tom on sasha's like I've got me all my break so weirdly all those.

I think will the next thing I think I do the I did a spoof capital smooth on forces a family spoof capital like hardcore when he was on and Pat Sharp and everything and I got my ex offender but a lot of gigs.

I got one as a result of doing like that was on Virgin Radio for about a week that was I've only got me on there at the same time was going to say you said yes, I did something how it started the radio Nottingham although Ireland's First Bite was at BFBS the actual voice came from a very cruel things we used to do a radio Nottingham I used to do what we call the sweaty voice whenever we did impressions of the people on the Caroline you know you.

As so that we used to do and that's what I've invoice first came about from The Impressions we did have the Fabulous team of volunteers that used to do the careline and Jude hospital radio yourself Tom so yeah, obviously seen had all those crude jokes that people can get away with on there, so yeah as the radio from eternity to ask a lady radio Chesterfield so I did have just put the sadly my father just died.

He just spent the week at the hospital.

So that was a bit weird on the wards is actually on the ward where I used to do my old texting request and stuff so very very hard and successful career as a joke then as you mentioned in and have a really big firework now.

Rocket Fuel to buy in Tesco's it faster than a big bang and lovely big bright spark and it was over yet and then get in gigs in radio, but I was appalling at keep it professional that shows you how long it is since that I've been on the wireless.

I was very bad at keeping them, but I've only like to say I'm calling about it.

I've only just discovered it does its ADHD so I got bored really quickly I was no filter and getting bored so I didn't keep breakfast in London that was my dream so I did that for about a week.

I don't know how long was pretty Radio today, so we can't actually look that finding.

We did the whole Karl Pilkington thing before Ricky Gervais started doing it if I actually John Harrison who does the breakfast Balham phone me up and he said Ricky gervais' Nick your character dnd characters and you did that call thing that he was head of speech at the time.

There was one story about which I did find on Radio today, which was brmb hires and fires bins which when you went back to the R&D for holiday cover at Christmas at the first second or third time I've been yeah.

That's true.

So Clive Dickens is now in Australia he hired me to do what I'm going to do Virgin breakfast before Chris Evans bought Virgin as a result of that Capital FM smooth demo so have been cracked.

Brmb on a Friday night and then when the deal fell through and Chris Evans bought Virgin I got sacked for that reason really and what's his name didn't like me forgot his name called know how I remember his name and I made him a patient and give him something horrible all the bases for awhile.

Lol pd's that's not me.

I went back drivetime didn't no idea and in the last time.

I did I did yes mate.

I might have interrupted the Queen speech on Christmas day, and did a joke about out-of-date she was and then said from one point to another has George Michael last night and then I might have so much fun to complain and they said I might have said but I don't have I think the royal family some people like them some people say they good for tourism.

On the other hand the French beheaded there's and people still visit Paris so why don't we give that ago? So that's high treason apparently and a sackable offence who knew that was a very ugly very ugly as they can stand well.

I think it was a male.

Tory papers quite obviously it was a joke and then they appreciate the joke about an opinion piece saying, DT Nea so little known but shouldn't be in the library quite positive about it loads of comments about this is a joke, but also actually my show start at 2:30 think and that's what I started my shower.

I didn't actually interrupt the Queen's Speech the guy at me for me, but the Queen's Speech and it should have been on here in the first place, so I just started my show when I supposed to I know I don't have the Queen's Speech on my life.

I didn't know it was only about 3 or 4 minute thing.

I thought it was about 20 minutes long so

And you had to stop myself 2 minutes passed and I just pretended to interrupt it to make it look like it was my fault rather than the fault and station, so that is a bit shitty to be honest not look back as a result of going straight to Australia and going on their version of Never Mind the Buzzcocks with Adam Adam Hills is just simply because I did get fired but is quite ugly because there's a big PR battling between Crystal Comics are coming out to say oh, this is a terrible thing but the station we just relaunching and they were didn't like the bad publicity.

So this is how we sat in because she was talking about the turn off Canesten at the time and I wish she wasn't by the way and then obviously I started getting desperate something.

It was a really really nasty time so tell me if the world famous psychic Pokémon that hard to predict where you going to be in 5 years time.

What would you say he's dead now.

He's done.

He didn't know so I'm actually in a movie that came out on DVD yesterday eaten by lions a copy of Amazon so I could get 12 arrived in the post is a really funny British film called eaten by lions and he's in that but I've started to do his act now as me really I've started to identify as actually psychic and I get ideas me know the original idea that was I learn the tricks of the trade learn to be psychic and then people will go what if this comic appears to be psychic and he's not then clearly it's all bs.

And what actually people thought was a review at the Melbourne international Comedy Festival saying clearly this is a comic with an amazing gift, but he's embarrassed about it.

So he's dressing it all up as comedy if you're going to insist on believing it to that extent then said it.

I may as well.

Just play as actually for real and if you want to believe that you can so I make more money that way because more people coming to see me have given up.

Basically if you want to believe it believe it so I Do I Do it is me telling you how it's all done, and it's a load of nonsense but trying to get some to stop believing in something almost impossible, so I've given up talking about making money going on tour again next year.

I think this looks like one of your biggest toy you've done as well and yeah, I don't know whether it will make more money and might lose a fortune on producing it myself, but I'm giving a Gonna Give It ago it was Operation never go back to the Caribbean ever again.

I had a miserable time.

I did about 5 1/2 Weeks for a cruise company and I just heard it on your own in the Caribbean every single day.

I didn't gigs in 5 1/2 Weeks and it was like a dream job.

Doesn't it? But missing home missing the family surrounded by people on holiday everyday a different beat that looks exactly like yesterday's beach and all I did is drink and putting enormous amount of.

Which I finally lost and I hated it when I go back to spent weeks and weeks and weeks booking a tour in from January through tomorrow, so I have to get back again.

Have you ever been to the Caribbean the country? It's just that you don't don't go on your own.

Just go to Jamaica from power on my own in a tiny cabin without Windows it was like it's like being in prison, but with the added risk of drowning it was there and that's not a joke is about 300 years old by the way you said you going to spend next year in exciting places like Norwich and Ashby-de-la-Zouch in Whitby and

I'm glad you've got no idea.

Yeah, I'm saying campervan.

I'm going to jump on it and back of the Caribbean series side of this is for people listening who working radio.

You're a great example that if you've got some skills that the more than pushing buttons and reading liner cards.

There is a life to be had at the radio which is important these days.

They making money out of it.

That route is is obviously a lot harder for me.

It's come after I've burnt every Bridge there is so I'm alright because I've been on the Bridges and I've got my

What's the radio station with Ivan and I can take him around the country and I'm alright with it, but the decision that's not about radios.

It's about cash so Tom Vincent, you can finally x tour dates and listen to a brimlington hospital radio via 365 as well, which is very nice.

Thanks on there.

Thanks for coming on Tom's good to chat to you.

Thank you very much nice to talk to you.

Thanks for having me by driving as well.

Yeah, I will do the same thing is St Anger taken over there saying thank you as well clean.

Feed if you haven't tried it out yet go there today at cleanfeed dianette and try it for free if you're doing an OBE or interview and guess for your radio show your podcast.

It's a really good things to try out at just uses a browser to connect in live quality audio and even allows you to record within the browser as well clean feed won't cost you anything to get started.

There is a complete free version as well as paid for options at to give you some extra features that just sign up today at clean and you'll be doing your first live interview or recording within minutes have them out is cleanfeed cleanfeed dotnet the headphones learning exactly what they need to change to make the music perfect for you by James Corden the radio futurologist headphones a Rachel's my survey this quarter contains on the second last page something very exciting about headphones.

I've been highlighting the difference between mobile phone apps on smart speakers for a wireless smart speaker is a replacement for am FM radio button mobile phone app isn't because mobile phone apps mainly I used with headphones and it's unrealistic.

I think to assume that audiences were tempered by a while, Bluetooth

Today highly interactive mobile phone will be satisfied with an unalterable stream of somebody else's programming when that same device has access to Spotify and YouTube and podcast another on-demand content and wireless device data seems to back me up on this point but this new slide seems to be up to it's a side of everybody in their survey who said they use headphones.

What they use them for during the week.

So if you might guess 45% of headphone users say they use them to listen to podcasts.

We've known that for some time podcast to intimate is this research.

Also says mostly listen to a loan and this is another stats the backside information up 48% of headphone users say they use them to listen to audio books and audiobooks of business and I do very well.

How are potentially argue the podcast can be rather richer experience music is also popular 44% of headphone users say they use them to listen to their own digital track.

37% two things like Spotify and live radio just 12% of people who use headphones so they use them for live radio you just 12% so your distribution strategy should be really clear.

I'd argue speakers for simulcasts where your live radio station goes but headphones offer on demand your Rapture offer something for the eyes and fingers as well as for the ears and should offer much much more that I live stream the pod that's also pod news podcast is jolly.

Good and until next time keep listening now on the radio Today programme his David Lloyd

It's 22 years this week since Chris Moyles to go with an early breakfast appetizer slot on Radio 1 that so often eventually leads to breakfast itself in time for a station celebration is there in the morning and 30 years later me and Mark and lard how things have gone downhill since those great, so I didn't know what the party last night away is also miles away from smooth to make resin the way you Chris Moyles sounded on early breakfast in 1997 he arrived at Radio 1 for the early show this week.

The radio Times said Radio 1 has a new Star the young and the rev Chris Moyles takes up residency for an early breakfast of the best new music.

I'm quite sure Chris wrote that died this week 5 years ago has died.

He was 59 best known to a generation as Smithy his career spanned DJing for Radio 1 presenting Top of the Pops and appearing alongside Noel Edmonds in the Saturday night television programme the Late Late Breakfast Show he died on Friday from complications following major heart surgery will not be bringing you any financial advice this morning.

We have no, about the stock market whatsoever.

marriages and relationships to the things you won't find Mike Smith v presenter of Radio 1 Breakfast who died this week in 2014 Oliver from hospital radio Chelmsford asked him about the number of people involved in that show people I think I mean something like the Jimmy Young shirt Radio 2 as a production team of 17 Derek Jameson on Radio 2 production team about 12:00 and show has a fraction team of 4 so if it's actually a lot less than people think we've probably despite what Derek Jameson where we are the most cost-effective show in BBC Radio and certainly in the whole of BBC broadcasting television so much more expensive music from Kirsty MacColl ask Garfunkel and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra coming soon on capital capital play farewell, Mike Smith is settling down now with Greg

Names on Hits radio for Manchester but this week's 3 years ago.

It was a key 103 farewell, and thank you to everybody here at Castle Quay in the building to everyone for listening for sharing all of your life with me all of these years and we've got to see who left key 103 this week in 2016.

She's now on BBC Radio Manchester in May 1945 Europe marks the end of the Second World War

2 months later the BBC was implemented gets peacetime plans they promise to do that within 90 days and Julie on the 82nd day that General forces programme is replaced by the BBC live programme good morning everyone BBC programme on wavelength of 1502 161m did the first time we said those words BBC light programme which we hope I'm going to need for your now and in the days to come all the best in radio entertainment 9 in the morning midnight the wonderful launch of the BBC light programme this week 74 years ago and the director-general Mr Haley said it was going to be entertaining radio civilian lives at the also said that it would be one of the most successful Ventures the BBC has ever undertaken a course that likes program became eventually Radio 2.

Light program itself at Tony Blackburn made his BBC debut this week in 1967 to my BBC time takes 23 minutes to make just about to run out of time.

Thank you very much for listening.

It really has been lovely doing the first programme on the BBC actually hear you can possibly make it next week.

Love to have you around joining the BBC 52 years ago ok FM in Hinckley and Loughborough Close Sutton this week in 2016 after an eight-year Marriage of Lapras old oak and Hinckley sportswear radio and I'll see you when I get there.

I'm afraid deal.

If not I have some very.

Very bad news this will be the last song I will play on Oak 107 after 6.

Hope 107 will be no more.

Thank you for being there.

You've been the best listener any radio station could wish for thank you to buy this week in 2016.

It was back on here later that you're in your hands has Force 107 with pulse in Bradford moving home 5 years ago northsound launching in Aberdeen 38 years ago and here.

I am bringing you the very first day or not.

I'm good Monday morning to you.

We got a nice day for it excellent.

Are you ready to jingle Mothers Day 6 years ago David Cameron being careless with his language on Absolute Radio 10 years ago.

Twitter no, I'm not I'm not I think that you have to think about what we say and I think the trouble with Twitter the incident in the service is I think there's too many troops might make a trap this week's really a moment.

Thank you David and James and Roy and Tom Binns Ivan Brackenbury who's on forecast this week or next time it will dissect the Range Rover little bit and we will talk to the big boss at talkSPORT all about the new football season 2019 20 new programme broadcast bionics.

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