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Read this: CMA news on Bauer Digital Radio update

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CMA news on Bauer Digital Radio update …

This is the weekly podcast from Radio today coming up this time will hear from for that also the digital radio UK summer reception.

He's gone on the state of the digital radio sexy Forest also feel riding has details of John Myers London memorial in November James cridland.

Looks at how you can make your presenter music log smarter and David Lloyd radio radio cover the moon landings 50 years ago the Radio 1 roadshow.

Have a birthday and David celebrates the Sky box with broadcast bionics working with the world leading broadcasters and equipment suppliers to transform industry standard technology and workplace hello.

I'm Stuart Clarkson radio today's Royal is here as well and as we record some breaking news from the competition and markets authority they've made the ruling as we're expecting on the 24th of July about Bower

And they've said we're not really very happy having a they have it some I don't know what I was expecting today being the deadline 24th of July when we're recording and it's just come out, but they're they're saying it to go on to a Phase 2 investigation unless they sort some bits out.

So let's look at what those bits are shower yes, well.

There's two things isn't there the first thing is about some common concerns in in three regions and the second thing is about ifrs first radio sales which is the national sale house for local radio stations they mentioned the next of England at Yorkshire and the West Midlands where they have I will have quite a number of stations if this goes through so which stations do you think because they haven't mentioned which station they just said the region so looking at the map which stations do you think these could be Stuart so in the West of England Bower already own history.

Bristol regional West of England service and so by acquiring cellar door and UK R&D have stations in the west of competition there in Bristol is going to be Sam Sam and the Breeze in Bristol at your salad or licences that their wanted to acquire so I'm guessing if they sold those two to nation or somebody else that problem in the West of England would probably go away the West Midlands power have already got Greatest Hits radio which is the Old Kerrang licence at the obviously got free radio as well, which is in Birmingham and Black Country Show Shropshire Shrewsbury and Telford and Kidderminster Wolverhampton all covered caused by signal 107 which is a wireless group station that they were hoping to acquire so I'm guessing in the West Midlands if base cell signal 107 then that might make them go away.

I don't know whether signal in Stoke is considered West Midlands as well, though, does that?

West Midlands region is a bit in the middle, it's the bit in the middle and I wouldn't say I think officially the West Midlands because it's certainly not northwest is it so but I think they're talking about the main primary right now and then maybe you think so, I wouldn't have thought Signal 1 and signal to would cause a a competition issue with with stations in Birmingham.

Yes I think selling signal 107 which is that kind of, for licences to say Wolverhampton Shrewsbury Telford Kidderminster think I've covered those for lysozyme, so yeah, I think they get rid of that and then they might not Yorkshire is perhaps a bit more complicated as obviously links group stations and there's ukrd stations that turbo looking at acquiring.

I don't think the UK are the ones in North Yorkshire great any competition issues with what about already have but in South Yorkshire and West Yorkshire obviously borrow your hair and Hallam and the two medium wave station is running his Greatest Hits so.

Tracks and done and rather and Ridings would create some problems there so I can then might have to dispose of those to make the CMS concerns go away, so it's going to start working with the same I over the next few days and she's optimistic and try and make this problem.

Go away.

Sorry if you were if you would be if you were one of the managers of about 2 days during which stations would you say that you're going to sell to somebody like nation for example to look after and to make this problem.

Go away while it depends who wants to buy and whether nation want to buy them and we don't have to say we've been told the regions but we don't have the exact markets that it affects but I would say probably if they're not gonna kissing in Bristol are they so they have to sell Sam aubrey's or both in Bristol probably signal 107 and whether they need to sell all of

And Ridings or whether they can just sell a couple of those I guess that's the discussion around for the CMA of the of the few days to come so maybe we looking at about five little stations.

I haven't told my network problem the other major thing that the CMA is bothered about his first radio sales in the future of first radio sales this was mentioned first of all in there a release on Wednesday morning at FRS sells advertising on over 100 radio stations and if the visa if power control of half of those stations.

They wouldn't need first radio sales necessarily, so where does that leave FRS is the big question concerned by the CMA at the moment the question which I put to you.

Where does tvf as well? I think totting up her FRS represents.

I think about 120 local radio stations across the country the moment and they obviously include.

XFM group stations the wireless local stations and nation and the cellar door stations as well, so if our are going to say will look after the national sales for these three groups that we required and nation as well.

It would leave around about 50 stations scattered around the UK in the FRS portfolio actually smaller groups that are on their own or independent stations that wants a national representation on sales, so we're talking about stations like central and Kingdom an original and wave in Scotland as well as in the northwest things like the Revolution as silk and D are there would be Q radio in Northern Ireland kmfm more radio and Isle of Wight radio Ireland and channel 103 in the Channel Islands and then in the west this intake radio x Radio Plymouth so stations that are not aligned two groups at the Jack station as well, so by f&rs as well, so this Media

I guess somebody else could take that group on somebody can say it will buy FRS will represent these 50 stations for National sales, but when you're buying for 5120 you gonna get us going to deal on the national sale so again at the CMA might say well.

That's not really going to be fair competition because you're taking away the buying power of the group by acquiring all those stations and effectively pretty much decimating FRS FR-S could continue the large scale for the for the National advertising but the ccma once FRS to continue because the local stations majority of the local can I depend on it for the National so if you would afford what would you like?

Over the next few days as they say Barrow say they sort out a few days and see if it take that long since they might have been anticipating this time.

I've been to work in the background.

We'll have to wait and see what the summer.

We could have say half a dozen radio stations been sold to somebody else and that would sort that problem out and then FRS would need to continue because that's the main concern that somebody else who's already doing radio sales could maybe come in and take that over somebody's not involved in this so you'll find out in the in the not-too-distant future but I say now it's clearly business as usual at all the radio stations concerned and carry on as they say let's talk about some of the stuff that has been going on this week.

We got any Prime Minister in place a new culture secretary and digital minister to be announced as well.

It's all changed will see.

Brings it was that on a related note nice to have Phil Williams back on the radio that not too long since you left 5 lives Late Show but he's a covering on talk radio Drive this week and sounding very good at had a listen to on College Green covering all the politics doing what he does best hide and seek his back Roy and you're a fan.

I thought I would this time I started at 4 p.m.

Which people are busy at 16.

So I wasn't listening to them sponge.

You know we have the kids and everything and now it's the summer holiday, so I've not have not listened as I can't believe it's still going on to quickly I love the fact that people sing for the radio and tweeting about it and getting excited by something going on.

I think there should be more hide and seeks on the radio.

I'm sure city station could could do something similar with out.

Turn off the idea that the older fugitive are Renegade IDS it's all good stuff and it gets people excited about radio again.

Yeah, absolutely right that digital radio with all Daniels a little bit later in the podcast but some digital stories around this week.

One of them is the arrival of a new station from fun kids fun Kids junior a spin-off aimed at preschoolers and therefore this is just in London I think isn't this is in part of London to its on the Surrey and South London Multiplex organised and operated rather buy books go with someone to the radio station, so hopefully they got a good deal on the whole I should have sorted out so it's good to see brand extensions as always and fun Kids junior covering another age group and we do to stop it.

I think it in in weeks gone by the Channel Islands going to get a Multiplex of stations and Ofcom closing to happen last week.

They got three applicant.

So there are a folder media and a Tyndall CI the owners of channel 103 and Ireland fm.

They put application in nation Radio also with a baby with broadcasting upon application and more digital planet at Consortium of local businessman, and local radio people in the Channel Islands so it's going to be hotly contested as well as we had multiple applications for multiplexes.

It is it's quite interesting especially considering the size of the multiplexer and the amount of people that live in the Channel Islands but the big thing he is here the kind of guaranteed cash that you would get operated multi point in the Channel Islands because there's no there's not a lot of national coverage there so a lot of the National commercial brands will want to go on there this songs like a guaranteed income if you set this one up, so good luck to all three of them excellent details have been announced for the at London memorial service for John Myers is going on the 12th of November

At St Martin-in-the-Fields in Trafalgar Square and I've been speaking to a Johns friend and one of the organizers Phil Riley to find out more about the event the funeral was only a few days off to John died, and it was in Carlisle and everybody recognises it was going to be difficult for lots of the radio needs to get there so I was always the case.

I think they were going to try and organise a memorial in and we're please do a been able to do that.

I know a lot of people have been saying why have you not be able to announce the earlier the logistics of the venue and some other people that we're going to have as possible that are really getting diarrhoea sorted just meant that will just take it as a little time, but now there and we have a date and people know when it is and hopefully middle of November please we got it doesn't class.

I don't think with school holidays half terms.

I don't need any other industry event so around so it should be a good time for everybody say yeah, that's I can.

Time in my diary for that will hear lots of memories of John O'Dowd on the day and presumably some of John himself and his voice as we heard of this event today a mix of all of those things lots of people stuff that we want to try and squeeze in so it will be a mix of everything to do with John and his life and his family will be represented to I'm sure it's going to say a few words so that it will it will hopefully be a great reflection on a great man and his life and times and if he wants to come along need to let you know that they're going to do because of the limited so people need to email the team memorial at and if they can do that is no I haven't even becoming that would be really useful weather from Adam that was just help us organised the day we have the facility to maybe have a few more spaces.

We really need to know so if the word can be spread if you want to come tell us now.

Some other stories this week isn't in your neck of the woods right BBC Radio Solent is going to be looking for a new breakfast presenter.

Julian Clegg is leaving BBC Solent he's like a generation of grown up with Julian Clegg Radio Solent breakfast, so that would be quite a change in the station has a new breakfast at a new drivetime show as well.

I believe that starting soon.

Yeah Radio Solent during the rest of the BBC local radio network and and making some changes to try and attract a younger audience during flag is 60 on the 5th of December which is the is last.

I'm sure that'll accountants so it would be interesting to see who is appointed and what age they are you sure they're very conscious of that as well.

Yeah, I think about what are your listeners up to while listening to your show your podcast? What do I listen to do right that may be driving making the tea operating heavy machinery.

Maybe something a bit harder than that may be presenting a radio show and listening to some pretty bad possibly well, Absolute Radio Pete Donaldson was made aware of on Twitter this week where you can clear him doing a link and printing for text in the background of this video the lady seen in the video is shall we say being rubber in sex with a male friend in flagrante was how Paul Sylvester describe it on Twitter a correct word? I think it was a bit annoyed that they didn't stop but they were doing to the chalet 12:15, but yet you makes you think a little bit when you are sat in your studio recording a podcast or doing the show going out live if you have no idea who listening and what they doing so just bear that in mind next time you open a favour.

The story in question out on Twitter if you are interested right at least that's something else at the Arias still waiting for an announcement normally the entries will be closing in early.

We have had asked the radio, what's going on this say they timescale has split a little bit this year, but there is an announcement coming in the next few weeks.

So look out for that some will be having so I've had a lot of people contacting me say I'm saving up my audio and the boss is answer me saying have you put the award entries together yet, but there's no rush the they haven't opened it.

Haven't met the deadline anything like that when they announce the entries opening and the deadline for entries.

We will of course talk about it on here and tell you all about it and all the details being Radio today as well that all sounds very good.

What about something you mentioned on the end of last week's podcast you I didn't you say that Lee Clayton was going to be on this very so I mentioned the big boss of talkSPORT

On the show at but we had a bit of wires crossed people we went in as you might have seen some from some of mine Android tweets and Instagram post post weird News UK building last week and we did have a chat with Lee Clayton who's the big boss of talkSPORT and how we thought we booked him in to come on the podcast in a few weeks time she was going to talk about their plans for the new Premier League game day which is there any word for Saturday's so we'll hear all about the talkSPORT plans for the new football season probably the couple of weeks on This podcast it was nice wasn't going in and seeing Chris Evans work.

Did you enjoy the experience.

Through the glass satin? Yeah, wonderful wonderful morning to see Crescent how is show comes together.

He does it with 20 people staring at his told the opposite of a van or Chris Moyles Who

I hate anybody looking through the window so much nobody is banded as me from people there.

Into the window during yourself, so yeah Chris absolute master and it was great to get to see my work.

I need it.

Just looks so relaxed and he could you take the shower every wanted there's no kind of producers banging on any got to do this next year to go to this next gonna hit this Junction and we were in on Friday morning and I think they miss the news about 7 minutes at the top of the Arab then try the rooms at the bottom of the hour and I think Chris is just really enjoying that freedom to do whatever he wants to do and then make sure his own and that can occur watching him through the glass then they got some new shoes for that mountain.

That is climbing which is very happy with them.

They got in yet.

Will radio is coming up in the next two weeks.

Is it next week greater Belfast next Wednesday Thursday for that coming up on radio? of course is the radio centre tuning in conference in September flag and James you heard of This podcast recently are going to be at that is 25th of September at the Bridgewater Hall interested in going along at all the songs on the radio Centre website and there looking ahead to the next digital radio Aventus drive to digital on 30th of October at the British Library next wear at the digital radio summer reception with for Daniels and Associates wigram the radiated a program with broadcast bionics created by onyx studio listening watching reacting to and learning from every spoken word Kolo sweet and SMS to a mixed unlock and understand your content the bionic Studio try everything about radio accept the way you make it so here.

We are on the 17th floor of the news building at the home of Virgin Radio and tortoise.

TalkSPORT we've been at the digital radio summer reception and for dinos hear the CEO of digital radio UK location, this is I think wireless is now completed moving their radiogroup into the news UK Towers here all the studio's here.

They're already go and we heard from their chief operating officer and I just thought I mean they are so enthused are wearing to go they genuinely believe they can substantially grow the wireless business and now as the the number one digital group in the UK I can you believe I'm saying it's only 74 to 25% of the business digital you know there in World War II do and what we heard today was the backing they've got from UK from the pictures of the Sun from the times and the potential is a game changer and I think it's great news for the radio industry and listeners and not only the radio still here today, but we have people from Spotify

Pain in the wider audio and radio industry, clearly seen over the last couple of years as the Debate and the focus is whitening I mean we're now looking at audio not just radio and I think the radio group Seasons have not competing with each other but there can be done with in a global internet competitors, but particularly in the area of podcast on Spotify will hear they're enthused wanted to be part of the radio operation and get involved which I think is healthy and we had a lot of talk to them about new content and and ways that we can get new voices heard in Inner Radio 2 on audio Sektor and I think all that is incredibly healthy immune have been talking for many years and I think you know this is one of the the best points I think for radios development intern creative content in terms of investment in terms of innovation.

Did it is very very healthy and particularly for blisters to get you know all the all the the plethora of choices that they have.

And those extra stations we talked about Virgin and the big investment they've made they help get digital listen up to 56% as a share we got any Ranger figures out in a few weeks as well.

How do we keep it going? How do I keep the momentum going now? We've done some of these big things already.

I think now is going to be sustained because I think there's two fundamental things driving in one frankly digital radio in car.

I know you're a big fan of DAB in your car and we see that growing at 25% every day every year so that will continue because 93% of all new car DVR online going to continue to grow a smart speakers.

We her today and 20% of homes a lot of those speakers.

I used to listen to radio that's going to grow the online so I think we can we can actually predict that this listening will continue to grow I think the the issue with her today.

We heard about the digital review the government this review was Alex import.

Because I think what that says is the government want to work with the industry with the broadcasters the kind of chart the future of a radio in the UK and there's an assumption that it's got different.

I think when you look at what do they would start the 14% people listen to podcast every single week and we hear my Spotify and apple than others wanted to come into this Mark I think you know the Mark is going to be measured in 10 years time will the same people who dominating Radio today donating your time? I think that's that's the Debate but play BBC global Bower want to work together.

I want to work with the car industry and supply chain and government to try and protect and sustain you know the position couple of other things.

I think I remember the first time you were on the radio Today programme and you're done to Trevor when he just been appointed.

I can remember I was walking a dog in the park remember hearing the interview and back then we were talking about switchover and we've done that.

15 which Nazis the long way away whenever you have been since that conversation has moved on and no longer we talking about switchover and turning off a.m.

And FM services because that's the story anymore.

You're right meaning of the world has definitely changed.

I think the Vision 10 years ago probably was that the health of the radio industry would be supported and enhanced by having a 3D switchover from from FM to today be me now.

We recognise is not binary.

I mean in digital is the future then we could 6.4% already and put it across multiple forms and also understandably young listeners.

You know broadcast.

I don't want to lose the youngest in school listening on analogue, but you know what we was very clear today from government and other people who say today is that the pace of change from digital to analogue will be looked at in this review.

I love you will be taken at some point it may be the you can't sustain.

Economics don't support staying on a platform underneath.

I thought surprisingly but interestingly 5 Live and talkSPORT both said there's probably a time limit on a medium wave not now, but it should look at so you know there are Transitions going on the does the adult digital one the other one.

We heard about today was a one from DAB to dab plus and are we seeing now a growth of the stations of, regulated or recommending that TV passes the medium for broadcast medium for small-scale.

We've now got all the all the stations on sandwiches and little one and I think at some point because capacity is now scarce for the if you can't watch any new DAB stations does a decision to be made Julie at some point station fully from Derby today plus.

I think that someone will be talking about I'm just finally obviously through your work with this is ready UK your you can have the radio on this is lobby, Groupon

Radio with the government and you work very closely and have worked closely with a bayesian Matt Hancock and the other ministers through the year.

I might be able to obviously as well recording.

This is just announced the resignation was probably inevitable that there was gonna be some changes in cabinet and ministers when we get a new prime minister next week anyway, but does that mean you start again when you get a new minister? Is it is it kind of you having to teach them and educate them about digital radio or is it is it a kind of the dcms do that for you done you mentioned that you could have mentioned John whittingdale and Jeremy Hunt at one point was in in that chair.

So this is the way of politics and the civil servant conditions to having you Masters new leaders, but she was having stay the same when we have with fortunately having it in O'Neill in the head of the broadcaster dcms someone who supports Radio 2.

Radio wants to forward a digital radio agenda, and so he will do a lot of that heavy lifting for the industry, but I'm sure we'll all be beating a path to the door of the incoming minister.

We think they would have been changes anywhere with disappointed that margos left, but there's like you would have seen changes the end of next week and you know we don't think it's going to fundamentally change dcms.

Is it for the sexual indeed the for the judicial review thanks for having us and thanks for the drink always welcome.

We look forward to your Christmas party and that was Ford ennals from digital radio UK talking to me for the radio Today programme just ahead of James cridland his reminder to try out cleanfeed this summer if you need to take your show all podcast on the road is great for Ibiza and doing radio remote interviews as well as for getting get onto your podcast in great quality of the radio.

Show is really simple to use just via browser.

You can even record it all as well.


Feed is completely free to get started when it has a paid for option as

You extra features and a lonely secure a minute or so to get signed up and Hooked Up in great quality for your first go with cleanfeed.

Have a look today at cleanfeed dotnet clean feed dotnet deploy is on the way first is James I'm James cridland the radio futurologist chat a few weeks ago on Twitter I asked to see presenter music logs from radio stations and buyer music log I mean I think that's printed out for presenters that tells you what song is your playing at our and where the ad breaks go and I found one from 1996 and it's a pretty good example of a typical music largest list the songs and artists and some timings at the same time that it's changed a lot and not in 1996, but it hasn't been almost entirely I'm changed apart from the use of a new font back online with the recent moon landing anniversary.

Discussion then went to talking about appropriate songs to play on Tasmin Archer sleeping Satellite popped up when sleeping Satellite was a hit.

I was working for the pulse Radio station is Brad James Andrews only technical term Bradfords Tasmin Archer whenever we Beckenham the song down the road at FM in Leeds they were calling her Leeds Tasmin Archer because she left school she worked in Leeds at the court there.

We all knew that has been not sure could be claimed as a local artist but when playing Elton John and Kiki Dee Don't Go Breaking My Heart Will add who is monotonous regularity considerably less of us back against her as someone born in Little Horton in Bradford and so we come back to presenter music logs because

Tool to tell presenters where the songs go there are great but as a tool to make better radio a bit rubbish because there's no information on at all if you produce music logs today.

It's not actually difficult to highlight local artists from your transmission area and if you stuck it through a piece of software should be easy to pull the latest news headlines featuring the artist to the latest tweet to see what they last posted on Instagram just in case it would make for a more interesting story on the are a smart music log could turn a lazy back announce that sounds researched acknowledges the local area and could make any station sound a little more live and up-to-date today's technology could do all of this automatically but it turns out that at least one station has done this in the past the UK's classic FM which appeared at least for the launch of the station to have information carefully tight with an actual typewriter.

The music log technology can do so much to change the way we make radio for the better and I will pick up my challenge to produce a better music log for all of us can get my newsletter a change.

Krypton and and Daily Podcast music pod and until next time keep listening and now on the radio Today programme he is David Lloyd this week 50 years ago one small step for man one giant link for DLT they shall I sound a bit drowsy but as you can well imagine.

I was very intrigued by what was going on up stairs in on the moon and of course I stayed up till about 5 watching those fantastic man walking about on the moon taking a photograph and everything.

I think it's a tremendous strain was going to like proper congratulations for the American nation.

That was really fantastic tired me out on Radio 1.

The moon landing this week in 1969 for the latest news headlines this Monday lunchtime Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin and fasting before preparing to Glasgow from the moon this evening the Russian people have been shown 7 minutes of television pictures of the moonwalk the man on the moon and back inside the module eagle or recovering from there exist on the surface of the module is not due to lift after nearly 6 hours at the airport now from Peter Watson in our Apollo studio at the moment because the cramped quarters of the Eagle landing vehicle on the Sea of Tranquility however large they may have looked on television.

Don't allow the crew to lie down so many other people in Britain without a bed to watch the television pictures of the walk on the moon that the central electricity generating board had to meet a big increase in the demand for power it says the increase was enough to meet the normal needs of a city of 1 million people the world at one.

Ladies and over every drama there a very distant phone line in Moscow a little later on to the 90s now and this week 26 years ago kid Jensen has his network charge for the last time number one still there this week.

I'll be tuned into the network.

Just like you after 9 years which is 84240 minutes or 5034000 or 18720 later.

I'm heading network chart record rice pattern il-4 and il-10 hit40uk.

Eventually the Big Top 40 lives on now on global stations, but as a network property with life ended earlier this year anoraks of a certain age would have travelled miles.

Just to see their Radio 1 Heroes from afar on stage at the Radio 1 roadshow, Newquay 46 years ago this week and the rest is British radio history of all sorts of places around here this morning for the

We've been asking for the written on outrageous thing wonderful really it's good to see so many people as about 15000 the big problem for Radio 1 was little be sort of by people living up in the north of England and other parts of the country.

Is that station Down in London that we need to get out and about and meet people in I'm so making people on holidays the best thing we can do so my plan was in 6 weeks to go around the entire coastline of including Northern Ireland which was very ambitious, but it was clearly a success right from the beginning wouldn't have huge crowds and it was a very small caravan, but if it works alright and

After a couple years ago.

Fighting in Chelsea start to get Union problems.

What are these number BBC people like John Miles driving a vehicle with BBC equipment and it should be true controller Johnny beerling talking about his Radio 1 roadshow, which began this week in 1973 as Sunnah box effect isn't heard too much on radio ID jingles years ago though stations were awash with that affect it was very haunting and it was highlighted for the first time this week 80 years ago in a major article in Time Magazine it wasn't an electronic voice search.

What used to do is to get to small loudspeakers place them there on the side of your throat and then you play sound through speakers and transmitted to the larynx, then you mailed the words and the effect comes out your mouth.

Play BBC Radio Radio 1 music the sound of it sounded a little more like this.

King-size in a film called you find out from 1940 happy 80th birthday to Soller box.

It is early days commercial radio was known for its varied tapestry of programming and its industrial action this week in 77 IR and had LBC was over 60 journalists on strike in a dispute between journalist and management and this week in Nottingham 78 LBC playing songs journalists are on strike again this time over a second this is LBC to 61 medium wave and 97.3 VHF into an industrial does normal services on both LBC and Independent Radio news have been suspended for the time being we hope to resume our regular programming as soon as possible LBC in trouble.

In 77 ad in 78 with Chris Tarrant making his debut on real smooth and century 4 years after leaving Capital 11 years ago was first woman Prime Minister took office about which country did she presided about Simon Bates beginning the Legendary are tune benchmark feature on Radio 1 39 years ago really you pick up a story about 18 months into a relationship and I've taken precautions.

She's on the pill and all the rest of it 82 years ago Edmunds beginning on their head radio 150 years ago.

We've all done that and those are this week's radio moments.

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