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Read this: Fleur East, Greg James plus RadioTechCon’s Tech Masterclass

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Fleur East, Greg James plus RadioTechCon…

This is the weekly podcast from Radio today at this time.

I've been talking to fleur East Brent Burns and James bath that a new breakfast show on Hits Radio UK when to see the right after first show in Manchester this week from the radio tech con te masterclass which took place this week James cridland reports on all the station.

That's doing well despite.

Its am a long heritage and David Lloyd radio moments in metro gets underway with the take that the wrong speed Telegraph and leaves the high seas behind and the first Magic station launches in Leeds Today programme is broadcast bionics Rea Martin is here earlier today is founder and editor have a Roy hi, how do you do a good? Thank you, so we got flag and James coming up on the podcast a new breakfast show.

Radio just over a year after the last one launch nice bunch of people and it was good to chat to Greg he told me he was a longtime listener first time guest first-time guests and he was telling me that East listen in Australia at when he was old enough to three years to can keep up with what was going on in the UK radio industry fantastic, and we had that moment where you were set up for me looking at me thinking of her voice so many times but it seems a bit strange seeing it as well.

I guess that's the reverse of when we see your radio people and then people do people see as in pink perfect voice for podcasting contact masterclass as well, which happened this week.

It was all about getting more people into the technology side of our industry.

Discussion last week about small scale DAB so people are getting very excited about it all the people didn't calories is this massive expansion of radio stations was gonna happen with small scale DAB under the scale of it all.

It's going to be a massive on a small scale see what you did there.

So there was this session in parliament on Tuesday this week, II delegated legislation committee whatever that is the dcms minister Margot James who was something up at the end of the session at the development of small scale radio x in huge collaboration between both commercial and Community Radio to provide a more diverse mix of exciting new content for listeners.

I believe we have got the constraints on the potential for too much National Direction

About right but we will definitely keep this very important matter under review and I commend these regulations for house.

So there was a few things came out of the session right as it whether you at watch it online.

I did I watched it three times actually just to try and get some quotes from it, and it was interesting to see the limits on ownership and come down to 20% so confused cos it's nice to go somewhere last year they said it was 25% limit on ownership and she announced this week that it was 20% So the couple of things have changed since the last year but it was interesting as you can now go go forward to the next step which is next week.

I believe yes, give me the Lords next week and then hopefully we'll start advertising these licence early next year.

I think it was mentioned as well about where is that some big companies with owned these multiplexers and they would have sent you them become national networks and stations.

Beyond all of the multiplexers rather than it be about local radio, but I'm in global and our will be restricted in how much of a licence they can own and how many they can be involved with but I'm not convinced global and Paris summit centre actually want a small Sky box but anyway but they cos they already own the big ones.

I don't think they do nice a small-scale by my name and nature.

I don't think they're interested in some cells smaller mean they're not allowed to.

Cuz he said the limited and I think it's 30% investment in a single licence at one of these be companies can have and they can only do that with licences.

So even if they own small scale DAB multiplexes in 6 big cities.

They won't hold them, then they can only have 30% so I think they can control it, then they probably not that interested and I think global said quite a few years ago that they're not interesting running in running the motor factors which is why they sold their.

Assessment in D1 back to IKEA in there, how are things? I thought was interested.

I came out of it was Margot James setting out.

What the the legislation was going to be and then her labour opposite as some questions are some points which she responded to and one of the things he raised was that the community radio fund is still £400,000 yet.

We still got more FM communications coming live all the time and with cdsp stations wasn't even more community groups applying for that funding from the government to support them with community radio.

So he's put for that needs to increase which I thought was a valid point yeah, and she did say that sorry these digital communications will be able to take to apply for some of that 400.

Is that right I think so yeah, that's as I understand it as I understand it.

That's crazy because I'm going to be if there's almost 300 unlock coming to stations having will be so half again in digital communications.

So yeah that definitely needs to increase so

See how this move forward and take us to John from fireworks on talking about the weather doing to support applicants, so if people are thinking about applying for a stay in the or Multiplex once all these here at next year onwards then that's one of the organisations that can help you with her about another one this week as well as story and radio stay at check out the details about open DAB not-for-profit company a couple of x Ofcom people L'Oreal at the pub moon that involved with that along with Daniel nice and who was involved in the original small scale DAB trials as well, so there's this whole kind Newmarket opening up in consultancy to help people with their small scale applications and I think it was local radio group that mention it has to be available for a Time in the ass small scale will be covering an area of 30000 people something like that.

Good to to operate a single service viably on on that need want the Multiplex to cover a city.

Hi there, when you're really if you're going to set up a radio station for sale Bournemouth where I am where there's no full service community Radio station is not coming stations with allcast best music on specialist program itself somebody wanted to come on.

Do you want in Bournemouth it would need to cover your Bournemouth and surrounding conurbation rather than just in the west of Bournemouth when they would need a small scale you would need to be by yeah.


Yeah, it was and I think it's well with we've seen a lot the trials living in big cities in Glasgow and Manchester and London ENT Cambridge Norwich place to cover the Glasgow one.

I'm sure it doesn't cover Greater Glasgow it's just a small bit of it into smaller and that's what the trials been on.


I think there's two aspects to small-scale from my point of view.

There's allowing a platform that's more affordable for smaller stations local radio and Community Radio to get onto in places like Manchester

The trials and I was in Manchester this weekend parked up in the car park outside it's ready, UK I can get 120 stations on my DAB radio which kind of brings it back to their you know if you want in the station or new show you've got a lot of cut through to do because people have got that massive choice in a city like Manchester now where they can pick up a lot of stations, but where I am in in the kind of rural East Yorkshire I can get D1 and I can get the BBC national stations and I can also get the Bradford and Huddersfield Multiplex Peugeot 5 miles West towards Skipton from where I am and you don't the local Multiplex coverage, so you're only getting national services there so having small scale DAB in a row place like that would kind of give you a third more stations, so it's not know 100 stations had another this is I can only get 20 or 25 and I'm gonna have another 20 on to it so that that's going to work in those areas but as you say, it's also be available to to run it and to have a station on it took over DAB spell.

It was a busy day on Sunday wasn't for a dab.

I think 5 Live did an extra entire radio channels, just to just to talk about cars going fast around the track by being there in those cars are there it's a list of profit did the British Grand Prix and obviously Cricket World Cup final and Wimbledon final as well 5 Live have this pop-ups on DAB for listeners to hear the British Grand Prix coverage while the cricket was on the main 5 Live station the tennis is on sports extra.

I thought this is what digital radios all about in the Back In The Hour of days.

I am FM you could have done that easily so we can now with digital radio for space for a few hours to put this on this event for people to listen to I thought that was a great example of using spectrum to do that will pop up now, so I wonder how many people actually retune to the Radeon actually got the information that they needed to do that and accomplished it by the end of the day by the end of that.

Sporting event would be interesting to see if there's any kind of knowledge as you can track who's listening to DAB radio.

Can you not not not connect dream so great use of technology and be grateful as a permanent sports station other ones but they needed another one so yeah difficult to say they should have 5 news and 5 Sport 24 7 won't be that will be a much better arrangement in my humble opinion well, put it towards the new controllers desk when I get when I guess I don't use to fill a new station day and night.

Obviously you know five live goes with sport at the weekends a lot and in the evenings.

I think I would struggle and it will be very expensive to fill out with these content we can put the same service on 24/7 but then have split cards so the top of the hour could be news news on the new station in the top.

On the sports version could be Sports news and then a bit of news on the end, so you can have the same service but that's not going to work.

Is it yourself? But maybe we did a bit of podcast recommending at last week for you at all geek related and I've got another for you this week at James O'Brien LBC podcast full disclosure is very good detox Atlanta to guests without an hour at the latest one is with somebody doesn't do radio interviews very often and that's Chris Moyles Chris Rea doesn't talk to us never heard anything like that now.

It won't I think it's not that he doesn't like as I think he thinks that we don't like him.

I really want talk to you should come on and finally just have a real big dick out with him, but maybe maybe if you listening Chris I think what he said it's interesting have a listen to the full disclosure podcast.

Talked about was why doesn't do interviews much and that was because I think he didn't interview with her and use paper instead of right at the interview.

They wrote a story about the experience of going to meet Chris Moyles for an interview is very fast so have a listen to podcast is very good.

He's a little bit of him talking to James O'Brien about getting his big break at radio are in October 1990 Crackdown local radio.

There was a sustaining service that came from London called radio radio station.

I think and it ran from London from 10:00 at night till the morning so every radio station in Britain could pay by the service and they would need to pay details from 10:00 at night 6 in the morning.

I think it went bust are at close down with like 20 hours notice really sorry, but they found out.

Tomorrow morning see the boss and tell him you're do a show for 25 quid because he will be desperate for anybody to feel these hours so I went in the next day and I'm not on the buses.

I need a word with you.

I said I was going to actually wanted something sit down in a minute if somebody doing you won't be on there.

Yeah, what you doing tonight the other tomorrow morning the services going down.

Can you do a 2-hour demo on here and I went yeah and it goes great.

I'll give you 30 quid ok? You have to drive it now know how much is a taxi at 9lbs.

Give you £9 extra tax expenses so can you be on there 3 to 5 tomorrow morning? Yes, OK what do you want to see me about that was how we got on really aware FM as it was in 1990 and there's been a few old clips at least in the Twitter account UK radio bit some really kind of Vim

Stuff and it was there a bit of him at from 1990 on radio are posters on there.

Not too long ago.

This was brilliant that remind me dry night with Bradley klahn in a few minutes patches before midnight midnight tonight with some sunshine in the afternoon today in Celsius 55432 points one fantastic jingle and 2 brightening dissected it on there.

It was one of the other day.

So yeah, but now I recommend full disclosure as quite a bit on Chris's early days at hospital radio radio Topshop radio Aire Radio Luxembourg

Capital Radio 1 not really anything about at the pulse and signalling the Hot FM network evening so maybe one day we'll get him on here to talk about that you definitely have a great fantastic.

Write swear at the digital radio summer reception this week will Here on next week's my cat that I think I've only got the type of wrong.

It's the radio today in reception.

Would we do that again away? Yeah ill try not to record the podcast drunk like we did it Christmas Siddhartha dhar Christmas do you do that so yeah? That's coming up this week and that will also going to be talking to the head of talkSPORT Wilder in London this needs to be on a podcast at next week, so we look forward to that and there's tons of stuff going on have a look on the radio today at all the events and you get them course in the radio.

24hrs in radio in your inbox and Greg and James getting confused the radio Today programme with broadcast bionics creators of The Bionic studio listening watch reacting to and learning from every spoken word Kolo sweet and SMS for a mix and lock and understand your content the bionic studio transformed everything about radio except.

How do you make it? This is the radio Today programme has recordings just gone 10:15 Friday morning flirt Greg and James have just done the first breakfast show Hits radio and I've come into the studio.

I'm making first showed on this morning had ago was amazing because we spent a lot of time together in the studio and bouncing off of each other getting used to each other and so I felt like it was really natural chemistry today was really funny.

Isn't it really I'm glad the first one is done, but I really want to be Monday but I didn't want to say yes on Thursday everyone and every Friday OK get that first one.

I was I find it quite it's quite daunting to be like seeing these guys faces every day and I'm like to know I feel very good.

I think we've got a really nice and easy between us especially off with dancing when I having fun with each other laughing my

I don't know what's going on with you and it's Friday you've gone live on a Friday because you have been here all week practicing so it doesn't feel like I just don't want you to know I was thinking we do the days as if it were you know normal time, but she did not told us when it was going to go by the way that was probably start taking the speedboat up the LOL is that is really the whole experience again.

You know I should do what I was told and the buses said as they make an engine so I just thought well.

Naturally kind of setup the sandwiches for what the show is going to be about it's all about having fun and having a laugh and poking fun at ourselves and they're not taking yourself too seriously, I think that's going to be really refreshing for people to listen to in the morning, but I did ask for a helicopter, but 20 about normal things like halloumi.

You know how I want to know like what she wants to know if he's aware that you need it tonight Global Centre global pop Centre

No, it's amazing to hear her like riding with like pop stars.

It's in mediately bring them and put them on the audiences levels not me because also flies so real that it just makes the whole atmosphere of the shows so different to other shows it's really cool actually because it's quite sorry because I've always been on the other side.

I've come it's radio the start of this year to promote my single and I never put in the headphones on and sitting in a student going I love the way radio sound it sounds so nice imagine if I was in here fast forward and I'm literally hear interviewing other artists and both James and I have it was definitely having to have you really cringe video Dr Redcar are you feeling feeling feeling?

Don't know till I feel like cos it's probably a long time is probably going to live with that we've been together a long paper V20 now.

You said it from way back is really weird and I'm sure for James and for Greggs on the most exciting times in their radio career was when they first heard the station voice-over says a name because she can go from B16 to the queen as well, so I feel like.

Radio station affecting you and have you had a lot of people calling and texting instead of actually you know the Queen's Head in while we've been on it and it's been amazing people in my gosh.

You guys are amazing laughing along with you had so much like love and so many good luck messages coming in from big people with Mabel George Ezra my mum.

My mum was more so for stone and then George Ezra imagine.

I've just been reading music we can your boss Gary has said some really nice things he says fleur.

I've never met anyone who's so natural on the radio having never.

He said James was very relevant and understand the audience.

Thank you and big is a real Radio Pro around the block but I've done a lot of breakfast, but I don't know because of the interim order at the Holiday cover breakfast.

I've actually done a lot of frustration lots of different people and often not people that are full-time radio people come in from the TV organza.

The thing that got me was how much she got radio and like I'm just it's very very basics, but then ok first going to let you know do they took up to the person that they said that you know from the song she does get it and it's you are that he is the most natural non radio person that works for me.

Is that the kind of being a musician and kind of just been able to perform live so funny because like my husband.

He came for the first time big up myself.

He was on the screen Hits Radio breakfast with referred is Jeff Greggs sausage roll.

A lot of people spell Greg name with two G's online Xterra said to me when I got this one this opportunity came up.

He said so basically it's talking and music that two things that you love doing on a regular basis and just back from Australia are you wearing now what you went over there a big books in Australia awkward turtle, it wasn't a difficult decision to come back shade.

I mean it's a lot of exciting innovative radio.

I wasn't doing it.

How many lines of a little bit longer out there but it definitely no way I was going to pass up in the town that classic Radio today, so we managed to be doing a national Breakfast Show why is it important that we're not in London what does it give the show being here to think what a difference you know it's like every show we know comes out of London London London London right now.

We're different.

We're coming Atlantis somewhere different.

It's it's got really good heart to it as a warm place and I feel like because we're new to this place as well.

We are bringing a new.

Play Gina new exciting energy.

I think I'm sure there will be people go away.

You're not from Manchester as it were coming from Manchester Berlin from Manchester and I think is amazing but me personally I am I think if we were doing if the three of us were doing the show set from se London I think it would be it would have maybe take a lot of living in 3 of a Kind of displaced are women getting to know each other I change my name to the wrong time at flirt we getting snow the area, but we can't it's a shared experience and I genuinely think that will that will be a uniqueness of the show that funny thing is for me like I've lived before and I have so many friends here so and I come up a lot like I've been out her weekends like here and Canal Street so I'm I'm all good but I know I'm going I know the funky Vibes and I

It's a really nice place to have this lovely happening is not happening in London so I don't know it's just a completely different City comparison between I'm off for the North good more of it because it's just you guys on your only got Great British team behind you is really good and we can be here without them things.

You don't know before you join somewhere.

Obviously you don't know when is going to be and that's been I suppose in some ways because that's been the Unknown and that's you don't know if it's not that has been so I mean I've been here a couple of months now and that's been the the biggest thing like to have the backing of the management and and the production teams has been there a really good and there's a lot of really young and quite, Newbury

It's a really exciting and I feel like they're genuinely excited for where the station is going and she is like completely own everything on the show like she's so great and she's sober it like we knew that the audio.

She's got it with the exact moment.

It's really nice.

I'm looking to the Future show them one of the weekend off so much.

Thank you for such as we have one of the key measures 10 across the lives and the show is going to bring up today is happening right now as well as being a fun and you said that I need anything else Edinburgh show me about it about and son so you can get tickets from I'm James or check out the edfringe app.

Just search James Barr come straight up.

It's amazing that I have a great podcast called again and that right now where to get the award-winning play.

It's Friday everyone.

I think we forget yeah.

I got more music coming out this year very very excited.

I have literally a library of music that I've been waiting I've been sitting on waiting to get out and I'm here at Hits radio.

Have a voice yet everyone to hear and I can't wait to get their music out.

We got an Aux as well, so we can plug Barcelona

is it in the oven for another that was Greg Burns and checking start talking to me straight after their first Show Friday morning for the radiator here's a reminder to try and clean feed this summer if you need to take your show all podcast on the road is great for obe's and radio remotes as well as we can get on to your radio program or your podcast in break really simple to use just via a browser and even recorded or within the browser as well, please if it has a completely free version as well as a pay for option of give you some extra features in just take a minute or so to find up and Hooked Up for your first go so have a look today at cleanfeed.

Head James brilliant and employers still to come to the radio tech con technology masterclass held in London this week, which was there to showcase the Tech opportunities that radio has to offer and Emma Corsham was there for Radio today and she's been speaking to delegate Claudia and organise that we are here after BTEC

Masterclass grandchild and Claudia once been a delegate what have you found the most exciting thing of the day Claudia so I actually enjoyed the studio concept and the code for the coding resource building on what does my degree in systems engineering student at Loughborough University so learning a whole new programming language in like half an hour 40 minutes or whatever it was absolutely fantastic and really built on the coding Concepts that are really low and the second part was I really enjoyed of building a studio and learning about this is around the studio and I found that so it's like that you really want to go in looking to gain some work experience in that's why it's alright voluntary or paid so it was actually really it's totally surprised me totally let me in a new direction in the way that I want to leave an engineering career.

So it was it was like one of the best IET competencies are actually been so I just thought it's alright.

That's like an ideal situation from the day was like a taste of lots of different text that could lead people in what kind of thing they wanted to go into with that right.

I think the main radio techcon conferences in UK radio industry technical and Engineering event and that saying that people usually work in technology or working radio and internet technology that everyone is welcome, but obviously we know that there are loads of people who have heard the term broadcast engineer and don't really know what it is.

I think it would be too difficult I think it's such a such a broad term is it covers everything from Studio to transmission to planning project the people get bit off and I think that there's no place to them and what we going to do today with to give people throw them in at the deep end and give them the basis of theory and practical workshops.

We didn't building studio building transmitted codeine we had a problem solving workshop for the disaster Zone and then point people on to further training and careers so hopefully.

Tell me when you can learn that there is a place in technology and radio in this wonderful part of our industry for them and it was a really great mixture of people in the turned up.

I think because there was the same people who have particular interests in various parts of Turkey or kind of got an idea of what they're already working towards, but as you say the master classes were really good like just trying to problem solve as a group or individuals and are you currently working in broadcasting radio is really really begging between two radio and CD recommended it to my brother and I can't like came along for the 8 hours CPD didn't expect to enjoy it to be honest, but really really did in the first part of this was Totally Spies I'm really interested.

I've gone back to Mars and gone by I want to do some technical someone out without radio want I want into that now.

Can you give me some experience?

So yeah absolutely fantastic one of the things that was also interesting was the workshop specifically about how people form their careers in this so what I actually that was a lot of the conference on engineering degrees and I've not got like a not enough technical background or too much technical background.

I've actually got something is very perfect fit into any part of the industry that I would want within that's turn off radio from ASDA and that the transmitter all the way to the production and actually into the studio which was also really really good to know the end when I knew that that was a thought I might actually want to see such an important point because again.

Do you have to have an electrical electronic Engineering degree before you're allowed to set foot do anything technical and the background for some people but I I was a program maker and and I use my program making background to help me in my technical part of my career.

So I'm really glad that something you found out.

Such a secret hopefully we can really absolutely the best and most creative part of the industry and it's something that no matter where you are radio.

You need to understand and be a cross and get involved in that was something in that careers think they're just again at the audience today.

So many people were just never even considered like.

The Broad range of jobs that could be covered like there were people who get just found their way into the engineering side of the radio industry and people who are there wasn't many who said you know that was always their dream and it's kind of wanted to work in engineering and actually I really love this petite play like coding or broadcast the poor thing but obviously if you have had your appetite whetted then do make sure that you're on our list and you are standing by to sign up for tickets remain radar tech conference which is back at the 80 on the 25th of November and please join us for that.

I'll be just as great as well.

It was really affordable people today because of the sponsors because you know all the support they were tickets for £24 for individuals and that there was just a lovely full very much like.

Kids get justify that has a great a really great taste and the CPD kind of accreditation towards long-term or long-term career as well.

Thanks VAT to find a couple of travel bursaries and four main te on with so keen to make sure that there is that access to people who always had a bursary scheme would really like to have a trouble fun, but that comes down Sue industry supporting and and putting into that so if anyone wants to support the best for radio tech Con in November then they done at cost of a ticket so that's £150 plus VAT and if people would like to donate some money towards the travel funds so that we can help support people who are unable to come from further afield than those things really make a huge difference to offering and instructions for this industry that other people the industry.

They were going to meet people so get on it sort it out.

The people who are really have got the skills on the interested in being in the technology side and we're #tech on on socials a great classic hits the drama The guitars.

It's when the music comes from here for cake.

I just couldn't the radio futurologist the radio ratings in Australia, every 6 weeks which I still find slightly amazing and comparison to the UK this time around in bridge in an unlikely station has made an appearance at the top of the charts.

It's saddle with the name consisting of a listener unfriendly set of cool letters it broadcasts oldies and for goodness sake it's on am 4kq.

I am reliably informed by people who know better than me is one of the world's best programmed all the station's the first went on the air in 1947.

How old would you be?

The Australian Labor Party but is now owned by a RN and broadcasts from gleaming new Studios on the banks of the Brisbane river it shares its ground with gold 1043 and radio Christian O'Connell is on these days.

There's no doubt about it is dying suddenly for a few years ago that are relays sport from Sydney and am community radio licence and meant to be formatted for young listeners.

Would you believe it still holds on yet? This is just happened baby boomers have helped Hill radio station 4kq into the rating Stratosphere the am station which plays classic kid has recorded his best result in the 1990s, but now suits in second place equal with stablemate 373 and just behind him dragonaut Nova station in Brisbane and its am station the reasons.

Why well it isn't.

I am station 4kq is of course also on DAB plus and a number of apps including radio app Australian commercial radios aggregator.

How do I heart radio which is licensed in Australia IRM and does particularly well on smart speakers in the country absolutely no doubt that the station's current high results in the ratings because they're not just an AM station it worked hard to make themselves available in as many places as possible and they're also one of the most visible stations for local events sponsoring various activities like the annual festival and even appearing on the Brisbane edition of the plan for Mrs believe that I am and FM is what makes radio work and that we can force our audience to tune in but I side with those in radio who believes that its future is the platform and that we should meet our audiences wherever they are on digital radio on apps and on smart speakers, so good on 4kq for the rating success listeners will seek.

As long as you use the new platforms Wisley now, he is more probably on the am band with David Lloyd when you look back at the first wave of UK commercial rate.

Only around half the brand name still exists to this day and one of those is 45 years old this week's time is 6 director Mr Bruce Lewis some stage in their careers.

We probably did but not usually within the first 5 minutes of the station going on here now from the board the opening announcement on behalf of our chairman, John Hunter and all our team.

Metro Radio I would like to say that we are going to make it our job to bring you the best possible radio providing music entertainment news sport comedy and drama was that all about we've got a couple of northeast serial which I think people are going to enjoy one which is called city which is about a football team believe it or not the other one is one called slowly drift.

Which is about a mining time and some of the goings on in this town and some of the guys on a quite a lily is actually that was news of calls to if there was this understated news jingle the time is 6:05 and that news time.

Metro news at 6:05 with Simon needless almost time to close down again.

You have been listening to metropolitan broadcasting the IBA station serving the northeast please join us again in the morning at 5:52 from all the staff here at Metro we wish you a peaceful night and please don't forget to switch off your sets.


Goodnight by the news jingles and this week 7 years ago Chris Evans got a new one part of the first major refresh for Radio 2 as identity for 15 years BBC News at 7 on Monday the 16th of July good morning this.

Nearest news jingle cells of strange that wasn't the beginning of the last year on there for that Radio 2 ID melody this week 7 years ago 1967 now and the last time telling Blackburn broadcast from a ship before cruising home to the BBC yesterday to do libraries in a bit of Personality in there between natural wood floor with those on the radio to cover the licence fee for the over 75's Tony Blackburn's live show on big l radio London July 15th 1967.

Wonderful stuff and it was this week in 1940 that newsreaders began to say who they were the first answer to do that was Frank Phillips a very good thing to return it was caused because it was thought that if Hitler's invasions game did come off today would have people mimic and answers or newsreaders and to identify a name weather boys.

Is very much more difficult to falsify on the Russians and Germans still heavier than a certain kinds of cooked bacon will soon be available for men between 18 and 6 day.

We'll have the first news reader to identify himself by name this week 79 years ago.

I just listening BBC News Bulletin probably the surgery and Hound news was being read in the error on American radio have a listen to this is fun ball with brown shoulders.

You will have to be worth more than a footnote to this remarkable that sort of thing Chris Mason would have been doing in 1940 on war cast brilliant writing and prophetic Coventry 2 Tone your pussy remotes.

I have here the note typed in 1967 by the BBC executives J E Grant and jaki Graham about the audition tape sent in by Mr k Everett and the report reads as follows a competent and experienced pop DJ would need very firm production underlined very got beheaded underlining on the timer.

His non-stop funny voices which it changes every few seconds with the right encouragement he could be an asset to other corporation.

Get sacked this week in 1970s is Mary Peyton wife of the transport minister has passed her advanced drivers test first time you've been driving more than 30 years and said she was spurred on by her husband's appointment nearest from the floor and run 11:30 as she crammed a509 know these people there is nothing happening in the world.

No nothing so I got the front pages of everything BBC get fired following but not altogether because of that gag after the news Pembrokeshire got its own commercial stations 17 years ago this week.

Home from Pembrokeshire College radio Pembrokeshire beginning this week in 2002 three years later it had an audience share of over 40% of the highest in the UK and that was a reaches 15% average hours 15.9.

They should give ceri Jones the keys to a BBC local radio station and say carry.

Do it your way and so you get on with radio are splitting pregnancies in 2fm, and the first magic 29 years ago with the voice of John Myers it's a 28 across, West Yorkshire and it's here.

All-time great music station magic 828 32 years ago and this of Douglas Stewart the first presenter of The World tonight on radio for 6 years ago asking 3 questions rolled into one and that enables the man to pick whichever the 13 questions he wants to answer this week's radio moments David and James and Roy of course and thanks to Emma Corsham he wasn't ready attack on master class with fleur.

Greg and James are Hits radio.

Thank you to you guys as well next time we're at the digital radio reception talking digital radio and will also be speaking to the big boss of talkSPORT radio program broadcast bionics.

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