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Read this: 02/08/2019 Radio 4 Feedback

Summary: Podcast

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02/08/2019 Radio 4 Feedback…

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts is your wireless doomed shortly to be made redundant by an online world where everyone seem to have a podcast for you to download and when music of every description is screaming All Around You list of Susanne Christian certainly helps not to download for the train journeys, etc.

However, nothing beats the wonderfulness of turning on Radio 4 randomly any time during the day and finding something at crawling to listen to so will we be able to have the Best of Both Worlds in feedback this week? I'll be asking the Sunday Times Gillian Reynolds were the future is still bright for traditional radio course it is I will now present you with two men use one is on a card.

I'm on his tablet.

Do you want my recommendations my networks? That's a tablet.

I love that good.

Do you want to pick and mix from my other card? Why not both menus are offered as long as those menus a good there's no problem, but it's one menu being the resources to subsidize the other one of the many questions.

I'll be exploring with the diurnal radio critics in or out of your comfort zone furniture to Morrisons Turriff did they enjoy 86 year old film legend Michael Caine telling us what he knows now well one of them did not had that lovely quote about really lucky to find something that you need to do for nothing that made me a living and his follow-up but I wouldn't do it now for nothing a lot of people know that about Maurice Micklewhite from the Elephant and Castle and how does a pm Evan Davis cope with the challenges of broadcasting in what increasingly seems to be a post-truth world of fake news were the so-called Optics are all and no one trusts.

When your neutral try to be neutral and struggle to make decisions every day that the colour what you think this is probably the most beautiful thing to do half the people or even all the people are saying you're against us and that is that makes life difficult more from the ever thought for 11 Davis later, but first three just came out this week.

They are the radio Industries official listening figures reveal that 34 million still tune in to BBC Radio each week, but it's reach is at an all-time low of just under 62% those figures don't include catch up listening podcasts, so are we approaching the end of the wireless? Will we be only listening to podcast in the future the BBC is certainly pouring resources into online listening several months of uncertainty Radio 4 does not have a new controller for the BBC has announced that they will be for the first time a separate controller for BBC sounds the app that combines the iPlayer live on.

Radio and podcasts on top of that there's to be for the first time I control of pop music in charge of BBC Radio 1 2 1 Extra and 6 Music So is online Future the wireless in its last days.

Just what we meant to read into all these changes in a moment.

I'll be talking to Gillian Reynolds the radio critic of the Sunday Times for first here is some of your Susanne Christian from West Kirby to download for the gym to catch up on programs.

I've missed however sing beach the wonderfulness of turning on Radio 4 randomly any time during the day when I'm waiting for the kettle to boil driving and finding something and falling to listen to Philip Anderson from Liverpool why can't radio controlled as accept the fact that not only just wait to evolve so does its audience BBC sounds offers alternative programming and listen again.

Which by it's very existence was the Minister said the live audience.

It's not the end of radio only the end of what we've known to become used to and in similar fashion audiences change I used to listen to Radio 1 but no longer do why because I grew up what was essential listening as a teenager in the early 70s became increasingly irrelevant for me as my tastes changed now a diversity of Radio 3 and 4 Katowice Poland from Poole in Dorset my goodness whatever next I don't do podcast North streaming of course.

We need Radio 4 just because we have cars does that mean we don't need eggs Radio 4 in the comfort zone.

It's mashed potato.

It's hot chocolate on A Winter's evening a cosy fire nothing's come and go Radio 4 has lived on to the all of these things before Steve from Street in Somerset I think there will always be.

Some people to be able and even prefer to listen live however, I think the growing number of people will prefer to download shows and listening example when the meeting to listen to a different time of day without their shows going out and others that wouldn't be to listen to think it's a case of producing podcast will be the death of those episodes available podcast about Julian Reynolds Julie in the title of your article in the Sunday Times was is this the the wireless as We Know It and the answer is well, it's the beginning of a New Era in sound entertainment and education and information.

I don't.

It is a war between radio and television I don't see it as a war between radio and podcast and streaming I see it as a whole new generation suddenly covering the door is a magic in listening to something you put your own pictures into it you put your own coloured and I think it's a great opportunity.

It's a great opportunity, but some people are feeling notably Radio 4 listen as a written to us about the fact that they do notice the programs that are listening to a perhaps cheaper less rich and I'm worried more and more people are worried that resources are being siphoned off to podcasts now.

That is happening isn't it? I remember when my jam is it was a controller of radio for ages ago now.

He said we have all the cut we can the fat is gone.

We're down to the Muscle were ever since then has been more and more and more now.

This is confusing two things what is confusing the BBC's priority about radio and it's

And the other is the possibilities of a great medium of sound so you think that actually BBC could both and sure the radio for example is still probably funded and at the same time developer podcast if it's been prepared to take on television spending caps.

I think that must be the answer because every piece of research would never ever reveals these days, but there are ways of finding out if you're well now revealed radio is the most popular part of the BBC's output and when you look at the television, why not there is always something to listen to you.

Can't you and it's great but really you know exist in this huge hugely competitive and creative Newmarket because not only has commercial radio formed it bigger more powerful and Richard groups.

There are all kinds of new ways to listen and all of this Challenge for the air BBC is not stepping up to the challenge of the competition.

Not finding things that need funding know where in the world is there a speech network live Radio 4 there really isn't not even well service massively popular in the the BBC should take out of that a new set of James Purnell who is in overall charge of radio that he wants to phase it out.

I think he has a vision and it's a good vision actually its vision of how audio is a medium of the future and will have a place in the future.

What she's doing never reveals.

Its my conjugation would be what he's doing.

Is it turning the networks into supply systems and eventually maybe over a period of 10 years will become supply channels to the great sounds archive platform whatever it's now.

It's a great vision.

I think it is doing it.

Is Robin the supply chain the networks to feed sound which isn't properly established with a major audience yet their figures are impressive.

They could do better.

They can only do better if the production of radios at home and the BBC is the home of radio flourishes are the BBC blues directly with young people.

It's lost the ability to tell them when if you like to listen, they will decide when and how they listen but nothing wrong with that.

There's nothing wrong with that one of those things that might be lost in the end.

Is that all public service RedTube you don't go and look for something.

You know you want you accidentally run into something you didn't know you want which Rivers you and Fascinators You that is possible through old fashioned broadcasting is that possible and the new world of podcast cities.

I will now present you with two men use one is on a card.

Tablet out, do you want my recommendations my networks? That's a tablet.

I love that good value.

Do you want to pick and mix from my other car while both menus offered as long as both menus at good.

There's no problem.

I found I couldn't go down back to radio Ford Focus that on that specifically the new controller is mohit.

Bakaya, is a long-term commissioning editors are the vibrations within the Christian Community that is a good thing from personal experience.

I can say is decisive imagine it connected, but he's just now shuddering under this picking up the bundle of all the cuts that happened all the priorities and son every sign is optimistic, but everyone who works for him know that the obstacles he faces are enormous and image of the aside from money.

He's got a number of issues to face program as soon as you.

Does down this any questions you would question the Today programme tell me why the Today programme is a huge question in your view been losing listeners by the bucket for and there's a lot of competition in the news area and BBC can afford to let today Wither on the vine to have a quick questions.

You've got reservations about does down discs presentation and yes, I have not only that but I think a dreary I don't want to hear that life stories.

I quite like hearing Heroes I quite like hearing aid adult postman.

Who served a lifetime.

I quite like hearing.

You know people who let extraordinary realise I don't want to hear anymore pop stars and any questions that a vacancy there in the long term at any suggestions.

I think that there's plenty to choose from no no I have not going to give advice on my bike cost money to a Renault who is not been paid for this appearance on feedback.

Thank you very much indeed.

Go back to our and comfortable feature we challenge couple of listeners to cast aside caution and live dangerously at least listen to a program that they would not normally switch on this week.

We have Carol Johnson Chapman from Birmingham and John Challis from London Carol just to get an idea of your listening habits.

What would be your top 3 programs if you were stranded on a desert island.

I'd like to listen to Desert Island Discs and the Today programme and the Archers frayed also the week in Westminster and a good read when we asked you to listen to what I know now with film actor Michael Caine it was first broadcast on Radio 2 two parts on the 21st and 28th of July and we gave you the option of listening to only the first of his hour-long shows just in case you really couldn't stand it a movie star.

Stripped and he says for how can I change the Script to suit me three a movie actor gets a script to this? How can I change me to superscript one and You're only supposed to blow the bloody doors off?

Well, Michael Caines Memoir of his life and times in the movie and how would you describe the program and explain what it's about to those who haven't yet? Had the opportunity of listening to it will that's it? Isn't it is life through growing up in the Blitz in London being in and out of London to avoid that the bombings moving from slum housing through to you.

Thought there was a beautiful prefab house and now living on the 11th floor of The Penthouse with 360 degree views of London and loving it in Elephant and Castle slightly different but wasn't very effective to you of that immediate post-war period it is certainly what does it mean? They were the stories my parents told me you know that im very similar age to my parents and getting my mum's Grandad love London hated the country, but everytime they got panicked move out.

They'd managed it for a couple of weeks and soon as I thought it was over there be back.

Exactly what he was describing.

What about you? Did you you're not from London did you enjoy this program? I listen to it.

It was exactly the type of program.

I would normally listen to that because you didn't really catch me.

Have you seen any of these know just how is essential but this program? You must have thought that sort of fell asleep in the first 17 minutes to be honest and I have made myself listen, and then I thought we got interesting we talked about The Beatles and we talked about Prince Philip be talked to bite.

You know the programs.

He made in the different voices you was able to convey with thought that was quite good and quite interesting about when is discussing his films in the 60s idiots in there, but I'm afraid to say I had it since I could really relate.

What about you? I have a very long while ago and it needs a sort of time when it before tablets and recipes.

Sunday afternoon particularly if it was raining and watch the 1500 film and I remember I haven't seen them recently Alfie is very reminiscent with me particularly because I live very close to the Theatre Royal Stratford East and he talks about his working with Joan Littlewood Anne-Marie Mervyn who was there in a taste of honey and that's something I got from it.

Carol I really is about the nature of the craft and use clips of pregnancy stand before about how you play Dua camera have different that isn't always the theatre.

I went to say nice things and Sunday little movie.

Did you find that interesting you hadn't seen the films? Did you find to the degree? That was a master class in I think yes and that he can most of the accidents each other to portray like you know you talked about Prince Philip rein it in one of the reasons behind his back and he walked but prestige very well.

I could pick out and understand.

I was talking to myself.

Why wasn't him in the Bond film. self so I was always questioning that because I think that tells you why he wasn't in the Bond film was a bit but several times.

He was told how gay is he looks and I'm not even doing happy.

Yes, yes me too soon for a while ago was that and I did like the bit about you know in the 60s with this big group of fellow actors.

How when the Kristoff and outfits your London would have 4 minutes before they were going to be blown by the nuclear bomb why not go have some fun in that year plastic.

I wondered whether they would raise the question and that although Michael Caine has made some fantastic films.

He's made a cloth stinkers hasn't he was an actor actually and at one point he took what he needs to know he was so lovely quote about really lucky to find something that will.

Yes, that made me a living and his full up but I wouldn't do it now for now.

This is a bad thing maybe it was not in a helpful to someone that he didn't have a phone Coventry did you miss a guide would you like a picture of helps me to navigate my way through what was going to happen and what happened to be honest that had to work out so it all the different species have been made all clips from the films were actually Michael Caine think it'll actually really good voices on which he did mention, but somebody should have told me that so I had to work that out to Jan would you have appreciated conventional commentary if you like? No not at all? I found it like I was having dinner with him.

You know it's like a conversation and it was fun.

Just having this very charming get well.

I think it's pretty clear your very divided on this one when I ask you the question is do at the end.

We really ask your comfort zone on this.

Graham and would you listen again your answer with I was totally out of my comfort zone and I would not listen again.

I'll definitely going back for part 2.

Yes, I haven't done so yet.

Well Carol Johnson Chapman in Birmingham and John Challis home studio in London thank you very much for venturing little anyway outside your comfort zones now if you would like to take part in that feature or become part of the back panel then please do get in touch you can write a letter the address is feedback PO Box 67234 London se1p 4ax you can follow Alex on Twitter by using as BBC R4 feedback or you can call us and leave a phone message on 0333 444 4544 standard landline charges apply bird could cost more on some mobile networks all those details are on our website last week.

I spoke to Dave is the presenter of p.m.

On Radio 4.

Is pregnant had broadcast without comment or analysis to and interrupting minutes of President Trumps tirade against the congresswoman ilhan Omar Sarah has told us it needed context and Collins ever on the seven put his hands up so to speak and accepted at the program had made a mistake and that instance in the second part for interview I asked the presenter if you find it increasingly difficult to get politicians to give them a straight answer.

I wondered if he wasn't fed up with this sort of thing so prevalent now on use programs.

Such as today or indeed is REM he's a clip.

We're asking for alternative arrangements to be put in place around the border of Northern Ireland and us to remove the backstop from the withdrawal agreement at the British ask Boris Johnson this quite clear in the statement in Parliament where he's made absolutely clear.

We are determined to leave by the 31st of October

I really want to know what we're actually asking for that that we're not going to have the backstop that was Evan Davis trying to pin down Helen Whately deputy chairman of the Conservative Party I wanted to know if heaven was disillusioned with the political interview disillusion know it's a fascinating time for a journalist is a job getting more difficult.

Yes, the most difficult thing we Face are the decisions that we've been talking about today which is how you maintain and neutrality which is a job not all media should be nutrition.

I love the shouting meeting we have in this country by the way.

I just don't want the BBC to get sucked into all of that it's very difficult to be neutral at a time when you have green polarisation politics and we're not the only ones feeling it over in the us as well people feel very strongly they I think jump from their strong feelings to a come natural sense that your

What you're against us and that people on both sides, so consequently when your neutral or try to be neutral struggle to make decisions every day that the kind of what you think this is probably the most beautiful thing to do after people or even all the people and saying you're against us and that is that makes life difficult then.

There's a whole other set of issues with your reading to is public discourse becoming less rational structure-based more based on the idea that used to obtain and maybe I'm looking back to the days of robin birds on where the prime minister of the leaders thought they should put themselves up for a long and tough interviews and did try to address the questions which on the Hill they did that sense of obligation seems to have disappeared because this is a result of social media.

They don't think there's anything in it for them.

That's an interesting and often question in the end.

This is going to be influenced by public opinion.

The public punish politicians for not putting themselves up then politicians will put themselves up.

It's interesting that Theresa May said she regret it not taking part in the television debate during the election campaign.

I think looking back it made her look stupid that she wasn't there while all the other leaders were there an Amber Rudd was standing in for her now.

She thinks politically it was probably not tactic because public opinion might have been more positive if you took part in the end, it is up to the public.

I think to decide know if these politicians can't deal with a difficult question are we sure we want this politician to be in that in that position but I would say this ultimately I think the public are not altogether judging the politicians.

Just on these interviews you have to remember that is reality and this proceeding and all the time the public of judging the politicians not by what they say.

Republic of anything more than the journalists are inclined to drop the politicians by what they get done and the results will I get done so there's not think the only way in which politician to help them telling them the consequences of their policies they also held to account by public who see the consequence of their policies and that he's I think you know that heart.

What makes the work or fail.

Is it the public can see these things and we can report these things without the politicians been there if they refuse to come on and one last question is that what you do when these look at this year of the Irish border.

We've had for 3 years 100 people saying there isn't a problem on the other hand another logical people saying it is a problem.

What is the tallest mayor of your supposed to do in those circumstances.

I have to decide who to believe and we have to report what different people believe and if 85% of experts say it can't be done a completely non-existent board that will having a border the public.

I do believe the 85% of people who thought about this or do we believe the 15% who say it can be done those figures are protected by the way, but I do think most experts think it's very difficult do with some kind of bored of their but essentially a job is not to pronounce on that issue a job is to make sure the public are absolutely clear where the balance of opinion lies is not our job to tell the public you have to believe the experts or the majority in experts, but it is our job to make sure the public know what the expert opinion and if we failed in that in the referendum campaign if the public didn't know that most economies thought leaving the EU was a bad idea of economic economically if the public didn't know that in the referendum campaign then we failed and I know a lot of people think we did fell in that referendum campaign.

I think I should the public didn't know that most economists believe it was a bad idea.

I think the public probably know they probably don't.

And all the issues around the Irish border.

Not sure you could have but they probably do know that it's a great headache and no one has conclusively demonstrated.

They can they can deal with the border so the public do you know what the term geography of opinions on these big issues, but our job is to make sure they know where expert opinion lies and that doesn't mean being stupid when it comes to factory don't have to stay on the one hand most experts say the world is round and none of the other hand a few people said that's ridiculous once something is beyond debate we don't have to have but where an issue is a live debate.

Where was still discussing it were inviting people on to offer an opinion.

It would seem odd for us to pronounce upon it as a fact and then to say politician.

What do you think about you know but what do you think so? That's the kind of Neutrality which I have in mind but I don't think your travel tea is just on the one hand some.

Bleeding homoeopathy in on the other hand some don't because the wasn't welcome you know but will doctors don't believe in it so we can't be balanced between those do we have to make sure that public new even though we might have one pro homoeopathy doctor and one auntie homoeopathy doctor in the studio.

We must make sure that the public understand the anti homoeopathy one has a match your weight of doctors opinion on his side than the pro homoeopathy want and that's I think how we have to do it, but I never want to pretend that we always get it right and I never want to pretend that this isn't difficult I think Steven Davis me he continue to search for the ever elusive truth, and that's it for another edition of feedback next week.

I'll be speaking to Kevin bakhurst Ofcom the media is regulator just over 2 years ago for the first time it was given the power to regulate the BBC The First Time The Corporation has had an external regulator is he interested in what you think?

About the beep will find out in feedback next week until then goodbye.

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