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talkSPORT and PopMaster…

Thanks for choosing the radio Today programme this time the football Seasons back, so we'll talk sports with Lee Clayton who's the station Ossett talkSPORT find out their plans return of the Premier League Ken Bruce's on as well.

I spoke to him on the phone to talk about we stop for PopMaster is obito and James criddle looks at radios in during appeal over the last 20 years and it moves for Eddie Mair and Grimmy Atlantic 252 arrives on the are 30 years ago and there's the return of Noel Edmonds broadcast bionics changing radio all over again at least you how are you? I'm good.

Thank you.

Been on holiday road trip this weekend a good radio stations on your travels holiday road trip with me and the Mrs went to went to Scotland

The weekend just a quick trip up to up to Inverness and back putting me like you do ya like you and yeah.

I listen to a number of stations on the listen to to heart is smooth, and that's about it really over local stations in answer to your question seriously when I got to Inverness I was looking for original and then I realised I had a minute as the wrong City so they fail on my part, but I did listen to mfr2 OK yeah.

That's the first time ever.

Where's that come from Glasgow Manchester I thought it was when I listened on Saturday night Darren Proctor was on doing his party dance show everyone so yeah, it was it was great to travel that way and listen to somebody Manchester giving out mentions for somebody in Teesside then we can come onto this.

I'm sure with our hot to headline of the week.


Well, it is the changes at Bauer they're going to network.

Lifetime show a cross the Hits Radio network in the north of England and the Midlands excluding Gem and cfm, SE7 presenters will lose their daily shows 6a leaving play this is all happening from the 2nd of September so Gemma Atkinson and Wes butters going to be networks across all the stations in the North Station like metro trailer and Hallam Viking and the radio city of a big change for them.

It is and it feels feels weird now that they've actually knows they're doing I know we've been encouraging them to catch up with Global and just get on with things but now the powers announced in the axing of presenters and the closing of local drive.

I don't know about you, but it just seems a bit wrong for some reason.

I don't know if we're closer to the people involved or it just seems I mean girls got a plan for National radio.

Power is got so many different radio stations in the Never Gonna uniform them all up.

So just seems like the peacemaking a little bit here and there and it just wanted to say that you six you're out I'm going to network your show because that I don't know what that actually gaining from I mean this is part one, but it just seems a bit pregnant at this stage and obviously the euro in the markets where things are different like cfm, which another music exhibit different and they got a daytime show and the same on jam.

They're going to keep those drivetime shows and those stations are taking network programs from 7 at night or clock at night right through until the early hours of the morning, but then not going to have the shared drive time program yet.

It's as you say it definitely isn't a one-size-fits-all like global do it's a different strategy close.

We just don't understand everything but the the arguments given to cfm and to jam being unique geographically or music maker reply to everything.

Every station has gone network coming Radio City Liverpool if you have a live in Liverpool for a while and just oppose the energy excitement around Radio City in the Sami Khan in Liverpool without seeing it for a start because it's 450 feet in the air and you can see the logo and it's just real Radio City Liverpool them for it for Radio City 2 not have programmes from the tower for 20 hours a day that just at home and you can apply to every city of course yeah, yeah a special exception when they didn't get rid of the weekend show so they've still got a local show on a Saturday at 1 on a Sunday for Radio City when the rest of this network doesn't have local shows on the weekend anymore.

Just a special case at the weekend, but not afternoon.

It sounds crazy and Scott Hughes who's the guy doing the showing the driving Liverpool sounds fantastic and he's got lots of Heritage and how many could say the same about everybody of course I'm just mention.

Because it's happening and it's such a shame and I almost feel like bowel should your be the opposite of global going forward and just provide decent already released during the daytime hours are the opposite in that they're having a local Breakfast Show rather than a local draught compared to heart and capital in the morning 6 the next day.

Let's say that some other things this week at talking of capital a complaint upheld against Capital Breakfast it's Revit groups like global get complaints by Ofcom upheld against them but this was Dickie bad because there was wearing it was pretty crowded and then they rebroadcast it later the same so yeah, this is quite unique one as well because they had a complaint about an f bomb that went out at 6 in the morning which they probably would have got away with but then repeated the exact same audio 2 hours later without editing it and they're blaming a technical issue.

Received the sum of the editor and override the audio or they just forgot about it will never know but yeah, they got in trouble for this one and then global and capital apologise for it's all good.

I've just had the knuckles rapped on this one and take some changes at Virgin Radio this week as well.

Yeah, this is nothing because he stays exactly where he is and probably for next 10 years better Kate lawlers on the move.

She's going to drive from afternoons even more of a Reliant Tim Cook has going to afternoons and then Steve who does not recover work Steve Denyer is on evenings for now.

I get the impression.

That's just temporary but time will tell good luck to everybody there for that week's of Virgin Radio UK podcast was composed by something else at the happened last week was that Ken Bruce's we stop for PopMaster tour around some offices around the UK to do a show live and play.

Master in a workplace that we can get with a now I can how are you recording this at third day.

How's it all going so far? We have really really enjoying things going to go when you start and you think you've got somewhere where we got work place at least you stop work will be too much noise will be not enough noise, but it has gone really really well very very different venues.

So far this week on Monday will Northern Ireland that bakery Tuesday and electronics factory and there today in Wednesday at a caravan and supplier in Alcester in Warwickshire silver 15 different places everything live music as well.

It's going to be a caravan showroom the band Blossoms are playing.

And Amy Macdonald in a circuit board manufactory, it's been lovely to get out of the people need to your audience and that should be doing at is it a struggle to get to say because you're getting a what people like what they like and the it's a very good thing we should order it.


I can imagine it being like the 2019 equivalent the Radio 1 roadshow, so you being mobbed everywhere you go that's that's what it's like.

Is it so it's because of workplaces.

We can't really have the public just turning up our hands are not allowed to say where we will be without seeing until morning itself.

So that we don't get I'm not that was going to get your photographs of people travelling for me, but I will get some big guest this week.

Good of children to come along with a manageable number of people each day.

Have you heard anything about your listeners because when you see them and talk to the face to face and you see where it is at listening to the radio you get quite a different experience to being in your boxing Wogan house age range.

That's that's what's been listening to just have reassurance that it's not one group one particular demographic 18 group.

It is a very wide audience with some adults older adults probably too but yes, they are younger people there for kids that begin with their parents too.

So it's nice to it's nice to see that video to still doing what?

Being a kind of family Station Master is just massive been going for what 23 years something like that now and the half hour break down still show the peak for Radio 2 awake is PopMaster 10 so I think a quarter of people are listening to the radio at 10:30 listening to you.

That's some number isn't it? Very very satisfied as you know in radio.

It's only ever one person talking to one other person, but it's nice to know that it's not a big one of the person who are enjoying what was doing and got master gets the bigger the day.

I think that's something I am proud of I mean not me personally.

It's just the combination of her a good quiz that have caught the public imagination me doing it but you know it's it's bigger than any one component that squirrel the greatest successes, things.

Is greater than and it's technically quite difficult to do I guess when you got the clips and things to play as well so keeping on top of it is it's hard when you're on the OBD is it be easier for me because I'm not doing any operation.

I'm not getting any single girls, please I can just roll my eyes.

I would have a drink for me pressing operations in contrast with the studio, so I think you've done an online thing on the Radio 2 website with PopMaster and some of the events.

He did Children in Need you do a podcast of the of the quiz everyday that you've done a store.

What's next for PopMaster as it go.

It seems to be so far doing ok.

We might take it further afield sometimes.

I don't know where I might do similar thing next year might might go Bragh item.

Try something on my also do a few more live shows like it because we've got a better quite nice like she was not the same as the summer enough for people to be able to do you know dinner so we're going to have to get it back so goodnight.

Go to if you show me to base of big win eBay going to do the show on the road everyday I guess but I'm not convinced that Ken Bruce talking to Radio today and after recorded that within we found out that he is now the proud owner of Radio 2 biggest show is 9:30 till 12 now has more listeners.

Breakfast shirt with Zoe but so does that give him the biggest radio show in the UK it does British radio show in the whole of the UK has come in to see what heart breakfast when that gets its national figures next quarter well done Ken couldn't happen to a nicer guy and hopefully when I don't know if it's hopefully things will probably even house over time in the breakfast the number one so a lot of headlines for Zoe Ball on Radio 2 Breakfast Show down 780000 this quarter at the Reacher Radio 2 down by about 760000 to 46 million still in and Chris evans's 10-year on the show went up when he first took over from Terry and they went down again and then came back up again, so I think trend wise if we're looking at long-term trends 9 years ago the same.

Exam sure I was talking to a backup indeed.

It's a Chris of urgent added a few more listeners 1.1 million now Virgin Radio UK 1.3 up to 1.5 million as a nice Rises most importantly I think for Virgin ever be kind of been watching their figures since Chris joined their hours for Virgin Radio UK now over 10 million hours 7.7 million to spell impressive in quarter 119, so it's that's what it's all about now.

Isn't it in terms of the National advertising she's getting the flowers up to Virgin Radio at 10 million is something very very impressive.


I think what to Virgin need to do now.

If this floor, but if they could go with another massive marketing push then that'll ensured they can get up today and I did a project 2 million if they did then take a bit of a bit more marketing would be needed for that because it says it's slow down a bit this quarter but he has done page spread in the in the sun on Sunday I think this weekend that I saw.

Which was very clearly setting out how you listen to Chris Evans on Virgin Radio on the fact that there's no adverts so yeah, I think the market will certainly on the internal advertising is working quite well.

Good book for Greg James Capital Breakfast doing well as well Nick Ferrari up to €150,000 a year classic FM breakfast up to 150000 year-on-year kiss didn't do so well in this book but Kisstory record high 2.3 million hours after moving onto digital one instead of SDL and is now the UK's biggest digital-only station overtook 6 Music this time.

It's fantastic great news for commercial radio yeah scholar 258000 in figures if you've missed them Nottingham radio station to be a headline scholar 158000 debut country hits 218 which I think is pretty good for a station.

That's not on National DAB it's just on her a piece meal of DAB transmitters around the country, so that's not bad to think they'll be happy with that.

I think I'll be very happy with that.

Chris country took a little bit of a hit down by 3000 On reach in London obviously cross-country measured in in London only if you look at that though country, it's just got a few more than it's a 26000 listeners for contracts in London 23000 for Chris country, but it's all about the hours as we said Chris country in London 222000 hours compared with 67000 hours for country hits.

Yeah, that's why you can't look at the headlines of Chris country with what 23000 country hits with 208000 suppose if you put Chris country on all the same multiplexes the country it is on that it will be more of an even playing field as far as the figures got you know Christian should just put on D1 and have done with it.

Get to Tesco, that's not cheap for talk radio Wellington NZ hours of 40% year-on-year to 1.9 million.

Jack radio as well which is on STL at 32000 list as it had six months ago.

It's now 125000 is really impressive.

Yeah, well done everybody at Jack you know I would have just put Jack if out nationally so many some brands of Jack these days.

I've lost count but that proves that obviously doing it right so I am £125000 few of the headlines from around the country as well luckily.

I lost about 300000 drops at Merseyside Sheffield and Leeds Nottingham on the door right so Hits radio in Manchester at record low audience 258300 74000 about a year ago.

So good because the Hits Radio network has 6/2 million listers.

Is this the Hits Radio network including country hits and greatest hits including country hits greatest hits and Hallam FM in Viking and Clyde 1 and all those things so alright son of Clyde 1.

I want a fourth one, but I had a good book in Scotland this book highest ever reach for kmfm in Kent good increases for Lincs FM of about 45000 and not so good for more radio mid-sussex, losing nearly half its audience in the last 12 months at down from 49000 to 27000 each year on year and a lowest ever reach for excess Manchester used to be 1061 rock radio lost 54 solicitors in last year at down to 67000 which is going on there.

I take what I noticed on Twitter actually yesterday.

They've actually updated the Twitter bio and you know how some station list all the presenters in the biofield.

Have just taken all the presenters off and just put the indus station from Manchester or something like that.

So there's a job that did the company's strategy of having a nonstop music station rather than having presenters.

Let's hope that isn't true especially with this audience reach behalf of that was in.

Ok things to say about the community Radio Awards heading for Barry in South Wales to give me on the 26th of October and shortlist for those will be announced soon and that the areas are heading back to London so what yeah they're going to be in London in early 2020 the entries will open on 8th October get all your audio ready at no date or ceremony location as yet, but I understand it will be a West End Theatre at some point in maybe January or February or maybe March how to change a quite a crane joy going to Leeds said nobody ever get it back in London city in the world what you want about baby Channel 4 remove again, but yeah, so couple of years in Leeds at dunelms at the Awards fix it used to be the Sony's of course not all the areas and they will be in London early night.

And took out on Radio today that can you get all the details that will also have the chair of the areas on This podcast next week looking forward already.

Thanks Jeff thank you.

Write the radiated a program with broadcast bionics creators of The Bionic studio listening watching reacting to and learning from every spoken word Kolo sweet and SMS unlock the bionic studio transforms everything about radio accept the way you make it today programme and the excitement building now head of the new football season football season started of course already with the Premier League season starts this weekend.

I'm delighted to say on the podcast this week.

We can talk to the Head talkSPORT is Lee Clayton highly.

How are you hello Stuart they are good looking forward to start the season lot happening and usually buildup of excitement as you say and especially here at at talkSPORT

Going on yeah, I will get into a bit of that and your plans for the new season soon, but you've obviously you're very new in the job.

I've been at talkSPORT since January I think it was tell us a bit about where you come from for anybody doesn't know you and your background so background in newspapers.

I actually began my career at news international when I was a teenager and so therefore have a fond affection for the place and for the opportunity that they gave me when I when I was young man with a real desire to work in the newspaper industry which is why I spent my entire career 14 is this a sport of the Daily Mail and then had the opportunity to come across the talkSPORT I've previously been a present here.

I used to do the Sunday sports breakfast and like I say I'm always affection for the place in Haverhill love for listening to live sport on radio which stems back from days of listening to radio commentary on BBC 2 when when

Only have Coventry from halftime, and I thought this this sort of idea of creating the pictures with words with that was a real magical quality that commentators had and that that's really what I wanted to do never quite good enough to do it but I now find myself a talkSPORT working with him incredibly talented people and looking forward to rolling out some of the ideas and some of that some of the learning said I can take from New Inn to work in the radio side of the industry.

It's been an interesting 6 months and obviously back in the 80s.

Your your first experience was with News working at the sun.

How did how did you get in there in the first place 1987 and I was invited to be an editorial assistant my dad was already working at news international in the play room mirrors that it became the head of the playroom and so I I was invited along to an interview and I realise a lot of people coming up outside Margaret Hall

The head of human resources at the time and I was invited in and I was I was given a job apparently because not because I had a great education, which I didn't like but I was passionate newspapers are used to be a newspaper delivery boy and I was massively Paschal of newspapers this idea of the undercut words jumping off the pages and and match that I'd seen the night before and listen to offer and the night before suddenly on the back page of a newspaper always found that remarkable and suddenly I was given an opportunity to to work at and use as an editorial assistant for six months.

I was given a chance on sports desk and very grateful to my dad.

Peter who initially open the door for me and has been a constant support throughout my career and and and and and what were the time that it was a company that was willing to give young people an opportunity and since I've been back.

I said the same thing.

There's a lot of hungry young individuals here who are looking for the opportunity to make their.

Under a long while I continue and you mentioned obviously you're presenter on talkSPORT that was very early days of talkSPORT when it just changed to talkSPORT I think wasn't it? Yeah, so Kelvin Mackenzie gave me an opportunity.

He was a former editor of mine and I I worked with Tony cascarino Andy Townsend both former Republic of Ireland internationals and your rabbit Kelvin one day said to me.

I think you can you can have your own show you should just be you should be called the Lee Clayton shows you think of people like Chris Evans look at how he's made a career out of out of having a stone the Late Late Show let's give it a go it lasted one week.

He called me out on the Monday and he said you know you said you didn't think you'd be able to do it.

You are absolutely right.

So so that was the end of that and but I had a good 3 years at talkSPORT and it was at the time before they had lots of rights for Premier League and multiple of another Sport

Clearly there are the New Kid On The Block it didn't have some of the Polish that they have now but it was it was the something about it that I enjoyed and it was a big space.

I was aware of that having at the time one radio station.

This is before the days of talkSPORT 2 and it was a big space to feel the completely was sport and now I'm across here as head of Sport a little support.

I have I can really see that bar.

Space that we have both across talkSPORT on Talksport 2 to fill with talking small live action breaking stories and all the things that we try involving in every day in in creating support that we can talk about it and obviously press background is important because your name in a building where the sun and the times and the Sunday Times are you have a lot of sports journalist, so you've got that relationship to maintain and develop I suppose now.

You've moved into the building with interesting because there's competition obviously there are things that we can work on together.

It's important to me that talkSPORT retained its independence with Premier League rights holders, which gives us a certain amount of responsibility with dealing with the clubs in and building those relationships that something we work very hard on during pre-season.

We've been around most of the clubs and many of them have been happening to see us Manchester City for instance the Champions were oriented a to take a look around our studio here and whilst we respect the the role of the sun and the Times and Sunday Times have in in the media world.

It's important that has talkSPORT we retain their independence and Emma work and I know it's something from your background of the sea in terms of original journalism and breaking stories and leading the way with Sports coverage.

That's something that broadcast Media is tended not to do so much is a kind of radio stations have followed what the press do and what they report so I think you're quite keen to bring some of that to talkSPORT and develop new content that you're breaking before anybody else.

We are doing plenty of.

When I first came across here, it was something that I believe was an opportunity for us to to get out there and to break stories for people to us AT&T mobility how I think I've always felt that listening to Radio is it is about giving your listen something that they didn't know and and telling them something that they that they can go to their friends and that's calling Potter game day coverage is coming up the Wii U know it will be introducing something called the analyst which again is about providing ends of information that perhaps can influence how you make a bet on a game but also how you can talk to your friends when you arrive at the pub or you're right at the ground and you can share what you've heard on Talksport it may be uniform in public concedes more goes down the left hand side in the right hand side door or goals from set pieces or you know goals from crosses a longboard or something like that again.

Just adding to the layers of information.

Listeners have in order to frame the day that they have watching watching football so it's really important to me that you know it was done well with breaking news have come here we can do better or up against army Porters in other areas particularly mentioned in the newspaper world, but also I cross summer over other media rivals but that doesn't mean that we can be second best in it's really important to me that we have to do we start up every day to try to be first across all of the big stories and to try to have strands of information that inform your listeners and we doing pretty well on that it's an area where we can improve but I just wanted that something that we could add to the quality schedules that we haven't and the and the outstanding broadcasters for which in October had her for many years and I just wanted to add extra layer an extra level of of information to 2 what was sharing with our listeners and as I said we doing ok appetite for the Third Kind of credible sports channel is at the moment.

Have you seen the athletic justlo?

13a hiring people from all over the country is cover clubs and do long-form stuff and generate original stories there is that massive appetite for the audience is wanting more to go on their team in the Premier League what I would say is not seen in this country in the past the people attempting to bring up support only newspapers, but the competition is so fierce think if you if you look across whether you're a tableau reader or traditional broadsheet reader the quality of sport is available in in newspapers and as a result of that online.

I think it's outstanding at the athletic have some very talented people but I think they're coming into a crowded environment where there are lots of top quality operators and even in the building you mentioned earlier relationship.

We have but you know we have we have generally such as Henry winter a David Walsh Sunday times in the last man on the sun Matt Lawton joining joining the times from the Daily Mail and and you have for me.

They are among the elite journalists in the country.

You know that something like Martin Samuel Daily Mail as well to that who's due to appear on the on our new show called the press box next Monday I'm pleased to say was there talkSPORT appearance of Martin but you know I'm I'm coming for us to celebrate what we have in the building but also in journalism, and you know I have good relationships with newspapers not only phone Brothers down.

Louis is a regular attendee here at talkSPORT very welcome use to and and so therefore I think it's a it's there's a real competitive world and ultimately if people I can't you'll get better coverage and and and other people are listening or watching who are reading that will ultimately get a better service and so 8 months and like any good football manager.

You can have taken so what's going on.

You've got a new season start in you've got some new players into the team at tell us about your coverage for this season what you going to do differently or we just had a record radars for talkSPORT

Football tours out as a network and that really gives us a Launchpad into the new season it's it's an exciting week and I've had to start the championship where the official broadcast Partners at the EFL we've had the Community Shield and an hour in the week leading up to the start of the Premier League when we have an exciting proposition of three games back to back to back on a on a Saturday morning at gameday the origin of that idea is always feel on a Saturday and I can't I get a text from a WhatsApp group of West Ham fans.

That's my team and somebody will always send it at the WhatsApp group.

It says it's game day and that's the kind of point of excitement that the point of difference really and I feel that's what Saturday is it obviously now the convoluted world of football and brought it means that there's football across every day, but I still feel that Saturday is the key day and so would change their scheduling with pack Tasha doing on her on a Saturday with a number of new shows at what time.

I'm excited to hear for the first time when they broadcast this weekend at the contact center point really is 12:30 kick off which will also include a buildup shared 90 minutes which start at 11 with reshmin Chowdhury who very very talented broadcaster in joining our team and should be leading with Sam matterface from from the London Stadium West Ham against Manchester city of first game and also on Talksport them games around the grounds of Adrian Durham is a master of his art what that guy does before I came here.

I was a huge fan of Adrian's in and it would be able to do in getting around the games goals every kick at the same time whenever 3:00 Live game on Talksport 2 and then back to talkSPORT we have a 530 kick-off this weekend being at Tottenham against Aston Villa so the Challenge for us is he wants people in early weekend sports breakfast and we have a Saturday game day warm up with Max Rushden Charlie Baker we want to bring people in and we want them to stay with us.

We know we really feel that we will give.

Saturday no reason to go anywhere else come and stay with us with a mixture of preview programming live programming and then right at the end of Laura Woods will have the game day your verdict an opportunity for a for the listeners to have their site.

So you're really sort of see Saturday as a great opportunity to at to grow a relationship Crowley hours, but also give her listeners and experience enjoying I want to come back for more you mentioned some of the changes in presenters.

I'm in guest talkSPORT really is historical probably been seen as a bit of kind of white van man radio and a large.

Chunk of your audience is male looking at the range as per your schedule that you haven't used for the season looks quite diverse both in terms of male female and BME representation as well.

I think we got talent you know that's what I was looking to leave at night at recognise what talkSPORT is for a long time at if you know where to spend some audience research and the loyalty that the listeners have two people like Alan Brazil have been here for a long.

To provide great entertainment and in the Breakfast Show alongside your Ally McCoist and Laura Woods what I wanted to do was to make sure that we maintain those qualities and that too so you know wrestling is obviously somebody welcome hiruzen Croft great experience of working at the BBC we welcome him to a channel Darren Trevor Sinclair Glen Johnson in a Darren and I don't particularly well.

I like they're broadcasting work and I'm delighted that they committed to staying with us Trevor I do know well.

I'm absolutely thrilled that he is joining us you'll be in the country box for Saturday's game between West Ham and Manchester City and when you just hear his voice and his excitement about being involved in joining our team is always a broadcast I've had a lot of respect for somebody who comes with a long history of Piper variety of clubs and also been in England international and I just think that you know they bring an authority and and and and

Working alongside people like Stuart Pearce who always so stupid that are not covered in many times as a football reporter in my early days always flashback to Euro 96 that moment of sheer joy when he scored a penalty against Spain in that shoot out and I want to listen to on the radio.

Passion from him to football for me.

It is a game that I enjoy watching hugely.

I'm at and I enjoy attending games whenever I can but I think football on the radio is is something that just create some attention so much passion and so much hopefully some joy to all those Kanye West Ham not always evident and I certainly think we've got the lineup to to be able to to reflect that and we mentioned it to obviously its best-ever radio reach.

I think it's got last week is up 60% year-on-year in audience terms.

How has that enables you as a programmer to say we got all this space to put other sports and not just the focus on football which obviously this time.

Is quite often on football but you've got an outlet there where you can broaden the range of sports that you're covering I guess we can at night.

It's the home of the NFL it's also the place where we've covered cricket extensively in recent times and will continue to do so South Africa tour coming up with could be fascinating and looking forward to seeing some interesting names and our commentary box that has been some press recently about the prospective Kevin Pietersen beyond our team so I look forward to a further information on that we're talking about a women's football show following on from excess of the women's world cup and also women's Super League which opens in September and I think I've been very clever with a choice of first game which is Manchester City against Manchester United so that brings an attraction and trust into into her that particular fixture, so we're looking to reflect that in a coverage to say not only in her in a single and single show get across that covering more regularly will make sure that we.

Wellcross what happened in the women's game as you say talk about to give us an opportunity to extend the coverage and in Nigeria that's a growth area and we're looking forward to it.

Just wanted to ask you about your site as well a lot of radio stations have a website that just can I have some information about the radio station been using stuff on there be your website kind of Leeds the whale in a bit in terms of the sport that you covering the radio station is to a little bit isn't in terms of its problems on their I said to promote what we do on the radio but also at the same time.

It's you know we're looking to draw viewers into come and see whether there's bad news or information on their team transfer blogs for instance are hugely successful on there, but there are other schools to boxing very popular on our website and also proving to be popular on here and we find sports like wrestling doing tremendously well online so so there's a a wider variety of sports online and perhaps we should be seen regularly on the radio which which on Talksport with generally tend to.

The focus on the on on football, but I'm having a great time here.

I obviously there were challenges for me Stuart coming across here from from having spent whole career in newspapers, but I need to feel very welcome works standing and talented people being fish has made life very easy for me since I've come across lorry palacio Tom Hughes enjoying working with those guys are these people thinking in a love and passion for radio and I take me by the hand hopefully have not made too many mistakes along the way and as we come around to start the season now.

This is this is a great chance to see what we doing here and look forward to sharing it with the listeners and obviously Telecaster I still on weekend breakfast that you're all show me know you know I used to equip story about tell me before I am here.

He got very upset with me once when I was presenting and took me into a cupboard in the old in the old hatfields and very aggressively.

Take me to stop laughing at him on here, but what happened was his teeth falling out at 40.

That is what his teeth falling out during are we doing tongue twisters the audience where this is going to eyebrow stuff, but the audience were asking us to do tongue twisters and during a tongue twisters teeth falling out which iPhone quite funny however.

He didn't share the fact that I'd enjoyed it so much so he politely or not so polite and asked me to timoleague to restrain myself from laughing at him.

We'll talk about it regularly now because I'm very fond of Tony is a great guy terrific broadcaster fantastic football knowledge and somehow still here and normally they continue to enjoy having you as fast as well fantastic all the best for West Ham for new season and thanks for coming on the podcast great.


You have two head of talkSPORT Lee Clayton hear on the radio Today programme still to come James cridland and David Lloyd first word about cleanfit checking out today at cleanfeed dotnet there are new.

Is just announced coming soon to the pro version which will enable you to record in multitrack which basically means all your separate guess that you've got connected on the line with you can be recorded as separate files how it's great for doing obies or doing interviews with guests in remote locations.

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I'm going to show you a DIY natural cockroach killer using baking soda to thank you.

I'm going to the radio futurologist.

I don't much like talking about radio in negative terms, and I'd really rather people didn't compare raid a medium.

I love with a cockroach an insect that I don't some Cockroaches can live for a month without food or even survive just using the glue from a postage stamp.

If you think a nuclear war Michael the things off your not be right there 15 times more resistant to radiation than we are cockroaches are really hard to get rid of and radio well the UK has just seen its latest radio research.

It's interestingly complete data properly Nationwide sample online Australia or Malaysian data measuring every radio station irrespective of whether it appears broken out in the figures below.

It's quite open about time spent listening as well as population reach unlike the US or Canada and the current research going since 1999 in much the same form.

So now we've got 20 years of data behind it for the methodology has suddenly changed over the years.

I took that twenty years worth of research and rude to graphs with it one graph shows the amount of people in the UK listening to Radio in 1999 89% of the UK was listening to Radio least once every week.

2019 twenty years later the figure remains 89% in 1999, it's just a reminder about the fastest internet connection you could get in the UK was a 12k connection Napster came in 1999 iTunes in 2003 Spotify in 2008 back in 1999 mobile phones didn't have Wi-Fi inside the 3G only came in 2003 YouTube launched in 2005 the iPhone in 2007 so we've seen incredible change in the last 20 years change the should of course have meant the death of radio but the second graph.

I drew shows the amount of time that radio listen as a listening to the radio per week in 1999.

It was 22 hours a week if the latest figures show 20.8 hours a week is falling.

So we can probably expected to continue to do so but to have lost less than

10% in 20 years is nothing short of astonishing someone criticizes the methodology apparently interviewing 100000 people every single year isn't enough people will point to the population getting older father's will point out a more severe drop in younger audiences, but all this misses the point that overall radio is surprisingly resistant to any attempt to do so we should be proud that radio is the cockroach of the media world for probably proud of still that unlike the cockroach.

We continue to evolve to change Dock Road Docklands and Daily Podcast music pod and until next time keep listening on the radio Today programme we become quite used to long drawn out on our farewells, but some are still understated this week last year Eddie Mair in the game.

Unusual farewell from his current affairs programme p.m.

On Radio 4 on Monday after an archive recording of Morecambe and Wise was discovered after more than 50 years we played a small selection of the best end of the program with Bring Me Sunshine how many listeners told us.

How much they enjoyed it and couldn't Greg who wrote in I think it's a country and western final Greg advised we listen to the version of the song recorded by Willie Nelson Bring Me Sunshine

Eddie Mair quietly leaving Radio 4 to join LBC this week last year and in 2018 another farewell for the final time the Radio 1 Breakfast Show with Nick Grimshaw on the Radio 1 Breakfast Show for one final time everybody thank you everybody so fun coming here and like I said before I want to do it since I was little even better than I thought it would be so thank you everybody.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to their lives and stories from their lives and they've made these pictures as much as we have here when you want to thank you everybody please text Ian

T-rex's or what you left for your Nan in the toilet that the Grimshaw with his final Radio 1 Breakfast Show this week last year took everyone knows it's not 19 years this week's in Sara Cox was reprimanded after suggesting the queen mother smells of wee sadly.

I don't have the audio of that but if you do Atlantic 252 was to disrupt UK radio it's test transmissions began 30 years ago this week broadcasting from Ireland to the UK.

It was originally a joint venture between RTE and the then Radio Luxembourg Atlantic 252 which test transmissions in preparation for regular broadcast to begin soon on this frequency 6 a.m.

To 7 p.m.

Everyday stay 225 to on the long way van for news of our official chart update.

This is it?

52 testing new transmitters for a new radio station coming soon as commercial radio here was more talk intensive.

There was no national commercial radio stations broadcast on longwave at reception wasn't always easy to improve your reception of our signal on the long way van.

You could try lifting your radio set and turning it around a little bit either the left or the right regular broadcast Atlantic 252 again soon the test transmissions for Atlantic 252 from this week 30 years ago by August 1994 the station was attracting over 4 million listeners in the UK Stuart Henry was a fat radio name for a generation have been on the pirate Radio Scotland he spent many years with three Luxembourg and also he was on here in the very early days of Radio 1 Stewart live with MS

Many of his later years on air but this week in 1986.

He was back briefly at ready at 1 some 5 years after his diagnosis have been made public the dark game leaving me in charge to my friends at my name is totally and it is truly an incredible Playmobil Viking my old radio station radio one because I never thought they'd never let me come to the door again, but Tim has picked it.

So I left the beaver Rugeley in 1975 so I told him I be a good idea to concentrate on the phone yet 1976 which gives me an opportunity of playing from the great and I didn't get spelling first time around the one with the only number one and enjoy he was with.

Stuart Henry back on here at Radio 1 this week in 1986 he died in 1995 comebacks, Noel Edmonds return to the BBC this week free filling in for Johnnie Walker but the circumstances obviously Johnny well with a really speedy and successful conclusion to his treatment will be back in October so you've got me for 8 weeks through August and September please be gentle.

I've not done anything like this for a while in fact is 25 years since I last posted the daily radio show quarter of a century of no.

I think 25 years old better only 6 at the time Noel Edmonds on Radio 2 this week 16 years ago had a memorable Test Match Special

Do the splits overdone photos of the Inner part of his time as just remove them ill send them send me how to Lewes please stream Lee well, but he's 47 and he was joined by who are used to A Little Party ship their Lawrence always entertaining for 3535 minutes.

Test match special from this week 28 years ago with Brian Johnson and Jonathan Agnew 1980 now and the first show on Capital radio from Richard Allinson added the the UK top 30 capital countdown, it was recorded because they were rebuilding some Studios and I'm going to name in the producers of I could we went on to run Carlton it was not a happy experience because I was being driven because the only recording studio that available was that one and the first time the guy started the number 30 song too soon so I crashed the vocal so sorry.

Sorry that again.

She did it again the producer didn't edit out the first take so I'm sitting at home in the mates on here this go out and that's wrong and then 20 seconds later it stopped and the whole show started again.

Of course with embarrassing in itself, but then 2 hours later when I got to the countdown at number one and have to go into IRA news on the app.

We had to chase the number one Richard Allinson reflecting on his first proper this week 39 years ago hotfoot from University Radio so with the final David Jacobs show on Radio 2 6 years ago after being on here since the mid 1940s at the same time next week.

So until then or whenever Dale Winton's debut on commercial radio 42 years ago resigning from Radio 1 publicly 26 years ago.

Am I sorry I left know and I'm sorry I did it on here.

No not at all and some Midlands commercial radio stations causing competition concerns this week 11 years ago.

What goes around comes around those are this week's radio moments? Thank you very much.

David answer of the regulars change cridland Android Martin and to my guess is.

Bruce and Lee Clayton from TalkSport at next time on the radio Today programme will hear from Sam Bailey who's a trustee of the Radio Academy and you've been passed as chair of the Arias 2020 find out what is changing at the Awards Return to London next year that's on next week's podcast.

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