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ARIAS 2020 …

This is the radio Today programme coming up this time the Arias at being relaunched and moving from Leeds to London head of the entries opening in a few weeks time will took this week to the chair of the Awards Sam Bailey find everything you need to know if you're playing on entrance is that James cridland this week with David Lloyd is here with radio moments where Radio 2 says goodbye to Sarah Kennedy and medium wave juice Brighton signs on as do lots of pirate radio station to Headingley Offences Act and capital goes in the mix for the next 20 years ago so long away the radiated a program with broadcast bionics creators of The Bionic studio the smarter way to make radio but first radio today's editor and further Roy Martin is here for a usual.

Look at the week's biggest poop stories hello rice to how are you? I'm good.

Thank you.

So it's another week of Bowen use all sorts of Ferb our stories in the last 7 days most notably that they move.

Viking FM out of Sheffield well, what's left of it coming from Commercial Road in Hull so yeah that they shutting up shop and moving over to Sheffield to Hallam FM yeah, so that's provokes a quite a lot of reaction this week.

We also have the news the same day that westsound FM which is a kind of Greatest Hits Station bet on FM at is going to drop its Breakfast Show and it's drive time show and just take the feet from Glasgow instead.

I suppose that was something with probably seen coming for a little while now with the retirement of the breakfast Jack a little while ago did Steve probably had that in mind everything that happened, so it's it's funny that they're making that those scanner decisions now when they've been sat on does colour before you have the ability to do this for the last 678 years so I wonder why it's all happening now.

She will find out in time.

Yeah, that's tummy Jardine

Left in April so Kenneth Campbell is on at the moment and Michael Smith I can be replaced by Ewan Cameron and Gina McKee on the Greatest Hits network in Scotland at since last week's podcast came out as well the CMA announced that the power purchase of the four groups wireless UK R&D at links and cellar door is now going to go to a full face to investigation as well, so I presume this means the Solutions that came up with they had a week or two to get back to the CMA on that initial decision presumably they the same over just not happy with what I said.

They could do to resolve it and it did seem like a very simple thing.

I think we even mentioned on here which stations would probably need to go so we have to assume the power said yet will sell this one this one this one this one this one and this one and then we'll do this with fresh ready yourself so assuming here that sell the radio stations to somebody else was fine.

It's got to be the future of first radio sales which is probably the sticking point in Oliver

I thinking yes, I need it rumbles on Wellington later this year or early next year could be the middle of January at the latest when will get a report back from the competition markets authority now on at that face to investigation so barrowbc go to work with them and work out a way forward to some of those problems over over the next few months, so that's give me another interesting want to watch it rumbles on any kind of stay of Execution for all those people hanging on waiting to find out what's going to happen to them as well.


I feel really gets to stay in a job for another six months at least probably at Suffield Canada the overseer just to check that they don't do anything radical Windows group, so while power is not in direct to control of them by the way if you didn't know that at some other bad news as well this week, and this is kind of a big deal that go with their own Bauer instream service and disappearing from Dax which is obviously run by global.

Quite a while ago that this this war between power and global just gets bigger and bigger every every week.

It seems in this seems like that the latest battle so when global launch their digital audio advertising platform and back in 2014.

I think it was about a couple of hours products are on there, so I think is absolute and kiss that was on there.

I'm and there's been a few more added over the years but now about turn on said no we don't want to play with you on this one, so they've taken their brands off of Dax and basically enhanced and relaunch their own tax which is called Bauer instream now and they're doing their own so yeah to M8 it's better with everybody working together, but clearly when you are as big as boring as big as global you don't want to be pleasing your competition.

So they've gone it alone with this one which is an interesting move.

Yeah, I'm in all these things that were talking about with bow we seem to be talking about change.

Isabella almost every week, I'll be there the tweaks to Viking moving out of all of it either schedule changes for westsound and taking some network programming and every week.

There's been something whether it's been dropping over local weekend shows Drive being shared across a Hits radio network that would tell about a few weeks ago and these changes now this week.

They seem to be dripping out lots of stories from the social media featuring the reactions to the storage without people tend to can grow now.

What about doing now why the change in this way the messing with this? Where is the approach from global in the past has been to just announced doing this for doing it across all our networks going to happen on this date.

We getting on with it and that kind of Big Splash did take people are back and said.

Oh wow.

That's a big change but it's not something different every week.

Just my thoughts on where we're going with the opposites different strategy they doing different things with some of their assets that they've got but the Canon dripping out of bad news and dropping of programs and more networking seems more severe indeed.

Ca global pretty much said 10 years ago national brands delivered locally and pretty much they've gone by that the last 10 years and just progress and tweet a little bit and with each announcement from valve.

We get it's like we learning a bit more about this strategy every time that we have to guess it's all guesswork can I make him regional hubs at the moment and it seems to be the way forward but then we thought that back in 2013 when they went TFM moved in with metro 2036 years ago at so it's taken them 6 years to do to Viking what they do with TFM back in 2013 something the regulation would have allowed them to do at the same time so it's like babe.

They did it with with them and then we're going to test it and yes, it is like that.

Yeah, we can do vikings now as them people are speculating who will be next and I think I'm not the first to say this but moving rock FM from Preston to Manchester is.

One of the obvious movies the if they're going to continue doing this because let's face it doesn't really need a grade 2 listed church in Preston to do one show a dame.

Do they they could probably get quite a few billion pounds for a look see what they doing in Hull that you don't have any store need any Studios Anna selezneva and new studio to record some something in there be some news and sales staff based in Hull still but the presumed Lisa much smaller cheaper premises Elsewhere and sell the building like it.

So they will do.

They could sell their St Paul's Church in Preston a similar building to the one that they own in Preston went for 55 million pounds.

I mean you can buy a few more radiography tall interesting stuff.

We will watch to see what the next power move is a music composer.

See her it's pulled all its services from TuneIn in the UK this week after an interesting move that stop people talking if you have an old radio or use TuneIn on Sonos speakers for example.

It's not being removed from there.

So it's a bit piece make it's like we're removing our stuff cos we don't like the deal, but it's probably not weather hassle to take it off something so yeah, and this is only in the UK of course with you listen to Radio 2 on Alexa via TuneIn in the States whatever you going to carry on doing that sell yeah, basically.

They're falling out tuning won't give them the data.

They want or give them the sign-in screen that they want which is hard to do when you're listening on a smart speaker so therefore now.

They've taken their ball home and all services are going to be taken off which is a shame really yeah, and I think I've noticed when I ask my smart speaker.

For a BBC national station officer kicks into the BBC skill and gives me at via BBC sounds but at the moment when I ask for Radio Leeds already owe Solent Oreo Kent it's giving me a via TuneIn because the BBC Alexa skill doesn't recognise those local radio stations automatic from the name so I presume that you have to fix that before it disappears from TuneIn Alexa play BBC Radio Kent on happens.

Yeah, but if it if you ask the BBC if you say Alexa ask the BBC to play Radio Kent it will pick up the Sounds app ok, but more words nobody wants more words overnight in the next few weeks when he disappears from TuneIn some of the industry uses sweet chilli is leaving the Radio Academy this week.

He's been the managing director for the last 9 months.

Why is not to be replaced straight away John dash as a trustee of the Radio Academy deputy chair and it will do the tasks on a voluntary basis which is intresting something going on there and I think we did say 9 months ago at good luck.

You're gonna need it in the nicest possible way to Sean and clearly everybody's shaking hands and say yeah, it's for the best role mutual and everybody's happy that everybody is splitting up something going on there and will we ever find out what it is who knows something out.

We are we talked about a global strategy and they're stretching stuff like that.


There was a big transfer deadline day move this week between global about well kind of between capital and Bauer her.

It's actually communicor but capital Scotland Gary Spence he's on Clyde 1 it doing the Hits Radio network drive time show from the new year is staying there at capital for the fussy.

Also is not been put on Saturday gardening leave, so it is he still on Capital driving Scott on his been there for more than 10 years on Galaxy and XFM before it and it will pop up on Clyde 1 on all the the big city stations in Scotland from January and I notice in the northwest that Carlos who's been there for a dog's age is doing his last show this week has been is probably the longest serving smooth radio presenter.

Who's done the most of the awful time presenter it Smooth at northwest because he was in court in the midlands and London as well, and he stayed last year this week because of course in a few weeks time drive time is going networked with Angie Greaves so good luck to Carlos just wanted to say that on the podcast and also good luck today Brown where ever he has gone it did the weekend over lights on on the network, but he has disappeared as presenters do sometimes and apparently.

Were awaiting news of his replacement so I could look to them and good luck to the outgoing smooth Drive dropped in the regions as well.

Cos that's going to happen and by the end of the month isn't it is if you're a programmer looking for a great solid oak? Why not call Carlos where did Dallas Community Radio news now and some community radio news this was a radiosonde literally this was a clip from Radio St Austell bay, and this is the local news ok, the time is fast approaching 11 about saying news items that hard to find today, but the new news from our Sav

Ok, the time is 11 on the radio.

Be my name is beef Griffin here to news supermarket chain Morrisons is launching a new limited edition sandwich.

That has all the flavours of a classic British pub favourite Ham egg and chips the new edition Morrisons sorry will be available to buy as part of the retailers £3.50 meal deal which includes a choice of any sandwich or salad a snack and a drink for the next 12 weeks.

There's other soldiers being sold at other supermarkets, so just Tesco's ASDA Aldi's Lidl's to name a few right let's get on with the rest of them are the supermarkets are available like Tesco's all of them.

That is just so many issues there and everybody is just heard that is probably sitting with their mouth open right now and this is something community radio has a bad name because of this kind of thing that there's so many things we can say about it.

Do you want to say anything about it? I don't really want to say anything about it now, but I mean if somebody complete had complained if a listener complain to Ofcom I'm sure Ofcom would find some problems with that.

I know lots of great people who do compliance training at if you run a community Radio station and things like that are happening in your station.

Get somebody into to tell you about the Ofcom code what you can and can't do better call Paul one thing that I will mention about that is the news in.

So you've got cos am an image in Cannock A&E are used to be at the radio station is very much target one particular demographic and that news intro is just so out of place you have you got any news on your radio the radio and then you've got here.

I'm trying to say this should target the imaging to the radio station and if you need any help with am available for a small fee.

You are not trying to cause trouble here as well.

It's important.

So somebody else's shared that online and we found it and heard it so we thought we'd share it with you, but this is no it's really sure we're not we're not poking fun and saying the others is dreadful it should be taken off the air, but this is a day training issue and if Community Radio is going to be the new local radio replacing all the old aisle are at least two things properly and take them seriously otherwise the audience such as switch off very scary situation at another community Radio station bcfm.

Still this week of fire in the studio there in the corner of the studio while somebody was doing there, so thankful everybody got out alright at the studio is not in a good way.

They're pretty much destroy the going to crowdfunding appeal to raise money to rebuild.

It's a good luck to them out with that appeal.

It's a very scary situation as for that to happen and let's tell you about some tech news this week two of the products that you can use to connect out instead of isdn in a great quality Manor via your computer on a browser at both have a new function this week that enables multitrack recording of your session of things via browser from cleanfeed and from ipdtl from in quality, you can use the new features that have a look about those online nothing.

What does store in Redditch today about the clean feet change it so have a look at that this new advancement in technology integrate.

It is good.

Just seems to me like you need a really good computer and a really good internet.

Action finished work and if you if you try and use these products without any of those two then it might not quite work with that refer to say if you have you come across this your internet connections a bit ropey as you want some dodgy Wi-Fi then it it's not as stable as it might might be but you get that from with FaceTime you get that prom with Skype the good thing about things like clean feeding ipdtl if you've not tried them out where using that kind of thing now and wear nice and Crystal Clear it's not Skype it's not Facetime it's good audio if you got a good mic plugged in and you got a solid connection.

They are great and there yet certainly an isdn replacement.

What do you mean? We're actually sat next to each other I meant oh yeah, I can go today stew yeah so much are plenty of events.

It's a radiodays Asia in Kuala Lumpur in a week or so's time.

We will be mentioned some of that on Radio today live if you want to follow it tuning in North is happening in September that's the radiosensitive.

I drive to digital at the end of October book yourself in for that at the British Library and some events run by the fireworks workshops for people interested in finding out more about the small scale digital radio x that can be advertised so these are happening on Saturdays at starting in September supported by radiotoday first phase of the tour takes in Belfast on the 14th September then Edinburgh 28th September Newcastle on the 5th of October fantastic very useful very useful indeed looking forward to hearing the reports on those excellent right will talk to you next week right.

Thanks for that, but I know the radio Today programme with broadcast bionics creators of The Bionic studio listening watching reacting to and learning from every spoken word Kolo sweet and SMS for a mix unlock and understand your content the bionic studio transformed everything about radio except the way you make it.

The radio Today programme let's plan about the plans for the next audio and radio industry Awards just announced we can talk to Sam Bailey trustee of the Radio Academy and chair of the Arias 2020 house, am I stupid no stretch This podcast of course you've been on there a bit recently done about the audio content fund but all about the areas this time in the last 3 years of course.

It will be held in October in Leeds changing though for next year the heading back to London and they going to be early in the new year tell us about the reasons behind that first of all we had an amazing 3 years in Leeds and we had all had fantastic support from leedsbid, at43 amazing years we couldn't have done it without them the same moving back to London the hours of never actually been in London they were the Sony's of course then all the Radio Academy Awards and the areas as as we know them now as a sort of Theatre style show with very with very much born in Leeds and we had it we had a fantastic time there so off the bar really wouldn't want anyone to think that this was anything against Leeds ouija.

As the trustees of the Academy we wanted to respond to some feedback from members at we wanted to change things up a bit.

I rang really is to make the show more intimate.

Hopefully attract even bigger Talent than we had in Leeds so it's it's really just time for a change and it's and we're really excited about what we hope to be able to put together and so it's going to be a an award show as it as they are is have been rather than Awards dinner after Sony's wear when they were in London yeah, absolutely I think it's so we looking at a major West End Theatre with the venue and date to be announced soon.

I will still have a performance element to it was still have a star presenter and lots of star award give us as well a drinks party before a party afterwards and so I think it would be much more familiar a letter to two people as the areas then then as you save the Old Sony's but how we had to to to to to make things that more exciting as well and I guess as they say all routes lead to London so it's it's easy for anybody for men.

The country to get into London on her on the train and stay overnight and that kind of thing I suppose the other thing is is making sure it affordable for people who want to build to get there isn't it free at was sort of recognition in a way of the fact that people had to make out quite a long long journeys and instead of night and staff and and also it was thanks to the support of at Leeds bid to be able to do that will be a different structure this year, so that we will be charging for tickets, but they will be affordable and there will be concessionary rates available for nominees who wouldn't otherwise be able to come so we want to absolutely make sure that this is still at a party that that everybody can get to sew the Awards open the beginning of October so people will be starting to come.

I think about some of the order that they might be put forward for the Awards this can be a five-week period when you're open for entries, what should people be doing now in the build-up to before.

The Awards open what I do know is I check out the list of categories on the red Academy website there will be very familiar to people with entered last year and no huge changes a couple of couple of tweaks which show which might be worth us having quick chat about so the scaffold adjusting the titling so the best music presenter at breakfast We Stand best music presents that breakfast best music presenters on breakfast.

I wish felt like a bit of a sort of technical mouthful, so we fix the best music Breakfast Show it's now called nice and simple and the best speech Breakfast Show and then that's paired with the best music presenter and the best beach presenter.

So those are hopefully bit clearer for a number of years.

We've had the best podcast which is not open to the BBC and to get commercial broadcasters and to recognise that a name that more accurately that's now called the best independent podcast so the rubric remains the same and that's not open to.

Turn to the BBC or to Commercial broadcasters, and it is genuinely for independent podcasters and very competitive category.

It has been the last few years as well the new category this year is the moment of the year and that's the first time actually that we're going to do a category were you put it out to the general public vote we've had Radio Academy members votes before but this is an opportunity really to get the The Listening public into the awards and understand what they are and to vote for their best moment of radio or audio that they've heard in the last 15 months so what we going to do with that the members to nominate bits that the things that they've heard on the radio that they think are absolutely standout moments of the year and then the the trustees will shortlist 10 and put those out to a public vote and the only other small change which is quite big change is for the local station of the year at which has been renamed the John Myers Award for local station of year in recognition of all of the Works

John put into pioneering local radio so when we're very proud to be able to do that, so there's the categories and in the next couple of weeks.

We're going to publish the rubric so we're going to publish the rubrics ahead of time so the people can prepare their entries and I'll be able to start working on their write-ups and their audio podcast award the other team introduced.

It's not for commercial BBC stations.

I guess podcast that those commissioner BBC stations and making will fit into the categories whether it's a factual series at fictional story telling whether it's sports show Ora news coverage of an awesome exert.

It's not to say people can't enter a podcast if they're working in a commercial BBC radio station it just doesn't go into that category solutely years ago.

I'm to reserve the podcast category for genuine independent podcast as but with the exception of a handful of pretty obvious ones like breakfast shows and and station for years but all of the categories ro.

Open to all platforms so whether that's gone out of the radio gone straight to podcast an online radio station Community Radio hospital radio audio that you've made in your bedroom.

You know we watch Broadchurch and the and all the categories are open to all platforms.

They apart from those very obvious exceptions and quite important for anybody who is nasa's put together their award entries now.

We even before the Awards open for entries removed the ability for people to put production and sound effects and things into any audio the people of submitting has to be what has been published in the podcast of what's been broadcast on the radio yeah? Yeah, I think what we've done.

There is again responding to feedback from our judges in last year and the previous years and clarify level the playing field out because some categories.

We were clear about it and some it was ambiguous.

So what we saying is that the audio entries for every single category at the audio criteria exactly the same.

It's up to 15 minutes the audio length within that 50 minutes.

You can have a maximum of 10 exits of of of audio that went out so maximum of 10 clips with a dick silence between each clips of that means of course you could just do one 15-minute chunk and I think that are people working in long-form factual or comedy often quite prefer to do that but perhaps if you're trying to put together a station of the year or Breakfast Show at entry than 10 clips.

Is is the better way to go but what we were hearing feedback from my judges that they weren't exactly clear everytime weather in oh, I wish you a Beat or a bag over fade remix was something that was broadcast or whether it was packaging in the entry and we want to be clear that are judges are judging.

What went out and they're not judging the production of the entry because that could be a holiday category himself a thing yeah everything that people submitting.

It needs to have obviously been on the air or I've been published as a podcast.

And a period that that covers this year is a bit longer.

Just because the Awards of move from the autumn into into the early part of next year so 1st of July 2018 through to September 30th this year.


That's right size 15 months this year.

Cos we resetting the clock and then we would anticipate a 12-month window in the future, so nothing will miss out by the fact that we're changing the time of year that we doing the entries and doing their the ceremony as the previous Awards cycle ended at the end of June in 2018 so we pick up the day after in terms of the judging you mentioned that the juju panels and Smithy but you have from them, so it's it's panels of Judges and their shared Again by Phil Riley this year.

I think he feels the chair of the judges and he is pulling together a team of head George's head judge for each of the categories and then as a team of Judges that listen to to all of the entries, so we were quite hard to Corsa make sure each category is a representative group of women and men from Across the Sea

And I each category also includes a 30 under 30 alumnus again, so we making use of the the young people that are coming through that award scheme to make sure that we've got a good spread of experience in there as well so the entries close on the 7th of November and at the judging will start at around about that time few days after that maybe and I'll ring will then be to get a nominations out before Christmas and I I know cos I just going back a few years now when it was the Sony's and I'm sure you've just before Sam you get some entries of people submit things he thinks I'm really not very good.

Why did you put that in so the judges are looking for stand out stuff especially when you've only got a 15-minute audio to submit you need to put the very best to Showcase your program or your station.

I guess I mean it's like doing a demo if anyone listening to ever been to demo Factor at the student radio conference each year then the first thing that you here and you hear it again and again from the from the judges are on demo Factor from Paul Sylvester

Friends is that you have to put your best off at front and you have to grab the listeners attention within the first 15 seconds that as you can get that big buzzer from Paul Sylvester so it's is 50 minutes and if you're trying to represent an entire series or an entire station, then you have to absolutely pick pick your best stuff the rubrics will spell out precisely what the judges looking for within each category, so bit like when you do a job application that document is your best friend make sure you kind of referred to it and and use as reference but generally they scored onto the three areas are in the RSA creativity so out innovative and new fresh that the idea is production value.

So how good is the execution the quality and presentation? How did the voices sound how engaged engaging is the presentation and gauged? Is is the listener and those of the areas that the judges are asked to score on and then there's the there's the kind of X Factor as well.

I mean the at the judges will.

Will usually meet it around a table or over conference call if that spread across the country and they will just talk about them and kind of Cano can I go? How's this entry made me feel how is this entry kind of reflected the sinner station or the other Brandon there's there's that element 2 as well, but you've definitely got two kind of focus on those three core areas of creativity pressure values and presentations and they are open to anybody as well any organisation.

That's making audio on making radio at can put an entry together and submitted that you have to be really can't remember but great majority of people working in our industry can be ready Academy members for free because we have so many generous patron members a large number of employers are ready Academy page remembers that entitles all of their employees to to to register their membership and if they are not members read Academy membership is £36 a year and I would that everybody to become Academy member and then the entry.

Prices for the Irish for this year are we going to have an early bird rate for the first week of £35 and £45 after that so again? I still think a very accessible a very affordable for individuals to enter as well as organisations great when we look forward to hearing more about the award show and when it's going to be in where it's going to be in due course as well and yet the entries open 1st of October so get your audio all stocked up and ready to enter thank you Sam face.

Don't trust you that somebody chair of the areas for 2020 and keep an eye on radio for all the details when those award entries open at still to come David Lloyd radio moments in just a second first a word about cleanfeed.

We mentioned it earlier on they have a new feature where you can in the pro version record multitrack or you're different remote guests giving ago.

It has a free version as well and it's great for just doing a quick interview with somebody or hosting a show from somewhere different to usual.

It's been designed.

Radio people and for podcasters, it's really simple to use and connecting live quality over the web and as we said you can record with it.

There's a pro version.

There's a free version that won't cause she anything to get started with or use a lonely Turkey 30 seconds to sign up find out more today at cleanfeed donut cleanfeed dotnet weekday mornings on Radio 2 Vanessa Feltz with a decade ago that show belong to Sarah Kennedy her last programme was this week 9 years ago filtered into your consciousness yet.

Yes, its Friday the 13th don't panic Mr Mainwaring but has anyone seen any of these shooting stars that we meant to have seen all last night.

I must admit I've had one of those nights last night.

I woke up at 1:20.

I mean I know I've said this to you so many times but I'm on some a bit of banter.

Knottocks because I've had a chest infection Tuesday Wednesday and I know these things if I don't do something you know they take hold and then I can't come into work and I don't want to miss you using a recovery and Ally show on Radio 2 this week in 2010 and it's both of course.

I hope you have a really really wonderful weekend and thanks to Anthony and his colleagues for everything that they've done for us to be mobile disco you feel wonderful contributions Radio 2 in 1990 this week the station gay Barbados am frequencies.

Hello, it's doing honey for hair on Radio 2 medium wave and if you're wondering where all your regular Radio 2 programmes and Pals have gone too well another on the FM waveband.

Where's business as usual and where you should be at this very moment.

It sounds a bit complicated.

Doesn't it? What do we do if you've got a query gym.

A leaflet explaining the changes now the address to which to write is BBC Radio 2 FM Broadcasting House London w1a, 4ww give me the address of stampy goes with those postal addresses in wee Jimmy Young as Radio 2 left medium wave this week 29 years ago as the brand changes and networking continue.

Let's remember this Brighton farewell from this week last year on September 3rd to do make sure you join then at least me to say really is from all of us here at a huge huge.

Thank you to you because it's you we do this all for an issue that kind of keeps going as well to be honest for the amazing support and love you given for juice and for all this funny stories and it's been a lovely lovely.

That's 20 minutes 20 minutes 20 years and thank you for all the stuff stories and memories of giving us.

Infamous in various forms very soon, but at least we say over end of juice in Brighton this week last year ready for a capital future this week in 1988 so early experiments in frequency splitting where stations that have been simulcasting on both a.m.

And FM try something different on each brmb was dipping Robin Folkestone in the water with brnb gold on am whilst news was a cross on FM meanwhile in Scotland it's 4:00.

This is radio Clyde and we're going to split and go our separate ways that means on 102.5 FM in stereo.

Its Mike Holloway over Strathclyde biscuits.

I'd ever I just as quickly when some of the most exciting commercial radio station in the world.

That was nothing wrong with that Clive splitting into two this week 31 years ago before the launch of Clyde 1 and 2 about a year or so later this week.

Of course is a big one for followers of pirate radio history, it was on August 15th 1967 that the law was passed at last to close the loopholes that has allowed pirate radio stations to set up at sea about from Caroline they all gave in one by one and I love to identify two and a half years ago and I'm home call Home which has been the most wonderful thing is one and a half.

Before midnight and when are closing down on behalf of the 27 old men with the radio technician the captain and the crew and everybody I'm sure I can send with Valley 0270.

This is vasiyam wishing you god bless and godspeed.

Goodnight and goodbye Radio 2 7 hour is now closing down the end of a phase in British radio history has many Pirates closed this week in 1967 day.

You heard the final moments of ready 0270 little to 70 anchor just off Scarborough and Ed Stewart there on Radio London to after that date about for the birth of Radio 1 little else changed for disappointed pop lovers and that's maybe why this week 2 years later in 1969.

The press was reporting that about 1000 people mostly teenagers march to the conservative party central office yesterday to ask the Tories to introduce local commercial radio if they are elected to power and they are.

School goes on to say they handed in a petition signed by several hundred people protesting at the government completely negative broadcasting policy and declaring the diff the BBC and commercial radio stations with given equal opportunity British radio would be unique in its range of Educational and entertainment programs.

Well there we go capital has changed a bit over the years and it is something rather nice from this week 20 years ago.

It was a solar eclipse and capital was deciding to provide the accompaniment if you were staring at Lands End this very moment due West you will be able to see a huge fan of complete Darkness racing towards you across the water three times the speed of sound or make contact with land in 5 seconds fast for 2 minutes and 2 seconds.

Little Mix with a solar eclipse Building and Lands End of London the solar eclipse on Capital this week in 1999 so with the final Nick Bailey programme on the classic FM he'd started two years ago and I'll leave you with this email from Chris Fox from Bishops Stortford and he says Nick so the clothes Beckham's allows Clitheroe kid on radio 247 years ago.

Jimmy Clitheroe Patricia Burke Danny Ross and Diana died in need to buy a stamp review beginning in Hull 95 years ago and he put on talks for his Scouts and 1.

Extra making its debut 17 years ago and this week's radio moments.

Thank you David answering alternator.

I guess this week Sam Bailey that's it for this week's radio Today programme back again next week with more from the radio industry forecast bionic original music for This podcast was composed by Picasso

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