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Media Masters - Christopher Hope…

Media Masters with Paul Blanchard welcome to the series of one-to-one interviews with the media game of the parliamentary lobby of the Telegraph choppers brexit podcast which features interviews with top politicians and commentators and analysis from their Westminster team is also a trustee of a charity Elizabeth's which provides prosthetic support for vulnerable child amputees in Sierra Leone Liberia and India I'm very well.

Thank you.

You're trying to make sense of what the hell's going on.

Can you sense of it for me, please? I feel safe in the studio studio in Soho I think when we emerge brexit might have happened and will move on absolutely by the way.

Will never know this but it's telling me about 11 go to get that in for a ride will be a hastily couple together and sound great, but thank you for your grace that I've been busy and the longest serving report at the Telegraph I joined in 2003 on their business team.

I want to get into politics and got there about 10 years ago and I've been doing ever since he careful what you wish for quote is never been more busy.

I mean I liken it to the kind of wartime and peacetime and use those words idly in the sense that we did not know what's happening next is it is so existential when everything happens whenever your listeners see something on TV and see a drastic moment.

You know me and my colleagues about an hour and a half behind with the following behind with a shovel.

You know about the shit and writing about it.

I mean it is Madness at the moment and it feels like essential.

No cover really forgot.

What will happen.

It could be a referendum call that could be an election that could be a Corbyn government that could be in brackets or no brexit at 5 massive things that can happen and all options are on the table.

It's mad but good for one of our clients in California is just bought a winery and they can't do any deals with bringing their wine into the UK because they are the important like what the problem.

I think is companies like your wine importer any big company is is not doesn't want to know what to do after October 31st.

That's really hard for a business when it's been 2 minutes away, so they're really worried that the stockpiling.

There's lots of investment are sitting on and celebrate today when I get there as soon as we're out then that would trigger all sorts of spending by companies and once around the difficulty of leaving and I will be difficult bumps in the road is the Prime Minister says they could be out it could be a lot better than you at the moment.

So just concerned at the moment and your car your winery.

Henderson is a microcosm examples that have a quite a few senior political podcast by the BBC and I'm quite interested and engaged person in the political process and it frustrates me that I genuinely about what's going on in the less.

I know it is very hard.

We don't you know Ken Clarke BPM by November I mean he's 17 years old is Jazzy does sensible right thinking people say I keep a diary now.

I'm keeping your time because I think I know I write down in the paper.

So you know I'm not keeping I can't see anything to it.

It is really hard to fuck off, but I mean you know it's not it's not hard physical labour or you know the odd jobs out.

There was a really hard.

It's just

Is it busy my wife jokes that I just send emails and make phone calls for everything and actually although she's teasing me.

She's actually correct that is my iPhone is my kids.

I try and see my kids about and a look at mine ago dad.

Look at yours and they can't New York if I do all my work this phone.

I mean without the biggest people don't if you found somebody from your landline and under number of the phone up.

They think it's you know call Sam to try to tell your insurance if you have to be could be phone because I know who's calling.

So thank you that phone is absolutely vital in annoyingly vital to this job.

Is it a humorous website of the Daily Mash which presenter me newspaper one of them last week one of them.

Just popping round now to be made a criminal offence.

Because my to the 2000 is Paul Stokes and your Rafferty work colleagues of mine at business, am which is a paper.

I we helped found in Scotland in 2001 when folded when they founded the Daily Mash is genuinely funny really sold a lot of money to someone else that the American onion, isn't it? Yeah? I love that as well.

You are right my work on my iPhone I used to have a laptop in the only one I used it for the lack of the invoicing application run on Windows when it went to app.

I literally just up on my laptop in the cupboard and I've never listens.

Why would the thing is typing so your thumbs get tired and I live up for filing the journey is the BlackBerry is the king busy you feel the keys you feel so quickly with your hands, but we won't go with this.

I phone you can't we feel the keys when you try to type so I do prefer using a laptop to type but I can't it's really hard.

I got to speak big thumbs.

I can't get the keys properly.

I don't want to sound like a taxi driver type thing you are saying you know it isn't as good as the good old days typing but it is quite unpleasant these days everyone on all sides of the buses be quite unpleasant to inspire me on on either side of the brexit isn't quite like the look of all these brexiteers.

I mean actually just seems completely changed I suspect him.


I think you're describing social Media anywhere saying that yeah, so it must have been touching Media how do you interpret the maybe lot happier? You must be watching Boris Johnson say things and then Laura Coombs Berg talking about on BBC or Robert Peston ITV it because you what you're describing is Twitter I think Twitter is isn't like you can have I think it's some kind of oil sump leading straight to someone's brain onto a keyboard.

I mean normally.

I'm talking to you and I'm saying things.

Soundgirl is popcorn and I will be thinking about you right now, but there is something the same as face.

It is almost like he just go straight from the brain onto the keyboard without the filter which is saying it's and that's why social media is so it so hot in the anger the frustration of describing a podcast called choppers brexit podcast come onto not as your podcast but do not want me on obviously we know it's he's I mean the infrastructure commission who is the current minister transport secretary under Gordon Brown is a great man is a great man.

Who is angry about brexit and it is made this whole thing as many people get really really angry and I have divided the country.

I think only now.

The Tory Labour Party 3 years later moving into line with that result and you're seeing it with the choice on how a brexit party.

Maybe the hard brexit party and if you're not that you're out witnessed definitely going shortly going maybe keto barbers gone you know the selection process has taken against remain supporting quotes ministers on the other side.

You've got Labour and labour is moving towards a remain party got Diane Abbott MP am I grumpy because the world is gone to pot as my Grandad is to say the question you actually talk talk Twitter

Is is it that people are always gossipy and judgmental and horrible and Twitter allow them to reveal themselves or is it actually this? How can a keyboard worry thing where people like you say we be polite, but maybe we do teachers Twitter for some reason why I find out if they're rude and sorry you know if I think they're being clever and it said something when he said that he points out yourself do my best and I thought I'd let you know straight away.

You know it's just kind of bold as brass band.

You take them on me.

I can go back down but I tend not to look all look at my too much into my notifications.

I just kind of report what I see another see it and it is quite left wing Twitter frankly the view is that Facebook's right hands on it and it is a left-wing audience so they tend to hate brexit.

So you know it makes me more about royal Yacht Britannia brexit 50p coins brexit stamps you make them.

Maybe we'll be aware that but it's going to happen probably I've read everything about brexit and I'll just be honest.

I don't know this seems to be so many variables and so clever people on both sides that are actually know the answer brexit could be amazing.

I'm just being honest it could also be a total horrendous apocalypse for that for me.

I just I feel utterly infantilize and completely powerless yep, but you know it is a great fan of your writing but you suffer from the same problem that the 10:00 news has an elderly parent that I already know the news before I open the telly.

I'm looking for your first draught of history.

You don't need to waste time.

Tell me what's happened.

I know that it's more about your MediaTakeOut value your judgement of that but sometimes it just goes up and down.

How can you tell the medium or long-term trend going to be I think by the by the top and there's no question that Theresa May was trying to be a heart trying to please everybody I mean I was there when she came out as a remainer in I think is March 2016 to get a long speech in Westminster I can have a long speech but about why why do that for security method at the very end finally came out why he remain legal judgement long court cases final guilty or not guilty at the very end ever since.

I think we were stuck with this person who was saw both sides of every argument and never had a view on brexit and prawn with brexit.

Is is it say it say out you either pregnant or Your Heart pendant.

You can't like the clappers.

I got it or you haven't got it or you haven't done that is the problem with with trying to have to brexit.

Please remainers.

You know and please go back to tears and watch it came up with this.

Model deal with the Northern Ireland backstop the way home out this week.

Is this not not brexit? I mean I'm going to confession and you know the election in 10 and 2015 the referendum in Scotland 16 and 17 ever wrote about the single market and Customs Union before the vote on brexit day now and the terms hard and soft brexit were first used the Island by George Osborne 2 days after brexit by saying he said on Twitter when you need to pursue a soft brexit and I thought that mean that the campaigns went there and talked about the board I did David Cameron and went there for one that I think the memory so you know you know I say I say guilty as charged that we can analyse what break.

Before brexit, there's no question is that is that because it like you and me and everything else we got even though they would lose it.

So you know I mean well that makes the case for second referendum is how that sell anything because I know it's 3:30 jumpers for Goalposts why not.

It's hard look I'm I'm angry and I'm looking for someone to what is there some what is that on merited to the fact that you know the argument that Cameron didn't expect to win the election so I thought he put the manifesto commitment in for the referendum to colour should the UK box or next time it was quite cosy in the college with all the flight times to Prime Minister it was it worked.

He thought he'd have that again.

It could negotiate the referendum Commitments try the Coalition agreement in turn to and jobs are good and we carry on the unexpectedly wins they have to call me at referendum and then of course she does makes ridiculous mistake stifling the civil services ability to plan for brexit, but left it leaked and you know everyone.

Complacent up yours the recording honestly.

I'm pretty certain books out shortly and she's coming up podcast David Cameron's memoirs are out next month in there.

He'll probably say I don't know say that no one thought you know we're going to win the election that they managed to fight such a good electric campaign 2015 by taking out Lib Dems in the south west of England at the end up with the majority of this in out referendum with their pledge need because the UKIP won the 2014 EU elections because of that they had something to deal with the EU with the UK throughout they put into manifesto.

Hope you naked and goes away with have five and five more years of yellow blue government that didn't happen.

They went badly too early on the referendum games have to remember to get a 2017.

First half of the Tory ministration and he went in June 1650 months before he could you know before he had to give him his own deadline what you could have caused with this emergency brake on emigration that was a big thing that will break with that that's periods backstop.

This is the problem and it was idea stopping immigration if it was overwhelming Communities was the idea and it made you got a bad rap battle wasn't wanted his party wanted they thought it's Parking Management having referendum.

They had no idea it would end this way of course reference itself is only advisory because of Parliament sovereign that's true, and that's what you meant remainers saying a correct the problem is that he was given another important important by by the politicians by David Cameron and everywhere.

The board said we will do what you say you can't do that and then not not said the government will implement your decision if he did say that I didn't have to say that you had a good time.

I was like you know if you ever seen as frustrating when you ask for directions and it says well.

I would have started from here.

We are here Michael Gove and Penny Mordaunt on the pier at Bournemouth weather for the day before the referendum vote on the vote leave bus 20 people I guess it was going but you know it wasn't any feeling of of some big country on the March something moment about the happen if I like a bit of a drama soon to be ignored will go back to reforming and defence spending cuts would have been able to about politics and then it came to pass and I tweeted that she on that bus I said if they vote if you live out tomorrow to leave European Union it will be there.

Biggest uprising against people's bosses politicians church leaders celebrities economist the biggest uprising since the Peasants Revolt Wat Tyler did his bit it was quoted by American painters when that happened because I simply don't believe is going to happen and it in a way Poole to brexit about it known as my vote in referendum, but I think it's a bit you know it's a bit moving.

I think that people felt a reclaim control of my our lives from establishment on my account.

I want to be my god controls everything to elect politicians if they can't do it.

They can get next come in rather than worry about what officials tell us in Brussels about elected people here.

There's an argument the 7th argument is the one which you like Jacob rees-mogg and Boris Johnson face off.

By the way life's immigration that kind of thing every week ever since you did it I have respect for you change his mind on banning parents in Car smoking when the kids are in the car and that was magisterial ignore that I've changed my mind thing that you genuinely thought about this and I don't want to be telling Panasonic and balance to protect the health of respect for the law is about workplace so in your studio here.

You know I can't smoke as your workplace my post my smoke on you.

That's why in Cars it's taxi drivers said the idea that touch drivers won't smoke and and pubs it's like the bar staff employment regulation of describing.

How do you say why should I apply to to people's living rooms for example or their cars and the rest of it and his mother you know should pregnant women smoke because there are the rights of the unborn child is.

Paramount you go you to the to the mother well, you should should fat people be continually allowed to eat as many sweets and crisps from pieces of they're like they're going to get diabetes prevention and exactly but I have to pay difficult issues is made worse in this kind of singing Perfect Storm about corbyn's you know just how disingenuous is because he's clearly a brexit here pretending no show me to be a reminder because these people are in love with them as the absolute.

What is anyone who actually isn't blinded by love from which is of course all of his supporters anyone can see that is a brexiteer.

Why clearly what is all of them.

I think he's a rogue.

He's a wrong and throw back and let you know I've resigned 23 years.

I am a bit silly.

He thinks that brexit is an opportunity for left of intervening in markets where you can't at the moment, but you know me to nationalise the railways and by the way, that's a lot of support that policy but other things left so certainly what does it's having complete waste of time of year and then that's coming back under the Tories but you know you want to be get more involved.

You know Force companies recognise unions and you know he's an opportunity and interventionist government.

That's why he's probably probably quite him and the chaos on the label side at the moment with this one of the Earth is our policy is not clear at all.

They want to have a referendum on remain against.

A deal is that the Tories deal on his deal and then he's not even clear what he do if he went power if you win, what do you do to make almond? Do you go to a new deal brexit? Are you remain? What are you and the Keith the key and out of going into the in September October with labour is what on earth Jeremy Corbyn policy on brexit.

Is it is a remain party and I think at the day.

They will become a remain party as I say, what is happening to do it out of them? You can see that over the years of chips away is him where they were steadfast another British people so we got to respect the vote it was never policy to you and support a second referendum this ridiculous policy constructive ambiguity actually that's morally reprehensible the Labour Party forced to remain to leave as a big load of votes there on the remain with why are you giving out that the ground for Lib Dems

Who own remain having try and pick up a funeral directors to win the Battle of all these votes are 14 event the middle ground works 5149 percent, so that's the logic behind it and but you know he's been a campaign against things for so long.

It's hardly as a person.

I think looking at him.

I don't remember when I met him once probably isn't but why would I not surprised if we have people who vote Labour you know who don't read it.

They look at the politics Cambridge UK well.

That's just what they saying that the the support of a comment or the crossword you know I think challenge that you know I read the Telegraph

David Cameron always spoke to the Guardian it back in the day he was putting it one of the Guardian when he was going out Newsnight and it was and I think you need to you need to not be you know recognise that repeat that rhymes with whatever things fairly and will give you a fair hearing.

I was trying to say to them, but that is the problem on all sides that seems to be emotionally driven now rather than and Vengeance n' tribali driven Twitter only real life is it like that then is a reflection of reality or is Twitter a complete distortion Twitter whoops whoops views, I mean who is watching Twitter Twitter politicians.

Do it Donald Trump famously particularly so far.

It was told me you surprised by how bad Boris Johnson Twitter he's not really doing it.

He said you know he does he know his prime minister you not using Twitter

The trump use Twitter you today I think that's gone to his cancel the visit Denmark but you can't buy Greenland I mean that's a new world isn't it was actually a private message to myself, but he's incredibly popular in the either you got a star jump out of this world of opportunistic and decided there now love Boris but he does have that that impacted mean a lot of my friends and family in the North and people always look like Boris the daylight Tony Blair David Cameron if only one nice guys that were confident that they can have paint so much like Gordon Brown and Theresa May because the word our bureaucrat types tough at first but actually beat the horn.

He can you know he inspires a reaction in away.

Theresa May wouldn't he?

He's got to say is he is he is a card he's got a character.

He's fun to be around his fun.

You wanna have a drink with him.

You'll be fun of the podcast now.

He met office a funny word is interesting he just you know he stopped the traffic in a way other politicians and I've got a theory about who wins on holiday at the moment.

I think you may park boys Johnson but it's the ones who appeared to have integrity that you say what they think now Jacob rees-mogg right.

How is he think? How is he giving his views where he sits and lots of policies how he done so well on abortion news on the TV sofa.

He was asked you know should should a woman is raped to be allowed to abort and the the foetus do if she becomes pregnant and his position is no because Catholic and life starts at the moment Time Inception he said that on the

Breakfast Southall the morning TV sofa and you know that would be you know you might think career career suicide for a politician to have that with you, but people have accepted as part of Belief because they know what it believes in you know a Catholic who believes in that and therefore that follows that you can you believe that I think with Nigel Farage also you know there's a bloke in a fantasy about him and who did Boris Johnson of authenticity about him.

I think the true you are to yourself the better you get on with him on Monday politics and even call me now.

He's pooped himself and that's why it works.

I think it works for his best mate.

I don't think it's that trump has motivated the best with the vagaries of the electoral College the actually got him into the white house, but I don't think I could do that because yes ezy6052 think he's the absolute boy.

He's already lost the general election to Theresa May

With your Sony about I didn't see that campaign with Jeremy Corbyn you get Theresa May out watching going around with Theresa May speaking it like in the old days speaking in a warehouse with people around the camera then what was happening is reported to be there.

We're just on their camera phones film round this empty space with Evan group round Theresa May and those things are going on Twitter and an almost expose the fakery of look like a crowded room because the Crown Devon around the actual picture is much more organic.

He would just go around the country and speak the large crowd and he would have a crowd in a hole and outside and the very end he spoke on some clips and Great Yarmouth and he know you look like Moses he said it once I had my critics.

They raised his arms, but I forgive them you know like like like like I crashed like christlike.

And they just the way they did they just let the cannon let it run that all the people come out and campaign for him and it looked great and had a real feeling of momentum, but you didn't win he got loads of oats and I think you know the biggest the Tory Party now unless they can deliver brexit as meaningful and I'm concerned that is not by the way disinterring Theresa May's deal is the current tidying dropping the backstop because of other things and that deal with the brexit will hate and we'll make hay with that and he is just trying to say this week.

He fears of a trailer coming on brexit and that Patrol narrative could let Corbyn in the next election so once you press the B button on Boris you know you as you said the deselection the remainers you've got the an absolute brexiteer cabinet.

You've got a brexiteer prime minister.

This is the most brexit brexit were ever going to get my many things that would be nice.

Never happened to Dominic Cummings is if you're about to hear the best thing that's happened on brexit in three years because you need a person at the top of it all the people running number 10 now and the machining jobs in Cabot not all of them and most of them are people who know that the first line of their victory is already that they help me the campaign to leave the EU in 2016 and they know their Legacy they know they got personal skin in the game in delivering brexit in the way that Theresa May Philip Hammond and the rest didn't have and that's why I think I think it will happen.

I'll get the 31st use an MP still very good friend about he was saying that he thinks the narrative might be but the brexit won't be the disaster that remainers said it will cause serious problems, but we will get through it and that that kind of mitigation of certain disaster will be spun as a victory for a scan then call a general election absolutely he can get a huge Monday at the majority of 60 70 and then we got Boris Johnson Prime

1211 years because you'll get another term, what would then have until labour would have been having fought and lost two general appointment McDonald's takeover.

How is this going to play out? I think it may be delayed till next may get two quarters in after brexit, but the second course you can argue company start spending that all the money then sitting on that been holding back the contingency hasn't gone up but as worse as a about the fear that spending it quite clear what the immigration piece looks like maybe because the control start and end of 2020 if you carry on with the idea of an invitation period and by next summer culotte rosea and was a good win.

I think I'll be recording the internet went off to say language after to myself, so I'm asking a question that you might be no unions will side who who should go for day Becky long, Bailey

Lorena you know a female leader for labour very good luck against Boris Johnson you know with with with you as a man and and and all that so I think I would look at that kind of person to lead I don't think John would be a leader think he's always the number to there a very powerful number so that's very powerful so you're not holding anything back from the memoirs or any kind of annual bestseller like Tim Shipman always does these kind of things but every ever you bring out of the first time.

I've got time.

I mean I'm literally writing about 1500 words a day.

You know I'm treating you know how to get home.

I can't face writing things down.

I didn't write a book called Conundrum with my Richard Bacon MP about how spelling goes wrong.

It's exhausted.

Every single day if you want to send any paper your writing once a week and then in a big way and it matters but more time to make notes and Anchor Potter book on a daily paper is impossible, but it takes ages and it is all sitting and what's the point of the end? What's your personal relationship like with Boris like and as the paper so because the BBC have a crisis the BBC then cover the BBC's problems in BBC I stood outside the BBC saying the BBC and this is actually getting a little bit self-referential with it because you have such a strong relationship with those of cars with a column and he done.

How do you approach the editorial because he's not just another prime minister's someone that the Telegraph has helped create is a former colleague now of course.

It's not like I get hold of weeks ago.

Yes, he is in a relationship with Telegraph I work in the lobby in the House of Commons and is my duty to try and eat it all.

Is p.m.

Is Mr Johnson and copies of Boris and that's how I try and do it.

I mean it's like 100 in the leadership election due to his boss of this Becky and then there is writing to me.

I've never felt that I've got any extra.

Yes, of course.

He had his column on Sunday evenings coming in at 6, and I would not give us a splash about you know some remark is made or some to comment or turn a phrase but we got no special treatment about it.

I mean we got the column in advance but nothing to explain it no no no phone call from him to the lobby office.

I mean it was where I sit I'm a group of around 6 reporters reporting politics for the Telegraph you just another politician.

I appreciate it is hard on stand at looking in outside.

I'm not a conspiracy theory.

Can MP do I do the chances of being Prime Minister in 2018 when he back to a blue it didn't see when he Michael go, so they can support him and then he basically said ok.

I was there in the room when he said and therefore I'm going to withdraw building up to go out and I shouldn't be here that the tiger out straight away and all day and swimming trunks and he thought this guy they thought was going to be the person who would make them they make prime minister and then would give them there on the wrong the losing side and what they hate being on his losing side.

So why did the government give him another chance is special because he he is the Heineken he is the Heineken candy who does reach part of?

Candidates can't reach you can punch out in the North he can you know you can get away from the heartland.

He is he is unique.

He has a way of communicating his different a lot of work with covering Farage he's like to have a coffee if you like sitting outside you like and then you have to have a fag get souls interaction of people all the time Farage they want to say hi to him mostly positive not all but most positive often.

It's you know what Nigel taxi drivers Nigel BP and these guys are a rip-off that kind of they get stronger they they get these popular politicians.

They just get stronger and bigger the more actually get from real people.

I think I had Lynton Crosby on the podcast years ago.

He was saying that a lot of little communicators.

Just sneer at the alarm.

They weren't going to Working Men's Club and talk to real people.

They don't worry regional news hate that hate that nobody here our readers and anything they carried out I get fully behind so I don't like my stuff about and hear all your Britannia or brexit 50p and it's near that bye-bye Twitter for this.

I don't give a shit don't care because I think I might be something.

I was helping these 300000 reasons read the paper millions more online understand the world and you know help them out if they care about something on a campaign for it and if Twitter hate that I do not care about Twitter thinks they are the problematic was it like in the lobby, then you check the lobby.

Don't know what does that involve eyeshadow because I've been here for 10 years as a volunteer to do it this year and I am with my name on the board I can show you one day.

We have a lobby room which is our place in Palma

With the press gallery at the two jobs in over where I work 1 is pressed Gary Chapman and that's John Stevens from the male this this year and he looks after all the interests of the of the reporters and how they interact with MPs health authorities that stuff passes you where to get around lovely anything about the early 1800s and my job is lobby Chapman is the journalist in relation to the executive decision the access from ministers and getting readouts and then I share a daily meeting at 4:45 in the afternoon a lovely meeting when I went with questions in from Germany signal the spokes of the promise anything they want for anything in government as a morning meeting which I don't show with meetings at the lobby.

That is the name goes back to the house of commons lobby.

Won't be wear as a lobby pass holder as large and as you can hang around and ask questions and they're all sorts of Rules that you can't.

I meant to make notes in the lobby in the pits that you know it's like a new rules, but the point is not a secret club this Morley more describes what you do and if you'll be very busy this year, I've been organising costings foot for all the candidates got 20 minutes and I'm trying not to the big papers, but the other guy from the Newcastle Journal of the Birmingham post or the smaller than the one man band in the Comics reporter politics.

I try and help that person get access know what's going on and help them do their job and it's not a criticism of you, but it has been on This podcast has criticised the lobby is being too kind of cosy inside a system work and I'm also given to the hacks that play ball like he's not luggage and the lobby.

We have sources saying this because of you leaving everything you're even told you this but I think that one then be told me that you had his brilliant order order website or blog.

It's all there.

He has the same standards of reporting that we do he takes something on the record something off the record that's all it is there's no club here to get lobby concerned about the lobby pass not having one that's because he comes with authorities want to show that you haven't you report daily on politics and he wants a party should apply for one to have one actually.

I don't know if I have not a representative from Guildford to stay at the hustings iPad and he and he asked questions as they have no problem.

I mean it's a mistake in it.

It helps people to rail against I can still see or a clothes shop and it just isn't one and it isn't one and what she would say that.

Are you friends with any politicians? Obviously don't have any Sympathy for the size that I worked for many years myself a bit distant friends a funny word.

Isn't it? Because the problem with it's like a relationship with a dog and lamppost as someone said at some point.

You know you have to be on it at some point with any politician.

You have to cover it like a story the people who have liked and upset because I've covered some have done.

Just completely what happens.

I've had to say right.

What how what were the reader want to know about that then we are reported and energy recovery.

I mean I can't I don't have friends with politicians having a like 10.

I get on with admire them.

We get on well.

You know we share family stuff.

Maybe have a lunch.

I think they understand what's going on.

And then and I'm useful to them.

They are to me I mean no I don't have any friends that way and I mean I'll go to the client and will tell me a few things and I'll know what's genuinely confidential and things that and things that I can maybe let's look.

I'm just here something often you know you wouldn't like that person to sort that you check it out with somebody else it often most is jigsaw journalism see here.

I thought and somebody asks thought he knows but just double-checking not playing me because he wants to get that somebody else see that person as they both heard it then.

It's probably ok during the papacy is double check and you try and work out how often minister and peas.

Don't think there's a sort of things because they measure something in passing which have tucked away in school the way and then check with somebody else and put the paper and you know where we live in a caravan.

Free Parliament these days unless so it was that the oldest tried to just get drunk with someone that is there still that must be there is still there but try and get get home at you know hours 11 days.

Had a family my family too.

So I'm just holding outside the freezing cold in strange places often.

I find out after the second or third pint the story more more exciting but within the morning that worse and worse the drunk you get new mad notes train home in the morning you think whatever you know about this Workspace on a former times when from big fan of it now still really online everyday.

Yeah, really big fan of Formby

Liverpool South of Southport Matthew Kelly new European I'm going to create the new European newspaper from nothing in 3 weeks.

I've been trying to have the first information.

I've got an enquiring mind.

I've always want to be generous in size about probably 1514 and saying saying news disseminate the person that told that doesn't know that is that it's nothing getting news first and I'd love the way you can campaign on things that matter to people you can change things you can you know I just love the whole the whole thing about it.

I love being at the table of information coming out of grilling people on behalf of a group they still you represent you our readers the turn off and online on the website and I think is absolute privilege and I can't think.

What's your relationship with people like Tim Shipman are you friend in me? Is it you want the school as well as I'm actually get on and have a chat, but he's not going to tell you what he's planning for Sunday's a wedding for years and we might help develop my nickname chopper, which which why do choppers brexit podcast by either a brilliant.

I knew quite well when he's at the Daily Mail zxp printer and we go into into your friend any battles of the stories, but the end of the day we're all the small a people.

We are a small group of journalists.

Are we are against a massive machine trying to hold it to account not least the MP's but the government and all the bits of the government and there is the original in Love and War feeling about Jenna man in the lobby is the last vestige of Fleet Street as it used to be because of the corridor call the Burma Road where we work on and each room has got the mirror got the

Papers has got the Daily Mail has got the Bloomberg the Telegraph the garden ft in a walk along it and all rivals but also on the same team trying to hold to account you know trying to hold the man put it to the man get the sort out.

You know mate keep going honest with you as well jealous about and I think Lee Street lives on in the in the in that sense we can get drunk together.

You know and it's all forgotten and have a chat about and they got it is great fun involved in politics of the one I was going up as well.

I assumed even if you describe our policy that the government had Poundland things you and occasionally things we descended this around the exchange of the 11th what concerns me is.

I genuinely don't think the government really knows what he's doing now and that's not a party political criticism.

It's actually even more scarier more would think that there is a drift as well.

The internet for before the internet happened to get on with their lives.

They weren't really participate in the same way.

I think that since that happened and Twitter and Evans got of tweeting and video and everything it makes then I got a stake in it so they're engaged by and the less willing to be told what to do by their political Masters and their the book of Master trainer how to turn that and what to do with this and I think it just cause rather good and exciting havoc in our national life.

You know when I start and journalism as it kind of the school I learnt on a typewriter and it's a file little blacks is the back in 94/95 and I got my first mobile phone in the house in my late 20s bricks.

It was a break was a Nokia 210 fantastic failure and bring them back now.

I would I think that is that's what I want if I would have.

With her with Nokia 3210 texting and snake I got back to parchment and quill and carrier pigeons with you.

Yes, I went on holiday recently and no to relax detect no I bought this watch was just watch watch good and I disinterred my old Apple iPod and my phone died and the only way I can relax now is by ditching my phone so I can't see more notifications WhatsApp updates and then I finally physically relax you some relaxing cos you're away from this tech in the future detecting on holiday is ready for that yet and had a lovely pina colada SMS is on see you are available and SMS but this is not the case.

You're drawn into the phone and passionate and you don't relax and you come back exhausted, because you engage with with engage with all the politics that you couldn't actually affect your holiday yet.

See what I've got the Best of Both Worlds if the shit hits the fan someone will text you but it in the absence of that you can have some relaxing you got all those horrendous.

That's actually do it and also the sad truth the sad truth.

Paul I want to break it to you.

It's not that important that actually help things will keep happening been reported if I'm not there and that's really sad to know the 46th listen to media podcast in this region only this can only happen if you're here I get that but the Telegraph I have to accept that if I am not there the paper will still come out and look brilliant and I have to accept that yes this wouldn't happen in the best tradition of what the BBC says your other podcasts are available.

Mike mentzer Genesis joining late, so I had this can I bring the two channels of trade magazines local papers 7 jobs? I got the Telegraph a33, so I am emerge in their business team in 2003 fully formed.

I think it's not hard enough people joining papers because they tend to cancel the training route and they they are writing their own White Heat of these jobs out in their mid-twenties and all the mistakes that they would I made loads of mistakes.

They're all made in full View on the Daily Telegraph and it can be difficult for them to get you.

I think I think I don't understand.

How old how old you know old hand at this but the Old Ranger Germans were you made mistakes you have to make if I say about the printing or construction.

I was on constructionism print sweet handicraft.

Just found a really interesting things to say the interest in Sydney cannot a printer or a bill that about those areas and then write them.

Any ideas trying to find you know News gold and base metal that is the the heart of this game and I think I'm not still arrive at the national papers websites quite quite young and they knew that the day they like the kind of it's not to any colleagues.

I know but I think I feel about people that they they they need to get away from Twitter and that's not the real the real stories are not on Twitter then meeting people.

They are developing their interpersonal skills to make tell you something you know show me what you know that kind of thing that's hard.

It's easy watching Twitter and I think I'm a but I don't blame anybody.

I think there's so much more content required by Sony place to listen to it and watch it that it's harder to break off from the screen to go out and carve out time to make those things happened, but that is where the really big stores are there not on.

All social media down in the real world list as you'll never get a decree.

Did you want to because it when you go to the telly you work your business.

Do you want to be a business owner was it just wanted to be a senior? I always wanted to be a political journalist.

So it was a business with me soon and then when I was doing that.

I'll get to the Telegraph business the political team and make it look like an accident and then I'll try to use businesses away in all the time is business acumen story policy conference and covering and uncovering policy and covering another way into doing things to do in journalism and the only the first for my family and the big bus station and the old age did apply for the meteor garden pages and when I left you on the school at Cardiff I got unit fifty or sixty rejection letters and

Frustrating so I knew I could do this job.

I knew I could have a go doing it well and I know when he gave me a break.

I didn't know anybody and I feel that my nose was pressed up against the face of so I'm behind the glass where I wanted to be like finally got international paper is 33 of those hired by Neil Collins the city editor The Telegraph and then I had various job offers since then and when one of them came along I said well.

I'll stay at the time but I want to go into the lobby and I became Whitehall editor and that's why I go into Tesco journalism.

I mean Richard sambrook is a professor of journalism at university and he says one of the biggest problems.

Is it there's just not enough job's you know that lots of people aspire to be a journalist and you used to be full of journalists and now they're not that's not quite sure I think there are loads of jobs in different places.

There are a few jobs.

Maybe the needs to be the Telegraph on the paper, but we don't quite money so I think.

Have as many Genesis we had when we newspaper but across all the platforms that we do it on the website video social so they are actually more jobs in journalism to Richard be made into work on this.

I don't know there is not on then.

They're not on the newspaper specifically or in broadcasts the BBC is huge.

I mean frustration.

I would have a baby without with rivals at the BBC is hail of the TV I love watching their programs.

I love watching the news but you know the BBC have an education reporters online Sports reporter don't even appear on on the on the broadcast side of it Anthony's website is a behemoth, and my taxi is my licence fee licence fee but you don't pay your prostitute just like a tax is paying for someone else to eat my lunch to to do all the work.

I'm doing why reporting online.

Telegraph on a political side and it's difficult because we are waiting on a car battlespace.

We got a massive arrival at the BBC now.

They're trying to mitigate this they doing some more work with local papers and they're trying to help local papers, but the problem is the BBC is so enormous.

It's A Challenge for the non BBC journalist emotionally for you as a story to cover excited as a journalist that there's you know that you're covering politics at such an unusual time where anything can happen if I have to buy the Telegraph everyday to find out what the hell is going on and it's very compelling or is it a bit like you know what's funny car crash videos on YouTube that you get kind of fatigue that you can I mean it.

It's you have to take a step back and think what is happening and how is it going and and you lose track really of all the different you so many resignations recently.

I mean I mean this year.

Sorry big things have been happening, but you forget that is only in April the Gavin Williamson resigns over over the

Big from that is good counsel.

He denied doing it himself, but he resigned or was he sacked by Theresa May who said you was that reason may be the same things big things happening and it just it just seems to think from the next big thing happens all the time and it is it is quite exhausting and wearing wearing but it obviously it's good for the Telegraph and sensitive means that we are people need to read us to find out what's going on and analysing it and what was saying about it, so it's just very very busy and I genuinely don't know the answer to this is how things changed for good.

You know it trump might get reelected to send any might not but will be another president after him.

Will he be trump like as he poisoned has brexit changed everything so fundamental that when it happens.

I doesn't whenever it's settled the things can never be the same again poison the well.

I think what trump did was he live.

People and the author of a manifesto for people who previously felt they had no one to do what you want to do that the flyover States the rustbelt you know he's offered up things which bothers them immigration for Wallace clumsy looks dreadful to lot of people but it's what Americans want to happen to cut taxes what they want to happen and he looks already doing America delivering a what is manifesto said you may not like the way it does it take for women you know but clearly loves but people people are willing to forgive him for that if he does what he said he would do for them and what they don't want a friend president.

They want someone who can deliver for them and I give Lee that is the future that you have to is not very well having a left wing Middlesbrough or left of centre or even right of centre consensus that is generally a good thing because you know it helps people get cheap builders for their Conservatories and have a nice clean who's not that expensive and the rest but the rocks comedians country who did have fun.

X new people arriving taking their jobs and it feels unfair to them and then they are they're blue who had their voices heard the referendum result.

I think it has changed and not sure what is in the world is not the right answer.

I think it's more making the system more responsive to what people want to forgive politicians remember growing up but Mellor resign because you've had an affair you know the whole thing that whatever her name was he made love to Chelsea Street and that was revealed to be you know false beliefs latter resign because having an affair and it could be cheated on his wife and photos of roles have changed and that was started because because I could trump be universally agreed that you slept with the pornstar that you know after he married his little Christian supporting even though they are really willing to forgive him for his personal things if he does things they want to have an affect their everyday life.

They will need to look beyond the persons personal life.

I think has charging it matters if you're anything I mean got clean of your gay and that is not enough then shot in the old days.

They did not if you were going for example if you have not your problem the problem is often the cover-up or the hypocrisy you should have had something and then what you say one thing and do the other those are the old things but if you front up and say that was a mistake.

I did that.

It's fine.

We'll figure you very quickly in modern-day politics as it has just changed so the David Mellor situation you know those stories took out I think because it's so it's doing something you know telling you do one thing and do something else something else your private life alright.

So let's assume that what you doing now.

Is there have been emotional and political roller coaster on the nemesis whether they ride crashes or whatever is something's going to change and eventually brexit will have to suffer a lot of kill yourself.

It will stop yes what you doing next holiday.

The job you can I think brexit poll is a process not a thing so the nemesis will fit through my day and my life will finish well.

I'm trying to have it like those cubs trying to have a meal and it's a bit like the moment but the problem is it's not going to end so the that righty then for the Scouts were.

They got off and cleaned up, but I think when they keep on this because we haven't discussed fish not on This podcast but also the right to Fisheries that's a big issue for a lot of without your breasts is control over our sovereignty around waters and the big issues and to do with brexit that you haven't got there yet.

So out of it was a terrible family tragedy over a decade ago you your trust you created.

Charity Elizabeth Legacy of Hope could you tell us about it, please this in 2011.

He helps and entities in the developing world in during Africa to children in society over there because I can't do on any help around the home he gives them legs and because no other support for them it started because sadly my life in 2007 April 25th when a bus where the control where we living in Mortlake South London and it hit my wife and her mum daughter on the on the pavement.

My wife's mum was killed call Elizabeth Panton my wife is on the bus and she had a lot of leg and my daughter is to Pollyanna lost a leg and she's told for the air and then was cut off by a barrier there.

Never we had to learn to live with and we tried to use the I wrote about it for you for the Telegraph and if you search my name Christopher hope and I shall see you on on the newspaper and it appeared two years after the accident happened in article in the magazine about 6000 words long and when I went did it with an adult on the magazine.

Look at all of the adjectives which had put into it so it became a very tightly written piece which extremely powerful at the end.

I said that my wife has had his running try and thinking that if you want to sponsor her we raise money for charity sending cheques, and it was on the Saturday of the MP expenses scandal.

I was busy in the bank account of work out on what stories were on a beach house before we published and it appeared on that on that Saturday 2 years today since the accident and the following Monday I had a

Liquid in cheque for deposit cheques the next day £2,000 and that went on for two weeks and it's self raise about £80,000 and then we did a ball a chargeable for that raised more money so we end up taking half that money with the group the other charity and finding her own charity memory of Sarah's mum called Legacy of hope and a Half Men in pounds from private private funds not from the government or different money to help people in the developing world have children Pikachu and we help you know is 100 children supporting any one time and it's a privilege with you.

I've always been extremely grateful the Telegraph because they completely looked after me because when your life for the annual like that and I'd my wife is in 11 hospital Charing Cross a mother's body was there my daughter was in Chelsea Westminster housing office.

I was literally on my knees trying to survive and the Telegraph looked after me and I can't thank you enough for that, but I feel a lot of the paper and read for me.

I want to help it course.

How's your daughter getting on it? So busy a busy dancer and she loves dancing another thing is the time the ballet world marked down because you haven't got a foot so they gave a 0 marks for blood and dancing so who plays wrote about that and then like something out of a possible if you said my name and Holly and ballet.

You'll see the article online down Nick Gibb the schools around table reviews about vampires modern contemporary dance and is loving it so for me.

My wife is always a lovely get on it, but the

Life has been a challenge but we know where we're 11-12 years on from the accident.

I do a lot for looking after me.

I think I've tried to use my business communicate.

What happened for good and had all that money for charity and you know I think it's been a journey Chris I was I mean I was in all of you as a journalist if I got to know you but just learning about this and seen seen what you gone to her.

I mean I didn't I don't know what to say.

I mean.

It's incredibly inspiring what you've done and I'm obviously deeply sorry that happened but in either the best of it and helping other people.

I don't think I can pay anymore songs to do with that.

Thank you for in association with big things Media

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