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Read this: Sky-C4's ad deal, Amazon's audiobook raid, best journo junkets

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Sky-C4's ad deal, Amazon's audiobook rai…

Hello and welcome to the media podcast I'm on today's show impartiality targeted TV advertising and the halcyon Days of extravagant breast strip plus the latest attempt to combat this information online and our competitions the way to discover new podcast Talent the road for some long-standing Media luminary sorted up to date and today.

We welcome back the online journalist and podcast from the Rebecca gillie.

Hello Rebecca what is hot in Rebecca's trending world at the moment.

I've been following those who choose new movie coming up at London Film Festival David Copperfield how fatal that will be what else has caught your eye.

It's not actually in any of the autumn film festivals is Greta Gerwig Little Women movie fan and it's got an amazing stack stack stack class.

It's like terrain and Laura Dunphy streets.

Got a partner or the previous occasions, so you all and the other film adaptations here for Winona Ryder intrigued by the new version enough to justify the trailer and you know what they move their hands too much and that's not period accurate but I'm willing to say and also joining yesterday making a media podcast it's ridiculous of campaign magazine Maisie McCabe hello welcome to the show you getting into flexible working moved offices and as part of the move opened up flexible.

The whole whole of the agency then across the group and what they've found particularly over the summer for some reason is that the office seems to be a bit quieter on a Friday and I think the imagine the sort of flexible working that meant we had to phone me apply for it and it had to be approved from HR it wasn't necessarily had a really good Thursday evening and I'm gonna catch up at home.

So is that secretly skiving when people you know inverted commas work from home on a Friday or is there something to be said for doing a 4-day week and basically you know if your nine-to-five office hours and just bring yourself up a bit and hanging loose a bit and say what you don't work too hard on the Friday the most of action that so it's the particular cause dark on Wednesday action on social media, but they're being old-fashioned and too restrictive and this is ridiculous and we all should all be able to work flexibly you know I cannot fix 2019 the practicalities.

They were working in an hour.

Means that you've got clients to service and also you're working in teams on joint projects and so I think for me the most interesting part of it is to find the the answer is is more complex to get to then sometimes the theory suggest ok, of course.

There are still generally out there who are there on the train and doing a bit of multitasking which I suppose you could call you.

I'm working away from the office but basically it's getting milk.

Don't there's like a flexible working.

It's like as long as you're here.

You're going to be filing for our school today in the magazines.

You know they are saying to me.

It was great because the maximum out on Friday and you've finished by Wednesday morning like the pages before then you just went to the pub for the next couple of days campaign used to be weekly and only stopped 4 years ago, but say before the internet.

What day was Wednesday but that meant Thursday and Friday work and have been around Soho having nice lunches with you.

Don't meet me in contacts, but not necessarily you know so slightly different world moment.

We've got to fill a day when you're covering the advertising industry, but obviously that's where the money is but it's also where there is a lot of that kind of work hard play hard mentality.

It's legitimate to go out for a drink with yeah.

It's sort of particularly when you're covering a prat.

It's really important to get those people properly and it's a fact of life that you know if you have had a few drinks with someone you know you might be closer than you might otherwise.

I just fallen down the wrong side of that as well.

Let's move on to start with an advertising store.

It's actually from campaign Maisie which is that Sky use targeted ads system adsmart has got a new platform and the shape of.

What are the details here telling people listen? Don't know what adds that isn't all tell us the story here in the TV show in the TV stream, Sophie also watching something on Sky Atlantic so not on catch up and then you get served with the handbrake that had break will be tailored in to you rather than necessarily just getting the same as everyone is that just based on the information sky have about this and so on which is pretty comprehensive so it's been quiet and innovative.

You know it's sort of like the way global if it's almost been 2 innovative that the market isn't any kind of slowly starting to catch up.

Ok and now channel for a saying go ahead sky injected into the channel for going to be selling the ads that will be delivered delivered through Sky platform so earlier in the year sky expanded smart to Virgin Media homes, but obviously kind of adding Channel 4 channels as well that.

Does previously was just kind of Skye sold Channel So the ones that it owns and the ones that sells for the people so I don't answer I think almost doubles the kind of audience so it means that actually you know if rabbit is quite a large scale campaign now.

You know targeting of three platforms.

How tall is it really can maybe because we all used now to this kind of very microtargeting Facebook world where you you know age 36 to 38 votes Labour and lives in Harpenden can't do that kind of targeting so definitely when it first launched one of the things they talked about their iconic are franchises.

You know car dealerships.

You know targeting local areas and things.

I think it's all I like most things are more targeted and specific you want to go the more you have to pay for it.

So are you gonna cost per thousand then goes up so becomes a matter of Kinder Bueno two things against each other you must be working because you know I'm not ejected to the advert so I presume.

Either means that they are not so targeted that I noticed and thought my details were being sold or they also they also personally targeted that I was happy to watch them probably because it will just sit in your consciousness and it's going on your life like when they're interesting examples that are red and coverage of this is you know if they know that you're a young single person.

Will let you know maybe with a high income you get served in a few.

They know your household with young kids or something you get served you know some navsari.

You know really boring shouldn't be honest because we used to it online you know if you watch all 4, then you being served you know different ads tailored to you anyway.

Play some Weird barrier around like physical TV live TV where I think we find it a bit more so when it's coming into a television television which has been a fixture of your house in Sandyford

It seems more dystopian and weird than when we just having it done to us on streaming platforms all the time.

I think I'm going with my things.

That's why I said is I think it's sort of your 50% less likely to Channel apparently when you're being so I don't know how that data is there certainly using it.

You know it's pretty impressive and obviously couldn't sing for an Advertiser news reported live TV we can we watch it is a lot less than actually what I mean of the numbers are generally secured by all the people who want to watch TV but I think I remember exactly where it's still over 3 hours of live TV I think is the average to watch like.

People are going to sit in the front room with Mum and Dad ice cream stuff by themselves, but actually like the most of my friends now everything's all good flats or have you people have drifted back as it's only have one in the background from that pressure if I must find the perfect thing that really suits me to watch right now, wasn't it? Because you look at you know 2011 under David Abraham they were all at sky and how can you know really competitive and now they've been doing big deals.

So they did the first day of Sky was around sharing and obviously showing Formula warning cricket this year and then this expanded deal.

You know including advertising is just even quite interesting also did a big deal with the kind of the TV producers as well and extended the window of the caravan demand content that they can show an awful, so it seems like you know it's an interesting approach to the obviously colour putting their eggs in lots of baskets ready.

Argue against things like Formula One being available on free to air TV and some and some of the biggest publishers in the USA have brought a case against audible for their plan to caption audiobooks audible service that's been neutered but isn't even available yet that you're listening to an audiobook and you'd like to see what the words look like and read along with it.

I might sound hauntingly familiar so basically what happened is audible planning on introducing a new service that would caption audiobooks as you were listening to them and they actually I mean audible has the right to the audio version but they don't have the right to the text version what you can do the service where you can download the eBook from Amazon and you can read.

They don't have to have the rights to the text in cells and so the publishers association in all of America in August father lawsuit to block them for introducing the server saying basically.

This is a really like old faced attempt to get around those laws and just can't see the text for themselves and audible has now count that saying that no, that's not what we doing.

It's all completely above board and it's not even out yet.


Useful feature really for audible to innovate and deliver anyway.

It seems weird that I kind of I wonder what the game is it sort of feels like one step towards something else since my boss said well.

It would be good if you were listening to a foreign language and you can call it again some audiobook.

Just the text of the book by The Book University before.

But when you could get audiobooks on CD from the library you know how to read some pretty dry Victorian novels and one of the ways I read a long was I thought I'm getting this.

I've got such short.

I'm going to borrow the audio book from the library and read it along with the narrator.

Cos then I have to focus on it you can do that.

You can get the book you don't need it does feel like another kind of encroaching on another industry and it will be too pessimistic about their Motives just a penguin random House harpercollins.

He's a big publishers in the USA it does seem that there seems to be but this is about trying to stop Amazon becoming more powerful a bit late.

I mean they've already the biggest client wanted to read a long while you were listening to an audiobook.

You probably would end up buying.

EBook off of Amazon so is not necessarily that the publishers are themselves losing out on a huge amount of customer this is introduced, but I think it's kind of like the principal of the thing as well imagine the amount they get per sale on ebooks eBook or a physical book is that you can click through it and you can read it.

Look at it that kind of thing and you're not going to use basically captions to an audiobook in the same way, so I'm not sure if the story behind this is actually the growth of audiobooks.

Isn't it? Which has been a surprise success I should declare an interest that I've made programs audible in the past but I mean I think for a while as kind of basically for people who had sight difficulties and then as something that were a bit web 10, but you know not relevant then we got podcast and everything else but the BBC and making them for BBC sounds.

Audible downloads are on the rise people like long reads everyone.

Can you download me David Cameron audiobook? He gets here in his boys brother reading his bloody when I say everybody everybody who was of that way inclined in the first place alright.

Let's talk about fake news and left side belly goes by without doing that this on the BBC is joining forces with Google Twitter and Facebook to fight fake news Rebecca I would like to outline them, but they are pretty scared based on ideas that came from the summit that was held over the summer yeah BBC Science as they like to call an unusual so there was no that talk about how to protect us the people from fake news particularly around the elections that came up again during the Indian elections as I'm not fake news going on there and they have the

The plan but the plan was kind of mostly ideas love is just kind of principles and Concepts and the main thing that's more concrete other again.

We don't really don't know how it's going to work, but maybe that is the Tech Giants are going to work in going to work together more closely to take kind of concerted action against fake news.

I'm trying to hold it in its tracks that look like me again and they haven't really got into detail about that the idea being that wants to this fake stories going around Facebook will be on it ready to stand out which is an interesting idea and could probably be quite useful.

I mean of course.

It's going to raise freedom of speech.

She isn't it? I mean I guess it's something is provably untrue not a parody not an opinion, but just something to be back that is not true.

I suppose there's an argument for those social media companies making sure people don't link to it, but you can see how the owners of the copyright of that material would say this is my rights in America this is my right publishers.

Yeah, and I've just thought of it feels a bit kind of PRC Spinney to me as I kind of exercise.

I don't know I just feels like the Tech Giants a lot of ability to control things that they want to control and they've kind of not solved this problem and maybe I should be uploading them for giving ago and it's just a subjective as well.

You know what constitutes fake news and then away.

I don't sympathize with the likes of Twitter and Facebook particularly, but it's not their technology is built for it's not built to read through the nuances of the story and you know it the fact checking technology really still carried out mostly by people we have employed hundreds of people to do that, but you know so much is being uploaded every minute.

I just makes me think of it reminds me if I can if I can insurgency the people spreading this news of an advantage you know like Facebook and Twitter and like the Western militaries coming in but then you got it.

You know individual people or small groups of people you know they can be very agile.

They can hop from one thing to another they.

Facebook and I know one thing that come up with another thing you know so it's very very difficult to stamp out the Conservative Party an advert on Facebook remove recently because they change the headline on a BBC news story sometimes wonder how that meeting happened really happened with the announcement of money in the last few weeks and months has been that their fingers.

When can I get to figure out necessarily being clear? What within that is new and there is a conservative add the link through to a BBC news story but the rather than using a headline that was in the BBC news story.

I think 7 billion pounds the conservative ideas 14 billion pounds which is more complex number and I just can't understand how you sit around and think that's ok like a professional politics advisors.

It just seems madam and political marketers who are just trying to get.

And shares and advert said tell your friends the Tories are investing 14 billion and education.

That's true, but it's over 3 years and so do you can you see my political marketing? Would think it's worth the small amount of low back from the future, but notice that we change the headline of the article because it still a true facts and the idea that can a professional person would willingly you know which is essentially what this does it is quite shocking to me.

I think I know you can't miss represent the story that you're linking to I just I can't I just accept that appropriate.

I mean embarrassment.

They did get a slap on the wrist from Facebook yeah, absolutely I just think it's ridiculous.

You know we often think the people spreading Estate music you know cousin tinfoil.

Hat type organisations are extremist fringe groups, but now you've got the Conservatives doing it.

James was banned from advertising on Facebook recent a big like a Chinese Express newspaper because they were creating basically sock puppet pages to promote Donald Trump I mean that kind of conduct where you just I guess maybe that's just been such a like that must feel that it has been normalised to play this kind of dirty tricks special if you think that the other sides doing the same thing.

I'm I supposed to do is where they might be a Blurred Line like everyone can say you know if you genuinely fake news is it is only intention is to spread a lie then fine, but they just want you to information technology the practice the code of conduct and people start saying all this article but I don't like in Fox News or the Daily Mail that's fake news when in fact you know it might be written by a professional journalist and include only things that are true, but it's there to another part of the agenda and promote political cause earlier this week where it was a story in the sun and the Daily Mail saying that they were invest.

Billions of pounds of funding in buying bikinis for girls in Bangladesh while they were cutting jobs in the UK and what other than the fact that we were essentially true that they had been spending money on overseas programs.

You know so much more sensible things and generally but they were they were job losses in the UK they weren't necessarily connected, but they never said x as they're doing why it's not completely files, but it did cause I mean a justifiable.

Obviously because the agenda was quite clear that there was a big backlash against against this idea the oldest itching them up, but they weren't lying necessarily everyone looking for the inference in every utterance on social media and as we record today at the BBC political editor kingsburg is in the middle of a Ferrari on Twitter there's a hashtag going round Coombs Berg out, because she retweeted a tweet by the guy who harassed the Labour Party

The father with the NHS isn't working it's your fault Laura kuenssberg simply tweeted his to eat in which he said something along the lines of I gave it to the prime minister today because they're not funny NHS and she said this is him and people saw that as an invitation saying it's so interesting is it like if you're not involved in let you know how much time online that would go completely over your head, but it's such as I don't even think about it until it's such an online tactic of retweeting the person and say this is a person who did not say anything else, but the infant is take a look at their profile XT who they are they're not here going to be but it's almost like it's all you have to do is say this is that person I don't think she didn't mean it that way but I only thing that because she's in a very specific position and I don't think she is stew.

To do any kind of obvious you know not to do anything like that.

You would do anything like that online free impartial presenting fact it is him.

I think I'm in the thing as a journalistic? You know rolling benefits.

This is the person I don't think I used to go there.

I think it's really complex.

I think the reaction to her is often overblown.

I think this is obviously a really sensitive topic however involved in this is a man going through a difficult time, but I think for me if you've tweeted explicitly I just gave it to the prime minister, then you know you've got to accept that that's that's a that's a public statement there might be something in the first place.

He obviously thinks that this is a debate that we need to be having you like it also speaks to be such a funny strange Munich culture in this country where having a political affiliation is cancer.

And let you know as well.

I don't think that's necessarily case people going to wear the political affiliation on their sleeve what you've been discredited from having an opinion on it because you got an affiliation to a political party that was going to my next point.

I don't think that is suddenly gave his obviously experience yeah.

He's there in the hospital can of dealing with the pressures and can see them first so I don't you can't really read into the record by three words that she thought it should negate it and she was literally saying this is him anything like that by it but maybe could have been phrased you know but a little bit more than that to make it clear that this was a journalistic comment rather than an attempt to discredit him one of the interesting thing is people said that by Dana she took away from the fat the story about the forest of referred to there not being any press there and actually obviously were lots of professional journalists, I think this.

Is taken the story away from either of those things on the story is now just because I don't Laura kuenssberg is biased or not which is kind of ridiculous when there's so many more important political issues to be talking about five emotionally charged distance careful words will have more after this.

I am a force for good.

I am I am a force for the future for compassion for my community and be 1:20000 new police officers and be a force for all that you believe in search join the police if you're listening to this on your smartphone chances are some of the chips Insider made in Wales

In fact Wales is full of tech businesses and leaving others to work faster and more securely open-access semiconductor foundries means we have the capability to produce the world's most advanced security businesses at fighting back against ever-increasing cyber threats, what's more Wales have its own government and Vision for growth and sustainable living this means we can make investment decisions quickly allowing business to progress the media podcast is joining forces with some of the UK's biggest podcast from The Guilty feminist podcast in support of the global climate strike on Friday the 20th of September strike wants to encourage leaders to take action against climate change you can lend your support, but using the hashtag strike on social platforms and Lenor at pods

Rebecca I'll still with me and let's talk about press trips specifically the golden age of Free Press Jollyes because lots of journalism getting rather nostalgic for those halcyon days this week after the magazine editor Vicki Chandler started a thread on Twitter asking people for their outrageous stories of press trip miss behaviour, did you see this in your mind well one of my favorites was the Instagram who won on the pasta pasta pasta and said they were a photographer and he just got wasted the whole trip and two bridges on his phone.

I also quite like the press group that travel to 3 hours to see a jam Factory which to be an empty room with the Jam machine it.

Is the people involved would probably recognise themselves but I know where there was it was an alcoholic drink with the organisers pressure and obviously alcohol is consumed the journalist was sharing a common space with a little cubby rooms off the side and a male journalist too much alcohol to relieve themselves confused the sleeping quarters and female journalist for the toilets with predictable and horrifying results for the next days left abruptly immediately just walk away.

Just left and made his own way home because I don't do you get to do any restrictions in recent times.

I'm trying to have I have to say I've been trying to rack my brains to see if the

Turn the thing were the two terrible I had anything truly exciting I went to the months, but it was a lot less kind of the Boats that I was sort of hoping for a problem.

It's the open feel like I can be very glad when you accept the invitation because it's flying you to somewhere exciting exotic but I find the problem is the itinerary I mean maybe I'm just very diligent and most people only go to one or two things that I'm having fun with them, but if you go to all the things about in your eyes for you every lunch and every meeting every factory tour you spent 5-days looking at something you never would have done on holiday because that's why you're not a very good frame of mind and when you know if you're saying to people who don't work in journalism.

I'm going on then.

It's already like very well for holiday and sometimes they can be.

At the less structured waist but sometimes they are the last minute and you can't there's no choice to opt out because it's like well.

We meet you in the lobby and driving us to this jam Factory you are driving at lunchtime.

If there's bad conduct a little bit hard, but a lot of pressure and I think it must be extremely frustrating dealing with journalist who just want to basically I can driven to drink the room dry eat everything that is available and then swim in the hotel pool and don't want to put his phone and he actually seems to me like the best press trips.

I mean the ones that actually work for the clients as well as for the journalists at the ones where the opportunity that's being offered is the thing they want promote its own other words if it's a 5-star hotel and they give people original five-star hotel.

I can't go wrong really so long as they end up on the

Via platform and ends up in some sort of grateful PR coverage where it goes wrong is the opening you up in a 5-star hotel, but during the day you have to go on a tour of a washing machine factory example.

I got flying to Berlin by Siemens yeah, I mean I went because I was going to Berlin I mean, I absolutely was converted if ever I buy washing machine again.

It will be a Siemens machine but I got that message very quickly and then say by day three I've had enough looking at washing machine washing machine journalist.

Do you find them to be effective as a balance is essentially I mean we can't be we're not supposed to be able to be bought really like me depending on sometimes in which part of journalism you're in.

It's a fine line, so a lot of the things.

I've done with contacts on necessarily tend to be more kind of relationship Building and necessarily outwardly press trips that makes sense.

I remember the first one.

I went on was set with a tour of regional newspapers glamorous life that lead and then and there was just no story on that and that and it was quite hard as a rookie to be like anything for me to write.

Yeah, that's the thing and and what's happening now a lot of clothes.

Do you know the one reason that is treated with nostalgic is that they are becoming progressively less outrageous and the lightning go through the media and now I think there was an explosion of social media influencers etc and now brands starting to realise that lovely influences that influence is very kind of times.

It's just bought followers bots not going to do then say companies are starting to exercise a bit more caution around exactly how you know that extravagant the press opportunities in the beef anything.

You know the one that should be organising a big breasts but not least if you're spending a lot of money on it.

You should have a good story to tell you know I think you know they are the factors a story with in a 5-star hotels.

I don't think or is that too because they happened in the bar at the Dorchester I have done who did you done right by the following terms? I would have done but I guess it.

Just guarantees.

You gonna talk about it.

Doesn't it like have you got a lot of things to choose from you go to the restaurant where they give you free be more of like big trips away for days.

You have to have some sort of story to tell and putting in front of people that can be interesting produce some good.

Copy of social media in the form of these texts because the implication of a lot of the stories on this Twitter friend was kind of back in the old days while the cat's away you know what happens in Vegas kind of thing that was the implications of these people.

I'll get this and who cares about what could be there afterwards and it was just a sort of quid pro quo.

It's not that now because they actually are specifically wouldn't they and Rebecca you do this kind of prostrate they do you need to write about in these places we expect to see a picture on Instagram I never been ordered in those you know half terms, but yeah a lot of times.

You know there is no we do encourage you to share a photo on this hashtag and tagging this thing isn't really a huge burden.

There is definitely an expectation that you are you are actually working and not just a kind of Goodwill exercise still hanging around actually know you still get the only purpose and just get along with each other and make friends, but you know most of the time now.

They are working to set list of these early outcomes that we need to produce which is probably I suppose better on the half an hour and a first-person perspective on the aftermath.

Has won a casts first lunch pod competition to find new podcasting Talent Rebecca winner mind I was by two sisters the children of immigrants from Somalia and they're talking to other people who have fled the country for various reasons and the experiences that they have had an easy a cast of the only ones relying on competitions to find Talent are they spotify's just had another round of it sound up from last year.

Can I have got funding for their ideas? And I think we can sort of be a bit later about conditions, but I mean anything that's introducing the voices and can a more diverse voices into the spaces.

Got biggest thing a competition was specifically to try and find women of colour to make podcasts and the a cast won the prize if you like is that your child gets developed by wise Buddah Productions company turned into a funded show.

Like you say we will have the potential to get if you Got Talent competitions, Let's do that for a second thing about podcasting and of course you know as a podcast of some long-standing.

I welcome diverse voices getting involved in a customer's many people to get involved, but the thing that was exciting about podcasting as a platform was exactly that there was supposed to be a low barrier to entry there's no reason why you shouldn't especially now when you have a microphone in your pocket on your phone so of course you understand people need to mentoring need a helping hand but is this competition a bit weird because actually no point of a podcast is you just make the bloody thing people need to hear it though.

That's the problem.

I think and sometimes there's so much choice.

You know the danger.

Is that you know you don't you not always listening to the best thing.

He might not even know exists all be able to as a shining a light on but you know if a few people get a bumper.

Is such a crowded space now and yeah the idea is supposed to be that it's very democratic form of media and that anyone can do which is true.

Everything was so spoilt for choice now with amazingly well produce a professionally produced podcast.

I think I actually become like super sensitized to audio quality because I know so many people have recommended them a podcast or what have you and they said I wasn't very good and I got so much easier to reach an audience if it does have that professional touch and it's hard to compete with the likes of you know the BBC New York Times all teams working Studios putting out these incredibly well put together podcast and the week commencing Spotify let's touch on that briefly and they've done a huge investment in podcasting over the last year which he talks about on the show before but do you get the sense that Cutting Through I'm in a year ago? It was still the case that.

Using Apple podcasts to listen to podcasts well really if you look at me now, it does seem to me just thought of it turn on the more people using Spotify streaming rather than subscribing and downloading using Spotify Premium I wonder if that's the link like most people.

I know now or my time because I'm a cheapskate but most of my friends and colleagues are using Spotify Premium that you can download stuff if you want to and then obviously you haven't got any ads and that kind of thing I wonder if that's why people are listening On-The-Go that she's in today on Spotify rather than the podcast apps which are generally completely free.

It's convenient for me on my phone when I do listen to Spotify it's because I've got an iPad in which enriches old iPad I only use for Thinking by Bluetooth to my radio in the kitchen as it wasn't a podcast on the radio in the kitchen.

It's easy thing to find out the opposition to any way which Spotify and find a podcast it's just it's

I swear I go for sounds music by sending seems to be anecdotally a growth area.

Do you think that could be used to say I will still waiting for the kind of Netflix on podcast to come are we still waiting or is the answer be the mixer things that we have at the moment the space is really organised like that at the moment.

You know like Netflix and Amazon Prime wouldn't really be competing if ever get on Netflix you can basically was I get on Amazon Prime premium.

You pay extra to get into the Archives of some of the some of the big podcast like a big back catalogue to go through but I don't know that that's particularly popular.

I don't know anyone and it go to the

Who pays for podcast on Pocket Casts have recently gone free so that's long been my podcast to rejoice by the way I say with no radiation whatsoever.

I just think it's good, but use £1.50 or something is now free.

So you try that just time for a thrilling media quiz.

Perfect I'm going to challenge you to spot the salient detail from 3 recent stories each one relates to something or someone will lose from the media landscape anything you know the person with your name.

So maybe you will say amazing and Rebecca you say excellent prime don't say ready.

Let's go one.

What was the name of the UK's entry for Eurovision Song Contest 2018.

I'm looking for the name of the artist and the song does anyone know the answer yeah, it was something like Sora no Serena Siri your rights producer Rebecca is absolutely mortified the answer I was looking for was Michael Rice with do you know the name of the song from 2019 or 2018?

Love something bigger than US Eurovision 2 points for you on that have a why am I asking about Eurovision Maisie in relation to things we might lose well, so we're not going to miss the the TV show where we get to choose our British Rail UK representative so now they are going to decide on the UK's entry rather than putting the public because we've not been very good.


We just haven't been good at all.

So I mean one less game for my bed right several years.

Otherwise is there really an issue with this? How many degrees goes in patterns and wave this doesn't there was a time where you used to be published to let you know that goes in Katrina and the Waves the song does it matter if you know just recently we've been choosing turkeys the BBC have decided to let the mg's the song or is that losing democracy.

I just I just can't see as winning Eurovision

So, I'll go to overboard with the political voting but playing the game which women's magazine announced the end of its print edition last week.

Yes, it was very good.

So there is continuing elsewhere in this is sort of the biggest you really in in women's magazines women's kind of written journalism.

We had lots of closures on lots of different sites offering as well as he obviously without the closure of the pool website called DB that power had that can afford it back into gratsia.

I think there's it is really difficult time because you've got lots of women consuming more media than ever before but actually kind of turn off Focus targeted Media is really struggling to make the numbers that and and no one's got the answer yet and actually all always saying is is Canada part of America is going to still exist in her?

Time products you know it's certainly not going to be producing the same amount of content.

It's a problem as a print title.

It was just a bit mid-market.

I mean you know Vogue is doing fine.

Isn't it? Probably is very clever.

Just a glossy is Vogue and you know a lot more glossy than young people's magazine site cosmo in that kind of thing and then you go straight up to like red and cream and that can I think so I think it's something that sense but also you know like obviously it's tough time for print publications across the board but especially so in women's magazines because social media has eaten into so many of those traditional areas that women would be going to magazines for you know stuff like fashion beauty love people get that fixed through Instagram now.

So it is difficult to try and make yourself heard and make people willing to pay for our products have been quite aggressive Hurst so Cosmo when a pound and ounce in pounds.

A huge impact on the number that was going to contribute to the Close Of Glamour as well, which had been the biggest women's magazines for a bonus point to equal Rebecca's to and therefore give us drama for the time.

Can you also tell me which national newspaper is cutting its publication from weekly to monthly the voice correct yes and at the black community in Britain going monthly do you want again? I'm in a lot of publishers are having to take again people getting lots of content online either sort of exclusivity for kind of a weekly publication breaking even more or less.

They were losing 2 grand a year.

I mean you know compared to the last couple of years.

I guess they are trying to push forward to the future.

The idea.

Is that by going to monthly you may be bigger investigations more thoughtful longer pieces and the actually the place for the kind of short form is online.

I mean that's something that we doing a campaign.

We wouldn't want to be about 2/2 years ago so

I think it's been and obviously there's lots of savings that come with that in terms of not printing each week, so that means better quality journalism to doesn't it any longer to actually come up.

Hopefully you know you know you think I can see the reasoning behind it and there's lots of people will enjoy it every week will be disappointed, but I think it you know it's hard to make kind of weekly publication work you have beautiful give us a tiebreak situation now I can feel the drama about you which 4 word phrase did John Humphrys used to describe the program he presented for the last time this week to John Humphrys use as he ended his career on today the answer.

I'll give you the first word it was today.

today matters for

already at work well.

We got a break situation every event in his final appearance on today today matters for tomorrow, which was you know this much slightly cheesy way of saying that he believes that these programs still has a place in question is does famous so-called rottweiler political interviews is there still a place for that but I struggle with it sometimes personally.

I think it can be sometimes and then also not find that they always get the and I think sometimes.

I miss the story by trying to be kind of not having that too aggressive tone personally and then.

Yeah, that's all.

I don't enjoy it particularly, but I still listen every day six days a week that followed the news it is the ultimate produced briefing of what is going on all the big players going on talk and you might like the way they thought you might not like that.

I've only had 3 minutes mate like the phone the argument has been placed around it that has to be placed on it by the presenters, but it is a good way to get everything.

I feel like I decided it's uni as I was assimilating into the middle class Radio 4 is going to be my line in the Sand that and I've stuck to it.

That's my Redline I'm like I don't actually that fleabag the two things like that given the middle class enough to do that anymore.

So that's why I'm against it so I actually can't I mean I can't actually Chris as a quality of anything else on Radio 4.

I'm sure.

Fantastic turn off and refreshingly Honest John Humphrys leaving might bring some more audience to it might be put off by him if it's kind of accompanied by moebius twitching time potentially they are all cannot continue in the same amount of social media relevant to the programme that otherwise might not have John Humphrys age are trending on Twitter and some of the season against him from a younger generation of listeners is kind of unfortunately based on the fact that he is why an older male.

He is a consummate broadcaster and I sort of sometimes feel a bit sexist congratulations to both of you for your joints winner ship.

Today thank you for my guest Maisie McCabe and Rebecca gillie, if you like what we're up to here on the mediapad and you want to help us.

Keep doing it and do consider taking voluntary subscription to be Media / donate to keep us going via Media podcast producer Rebecca Drysdale

I am a force for good for courage leadership.

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