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Read this: Radio 2 presenters in Hyde Park

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Radio 2 presenters in Hyde Park…

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Yes, this is the radio Today programme on Stuart Clarkson and this week was starting the podcast backstage in the evening of Sunday at the Radio 2 Live in Hyde Park registered as editor and founder of lightness along and we've been interviewed sun presenters Radio 2 who will hear a little later on on This podcast and enjoying some music that music it's been good the presenters have been good.

This is a Who's Who of who's in Radio 2 here at the event and even spoken to I think it was the real Jeremy Vine it could have been impossible wasn't quite sure they the same we must say this is that you know?

Radio 2 event is the biggest station in the country, but this is a massive event the scalar.

This is absolutely enormous went on her a little walk.

When status quo of Performing all around the perimeter of the of the site £50 of people here.

That's what they say between 40 and 50000 people for this site is massive, but you know the headline act for the Pet Shop Boys as we speak they're about to come on Gary who is currently doing a DJ set with your head on the podcast couple weeks ago of course and it's been your Westlife it's been status Quo it's been panodrama that you're simply just been a fantastic day so festival in the days.

They say to see you in person as well when you're here again in a couple of minutes will be back in a remote spot talking about the week's news that is so technically thanks for coming anyway.

Love you music was composed by.

Love you.


Love you.

I'm so sorry saying love you.

I love you.

I love you to realise the beginning of the show I was talking about something that's going to happen later on in the shop.

So you can ask me about like to have that I will I'll remember to do that ok.

We're back went back from London with the usual Studios and that his chat about some things that been going on in the radio industry news this week.

You will hear from some Radio 2 presenters in a bit and some Power news first talk about this is Absolute Radio hometime show expanding to six more radio stations quite a few years.

It was it 6 years ago Absolute Radio breakfast started in the different playlist on all the Decades stations and keeping the content the same so Christian O'Connell doing a link coming out on different stations then pressing the tit and the difference.

Hang on different stations which was absolute genius and still is to this day and I don't think anybody is copying him not in this country anyway and the last week was going to do that on drivetime as well and I don't know what to do that all day.

So it makes sense to go Absolute Radio but picking music in the contents.

You got Dave Berry breakfast you got Richie and they're doing content that's funny.

They're doing phonemes features text and all that kind of stuff.

So yeah, why can't you pick which music you haven't get the contents go with it's better than some stations were perhaps.

It's just genre specific nonstop music track all day.

There is a radio station in Europe I forget what it's called, but it's literally one radio station name but you on the website you pick your music genre and here the same as the same content links for this.

Just different music 24/7.

Maybe that's the future may be absolutely more things that in the future.

You'll never know dear interesting.

Does a peace in the Sunday Times this week suggesting that the deals between commercial radio and BBC sounds might be happening again? There was talk of a few more then it went quiet BBC with it sounds out that obviously is pushing massively and it wants to get some of the commercial radio stations to put their content on both live streams and podcast is well.

The Sunday time seem to be suggesting that wireless was close to a deal global of previously said they weren't interested and we think can a Bower still not there with a deal.

Do you think these commercial registration should go onto the BBC app.

I think every radio station should be in as many places as possible.

So that you go away your listeners.

Are is the the thing it just depends what times of the day on BBC Sounds app, but you have to mention the BBC every hour on your commercial radio station problem, isn't it? Because you're not going to do that if your if your heart.

Mentioned the BBC every hour unless of course it brings you and loads of this is through the Sounds app, then you might just go with it or you might negotiate down to a couple of times a day or something like that.

So they should everybody should be on everywhere.

I think but obviously someone like that.

There are there a commercial deals to be done and the BBC is on its own island is interesting to see the outcome of this one already has long complained of the Vincent quite vocal individuals about the free advertising that BBC Radio gets on the TV in those slots in EastEnders on the news or whatever on BBC One so if the BBC said alright what you mentioned the BBC every hour on your commercial radio station to say it's on BBC sounds, but how about we put an advert on promoting your heart or your scholar or whenever you're a minute to 10 just for the 10:00 news.

You know the commercial radio.

Could then get some free advertising out of the BBC's airtime? So you know that might be.

The BBC off the sounds and Sounds app you listen to us on sounds when we have that with the BBC Sounds app to open help.

There's no mention of the BBC inside the app but clearly it's on the log on when you go in there, so you know what it is.

So yeah interesting and like you said the radio play that was set up to do exactly this and now everybody who invests in radio player doesn't use radio player as their main app which is a bit screwed up.

Yeah, so if I link on the BBC website to listen to Radio 2.

I'm going to get BBC sounds play around I and I think with Global and with our as well.

I get their own players not not the radio player power of never used radio player in that way the royals have their own player and global use RealPlayer but now of course it's the global player so there's only a handful of small.

That uses radio player on investing radio player is the main weather for people stations radio player to get them online if they don't have so it'd be interesting as well to see the future of radio player once all the signs out with all that one.


Talk about some of the stuff Ofcom news this week.

We are at waiting for details about the applications for Cumbria South West Scotland and Morecambe Bay DAB multiplexes going to be awarded in the coming months there and the the deadline to apply was last week.

We know about some of the applicants but not heard about all of them yet.

Yeah was the 11th of September which as we recorded is a week ago so the application should be on the website by now.

I have got the application hear from one of the applicants which is Mexico have teamed up with the nation nation.

Did they say the replying and Mexico were probably a bit more cautious?

Going together and they've planned three new local services threebrand services and a few others 9 as 9 services in total heart Radio Cumbria smooth fun Kids cross-country Capital FM which is a community station in Barrow and Beatrix radio which is the hospital radio station for the Kendal and Lancaster and one more station called bay radio which is interesting yeah, there was a radio station called The Bay obviously for many years.

It's hot can somebody else start up with that name again in the areas of commercial station of the global known that brand well.

They don't nobody owns the trademark bay radio as as it stands, but the bay which launched in 1993 was called The Bay but nobody ever called the baby everybody called bay radio so by Association it.

Play radio I do believe once the bay tending to height I think Bay trust radio tried to rebrand to bay radio which would make more sense a few days later.

They can have them back on that says no, we're not we're not actually rebranding after or maybe they got a phone call from global lawyers to say you can't do that so if nation you behind this new radio succeed then they've got away with it because they actually own bay radio in Swansea Swansea Bay radio so they can use the name so that might be there argument that they can launch a better idea because they already has been so yeah, we'll see if that one stands out.

So this is for the south end of this these licences are being awarded and we think our of probably applied for the one covering the northern end of the Cumbria to Carlisle and Gretel replacing like that.

We're obviously they have cfm, but we haven't got confirmation of that yet.

Is probably going to happen before we even publish this service podcast so probably two applications for Cumbria and likes to said the application.

Would you deal with somebody from Ofcom with the approval that we thought would happen for Peterborough and Kettering and Corby some connect FM at to change format instead of being hit music.

It's going to be smooth, and it can share all its programs with 106.6 smooth East Midlands which is also owned by communicor so that they put this consultation out so he can be a problem 0 responses crazy isn't it is probably the biggest format flipping UK Radio 3.

Where is going from hit music station to a smooth music station yet, nobody cared nobody respond, so we knew that was coming and it's going ahead and I think it's October 1st for that format flip as they say in the States we talked a little bit before on This podcast about.

Sports which is Kelvin Mackenzie sports station had it on am in London and dab in London and that's now going national on SDL on the second multiplexer, which I think it is pointed out in the air pressure at the Multiplex is partly owned by the people who own talkSPORT yet.

They are allowing another radio station doing sport to go national disallowed, can I have the allowed to refuse probably not probably not but he said it makes it bigger Challenger for talkSPORT on the 5 Live I guess what people doing is there any room left on sdlt? Have to lose band with your the Geek you shouldn't say that out from somewhere congratulations to Callum O2 starts his new show this week on BBC Radio Scotland with their debate night extra programme going on after debate night on the BBC Scotland TV channel.

And some of the presenter news this week has come starts that John Humphrys after 32 years at leaves the Today programme on Radio 4 this week going out Thursday morning this week interview with David Cameron big end of an era on Radio 4 this morning show one other thing that happened was surprised to see you not on the 30 under 30 list you heard what happened there.


I've had a little over 3040 and 40 but such a list doesn't exist unfortunately but you're well done to everybody is on the 30th of the 30 list lots of lots of names from across commercial radio on the BBC and audio production all sorts people on there that you can all the names at radio

Alright alright ok.

Yeah, here's something as well as had a million views this week on Twitter we've been enjoying this BBC Radio York Nathan Turvey posted on Twitter a recording of some jingles made for him as a kid on hospital radio and post them with the message when I was about 13 years old I wrote to my radio hero Kenny Everett to ask him if he make you some jingles, and I was utterly amazed in a few months later this reel-to-reel arrived in the post on it sounds a lot better when you're asleep Wednesday night on wh-900 with love with you.

The first gramophone record is quite a few little jingle X-Files sorry, I've been so long in replying but you know how life gets in the way, I was over me.

Hope you enjoyed them by can you imagine their rights in Sir Chris Evans on Christmas can you make me some dinner to my hospital radio show they wouldn't do it.

They wouldn't do it to think about that one is fantastic in my experience if I wrapped up in my hospital radio station with Windows cannot jingles on a reel-to-reel would have to go through three committee meetings.

Don't get ruled out of playing so they won't be allowed on the app and the other thing is there's a guy called Keith Ward don't keep listening even if it does radio anymore, but he reminds me of

Situation because I said to him when I first joined us already, I could do some jingles for my Saturday shop and then a few weeks later.

He gave me a reel-to-reel full of jingles like that Keith Ward was my Kenny Everett and I'm probably still got them in my mum's lost somewhere but yeah fantastic story.

He loved it as well done.

I've got some made by my dad's make me some hospital radiology as well, but yeah, it's standard show me somebody famous.

Did you a bit for bit single then let us know when they would be interested to hear about it and I've got I've got on here that I listen to the weekend when they were at the Radio 2 Live in Hyde Park and it's the people who headlining Hyde Park they made me a couple of jingles quality years ago John Hewitt Martin

The Pet Shop Boys and where is Morton on the Late Show on just just listen to the Beverley Knight join them on stage did she have a listen to this? It's me Beverley Knight and I'm chilling out on the Late Late Toy Show that's enough about jingles the fireworks workshops for people interested in about small scale DAB have begun supported by radiotoday and player won the team in Belfast last week at the heading to Edinburgh 28th September Newcastle on the 5th of October and new dates.

Just announced they'll be in Sheffield on the 9th of November Watford on the 10th of November and Cardiff on the 23rd.

All details at events going on as we head into the autoradio centre conference tuning in North in Manchester on the 25th of September next month.

I think you go to Ireland and then to Amsterdam within a few days of each other.

Do you know what any excuse to get in the car and drive? I am driving to a middle of Ireland in a couple weeks time the 4th of October because the All-Ireland video words to take place which is fun.

I should be there for the first time first time ever radiotoday there in an official capacity for reasons.

We shall not going to so expect live tweeting from an event will do all the winners will do photos and atmosphere and some Friday night 4th of October if you're in Ireland listening to this podcast NECA go there on his own trying to work out what the hell is going on and staying so because he's driving next morning then.

That's me and say hi and then I'll be driving literally from Ireland

To Holland over the weekend, you don't like driving to go to imaging days because as much as I like driving else will like a genius as well.

So there's a 2-day jingle best taking place in Amsterdam and I should be there doing do want to live to eat as well.

That's on the 7th and 8th of October I think it's quite a few UK production people go in there as well so making not like it doesn't have any friends.

I know if you give there will be alright drive to digital as well as it's already a conference happening at the day before brexit may be at the 30th of October at the British Library in London get yourself registered if you would like to go so come on the podcast with David Lloyd's radio moments James cridland here as well with some thoughts on 5G technology, how much do some Radio 2 presenters next will see you next week right behind the radiator day programme with broadcast.

Creators of The Bionic studio listening watching reacting to and learning from every spoken word Kolo sweet and SMS for a mix and lock and understand your content by onyx studio transforms everything about radio except away you make it from the 12 till 3 on radio too much.

He has and today.

It's glorious day and you're on stage being the big booby voice-over guy how to get that should last year with the Angela Scanlon and I guess I did alright.

So they said it's one of those things where I'm sat in a little tiny radio because you any room around you and then you realise that there's whatever 48000 people do the side of a curtain in a different voice when Reading line-up.

Turn light night.

Love and move into a sexy voice, but that is more mickey take them in the house and so what are you in half an hour radio to getting used to these late nights early mornings, nobody does I've just about siting my body clock out on a problem is week 4 letters on holiday, so I had 10 days off first of such a length of other than when we had a baby, but that's not sleep and she started getting my body clock into normal hours going back but just just about I didn't till 3 in the morning.

It's less overnight.

It's more party lifestyle.

Just have to pretend you're going out again at 3 and it's well as Radio 2 listen 5 Live stuff, but in the past you were a bit commercial radio jockey so commercial radio just the same as good as anything else on the planet and I think a lot of what was good about commercial.

I was ability to get across a great idea as quickly as possible.

You know where they come in all those terrible phrases done right or good things the problem is commercial radio started to become can you do it in 15 seconds and can you do a tagline and a cell and everything else which became Pointless been a presenter on it, so hopefully I've taken some of the best things about commercial radio like this fun and was included you don't talk for a minute to minute so unfortunately years of commercial radio.

I can't do long links.

It's almost impossible to do it so I would say it's the same but only because I think I was doing what I was doing now and commercial radio and I guess you must pinch yourself on the times when you go in your house.

I didn't show up to do your show from the studios in London for a little over the cinema conditioning.


I've got a love it.

Didn't show up in the air like we do ask that there.

I like to think of it as Wigham house.

Cos I want to try to send work and have somebody to reconnect.

This sort of work.

I don't think I've got a job yet.

So yeah, it is one of my show it sometimes doesn't feel like my Radio 2 and I say this with my produced as well that we sort of you know what sort out of the building and then suddenly we've got control of your figures radio station for a bit and it back but when we do go to the show from now feels like you and the nerve centre of the Heart of the beasts great.

I'm here with the Reverend Kate and first of all pointless the other night so nervous about that and then I remember why I don't play board games with my family because I am too competitive and what I tend to do is like tip the board over and that's exactly what happens in programs that I don't like why I'm I'm doing stuff like that.

I gave you the tallest possible person to stand next to me if I didn't see it but

Just how tall is Jason and everything is how short am I that's the question so in the shower Jason for 18 months or so? Yeah, it's the most fun.

You can have your cassock off it.

Honestly is it is just such a giggle and you know it was when we first met.

It was that it was the weirdest blind I have ever been on because we met we've been put together and we didn't know if it would work we didn't because it's a tricky thing doing a 200 you know but especially with he goes like ours.

You know you really don't want that sort of total you a present and it doesn't always work, but we just hit the ground running it only took a couple of weeks to find out each other's quirks and stuff, but now it's like you some radio husband.

It's just great.

We we are there would be probably some people say why do we have to have faith programming on a big network like Radio 2?

Between faith and Culture again ever wider and it's my job to speak into that gap and said that actually fate is a really normal part of lots of people's lives so even if it's you know and it's not about it's not pushing anything down in Australia about vandalizing anything like that is just about to say that actually this is part of our story faith and spirituality belief is part of our human story and so effective that my favourite conversations when people I'm not religious but now you've got something to talk about so let's talk about that even more mainstream thing that you do is obviously paws for thoughts on the breakfast show you wouldn't have a good for years now and that is quite a thing to get in from the chat with now it snow in privacy with Chris from the just kind of chit-chat into your serious message and it's a little bit like Jesus folks.

I'm sorry and the venn diagram of all the things you've got to hate especially paws for thought I mean it's 350-400 is the hardest thing I write.

You know it's really tricky to write on a Friday when it spins around Friday and everything's like bubbly and funny and then you've got coming with us chat.

It's just like supposed to do this think you would end up here when you start out of your teacher when you first coming tomorrow that says this is not we didn't mean you so I'm I love that because I can't believe it's a miracle of sorts, but I am just having the best time and you know when it's done when my time to shine and do this sort of stuff is done and I'm doing other things I look back and go without was just brilliant wasn't it? It's a privilege.

It's a privilege looking forward to most tonight really yesterday Pet Shop Boys I'm here with my rugby girls play rugby and so there's got to be some benefits to having me as a friend right and they know where the bodies are hedged you know I'm saying we've been married for 26 years.

I have to keep them.

We're just hanging out.

Just enjoying the sunshine enjoying the music in a few glasses of Pimms bit later on and having a bit of dancing and what's not to love to live in Hyde Park while this is lighting a hot sunny day.

It's beyond hot and he is too hot.

How can you say that in September but yeah? It's always exciting doing this 50000 people superstar Oasis what can I tell you and I think you're really enjoying you can tell listening to your really enjoying the late night stuff that you don't know if it's my dream show come to life honestly.

I think that for me.

I don't know if anyone is Mr R&B and hip-hop new to this but it's a combination of all of that and I get to play some guilty Pleasures now.

I love it.

I genuinely think it's these lot for me and you still doing a 1Xtra on a Sunday because I love him and I don't want to give up playing it yet and you know I play old school hip-hop and stuff and it and I loved it, so yeah.

Yeah yeah, yeah you can wait two batteries.

Ok station music set to the rescue and I know I only found out about 50 minutes.

So it was Close Andover you can come and talk to me.

I was going to say 30 years ago and you were on kiss on Pirate station.

Look at where you are now because you've imagined it would turn out this way.

I love music and my ambition wasn't to do my mission is always a next day the next day.

I took the responsibility on when I got to rain in 196 and then I just want to be on the biggest station playing the best music.

It's a simple as that and I am a BBC boy, so you know and the BBC Radio 2 is the biggest music station in Europe so that'll do me.

Thank you very much.

Craig you came late to radio music so it's been your biggest passion as it when KISS FM became illegal station that was like back in the early 90s 91 started then and then then obviously the law of the television and stuff like that sort of stuff away from it.

So I came back when I'm 16 music wasn't even home network and we started doing some demos on when it first began, so I've been on the Ken Barlow 6 Music I've been there since the Beginning you're loving it on the Ken Barlow of 6 Music that was Craig Charles on the radio Today programme and here's another Radio 2 presenter is Jeremy Vine nice, hot sunny day for it.

Do you know I'm melting I'm actually I've got a cap that I've just bought.

And I put it on and I suddenly was worried.

It said make America great again on the front now lost it after 10 minutes.

So that wasn't a great success and you get to go on stage and introduce somebody here.


This is amazing for me.

I remember when I was about 10 hearing Rockin All Over the World by Status Quo and today.

I'm going to YouTube and so you know whatever you whatever music you I'm Joy Division and I'm this and that and I was but I know they're one of the greatest rock bands of all time.

Obviously they lost Rick Parfitt that's terribly sad.

I can't wait to see them today and to be introducing is a dream come true.

So you know how did the TV show in the morning so busy morning.

It is a busy morning the Channel 5 show is an absolute Delight and joy.

I don't I don't feel it's texting in that's

Just the joy of the news, it's just like that says they fit together very well, and I'm really enjoying at the figures are good and great co-presenter storm Huntley so it's about the channel types of radiators that is is that it is quite heavy so you'll have love Island and Made in Chelsea and Geordie Shore come on people from that and I'm I'm reading up.

I'm reading up you know and then someone come on and talk about the budget and they didn't know there was one and I think that's fantastic.

It's the other day and she just suddenly went crazy about brexit and I thought isn't it good.

Just not interviewing politicians change before but doing a daily show where all the answers are interacting with you.

Does that highlight that difference between TV and radio and the closeness of your radio audience radio sometimes.

I think I think the great thing about the radio is the intimacy the fact that somebody can call you and say something very personal that they never told anyone before they don't feel like they're being invaded TVs a bit more.

5 shows that it is in some ways a phone in just like a radio check.

I think that's what you can do a phone on TV we haven't really had those before so yes, we have coolers.

It's a wonderful thing my heart.

Is is is Radio 2 as you know so I think anything I can do to take the things I've learnt on Radio 2 and do them in other places is a great.

Is it ok? Thank you.

I love you.

I love you.

Thank you.

Yes, I said that to a list of how did that happen? Thank you.

Love you and she seemed to take it ok.

I think I know it's at home with my kids make my young daughters.

I said ok master time for bed.

Love you and then it becomes like a way of saying goodbye.

I just must remember not to say on the are two listeners.

Thank you for that to you as Jeremy Vine live in Hyde Park at Great event.

It was as well very loads radio moments with brilliant memories from years gone by in our industry coming up also James cridland here and a second at with something about 5.

Technology first let me tell you about some other technology that might help out your show or your podcast is called cleanfeed and it's a great way to connect in live quality audio.

Just using a browser with a computer at both ends.

Maybe if you doing an interview with a guest for your show your podcast hosting from somewhere different to usual at cleanfeed has been designed for radio people and four podcast is really simple to use and the quality is great and you can even record within the browser as well clean feed won't cost you anything to get started.

I'll just take a minute or two to sign up and within minutes.

You'll be doing the first live interview or recording find out more cleanfeed Darkness and James Corden the radio futurologists yourself in this is going to be a bit tacky this week because if there's one thing being talked about a lot of the last year or so, it's 5G 5th is new technology for mobile broadband 5G is much like 4G but a bigger pipe.

So what's the big deal? But it has one thing in it that could potentially be useful for broadcasters.

5G broadcast if you have 1000 people who listen to your live radio station online at normally needs 1000 connections to your streaming server and 1000 sets of audio data being sent across the internet 5G broadcast it means just one because it uses broadcast technology to get that signal to your audience now 4G has this as well, but the difference with 5G is that 5G broadcast can be run by the broadcaster rather than each network operator because unlike now 5G broadcast doesn't need a SIM card and it works for Radio 4 TV so I could theoretically replace a network of radio or TV transmitters it could replace satellite TV broadcasting of cable networks so from a technology point of view it's for larger broadcasters however in reality the spectrum has already been sold to the mobile companies and they would want to charge broadcasters for access to it and

The cost of installing the tens of thousands of Base stations to make all of this work 5G broadcast is also not built into 5G phones as standard.

It's something so mobile operators would need to get the phone manufacturers to do that and they are charging structure is based on data usage, so it's difficult to understand why they would put something into mobile phones that the amount of money.

They can make from selling data and advanced of 5G broadcast gives is limited to my broadcasting it doesn't offer anything extra for ondemand other than connection with bigger capacity the future for radio from a technology standpoint, but it seems to me that there are many questions don't have the answers to broadcast is already have a great way of reaching audiences through the internet FM or DAB plus and unlike 5GR use of the normal public internet offers.

Everybody whatever technology they use my suggestion is to keep watching 5G but focus on our existing broadcast infrastructure and plus it's pretty good to you.

Get my weekly newsletter.

It is likely now.

I changed of creative and and Daily Podcast views which is daily and until next time keep listening and now on the radio Today programme thankfully, no technology on how much anyway his David Lloyd commercial brands happened in 1991 Pennine radio in Bradford changed its name to the Pulse Pennine had begun this week in 1975.

Good morning.

This is Pennine radio.

It's 6:00 time for the new this is Stephen Harris reporting.

Does grim news for the new singles by little longer than the bulletins are there in ever on a station and you have to get that right? Don't you? I'm sorry we had the wrong car that was Bob Marley Who's the British Steel corporation chief executive that he kicks the bin on the way out.

So first commercial break now put into the new tune yes, it's so I can stop messages from the Telegraph and Argus each time the given on Pennine radio used to enjoy reading Telegraph when I lived at home now be lost without it soon.

It's really surprising how much money I can say when you know where to find best supermarket Bargains there's always plenty of local news births marriages deaths and very off now then please remind me to take a coffee home tonight and I'll bill enjoy Sports News

Something there for everybody it always pays marriages and deaths is Oscar-winning the birth of commercial radio in Bradford it took another 6 years for the right next door in Leeds it's been 5 long political years since the Scottish referendum and remember this from Volvo FM me up at this week.

You know what to the end of the United Kingdom as we know it and then we have to play that you know Scottish yes, he said he will walk 500 miles on a lot of them.

Don't want anything to do with England you don't want anything to do with England after all we've done for you.

To 300 years we put up with you bagpipes.

Yes spicy eggs.

Yeah hairy cattle yeah short ass Pony's young men in skirts and The Krankies grateful bunch of whiskey Wigan haggis munching characters from now on this is it from now on this radio station is banning anything Scottish but I'm banning Scottish music almost 50 complaints received by Ofcom there was no sanction and just a redress the balance 25 years ago Scotland got a major new station FM launched.

The voice of the same I don't think that Bob who joined this week in 1994.

It was there a border television and Grampian it later became real and now it's hard this week in 1961 The Pilkington committee meeting to try to work out exactly what to do about future broadcasting at the BBC some people at least felt that local radio and of their auspices would be a jolly.

Good idea, so they Knocked Up how such stations might say play those types to the committee reel-to-reel here are just a few clips.

Good morning radio show your local BBC station with the time 6 already called this morning Alicante medical officer Dr George Wilson to talk to him about smallpox vaccination good morning today.

We have a weekly programme on food news and he's talking about the best buys in the daytime shops for this weekend.

Hello what I've been round the shops to find out what's plentiful and inexpensive for your weekend shopping.

I'll talk to you soon BBC Two members of the Pilkington committee this week in 1961 and their report recommended that the BBC should activities to local radio not least to prevent commercial radio 2012 now and who's this leaving Radio 1 breakfast.

People who run the text messaging that radio news is that your sister so we've had 120000 text messages since the start of the show and they sent a message basically saying yes pretty much broken the equipment so we also have to apologise to other radio colleagues that we have crossed it and networks will also be experiencing delays and problems today.

So thank you for being with this when you've listened since means they've run in the early mornings or the afternoon shows with him for 5/2 years now all these years of the morning show the Chris Moyles show Breakfast Show where do you want to call it?

Chris Moyles now at radio x Pick of the Pops was always a great program lives on to this day David Jacobs was an early host in the days of the BBC light programme but this week 1961.

He handed over to Alan Freeman and all the current top 20 hit parade is the most of them are the good ones congratulations on 5 years of magnificent Pick of the Pops program Alan Freeman starring terribly English this week in 1961 as he took her Pick of the Pops as part of the trade Tavern on the BBC light programme Spire FM launching and Salisbury 27 years ago serving army camps and villages in towns and farms along the Valley

Cross the plane from the New Forest to the heart of Wessex the last Tim Westwood show on Radio One 6 years ago in years ago.

That will be the last time which will be officially using the opening music is this coming evening into tomorrow morning 1 in fact we go 24-hours radio arriving in 95 years ago.

It was a really good family had a lot of friends and everybody loves lorry show for analogue radio must happen sooner rather than later all the industry could get Left Behind Those are this week's really a moment.

Thank you David and James Android am I guess we go jkt.

Craig and Jeremy big, thank you to Sarah Rooney Kate and Sharon and the rest of it Radio 2 as well for having us at the big event in Hyde Park you're putting something on your welcome to as if you can make it will be there next week.

We'll talk to the longest serving breakfast presenter in BBC local radio Eric Smith from Radio Shropshire is on the podcast talking about 25 years on air in the county to join us for the radio Today programme broadcast bionics.

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