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Gary Davies…

This is the weekly podcast from Radio today and this week's radio Today programme Gary Davies talk to me about Radio 2 Live in Hyde Park this weekend.

How about these accidental return to BBC Radio after 23 years through some lazy bubbles headlines his favourite subject is that song turns 40 and a David Lloyd radio moments Moyles clocks have a record of breakfast Woking announces his breakfast departure is hello to radio Norfolk centre radio unless the sound we got memories of listen With Mother with broadcast bionics working with the world leading broadcasters and equipment suppliers to transform industry standard technologies and workplace today's editor and highest you are you well? I thought you were.

Mexico when we were on we were talking about the five new stations from global only three of them have gone on D1 we thought they all Might Be national DAB services but turns out they aren't have you been listening to some of them what you think I have it was quite a busy week.

They know how to do things like that.

I've been listening to a smooth country which I did before anyway.

I've not smooth chill yet Reloaded Sally goods and 90s I pop in for a little while, but 70s is the one where I'm at I keep listening to Carlos in the morning and it sounds great.

It's it's more radio.

You can only be a good thing right.

Yes, no.

I've been a bit of 70s had that on the drive home from work to the morning after night shift and I do like the nicest one now.

It's my jam.

Is that 90s pop where am I and absolute nineties is great does what it is, but it's a bit too Indian bit too bitter.

I was a pop.

Can you go away you never call in the night? I'm still hold my beer momentary heart 70s came along and our said hang on a minute.

We're going to put a presenter on absolute 70s Absolute Radio 70s isn't actually a radio station is just a radio station, but it's only online I don't think it's on any DAB multiplexes anymore.

Not even Inverness were they shouldn't we don't want to lose the dog licence for so maybe maybe now heart 70s is here.

They're going to reverse out and bring it back to London at least on on DAB but it seems to be one of the lesson loved decade stations from so we got presenters on four of these new global stations at Carlos on 70s.

90s at Sacha Brooks on capital Xtra Reloaded and Eamon Kelly on country that chills just non-stop meetings in all this as well.

They've killed a couple of services, so chill has gone and the arrow has died and loved by its few listeners, and so it is rather so much feedback on chill just disappeared from the Nottingham Multiplex where it was hanging out randomly yeah, they could have kept it on in Nottingham and just put the word smoothing but it's a whole different formats from what I can gather so yeah if you changes and it's all good, isn't it? All good for radio more changes to come as well.

We think there's gonna be some more global branded stay around the Midlands very soon as a little deal with Global I presume what happened.


Is that a Global Centre

That's the end of it.

He has lots of my but they looked over competition with the same anything then probably wouldn't get through so couldn't exist just like communicor and licensed the brands from Apple and it's not clear-cut what the stations are going to be your daughter everything capital to extend the reach of capital of Birmingham yeah, but a couple of the licences and frequencies could easily fill in a bit of a bit of a smoothing place as well, so we can watch that with interest and couldn't will have to do their own like I said I can't take a region one from global because it's got a different owner so like the smooth stream smooth north west problem.

Just literally One presenter.

If it's a few will need a few presenters, so we shall see what happens at talking reductions in presenters, although she is now from a few weeks ago the return of all started happening at the start of September to Angie Greaves is taking her smooth drivetime cross-country and Hits radio is got a hits.

Work now have a shared drive time programme with where I've not had chance to listen actually yet, but I'm sure he's doing a great job.

I've been busy with life and writing about the oven easy just tell Alexa to put the radio on his new book two seemingly none of us have got round to it.


Maybe we should have a listen later today.

Yeah, I'm gonna listen this week.

I'll put it on my list has been quite a lot of people changes as well over the last couple of weeks at the biggest of which is the Promotion of James rear at global he's the new party director of broadcasting well done Jane and well done Jane she needs some some red cards and some yellow cards.

I was going to send him some from Amazon the other day but thought better of it and probably just rained a bit you know I sent to.

Do you know the owner Graham's done her house? I don't know if you follow around on the socials, but she's got a brand new home office so I sent her a wall planner irradiated a reply for a walk.

Is it quite bare? It's all radio and I appreciate it.

You know she said nothing long tube around the post for well.

Maybe when the 2020 wall planner comes out.

She might put one of those up and you never know James my phone is off as well if you like officers so few changes at global as a result of James getting the promotion at the at the shuffling about some of the the management team at a Thomson James deputy service manager needed to their Tim John is the new head of globals Newsroom Andrew Bailey he was an absolute went off to Sky News at the backing Radio now with Global he's the new digital managing editor for news.

LBC they can have been distributing the brands of it as well under James so Sam Jackson is going to look after gold as well as classic and smooth extra hours Smith and some other big news actually from Leicester Square Mike Walsh leaving after like quite a long time now.

I think he's been 18 years old with xfmr.

He has yeah.

He's busy.

He has been XFM over the years and it's so good luck to Mike wherever you are going yeah and incoming is Christian Smith who returns to Leicester Square tube that has been recently a virgin and a group program of music for wireless and that he's going back to the music programmer for Global across all brands.

He's replaced at News UK by James Grove who's promoted to be the group head of music at wireless a lot of changes and an interesting title there for Andrew Bailey digital managing editor.

Is there an analogue managing editor managing editor and I think what they do something with globals Newsroom with heard whispers that globals Newsroom is a big thing by its own website or something like that, so we should once again wait with interest on the plans for the digital managing editor LBC yeah.

Obviously they do a lot of the Visualized stuff as well and obviously very big on the the clips and podcast and things as well, so I'm sure I'm looking after someone that's it would make sense to replace digital things the iPlayer Radio app is getting close down this month it sooner than we thought it was going to get close down as well BBC sounds for the world.

Yeah, we were expecting this I mean you use it in your apple play, don't you so is it is BBC sounds good enough to replace iPlayer radio?

Yeah, I think it's getting there keep an eye keep adding new things so it works on carplay now does BBC sounds has done for last few months? It's not quite as easy in the car to find as on iPlayer radio.

I don't find but you know I can live with it.

I'm sure they're working on it is going to be the biggest thing since sliced bread reading the radio this week pirate DAB multiplexes is going on in Ireland what's happening.

There is just like Evolution isn't it? So the Pirates of course it has been and now some guys decided.

I'm going to start up a pirate Multiplex which means that there's I could doesn't pirate radio stations on his Multiplex in Cork at this one.

Just started in in Dublin and the publicly announces plans to put on pretty much every major area of Ireland

This is happened remember via Vauxhall DAB John Evington and his team running a trial in Cork at last year, so basically this guy is doing the Multiplex come on your multiplexer 100 radio station and the so much red tape in Ireland even more than in the UK with Ofcom so broadcast by a Multiplex you need to pay a fee upfront for fight for a 5-year section 71 licence to go on a digital motor from licence fee €114,000 plus VAT and then you got to wait 5 months for the application to be processed.

So it's a 12 trial you've got to pay £14,000 for a 5-year licence on 12 month trial and you got to wait 5 months to arrive, so it's best you get 6-months of broadcasting on a platform that anybody's list.

For £14,000 when you got to run the radio station, so it's not an easy thing so this guy has right anybody want to come on my pirate books for €100 a month come on board which is why there's a dozen oven and a grill so yeah, it's it's just a bizarre situation.

So why they're not showing that down if it's a pirate well.

I've been doing research on this because this is a big as they say so the ivy if you don't Ireland the radio centre in the UK and they said I asked them on the future of the AP and why they're happy Ireland has not proper Motor Factors some of the party stations etc, but the I have different views.

Ok, sorry to be AI the broadcasting authority of Ireland and they said that it's nothing to do with us because unauthorised broadcast goodbye.

I said but I think they copied and pasted me a line out of their Bible to say anybody doing broadcasting will be fine and I didn't really answer my question which was are you going to shut them down? I think they're going to get away with it for quite a while.

What's worse than one regulator regulator interest so Radio today for the details of that when when you publish this together all the information which we are getting more bizarre by the day today couple of things just to mention quickly this week as well as some presenter changes and things happening in the presenter space open nights at talk radio talkSPORT will change this week at Paul Ross's been on overnights at talk radio for the last couple years since he got me for breakfast.

That is not going to over nights at.

Sports and Darryl Morris replaces him during the week until radio I wonder if Paul still on his breakfast salary couldn't overnight this week at magic a spot it on Monday morning that Ronan Keating's off this week and with Harriet Scott it's Matt Baker off of The One Show and Countryfile big-name BBC personality doing a commercial Radio breakfast show, what's that all about BBC World looking after him and his half a million pound salary very strange Will Young next week covering.

Ok? I Will Young Radio 2 listen as a present.


He has it been covering Matt Baker has done some commercial radio before though.

Don't know yeah, I checked Wikipedia the source of all information and accuracy in secret yeah, yeah and there's nothing on there.

Commercial music radio show before he has he did 230 shows on Classic FM on Classic FM so that's the amended and yeah, we'll see if Matt Baker comes up anywhere else right lots of events going on as we get into the autumn.

It's the IBC conference on at the moment in Amsterdam and then fireworks are going on the road with a small scale DAB Roadshow that starts this weekend in Belfast to Edinburgh and Newcastle the places over the next few weeks.

It's gonna be the radiocentre tuning in North events with Howard Donald out of take that as the star turn at the bridge on the 25th of September and then the drive to digital conference return to the British Lager on the 13th of October Penny Smith and out of the chair and some guest speakers for that as well you find all the details of.

It's been an honour for for you.

Thank you very much.

Yes next we got Mr Gary Davis on the podcast Today programme with broadcast bionics studio listening watching reacting to and learning from every spoken word Kolo sweet and SMS to a mix and lock and understand your content transforms everything about radio except the way you make it time for some Gary Davies on your radio Today programme is the Legend from Piccadilly Radio 1 version.

Neonail Radio 2 welcome to the podcast Gary thank you.

Just finished a week and a bit covering for Ken on the UK's biggest radio show officially the most listeners to any radio show UK how was it it was fantastic and I've been lucky enough to do the show few times now and it just thoroughly enjoyed a great time of the day to work his audience are brilliant very warm very friendly accept support master points as well.

You've had a 39.39 overall this week it it's been quite a high-scoring week.

So yeah, they've done well with me and you got worried about 2 minutes candles, just Lulu Gate

I know but we didn't want to mention that thanks for bringing her again.

I'm sorry ok, let's move that seems that you've been covered with Steve Wright as well that you did the breakfast show this summer as well at one point.

I did it once and asked me back again, but it was really good fun though and had a great time and where she is on a Friday so we have Paddy McGuinness and the Lighthouse family who is really good fun Paddy is just hilarious the weird thing has been done up again in the summer.

So you actually that Radio 1 this week, so that must have been to the one logos.

I know it is so funny.

You know just but it's great to hang out with the cool kids as long as I wear black everyday.

I just fit right in my need to get a tattoo or to return to BBC Radio it kind of almost happened by accident then you Simon Mayo got you in I think it was doing the dance at on a couple years ago is completely by accident.

I mean I never had any intention to come back to radio but yeah the joined Amazon

Simon Mayo call me I'm nobody knows what you been doing for years when he just come in and say hi and have been many occasions before to come in and pop in on radio x just wasn't interested in doing some reason.

I just thought you know what I'm being in the BBC for 25 years.

Let's see how it's changed and seeing Simon for years anyway, so I popped in and and had a chat.

You know that you were covering for Sara Cox then on The One Show and and and they asked me to do her show on sounds of the 80s which was terrifying for 70 years, but really good fun and I really enjoyed it then the powers that be asked me to do a couple of weeks looking up to Steve Wright show which was even more terrifying the great fun and and then before you know it the schedule changed and they offered me sounds of the 80s which is just brilliant.

I'm loving every second even do that for last year a bit now.

What you doing to make that show your own what you doing with it? How different is it again later if you listen to it? You'll know any new features.

We do we do a master mix every week based on the theme and they really are good.

They really are good for example this week's mast head of Radio 2 festival in a day.

We have a pet shop boys masturbate listeners to come on and interested Echo favourite songs from the 80s and also a celebrity is well.

What's it like playing those songs again that you remember the first time round and breaking them on your show at lunch time.

It's brilliant.

It's it really is brilliant, but we also try and play them again in a different way if you like it.

You know yes the shows informative but we also want to go to.

To not just the audience goes round in the 80s, but you know a younger audience today then maybe were around in the ages, but they know the music they know the music through films or Netflix TV series like Stranger things so we always try and keep the show even though it's an 80s show as current as we can and I'm just cleaning up on vcsa bit easier than the final days as it's a little bit and the reaction that you had not only when you see a T-shirt that someone cover that you've been doing I know cos you read out a lot of the text that you get a listeners remember you from all that time ago.

Don't be silly you would you know what it's been amazing at you know to be honest with you.

I never saw anybody would remember me but can be coming back to the you know the BBC like I said it was expected and it you know the listener Justine absolutely amazing and I'm just having a new lease of life.

I didn't.

Realise how much I miss being on the radio till I came back and now I'm just loving every second.

Well it all started for you.

I think it's is it 40 years ago this year not want to make you sound too old but the radio is 79 think after all over he said you know you're right.

You know I never I never even thought about that, but you're absolutely right it.

I think it's something like September October November yeah, 79 it was so the years ago.

You were sending tapes in for anybody you have you cos you were you doing the clubs around you I think he Manchester yeah.

I was working in a club called 27 in Manchester and I spent like 2 years trying to get a job on radio and literally sending demo takes out to every single radio station in the country and just getting the sort of standard Xerox reply saying no thanks.

You're rubbish.

No, thank you very funny enough the nicest rejection letter.

I have used to get was from Radio 1.

It was always very personal is always very polite.

I got a gig with Piccadilly radio and spent three very happy years that people remember you most probably at radio One's not only for the jungle but for the bit in the middle because you have the Tuesday afternoon at that point as well, so it's really important time of day and show and I think a lot of people are slightly too young but a lot of people I know generation would skip school.

Are you know don't get from Clapham the back of class to be listening at that time it was a lunchtime show so I guess most schools will wear on their lunch breaks when we did the chart for you.

It was it was the first reveal UK charting and you know back then the chart was so important and it really was the be-all and end-all for any artist and yeah, we had the first reveal of it on Tuesday lunchtime away from radio that you had it wasn't that long that you weren't actually on the August after you left Radio 1.


I know you're a virgin for quite a long time.

I think I heard a clip.

On your last show on Radio 1 actually telling listeners, you were going to be on 13th 12:15.

Got away with somebody I think so.




I forgot you went on to have a long time.

There are actually 7 years.

I think the thing is when I left Radio 1.

I actually made a decision that I would still do radio but it wouldn't be my main occupation so for example if I was going to do Virgin which I did do for a while.

It wasn't my main job.

I didn't just want to rely on being a radio DJ because I just had this feeling you know that nothing would ever have been as good as Radio 1 anything else.

I was did after that would be a step down and so I made a conscious decision that you know I'd start a music company and start a company where instead of playing new songs on the radio.

I try and find new artists.

Can develop who hopefully will go on to get paid on the radio that that's good groove yeah, that was good witch which to be honest with you.

Would a heck of a lot harder than I thought it was really really difficult and any took awhile before I managed to have any success and and actually most of my savings earn from being a Radio 1 DJ iCloud into the company and I was in danger of losing everything but then I managed to have my first chart hit with the all Saints in a song called black coffee which we published that saved my ass and you're probably right.

I think as well and yeah later on I found coming by the rain and had the great pleasure of working with her on the first three albums this week coming up its Radio 2 Live in Hyde Park Festival in a day does a massive acts on you mentioned the Pet Shop Boys you're going to be doing a DJ so I think before their onstage sorrow and the Pet Shop Boys warm up guy.

I'm really looking forward to do you know last year.

my first time at festival in day and I just didn't realise how massive this was an idea sounds of the 80s set just before Kylie came on stage and the crowd is jazz massive a remind me that sort of back to the old Radio 1 roadshow days, when we used to do these these massive roadshows and yeah, it's quite terrifying because I haven't sort of worked in front of that sort of voiding too many many years but I'm sorry too looking forward to this year's I think the lineup is superb simply Red I absolutely adore Westlife Clean Bandit the bananas and Bananarama and of course the Pet Shop Boys and and and and I was actually the first go to play West End Girls on the radio edit my record of the week, then he went on to be number one, so they only seen on your Instagram you posted some of the kind of pictures of the 80s stars from first time round and it's

Do you have that great money in the in the 80s Even Better Than pet shops and probably before Pat Sharp had to be honest.

That's not true pet shop always had a bigger than me everybody big hair in the 80s.

You had big hair.

It was the norm it everybody will jackets with shoulder pads.

You know everything was oversized the big but that was the 80s that was in star was the fashion so you know if you're wearing it at that time you just normal if you wear it today.

You look a little bit strange and it's Gracie and I'll be on Top of the Pops on BBC4 as well coming back isn't very good here and there for the reruns.

I know not going to return and just ahead of live in Hyde Park I think you're on the telly again this weekend pointless celebrities who recorded earlier in the year Radio 2 special that sounds like lots of fun this weekend.

Yeah, it's going on on Saturday so you didn't win then I'm not saying.

Maybe I didn't hear you are well.

Obviously a lot of the radio to Radio 2 presenters, but my partner was Craig Charles partnership because he done really well before and he been on before and because I've never been on before didn't really have a clue who works with you but anyway yeah, we had a good time.

When will they watch with interest to see how you got on a great start to Gary thank you for coming on the radio Today programme and good luck for Radio 2 Live in Hyde Park thank you very much going to be great.


Gary Davies are the radio today David Lloyd and James Crowther still to come first word about cleanfeed.

It's a great way of hosting your show from a remote location in studio quality or maybe get a guest on your program or on your broadcast cleanfeed has been designed especially for real people and for podcasters and it's really simple to use and connect in live quality audio over the web you can even record within the browser as well.

To get started it just a 30 seconds to sign up and be the first lied to me or recording within minutes find out more at cleanfeed dotnet40 years since Trevor Horn wrote this song video didn't of course Killed the Radio Star 9 out of 10 people still listen to the radio every week and this diverse Malaysia the US France or the UK radios reach hasn't changed in the last 20-years that there are certainly many changes and consumption patterns video Killed the Radio Star seemingly the phrase that any lazy editor will reach 4 in order to write a story any story about radio and if you listen to This podcast for a long time.

I keep an eye out for them.

So just over the last few months sandal.

I've caught up with a radio presenter.

Played a round of golf in Kansas City so what better ladybugs headline and second hole in one didn't kill the Radio Star the star.

Azure write a long piece about video assistant referees used in soccer games video Killed the Radio Star it looks like it's coming for football next concludes the journalist and if you scroll down a bit to logos for Syria FM and 98 to radio stations run by starmedia, who may be a little confused why sports journalist has just took them down also make you write for a newspaper newspaper and TV Insider us publication covering the rapidly declining world of television also managed to shoehorn a lazy bubbles introduction in front of a story about this more hardly watch the assembly of vapid flickering pictures for the hard of thinking.

I don't know what's more depressing the frequent repetition of a lie that radio is somehow dead all the Opera Javier from Radio people to sit on our hands and not Amanda Attraction from these publications.

Why are we doing this? Isn't it literally our job, but let's leave the last word to the writer of the song Trevor Horn

I did not kill the Radio Star he said maybe he had him down for a couple of minutes, but he came back up again swinging and he's still healthy but he's a remix for you Trevor I didn't really worked it.

You can get my weekly newsletter James Cochrane plant and Daily Podcast music pod and until next time keep listening and now with better editor David Lloyd I thought that we were going to pretend that we're fine.

You want breakfast record of 2072 days now the longest-running breakfast presenter on radio x down the road at Radio 2 10 years ago a breakfast resignation and listening population of spotted report for next year.

I'm going to turn into Chris Evans and I hate to tell you but I was hoping to break it to you by loyalist the more gently I want to be the first to tell you.

It's the least I owe you this morning companion humour and laughter and your loyalty and support of love and it's the hardest thing I've ever done in my career to say goodbye to you in the morning, but this year when 5 years 10.

How do I believe what we love the song says by the program is the most popular on British radio while we still device?

In each other's company starting his long farewell home breakfast 20-years ago this week bill bill was the founder of pans used to make advertising jingles in the 50s and increasingly focused on radio IDS that many say they were the creator of the jingle industry.

We note some of the typical worker Pam's as aired in the UK marking the 20th anniversary of

The bill meakes bill round pans in America for 27 years in the early 80s out of the government had changed and made up.

It's mind about local radio at last the number of local station is growing again both BBC and commercial let's start in Norfolk this week in 1980 and a trip around well, where across the road inside the building and in fact.

This is the first Glimpse of her new radio station at the public will have its the reception area at the place where you can bring your dedication is your record requests or what have you learnt and what sort of kids? Have you got the radio is a world of complicated but versatile equipment as you'll see you shortly.

Yes of course the moment approaches when radio Norfolk goes on the air for the very first time it goes on the VIA its nerve centre.

The nerve centre is the Studio with me and the man who?

Norfolk coming on here this week in 1980 September 7th 1980 150 115 to go 93 days till Christmas is coming on the radio to 37 Cliff Richards first record off on the station Twyford sounds from the centre of your dial from the centre of the universe.

This is another example of a station.

They're using the name of its successor in its opening link the word sound.

They're preparing for Leicester sound which replaced this week and 84 with Leicester sound loud and clear on medium wave and FM

And his sidekick badge the sound this week 35 years ago in our carriers capital Midlands to the last edition of listen With Mother it have been on here since 1952 broadcast on the BBC light programme in a 15 minutes late every weekday.

Just before Woman's Hour it's 2:45 time for listen With Mother are you sitting quite comfortably now.

Let's hear the song Mary Mary Quite Contrary tomorrow.

Tell you a story about Jacko the monkey sing ring a ring a roses Polly put the kettle on and perhaps bye Baby Bunting again if we have time if we got time but she never heard of back timing the nursery rhymes with loads of press coverage about that if you want to hear we are just say you program a toddlers in pouring rain on the pavement outside yesterday to ask a famous mother to help save their favourite radio programme The Young listen With Mother fans were joined by several more famous and older campaigners such as who said the program the BBC One to replace it with last only 5 minutes.

Just not good enough Gail Pearson age for the BBC worth favourite programme even 3 week old Kettering to make her to Mothercare

Educational program spokesman said and they didn't listen With Mother this week in 1982 startup classic FM 27 years ago welcome to Britain's first national commercial radio station.

This is Classic FM I'm Nick Bailey the first live show on BBC 4 extra Radio 4 Extra this is Kathy Clugston trusted voice closing down 34 years ago on behalf of all the radio a staff and presented both past and present wishing you a pleasant Monday and all the best for the future.

Can I also thank you for your loyalty and you listen? She's over the past 4 years using this song 40 years ago.

It didn't it? Won't those are this week's radio moments.

Thank you.

David thank you James thank you.

Cancel my guest suite Gary Davis next time on the radio Today programme Brian I'm going to be at Radio 2 Live in Hyde Park and hopefully talking some of the Radio 2 presenters backstage Today programme broadcast.

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