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Radiodays Asia 2019…

This is the weekly podcast from Radio today.

Can we have this time James Ross is talking to speakers at radiodays Asia in Kuala Lumpur from the CEO of commercial radio show my cast from Virgin Radio UK the boss of UK radio player Chris Stevens from Chris country midnight and the big boxes of two major radio software companies sweet James cridland assesses the power of radio and David Lloyd has more running archive audio from this week in Radio 1 Today programme broadcast bionics created of the bionic studio the smarter way to make radio highest you are welcome back.

Are you well? Are you feeling better? Yes, thank you for all your get well soon messages after hearing my voice on the hang on.


I only got one person who sent it.

Message it wasn't even now taking it to be honest with you.

I am having a lot better and feeling bit better still still got it the drugs after the flu but there we are going to be back over here.

So you don't give it to me right let's battle recommence then global versus bow around 6, so we have to now I think to be honest with you.

This is exciting news just announced today as This podcast is released tell us the headlines Stuart so global is by looks of it turning some of its streaming playlist to actual proper radio stations on DAB and it starts tomorrow at Thursday at with heart 90s launching on the one that's crazy.

So if you've been watching the Facebook's global as putting out saying 12345 leading people to speculate the five new radio stations and launching from global which is a massive thing.

Confirm today, but the first one of those children that is his heart 90s and then is going to be going to be more I don't know the exact time table at this particular moment in time of recording but maybe over the next few days or weeks.

There's going to be for more radio stations and they all going to be on National DAB so they're not playing games as you already know this space for five more national TV stations are flying to be DAB plus reduce some of the existing stations.

This is all speculation, but what other way can they do it cos the one is pretty much so yeah, what station is going to reduce and probably I think we've got confirmation from this so this morning five brand new refocused radio stations launching from global which is massive looking to have presenters.

We understand that night is having a breakfast presenter like her 80s does like hot downstairs and it's going to be Kevin Hughes who has done some network shows.

Before I think I still evening showed in the Kevin and he's been on heart Wales and heart London for the station as well.

So how many hearts does is that now? So there's this heart 80s does heart 90s the heart dance heart extra is that still exists another will replace it, but I'm sure we'll find out as it all comes to pass.

I've just been typing in the radio Glos Twitter feeds whilst you've been talking there and there is speculation.

What are these has come through today? So hot 90s Britney Spears at number one thing on the teaser video at to is probably smooth country which already exists as a playlist for better word and then you got two extra Reloaded which is probably capital Xtra Reloaded playing the old school and the other one speculated on radio Classic 70s and then.

Play Smooth chill which I did not move could get any more chilled clearly.

There's something there cos that is a playlist on the at the moment.

It is already a lot more chilled than the normal smooth.

Isn't it as well.

That's on the one is relaxing and it's lunchtime tomorrow.

If you're listening to this on Wednesday then that's tomorrow morning at we presume at 6 as we mentioned.

Obviously that heart 90s exists as a stream on global player at the moment.

So I'm guessing the people can see all the statistics of how popular are these playlist streams on the global player rapper and they've picked some that they think I'm going to turn into popular radio stations and obviously it delivers more hours and for the main hot brand of the smooth brand doesn't it or whatever that's because this started when global loss although playlist on.

Remember a few weeks ago introduced seven new inverted commas stations and now we're going back again with Global saying well.

Wait a minute.

We can do better than playlist with stations with actual presenters.

So this is global going one better than they really are and that smooth country stream appeared on the global player just before launch country Hits radio didn't and obviously global launch.

Hot Dance one of the new streams from batteries.

Kiss dance as well as his garage and kiss Ibiza is a bit of anything you can do I can do better kind of going on here, but I don't know about obviously a bit behind now because they've already got a lot of of national station so smooth and launch childers already magic chilled on mellow magic isn't there so their kind of competing with those a little bit catching up and the thing about this is that Bauer Clinton have?

National radio stations when they're on about 5 multiplexes here there and everywhere when global say national station baby literally are everywhere in the country on the biggest national Multiplex available, so it will be an exciting radio that quarter when the results come out and good news if your country music fan because until recently only have Chris country, which is fantastic and I've got bows version version wow, what country music out there, but we didn't really talk about the bowels cause we weren't really on last week to have a chat because of my oldest but so there's 7 a kid's dance kiss garage and then interesting a classic Quran Quran Unleashed heat school disco and heat soundtracks and it seems strange to me that they've can a resurrected curry heat after the killing them off taking them off DAB radio and just making them online stations, but they bring those back with brand extensions near these comments were made on online somewhere.

Better having those associated with the biggest brands in magic in your absolute so yeah, but I'm sure they know what they're doing.

They always seem to come out in the end school disco hits with worked and magic soundtracks, but you know exactly what happens so nice couple weeks and had a bit more detail about the CMA investigation into Bower buying for radio groups can be a fool Phase 2 CMA investigation that will report back by January and it's just a bit more information about what barrel offered to do that with her right.

Yeah of course back to the GMT and global days, so we've got as we think we all knew there were three areas which Bower needs to digest digest and divest summer radio stations and I think the report pretty much says which stations without saying.

Patience doesn't it yeah Sam FM the Breeze in Bristol signal 107 in the West Midlands and then three in Yorkshire tracks turn and rather from the links group, but it doesn't get rid of those it says there a problem compared with their current stations sell Bauer could turn around and say alright in a cell Hallam and keep track of Dunelm Rotherham obviously, I will likely but they could be the biggest army but was FRS and the first radio sales and have been a very complacent about it saying just carry on FRS for now and see what happens and then they will just see you later and they said so that's that's what's causing selling radio station is probably quite an easy thing to do and they probably would have done that as they did with the other day since when the deal was announced that two they obviously didn't get away with.

What happens when you got another six months of waiting interesting Times we get these every now and then that usually comes round every few months but bad words or inappropriate content in song played on the radio.

Is it that hard to edit a song before you put it on the radio player to play out system one person doing 10 jobs.

You can get missed you took some FM playing an f word song.

I think which is Which is human Aaron and I've done if you've probably done it at the what is gold playing the old song lyrics about different races, so yeah that who knew that would be a problem apart from you because he had a problem with it once but I don't think gold ever had a problem with it and I've been playing it probably for 40 years, so that's come off the playlist now and yeah.

Hopefully people will find something else to complain about.

Busy Ofcom broadcast bulletin this week as well, then there are 26 complaints about LBC in this month none of them upheld and I guess our old friend John Myers with a said 26.

That's not enough.

You should be more controversial more complex the fortnightly broadcast bulletin probably have a particular lot this complaint about different things but I just say no of them upheld and yeah, it should have had more mature to be controversial get people talking just to stay within the rules so lots of moves happening over the summer lots of changes lots of people finishing shows this week, so shout out to them.

So what about our drivetime presenters and smooth drive time to get ready for network shows to take over their slots from next week that we also noticed over the summer that Dave Brown has left smooth so special mention for him 15 years on smooth.

Is a big week as well because the smooth network isn't starting on Monday it's actually starting on Friday night at 7 so from the end of the drive time shows this Friday if you're listening this week when we publish the weekend shows on smooth, Blackpool Jordan on smooth Lakes I saw on the social he did his last show last week.

He's got some shelves are being covered this week, so there's some people have already gone so good luck to everybody if you are going to to deregulation and fingers crossed you can find something else suitable very soon other moves in the last couple of weeks since we've been off for the podcast ejaculating over from Tony McKenzie at pulse 1 and Pulse 2 in West Yorkshire and she's been on Daily about 17 or 18 years until swollen temples to more recently Andy Roberts quick departure from case that was all the notes for a quickie 26 years have been a kiss.

Rock FM in Preston when I was trying to annoy everybody and get studio tours and things like that he's been doing that sort of radio for such a long time and mixes the desert at 6 at night on I'm rock every night and he's done so much good audio over the years.

So yeah, I had my suspicions that was going and other people I've got some predictions as well, so hopefully his next job will be announced very soon.

Good luck to you Andy watch this space at any breakfast over capital Xtra Jez Welham left earlier this month Yankee bikini and Shana Marie birch Campbell takeover young has been doing is on capital for a few years A couple extra few years shayna Marie started early this year there have been doing together on a Saturday morning as well.

So big change coming up application as well over the show changes around as well on that station details ready at and

Tired a new podcast editor this Maria Williams used to be at the BBC and indi's wisebuddah, and Loftus Media sounds like they're really going for original podcast in a big way having somebody to oversee yeah quite a few of the big radio groups are going into a podcasting.

I think unicorn.

I'll do more podcasting than live radio and who knows in the future.

It might just be a podcast on the not just ended up as well.

So if you're not doing podcasting then I think the general messages that you need to be doing absolutely lots of events coming up over the next few weeks were never someone's getting it away to Event season at the same workshops at supported by radiotoday run by vitamix to find out all about small scale DAB about happening through September starting in Belfast the moving to Edinburgh Anthony and it's going to be tuning in the North radio centres conference at the Bridgewater Hall in Manchester on the 25th of September and then the end of October 30th of October the drive to digital conference at the British

And of course the area domination of the Aria shortlisting process will be starting soon.

You can start getting your entries in in the next few weeks fantastic will hopefully see people that we the radio Today programme with broadcast bionics creators of The Bionic studio listening watching from every spoken word sweet and SMS to a mix unlock content studio transform everything about radio except the way you make it now the radio Today programme.

Let's take you to Kuala Lumpur for this week's big radio events and James Ross radio days.

I'm with a co-founder and has held their ones done.

We're on today to and his how does it feel so far? What's the tide like? I think it's a terrific meeting all these people who are really excited about getting into a meeting.

This people come from across Asia from from Tokyo Mumbai Jakarta Shanghai and also from a lot of people from Australia and Europe and America so it's really unique meeting point where the radio and audio Industries from the west our meeting with ancient people who are in the different markets having different experiences and also learning and being able to move move their businesses what inspired you to have read your day's Asia and you've had a very successful run with radio days Europe Eurasia why do it initially it was ancient coming through this Europe and said you know what this is really interesting.

Why don't we have it? We have a big radio industry.

Where people are listening to Radio millions of people are interradio but we're not really thinking about all these things you were thinking about how to develop the techniques and and

The way you are so why don't you come to us and have the sound so we have been involved in a shower for quite some years ago in the morning much smaller scale with HME the summer time.

We had had one day meetings in in Korea China Indonesia India couple of places and we found the time was right and the party's right to try to do a kind of proper event in the style of radio series Europe even if it's as the first this morning, but very successful so far and you brought in some of the big names from Europe Media Virgin Radio centre from the UK radio player and someone has been an important part of what you've done here.

I think they are saying you know what we want from you all those Internet contact that you have the access to these people and organisations coming from America Australia and Europe so that's what they have been asking for but our vision of this is so I

Also to give a perspective on what's going on the different parts of a shower, so they didn't really ask for that, but we think it needs to be at West meets East thing, so not just asked me to tell them what to do.

It's the wrong perspective because I also think we have a lot to learn about what's going on in Asia my cat is so content director from Virgin Radio UK right here in KL WhatsApp yeah, I mean such an honour to be asked to come here and tell the Virgin Radio story it's been a phenomenal no motivation so to get a chance to chat about that anywhere in the world is something one 1/2 million listeners every week is what you're saying write the story is obviously we had less than half an hour before Chris started 1.5 million people listening for a 10 million hours United States is a fantastic number we really happy with it and the journey is only just started.

The Year turning things around so this 6-months January through June I guess must have been there quite a roller coaster.

It has been and it feels longer than the actual it's been United in January at the beginning of the Year logic Chris will launch Virgin Radio anthems Virgin Radio chilled with moved into the new building all in the space of one week.

Yeah, it feels incredibly comfortably the show just keeps developing with looking Continuum know how we can improve the radio station we change the daytime lineup a couple of weeks ago and wrote of Kate Lawler to draw time she sounds absolutely phenomenal there as well, so come down from evenings in today X and Y that Monday to Friday line-up.

Just sounds absolutely out of this world, but you know to continue to aim to or aim for the radio stations to be largest commercial music station on dab.

Will you know whenever you get that? It's difficult to balance their when you got talent like Chris in the morning.

How are you?

The rest of the station and keep it keep it on an even keel I've always said but radio should just be the simplest talking to your friends.

You are and therefore priming radio station is not dissimilar to the party having a dinner party by two friends around or something like that if everybody had exactly the same personality be quiet and they'll evening for you to attend so the fact that we've got you know Chris received by think I've just had the most amazing energy for an early Breakfast Show then you've got a music girl like Eddie temple Morris to come in straight after Chris playing a lot of songs but with a high level of passion and knowledge the music with Tim Cocker just fits in Fantastic lunch time and keep having a little bit more personality a drive time you know if if you listen to the show you know that there's very few things off them in her world and you'll definitely find out more about her dogs and you thought was possible.

It's a it's a balancing out your people to make sure that there's something for them to listen to throughout the entire day, but obviously you don't want.

Nothing of guests to go round to be able to have that level of guests around the day so we will try and balance throughout the whole work output.

What are the challenges there? I mean obviously you've got Chris leading the leading the drive, but you still got challenges absolutely I think the biggest challenge for any digital-only station is getting people to make switch doesn't matter with your fun Kids Virgin Radio or are you know the new power stations that they've launched it requires a level of investment is fantastic with people obviously cannot connect to speakers on apps, but we still need to actually get the message out there.

So how easy it is to make switch and until I think for Virgin our biggest challenge is making sure there is many of not just Chris's ex listen to radio to know where he is now, but the people are aware that Virgin radio's back.

It's been back for a while.

What is playing great music it's got great presenters and it's very easy to find we saw as in stopping a little bit in the last round and Chris is rising by the same people.

I don't think you can look at Rachel's audience measurement in that way.

You know you don't ask the same people so they'll survey so it's not possible to say that I think so he doesn't absolutely stellar show and when you take over anybody know when I've had such a long run.

It is very easy to throw stones.

It's a very different show to Chris the BBC One very open about wanting to create a different show to Chris and they've managed to do that.

You know is still incredibly large audience of just under 9 million is still killing set of figures but challenging times for breakfast audiences in the UK you've got so many Big Breakfast shows now how how how is it going to go see only don't think it's challenging think it's fantastic.

I think that actually having so many great breakfast shows his wonderful for the industry and I think actually it will revitalize the industry and it doesn't matter whether it's Roman Kemp on Capital

You've got Tom Green over at kiss you got ourselves obviously with Chris Zoe on Radio 2 the changes of 6 Music to the changes at Heart there so many radio stations that I put my foot forward at breakfast and it's refreshing to see a level of investment for radios refreshing to see that content really is something that is well and truly alive and you know made the best show in the plastic to have such a competitive marketplace and knowing that actually you just can't afford to take your eye off the Ball you need to make sure that every single show you do it is the best one you've done.

What's the next big thing for where you go next are we going to see you on FM at all? We are always looking at different ways of how you can listen to Virgin Radio FM licences.

Hurry up in the UK so very hard for us to do.

I think it would be fantastic to look at supporting the entire d two multiplexers to other way to expanding how we can broadcast there.

It's really is for Virgin it's it will continue to look absolutely anything you know the partnership.

We have with Sky for the Chris Evans breakfast show has been game-changing in a commercial free breakfast show on Virgin Radio and that partnership is working fantastically well 4 for the pair of us the content they give us the exclusive access that we get to the talent that we put up the first episode of the new online for people to watch for free before it even went out on Sky and I think it's that level of creativity and Innovation that we're just going to continue to try and push forwards.

We do have that aim to be the largest commercial music station on not going to stop until we are my cat's got a director Virgin Radio UK thanks mate.

Who is the CEO of commercial radio Australia in terms of importance for Australians

On across the region and often you know we will offer to help out broadcast colleagues in Asian countries because you know whether Close where few hours flight away and we get on well with Asian colleagues that very important for us to be here and be part of this sort of event you've got a strong and dynamic radio market in Australia what's the value of the moment.

Are you feeling the pressure from my podcasting other ways of listening to audio every new way of using audio as an opportunity for us now.

We don't see as she listens to music streaming services.

What we see with various studies that we've done my share of audio and the infinite dial that would be shiting listeners or all-time spin is things like apple music.

Sorry iTunes or your own personal music collection so we're not losing time spent with radio with Spotify is going it's getting from people's personal collect.

However, we say podcast is something that is good for something that radio has been doing for a long long time and we've got lots of content that we can use in a podcast in the form of radio but many of our members of commercial radio strelia are also investing heavily in authentic and original podcast as well.

They have nothing to do with the radio shows so we have power and expertise and the audio space is being probably a driver of podcast Up taking Australia Michael managing director of radio player is here Mike Will domination at your doorstep.

I think you're in how many countries now well not quite well combination, but lastly a European base so far 11 countries right now 13 by the end of the year.

So yes with growing very fast to radio player spreading its tentacles now.

You're jointly owned by the BBC and commercial radio in the UK and now of course we have stakeholders in all those 11 countries because we one of our

Main themes that we listen very carefully to all the broadcasters that trust us with their content so you know beyond the BBC and commercial radio on UK we now have a body of broadcasters in the world who are helping guide or strategy and helping decide our technology Road we do this stuff together so in a nutshell.

What is Radioplayer non-profit organisation so we're not here to we here to try to safeguard the future of radio in connected devices whether that's apps smart speakers or cars.

So how does that did I say from BBC sounds are some of the other apps that are we sitting quietly alongside those out because yes you probably need a PlayStation app of your own where your listeners can have a very deep one-to-one relationship with your station.

Yes will be need global aggregate has liked unit which can have 100000 streams and give you the whole world's radio actually Radioplayer fixing quietly because each country.

It's about your country.

UK radio player radio player Germany's Radioplayer Canada etc, so it's about radio from where you are and we are said with guided by the radio industry market is different so for example in Germany we've used the radio player technology to make bespoke Smart TV Solutions cos that's really huge for them in Canada they were prices in the UK though different party still but everywhere people are interested in keeping radio strong particularly in connected cars.

How do you convince the Car Giants to be part of this well actually? It is it working quite well for us where we got very strong partnership with Audi and VW already and we're talking to many other car companies and it turns out they have a problem to solve on we can help them solve that play I know that radio is important to their drivers are absolutely no, it's the most listened to entertainment medium even connected cars with other entertainment options in the dashboard.

So they want to get it right they also know.

Quite challenging to make a radio experience in a car that looks modern and contemporary and visual and engaging and so they need radios help.

I need a metadata by which I mean I logos and names are now playing information so quite simply there is a kind of value exchange here radio can get it's act together get all that metadata in one place which is what radio player helps to do offer it's car companies in return car companies to have a dialogue with those about the prominence and the usability of radio in that dashboard and that's why the partnership with Audi is so strong.

It's a two-way street.

We're just at the Corridor from Michael is my brother.

He is the director for radiocentre.

Also here at radiodays.

Asia moving out no plans to at the moment, but I think a lot of the stuff that we do actually is a lot of interest to radio broadcasters around the world because we're quite lucky in the UK to have the

Institute of practitioners in advertising and they are amazing database about advertising effectiveness.

There's nothing else like it in the world so we can tap into that sort of analysis under to use it to send the unique rows radio can play for appetizers and take that out and tell the rest of the world about it, so other people don't do this kind of thing that you do, so it's not it's not Our Data we add to that with her own research on top of it and so I think other people do their own radio research, but I guess we are very lucky to have an amazing platform to build on the gift context for everything.

We do and I think also be very lucky that radiocentre is generously funded by the UK broadcasters to allow us to quite heavily in research that can reveal or open up new opportunities for the median good feedback from the the audience well so far, but I guess the people come.

Going to be the ones that think you were rubbish so yeah, but yeah, I know very very nice feedback and I think the people always valued the research.

We got they can see how they can take advantage of it themselves and use it and around Market and I said use the IPA data to self set out a construct within which health research cut-off help demonstrate the value of radio more effectively and I think they appreciated and valued as a with me now is Stefan Russell who's the CEO of our Media in Sweden just phoning from Stockholm and just giving a talk about how to make money from podcast and I guess that's the Holy Grail Stefan what's the answer to 20 minutes to explain that in there and it was still wasn't enough, but I think the answer is that you should use the skills that you have in your radio business.

You are going to sell advertising you're going to do all the entertainment you were going to do storytelling and we know about that in radio and you should just transferred.

The podcast the industry or market you are very optimistic.

I let you know what's your what's your view of where we are with radio in Europe and you know it is is podcasting taking our attention.

Is it making an impact? I think it is the reason why I'm optimistic is that I think that radio companies already the perfect companies to to do all the entertainment on at once.

I think it's we have to stop if we're still doing that at 2 to look at digital audio entertainment as an enemy because we are better fit than anyone else to to do that.

We should take me to Dan bracelet.

We should add it to our FM radio business because we know that on digital platforms listening with grow faster than on FM platforms in the future, so we have to be there for you.

Not doing podcasting as part of the array of services that you provide is a radio station.

What would be the tips that you would give folks.

Sorry if you're not already doing if you're not already doing podcast.

Is part of your your radio Services what tips? Would you would you give those folks in in setting it up it to set it up.

It's the first first advice on course and to really start by taking podcast that exists and and try to get them over to your team because that that is a faster way then starting from scratch and building your own podcast it's too much risk and and much more difficult third party content and with my pal.

Who is in charge of international operations for RCS Mike are you are in in KL what does a dream mean Southeast Asia is actually one of my favourite places on the planet.

I'm actually people don't realise that triangle.

You know Thailand Malaysia Singapore and the periphery as well.

I just think it's magical to you probably better known for the the triangle between Cornwall and Surrey and maybe London is a right.

It is but you know I've always enjoyed traveling at you know when The Economist who was the founder of RCS sort of you know he came to see me.

He knew did like travel and you know maybe go for a good reviews as it were and I mean I've worked for years now since October 2002 I can hardly believe that it seems like yesterday.

I joined it.

I still feel like I'm the new boy in the business is big out here and you seeing your systems roll out in this part of the world are absolutely big growth Asia we were very early into India we have two very successful operations.

There are 140 s14a sister company moving monitors.

We know I don't know most about this but the truth is we are pretty dominant among software vendors for the meditations major groups in India

Look at to China forgot the North Asia for example where we've got two offices in China one in Beijing Will Han I mean that's a tough market and we do very well there and then yes is social services offices in Singapore Thailand Malaysia Indonesia market in this part of the world.

You know we have people from this region.

So you know where we're going to go to New York and we want to see an example of a really great radio station the Assumption being that you know that there's going to be better than they have and generally is not true.

I mean in terms of infrastructure in terms of modernity of the equipment.

You know the systems.

Where is in America you know we like to say that they're there.

We sweat the assets.

You know until it goes into the ground in in Asia generally no people keep up with the latest technology.

They want everything to look really really good and I think some of the lessons.

I've actually translated back to Europe

Studios in Europe that now really modern very swish very 22nd century and I saw that kind of thing in Asia first come a long way.

I think you told me earlier that you've been in the business for 49 years and that's the first time you know where that was a radio extra and Torbay in South West England and yeah.

We thought we were at highly advanced because it was the first record the station.

I'm in had to Headquarters and certain programs in originated from the different centers, but when the program was central you know we didn't like split Commercials and stuff like that and when I think back of the dance of all these tape cartridges going in and out of slots trying to make sure that it was all synced up.

I mean it it felt very futuristic and now it's almost funny.

Automation system in which is pirate FM Cornwall and then a star was after that in salmon head Windsor you know those early automation system only had sufficient capacity for say your current Commercials and your current singles your top 40 singles everything else is on CD jukebox.

One of those things went down you were in big trouble your roots for innovation and getting into tech probably right now.

Thank you very much.

Thanks and with role will who is the CEO of little software so far is a year on how to be one of the founding sponsors off the radio days and the radio days.

We've been in the European version since I think II II II radio day.

Father-in-law excited and there's a good good vibe and lovely people are enthusiastic and trying to learn things and it's always good to see people trying to learn about radio with your products.

Just not sure what you do.

We do everything that has to do with the seals on the financial side of radio stations, so we use CRM systems proposal systems traffic and billing for traditional radio, but we also integrate on Casio digital systems market at the moment.

I'll be in a good place.

I think really good place depends of course on which continent is that you were talking about because in the US been a lot of problems with a big big groups and that kind of settled down now and then coming to an end and stabilizing coming to the situation where we can.

looks good attitude towards a future in the UK record up to market consolidation takes away some of the creative logo logo brands, but baby that's the way that the economy is moving in that something is bound to happen Christians from ignite jingles with us now because I saw you on stage yesterday and you were talking quite a bit about the comparison between the country stations that are enjoyed your the dial in the UK oh my god the pressures on right because country what is an exciting time and it's great for the genre as my session was about to the specialist splinter brands and the opportunities come from those and it's a really interesting time you look at the UK now and then you could not alone in this and suddenly there's so many more at splinter brands and Spa

Call Matt's appearing whether it's the new kiss stations are announced last week or the ones that global are announcing this week and it's great for listeners.

It's really cool and and yes, we we mentioned even though although different in their sound and the feel and the country for the last 7 years or so and suddenly the big names of found out about it.

I think that has grown over 7 years.

Yes, and we've certainly done a bit to try and pave the way I was also been some really big festivals going on but I think it's I think it's an exciting time of what we've got wishes.

Which is greatest passion everyone involved with Chris country is really passionate where you know pretty much independent doing it out of the office Media City without without much in the way of resources or whatever else I did the passion shine through on and it's very interesting.

How do you stand up to that competition?

By being greater what we do.

I think it is the main thing.

It's not about reacting to other stations or other competitors.

It's about making sure we know what we stand for doing it as well as we can I'm making sure that that that that passion to the music really comes through a plus also you know we've been over 7 years.

We've got 7 years were fantastic Archives of views with the biggest names in country music that be over to the UK and that's giving a great opportunity to build a social media following as well.

We go to all the events for the morning and I think I need to listen to Chris country.

You know it's clear that we love what we do and long may continue.

It's a long way from Salford to Kuala Lumpur what brings you here.

It is a very long way.

Yes, so I'm here with my ignite jingles.

Hat on we make jingles for radio stations around the world.

I came here for a couple of reasons why I realised to support events like this.

I did a really good for.

The industry is it's so exciting to get people together and learn from each other and Discover what's going on plus also.

It's a part of the world that I don't know enough about and I thought the easiest way to learn is to come here.

Yeah, we're lucky that we do have clients in Asia and it's been great meeting someone for the first time and chatting with them, but I wasn't the best way to really get to understand any where is to go there and spend time there and I'm having a fascinating and very enjoyable week state of the jungle industry, and how do you say what I think? That's a good question.

I think it's not listening around the doctor says there's so many languages and so many stars the music that we don't have in Europe or in the USA and that means you can't just take a typical package and make it work for every radio station, so you know it.

Presentation with watching with radio from India and radio and China and son I'm not I'm not sure that one of our packages written for a station that you can just going to work as the music is so different but that also brings opportunities and examine a witness on a package for radio station radio station in New York that plays reggaeton and bachata music and there's not that much that is Salford but you know we we we really exciting to get into that Lennon and I think yeah, there's is there are different requirements here because the market is different but also the different regulatory issues as well that affect clocks are going to work that kind of stuff have been listen to fascinating conversations about radio stations that only broadcast good news because certain countries don't like bad news thing about that.

It's time to learn all that and then think about how that's going to affect the sound of a radio station or the the junctions and someone any good takeaways that you've found from this particular oven.

Ages, what did my appetite to learn a whole load more I'm watching some very interesting sessions about India and China I found fast and Andy the the position of the media in those countries and how they are developing and changing and of course that before it was some of the what's happening recently in Hong Kong in York neighborhood and how that might be reported of you from different places and so on I think also just just the passion exists is so exciting podcasting as well interesting to see how podcast and radio are dovetailing in certain areas and not in others so that's really interesting has been some good stuff.

May be seen Australia about that opportunities for companies with podcast absolutely the music for James

Hot news podcast which he debuted about a month or so ago and we made it a 4-part sequence of bits x to the next which is the same kind of mindset really as what we doing here for years but just for a different audience and delivered in a different way, so yeah podcast absolutely great podcasts need great branding next big thing for ignite, so I can't possibly tell you that but there's many of them we have new packages going on there in the Middle East and in Texas just had one of the UK recently as well a lot of new stuff.

I think this autumn is going to have quite a few packages on outside and that's really exciting Christians recognise singles and cross-country think it's always a pleasure and with John Kirby who is the director of Channel 4 in the thoughts on the radio station, it's been absolutely beyond my expectations.

I was very pleased to be invited to come down and do.

And I didn't really know what to expect at the very first one.

I think a lot of people have come that I already know from around the world have travelled a long way to be here that really supported.

It isn't some great sponsors on everybody who would hope to see you expect to see is here and it feels like it feels like the birth of a new radio desert.

It's kind of like mirroring what happened 10 years ago for further orders Europe which started at a similar size and has grown to you know an incredible event now, so I really hope that this can continue when I was coming back here again next year to Kuala Lumpur I hope you get invite again your career spanned three continents does the Abbey of the UK but also Middle Eastern and more recently Asia as well you spend a lot of time in Singapore my radio apprenticeship and had great fun in the UK and and worked on great brands are smooth and real radio which is a particular favourite of mine.

You know it done everything I want to win UK radio and I think I've turned out pretty well, because you know what's happened since I left us been quite quite sad to see you in terms of a lot of people who are really talented people not being able to find work due to the reduction of opportunity, so I'm off to Dubai in 2016 had two years.

They are looking for and then last year I was lucky enough to to be asked to go down to oversee the 11 stations of the co-op in Singapore have they have they are the biggest Media provider in Singapore and it's an incredible facility they've got fantastic 11 Station 3 of the Mandarin to Malaysia Tamil and English that was a challenge for me, but it never been a head of radio before so I went down there just to try and can I bring my experience and my best practices to the radio that because it was there operate in.

Had great fun down there and then as you say I'm back in the UAE now at channel 409 that so, what do you think of the event? What have you have you enjoyed here? Well? I thought we were just talking last night.

I was out socially with the Chris Stevens and my cousin James cridland, and we were talking about like the window that we now have on India as a market is mind-blowing you know it's a bit the scale there and the underneath the way that listeners connect with the stations.

Is it blows away all the districts all day long on the screen and then gets up and goes this is what's going on in Indian you go now, so that was really insightful and I think I think what you do.

See is.

It's really interesting to discover market you have an Iceland in Singapore and I'm now getting more of an idea of Asia itself and the middle east of course and that can only be a good thing I really encourage.

Come down and I just can't chat to people from from different markets and get some great insights about the differences podcasting is Bill have a head of Steam here.

Is that is it taking over radio? It's not taking over radio.

I think there's always something new coming along and podcast will exist and it's like you're not a musician musician and I remember growing up and at a time and synthesizers came along and music and music and live music now stronger than ever human interaction radios all that nobody's ever invented anything better than radio because it's instant human interaction.

It's free and it easy you don't even have to press the button.

You just getting your car and it's there and all of these things that come along with fantastic social media amazing different ways and we were all given the opportunity to indulge ourselves with playlist a few years ago in the music game on.

Brilliant and you make them for a couple of months and then I can't remember the last time ever made the playlist so we likely to be free when I like things to be instant and radio still alive and stuff that we can't seem to have phone is actually you know it's shared content but not like content is nothing right now.

It's not it's not like you and I talking and that's what really has got over it podcast I think I'm very interesting but the pie is getting bigger.

We spend more time consuming entertainment with our phones and two small speakers and all that kind of stuff.

It's not like radios actually shrinking this it's just that we spend more time in the entertainment environment so all of these things I think compliment radio and I think they were mostly as well.

You know I think there's so many in a digital radio and podcasting and all that stuff just kind of work so all together but at the core of it radio is still going to be strong and podcasts podcast.

Music isn't on the radio because we need some downtown away from it as well, but yeah the pies getting big.

I think I think the bigger concern is you know that we've got to be responsible and oversaturated humankind with digital Technology and then we'll make sure that we don't have a walk by the river now and again in silence you touch it briefly the UK and the way at the moment in some ways is very vibrant with lots of big national brands now, but of course I can solidation has caused some headache to some people thoughts from afar people you feel this was always going to happen and you know I have to say I'm not global biggest fan, but what I what they had absolutely nailed is their brands you know and I was part of that journey with radio with a heart you know capital as part of the story as well and you see that they've done it.

Really really you know the strategy is being very very strong did now consolidated as expected the one that.

Surprise to me and I'm really pleased to see examples of Smooth in the Northeast is Capital Breakfast meals which is great all of these colleges has happened and it's because you know the one you like them when you know how hard they worked and how much they are you know how passionate they were about that making the radio and that the job reductions is the same thing but if we're honest many many years ago too many licences were given and it was never going to be sustainable in other digital the digital world is broken down a lot of regulation and in order to survive as have to become lean and trim but yeah, I'm sad I'm glad I'm away from it because I wouldn't like to have to go through that painful process and I would like to be trying to get a job in UK John Kirby radioman03.

Thanks a lot.

Thanks a lot.

Thank you to James Ross fantastic.

Feed it's great way of doing obese or interviews for your show at from a remote location getting a guest or presenter in great quality cleanfeed has been designed for radio people at the podcasters and really simple to connect in live audio over the web in great quality and can even record it within you browser cleanfeed won't cost you anything to get started.

I'll just take you 30 seconds to sign up and within minutes.

You'll be the first to review or recording find out more about it at cleanfeed dotnet.

I'm going to Croydon the radio futurologist Google knows I'm in Kuala Lumpur today in Malaysia Google knows exactly where I am mate knows where I was yesterday and what airline are used to travel here Google knows what new stories are read this morning.

What's in my diary for tomorrow? It knows what music I listen to what shops are visit who I email my email how much money I have in the bank.

What time I go to bed? What time I wake up when I have a coffee.

What rate my heart is beating Google knows what medical problems I have and what medical problems I think.

When searching the internet Google's results for me are tunes to my interests they hide things that they don't think I should read and Google present to me everyday a list of stories selected especially for me Facebook knows where I live and using artificial intelligence based on the stories.

I'm reading a conversations.

I have Facebook can't work out how I vote and Facebook present to me every day a list of news stories and conversations that it thinks are like and deliberately hides from me the conversations in the news stories that it thinks I won't like and it's a good job is giving this data to anybody else radio has a unique power when I listen to the radio.

I listen to people with common interests to me.

They live in the same place all like the same.

Because it isn't ultra personalised like Google or Facebook can be can help people see both sides of the argument that can help people discover stories.

They otherwise were unaware of it connects people and instead of polarizing people to Wembley for the other helps understanding and harmony radio is incredibly uniquely powerful when used properly radios able to bring us together has Communities as Nations as people radio can help her audience feel included in their community and their world and can have many positive effects on health social inclusion and understanding of our fellow human beings in radiodays, Asia it strikes me that we all need to remember the power that we all have access to the power of radio you can get my weekly newsletter James plant and Daily Podcast news at pod

Until next time keep listening and now on the radio Today programme is David Lloyd was just 25 years old when he joined Radio 1 now.

He's still with the BBC Radio 2 happy 65th birthday, Steve Wright 3197 FM stereo from the world footballer.

Because I mention football earlier on and never message place afternoon.

You know alright hello how you doing Christmas shopping are here to show we have to you today always going to be a beautiful day today Wednesday morning.

How are you another one day after 20 Celsius hello? I'm Radio 2.

Steve Wright 65 years old this week.

Hope they're on Radio 2 100 as it was in Reading Radio Luxembourg his first show on Radio 1 his last Radio 1 Afternoon show a slice of his Radio 1 Breakfast Show and his first Radio 2 afternoon show key 103 had a few Breakfast presenters in its 30 year history and this week 30 years ago.

It was time for Steve penk to have a go at the new series of Family Fortunes with Les Dennis starts this Friday as I mean.

I couldn't believe it myself.

I mean when I found out yesterday.

I've been depressed all weekend, but there's some Oasis

Stupid are you thanks for breakfast in Manchester this week in 1989 Simon Bates once ruled Sunday teatime is booming voice on the top 40 and that's spell ended this week 40 years ago VHF radio one across the country with a new number one and welcome.

If anyone had to be the Boomtown Rats had to be Cliff I'm going back to the stable now.

I'll be spending My Sundays with the horses listening to Tony Blackburn on Britain's Top 40 Simon Bates and his first run as regular host of the top 40 this week in 979 rebranding has become Commonplace but it used to be a lot rarer this week in 1991 after 16 years of Pennine radio.

commercial station changed it's name one if you have just don't believe us because you realise you are now part of the UK's newest and most exciting radio station really telling you how you could be a millionaire in this and also how we do the bolts beginning this week 28 years ago radio Durham was one of the BBC's original local stations, but it didn't last long so windy 1968 with them when the government restricted the BBC 220 local stations The Corporation close down this week in 1972 here is its final morning starting with radio to say goodbye as Durham opting out of network visibility as low as 10 yards in places so watch out on the M2 and A2 in Kent

Today is a very sad day for BBC Radio Durham it's the last day of broadcast and listening up in the Durham area will probably won't like the not on VHF radio Durham closing down today as you probably know only too well and shutting up shop for about a year before the new radio station radio BBC Radio Carlisle opened up I suppose in a bad time when you're about to leave a son do your own thing up and down over to Eric wise thanks very much Peter Dawson and indeed.

It is my privilege to be with you on this very last morning.

So what do I say about two good morning? This is BBC Radio Devon opening up for the very last time on 94.5 VHF and rediffusion BBC Radio 4 programme schedule Saturday morning 8.

With news and selected repeats its studio to music especially designed for weekend listening 10 oclock.

It's surprising with Faye Watson and Ian Gardner house something to do with somewhere to go including super Jodi and international concert with the Hartlepool youth brass band 11:00 most the VHF set as the title for the last time Chris Lewis presenters roundabout in County Durham with dedication from outside Studios and the radio car and introduces you to the pop DJs from radios, Newcastle and Tayside as a 1990 now and the BBC trying something new you're looking to BBC Radio 5 on Monday the 27th of August 1990 at the clock text.

Launch of Britain's first new national network in 23 years on 909 and 693 am hello good morning welcome to Radio 5 radio 5 BBC Radio 5 for years, so I'll drive show on LBC 1-year ago today.

Have a great weekend commercial radio arriving in Sussex 36 years ago the southern towns in Britain by David Arnold and played by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

Pictures of doggies thank you David James and Roy and a massive thanks to James Ross this week is very interesting to used at radiodays Asia next time on the radio Today programme.

It'll be our September roundtable discussion.

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